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Language of the Gypsy


Copyright 2016 by Kyle Lipthorpe



Shakespir Edition


Language of the Gypsy


By Kyle Lipthorpe


This anthology is the recrudescence of my anti formulaic insouciant work

or the improbable mélange thoughts and feelings of the nonchalant.


Table of Contents






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Bare Footed Gypsy


I’ve been walking,

I’ve been searching,

For that higher power,

Someone to show me,

That all of the things that I loved in you,

Were the things that I needed to learn to love in myself,


Leaving home,

Never feels real,



I’ve been crazy,

Moving slow,

Running fast,

With a hurricane train ride,

Lots of turbulence between my wings,

When all I wanted to do was stay,


I love…

Will you wait for me,

In the way that I waited for you?

My love,


A love come true,

It’s the atomically, supersonic, incredible feeling of being fucked out of your mind on life,

When your soul feels new,

After everything it’s been through,

Flying so high that nothing hurts,

Sitting on top of the world,


Like robbing a library or bathing with your shoes on,

It’s the fear of death but the gripping of your fingers on the tides edge,

This is my 24 carrot creation,

A beautiful art piece of tears blood and sweat,

Butterflies dancing in a meadow of honey,

Honey… for the bees,


Running through the vineyards with my story,

Planting down my colourful flag, this is my territory,


It’s the drowning in water caught on fire,

A mortal scream against the engine loud sound of life,

Pure evil is feared by the vengeful wild beasts but adored by those who have been exposed to the shadows,

Sounds echo and bounce from the walls like bats,

We cradle our ears from the sounds of our own screams reflected back at us,


Numbers draw between letters and back to the front,

The middle part never really existed,

I closed my eyes and it all went away,

I glued the paper to the chalkboard and now I can’t erase it,

But the paper is blank,

Blank and white,

Like I never thought it could be again,

Alas the paper is still glued to the whiteboard,


What did it mean to us… nothing at all?

Is level five really an evolution of level four?

This is the feeling of being a pirate on the open water,

A man robbed of love, light and intellect,

Ink in the bloodstream is the recipe of a cake mix,

Next time can I just skip the grand final?


You say there’s nothing better to do,

But I have a dry throat and killer angina,

And it’s not so fortunate to have an adventure in a cathedral,

Nature is the wisest lady of all,

But alas I am not sure that the full moon always tells the truth,


Is a part of history nothing but gods bite of a dog biscuit?

Heartbeat honey bleeds all over the future,

Because the past cuts us open,

We are asked to forgive and to forget, but then what can I rely on?

If not your cold touch and closing eyes,

Dreams can come true,

You should know to be careful what you wish for,


Do whatever you want,

Feel what you want to feel,

It’s okay no one will remember anyway


Crystal Ball


Dear spirit of something new,

Can you show me that I’ve chosen the right path?

Or can you say, that it is not me that has chosen this path at all?

Was it you? Were you the one who sat me in this chair,

Asked to feed this child,

To cut my hair,

And to bathe my face in the blood of enemies?

Was it me who made the decision to run when I was no longer in a race?

When I was winning the race up this hill,

No man may stand in my way,

Except for myself,

Tell me new spirit do you want me here?

Oh holy light give me something to look to,


They say theres beauty in the madness,

They say look to the light in the darkness

But everything seems to look like welting max in the candlelight,

My eyes strain from the feeling of my pain,

Can I rest my head,

For just one more day,

Or two,

The ferry sets sail from the island to the mainland,

He comes home,


No passengers would risk coming to the other side,

While on the island, they have all that they need


Dear spirit of something old,

Can you tell me where my strength lay at that time?

Can you find me my happiness,

I seem to have misplaced it,

Somewhere in your cold dark waters,


Were you ever actually real?

Or were you an illusion,

A mirage that my brain made up,

Like a dream,

Or a nightmare,

I cannot decide,


Looking into my crystal ball,

I see demons worthy of a nightmare,

And Angels,

Worthy of the light in your eyes,


Oh holy light tell me so I can move on,

Tell me that I’m glorifying my memories,

I knew I ran away for a reason,

I want to believe in my judgement of the moment,

But during the past,

I look for the scars of cuts on my skin but I see none,

And the ravens nest who once slept outside of my window,

He too is gone,

Even though I swear I heard him singing last night,

And alas all of my shiny things are gone…




Moving moon,

Beautiful starlight,

I cut my hair for you,

Shed my second skin,

Changed my style,

I tried so hard to prove to you that I was capable,

that I was worthy

But you never believed in me,


I shouldn’t have tried so hard because you were the one who walked me down this road then,

Vanished into the dark night streets with nothing,

Not even the light of the moon,

Where do you leave your heart when you’re not with me?

I can feel it beating in my hands,

What kind of mask do you wear to hide your real self from me,

Or from him?


How do you sleep at night knowing you’ve organised the funeral of the man who loved you?


You lied to me once,

Then twice,

Then three times again,

You always pretended to my heart you did it for my sake,

To help me to heal and to grow,

You told me that you only wanted what was best for me,

Then spat on my memory,

Why do you do these things to me?

You lie,

You cheat,

You steal,

and then you tell the Government that I was the one who committed the crime,


The darkness came all at once,

Rushing in,

I saw it coming from a mile away but ‘still’,

I lie still,

Still awaiting my heart to be resuscitated,

This despite the fact that you did perform open heart surgery on me only months ago,


My eyes are wide open but somehow I am asleep,

Lucid dreaming,

As I begin to forget what you look like… What you feel like…

One question comes to my mind,

Did you ever really love me?


Jealousy, rage, bitterness,

History always repeats itself,

And so I’ve fallen,

Fallen deep down and dark into this mess that you hand sketched for me with your crayons of black and grey,

How could you do this to me, now?

To shoot a wounded soldier,

I lay at your doorstep, silent,

I want you to open the door, turn the handle,

To see me here,

Everyone else can see me here,

Why cant you see me?

Why cant you SEE me?



As the rain washes over my straw house I can feel the death of my sexuality,

My ability to deal with others narrows down to a dot in the distance,

I see you in everyone,

I can’t ever see anyone,

I worshipped you,


Your lips pressed against mine,

While you straightened my spine

Your hands filtered in between my ribs,


I want to see you again,

Look into your eyes,

Before you leave me one more time,

And I know you will,


Warriors become ghosts,

And they go to Valhalla,


I raise my axe high into the sky while your head is rested against the wooden block,

I take a raw swing full of everything I thought you had taken from me,

Don’t talk to me about peace and compassion now,

You paid for this service






Don’t ever lose that light in your eyes,


Calling out for a hero in the moonlight,

Blue eyes,

So familiar,

Like the ones my mother gave to me so many years ago,

Handed down from love to love,

Here I stand,

As a hero,

I’m all in, can’t you see?

I’m falling, can’t you see?


I’ve done real bad things for you,

I sold my soul out to the man,

I won’t forget where I came from,

Singin’ the blues,


Sometimes for a hero to return from being a villain,

He just has to chase the sun,


My hero was the man at the foot of the tunnel,

He held a warm heart in his hands,

Hands that have turned to fire and dust,

He just couldn’t see it,

That’s so sad,


What once was an affair of love is now an affair of lust,

He got a whole lot of nerve, so he does, that warrior soldier, and fighter,

Mercury, Mars and Venus collide,

What is the price they put on glory these days?

And what about dignity?


He can jump on the back of a Harley,

Drive off with the spirit of Marley,

Chewin’ on that Barley,

Oh man, oh boy, oh man,

He’s a bad motherfucker,


God gave him the answer and told him not to rush to make a decision,

But still that boy hit the ground running,

He didn’t dare to dream,


What’s more poisonous than liquor?

Who kills more dreams than a misguided mentor?

The tremble of an old heartbeat,

The words of an old man who now trembles;

His dementia helping him to forget that he ever taught you how to walk,


Say you’ll remember me,

As I was,

Smiling faces and happy memories,

What once was beautiful is now filled with decay,

Colours of the rainbow melting to grey,

While the feeling of cold burns into the day,

Memories fold back into the shelf,

Pupils dilate and the sun sets,

Don’t cry for me I will find my way, again,

After all I walked this hollowed ground to you once upon a time,

And again, upon once another, I will find my next chapter,

Guided away,

Not led astray,


The next chapter of any story always leaves out the best part,

The part where the fool buys back his soul from the devil,


It’s possible to win,

After you’ve been losing for so long,

That boy better remember the sun can rise again for the man,

The angels cried,

But it was the boy who tied himself up against that tree,

He who cried the hardest


Whistling Dixie


Love is like ray of sunshine,

Like a flower opening up for the first time,


You don’t know what you’ll find when you walk into the new place,

Someone who says they are but know they’re not,


You can try to talk some sense into the one you love,

But you cant control what people want to do,


A heart thats locked up in chains,

Will tear your muscles into knots and pains,


And all of my dreams are thrown into the wind,

Because in your eyes it’s day one,

Of the most secret sin,


You know all of my strengths and weaknesses,

You hold my fear and doubt in your bristled fingers,


Your eyes are clear and gaze astray,

But I know deep down you want to stay,


Stay the night with me out in my country house,

Away from the noises, the colours and lights,

I promise not to break my the locks on my chastity belt,

Because you’re my spiritual gangster,


Still I will burn all through my life,

Only for you,



You will always be the only one,

Wrapped around my waist,

Head locked over my shoulder,

Fingers intertwined,




Let go of me.

He’s calling my name.

I have to go.


Bounce Back


(Co-written by S.P.L)


Diamond in the stone,

Rock hard and fallen down,

Diamonds on my coffin,

Now they’re on my wrist,

You took the crown from my head,

Now I’m forging it from the tears in my bed,

From the fire comes the phoenix,

He who flies without clipped wings,


Cursed at a young age,

Spiralling through a thick haze,

One day I had to let go,

And realise life was beautiful,

Took many wrong turns,

Dreamt of a day without scorching burns,

Looked out to the sunlight,

That’s when my future turned so bright,


Forged from iron and stone,

I longed to return home,

The first cut is the deepest,

The first step is the steepest,

But Michael welcomed me,

Like I knew he would,







Toxic hands clear from my system,

Light breathing through the open window,

The time has come now,

For the words to flow freely from my mouth and my hands,

These words are my own,

And this book is my Bible,

Baby butterfly has been born,

And it is now day one,


All my thoughts and worries,

I never missed ‘em,

In this heart you’ll find no sorrow,

Ready to take the bow,

The map is laid out without plans to travel,

From the waters came a new idea,

Thrown to me,

With no rules or law liable,

The court adjourned,

I’m smiling with eyes wide open,

I can see it as its meant to be,


Fingers racing across the keyboard,

With the soul of my heart,

No more doing what I don’t want to do,

Evolution is a slow process,

To get from door A to door Z,

But door Z is only meant for those who work hard enough to get there,

I can see it all in lights,

My dreams and destiny,

I carved it there myself


You gotta do everything the little kid inside of you ever wanted to do,

You gotta play the actor,

Or travel to South Africa,

You gotta learn to play the piano,

Or became a yoga master,

You knew you,

Before anyone told you otherwise,




Elusive and out of control,

Fire and flood taking its toll,

Who is the shadow at my door,

I don’t know,

I don’t know,


I’m on the run in the darkened roads,

Hiding from faceless wolves,

Struggling to catch my breath,

Who is the man behind the wheel,

I don’t know,

I don’t know,


How scary it is to be on a merry go round without road signs or logos,

You want me to help another but I haven’t finished helping myself

Oh who makes the decisions?

I don’t know,

I don’t know,


How many hearts does a spirit hold?

And how many lives does a lifetime mould?

How many ways is there to the golden gates?

I think I’ve found one and he has a name,

You’re the one I know,

You’ve changed my life and saved my soul,

Now I know,

Now I know,


Phantasm held my hand and pulled me from the snow,

You’ve shown me the way back home,

I don’t need the shadow no more,

He cant follow me around in the light of your love phantasm,

Roped up and mysterious,

Head tired and delirious,

The only thing between us,

Should be the sheets,

Now I know,

Now I know,

Phantasm rescued my soul


Language of the Gypsy

  • ISBN: 9781370377459
  • Author: Kyle Lipthorpe
  • Published: 2016-10-15 18:50:11
  • Words: 2653
Language of the Gypsy Language of the Gypsy