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Lacey's Last Day

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Senior Sergeant Gordon ‘Laney’ Lane walked slowly through the drizzling rain on the evening of what would be not only his last day as a cop, after thirty seven years of service, but inevitably, the last day of his life.

Since he first joined up, as a rookie, at age twenty three, following in his father’s footsteps, he had seen a lot of changes in the Police Force, and not all of them good. Truth be told, hardly any of them were good, he believed. The times had changed a lot, and not really taken old timers like ‘Laney’ with them into the ‘Brave New World’.

In his day, walking on his ‘beat’ he could give a misbehaving youth a good ‘clip around the ear’ and send him home crying, then his father would give him another one to make sure he had learnt the proper respect. These days, when a party got out of control, those same thirteen, fourteen and fifteen year olds threw rocks, empty bottles and even Molotov cocktails at the police. Respect, oh no, no way, not any more. That was a joke, and as non-existent as a sixteen-year-old virgin in King’s Cross on a Friday night, and Laney, for one, was sick and tired of the bullshit that came with wearing a coppers uniform.

These days it was all about political correctness, you were expected to call the drunken louts sir as you helped them into the back of the paddy wagon, while they swore at you and called into question your parentage. It was about trying to subdue meth heads that wanted not only to fight, but to kill you, and had the strength of three men to make it easier for them to achieve that goal. It was about kids stealing cars and driving on the wrong side of the road so the cops had to break off a chase so innocents weren’t hurt, but the joyriders then carried on doing as they liked. Worse, it was making a good bust, then spending hours doing paperwork, making sure all the I’s were dotted and t’s crossed, only for the bastard to be let out with a warning by a lily-livered judge who thought the perpetrator was just misunderstood, or had had a tough upbringing.


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Lacey's Last Day

It is Senior Sergeant Gordon 'Laney' Lane's last day at work before retirement. He has had a full life of watching changes occur with not only the police department, but in his life; not all of which are good. He is walking the beat he used to walk, back in the day when cops used to 'walk the beat,' in the rain, remembering his life to that point. 'Laney' has an appointment. An appointment which, to him, will right a wrong; a serious wrong. He will avenge a life lost too young, that must be done, on this his last day.

  • ISBN: 9781370824366
  • Author: Stephen B King
  • Published: 2016-08-11 13:35:07
  • Words: 3275
Lacey's Last Day Lacey's Last Day