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Kratos River Adventure



The Adventures of Kratos Danger

Kratos’ River Adventure

Text © 2016 Brett Droege

All Characters and Images © 2016 Brett Droege

Edited by Cassidee Whitmore








Kratos is tired from his last adventure. He thinks that he will sleep in today, but he perks right up when he hears someone talking about finding treasures on the television.

Brett comes into the living room when he hears the word treasure. They start watching the show together. Brett has an idea. Since they have a boat of their own, Kratos is going to go on a boat ride and possibly find treasure! He’s hoping to find artifacts just like they did on the television show.

Kratos is excited for his new adventure. He tries to unload the boat himself. He’s eagerly anticipating on what lies ahead. Maybe he will find some gold or even ancient artifacts.

When they get to the dock Kratos is ready to jump in the boat and start exploring. He is reminded that when they are on the boat, he needs to wear his life jacket so he can be safe.

Kratos sits down eagerly to put on his very own life jacket.

Kratos is enjoying the great outdoors. There is plenty of new scenery everywhere he looks upon. He can’t wait to find the perfect spot to get out of the boat and treasure hunt. The real adventure is just beginning.

They stop the boat, and Kratos jumps right out into the sand and starts to sniff around. He knew he had to be close to something! He followed his nose, until he came across an object that looked a little strange sticking out of the sand.

Kratos wonders if there is pirate treasure buried underneath the branches. He sits there for a moment and wonders if he could have possibly had any ancestors that were pirates.


He could buy plenty of toys, food, and even bones to chew on with just one shiny gold coin.

Kratos starts to dig. He can smell something under the sand. It has a unique smell, so he knew he was on to something! He wonders how far down he would have to dig.

He knew from watching the television show that the further down the artifact is, the older it could possibly be.

Kratos is surprised at what he finds. He found a blue bottle that definitely smelled old. This wasn’t the treasure chest he was expecting. He would have to take it back and see exactly what it was after their adventure. His grandfather knows a lot about ancient artifacts that can be found along the river.

Kratos hears a peculiar sound in the nearby trees. He looks up and sees a familiar tail sticking out of the grass.


Kratos knew Bandit lived around here, maybe he would know where to find some treasure!

Bandit shows Kratos some uniquely shaped rocks from his collection. They look like pointy tools that you would make something with. Kratos starts to remember what they said on the television show. Native Americans used to make all their tools out of rocks.

Kratos knew what these strange rocks were now. A part of history! They were real arrow heads. He knew he had to find his own and start his own collection!

Bandit shows Kratos where to look for the arrowheads. They look along the rocks and Bandit finds another one! Since he already has two he decides to let Kratos have this new one.

Kratos thinks he found something.

He can see a bone that smells very unusual. It looks like some type of rock.


Kratos knew he had to dig up this interesting rock. Maybe this was his treasure he had been looking for.

Bandit hops up for a better view. They both start to think what this fascinating rock could be. Then they came to the realization that it was a fossil of a dinosaur! This was their lucky day.

Kratos and Bandit see something mysterious coming out of the river. They think that they may have found a real live Dinosaur. “I’m no Dinosaur!” The turtle tells them. “I am a snapping turtle. If you want to see a real Dinosaur then go take look over in those branches in that huge tree. There is usually a big lizard hanging out there.”

The turtle was right. On the tree there was a huge lizard sitting on a branch. Kratos and Bandit finally found what they were looking for. “Hello?” Kratos calls out to the lizard. He wanted to see if he was friendly.

Hello there, I’m Cash. I heard you guys talking about looking for treasure. I know the perfect spot follow me!” The iguana said. He can see all the good treasure spots from up high in the trees. Kratos and Bandit agree to follow Cash and see what they can find.

Cash was right, Kratos and Bandit found a whole pile of treasure. They found what looked like a gold tea pot, flower pot, and some more old bottles. Kratos searches around for a bag so he can bring all the goodies they found back to the boat.

The group brings back all their findings. Brett is surprised to see they had found so many different items along the river. Kratos is excited to go visit his grandpa to see if he knows what some of the treasures are.

You guys have found some very interesting items. I’m sorry to say this, but these are not gold, they are copper. It’s still treasure! The bottle is around 100 years old. The best finds are the arrowheads. They are rare, and very hard to find. Good job guys!” Kratos Grandpa says.


Kratos is happy to be back home. His friends had also followed him because they all had such a good time. Tonight they are planning their next adventure. They all know there are unique things to find, good food to eat, and plenty more fun to have in the future!


Kratos River Adventure

  • ISBN: 9781370486434
  • Author: Brett Droege
  • Published: 2016-08-25 00:20:13
  • Words: 1005
Kratos River Adventure Kratos River Adventure