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Knowing Alpha


Knowing Alpha

D. L. Biranen

Copyright 2017 by D. L. Biranen

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Chapter 1: He’s Alpha

Chapter 2: She’s Middleclass

Chapter 3: I Am Not Like You

Chapter 4: Here, Catch

Chapter 5: Be My Beta

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Bethany Howell is the typical spoilt rich kid. Her reputation precedes her and she loves it. When a quiet boy, Alpha, catches her eye, she craves his attention. For the first time in her life, she is turned down. Refusing defeat, she sets out to win his heart.


He’s Alpha

I’m barely aware of the conversation bubbling around me. My eyes are transfixed on him. Oblivious of my hopeless admiration, he sits at his table, peering into the pages of a book. Who brings a book for lunch? Why busy himself with a book when I would readily give him my company if he asked?

I mean, it’s not that hard. I don’t bite. Every other guy does it. So why not him?

Unless, of course, he doesn’t know I exist. Although we are classmates, it took me forever to notice him. Who would blame me anyway? He’s the type who almost never talks. How was I to know he existed?

Seriously, though, does he know I exist?

I am Bethany Howell, Miss Popular, aka Daddy’s Little Princess. So he must definitely know I exist. Even the dead know me. Or don’t they? Okay, scratch that.

“What’s his name?” I ask the people at my table. Liam and Paisley. We’ve been bestfriends since freshman year.

Liam chokes on his soda. “Don’t even go there!”

I smack his head. “Jerk. His name.”

“Wow, Beth,” Paisley says. “I can’t believe you have no idea who your classmate is.”

“I can’t believe he has no idea who daddy’s little princess is,” I say.

“Everyone knows DLP,” Paisley says. “Aren’t you every guy’s heart throb?”

I simmer with frustration. “Guys, how hard is it to just give me his name? You guys are seriously not cool.”

“He’s Alpha,” Liam says.

“Alpha as in Alpha wolf?” My voice is a little louder than what I went for. Flinching, Paisley turns to look at my crush. She obviously believes he heard me.

If he did, what does it matter anyway? After all, Alpha isn’t his name. At least I don’t think it is. What’s Alpha? If it isn’t the short form of Alphabet, then it’s definitely Alpha wolf.

I know Liam is a total jerk, so I turn to Paisley, hoping she can tell me.

“That’s his name,” she says. “Alpha Jordan.”

Alpha Jordan? That’s quite a name. He sounds like some sort of fictional character. A werewolf, to be precise. The type I’d crush on. I love the sound of his name. Mysterious. Just like him.

“Classic, eh?” Liam asks.

I play deaf to his question. My mind revolves around my new interest. Alpha.

I don’t know much about him, but I can say he’s not the type that makes friends. He doesn’t socialize or anything. He’s always so quiet, I forget he exists.

“Now you know his name,” Paisley says. “What next?”

“Watch me.” Biting my lips, I bolt to my feet.

“Are you crazy?” Paisley asks. But I don’t wait to respond. I cross the room to meet my new crush.

I plop down on the chair opposite him. The book he’s reading catches my eye. Two Graves, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I’ve never seen it before, but the cover screams ‘mystery’.

Alpha looks away from the book. My heartbeat pulsates as his intense brown eyes fixate on me. I hold my breath. I’ve never seen such beautiful brown eyes. They are to die for. These eyes can get anyone popular in a split second. How is he able to hide in the shadows? That’s some raw talent.

He stares at me, his lips pressed into a straight, disapproving line. Why do I feel like I just walked into a lion’s den?

His silence makes my stomach churn. My mouth goes dry. Okay, I get it. I’m so screwed.

“Are you free on Saturday?” I ask.

I have faith in this approach. I’ve used it a number of times in the past and it’s never failed me.

Blank faced, he returns his attention to the stupid book. I turn a million shades of ‘OMG! I’ve just been ignored’.

For the first time in my life, I know what it feels like to be ignored. I look around. Everyone is staring.

I brush my embarrassment away. “Okay, let’s try again. Hey, mysterious, I’m Beth…”

He doesn’t wait for me to finish. Slamming his book shut, he gets up. An unforeseen rage overshadows me, I see the color red.

I have never felt so insulted. Who does Alpha think he is?

Without thinking, I grab his bottle of coke and empty it on him. Hushed gasps and whispers fill the air. A few boys wolf-whistle.

I watch the liquid streak down his face. It gives me some measure of satisfaction. But no amount of satisfaction can cloud my anger.

I storm out of the canteen, my hands swinging wild enough to strike anyone within range.

I remember the letter I received this morning from my anonymous Mr. Right. It brings a smile to my lips.

If my heart was a castle, you’d be the queen.

I say a wordless thank you to him. The letters he leaves me every morning always make my day. And now I can’t be happier I have him. At least someone somewhere adores me.


She’s Middleclass

Standing in front of the restroom mirror, I reapply my makeup. Okay, not exactly makeup. I just powder my face a little and reapply my lip gloss.

I stare at my reflection. What’s not to love? Who wouldn’t drool over a five foot six brunette who looks like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine?

I don’t want to brag, but I’m that gorgeous. At least that’s what everyone tells me.

Alpha definitely has some issues. But hey, I’m willing to help him fix them. Even after he made me feel worthless. Yeah, I’m that forgiving.

A classmate behind me catches my eye. Katie. Some people call her Katy Perry, but I’m sure they’re only jesting, because, hello, if Katy Perry looked like this, who would listen to her songs?

“Don’t you have a comb or something close to it?” I ask, turning around to face her.

My nose wrinkles at her outfit. A striped, and very ordinary T-shirt and faded jeans. Her shoes look they survived World War Z. Who dresses like this? Oh, Katie Adams.

Her face is littered with freckles, my eyes squint to block out some of them. I look back at her hair, styled in a messy pony. She looks like she’s slept in this pony for no less than a week.

“Do you need some beauty tips?” I ask.

“Do you need some tips on manners?” she asks just before she storms out.

I only let her walk away because I’m not good at exchanging words. I’m only good at throwing an initial comment. But when it’s time to hold a fight, I find the nearest escape. I’m so pathetic.

Cursing myself, I swagger into class and find Plain Katie sitting beside my heartthrob. Their moving lips tell me they’re in a conversation. How is this even possible?

I don’t understand. If he speaks to someone like her, why then does he ignore me? I gaze at them long enough to give everyone the idea of my rage.

She hasn’t even got class! But I am everything a girl should be, and more. I’m so frustrated. Alpha Jordan will be the death of me.

I march to my seat and dump my body on it. I reek of hopelessness. My eyes shoot laser beams at Katie.

“What does she have that I don’t?” I ask.

Liam chuckles. “Whoa. If looks could kill.”

“Look at the hair on that head.” I glare at her lackluster hair, her worst feature. I just want to chop it off and see if he still likes her.

I’ve never had this much headache over a guy. Where is your esteem, Beth?

“He’s a lost cause,” Paisley says. “Forget him.”

I snap. “No. I always get what I want. I never accept defeat. I don’t give up!”

“Wow, the shit just got real,” Liam says.

“What does she have that I don’t? She’s so plain and ordinary. She doesn’t even care for her hair like I do. Her clothes aren’t even half as stylish as mine. They’re just so ordinary. She’s just so ordinary. I wouldn’t even look at her if I were a guy.”

“Your loss,” Liam says. “I’m looking at her.”

I stomp his foot. Yelping, he almost springs to his feet.

“Ouch!” he cries. “What did you do that for? Okay, I get it. I’m looking at you.”

Paisley stares at Katie. I stare too. I won’t rest till I figure out what the devil he sees in her.

“She’s his type, Beth,” Liam says.

“How?” I ask.

“She’s middle class. Look at him. He’s a hundred percent middle class, and probably thinks you’re out of his league. So just forget it.”

Although it breaks my heart, I see some truth to Liam’s observation. Alpha and I do not belong in the same social class. But I’m not complaining, or am I?

Brad strolls into class. He heads for my seat. Although everyone thinks we are seeing each other, we aren’t. We’re just friends. Okay, maybe a little more. But we’re not dating or anything.

He draws nearer and drapes an arm around my shoulders. “Hey, babe. You free after school?”

Why, yes. Anything to get away from my boring house. Just as I open my mouth to answer, Alpha turns to look at me. His eyes burn into me.

“No, Brad,” I say. “I’ve got homework.”

Homework? That’s the only thing I could think of? Yuck, I suck. Really. We currently have no homework. Oh hell, why do I have to be such a jerk?

Alpha’s lips curve upwards, resembling a smile. But then he turns away, obviously disgusted with me staring at him.

Wait, a smile?

Did he just smile at me?

I flashback to the look on his face. It’s definitely a smile. Holy fudgemonkey cow!

My heart flutters with wild excitement. I want to do a victory dance right now.

Alpha Jordan smiled at me!


I Am Not Like You

Sat behind my steering wheel, driving to school, I can’t stop smiling. Alpha Jordan, my newest and realest crush smiled at me. I’m on cloud nine. I have a feeling today will be the best day of the rest of my life. There will be more smiles where that came from.

I spot a familiar figure a distance away. Why does he walk to school? I understand that he doesn’t have a car. But can’t he take a bus or something? Surely he can afford that. Well, Whatever.

My heart does a backward flip. I glance at the rear view mirror, just to make sure I still look my best.

Hair [√]

Lipstick [√]

Foundation [√]

And my brows are on point. Okay, I’m presentable. I rehearse my most attractive smile.

Here we go Alpha. This is me giving you a ride.

I catch up with him and slow down. I honk. Once, twice. Without turning around, he sidesteps and keeps walking.

Why is he so frustrating?

I honk again. Third time is the charm. He turns around. Almost immediately, he looks away and continues as though I’m invisible.

Okay, now I feel really dumb. Why does he keep making me feel worthless all over again? Am I seriously that horrible?

I wind down my glass and recite the words I rehearsed all night. “I’m sorry about the coke thing.”

“Your apology means nothing,” he says.

Grateful that he isn’t looking at me, I grin. He just spoke to me! That’s something. I consult my mental to-do list.

Get him to talk to you [√]

Be his friend for a second or two [ ]

Win his heart [ ]

If this was a movie, I’d fast-forward to the third item.

“I’m really sorry,” I say, silently praying to get past this apology scene. Saying sorry makes me feel like hammered shit.

The cars behind are honking. Drivers curse at my snail’s pace. I play deaf. Alpha’s pace is my pace.

“What can I say?” he says. “You’re a spoilt rich kid who threw her manners in the trash. Or wait, did you ever have any? I doubt. Daddy’s got money and all. You’re daddy’s little princess. I get it. I am not like you. Get that.”

He storms off. His rejection stings so bad, tears blur my vision. They streak out of my eyes, aiming to smudge my mascara.

I smirk as a new plan forms in my head. Surely, he won’t reject me when I carry out this new plan. I fling my car into reverse and hurry home to change into ordinary clothes. I scrub off my makeup and style my hair in a careless pony. Just like Katie. Wow, I see her in me. Gross.

Alpha will be so stupefied, he won’t know what hit him. Come on Alpha, look how hard I try to get close to you. You are seriously so frustrating.

Leaving behind my car, I walk to school. I want to feel what he feels when he walks to and fro this road every day.

Half-way into the trek, I already regret making this dreadful decision. I’ve never used my legs like this. And now, they’re starting to groan.

A heavenly growl forces me to acknowledge the darkening sky. Nature gives me no time to assimilate this. It unleashes a downpour, drenching me to the bones.

I arrive at school in one damp piece. Although my day is already ruined, thanks to you-know-who, I have faith in the note awaiting me in my locker. I know it will fix everything and make my day.

I yank open my locker and find the note. A smile stretches my lips. My Mr. Anonymous is so punctual.

I read the note.

If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right anymore.

All smiles, I store the note in my bag. There goes the 180th note.

If crushing on Alpha is wrong, I don’t want to be right anymore. Look at me, dripping wet and dressed like a middleclass girl. The things we do for love, or at least emotions close to it.

If Alpha doesn’t see how hard I’m trying for him to like me, then it’s all for nothing, and that would leave me broken.

Sneezing my head off, I head to class. Everyone is dazed to find me in this state. But the person who matters doesn’t even look at me. Tears pool in my eyes.

Great, Beth. Just great. I can’t believe I sold my health for nothing. Way to go.

“What happened to you?” Mr. Collins, our physics teacher asks.

How is that even a question? Doesn’t he see the merciless rain?

“I went swimming,” I say.

“Well, next time you want to go swimming, remember to change into your swimming trunk, and don’t do it on Fridays because you have physics for first period!”

It’s official. My physics teacher is an asshole.


Here, Catch

I’ll cross seven seas to be the reason behind your smile.

My Mr. Anonymous attached a drawing of me to the note. A drawing so real, I could tell he invested a good deal of time and emotions.

I wish Alpha could see that there’s someone who would cross seven seas just for me. Isn’t that like going the extra mile?

Alpha can be a jerk sometimes. Why is it the guy who pushes me away I’m attracted to?

I push away these thoughts and focus on applying my makeup. A touch of purple lipstick completes my flawless look. Brad and I are going out, so I have to look my best.

And no, he’s not my boyfriend. How many times do I have to clarify this?

Mum walks in, holding a table water. “Here, catch.” She tosses me the water. “The mechanic asks for water.”

“What the hell, mum?” I half-yell. “If he’s so thirsty, I’m sure he knows where the nearest store is. Just great! Now I have to serve some middle class dude just because he’s repairing your car.”

“Where are your manners?” mum asks, walking away.

“Never had them,” I shout after her. “Perhaps you could lend me yours?”

I look down at my spotless white mini gown. That mechanic best not ruin my outfit with the grease all over him.

Seething, I step outside for the downgrading errand. I spot ‘the mechanic’ crouched beside mum’s car, with his back to me. He’s dressed in a very greasy overall.

I whistle to get his grease smeared attention. “Here, catch.”

He gets up and turns around just in time to see the bottle rocket towards him. And that’s when I see who he is.

I gasp. What’s he doing here? I don’t understand.

Time seems to slow down as the bottle swims in the air. It hits him squarely on the jaw.

OMG! I’m so screwed.

To complicate the already messy situation, the bottle lands on his foot. Although he doesn’t even flinch, I know how much that thing hurt.

His eyes take on the darkest shade I’ve ever seen. Like a miserable little mouse standing face to face with a hungry lion, I step back.

I should apologize. But I don’t. I don’t know how to say those words. I was only able to apologize the other day thanks to hours of strenuous practice. I’m not about to go through that again.

I just stand motionless, gawking like a fool. I pray for the ground to just open up and swallow me. Anything to get me away from him.

Brad drives in, answering my prayers. My hero. Thank you God. If prayers are answered this fast, I’ll pray everyday.

Eager for escape, I brush past Alpha and disappear into Brad’s car.

Brad sniffs my perfume. “Hmm. Wild.”

I mute his voice. My gaze doesn’t stray away from Alpha. He returns to work as though the table water never happened. I know he hates me so much, but couldn’t he have at least yelled or something? His silence is much more menacing than words ever could be, and it makes me tremble.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Brad asks.


“Hey, is that Alpha I see over there?”

“No,” I say. “That’s just a mechanic.”

Brad stares at him for a moment or two. I hold my breath, praying he doesn’t turn around.

Impatience overwhelms me. “Are we seeing the movie in your car?”

Brad starts the engine.


Be My Beta

Dwelling on yesterday’s scene with Alpha almost made me skip school. But here I am, strolling along the corridor. I hurry to my locker, eager to see today’s note.

Would you let me hold you even for just a moment? Would you let me take you on a magic carpet ride?

I read his words over and over again. I press the note to my lips, smearing it with lipstick. Now more than ever, I need to know who mends my heart even after Alpha breaks it like it’s made of glass.

I move to close my locker, but then I see an unfamiliar envelope. I pick it up. I’m not quite sure what to expect.

I rip it open and find a chain necklace. One look at it, and I can tell I’m dealing with a fellow millionaire. I’m relieved my Mr. Anonymous isn’t middle class. The necklace is so beautiful, tears spring to my eyes.

I wish for a chance to see him, to say thank you for this wonderful gift. Why won’t he reveal himself to me? I’m sick of this anonymous love. It’s been eight months already. What is he so afraid of?

Shoving off these questions, I move my hair from the back of my neck and struggle to clasp the necklace.

I feel a presence behind me. Before I can react, an additional pair of hands join me, clasping the necklace in no time.

“Thank you.” I turn around to acknowledge the person. And I find him.

“You’re welcome,” Alpha says. He smiles at me. That’s when I notice his arms around me. We are in a near embrace.

I don’t understand. I’m not complaining or anything but still…

“Are you forgetting you’re supposed to hate me?” I ask. Although I want to be giddy I’m with him, I place the butterflies in my stomach on hold.

“What can I so?” he asks. “You’re trying so hard to get close to me. I should at least give you a chance. You look beautiful by the way. Nice freckles.”

Cheeks on fire, I try to look away, but he slips two fingers underneath my jaw and tilts my face upward to meet his gaze.

“If I am Alpha,” he says. “And Beta is short for Bethany. Will you be my Beta?”

He strokes my hair with such concentration, it feels like he’s been craving a chance hance to do this all his life.

I open my mouth to speak, but he doesn’t give me a chance. “Would you let me hold you even for moment? Would you let me take you on a magic carpet ride?”

I gasp as a realization hits me. Alpha Jordan is not only my crush, but my very dedicated, eight months old secret admirer who never fails to brighten up my day. How is this even possible?

“You hate me,” I say.

“I hate the girl you used to be.”

“I’m sorry about…”

He cuts me off with a kiss I never saw coming.

“I’ll be your Beta,” I hear myself say.


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D. L. Biranen


D. L. Biranen is the last of four children. Inspired by her brother, she has had an undying love for fiction from an age she can barely remember.

Though she abstains from magic and enchantment, some of her books contain elements that most fantasy readers would love. She also abstains from explicit contents.

Her genres of interest are Young/New Adult Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Sci-fi Romance, and Mystery/Detective/Police Procedural books.

She lives in her country, Nigeria. When she’s not writing, she can be found listening to rock music, surfing the web for e-books to fill her library with, or surfing the web for skincare products.


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D. L. Biranen



Knowing Alpha

Bethany Howell, aka Daddy's Little Princess, is the typical spoilt rich girl. For the first time, she notices Alpha Jordan, a classmate, and craves his attention. But trying to get close to him always leaves her with a broken heart. An unknown secret admirer, nicknamed Mr. Anonymous, writes her letters every day. These letters always mend her heart after Alpha breaks it like it's made of glass. Although Alpha's attitude toward her makes it clear he dislikes her, she refuses defeat and sets out to win his heart. Will Alpha ever give her a chance to know him?

  • ISBN: 9781370565962
  • Author: D. L Biranen
  • Published: 2017-04-02 10:20:12
  • Words: 4322
Knowing Alpha Knowing Alpha