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Knock Knock: The Hystericals Series Five

Knock Knock

Copyright © 2016 by Wolfen Saunderson

Hyena Press

All Rights Reserved

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“Ollie, ollie oxen free, motherfuckers!” I cackled before bursting open the door of the Untamed’s pizza shop style hideout on the corner of Fifth and Metta, and almost immediately putting each and every one of the tigers, tigresses, and various assortments of other motherland native felines on blast with fresh shells from 870 magnum shotgun to their faces and craniums galore. Once I was completely sure we had popped the melons of just about every commie poptart present in the main dining and barroom area at that current place in time, we inched forward and began making our way toward the living quarters area all the way at the rear and found that one main thing that was making our hood and possibly the whole state go to complete shit right before our very eyes. “Holy shit. The boys back at the old grind are gonna love this when I call em up.” Jessica said, pulling out her cell and snapping a pic or two on her camera of the black powdery substance before bringing up the dial pad on her screen. “That is one hell of a lot of chiva.” “No shit.” I agreed. “So, I guess this definitely gives us first hand info on who the chinks’ main go to supplier is. I really hope this shit hasn’t even gone anywhere near oversees yet.” “I don’t know.” Jessica answered with a slight bit of uncertainty. “But we can for sure as shit find out after we stop by Noah’s place for a checking up on our good friend, Jenni. Next stop, the state harbor.”

Knock Knock: The Hystericals Series Five

While paying a visit to the local Motherland patrons who put out the hit on a high value and key authority figure in their group, the rest of the remaining pack mates come across a rather shocking and disturbing realization when they discover the true reason of just why the crime and corruption in their once calm and subtle little corner of the corner has suddenly been on the ultimate rise.

  • Author: Wolfen Saunderson
  • Published: 2016-05-05 20:20:05
  • Words: 285
Knock Knock: The Hystericals Series Five Knock Knock: The Hystericals Series Five