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Knights and Nobles







Published by Dan Mazur at Shakespir

Copyright 2016 Dan Mazur


It has been a few months since I’ve been in the hospital. I miss my Mom, my Dad, my dog Freckles, and even my sister. I had lost all of my hair and was feeling lonely until I met Sammy. Sammy used to cry every night before bed. But soon we became really good friends and would make each other laugh. We would tell each other stories which helped the time go by.

Sammy used to cry every night before bed. But soon we became really good friends and would make each other laugh. We would tell each other stories which helped the time go by.

We didn’t get to go outside much so we spent countless hours staring out the window. On a nice sunny day, the nurses would open the window to let some fresh air in. It was so nice and peaceful. Or at least it was. That all changed one magical afternoon.

We turned around to see a knight in full armour behind us. “Greetings lads. I am here on behalf of the King. He has requested your help to save his kingdom!” Shocked, neither of us said a word. “You will learn more later on. Then we’re off to the kingdom to fight off the dragons. Get ready, here comes the lightning.” said the knight. “Dragons?” I asked. “Are you sure you have the right guys?” added Sammy. “Yes. The King said you were the 2 bravest lads he’s ever seen.”

“We have arrived lads. The King will see you now. I’m so glad that you decided to join me for this adventure. The dragons are getting closer to the kingdom as we speak. Good luck and the Wizard and I will meet you at dawn. Soon you will be ready for battle!”

“Welcome to my Kingdom Charles and Samuel. I am King Jeremy.” “Why did you choose us?” I asked. “We have all watched how brave you lads have been in fighting your illness. You have never given up and have so much courage. Only you will be able to defeat the dragons.”

That night the boys were the special guests at a huge banquet. There was so much food and it was all so tasty. So much better than the hospital food that they had been eating. Though they enjoyed the feast, they could hear the roar of the dragons off in the distance. And that made them a little afraid.

It was a misty morning, clouds in the sky, when the boys went to meet the Wizard and the knight, Sir Elton. “I bid thee a good morning lads! I’d like you to meet the Wizard. His magic helped bring you here to save our kingdom.”

“Here are your suits of armour, swords, shields, and helmets. The Wizard has cast a magic spell on them to keep you safe. Soon you will learn how to defeat the dragons and save the Kingdom once and for all!” Sir Elton declared. “Um, where are the other knights?” Sammy wondered. “You’re it” said Sir Elton. “They all got scared and ran away. I cannot fight anymore because I was hurt by the fire from a dragon’s breath.” “Let us begin!”

After a long day of training we gathered around the fire. “You did well today lads. You have more courage than you’ll ever know. Sleep well, for tomorrow at dusk your adventure begins!” exclaimed the knight. “Sir Elton! So nice to see you. Are these the brave souls that are going to save us from the dragons?” “Allow me to introduce Charles and Samuel. These lads are going to be heroes. In fact, they already are.”

And then, without warning, the dragons attacked setting the village on fire. Sir Elton ran away and screamed. “What are we gonna do?” I asked Sammy. I was so scared and felt like I was going to cry. Sammy looked at me and calmly said, “We’re going to do what we’ve been doing for the past couple of years at the hospital. We are going to fight!”

Charlie and Sammy had been transported to a magical land by a wizard. The King had asked them to save his kingdom from a couple of dangerous dragons. It all felt like a dream but now Sammy was face to face with a real-life, fire-breathing dragon.

“I can’t hold on much longer!” Sammy yelled. “Yes you can Sam. Just remember how strong you were when you went through all of those treatments. They made you feel sick and dizzy and you lost your hair. He’s just an overgrown lizard with bad breath” Charlie responded.

“Well that was just rude” the dragon pouted as he suddenly just flew away. “I guess we hurt his feelings” Charlie said as they both laughed. “We have to get back to the King Jeremy’s castle. There’s one more dragon left!” Sammy shouted.

All of the horses had been scared off by the dragon. So the boys had to make use of a couple of donkeys to get back to the castle. This was going to take a while. Even though they were in a strange new land, the boys were still very sick. While their donkeys stopped to drink some water, the pair tried to take a quick nap. They were so tired, dizzy, and weak. They had felt this way for so long but it was still something that they never got used to.

Their nap was interrupted by screams from the castle. The other dragon had managed to get inside. They got back on our donkeys and rode as fast as the donkey’s little legs could take them. They still didn’t feel good but there was something special inside both of them that gave Sammy and Charlie the courage to continue.

Our heroes arrived in the nick of time as the dragon had cornered the King’s daughter, Princess Midge. The boys tried to take a deep breath which only made them both cough heavily. That turned out to be a good thing for the Princess as the dragon turned his attention to the boys.

“Okay, now what?” Sammy cried out. “Run!” Charlie yelled. And so they lead the dragon out of the Kingdom and into the forest. They were having problems breathing and couldn’t run very fast. The dragon was starting to catch up to them.

“Lads, lead the dragon down to the waterfall. You’re almost there. I’ll stand here and um, guard this rock!” Sir Elton whispered. The boys were starting to think that Sir Elton wasn’t as cool as they thought he was after all. By the time they reached the waterfall, they were completely out of breath with nowhere left to run. The dragon was coming straight towards them. They only had one option….. JUMP!

As they were falling, the boys began to scream. That was until the Wizard magically appeared and saved them with a magic spell that created some balloons that helped them float high up in the sky. The dragon fell into the water down below which made a big splash.

“Lads, you have saved my Kingdom and my daughter. I will give you anything that you want. No wish is impossible for my two brave knights” said the King. The boys looked at one another as they both knew exactly what they wanted. A flash of lightning hit and as they left the kingdom. Sir Elton was the one that let the dragons free and was put in the dungeon.

Thanks to their incredible bravery, the boys no longer needed to stay at the hospital. They were healthy now and free to leave. Charlie and Sammy put their arms around one another and took one last look at the hospital where they had spent so many months. Whether on Earth or in a magical kingdom far, far away, these two friends were heroes.



This is a fable about a spoiled little prince who had everything and then had it all taken away. The only son of the King and Queen, the Prince got everything a kid could ask for but always wanted more.

The Prince was born into a royal family. He lived in a castle, ate the best food, and had the fanciest clothes, his own horse, and all the gold in the world. But the prince was not happy because he thought he deserved more.

Everybody loved the King and Queen who were incredibly generous to their subjects. The Prince was not well-liked by the villagers however. He did not want to share his wealth or possessions with anyone. He would be very mean to others and instructed the guards to have people removed from “his” Kingdom.

The King and Queen were not very proud of their selfish son. He needed to be taught a lesson but they didn’t know how to punish him. As heir to the throne, they couldn’t take away his crown. There had to be a way.

A woman entered the Kingdom one day looking to sell the apples she had picked in the orchards. This infuriated the Prince who immediately asked the woman to leave. When she refused, he ordered the guards to take her away. He then kicked over her cart as all the apples fell to the ground.

Watching the Prince’s antics were three witches who lived in a cave far, far away from the Kingdom. The Prince had banned the witches from the Kingdom for not obeying his every order. The witches decided to cast a spell on the Prince in order to teach him a lesson he’d never forget.

When the Prince went to bed that night, he started to feel dizzy. Both the room and his head were spinning. He tried to scream but no sounds came out of his mouth. He shut his eyes and hoped this feeling would pass.

“Where am I? And why am I wearing these rags?” the Prince demanded. The three witches appeared and told him that they had cast a spell on him. “Only you can break the spell young Prince. It’s up to you to find out how.” The witches then disappeared as the Prince stood there looking puzzled.

Unable to get back into the Kingdom, the Prince began to wander the countryside. He came across a tiny village with old houses and farm animals. He was not impressed. The houses were falling apart and the smell of the animals offended him. “Hello Lad!” a voice called out. “I need your help. Quick, it’s an emergency!” Curious the Prince ran to where the voice was coming from.

When the prince arrived he found one of the villagers next to a cow. Can you help me milk her? I have a sore back from working in the fields.” “Milk a cow? I’m a Prince…” Before finishing his thought, he remembered the spell that had been cast on him. Maybe this was a test so he decided to help the villager.

The prince closed his eyes and began to milk the cow. He had never done any hard work in his life and was disgusted by what he had to do. He ended up getting soaked in milk but was able to finish the job and help the grateful villager.

“Ah, just in time. Grab a tool young man and help us with these vegetables” said one of the villagers. It was so hot outside but nobody complained. They were all dirty from working in the fields and picking apples in the orchard. Yet they were all so happy. The Prince reluctantly started to work alongside the villagers.

The Prince worked harder than he ever did in his entire life. He was sweaty, dirty, sore, and very hungry. “Good work son!” one of the villagers bellowed. “It’s almost time for supper. You’ll love Mrs. Garrett’s stew. Even though she’s looking after a sick child, she still keeps us fed. We’re one big family. Too bad she wasn’t able to sell her apples in the Kingdom” mused the other villager. “Apples?” mumbled the Prince.

The entire village gathered for supper. Two tables were set up with bowls of stew and soup. It wasn’t much but everyone was thankful for what they had. The Prince was so hungry that he ate two bowls of stew with some bread.

After supper, the Prince started to look for a place to spend the night when he heard a woman sobbing. He peeked inside one of the houses to see an older woman crying. It was Mrs. Garrett, the same woman who made supper for the village. Earlier he had thrown her out of the Kingdom when she tried to make some money selling apples. The Prince felt horrible.

The village doctor came in to speak with Mrs. Garrett. He told her that her granddaughter was very sick and that there was nothing more he could do. Mrs. Garrett started to cry as the doctor comforted her with a hug. The Prince, who had been listening in the entire time, felt a tiny tear roll down his cheek.

The prince spent the night wandering the countryside unable to sleep. He walked up a hill where he could be alone with his thoughts. “Alright witches. You win. I know that I am a rotten little boy. But please, punish me and not that little girl. I will spend the rest of my days here if you’ll help save her life.” It was silent except for the rustling of the wind through the trees. “Thanks for nothing!”

When the Prince returned to the village, he was surprised to hear singing and laughing. Everybody was celebrating, hugging, and kissing. What had he missed? “She’s going to be okay! My granddaughter is going to okay!” The Prince walked up to the woman and gave the little girl an apple. “I don’t know if you recognize me or not. I’m a Prince and not a very nice one. I hope you can forgive me for the way I’ve acted.” Mrs. Garrett looked at the boy and then gave him a huge hug. For the first time the Prince was feeling real happiness.

After another wonderful day with the villagers, a tired Prince laid his head onto the pillow. He instantly fell asleep with a smile on his lips. These poor villagers had so little but made up for it with their generous spirit and appreciation for all they had. The Prince could feel his bed spinning like it had before.

When he returned to the Kingdom, the Prince apologized to his Mom and Dad. He promised that they would see a new Prince from now on. And he kept that promise. The little boy grew to become a kind and beloved King. He shared his wealth with everyone in his Kingdom.

The King made sure that the villagers never went without food, shelter, or water. Eventually he married one of the girls from the village and made her his Queen. They even had a little “Prince” of their own, only this Prince was the royal dog.


Knights and Nobles

The Brave Ones is a short story about Charlie and Sammy are stuck in the hospital because they are sick. One day a knight shows up and whisks them away to a magical kingdom. The boys have been chosen by the King because they have been so brave in battling their illness. Once they get there, the boys learn that they must defeat the dragons and save the kingdom. The Spoiled Prince is a fable about a selfish Prince who is mean to everyone around him. One fateful day everything changes and the Prince finds himself in the very shoes of those he has treated so poorly.

  • ISBN: 9781311809834
  • Author: Dan Mazur
  • Published: 2016-04-28 01:50:06
  • Words: 2538
Knights and Nobles Knights and Nobles