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Kissing my best friend






CHAPTER 1                                                        I do not want to start this book with the biggest cliché but this is I how I fell for the popular guy in school who just happen to be my best friend…             “Hailey!” I heard my best friend Josh calling from down stairs. I turned to my cell next me. DEAD. “Hailey,” I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs, “you had better be out of bed and dressed in about fifteen minutes I am starting the car.” I jumped out of bed and plucked off my clothes pulling on the first jean I could find. I just put on a bra as Josh came barging through the door, the overwhelming smell of cinnamon bagels filling in the room. Josh looked me up and down, his face turning slightly red. We have been around each other naked so much and he never seemed to mind. “What are you staring at?” I asked pulling on a black T Shirt. “Your boobs they are different. I like it,” he smirked. I threw him with a scatter cushion. Later during the car ride to school eating my cinnamon bagel I could not help feeling anxious about the senior year starting. I was never popular in school, nor unpopular. Everybody knew me as Josh’s (the most popular quarterback in school) weird best friend. I was always the weird artist girl. The girl with the notebook under the arm. The girl that always did her homework. The girl that Josh always held at arm’s length to protect. I was hoping this year would change it, but looking at myself in the rear-view mirror I sighed. Josh put his hand on my mine smiling at me. “Why the sigh Haile’s?” My heart jumped, “I was just wish this year would be my year. The year I would be less awkward, and finally get a boyfriend.” Josh gave me a weird look, his eyes turning into saucers. “A boyfriend? Why would you want a boyfriend?” he asked pressing my hand harder. “You had girlfriends, why can’t I want a boyfriend?” I asked mad, pulling my hand out of his. “It’s not that it is just I mean who would you even want to date? You have never been interested in dating before.” I blushed at his question, “I don’t know. Thomas from my art class is cute. “Taking a huge bite from his bagel Josh was strangely quiet for the rest of the ride to school. Stopping at school Josh climbed out and threw his arm around me. “Why do you suddenly want a boyfriend, Haile’s? It is not about the prom coming up, is it, you know I always take you as my date.” I stopped in my tracks pulling out from under his arm. “This is not just about prom. This is about me finding someone I like, to share my feelings about. Have the high school first love experience.” Josh face fell. “The high school first love experience? You mean being kissed and stuff.” Josh asked his face twisted saying the last words. “Yes among other things. Why are you acting so weird?” I asked watching as he suddenly smiled pulling on my hand. “You don’t need a boyfriend for any of that you have me,” he smirked. “You?” I asked feeling my heart rate speed up. Just as was about to answer we approached his group of friends and Cherry came running to me. “You have to help me Hailey, I forgot to do the science assignment and it is due at the end of the day.” She grabbed free hand, I smiled at my only friend from the cheerleading squad. ‘’Of course I will help lets go to the library we both have first period free.” I turned to chase grabbing my backpack from his arm, “I will see you after school practice okay.” He shook his head at that. “No I will see you at lunch.” He pulled at my hand so that I was pressed closely to his hard body. His blue eyes glittered and he with a smirk his lips touched mine. I gasped slightly opening my mouth and his mouth claimed mine as he pulled me near. I became slightly aware as he pulled away the wolf whistles around us. His breath was slightly uneven when he said, “I will see you at lunch, Haile’s.” I could not even speak while Carrey grabbed my hand dragging me along.        I was still stunned when we came to the library. Carrey was jumping up and down, flailing her arms everywhere. “O, my goodness Hailey, it is about time. I can’t believe what just happened it is such a hot kiss.” “What do you mean about time? He probably just did it because he is jealous. You know him, he doesn’t allow anyone near me.” Carrey shook her head a knowing smile on her face. “That was not just a kiss between jealous friends.” I just shook my head while she took her books out thinking I will talk to him at lunch. My heart fluttering about seeing him at lunch.

CHAPTER 2                                                             I looked up from my history lesson waiting for the lunch bell to ring. I don’t know why I do not know why I am so anxious seeing Josh again. I mean I know he was just fooling around to prove his point that he I do not need a boyfriend. As the bell rang and my anxiety escalated I thought about skipping lunch altogether. I was just walking out turning to the library when two strong arms encircled me pulling me close. “Don’t tell me you have psyching out about that kiss all day and thought about skipping our lunch,” he asked chuckling into my ear. Dammit he knew me so well. “No, I was just thinking about going to study for tomorrow’s test.” I lied blushing a little. Josh turned me around grabbing my hand. “We both know you don’t need to study.”              Josh stood with me in the lunch line persistently holding my hand, he was always touching me even when he had girlfriends. No that was not strange what was strange is the way his other hand went up and down me side sending shivers through my body. When we walked to our seats Milo Josh’s best friend called out to us. “Here comes the schools new love birds. Come take a seat man.” Josh looked down at me as we sat, he moved his body so that he was sitting sideways with his legs at both sides of me. I stiffened under his touch when his hand moved to my back, pulling me even closer so I was flush with his body. “What are you doing?” Turning my face to him, which was a mistake because we were only inches from each other, I glanced at his lips, making me think about this morning’s kiss. He looked at me as if I am the crazy one and spoke to his friends. “Holding my girl, so that everybody knows you are mine.” His friend laughed and Milo said, “We would have already asked that girl of yours out if we thought she was available. We all know you staked your claim on her long ago.” I looked at Josh angry at him. “Staked your claim?” Josh just laughed and said, “I had to stake my claim otherwise one of these nerds would you snatch away from me.” I could not believe it first of all that the football guys wanted to ask me out and secondly that I was Josh’s so called property. “Josh, you want to go the creek this weekend?” Ryan, asked flipping his hair back. Josh turned to me, “Depends if my girl wants to go with me to the creek?” I looked at Josh wondering if the aliens took over his brain during the night. “I guess I can go but Josh I am not …” before I can continue Josh mouth was on my again this time more fierceness. His hands clutched my sides and he pressed the kiss deeper. As if from a far place he released me and brushed a loose curl from my face. “Let’s talk later babe.” “Get a bloody room,” Milo laughed. Josh started talking with his friends about the creek while I was still zoned out.                    During the ride home after football practice we were both quite. Nothing particularly weird happened the rest of the day, except for Josh holding me close as he can during practice. I have decided then that it was probably his way of making fun of me for wanting a boyfriend. When we arrived at his home and I stormed out my car to my house without so much as a backward glance I heard Josh running after me. “You are not allowed in Josh, I can’t believe how you treated me today.” I said to him. “How I treated you? You…” “Josh. Hailey. Are you two fighting?” my mom asked. “Yes. No.” I and Josh said at the same time. “Well over what…?” mom asked showing us both to take a seat at the kitchen table. My mom was a wannabe psychiatrist and always wanted over analyse everything much to my annoyance. “He kissed me.” I blurted out, watching my mom break out in a smile. “Well then,” she said standing up, “I guess I will go buy some groceries and leave you two to it.” My mouth fell open and Josh grin grew bigger. He did not even the decency to blush when my mom winked at him as she stepped out of the house. Who can you trust to take your side if your mom does not even take yours?” Josh came to sit next to me at the kitchen table pulling at a curl in my face. “Don’t be mad at me Haile’s. You know I can’t handle you being mad at me. I only did what I did because I know if I catch you off guard and kiss you, you will not be able to say no to me.” I shook my head “No to what?” “No to dating me and only me for the rest of the year. I mean you don’t need a sloppy first kiss, or guys that grope you just for the sake of experience. I can help you all that departments and I promise I will be faithful to you plus I like kissing you.” I don’t think my face could have looked more shocked. Josh’s face fell. “I mean I guess for the sake of experience and all we could … I mean we could be boyfriend and girlfriend.” Josh rewarded me with a big smile. I can never disappoint this boy. He turned to me and kissed me so hard I almost fell of the kitchen stool.                                                                    Later that evening when I lay bed I still could not believe what happened today. My best friend is my boyfriend and his kisses are seriously to die for.


CHAPTER 3                                                             The week flew by whereby I did not see Josh at all as he went to a football\cheerleader training camp for seniors. Saturday when they came back we had our first date at the creek. I was extremely nervous, wondering if we still had a date, date today or if we are going as friends. Maybe he met somebody at camp or maybe he decided I am not worth the charity girlfriend. I was putting on my new red bikini top with the lace detail when Josh walked into the room. I immediately pulled my shirt from the floor pulling in front of me. “Josh you can’t just walk into my room like that I am barely dressed.” Josh smirked. “I have seen you naked more times that I can remember, baby. Why the sudden change and is that not a bikini?” I laughed at him feeling silly off course I was right. I dropped my shirt and turned to him. Josh’s smirk slowly turned into a grim line. “No way, Hailey. I am not taking you to the creek in that thing. It barely covers the essentials.” Josh said as he stepped closer to me. “Well I am not undressing and putting something else on. Carrey gave it to me as present and I like it. You don’t get to say what I dress or not.” I said crossing my arms under breasts and glaring at him. Josh pulled a hand through his hair, “Okay fine. But you are wearing pants with that bottom and a cover up.” I could not believe the nerve of Josh, I wanted to tell him just what I thought about him bossing me around, but he turned around grabbing my bag on the bed. “Come we are going to be late.” The drive to the creek was very quiet. Josh did not even once hold my hand. I did not know what to think. Since this morning I did not even get one kiss or hug from him, nothing to indicate that he is indeed still my girlfriend. When we got there he climbed out of the car our bags in hand and walked to where they have already started a fire and some of the kids where swimming. I was so mad at him right now, I thought to can play this game and pulled off my coverall, walking behind him to friends. “Hi you all,” I said cheerily and watched as the football guys mouths where practically hanging open. Josh turned around to see what they were looking at and before I knew it he tucked me under his arm, his arms going over my stomach. This time I smirked knowingly as Carrey came bouncing to me pulling me out of Josh’s embrace. “Come girlfriend, you look so hot. I have so many things to tell you. Cheerleading camp was awful but you should have seen the football team from…” I turned around to Josh was still standing still as a statue staring at me. Not paying attention to his friends. Carrey and I lazed in the sun talking about camp and her off on relationship with Milo. “Carrey you seem to know a few things about dating?” I asked cautiously, Carrey can get a bit over excited about such stuff. “Yeah sure.” “I don’t know what to think of Josh anymore he has not even kissed me since he has been back. I mean I don’t get it before he went I was still his girlfriend. Today he barely touched me. I just don’t know that to think.” Carrey looked at me as if I am crazy, “You are crazy that boy has always liked you. There is not a chance in this world he would dump you already. Maybe he just did not have the opportunity yet or maybe he is waiting for you to start it.” I thought about it and glanced over to where Josh stood with a cup in his hand laughing about something Milo said. I decided to be brave and walked over to him putting my arms around his body in a hug. Josh looked down at me a little surprised, kissed me quickly on my forehead drawing me closer to him so that his arms where now encircling me from behind and continued listening to Milo. It was complete and utter bliss.        Later the evening we were all sitting around the fire listening to Milo playing the guitar. Most people have already paired off and was somewhere in there cars. I was sitting between Josh’s legs while he had his arms around my shoulders. “What are you thinking about?” Josh whispered in my ear. “What are you thinking?” I asked back. “You have not touched or kissed me the entire day. Did you meet someone at camp? You know if you did you could tell me if you did.” I added the last part quietly hoping he does not answer me. Josh pulled on my arms until I was sitting on his lap and pulled me close to him his facing tracing the edges of my bikini under my cover up. “Let’s get one thing straight baby. Firstly I did not meet anybody at camp. I said I will be your boyfriend and that is that. Secondly I did not kiss you because if I kissed you with you wearing this red bikini we definitely would not have gotten out the house.” I looked at him quizzically not quite understanding him. “Baby,” Josh said his face mere inches from mine, “let me go show you.” He stood up effortlessly with me in his arms pressing his lips to mine much to the amusement of the others. When we came to his car he put me down on my feet instantly pressing me into his body kissed me deeply his hands leaving trails of fire on my skin. When he finally pulled up for air he pulled my hair back, “Now do you understand why I could not kiss you before.” I nodded feeling as if the world could end now and I will be happy standing in this boy arms kissing. Charity boyfriend or not I liked kissing my best friend.


CHAPTER 4                                                             The next day Carrey and I walked pier at the Ice cream parlour. During weekends most of the high school population gathered here. As it was next to the beach and played great tunes, creating a party atmosphere. We were standing in line waiting for our Ice Cream when an arm encircled me from behind, whispering in my ear. “Hi beautiful, it feels like forever since I have last seen you.” I smiled breathing Josh in. “Last night if I am mistaking is not forever.” I said rolling my eyes at him. “      Hi, Carrey. Why did you not call me or Milo to come pick you guys up?” Carrey looked astonished at Josh a slight blush on her cheeks. “Because I did not know whether or not Milo was a onetime thing or not,” she replied.       I looked quizzically at my best friend. She just shook her head and whispered in my ear, “We kind of hooked up when you Josh disappeared on us.” I blushed a little thinking of what we were doing when we disappeared. Josh arms pulled me a little harder against him his thumb drawing circles on my stomach. “Hi what do you want ladies?” a cute boy behind the counter asked. I recognised him as the football senior in my AP History class, Brandon. “Oh, hi it’s you Hailey. How are you doing? I was hoping to run to talk to you about getting together with you to do our history assignment.” Brandon said glancing at Josh’s arm around me. He and Carrey is in some or other discussion about Milo. “I would love…” before I can end the session Josh draws in behind him and says. “No you can’t baby. My girl is fully booked already. Plus two Strawberry Chocolate dipped cones and one chocolate for Carrey right.” He looked back at Carrey who looked as dumfounded as I. Giving Brandon an apologetic we took our Ice Cream’s and towards the tables where Milo and a few of the guys and girls from the popular group sat.                                      There was only two seats left. Carrey sat down next to Milo. Just as I was about to turn around Josh went to sit and pulled me on his lap. “Where are you going baby?” he grinned at some of the girls who eyed me. I sat up straight trying not to touch him with anything but my butt, lifting a bit so he does not have my full weight on him. The kids around us where all talking about yesterday’s party when Josh pulled my hair back to him. “Please, Haile’s you are light as feather and I am a big strong football player it is not as if you are going to break my legs.” I looked around gazing into his green eyes looking at me strangely. I relaxed against him, rewarding me with a smile. “Why did not you not want me to hang out with Brandon?” Josh blushed a little and grinned sheepishly, “I might have heard some of the guys talking that Brandon was interested in you and I was not about to lose you to some dumb jock.” I could not help smile at him, “Brandon is not a dumb jock. You are a jock as well you know.” He smirked his usual confident smile when he kissed me, “But I am your jock.” He deepened the kiss, causing several guys and girls to howl at the table. Carrey looked at Josh disgusted. “Can you keep your mouth of my friend for more than two seconds so she can enjoy the conversation?” I laughed at that. They quarrelled some more about seemingly nothing while Josh hand unseen to the others slipped under my shirt tracing circles on my stomach causing havoc to my nerves and breathing. We were all lounging in the sun watching the boys playing football on the beach. All of them had their shirts of but it was Josh who I could not keep my eyes off. His perfectly sculpted abs and blonde hair glistening in the sun. He grinned and waved me when he caught me looking. Carrey looked at me watching me grin like a fool back at him. So, did you and Josh do it yet?” I looked at Carrey blushing profusely. “No. I mean no it has not come up yet. Besides he is only doing it because he is jealous friend and does not want me to get hurt by other boys. He is actually just helping a friend out to experience the whole high school dating scene.” Carrey started laughing at me rolling around in the sand like a maniac. “That is the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life. That boy is not just being a friend. A friend does not kiss you like he kisses you all the bloody time. Even although he is annoying as hell with all the kissing and touching I have to admit you two are super cute together.” He likes me. She think he likes me. She has to be mistaken, he could not like me he is my best friend. “I think you are wrong. Besides even if you are right I do not think he likes me in a sexual way, I mean have you seen the girls he usually dates.” A hand came gripping from me behind dragging me down to the ground Josh straddled me. “Who says I don’t like you sexually?” he asked smirking me as I blushed beetroot. Damn him for listening in on our conversation. “Your cute when you blush,” his finger grazed over my lips causing me to look at his intently. He kissed me once, twice “For the record I rather kiss you than any of the girls here.”


CHAPTER 5 As long as I can remember Josh parents had been coming over to our house on Sunday evenings for dinner and a night cap. My mum was just finishing the chicken-a-la-king when I heard the knock on the door. “Hailey can you get it for me. It’s probably Aunt Jen and Uncle Bill.” I walked the door suddenly nervous. I don’t know why I was nervous I have known my entire life. I opened the door immediately greeted by Aunt Jen who pulled me into her arms. “Hi Hailey, dear how are you doing.” Uncle Bill pulled on my ponytail and pulled into a hug. He has been the only fatherly figure in my life as I have never known my own dad. Josh head popped around the corner. “Hey dad can you please let go of my girl now you are making her jealous,” his dad pulling me tighter. “Then I’d better hold on longer, son,” his dad smirked at Josh. Josh took my hand that was at the back of his dads back and pulled on it. His dad let me go and before I could shy away Josh had me in his arms putting on a big show of kissing me. When he let me go I looked at the stunned face of my mom, Aunt Jen and Uncle Ben. That lasted just about a minute before they all smiled brightly. “I was wondering why Josh was hopping like a fairy around these days,” his laughed causing Josh to turn bright red. Serves him right for embarrassing me like that with the kiss in front of our parents. After dinner our parents were sitting in the dining room having a night cap while I and Josh went to sit in my room to watch movies as was our tradition. When we came into my room I felt awkward. We just usually sat at on my bed, but sitting there suddenly felt inappropriate. Josh however just fell on my bed and pulled the cushion to the end of the bed so he can lie down while watching the dvd. He pulled another one next to him and patted next to him. I am stupid he is my best friend. He is just trying to help me there is no reason for me to make this awkward. We were watching the movie when I felt Josh hand creep onto my back slipping underneath my shirt. I looked at him, he was looking at me with such desire that all I could do was just lick my lips that suddenly went very dry. He pulled on my arm so that I was halfway on top of him, his finger grazing my lips. “You know that you are extremely beautiful to me,” he asked. I looked at him thinking that this the first time he has ever called me beautiful. I drew in a breath when he kissed me drawing me even closer to him. When his tongue pushed into my mouth and his hands on my back drawing circles I was lost to the world. “Uhm…Josh your mother and I are going now. I think you should maybe come with before we have to pay for child support,” he grinned at his own joke. I blushed at his joke pulling away from Josh, who just pulled me closer to him again. “Ah dad, why do you do you always try and bust my balls over nothing, let me just say bye to my girl and I will meet you at the car,” he asked grinning at his dad who walked downstairs laughing.        Josh mouth came down on me hard and desperate his tongue doing this to me I never thought a tongue could do. My body moulded into him, I felt the bulge of him pressing into me, causing me to grind involuntarily against him. Our touching got a little frantic, when a moan escaped one of us he withdrew looking at me with glazed eyes his breathing ragged. “Baby as hot as that kiss is I need to let you go now, otherwise this is going end up with you and me in a lot of trouble.” He gave me a quick kiss, adjusted himself and went out of the room.                                      Later that night my mind drifted to me and Carrey’s conversation. Could he really like, like me. That kiss tonight sure as hell did not feel like a kiss from one friend to another. I blushed a little thinking about my body’s reaction to him. My phone beeped with a message, “Night Haile’s, stop stressing over that kiss. It was a great kiss. The best kiss. xxx dream of me,” I smiled he knows me so well. “Night Josh. I agree it was a great kiss. You are a great friend to me. Remember if you meet somebody this is not binding contract between us. xxx” I pushed the send button not knowing why I sent it.


CHAPTER 6 I woke before the alarm started and walked excited to me closet. I pulled on my skinny jeans and a low riding top wanting to look good for Josh when he came to pick me up. I was just finishing my coffee when I heard the car honking outside. I looked outside the window and saw sitting in the car looking at his watch. This is the first time he has not climbed out to come get me inside. I grabbed my bag and thought that maybe he was just in a hurry. When I climbed in the car as soon as the door was closed Josh sped off without as much as greeting to me. “Jeez Josh what is biting you today?” I asked turning toward him. His green eyes was looking determinedly in front of him his knuckles white on the steering wheel. “Nothing Hailey, just nothing.” He said. When we got to school he climbed out of the car and walked away with not so much as backward glance to me.                                                  Carrey who was waiting for me in the parking area looked at me confused, “You two are fighting?” I shook my head. “Not as far as I know. Everything was still fine last night when he left.” More than fine I added in my head. “Uhm…then I guess he is probably just in a hurry,” Carrey said as we looked at Josh where he was standing with his group of friends, a grin on his face. It was only lunch when I saw him again, which was weird because he always made a point of coming to look for me between classes even if it is just to wave. He was sitting at his usual table. Carrey was hanging on Milo’s every word. The rest of table was full and when he looked up and saw me he quickly looked away again, engaging with the rest of the table as they all started laughing. This is the first time Josh acted so weird. I can’t think of anything that happened expect for the sms I send him. It must have been something in the sms that bothered him, maybe he met someone but is too afraid to tell me. Or maybe he is hurt that I called this friendship-dating-fling a contract. I was not sure what was bothering him but I pulled all my courage and walked to him. I put my hands on his shoulders feeling him tense under my touch, walked around him and went to sit on his lap. Josh sat perfectly still not touching me, I put one arm around his neck and the other I laid around his broad shoulders. I could hear from his breathing he was not as unaffected as might want me to think. I caught Carrey’s eye and she winked at me with a smile. I guess I did the right thing. Josh did not talk me at all, he just sat there perfectly still talking to his friend Milo, who was oblivious to Josh ignoring me. I decided that I will make him talk to me if he does not want to. I started with his hair, pulling lightly on it to see if he’d respond, except for the slight stiffening of his back he did not give away an inch. Next I moved my other hand to his chest and I started drawing small number 8 all over him. I could feel him breaking out in slight shivers. When he still did not talk to me, I did what every other girl would have done in my situation, well at least I think so. I kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth and pulling him very close to me. At first his body as a little stiff, I guess from the shock, the next thing I knew he was kissing me back with so much fever I could not comprehend anything else but him. When we finally came up for air, his bottom lip a little swollen, curved into a smile. “You are the most infuriating girl I have ever met, but I like it,” I grinned at him. “Are you okay?” I asked him threading my hands through his hair. “I was not, but now I am feeling a little better. You just keep kissing me and I am sure I will much better in not in no time at all.” I did as I was asked some people at the table started groaning. “Jeez, you two really need to get a room.” Josh laughed and suddenly stood up with me still in his arms. “I think that is just what I am going to do.” He said to them and with a lot of hooting walked away in the direction hall. He put me down slowly in front of my locker, “please meet me here after school, we really need to talk.” I nodded, he quickly stole a kiss from me and walked away whistling

CHAPTER 7                                                             We were sitting side by side at the Burger Diner Josh brought me to after school, our take-away shakes and burgers between us on the table. We were eating in silence not talking to each other. After we were finished Josh came a little near me and pulled his chair to mine. “Hailey. I have to tell you something, but I do not know how to begin,” he took my hand in his. My heart was beating out of my chest with worry. This is it. We are fake breaking up. Why does it hurt so much? He looked at me intently and pulled me up, “Come lets go to the creek.” We drove in silence to the creek, Josh had my hand in his gripping it tightly. When we got there he turned to me and pulled in for a kiss. My hands automatically went around him my hand gripping his hair. He pulled my legs so that I was straddling him and grinded his body against mine. I was feeling very hot when he finally pulled away his hands in my hair. “Look Hailey, I know you don’t want to hear this and I know this all new to you but please do not say to anyone again that I am not your boyfriend.” I shook my head. “But you are only doing this to help me. This is only fake dating.” I looked at him as he smirked at me. “Baby there is absolutely nothing fake about this dating. I love kissing you, I love holding you and I absolutely am falling very hard for you.” My heart doing summersaults, I probably grinned like an idiot. “You know I think I am falling my fake boyfriend also.” I giggled when he put his hands underneath my shirt and tickled me. “Okay, okay I admit I love you Josh.” Josh kissed me until the sunset in the night sky.


Kissing my best friend

  • Author: Martha Maria Jones
  • Published: 2016-09-16 08:05:08
  • Words: 5912
Kissing my best friend Kissing my best friend