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Kiss The Spy - Part 2

They all think they can doing anything. These men with their tightly woven suits and shiny black shoes haven’t realized that if they had as much power as they thought they did they wouldn’t have dress up like mannequins with mass produced similarity. It appears to themselves that when they look in a mirror it seems that what they wear is unique, but it’s not. The only thing that separates them is the perfectly aligned, mulitcolored decorations that emboss the upper left side of their jackets and shirts.

I’m not be dismissive completely, but I do realize they did earn what they are wearing, and that is the only thing that separates them from one another. They all have the same hair style. The same clothing. They all walk the same too, but one other thing that makes them confident about their imbibed uniqueness is their arrogant approach.

The ones who have the most metal dangling from their chest never speak to those that don’t, and seldom say a word to the others that have anything less. They will talk to me when, and only when they are alone, and in their office. They completely disregard my presence, these “higher up” as they are sometimes called by the lesser beings in the cold walls of this militaristic office style prison.

They slip up once in awhile. Their eyes drift downward at my legs, or maybe they’ll cheat a look at my lips, or breasts that are tightly wrapped in a eye shielding, heavy blouse that’s “approved” by the ‘standards and ethics committee for instituting and defining appropiate attire for non-male workers within government controlled and classified regions inside of military designated….’blah, blah-blah. Their wording will make your mind go numb. I remember having to read page after page of the rules, regulations and codes (not code, CODES) of conduct while sitting at a desk with two agents that followed my eye movements and listened to my voice to see if I faltered in anyway.

It painful to be here. It’s a sterile environment.

The one thing that keeps me going is the challenge of trying to get these, or just one of these tight lipped, heel stepping, steely eyed officers to crack. That’s all I need. Just a sliver of a space where I can seep into their unconscious. To fine that weak spot and get what I need and leave, but I’ve been trying to get to that spot, that weak part in their foundation and it hasn’t been easy at all.

The trick is to be nice, but not obvious. These people are trained and educated in being suspicious. They can sniff out a thief, a counter agent so well it makes most foreign agents too nervous and they make a mistake, albeit a very miniscule one, they are found out and taken away….somewhere.

That’s why this place so damn sterile. It’s the over-riding cloud of suspicion. It hovers over everybody and everything and makes for a cold front that exposes the hot nerves of a trembling spy.

If you’re going to be a spy you better have cold blood.

Cold blood doesn’t move.

I’m not a cold person, but I know that I am the best spy, in fact the only spy that can be as close to these secrets as any of the medal adorned, buzz cut, shiny shoed officers that lay their eyes on the stuff everyday. I know they lay their eyes on me too, so it’s a matter of finding the one that’s had enough of the callous, rigid over lords that keeps him, or her pinned in small, dimly lit cramped closet that they call an officers nest. The older, experienced officer have windowed, air conditioned areas called houses.

So I must find the little bird that has only a nest. The big birds have houses, and they will not take a chance on losing that. I have tried to directly go to a house, but the only way in, is through a nest.

I met an officer who was supposed to be discharged to another site, but they moved him before I could get to know him better. I knew he had access to the Chief, but they shuffle the young officers in and out with such odd timing it’s hard to snatch one and use him for getting access to the classified information I have been sent to retrieve.

My time is almost up with this mission, so I have to begin digging into places that are more risky and could lead to my capture. My new hope is for one of the two newer officers that have been assigned to an area within my area.

Sometimes I think it’s too easy. I’m allowed to be here as an interpreter and as an assistant to the Colonel of my country’s military. It’s almost like they invite the spies in, and maybe they do, and it might be by design.

I met Jessica a few days ago. Girls talk, and we did. She was comfortable with me and she seemed almost too willing to talk with me. I wondered if she wasn’t a counter spy that was planted too seek me out, so I played it cool until I got the intel n her. She a newly minted officer from the academy. She’s only here for two weeks, and then they will send her off to Afghanistan.

Not much I thought, but then I found out she is the Daughter of the Vice Admiral.

This is my way in. I can use her to get what I need, and then leave when she does, or shortly before.

Jessica was trusting.

A bad thing for an officer, but a good thing for a spy.

She wanted to know more about me and who I worked for, and if I had met anyone.

I told her that she was sounding like a seasoned officer already and she was flattered by it, but I also told her I can’t release all of my information because she might be a spy.

She laughed and said spies don’t exist anymore. She learned in one of her history classes that the days of having spies infiltrate American military for its secrets have disappeared. There is no need for such actions because if a foreign country wants to collect information all they have to do is break into an electronic storage and confiscate it.

I nodded my head in agreement with her and replied that maybe she was right, and that my country still believes that spies are still around and they walk into offices with little held cameras taking pictures of documents that look important.

Suddenly Jessica became serious and I believed I had said too much, and maybe had given myself away.

She looked at me, her eyes were suddenly cold. She pursed her lips before asking me if I was a spy.

I didn’t respond with words. I leaned over toward her and looked her in the eye, and Kissed her.

She immediately pulled back as she pushed me away.

I could tell when I kissed her that it wasn’t her first time kissing a girl. Her lips were soft and I could feel the tip of her tongue just as she pushed me away. I wasn’t attracted to her. I just needed to distract her from where the conversation had gone.

She looked at me as she stood up and shook her head back and forth while telling me that she doesn’t know what to do. I told her that what happened was an impulse. It was stress, on my part, because It’s been so boring, and cold, and just nothing with all these men around and none of them talk. I told her just built up inside of me and came out at that moment.

Jessica sighed heavily and sat back down. She said she understood, but what about when they review the video and sees us kissing. I told her I will tell them what told her, and she should to. They will not suspect anything else, well, unless they suspect we are lesbians which would, make us or manly the men that work here.

She covered her mouth to hide her laughter. I watched as she closed her eyes momentarily and thought to myself: this is my way in. I can use her to get what I need.

When you’re a spy you must have cold blood, remember?

Kiss The Spy - Part 2

Anfisa is running out of time and needs to find an unsuspecting accomplice. She finds one unexpectedly and quickly uses her ability to use psychological promiscuity to take advantage of someone that would give her the access to the person and documents she needs.

  • Author: Von Kambro
  • Published: 2017-06-09 21:50:08
  • Words: 1417
Kiss The Spy - Part 2 Kiss The Spy - Part 2