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Psychic & Mediumship


in 15 Steps

by Clare McNaul

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Thank you for downloading this e-book.


Are you new to this whole psychic mediumship thing?


Do you sense or perhaps even know that you have the ability to perceive energy and communicate with those in spirit?


Would you like to learn more and maybe even take steps to develop your ability?


Are you seeking inspiration and ways to deepen your current practice as a psychic medium?


Great! I’m glad you’re here.


I was where you are now a number of years ago. That’s why I decided to develop my psychic and mediumship abilities.


Through lots of training with wonderful experienced teachers and tons of practice I’ve learned many wonderful things about what it takes to be a psychic medium, especially the best ways to go about developing one’s gift.


Over the past few years, in addition to practicing full time as a psychic medium, I’ve also had the great honor and pleasure of coaching and one-to-one mentoring budding mediums in the development of their own gifts.


I have written this little book to help you…


- Get on the path to developing your psychic and mediumship gift in a way that’s safe, practical and fun.


- Develop your trust and confidence in your abilities and the spirit world.


- Make a better connection with spirit so you can give better readings.


- Embrace your gifts and get on the road to being the best psychic medium you can be!


This book contains what I feel, based on my experience as both a psychic medium and a teacher, are the 15 absolute best steps to take help you kickstart and even make your psychic and / or mediumship ability better. Practicing these steps will absolutely help get your mediumship development going if you are just starting out, or get you out of a slump if you’re currently developing and happen to find yourself in one, and even enhance your skills if you currently practice mediumship or do psychic readings.


Even if you’re not in any of those categories, you can still enjoy these strategies and actionable steps and be able to use some, if not all of them, to deepen your intuition and enhance other areas of your life.


You don’t have to overwhelm yourself by trying to do them all at once. But you do need to do them. A house constructed on sand will never be as sturdy and strong as one that is built on a good, solid foundation. That is why I teach my students to put the proper foundation in place so that all they will ever do as a psychic medium will be positive and safe because of that foundation. Integrating these steps into your life helps you to lay that solid foundation and paves the way for your continued growth and development as a psychic medium.


Following these steps will absolutely get your abilities rolling. Continuing to consistently practice them will see your development grow in leaps and bounds! So do your best to set some YOU time aside in your life and have fun with these steps.


I have laid the steps out in the order that I suggest you take them up. Some of the steps will take more planning and organization – you’ll see as we go along – and other steps you can do at the drop of a hat. Some need only be done every now and then and others work best when practiced regularly. I offer my suggestions as to how often you should consider practicing each step, so all of that will make more sense as you progress through the book.


There are also links in the book that point back to my website for more reading or learning and helpful meditations, as well as a list of resources I provide at the end of the book for your continuing education. With the exception of a couple of the links that provide access to resources necessary to complete the step, going to my website is not mandatory but is recommended so you can access what is there and deepen your experience of the steps. I leave it up to you to decide what is right for you in this regard.


So let’s get going. Let dig in to these 15 steps to kickstart and enhance your psychic and mediumship development!


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Clear Your Clutter


It may seem odd but I assure you that taking steps to clear the clutter in your life is an important first step when you want to develop your mediumship ability.


Here’s a simple equation to show you why:


Clutter = lower vibration = attracts lower spirit vibration.


Clutter of any kind also just gets in the way, hindering the flow of energy and, therefore, your ability to receive communication from spirit. Clearing removes stagnant or negative energy and makes way for clarity and a better overall energy flow.


Simply put, when you clear away clutter you are clearing the path for spirit. More importantly The RIGHT kind of spirit energy.


Clutter includes physical clutter in your personal space or home, emotional clutter in your heart, energetic clutter in your chakras and energy field, electronic clutter from cell phones, computers, etc. and nutritional clutter – yes even the food that you put into your body. We are going to take a look at each of these areas and set about taking steps to declutter them to make way for spirit.


Clear your physical space:


Take a look around your home. What do you see? Is there a free and clear path to everywhere you need to go, or are there things in the way? Are the tabletops and counters clear, or are there magazines, knick-knacks or other items crowding those areas? Is your bedroom tidy or are there clothes lying around on the floor? Is your office space organized or are there piles of papers all over the place? If your space could best be described as messy or in disarray take a moment to become aware of how you feel when you are in it. Now create a picture in your mind’s eye of your space neat, clean and organized – how does that feel? Can you feel a difference?


Before you set about clearing your physical space, make sure that you are in a good mood, are well rested and have a high and vibrant energy. You want to approach this step with the best possible vibration that you can bring to it. If you are not feeling this way by save your space clearing for another day when you’re feeling good and positive.


Give your each of your spaces a good clean. Dust, vacuum and mop. Wipe down the walls, doors and window trims. Remove all excess clutter, stray newspapers, old knick knacks, debris etc. Open the windows, doors, curtains and blinds and let the

light, sunshine and fresh air into the rooms!


When you’re done clearing be sure to set a positive intention for the room you have just cleared. Become clear on what the primary purpose of the room is. Stand in the centre of the room, holding within you the overall feeling and purpose that you want the room to have and declare that intention out loud. If the living room is to be used as a gathering space for beloved family and friends, announce this. If your kitchen is to be used to prepare nourishing food to be shared with those you love, announce this.


When you are finished take a few moments to appreciate what you have just done. Now doesn’t that feel good? How does the energy of the space differ from when you started? I bet it feels much lighter.


Don’t stress about this or feel you have to do it all in one go. Hold your intention for clearing your physical space and do it in increments that work for you, room by room as you are able. If you can’t clear your entire home, simply focus on clearing the areas that you have dominion over, your bedroom or your office for example, or those areas you use the most and that you are able to clear without inconveniencing others in the house. Even this will go a long way to clearing the path for spirit.


Frequency: Space clear as often as you need to after the initial major clearing. You can stay on top of things by committing to keeping your space free of clutter on a daily basis. The more you do this the easier it is, the less you need those big clearings!


Clear your emotional space


Holding on to negative memories and emotions is a form of heart clutter that also impedes the flow of energy in our lives. Holding on to hurtful things that happened years ago, or even last week is a form of heart clutter. It gets in the way of a positive flow of energy and good, solid connection with spirit.


Here is an easy little ritual that will help you clear out those less than positive emotions and get you well on your way to restoring positive energy flow.


Just like when clearing your physical space, do this when you feel well and rested. Have a pen and a piece of paper at the ready.


~ Sit quietly and take a few moments to reflect on one thing that you hold in your heart as emotional clutter. It might be something that has left a wound, like a divorce or a childhood trauma. It could even be much simpler than that like “I am still peeved at Aunt Betty for betraying my trust and spilling that secret I told her 10 years ago…” for example.


~ There is no need to get too heavy with this exercise, simply reflect gently on it by simply holding it lightly in your awareness. You do not need to drudge up nor go into the depths of the old feelings and re-experience them for this exercise.


~ Now jot a few words down on a piece of paper that gets at what you’re holding on to. For example: “I am still angry because my ex-wife broke my heart” or “I feel tremendous sadness because my father abandoned me when he left our family”. Write a brief statement that captures the basic essence of what you are holding onto emotionally.


~ Take a look at what you’ve written. Make the conscious decision to let it go. Tear the piece of paper into little pieces and while you do this say:


“I am ready, willing and able, with ease and grace, to let go of this emotional clutter. I release it completely from my heart, my life and my energy field, allowing it to go back to source, where it will be transmuted and returned to the light forever. I fully embrace the lightness and joy that comes with this release and feel love and joy in the flow that takes its place.”


As you finish saying the above trash the torn pieces of paper or burn them in a safe, preferably outdoor, place.


The most important part of what you are doing here is opening to the wisdom that releasing that which does not serve you will help you clear your emotional space and grow in your connection with spirit. You have opened a very important door in doing this ritual that can catalyze wonderful, positive shifts in both your life and your development in spirit communication.


You may listen online or download a meditation I have designed to help you clear your emotional clutter here:

Heart Decluttering Meditation



Frequency : Do this little heart clearing ritual as often as you want, and to address as many of the things that you hold onto emotionally as you feel you need to. This is good practice and very effective the more that it is done. Each time you do it you bring a much greater awareness to the things that you hold onto in your heart and, by doing so, also make it easier to let them go.


Clear your Chakras


Ahhh… those wonderful chakras. They need to be decluttered every now and then, too.


The chakras are energy centres (or wheels of energy – chakra means wheel in Sanskrit) in your body through which energy flows. There are seven chakras, which are located at points starting at the base of your spine all the way up the centre of your body to the top of your head. When all is well with the chakras energy flows beautifully through each of them and you experience an overall feeling of well-being and a natural connection to your intuition. When one or more chakras is blocked or cluttered there is not enough energy circulating through that chakra and this can lead to physical imbalances, illness and the loss of connection with your higher self. It can also be more difficult to make a connection with the spirit world. Each chakra has a connection with one of more of the clairs – clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance (more about these in more detail later). So you can begin to see how important it is to keep the chakras decluttered so that energy can flow.


I’ve made the chakra clearing part very easy for you. You may listen online or download a meditation I have designed to help you clear your chakras here:


Chakra Decluttering Meditation


This meditation will take you through the clearing of all of the chakras, so you get it done all at once. As you continue with your chakra clearings you can focus in on the specific chakra(s), which feel out of balance, aligning and clearing them as need be.


Frequency: Check in with your chakras on a regular basis. If you are feeling ill, down in the dumps or out of alignment with your intuition, higher wisdom or higher guidance it is time to do a chakra cleanse. It is also a good idea to do a quick chakra cleanse before doing any work with energy or spirit. Do the Chakra Decluttering meditation as often as you like!


Recommended resource: I have written an ebook about the care and balancing of chakras. It goes into more detail and is available for download on my website here: Chakra Balancing Tips, Techniques & Exercises


Clear EMF’s


EMF’s (electro magnetic fields) from computers, cellphones, electronics, etc. put stress on your energy field, wearing it down and causing it to shrink, thus impairing your ability to relax, read energy and receive messages from spirit. So take a break from EMF’s for goodness sake. Here are some things I suggest:


~ Disconnect periodically – have and EMF free day. And yes, that means no computers, cell phones, etc. At least consider disconnecting a good half hour or so prior to doing any development practice or work with spirit.


~ Bring some EMF absorbing and balancing gemstones in to your space. Quartz crystals, Black Tourmaline and Selenite are great in areas of high EMF activity. Himalayan pink salt lamps are really good, too.


~ Consider acquiring an EMF piece that you can wear on your body. There are lots of things out there. I wore a magnetic bracelet for 5 years during my development period and felt a difference within 2 weeks of putting it on. It might work for you, too. Take some time to research and see if something resonates for you. Another option is to carry a small piece of the above-mentioned gemstones in your pocket, on a necklace or in your purse.



Nutritional decluttering


What you put into your body definitely affects your ability to perceive energy and make a clear connection with spirit.


Review what you are eating. If your diet currently includes a good daily portion of fruits, plant proteins and vegetables and goes easy on the vibration lowering heavy meats, potatoes and processed foods then you’re in pretty good shape. As long as you are making an effort to get more higher vibration good food in your diet you’re on the right track. This can be a harder one to tackle so don’t lean on yourself too hard, simply try to eliminate as much of the processed food as you can and set your intention to bring more nourishing food into your daily diet.


So there you go. All you need to start clearing your clutter. There’s quite a bit to do here so break it down into manageable steps. Clearing your clutter will make a big difference to your mediumship development and strengthen your connection with spirit. It sure did for me. Make it a regular part of your routine and… you’ll soar! You’ll be glad you did. And so will spirit!


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Create your Spirit Space


Your spirit space is the little private sacred place that you create specifically for you to meditate, practice and connect with spirit. It doesn’t have to be a big space. It can be a separate room in your house (if you’ve got one), or even a little corner in a room that you already use. Just make sure that your spirit space can be private and quiet when you need it to be.


Now I know you can find the space to do this. I did even when I lived in a very tiny two bedroom house with my husband and son. I created my spirit space in the little gabled corner of the bedroom I shared with my husband and when I was in there doing my thing in there it was a no-go zone for him. I also created my spirit space when I traveled for a year in a camper van. Yes… it’s true.


So look around and find a spot for your spirit space. A little spot in the rec-room perhaps (is there even such a thing as a rec-room anymore or am I seriously dating myself here?), on your outdoor deck (all you balmy clime folks)?


Good things to have in your spirit space:


~ a comfy chair for sitting and meditating


~ a small sturdy table (to put the stuff you’ll see below on)


~ a candle and/or small lamp (both would be good if you can)


~ a pen and paper / journal


~ a good quality quartz crystal, double terminated, which means it has points at both ends, if you can. If not whatever crystal you have on hand will do. This crystal will absorb any less than positive energy, facilitate energy flow and help to keep the space cleansed, cleared and balanced while enhancing and supporting your psychic energy… phew that’s a LOT! You may also want to place other gemstones you have that you resonate with. Rose quartz, Labradorite and green Chalcedony are really nice to name only a few. Follow your own sense of what is right for you here, but do acquire a crystal if don’t already have one.


Tip: If your spirit space is not a permanent space put the smaller items into a special box or container and bring them with you to place in your spirit space while you are using it. For example, I know someone whose spirit space is her kitchen table and she uses it later in the evening when everyone in her household is done in there and it is quiet and private. She just brings her items with her and places them on the table while she is doing her thing in her spirit space. You get the picture.


Why a spirit space?


I am so glad you asked! I have five good reasons why I encourage the creation a spirit space while you are developing your mediumship (and well beyond that, too.)


1. Creating your space is an integral and fun part of ritualizing your practice, giving you a consistent place to go and do all the wonderful things that you are going to do to develop your gifts.


2. Your spirit space is an outward manifestation of your commitment to your development.


3. Moving into your spirit space becomes a natural trigger for you to be ready to work, practice, meditate or communicate.


4. Spirit L-O-V-E-S spirit spaces and sees that you have put your focus, energy and love into creating your space, and appreciates it soooo much that they will happily show up to support you in your work. The more you use your spirit space the more you infuse it with your intention to work with spirit, the more spirit shows up, and so on, and so on…!


5. Because you and your development are worth it!


So over the next couple of days set about creating your special spirit space. See what you can come up with and go for it. Make it your own. It can be a work in progress, but I encourage you to get it started. I bet once you start you won’t be able to stop until you are done.


And send me a picture… I’d love to see your spirit space.


Frequency for Step 2: Once will do it. Set your spirit space and keep it consistent. You will be building good spirit energy in that space so you don’t want to keep moving it to another place unless absolutely necessary. Of course, if you move, create another space.


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Clarify your Clair


You are energy. Spirit is energy. Spirit and spirit guides communicate with you by sending impressions and information via energy. When doing psychic mediumship work you are picking up on and reading the energy of others. This energy comes into your awareness in the form of visions, thoughts, sounds and feelings perceived by you at a subtle, non-physical level via what are referred to as “the clairs”. There are four primary clairs and they are:


Clairvoyance: Receiving impressions via pictures, images or movie like clips before your eyes or in your mind’s eye. Clairvoyance translates to “clear seeing”. It is also known as psychic vision. Clairvoyance makes use of your strong visual capacity and you will subtly “see” the information.


Clairaudience: Receiving impressions via words or other sounds heard in your mind’s ear. Clairaudience translates to “clear hearing”. It is also known as psychic hearing. Clairaudience makes use of your strong auditory ability and you will subtly “hear” the information.


Clairsentience: Receiving impressions via feelings, emotions and physical sensations. Clairsentience translates to “clear sensing or feeling”. It is also known as psychic sensing or feeling. Clairsentience makes use of your strong desire to experience things and you will “feel” or “experience” the information at a subtle level.


Claircognizance: Receiving of impressions through an immediate experience of “knowing”. Claircognizance translates to “clear knowing”. It is also known as psychic knowing. It often resembles clairaudience and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the two. Claircognizance uses your naturally strong and quick thought processes and you will “just know” something or have a sudden revelation.


Though spirit will often communicate in a combination of these four channels, one of these will usually be stronger for you than the others, especially in the beginning of your development. This stronger one will be what I refer to as your dominant clair. When you are just starting out it can help you greatly to know which is your dominant clair or, in other words, the way in which you are most likely going to receive the subtle energy information that spirit sends you. How you most easily and naturally take in the world at a physical level will parallel how you take in the world of spirit. Some people are highly visual while others have a well developed sense of hearing. Others need to experience things first hand to learn and grow while some people assimilate information via the thought process and mental capacity very quickly. Identifying how you are more naturally going to receive information from spirit and your guides helps to heighten your experience of communicating with spirit.


Where does your particular strength lie? How are you wired as a psychic and a medium?


I have a quiz that will help you to shed light on this for yourself. Once you make this discovery be prepared for the doors to open wide as you embrace your strength, nurture it and be amazed as your growth in spirit communication reaches new heights!


Take the quiz on my website here: Clairify your Clair Quiz


Being naturally stronger in one clair than the others does not mean that you cannot or will never develop the ability to receive information via the other clair channels. As you practice developing your clair ability you will discover that you might begin to flow with more than just your dominant clair as you become more comfortable and proficient. However, when you are new and just starting out on this journey, becoming aware of your dominant clair helps you to open to and learn to trust what you are receiving from spirit. This is because your dominant clair is usually the kick off point that opens the door to communication with spirit. Eventually you will discover that it really does not matter how you receive information from spirit, and your experience will evolve and grow as you practice and develop a style that is uniquely your own and works perfectly you!


Frequency for Step 3: Doing the quiz once will get you well on your way. If you have previously identified your dominant clair take the quiz anyway. You may be surprised to discover that a different clair is coming alive and awake within you. At the very least it will be fun.


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Start a development Journal


I know, I know it may seem like a lot to do, but when you get into the habit of journaling it takes on a life of its own. And it becomes totally and completely enjoyable.


Here is what I suggest. Take yourself out to your favorite “journal” shop (or even check online – there is some great stuff available, especially Etsy, where there are some wicked awesome hand made journals) and choose a journal that is appealing and beautiful to you. That calls to you. That fits your unique personality. That just must be yours! Have fun with this.


Say hello to your journal


Now sit with the journal you have chosen. Look it over, touch it, even savor the smell the pages. I love this part because so much of what I read now is via ebook, and frankly I miss the feel, smell and weight of a good book. So I really love my journal. Take it all in and create a relationship with it because it will be a wonderful friend to you during your psychic development and beyond. Trust me… you can tell your journal anything and it will still love you.


Pick a time to journal


I recommend early in the morning before your day gets into full swing or later in the evening as a before rest ritual. Morning is great because you can also capture the dreams you are having that will go along with your development. Evening is good too, because you will be capturing those daily experiences that go along with your development as well as your random psychic experiences, etc. You may even want to dream journal in the AM and wrap up journal in the PM so you get it all.


Now go ahead and start journaling


Capture your daily thoughts and feelings about your development. Jot down all of those little things that happen in your day that are connected with your ever growing psychic gift. Write about your hopes and dreams for your development. Write down on those pages where you see yourself in one month, six months, a year and beyond. Did you see a symbol or sign today? Get that down in your journal, too. Did you do a mini reading on the fly for a friend who gave you feedback? Journal about that. As you go forward you will see there are lots of things that you will want to journal about on your development journey.


You are capturing your journey


As you journal you are recording your feelings, experiences, successes, challenges, hopes and dreams. This gives you something to go back to that helps you measure your growth. It is easy to get into a rut at times when you are developing those oh so elusive psychic gifts. When you journal you have a record of just how much you have grown beyond your earlier days. When you can see your progress you are buoyed and feel good about how far you have come and what you have actually achieved, because it is right there for you to see in front of your eyes!


I just recently found a journal from my very early days of my development and had a great time reading and reliving little, poignant and amazing experiences I didn’t even remember until I read them in my journal. I was so glad that I had captured those in my journal.


Oh yes… not to mention that you will have oodles of experiences to share with others if (when!) you decide to write your book about your journey so that you can help others grow their gifts.


Just sayin’…


So, what are you waiting for? Acquire that journal and get going. Take yourself off to the awesome spirit space that you created the other day and journal away.


Frequency for Step 4: Daily or twice daily. Whenever you feel moved to do so. As often as you can works best. Do at least a once a week journaling round up while you are developing your mediumship.


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Raise your vibration


A developing psychic medium needs to bring awareness to her vibration and maintain a good, optimum level to the very best of her ability. It’s not difficult, it is simply a matter of being aware of where you are at vibrationally in any given moment and making the shift to higher when necessary.


There are lots of very easy ways to do this throughout your day. It’s so easy I wrote this blog post of [+ 47 Easy Peasy Ways to Quickly Raise Your Vibration+]. Have a read and add your own ideas to this list.


Lack of attention to the vibration is often one of the biggest reasons that folks have a hard time starting and/or boosting their gifts and is usually one of the main reasons that one finds oneself in a slump when developing. So, though it’s ok to take a little break when you’re feeling psychically ‘slumpy’, it is a really good idea to also take a look at your life and determine where you could do better with your vibration. The list of 47 ways above covers many of the good things you can do to shift a lower vibration to a higher one.


In addition to those 47 ways I also recommend:


~ Be mindful of the way you speak and the words that you use. Words and ways of talking have the power to raise or lower your (and other’s) vibration.


~ As the saying goes “Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones.” Be mindful of your thoughts as they are very powerful. Keep them positive and respectful of others and positive and respectful of you, too.


~ Become more aware of the vibrational levels of the people you spend time with. Try to spend more time with the people who have a higher vibe. Nothing pulls you down faster than hanging out with people who have lower vibration. If you must be around people with a lower vibration (and we all do) do your best to remain aware and not to let your vibration drop. When you are finished being with those people, doing a quick energy clearing will help you leave that energy behind and get it out of your energy field.

Gently shakes out your hands, wiggle your hips, generally move your body, then put your hand over your heart, take a few centering in and out breaths and say:


“I release any and all low vibration energy I may have picked up today. I am completely cleansed of and send any and all lower vibration absorbed today back to the light forever.”


~ Practice letting go. Holding on to negative thoughts about someone who you feel has done you wrong is inviting your vibration to go low, low, low. Holding on to negative relationships and personal connections does the same thing. Do yourself a favor and do your best to let that go. Your vibration with thank you.


Another important reason to be mindful of keeping your vibration up is that a higher vibration connects you with the power of intention. That place is the sweet spot where you feel joy and ease and your dreams can become a reality. We’ll be talking about intention in the next step.


Frequency for Step 5: Every minute of every day or as much as you can muster. If you fall down – and we all do – get back up, brush yourself off and forward ho!


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Create an intention for your mediumship development


You are going to take that high vibration (from Step 5) and allow it to connect you with the power of intention to create one specifically for your mediumship development. Yeah!


This is one of the very first things that I have my students do. Intention is everything. Creating an intention for your development, right at the beginning of your journey is like stepping off on the absolute very best foot that you can with all things weighing in your favor. Now don’t you worry if you are already in the process and you didn’t start out by setting your intention, it’s totally ok. You can do it now and it will be just as effective. But…




Before you take even one more step in your development. :)


Setting an intention helps you to connect effectively with your goal and makes your actions toward your goal more meaningful and mindful. If you don’t stop to ponder what you want to achieve with your development you can slip off track and find yourself wasting your time and spinning your wheels.


Plus when you state your intention the Universe delivers.


Plus… and this is really, really cool… Spirit and your Spirit Guides L-O-V-E it when you set an intention. They are like “Woo hoo… She’s given us something we can get our teeth into!” (Well maybe they don’t all say it that way but you get the picture). In other words they will show up and support you in manifesting your intention. Your guides will guide you and the spirit world will show up and help you in any way they can – mostly by being there so you can bring through their messages.


How to do it:


Set your intention when you are centered and calm. Best time? Just after meditation, which is when you are the closest, in your waking day, to that timeless, formless field of possibilities. Get clear prior about your desires and highest goals for your development. What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to go with all of it? How do you want it serve you and others in your life?


Come from a place of joy when setting and wording your intention rather than a place of need or lack. Intentions set from a place of lack are, frankly, not intentions that you really want to take root and grow.


Have your intention prepared and written out on a piece of paper so you are not worried about remembering it. If you can't meditate first (...and why wouldn't you??? This is your development we are talking about here...!) then take four to five deep, centering breaths and say your intention out loud, releasing it into the universe.


Here is an example of an intention for psychic development so you have an idea how to word yours and a starting place for your own:


“For the highest and best good I desire to embrace and open my psychic gifts so that I can connect with the spirit world and my loved ones in spirit for my own spiritual growth and benefit.”


Or how about something like this:


“For the highest and best good I desire to continually embrace and fully develop my intuitive and psychic gifts so I may serve others as a professional practitioner, and assist them by bringing messages from spirit through to inspire and guide them towards their highest potential on their path and spiritual journey.”


And this is one of my student’s intentions:


“It is my sincere desire to develop my psychic and mediumship gifts so that I can have a positive and profound impact on the world, be able to help others and use my gift in my chosen profession as a teacher. I also want to be able to connect on my own with the wise and loving spirits and my ancestors in order to receive guidance for my own spiritual growth and benefit.”


Three words…. Love. That. Intention.


So put some thought into your intention for your mediumship development. And then set about creating that intention.


You will be happy you did.


Frequency for Step 6: Once will do it. Make it a good one!


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Meditate daily


As a developing medium it is essential to establish a meditation practice, preferably as a daily routine. I often encounter people who are established in their development, or even giving readings, but are finding themselves in a slump and when I query to help get to the bottom of things for them, I usually discover that they have dropped their meditation practice.


So I’ll cut to the chase and send you to this blog post I have written to help you find the joy in meditation. Here it is: [+ 5 Ways to Make Meditation Easy & Fun+].


The main reason for having a meditation practice when you are developing your mediumship is that it trains you to still your mind so that you can better discern the spirit messages that you are receiving. It also single handedly raises your vibration.


The best news…


You do not need to meditate for a long time. You can greatly benefit from even 10 or 15 minutes a day so settle on an amount of time in that range that works for you. It isn’t the length of time that you meditate rather the consistency and regularity that is far more important.


Your spirit space is the perfect place for meditation.


So you’ve got location covered! If you can’t always meditate in your spirit space (or your don’t always want to) then shake it up and go sit under a tree, or on your deck or any other location that suits you and feels good for meditating. I have had some of my most amazing meditation experiences on a public park bench.


Sit comfortably and follow your breath.


If you find your mind wandering simply bring yourself back to the rhythm of your breath. And don’t beat yourself up when thoughts come. They’re going to come, just don’t get caught up in them, simply see them for what they are – thoughts – and bring yourself back to your breath.


Keep your journal close by


…so that you can capture any images, feelings, words or impressions, or messages from spirit that may come to you.


Oh yes.. it is totally ok to use guided visualizations or binaural beats in meditation. I do, however, recommend changing it up here and there so that you get a taste for the different ways that you can meditate both aided (with music or guided visualization) or unaided (in total silence).


Meditation, for the most part just takes some getting used to. Like any good habit it takes a little time to adjust but once you get into the swing of things meditation can actually become something you look forward to rather than try to avoid at all costs.


So go for it… establish a little daily meditation practice and give yourself the gift of meditation. There is no right or wrong way, just make it your way. Spirit and your guides will be thrilled. And you will discover just how much it will help to enhance your mediumship development!


Frequency for Step 7: Daily


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Talk to your guides and spirit people


…and by spirit people I mean your ancestors and those people who you loved who are now in the spirit world.


Your Spirit guides love it when you talk with them.


Your ancestors are tickled pink when you say hello or ask them for guidance. Even if you haven’t ‘met’ your guides or ever talked with your ancestors in spirit start doing it now.


“But I don’t know my spirit guide’s name?” I can hear some of you saying. Doesn’t matter. Give your spirit guide a name if it is important to you that he or she have one. Whatever name you like. Go ahead and give your guide the name of your choice. Then talk to your guide. If you haven’t given your guide the right name he or she will eventually correct you, if that is important. But they will not hold it against you, I assure you. They will be so happy that you are reaching out to them!


If you like, you can actually do a meditation, that I am including here, to meet your Spirit guides. This is the meditation from my book: [+ The Little Guide to Spirit Guides+] – so you will hear me refer to that book on the recording. It’s a good book, you might want to read it.


Download it here: [+ Meet Your Spirit Guides Meditation+]. Follow the guidance and badda boom badda bing… you will meet one of your guides.


“But I feel like I am making it up when I see, hear or feel one of my guides.”


Great! That is how many people feel when they are meeting their guides for the first time. You are in good company. For some reason it often feels like that when people are meeting their guides. I’m not sure why but it is probably because guides tend to dress differently, you know, kind of period garb and be from different times like, for example, ancient Greece, medieval China or early native American. Seeing guides dressed this way can seem a little (well, maybe a lot) surreal. But that’s how some of them come. Some of them do come in regular clothes, too, and with pretty regular names. So remain open to all possibilities. They may come in different ways but one thing is for certain… when you set about to get to know them they will come.


Make a point of talking with your deceased loved ones, too.


Whether you feel them there with you or not, tell them how you are, how your day went, share your joys and even ask them for help with your development. My deceased grandparents were an amazing help to me when I was getting started. They would show up in all the classes that I took to send me messages. I talked to them all the time, which absolutely served to strengthen my connection with them.


Three tips for ramping up the talking with your Spirit guides:


1. Though you can connect with them anywhere (and you should!) make a point of connecting with them in your spirit space. That’s what it’s for.


2. Invite them to join you in your meditations or at any time in your day (they will come anyway but they LOVE to be invited to join you!).


3. Ask them to send you a sign that they are with you. Then remain open to all the possibilities, take note and pop a few words about what you have seen, felt or heard in your journal so you have a record of it. You will probably start to see patterns and all kinds of wonderful things.


You can use these same three steps to ramp up the talking with your spirit people, too.


Remember… spirit guides and your loved ones in the spirit world want nothing more than to help you grow your gifts and be the best that you can be. So if you haven’t taken the steps to open the connection with them, start today. And if you have but you have let it slide (I have done this in my development so I know all about it…) then get back at ‘er!


Frequency for Step 8: Talk with your spirit guides everyday. You can do the meditation as often as you like, too. And, for goodness sakes, make connecting with your loved ones in spirit a regular practice too!


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Yes you read that right. Play.


And WHY play?


Well… play is a wonderful way to raise your overall vibration. It gives you chance to ‘test’ your abilities in a fun, lighthearted, ‘no pressure’ kind of way.


And what does play involve?


Playing psychic games. Using your intuition playfully. Having fun with your growing abilities.


Here are 4 fun ways that you can do this:


Exercise 1: Pick an oracle card.


Shuffle a deck of your favorite cards while silently asking a question that you would like answered. Tarot, Angel cards, Earth Magic cards, Wisdom oracle, whatever you acquire, have on hand or is your favorite. Lay the shuffled cards face down on a table and spread them with your hands. Then, without thinking, going with your first instinct, choose one. Turn it over to see what it says. What wisdom does it hold for you? What is the Universe trying to say to you? How can you apply that wisdom to your question or the present moment?


Playing with oracle decks is a wonderful way to strengthen your inner wisdom, your intuition and your connection to spirit. It is also wonderful practice for expanding your knowledge on symbol interpretation.


Exercise 2: Ask a friend to give you a call


At the beginning of your day telepathically ask one of your friends or family members to give you a phone call. Then go on with your day.


Here is what you do:


Center yourself with a couple of nice calming breaths. Create a mental image of your friend or family member in your mind’s eye, Make that picture nice and clear. See yourself opening your heart to this person. Now, send the mental message to this person that you would like her to call you by the end of the day – or whatever time line works for you in your situation. Hold the feeling of her calling, watch her dialing the phone, see yourself picking up the phone to take her call, and generally “be” in the energy of your friend giving you a call. Telepathically thank your friend in advance for playing with you. Then go on with your day and see what happens. Let me know how this goes for you!


This exercise is wonderful for your psychic development and encourages you to develop your focus, which is a necessary skill in mediumship.


Exercise 3: Remote view a location that you are going to visit but have never been to before:


Before you head out to a location that you have never been in the comings days, repeat the centering in exercise #1, then ask to be given information about the place to which you are going. Your focal point can be any place you are going to – a restaurant, a party, whatever. Hold yourself in stillness while you get impressions about the location, taking note of all you are receiving through your clairs. Jot down some notes in your journal about what you saw, heard, felt, etc. Then head to your location and see how you did. Make a note about your results to, so that you can keep track of your progress with this part of your play.


This exercise is also wonderful for your psychic development and encourages you to develop your focus, which is a necessary skill in mediumship.



Exercise 4: Read old family photographs:


You know that box of pictures that is stuffed in the dusty attic? Get that box out and have some fun. Get nice and comfy, pull out pictures of ancestors and relatives that you have never met and read them. One by one take the pictures in your hands, tune in and see what you get. What are you seeing, feeling and/or hearing? What do you sense about these people? There is a lot of energy in photographs and you can have lot of fun reading them. Make some notes in your journal about your impressions in case you get an opportunity to talk with another family member who can fill you in on how you did with your impressions.


There you go! Three ways to have fun with your budding abilities, or get yourself back in the swing of things if you’re feeling “slumpy”. Don’t just stick to my suggestions. Come up with your own fun ways to get your psychic juices flowing.


Oh… and you don’t only have to play psychic games. You can just play! When I am feeling in a slump or uninspired I schedule a play day where I do nothing except have fun. I put away my computer and turn off my phone. Then I go for a long walk, take out my crochet hooks and lose myself in a small crochet project, listen to music… whatever I want to do that represents play to me. Does me a world of good.


Practicing this exercise gets you more familiar with mediumship, hones your focus skills and your ability to delve for information through your psychic senses.


Frequency for Step 9: Try to play psychic games two or three times a week if you can when you are starting your mediumship development.


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Start your own symbol lexicon


(Lexicon… awesome word!)


What is a symbol lexicon?


It is a list or little book of symbols that regularly show up for you in your meditations, your readings and your life. Keep track of those symbols in a little book or journal. I suggest keeping your symbol journal (or lexicon) separate from your development journal. This way you don’t have to sift through days of journal entries to get to the one symbol that you would like to review or update. A separate journal for symbols helps you to keep them more organized.


I also suggest that you keep your symbols journal with you, or at the very least have a small pad of paper that you can record your daily “symbol crossings” in. Then you can always add your symbol to your lexicon when you are settled at the end of the day.


When adding a symbol to your lexicon include the common meaning that you have researched but also be sure to include your own sense of what that symbol means to you, which is just as, if not more important, than the commonly held meaning. This is important because you are nurturing and developing your own symbols language and spirit will follow suit and work with you using your symbol meanings to prod you into receiving certain important messages that they want to send you. This will also happen when you are doing mediumship readings, with you receiving a symbol that has a certain meaning for you and then being able to use that meaning to help fill in the interpretation of the message for your sitter (the person for whom you are doing the reading.) if and when necessary.


If you keep regularly adding your symbols to your lexicon, before you know it you could have enough symbols to, well… to write a book. I sure did and you can see it here: The Pretty Big Book of Symbols !


So get going on that symbols lexicon and I will see you in a couple of days!


Frequency for Step 10: Daily or as often as you see, receive or perceive a symbol during your day or in your dreams.


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Get Cozy with Nature




Because it works.




Getting out the door, down the street and to the nearest nature spot and spending some time there is a wonderful way to not only cure NDD (nature deficit disorder!) but also get rolling intuitively. When you get away from the hustle and the bustle of everyday life and spend time in more open natural spaces you get back to an inherently natural part or yourself and back in alignment with your eternal, timeless essence, which tends to lie dormant in your busy day-to-day life.


Nature heals and rejuvenates and quite naturally raises your vibration. It helps calm and sooth frazzled nerves and overstressed bodies, cleanses and raises your energy levels. Gazing upon nature activates the area of the brain that is associated with balance and happiness (which, again, means a higher vibration!). The benefits to getting outside and into nature are too numerous to even mention here.


To put it simply nature puts you in the perfect state for doing psychic and mediumship work. It naturally connects you with all that is, your own spirit, your guides and the spirit world. So get out there and take advantage of all that nature offers you for your development. Take walks, whisper to the trees, lie on your back in the tall grass, say hello to the animals, meditate in the meadow, ask your guides for signs, ask the nature spirits for messages and then… pay attention.


Become as if you are a child in nature, and allow her to gently guide you to an ever deeper unfolding of your gifts.


Frequency for Step 11: As often as possible!


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Mediumship development is first and foremost a spiritual journey.


Prayer is a way of cementing that truth for you while establishing a connection with the divine in your heart and mind and giving you an opportunity to make an ever deeper connection with infinite spirit. Getting into the good habit of saying a prayer at some point during your day is a way of reminding yourself that you are loved, supported and connected to the divine. That you are not alone on this spiritual journey of development. That the Universe has your back.


Prayer is very powerful and opens the door to a conversation with the Divine. It can be as simple as a few words or as elaborate as a whole conversation.


I like to take a few minutes at the beginning of my day to say a little prayer. Here is what I say:


Infinite Spirit, as I move through my day I ask you to help me stay aligned with my path and focused on the things that serve my higher purpose. Please guide my conversations, thoughts, intentions, decisions and actions. Help me to recognize and accept the genuine support, love and guidance that you send my way. I ask this in love and gratitude for the many blessings that you bring to me every day.”


Address your prayer in the way that feels best for you.


To me God is the Infinite Spirit. You may refer to God differently. Go with what works for you. But do make a connection with your God.


Gratitude is an important component to prayer.


Be sure to include an expression of your gratitude in your prayer.


Bring your whole presence to your prayer, feeling your words as you say them.


Prayer is not just putting your hands together and mindlessly repeating words that someone else has given to you or you’ve read in a book somewhere. Prayer is speaking words to the Divine that are meaningful to you. Make your prayer your own.


It doesn’t matter whether you choose to say a few words in the morning or as you are winding down before going to bed. What does matter is that you…


…say a little prayer!


Frequency for Step 12: Daily


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Practice reading energy


One of the very best ways to jump start your development is to do what psychic mediums do… read energy!


There are several ways that you can practice doing this.




Psychometry is the art of reading energy from an object. It is tons of fun and very simple to do. Here is where some psychics will tell you that there is more energy in one particular sort of an object than another, for example metal holds more energy than wood or some such thing so it is important to read the ‘right’ thing or… whatever. It has been my experience, however, that everything holds – or more fitting IS – energy, so you do not need to be super fussy about what you choose to read. Just choose or borrow something from someone you know and do it!


Psychometry is very simply done:


1. Choose an object.


2. Take a moment to centre yourself and quiet your mind.


3. Hold the object in your hand or hands – either hand will do. No need for the “if you’re left handed hold it in your right” or vice versa instructions that you may have been told.


4. Place your focus on the object, otherwise called tuning in.


5. Pay attention to all that happens for you via your clairs.


Easy peasy. :) Make notes as to what you received so you can check it out with someone who knows about the object that you are reading and receive helpful feedback and validation.


Visit an antique store:


Have some fun and spend an hour in a local antique store holding various items to see what you pick up. Follow the instructions as above for psychometry because that is really what you are doing here. Sometimes store owners know that past on the object and sometimes they don’t so do this more for fun than for grading yourself on your performance. Consider it part of your Play. (Tip 9 remember?).


When you are done in the antique store clear your energy by gently shaking your arms and saying


“I release any and all energy tuned in with here today. I am completely cleansed of and send any and all energy perceived here today back to the light forever.”


This ensures that you don’t feel any potential residual energy after leaving the store. If you forget to do this at the store, that’s ok. Just do it when you remember. It works.


Tune into the energy of a space:


Before stepping into a room or space that you have not been in before take a few seconds to breath and centre and then tune into the energy in that space. What do you pick up? How do you feel? Bring your awareness to any place in your body that you feel drawn to while you are tuning in. What might all of this be telling you about the space?


There you go. Three simple ways to practice reading energy.


Now here is where I get a little mother hen-ish. Always (and I do mean ALWAYS) come from a place of the highest and best even when you are practicing reading energy. Never (and I do mean NEVER) go in to read where it is not wanted, where you sense a ‘no’, or would be doing so in any way that is meant to sneakily backdoor it trying to find out something about someone or something that is none of your business. I’ve got a word up on that running shoe manufacturer that shall not be named…. “Just DON’T Do it!”


Ok, go have fun practicing reading energy! Let me know how it goes for you.


Frequency for Step 13: As often as you can or feel moved to do so. Try for at least once a week while you are in the early stages of your development.


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Do practice readings


Yes… yes. I know that you may be just starting out. But if you have been following the guidance of the first 13 tips and practicing what they hold, this step will be entirely doable for you! And doing practice readings is KEY to developing of your abilities.


The secret is to make practice readings fun – approaching them with an attitude of play (as in tip 9).


I am not talking about reading everyone who crosses your path, doing spontaneous “on-the-spot” readings in the grocery store, nor uninvited readings. Gaining permission is an important part of the reading process.


One way to do this is to plan a relaxing and fun reading night with several of your supportive friends. Let them know what your purpose is – that you want to do practice readings with each of them. This is how you gain their permission. Those who are interested in supporting you in this way will come. Those who aren’t, won’t. Simple. Then, amongst laughter and fellowship, tune in individually to each of your attendees and give them a little reading. Depending on the configuration of the gathering and / or the relationships of the people there, you might decide to read each person in a private space. Ask each one to give you feedback on what you picked up and how you did. Nerve racking? Sure… a bit. Good for your development? You bet’cha!!


If you are already practicing or well into your development journey and feeling slumpy, this is a great way to get back on track. Pop into your local metaphysical shop or health food store, or wherever the metaphysical hub is in your area, and ask if they would be interested in having you do some mini readings for interested customers. Then get at ‘er and have fun. Give brief, quick hit readings. You’ll come away feeling really good for the opportunity to have oodles of practice.


Frequency for Step 14: As often as you are able. This is a great way to practice and get your development rolling so the more you progress.


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Connect with kindred spirits


Attracting to you a community of people who are interested in and focused on their own spiritual development can be nourishing and empowering. Folks who are going through similar things as you and facing similar challenges and slumps. They GET you.


Hanging around with others on a similar path can help you build your confidence and strength, gives you a place to share your growth and successes and the support to stay the course when the going gets tough.


So focus on making connections with others who are interested in their psychic and mediumship development. Join a development circle. Seek out Make a connection with an experienced mentor. Check out MeetUp.com (or other websites like this one) to see what gatherings or intuitive development groups are available in your area. Check the information boards at your local metaphysical bookstore.


Connecting with just anyone though, won’t do. It is not productive or conducive to your development to hang out with people who are ego focused or so competitive they are always trying to best or out do you. Your growth will not benefit by spending time around people who gossip about others in the psychic medium community, back bite or try to pull others down. Move on and away from these kinds of people. Most especially if the circle leader behaves in this way. Surround yourself with caring, encouraging, uplifting folks who want to see you develop to your full potential. Who want to help you shine. Who want you to be all that you can be! They are out there… I guarantee it.


Caring, encouraging uplifting folks can come in the form of friends, experienced teachers, mentors and other students. Once I stepped out and starting making a connection with others on the same journey as me, I did not look back. I no longer needed to hide away an integral part of myself. I loved being heard, supported, encouraged, feeling seen for who I really was and appreciated for just being me.


So create an intention to help you attract more of these supportive folks into your life to help you on your journey.


Other sources of encouragement and inspiration on your journey are blogs written by psychic mediums sharing their journeys, books and articles on the subject and email newsletters like the one that I send each week. Little gems for your journey abound in these places. So hook up, check out what is being offered and go with what feels good for you.


OK, there you go. Now it’s is up to you to put these fifteen steps into action. Try to do them as often as I suggest. And have fun!


Wishing you all the best!




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