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Ken & Barbie And Other Stories


Ken & Barbie and Other Stories


Joanne Mathis


Published by Joanne Mathis at Shakespir

Copyright 2016 Joanne Mathis


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Ken and Barbie

The Little Gold Ship

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Joanne Mathis

Devin knows I have it.  My mother gave me my father’s old revolver when he died last year.  I keep it in my nightstand drawer.  The morning I took it out to look at the plate

with my father’s name. Devin is lying beside me pretending to be asleep. “Be careful with that thing,” Devin said.

“I thought you were sleeping. Calm down the guns not loaded.”

“Yeah, that’s what they all say.”

“By the way, I heard you come in late last night.”

“Oh, I worked late and fell asleep on my couch in the office.”

“Yeah, that’s what they all say.”

I point the gun at him playfully. 

 “Come on, don’t do that it gives me the creeps.”

“ Are you guilty of something?”

“No, should I be?”

“I don’t know.  You came in late all week. Is there someone else? Wait, before you answer that I have to put the bullets in the gun.  Just kidding.”

“You’ve got to stop this jealous thing.  It’s starting to get to me.”

“ I love you,” I said

“ I know .. I know.”

I kiss him and run my fingers through his thick black hair. 

“You know I don’t like to kiss before we shave,” Devin said.

“Don’t be ridiculous.  There is no time for that. Turnover I want you.”

“I can’t.”

“Why, you’re on your period?”

Devin smiles and hops out of bed.

“I have a client in one hour.”

He gets in the shower and starts washing his hair.  I go in and open the shower door.  I was feeling horny and determined to make love with Devin. 

“Oh my God, you have a hickey on your ass!”

I run to the living room in disbelief.  I suspected something was going on.  I thought I would never have to face it.  Devin appeared in the living room with a towel wrapped around his head, and naked. He tried to explain this crazy theory about not choosing love, how it just happens to people.  “Did you ever love me?” I asked. He held his head down and motioned yes, but he didn’t look me in the eyes.

 I pointed to the door for him to get out. He tries to say something, and I throw the statue of liberty from the fireplace mantel at him. He went to the bedroom, got dressed, he pulls some clothes off the rack, walks out and slams the door.

We have ten years together. My sorrow turned to rage. 

I paste the floor for hours.  My mind was clouded with death. Two days passed and I made a decision.  I called him at work.

“I need to meet you,” I said.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“I need to see you. I just want to talk about the apartment and your things.  That’s all.”

“Ok, where?”

“Liberty Park at the green gate.”

“I’ll be there in an hour.”

I wait for twenty minutes before Devin arrives.  I could barely breathe as he walks towards me.  I pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger.

Newspaper headlines: A Man found dead in Liberty Park, gunshot wounds to the head. I feel at peace.  When the police arrive, I am down on my knees waiting. The gun is on the ground next to me. I look at Devin and whisper, “ I loved you.”

Ken and Barbie

By Joanne Mathis

A warm gust of air from his nostrils blew steadily onto her curly bangs and made them fly apart. His bristled fingers and clammy palms raked over her little body, only stopping to flip her over face down. She knew what was next it had happened many times before, so she stiffened and moaned into her throat digging her nails into the mattress. When he finished, he released her and walked out the room and slammed the door. She ran to the corner of the dimly lit room and collapsed in front of the dollhouse.

She took the roof from the dollhouse and set it aside., Ken and Barbie were sitting on each of their beds.

“When are they coming to get me,” she said to Barbie.

“They’re out looking for you now. They’ll find you,” said Barbie.

“Go to the door and see if he locked it,” said Ken.

She ran to the door and twisted the knob, but it was locked.

Barbie said, “Pick me up and let’s see if the windows are sealed.

I want to go too, “ said Ken.

She picked them both up and headed towards the huge window.

“Set us on the window ledge and push the window up, be careful you don’t want him to hear you,” said Ken.

The ledge is very thin, and Barbie and ken tumbled onto the floor. Barbie’s arm came out of the socket, and Ken’s head twisted towards his back. The girl scooped them up.

Don’t die, please don’t die,” she said.

“We’re not dead, just put my arm back where it belongs.”

“Twist my head around, I can’t see you,” said Ken.”

Now Set us back on the ledge carefully, and bend our knees down to keep us from falling,” said Barbie.

She set them down on the ledge again carefully. Pressing her palms against the window, she pushed upwards. The side of her face pressed into the glass, and she stopped. It was sealed shut. She sat with her back to the wall holding Ken and Barbie tightly screaming out for her mom and dad. She even thought she heard her dog Chloe barking outside. The man would be back to touch her, and she couldn’t bare it.

“God please help me, help me go home, help mom and dad find me.”

“Ouch, you’re holding us too tight,” said Barbie.

“Yeah, you’re wrinkling my shirt,” said Ken.

She quickly released them and kissed them gently twisting her finger around Barbie’s hair.

“Well, at least he bought you the dollhouse and us,” said Ken.

“Yeah, what would you do without us?” said Barbie

“Maybe he’ll buy me a puppy like Chloe, or a tea set,” she said.

“He’ll buy you anything you want,” said Ken

“Wipe your tears away and put us in the dollhouse. Let’s play in the kitchen,” said Barbie.

“It’s my turn to cook,” she said.

“I’ll set the table,” said Ken.

The Little Gold Ship

By Joanne Mathis

The Baltic Sea surrounds Malterbury, England. Forty visiting ships stretched out into the horizon with colorful flags flapping majestically in the warm winds. Clouds were forming, and the tides were rising and fell onto the shore. It was late afternoon, and the celebrations were still going on after morning mass. The King and Queen had invited royalty from afar and planned festivities for the birth of their twin boys. It was time to present the gifts and announce them to the kingdom.

King Babineaux of France offered two wooden rocking horses draped with pearls and Venetian lace. Queen Isabella of Spain presented colorful silk fabrics, and jewel encrusted rattles. Gifts poured in the all afternoon. There was one amongst them that got the loudest gasp. It was a little ship made of gold with amber masts. It had sails made from the skins of wolves. It stood four Feet high, eight feet wide, and ten feet long, nestled aboard a British ship. The King and Queen of Great Britain stood proudly as the Kingdom marveled the rare and beautiful gift.

Night fell, and the celebration continued in the vast hall with wine, fruit, and meats. The king and queen danced joyfully and whispered about the future of their twins.

Suddenly it started raining, pouring onto the castle making the sound of rocks sliding down a mountain. The winds could be heard whistling loud and strong, and lighting ruled the sky. Sea waves crashed into each other as they peaked and fell like cannons shooting out of a ship.

The festivities stopped, and cries of fear filled the room. All the candles blew out, and the servants scrambled in the dark to light them. The king and queen felt assured that the twins were safe with the guards and the nurse, and held each other.

“The ships!” said King Babineaux. No one moved and stood speechlessly It stormed throughout the night. The festivities stopped, and everyone sat in silence listening to the rain. At dawn, the wind and rain settled to a breeze and drizzle. Dark clouds mirrored the sea. Seven ships had wrestled the storm and won the fight. They swayed in the water exhausted. The other ships had lost the scuffle and sank to the bottom of the sea. The little gold gift had fallen with the British vessel. Homes around the Kingdom blew apart, and guests stood on the shoreline in disbelief. A celebration was a disaster.

The musicians played music in the nursery, and the clarinets floated around the room dancing upon the ears of the twins sleeping to drown out the storm. At dawn, the nurse waved her hand, and the players bowed as they walked backward out of the room. She touched the corners of the cradles to stop the rocking and slipped back into her bed beside them.

Today There are over one hundred thousand shipwrecks at the bottom of the Baltic sea. For archeologists, the Baltic Sea is like a shipwreck Laboratory. The real prize is the little golden ship among the wrecks. Perhaps one day it will be found.


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About The Author

Joanne Mathis is a currently working on her first novel Broc, about Deceit, Corruption, and Unfaithfulness. Joanne is in her second year at Full Sail University earning a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment.

She can be reached at mailto:[email protected]

Ken & Barbie And Other Stories

Sometimes the best thing that ever happens to someone isn't really happening to them. That's the case of two gay men who live together and one falls in and out of love in the storyPerfidious. Two dolls, Ken and Barbie, help imagination save her from a dark, scary situation by the man who kidnaps her. Ken and Barbie, help her cope with her situation. You will be surprised how a child's imagination can save her from a dark, scary situation. Today there are over one hundred thousand shipwrecks at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. On many of these ships, there is gold, silver, old champagne bottles from centuries before, and many other artifacts. Among all the huge torn and tattered ships, there is a little gold ship with amber masts that was given to the King and Queen of Malterbury, England for their newborn twins. How did this precious ship end up amongst this graveyard of shipwrecks? An enchanting short story.

  • Author: Joanne Mathis
  • Published: 2016-12-20 17:20:09
  • Words: 1710
Ken & Barbie And Other Stories Ken & Barbie And Other Stories