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Kate and Eric's Small World Verkygreen: Play Day With Lucy

Kate and Eric’s Small World Verkygreen:

Play day with Lucy

Copyright 2017 G.H Woodgold

Published by G.H Woodgold

Meet the Characters:

Kate the girl and sister,

Eric the boy and brother,

Mr.Renolds the Gentleman and Daddy,

Mrs Trisha the Lady and Mommy,


Lucy the Mouse,

Jodie the mouse,

Nellie chicken,

Sherwin sheep,

Julia spider,

Sally horse,

Jill and Bill pig,

Tiffany rabbit,

Carla and Jay ladybug,

Jane giraffe,

Donna goose,

Becky beaver,

Jack dog,

Kelly cat,

The Itzy Ant Family,

Abe cow,


And all of the good Habitants of the small world Verkygreen!

Starring Characters:

Kate the girl And Sister,

Eric the boy And Brother,

Mrs Trisha The Lady And Mommy,

Lucy The Mouse, 


 Starring Guests:

A Friendly Frog,

A Friendly Lion,

A Friendly Bear,

A Frendly Turtle,

A Friendly Dog,

A Friendly Cat

Two Girls,

One Boy,

A Few Spiders,

A Friendly Chicken

A Friendly Pig

Scene 1

Before anything let me introduce a girl: her name is Kate, Kate is seven years old and her brother: Eric is five years old. they both live with their Daddy and Mommy in Verkygreen. a town where all dreams and happiness lives. animals lived with people and were friends, neighbors and aquaintances with people. they had feeling, empathy, compassion, understanding and values-people and every living thing in Verkygreen were at peace.

oh by the way! Kate’s Daddy’s name: Mr. Renolds, and my mommy: Mrs Trisha are to Kate the best parents in the world. and Eric her brother-well…they get along mostly but sometimes he could pester her or tease her once in the blue moon. but in the whole they were as happy as anything, after all…you must expect little brothers to tease older sisters. now that I think of it the whole town is like that: a problem or unfortunate or sad things and times may occur. but the situation always turns out for good and the best.

Kate and Eric played tag on a warm particular afternoon-the sun seemed extra bright that day, Eric ran in circles. they kept running like they had endless energy.

it seemed like a while but Kate finally tagged Eric. she touched him briefly on the shoulder.

“tag!” Kate yelled.

like a pouncing cat, Eric lunged at me from behind as Kate try to run away, they both found themselves upon the rich green grass rolling around.

we playfully wrestled each other for a few short seconds before they got up and strode next to each other in heavy steps.

“I think it is time to go home, mommy is expecting us home for some muffins and orange juice.” said Kate.

“ I want the park.” Eric smiled and grinned.

“OK you win.” Kate said, but only for a few more minutes.” Kate pointed her finger in the air to exclaim her point.

“yes Kate.” whined Eric mockingly.

they were in the park in Verkygreen. it was a wonderful park: so many: Swings and slides and monkey bars and wheel swings and climbing ladders and bouncy in the shape of animals. that was Kate’s personal because you never could know when a rabbit or duck or bear or any animal that crosses your mind would come to play at the park and they would see the rides and say:“hey! that is in the shape of me!” Kate would always giggle with them. even the smallest insect talked in Verkygreen.

approaching the merry-go-round of fun to be found in the park. Kate and Eric joined hands and ran all the way, they finally stopped when they both chose a swing for themselves. Eric turned to Kate and smiled. “what rascally things are running through his mind now? may I ask.” thought Kate to herself.

“I am going to swing higher than you!” Eric boasted-Kate was correct… “let the best kid win.” Kate blurted out.

“on your set…” Kate began…“one-two-three…let us swing!” I shouted as we both side by side on the swings began kicking upward with all their might. the breeze blew unto our faces. making Kate’s hair fly in her face.

keeping it up swinging high as birds so it seemed to them. swung back and forth and back and forth and back and forth until Kate was soaring up way higher than Eric could touch to.

after a little more of swinging Kate thought she better quite. her little brother got the hint that his big sister licked him in a swinging match and so Kate jumped out and sprung from the moving swing and fell with a great thud! to the ground. Kate’s whole body ached and hurt for a while after that one. but Eric was chicken like most little brothers. he got off the swing after slowly moving to a stop first.

when Kate got relieved from the fall. Kate told Eric that time was up.

“I will never go home, I will stay here all alone.” Eric said,“I can eat muffins later.”

“bye then.” Kate said, inside Kate laughed heartily walking to the direction of a tall tree: “Eric will panic for me before I can count to a minute.” Kate thought.


End of 1

Scene 2

Kate hid behind the tree and only peered from the side of the tree a crack: there was the scene: Eric turned round and round staring around the deserted park, it was hot you see and everybody in Verkygreen hid away from the sun. except for Kate and Eric. but maybe they paid the price for it too. having to feel unbearably hot: to let you in on a little secret of Kate’s: she actually was getting too sun-baked so Kate made the excuse to Eric saying their Mommy needed them at the house right away. she may have said that she wanted us home for muffins but not to rush home, Kate was not lying at least, Kate kept her eyes zoned in on Eric the whole time who after a few seconds began crying her name:

“Kate!-Kate!” Eric shouted looking very panic stricken finding himself alone.

Kate grinned and held in outbursts of laughter inside.

“maybe he needs a lesson.” Kate whispered to myself and she waited a little before she briefly pulled herself out from behind the tree and ran to him laughing all the way.

Eric’s face lit up when he saw Kate approaching, yet looking angry when Kate was laughing.

“so funny Kate.” Eric cried angrily. but subsided. “lets go home now! I will need some muffins.” Eric said.

“I hope so,” and hope you come when your big sister tells you it is time to go.” Said Kate,“maybe your right, my stomach is grumbling.” I concluded.

Eric rolled his eyes. but then started laughing. they both laughed together and started homewards.

they strolled out of the park and out to the open street, on the way they saw out of the crowd of good town inhabitants (referring to people and animals and insects a like, that is why Kate calls everyone in Verkygreen inhabitants on a whole) Kate and Eric spotted their new friend Lucy the mouse.

“Hi Lucy!” Kate and Eric called in unison.

“hello what are you going to do today?” Lucy responded.

“actually Eric and I here are over going to my mommy and daddy’s house for muffins and orange juice,” you want to come?” Kate asked politely.

“no but thank you,” why don’t you two come over to my house for a spring play day? me and my brother Jody would love to play with you.

“very glad to go.” Said Kate”,“be right over after the snack.” Eric chimed in.

Lucy nodded happily skipping away down the busy street of walking inhabitants and Kate and Eric continued home to their street: Ridlem Road.

turning around the corner, they found themselves at their own dear house. Kate knocked on the door.

Ding-Dong! Kate pressed the doorbell.

the bell ring sounded inside the house and footsteps were heard. then their Mommy opened the door.

“well hello!” she greeted us warmly, those muffins and orange juice are waiting for you.”

Their Mommy let them in with a happy smile spread cross her face, taking the lead she lead us both into the kitchen.

there was the ‘feast’ at least that the way it looked after playing on a hot spring day the way Kate and Eric did.

they sat themselves down into our chairs at their beautiful dark oak dining set in the kitchen. there was two whole muffins on each of our plates. the flavor?-chocolate of course!

quickly as our hands could grab, Kate grabbed a muffin  so did Eric and together a bite was taken a rather gigantic size of a bite.

swollowing heartily savouring each bite Kate took nice long gulps of orange juice. Eric didn’t but instead ate all of his orange juice and ran back outside!

LITTLE BROTHER ERIC!” Kate proclaimed to herself.

End of 2

Scene 3

Our tummies filled with muffins and orange juice, Kate and Eric set off outside again to go meet and play with Lucy and Jody.

“wait!” Kate urged suddenly.

“what is the matter?” Eric bolted.

“we forgot to ask Lucy how to get over to her house.” Kate said clearly not recalling where Lucy’s house is, the two stopped in their tracks with a jolt.

“lets knock on every door.” Eric suggested.

“no.” Kate responded, “that would take all day and night.”

“I know!”; “lets ask around!” Kate proclaimed having a light click in my head.

“brilliant!” Eric replied.

so for the next few minutes, Kate asked around with Eric tagging along.

first Kate met a friendly frog,“sorry, never met her.” he said.

second Kate met a friendly lion,” I could not tell you where she is,” I know a spider with that name but not a mouse.“she said.

one after the other Kate met a friendly: bear, turtle, dog, cat, a couple girls, a boy, a few men, a few women and a few spiders, a chicken and a pig.

but they all said:“sorry I don’t know her”, or “I know someone else with that name…


Lucy comes down the street as Kate and Eric turn off to a next street.

“haha!” Lucy laughed, “I like playing hide and seek…especially when when it’s new friends that you have to seek” Lucy laughed happily.

Kate and Eric followed her to her mouse hole house, and Kate and Eric followed.

and in time Kate and Eric made good friends with Lucy and they played a lot and had fun, but as for that day. they had their best spring ever finding their new friend Lucy.



Kate and Eric's Small World Verkygreen: Play Day With Lucy

This story Introduces Kate and Eric, and and the two of them play tag. when Kate tells Eric to go home. he begs Kate to go back to the Verkygreen park, after Kate wins Eric in a swinging race. Eric refuses to go and says that he will stay in the park all alone, Kate says goodbye but secretly hides behind a tree and waits until Eric calls for her, she comes out laughing uncontrollably after she explains to Eric to listen better to his older sister when called to go home. on their way home they meet their new friend Lucy, who asks Kate and Eric to come join her and her own brother Jody for a play day. Kate and Eric agrees. but after the snack there is a quite awkward turn when Kate forgets where Lucy's house is located. and so they go asking around for directions to no avail. until they come to a next street to find Lucy playing hide and seek with them without their knowledge. after Kate and Eric found out that they had their best spring play date ever with Lucy finding her and they Kate and Eric's friendship will continue to grow as this series continues....

  • ISBN: 9781370580354
  • Author: G.H Woodgold
  • Published: 2017-09-19 22:20:10
  • Words: 1779
Kate and Eric's Small World Verkygreen: Play Day With Lucy Kate and Eric's Small World Verkygreen: Play Day With Lucy