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Just Sort Of Venting

Just Sort Of Venting


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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It was a Saturday night. Jason West and his live-in companion, Ellen Brent, were in the spare room of their small apartment. Each was sitting at a PC. Ellen, blonde, about twenty, pretty, not quite beautiful, spoke:

“What are you doing, Jason?” she asked.

“Not a lot,” he replied. “Just a little email.”

Jason, about twenty-two, nice-looking, dark hair, handsome, in a plain sort of way, hit the keyboard a few more times, ended the message he was working on and sent it.

“You’ve been a little distant lately,” remarked Ellen.

“Just busy!” He said.

“We’ve been together now almost a year. Do you know what is the date of our anniversary?”

“Is it on the 21st of this month?” he asked.

“No, it’s the third of next month,” she said.

“I guess I didn’t remember that well enough.”

“How would you say we’ve been getting along, Jason?”

“OK, I suppose.”

“You’ve been doing quite a bit of emailing, lately.”

“Just keeping up with friends.”

“Lots of buddies?”

“A few.”

“Are some of them girls?”

“A few.”

“You’ve been going out a lot lately without me, Jason. We used to go grocery shopping together. We haven’t gone anywhere in the last several weeks.”

“I wasn’t aware of that.”

“I’ll be going shopping tonight. Do you want to come with me?”

“I’m sorry, Ellen. Maybe another night. I’m real tired tonight.”

“I see.”

“Where do you go when you go out without me, Jason.”

“Nowhere in particular. Just around.”

“What do you do?”

“Nothing in particular. Just venting.”

“When you go venting, do you, by any chance, see others that are venting also?”

“Not that I recall.”

“Not any?”

“Maybe a few I suppose.”

“Sometimes, when you go out, you change into your best jeans.”

“Just want to be presentable.”

“Do you ever see any ventors who are girls?”

“Not that I recall.”

“You don’t recall whether any of the other ventors are girls?”

“Sometimes I recall, sometimes I don’t.”

“You’ve been very informative, Jason. I’ll be going out now. Be back in a couple of hours.”

“Yes, see you later. Have a good time. I’ll just stay here and rest.”

Ellen went into the bedroom to pick up a light coat, which she put on. She waved at Jason as she left the apartment.

He listened for the sound of the engine. Hearing it, he hurried into the bedroom, changed his jeans, and exited. He got into his car which was parked just outside the door and drove off.

Arriving at Sixth Avenue, he drove slowly looking at the numbers on the doors until he found 165. He parked, then went to the nearby door, and rang the bell. At the entrance he was met by a young girl, of about 20.

“Are you Dora Vincent,” he asked. She nodded yes, “Welcome, come in!”

Jason was pleased with the person that he had just met. She had dark hair, was slim, and very pretty.

She invited him to sit on the couch, which he did. “Tell me about yourself,” she asked.

“Well, I told you a lot about myself in the emails,” he responded. “And I think I know a lot about you.”

“Are you attached in any way,” she asked.

“Oh no,” he exclaimed. “I’m very much single, no attachments whatever. And you?”

“I’m single too,” she responded. “I asked that question just to be sure. There are men that go around pretending to be single when they’re not.”

“Well, what you see, is what you get.”

“Jason, I know some women, living with men who are fooling around.”

“Not me,” I’m as pure as the driven snow!”

“That’s good to know,” she said. It’s just a coincidence that one of the women that I’m talking about is here tonight. I just met her. She’s in the other room.”

Jason looked puzzled. “Weren’t we supposed to be alone tonight?”

“Yes, but she arrived just a few minutes ago, and I think she’d like to see you!”

“Gee, I’m not so sure about that.”

“Well, I’ll bring her in anyhow.” She walked to a door at the other end of the room, opened it, and escorted another person into the room.” It was Ellen!

Stunned, Jason stared at her, and stuttered, “Ellen, what are you doing here! I thought you had gone shopping!”

“I changed my mind,” responded Ellen. When we were discussing venting a little while ago, you made it sound so exciting, that I thought I’d like to try a little of it myself. By the way, I’ve known about Dora for several days by snooping through your emails.”

Jason could find no words with which to respond.

“After this very unpleasant meeting with you,” she continued, “I’ll need some venting myself. When you go back to the apartment tonight, I won’t be there. I’ll be out just doing a little venting. And I won’t be back!

Just Sort Of Venting

  • ISBN: 9781370514113
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-08-22 06:20:21
  • Words: 894
Just Sort Of Venting Just Sort Of Venting