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Just Papering over the Cracks

Coming Again.

Page one has arrived again,

Oh no it is that bloody poet,

The one who writes too much,

Too often, so inconsiderate,

Makes you all irate,

It was just the beginning,

We thought he was joking,

We thought his balloon,

Of confidence would deflate,

After a couple of months,

But here again in 2016,

He is back to make a mess,

And he is coming again,

There is no pot of gold,

At the end of his double rainbow,

There is no worth in his words,

He has been pushing his luck,

For way too long,

So why is he still smiling,

Hot headed, hard headed,

He continues to write in a mess,

He loves to tell us deep dark stories,

And his ability to cope with stress,

Trying to knock down hidden walls,

Trying to tidy up his boundaries,

Trying to find new words to paint with,

Giving colour to the oil refineries,

That spread like toadstools,

On the bleak, polluted river Tees,

Destroying a seaside location,

Redcar fell onto its knees,

The poet saw the decline,

Of this once proud seaside town,

Now he is not coming here again,

He has moved away from that town,

He has turned the page from his childhood,

Even though painful memories remain,

From bullying to neglecting himself,

And he continues that once and again,

A life is just an open book,

That still needs to be written,

Slicing apart and dissecting the corpse,

After the creativity trigger has been bitten,

Trying to find happiness,

Because not everyone likes drama,

Trying to light up someone’s day,

Spreading his word and spreading his karma,

Do you believe in what he writes?

Are you jealous on what he has become?

Are you mad because he is so erratic?

Should we be having more fun?

As the pages get written,

The books they hit the press,

He is still that charming character,

Writing about his adventures and mess,

Messy vibes and strange incantations,

Polluting the air with blue words,

Not as ready as he would like to be,

But twice as crazy and wants to be heard,

And after a brief pause,

Of reflection and collecting thoughts,

This beautiful savage beast,

Is coming again,

To take your mind off the day,

To entertain you all,

In such a delightful way,

To tickle and tease most of them,

Backs to the wall.

Smiling higher than the angels

Caught high on the high wire,

Falling down without a night,

Random words entwined into verse,

Wicked and scented, cute and perverse!

Nothing will be ever the same,

This poet is coming again!

Papering Over the Cracks.

After coming too often,

After spreading the blame,

Just when he pushed too far,

He started to play a new game,

He tried to stay on the straight and narrow,

Not playing at the water’s edge,

He stood in the eye of a tornado,

He started jumping over the hedge,

That just happened to be in the way,

Just like most things these days,

Trying to keep his shit together,

When war rages on all seven sides,

Frustrated with his lack of progress,

Hot headed enough to swim against the tide,

Just when you thought it was safe,

To delve into another free eBook,

Just when you thought the fever had subsided,

Just when you could not take no more,

Just returns with words galore,

Pushing until there is no way back,

Punished and papering over the cracks,

A fragile state of mind,

A more difficult person you could not find,

Wrapped himself in barbed wire,

Bloodied face spits true words,

Take it or leave it but you really need it,

To hear what is floating in the sewers,

That is modern day life,

Would you like to know where all the honesty has gone?

Who left the door ajar to the ignorance chamber?

Why is humanity hiding in the dark?

Why are we so ecstatic at imminent danger?

My words are too much so they say,

Maybe you are sick of hearing the truth,

The world is corrupt and high on power,

Even water has become a luxury,

In this modern age my water runs filthy,

I dare not drink for fear of disease,

A disease that cannot be cured,

Because the local hospital is badly run,

Under staffed, people dying in the corridors,

From simple diseases that don’t need a bed,

So you are left to suffer on a stone floor,

Death is waiting in the next room,

The mould on the wall,

Viruses lurk in every crevice,

Every ten years a lick of white paint,

Pathetically papering over the cracks,

Just when you thought there could be no more,

Just when corruption becomes headline news,

All this is like beheading a hydra,

The more you destroy a corrupt soul,

Hundreds of the bastards take its place,

Everyone has the hand in the till,

Everyone wants to be a rich politician,

To steal money from the cities and art,

To leave the people in the ruins,

That was their dreams,

To underline what I see every day,

To underline what I hear in the street,

To underline the feeling we all have here,

Is that good enough to be included in verse?

It is hard enough to suffer in my own silence,

But added to their suffering it hurts twice as much,

To see how pathetic the people have become,

Voting for criminals and mafia bosses,

In the promise of pathetic sweeteners,

Promises of a better future,

The racists promise jobs just to the Italians,

The Italians don’t see these lies,

The country is run by farm animals,

The fascists need to be brought down to size!

Most of the normal people, who live here,

Have all been taken to hell and back,

We have heard all these lies before,

As they continue to paper over the cracks!

At the end of the day, angry at the news,

Fed up and pissed off by my neighbours views,

They still don’t understand they are being used,

Pawns in an endless, winless game of chess,

No wonder this country is in such a mess,

Patched up infrastructure,

Run down underground trains,

Houses washed away by heavy storms,

A million holes in the water mains,

We are always being stabbed in the back,

Censored we speak our minds,

We watch the authority paper over the cracks,

Mafia has never been so in control!

Human Intervention.

Sometimes I am sick but never ill,

Sometimes I have fever with no temperature,

Sometimes I feel the need to scream,

Sometimes becomes most times,

The mirror lies to my face again,

All this human intervention,

All the lies, the hate and envy,

Once upon a time was erased,

Lost in time when we’re friendly,

What have we become?

Do we clone our bad points?

Magnifying our defects,

Laughing at our own ignorance,

We are our very own rejects,

We used to think with heart,

We used to show our affections,

We used to be forgiving not misleading,

Can we ever trust anyone again?

All this human intervention,

All things are in disarray,

No more moral satisfaction,

This could be the end of days,

Ticking time bomb as the world implodes,

Miserable lonely people forgotten by us all,

What is right is fair,

What is the new way, leave behind the old?

No matter what wisdom lays abandoned,

We will travel further and higher,

With ignorance in big bundles,

Packed under our arms as we plead,

To be saved from something unforeseen,

That is invisible to touch and decipher,

That voice that roars once was a whisper,

You don’t understand the voice is yours,

But you were too distracted by your I-phone,

To drink to be social, to smoke to be cool,

To wear make-up at fifteen,

Breaking all the rules,

Did you think this has never been done before?

You are just making the same little mistakes,

That your mother made in 1996,

Or your grandmother made in 1976,

You are just a chain reaction of chemistry,

A result of another drunken night out,

The male was too drunk to see who he was inside,

Never helped to bring you up,

Are we all lacking human intervention,

What happened to the please and thank you,

Nobody opens a door for you anymore,

Most of them are automatic anyway,

A cold automated reaction,

We don’t look at each other in the eyes,

We chat and rarely speak on our phones,

There is becoming less human interaction,

Nightclubs are now closing down,

Because it is yesterday’s news,

The internet has brought the disco home,

And social networks bring you love,

Of the cold and cruel kind,

There are no more late nights out,

Sitting on a cold bench under a full moon,

Just a comment of a recycled post,

The inevitable will come soon!

The lack of romance the fear of failure,

The whole world has become digitised,

We are lacking the human interaction,

We are missing the human intervention,

From the supermarket to the fast food whore house,

To the cyber-pets who don’t need petted,

As we swim into a cell less, meaningless future,

Does nobody actually regret it?

Does nobody want a human touch?

That is not sexual or perverse,

How much does an embrace cost these days?

To shake somebodies hand?

Are you afraid of catching a disease?

Petrified at a silly old sneeze?

Sometimes I am sick but never ill,

Sometimes I have fever with no temperature,

Sometimes I feel the need to scream,

Sometimes becomes most times,

The mirror lies to my face again,

All this human intervention,

Three Sides of the Mirror.

It is not the same way

It is not even the same day

I cannot see any clearer

Three sides of the mirror,

When you open your mind

You will certainly find

Doors need opening


Don’t stop at the boundaries

Forget all your stale memories

Gates are opening


Look beyond your dimensions

Look behind the shadows

Passageways are beckoning


All reflections are heresy

All images are jagged scars

Bleeding from the inside



You grab at straws

Forever yours

My soul screams louder

You are looking for a needle

In a putrid yellow haystack

My voice is growing stronger


You have a scratch you can’t itch

Boundaries and rules are a bitch

So who do you play for?


Looking deeper into a darkened pool

Breaking all those religious rules

Dimensions are overlapping



When there are three sides to the mirror

Reflections are not what they seem

When fantasy and reality are welded

Together with all your erotic dreams

When the creatures of the night

Are dancing on your chest of drawers

In your wardrobe the skeletons smile

From the depths of your closet


Japper nappers are here to your delight

Giving you erotic stains every night

And all the three sides of the foggy mirror

We are here to shine up your ways


Don’t hold back on what you belief

When death grows tall don’t you grief

When loved ones have passed on

Because they’ve sailed to a new dimension


Don’t cry those wasted tears

Don’t hold back like you have all these years

Let your imagination flow

Like it always should have done

Because of all the ideas forgotten


Three sides of a normal mirror

Three sides of a fucking mirror

Within these seven gates of destiny

When poetry is not only words

You will believe in my philosophy

What I say is not only bullshit

What I do is far deeper than that

I’m not just passing time writing lies

I’m your new pastime and desire


When all the signs let you know

The past is set in concrete, hard to let go,

All the things learnt at prehistoric school

Warnings, forebodings and lengthy rules


But when somebody opens the door

Leaves the future all to be yours

To decide which path you can take

Leaving you lonely, free to make your own mistakes


Unchained from the lies they’ve taught you

When they brainwashed you at Pre School

You forgot all of your youth and spirituality

They got you in a straitjacket of rules


Finally you have opened your eyes

Seeing the universe as it should be

Seeing all the dimensions beyond the stars

Opening your mind, declaring loyalty


To all the three sides of the mirror

Freeing yourself, the changing self

Freeing yourself from religion

Two thousand years of lies

Walls all falling faster than Jericho

What is yours will never be mind


When we share and share alike

The world all is ours to share

No creed, no colour, no ideas

Can divide us now in this New Year


We are all one to divide our love

No matter of the colour of our skin

Ugly or beautiful, short or tall,

We have broken the ice, now we begin


To understand that we are small

Fish in an even greater ocean

The universe spreads wide and far beyond

The planets I’ve forgot to mention


No use in bickering for such petty ideas

We have an endless universe to plough

So much more dark to eradicate within light years

Not much sense to who has a sadistic mind

But all the truth and knowledge out there

So much more entertainment within our despair


Three sides of the mirror

Has never been so much fun

When you open up to the universe

Your life has just begun


To all the politicians sucking old laws

With all that greed and corruption

Us new race of independent ideas

Feel sorry for this dinosaur race


There are three sides to a mirror

But which side are you one?

Don’t wait until it is explained to you

Because the opportunity would be gone


Don’t take no for an answer

Don’t let them take you as a fool

Tell them to go fuck their old ideas

Will not obey those old rules


So as I take Elisa and Drew

And a whole lot of new friends

I will take them beyond the stars

And feed them healthy new ideas


The cats have taught me many new things

They see beyond Einstein’s law

They taught me three sides of the mirror

And I’m wealthier than before


Three sides of the mirror

Steamed up but clearer

Three sides of the mirror

Never to be broken

The path of life shines brighter than

Reflecting true scars and defects

Three sides of the mirror

Mother Nature you can’t regret!


Watch the video to Three Sides of the Mirror here!

Letter bomb.

There was another time,

Before the internet broke the day,

We wrote little love letters,

In such a romantic way,

Most of the time destination not reached,

A lot of others returned to sender,

But when some were read,

We waited with dread,

As your target looked shocked,

Giggling or maybe crying,

What did your letter bomb

Mean to you?


She ripped it up,

In a million strands of wasted paper,

All your ideas and fantasies,

Are now lying in little pieces,

On the playground asphalt,

The wind picks up,

And carries them away,

To different corners,

Of a vast desert of black,

She looks at you,

She has demonic features,

No longer than beautiful siren,

That you hoped to know,

You took a gamble,

You’ve fallen flat on your face,

Now will come all the taunts,

From all of your mates,

Whispering now to friends,

You feel a real prat,

You feel that the spotlight is on you,

You don’t really like that,

You hear the laughs of the other girls,

Your day goes from bad to worse,

Your idea became a curse,

You got it all wrong,

You exploded a letter bomb,

In the weeks that followed,

Everyone laughs at you,

You have no chance of retaliation,

No chance of winning the girl,

You just have to wipe the board clean

Think of another master plan,

Take your time and be patient,

This is part of becoming a man!

You did send roses once,

The poor flower got massacred,

The petals ripped off violently

You got tormented too,

But you do persist,

She just has to be the one,

You don’t care about the heartache,

So you write another letter bomb,

Would she read it?

Heaven knows,

But this time it will be more romantic

This time you will hit the spot,

You have got to be ironic,

If you want to close up shop!

This time you feel confident,

This time she will be yours,

She looks angry and looks to the heavens,

When you place the bomb in her hands,

Her friends look on laughing,

You take two steps back,

Something seems to be different,

She almost cracked a smile,

She shakes her head again,

It looks like you’ve failed again,

See her ripping the letter to shreds,

Again they fall to the floor,

Her friends are all laughing,

They are really enjoying the show,

Now your lady looks so evil,

As she stomps towards you,

You did not see her raise her hand,

But the slap put you into next week,

Before you could answer her,

She whispered so softly,

Five o’clock tonight

Outside walkers chippy!

Stinging with the pain of a slap,

Could she have made a trap?

Would she really meet you at the chip shop?

Well he was not going to miss this!

All the time he thought she was the one,

So he kept on writing letter bombs,

She found him cute but kept her feelings hidden,

Because her school friends were so evil,

In the end everything turned out ok,

Their relationship did last more than one day,

But when he stopped writing her poetry,

Her interest in him faded away,

So our poet had to start all over again,

Looking for that special someone,

So he could write yet another letter bomb!


Just when you needed a good night’s sleep,

You heard the pitter-patter of feet

Coming nearer to you,

As the bed starts to shake

Like this was an earthquake,

You sit bolt upright in a sweat,

Hoping to be awakened

From your nightmare.

As you look around the dark bedroom,

You have a feeling of doom and gloom,

The bed is still shaking

How is that so

I woke from my nightmare

Some seconds ago

As you swing your legs out of the bed

The mattress starts to rise,

Like some demented Disney film

You could hear baby cries.

Floating between floorboards and ceiling

You feel yourself getting in a panic

Getting seasick in your bedroom,

This was something close to satanic,

Suddenly the mattress falls as if let go,

Dropping you hard to the floor,

The lower wooden part of your bed,

Suddenly explodes,

You thought this type of bed was fragile,

But you did not expect it to explode,

But instead of ancient sheets of mother,

Other items blew into the room,

It was like the dry ice from a Maiden show,

But it was no time,

For the rime,

Of the ancient mariner,

Flapping around your crusty curtains,

A fog with many spying eyes,

Making out a lot of lost souls,

That were all fighting to cry,

If this was a nightmare,

I would be so proud,

Such great detail and artistry,

And so fucking loud,

Just as I was getting confident,

Not feeling threatened from them,

The dark swirl of souls,

Shot straight towards me,

Entering my mouth like some sick sweet kiss,

A foul taste than I have had never tasted before,

Worse than when I French kiss a chain smoking nymph,

Worse than the vomit from a Sunday hang over,

As I felt this cloud of souls pouring into me,

I could not move or speak no more,

As I grasp for air I found no way to breath,


Like dehydrated,

I felt them pulling around the insides of me,

Never felt so violated in this short term life,

With an episode of sheer violence,

I felt the wind and my feet taken from me,



All of a sudden everything was


As if floating in deep space,

My head facing the stars

I felt no gravity pull

No need to breath,

Everything was surreal

Was this the afterlife?

Or somewhere in between.


Then before I could settle down in my trance,

I felt I was tugged into another dimension,

Soon before me I saw a destination unknown

Not between the familiar walls of my house


It looked like a darkened room without shape

I could not see any boundaries keeping me in

But this place was menacing and terrifying

I felt something teasing me


I wanted to move but I was paralysed,

The only things that worked was my eyes

I felt so useless and vulnerable

I was get myself ready for the next



All of a sudden it was totally chaos

I felt thunder in my ears,

It was like I was moving forward in hyperspace

And the stars no longer clear,

Those little specs of white,

That once gave me some enjoyment

Starting growing into orbs and spirits

Finally they were coming into sight,

They were not slowing down,

Soon they were circling me and my fear,

They did not back down,

They passed over me and passed through me

They made no sense to me,

If they had a goal to reach,

Why did they not get to the point?


For moment I was sucked out of the madness,

I blocked out the screams and wails,

I was like I was stuck in some vortex,

In a great book like poetry tails,

I felt a little protected,

As the spirits whirled around me,

It just looked like they were going to

Leave me be,


But no!

Here they come again,

Energised from a pause,

They came at me with teeth and claws,

They held me up and pushed me down,

Scratched me with demon nails

All that they wanted with me

Seem sure as hell such fantasy

But those bites seemed real enough

And the bullying seemed rather rough

If this was a nightmare

I would have woken up by now

Unpleasant memories of unborn life,

Seeing myself somehow,


But no!

This was no normal nightmare,

The souls were working overtime,

They were messing with my primal instincts

Fucking with my mind,

I felt my skin burning with their cold touch

How could I still be here be subjected to this

Then soon the story change with a little harmony

When I spied a dark demon give me a kiss


Back in my vortex again,

I felt I was going insane,

But the cold touch of lips

And the sweet smell of death,

Hideous red eyes looking into mine

What seemed a serpent tongue

Hissing, slicing it slid into me

I was hoping for a meatier

Tastier type of tongue

I could not move

I could only receive

This frustrated me

This worried me,

As I was getting use to the taste

Just as I was wanting more

The hellhound of a bitch

Grabbed my head

And spewed pure filth into me,



Revolting end to a kiss

As you sprayed me death

As black as night

And cold as rain,

I felt that feeling

Inside me again

It felt like cancer flowing through me

Weakening and infected my soul

All the time that she demon

Never took her eyes off me

She caressed my chin

To keep my mouth shut

She obviously did not want

To spit her seed out,

As I felt impregnated

So damn frustrated

I did not realise

Until it was too late

What she had done to me,

I wanted to vomit

I felt my stomach churn,

I felt all my muscles turn to jelly

And throat started to burn,

She let go of me,

Finally I opened my mouth,

In a violent expression of horror

Dark spiked orbs shot out of me

Twenty meters into the air,

As they floated down before me,

They grew in shape and form,

Horrified of what I have become,

And the foul things that were born,

As a hundred forms surrounded

That bitch of a hellhound

She was the mother of my children

I had my soul raped,

With no thank you for what I did

To help enlarge her brood

I hope she did not expect maintenance

And buying our kids food

As surreal as this nightmare got

It was maybe too good to be true,

Expecting any minute my alarm

Clock to bring me back to reality!


But no!

My thoughts turned to despair

As I saw another demon approach me

I tried, I sure did, I tried not to open my mouth

I did not want more foul eggs in me,

But it was like I was all tied up

And was ready to be whipped,

I had no choice but to open up,

Please get it over with real quick,

As I fathered more and more forms

I pleaded for this to end,

My night in hell and darkness

Was driving me around the bend,



I was exhausted from the inside out,


I felt so sick and violated,

Just when I thought it would never end,

The darkness seemed to fade away,

Familiar items came back to me,

Soon I was in the light of day,

That was some nightmare,

So I thought,

But I dashed today the bathroom,

And emptied what was in me,

Too sick to describe the details,

But a vision came back to me,

There was no way in hell,

That could have happened,

So why did I feel this way,

What was that that came out of me

This was no nightmare

I am sure of that,

I was taken advantage of

By a pack of hellhounds



I lay on my bed,

Holding myself

To protect myself

Shivering and shaking

Feeling violated and dehydrated

Trying to make some sense

Of what has become of me

Not wanting to sleep,

Not wanting to live,

Not wanting to be

What that she demon

Wanted me to be


My very own living


Fathers made in hell

Please save my soul,

Feeling so cold,

The bed still crumpled

The mattress askew

Beware reader,

For when this nightmare

Comes to you!


Watch the video to Nightmare here!

Knight in Shining Armour.

Not a medieval story,

Not many signs of romance,

She thought it was so great,

When she found a hand in per pants,

But he was no knight in shining armour,

He had won no wars or a conquester of far off lands,

He was just low life scum,

He wanted what he had to demand!

She thought it was good at the time,

Now she is dreaming of that far off day,

In the far off distant past,

When she was happier playing with dolls and ponies,

And wishing upon a fallen star,

She wanted to be a princess with long braided hair,

Warm and safe in her limestone castle,

Upon the cliff, looking over a beach,

And the waves caressed the daylight,

Hypnotising and relaxing the pure soul,

Waiting and hoping that the white horse on the horizon,

Is the knight in shining armour coming for you.

You fell off your perch so quickly,

When you learned the strength and depth of a man,

Or those lies and schemes and poetic ways,

Of getting their trophy without getting involved,

Even at an early age she got so annoyed,

She was determined to be treated like a queen,

And not just some plastic throw away toy.

That was easier said than done,

Especially when all her friends were sluts,

They loved to tease the opposite sex,

They had no honesty or self-pride,

They only wanted just another ride,

But it was not the white horse of hope they rode on,

Just some drunken skinny teen full of STDs,

She lasted longer than most,

She really did not want to get laid,

But when her slutty friends got her drunk,

A few mistakes were made,

Giving birth at such a young age was such trauma,

She had no idea who the father was,

Her slutty friends had disowned her,

She was left all alone to face her woes,

A young single mother, oh no, not another one,

Living in a damp squalid council flat,

No limestone castle in sight,

The only sound of water is from the leaky roof,

No job and no further education,

This want to be princess now trapped in poverty,

When there are no horizons to see anymore,

Horses do not come around here,

Don’t expect a knight in shining armour,

To jump out of your discount watered down beer,

Do we take pity on this young girl?

Should we take pity on her baby daughter?

All the promises she made long ago,

Have now got her into hot water,

Twenty years old and looking a mess,

Parents of hers not very impressed,

Abandoned to bring up her child alone,

No news from the family not even by phone,

No single man would stoop so low,

To get engaged to such a young single mother,

With time on her hands and pain in her heart,

She had to pave her own way out,

She was determined not to be branded a slut,

She was furious at being named a whore,

She was a great mother with a huge heart,

So she was even more determined than before,

If she could not have her knight in shining armour,

Then so be it but she will not lie down so easily,

She bought a box of pencils and some cheap paper,

She started to draw her limestone castle on the cliff,

With the bluest blue she drew the sea lapping at the shore,

She could even smell the breeze and the wind in her hair,

She continued to add even more detail to her portrait,

It wasn’t exactly a masterpiece but it had a lot of soul,

She continue to draw her personal fairy-tales,

She managed to sell a few online,

The word spread and her drawings became full time,

She managed to move out of her mouldy flat,

As the weeks past and her soul was glowing,

She put all of her confidence into her drawings,

She never got rich enough to live in a castle,

It maybe was not a happily ever after,

But what was important was the health of daughter,

To be taught the tortured ways of this world,

As she put the finishing touches to the horse’s mane,

Finally she has found her knight in shining armour,

She hung the portrait over the fire place,

His visual features hidden from view,

She liked the mystery of not knowing who he was,

Well, she laughed, that is nothing new!


I think to the future

To the days yet to come

How our love will flower,

How it will run,

If it could really be won,

Should it really be happening?

When all the stars are aligned

And are brightly shining


On you

For evermore

We will settle the score

For all the sins of Eden

The serpents in the grass

When the thunder of the heavens

Start to crash

Blaming the apple

For planting the seed

We just happened to be naked

Said the teasing Eve,

What we did before

Will carry on

For evermore


I thousand words

To describe love divine

I thousand retold phrases

To make you all mine

But in this digital world

We are subjected to something new

It now takes a provocative photograph

To get me attached


To you

And for evermore

Words hit the taste buds

The roses are still raw

The Garden of Eden was pesticide free

When I tasted your fruit

With the tickle of the flower

The seeds in my teeth

We was still naked

Said the colder Eve

We had to get warm

To carry on

For evermore


The waterfalls splendour

Cascading right before me

The song of the morning blackbird

Comes from the oak tree

The suns first rays creep over the horizon

Bringing light and warmth

For the naked nymph before

She bites the apple


Shockwaves rippled across the lake

The fish and the ducks fled away

The sky scowled at this women’s mistake

The sun fades and all turns grey

The man who encouraged her so,

Felt a little out of place

As the women sucked on forbidden juices

She condemned the entire human race


For you

And for evermore

Every flurry of words said

Gets the lady into the forbidden bed

Just like in Eden

The woman takes the blame

Yet the man gains the riches

As he plays the usual game

He wanted me to be naked

Said the conceiving Eve,

What we did now

Will carry on

For evermore


In many of life’s mysteries

We shut up like a clam,

Trying to hide our sins from the heavens,

You only wished to please your man

The real strength of the women

Hidden from legends of yesteryear

The manipulating, always winning

With tactics cruel and unfair,

Just like a black widow spider,

And her sexual cannibalism,

But only when the male can’t escape

Lady, we are all lab rats


To you

And for evermore,

Feeling trapped

When she closes the door

But in the Garden of Eden

Did we really have no place to run?

Eve put on a really good show that day

How could we just run away?

Feeling alive and naked,

Said the exhibitionist called Eve

What I did then

I will always do

For evermore


The earth population grows,

Starving kids everywhere

But the temptress Eve,

Does not want to know,

She got the itch she scratched,

Back in the first week of sin,

She is headstrong and foolhardy

She will never give in,

Until every desire and ache

Has been fully whipped,

She laughs insanely at her mistakes

Full equipped,


For you

And for evermore,

The spirit of Eve,

Breathes inside every women,

Just like in the Garden of Eden

All girls just want to have fun,

As we the men stand frozen,

Just wanting to join in,

Feeling exhilarated and so naked

A curse of words from our Eve,

I plan to carry on

I will make you believe,

That man is the master,

That all women are weak,

Masculine fools,

All lead to their fate,

To be murdered slowly,

From the very first date,

Stripped of personal freedoms,

As you bow in the temple of love,

You thought you was winning,

When she loved your poetry,

You did not see the trap,

Right before your eyes,

You did not see this coming

You did not realise

What she did to you,

For evermore,

What is inside her

Will be the spirit of Eve,

For evermore

The mother of all mothers

The cruellest of lovers,

The trap springs shut,

Just give up

Be her slave,

For evermore!


Watch the video to Evermore here!


We have learned many things from this world,

Some of the good and some of them bad,

We have progressed by understanding this world

Some of them for the better others sad,

But something’s exist without definition,

A random value in a perfect formula,

A haphazard happening not predicted,

A blemish on a perfect cheek.


What do we have here then?

Something mundane and unwanted,

We lust for something just a little better

We squeeze the lemon just a little more,

Extracting one more drip of juice from the fruit,

Perfecting the art of the art of perfection.

When people shout so hard and too often

Daily exhibits in a forbidden exhibition,


Suddenly everything ignites

Fast forwarding the day,

Everything just seems to go right

Everything goes the intended way,

I found my catalyst in you,

You are my unexploded firework,

As I touch your lips to explore some more,

I will set your senses alight,

Exploding into a million feelings,

Shattering what was before,

Wiping the slate clean from past experiences

You are my Catalyst!

I will learn many things from your soul,

Some of them good some of them perverse,

We will progress into each other with understanding,

I will bite you until it hurts,

I will squeeze your feelings for just one more kiss,

Extracting all of your desires you wish to keep secret,

When people become tired of their human form,

We will have a daily ritual of sweet sacrifice,


Suddenly everything ignites,

Fast forwarding to the night,

Everything I touch makes you tremble,

Everything goes astray,

I found my catalyst in you,

You are my unexploded firework,

When my tongue wrapped around yours,

I will set your senses alight,

Exploding into a million desires,

You will be hoping for more,

Whipping the sheets clean off the bed

You are my catalyst


And I yearn,

As your breathing comes harder,

I burn,

As I succumb to your desire,

You look oh so sweet on my bed sheets,

Where you unravelled the last shameful inhibitions

All embarrassment has now fallen to the floor,

As I gaze down on you like a celestial star,

I spy every curve and every crevice,

I wish and want to crack a smile,

As you gaze back at me naked in mind and thought,

The pause discomforts you as I study what is before me,

A work of art all dusted and framed for this wanderer,

You hold out your hand to reach intently for mine,

Pulling me down closer to you with a smile growing larger,

As I lay almost on top of this fine table of sacrifice,

Arms wrapped and hold me tighter than ever before,

Lust bursting to come out and dance before our eyes,

And I want,

So much more from you,

I burn,

Ignited by the catalyst that is you.


When the kiss returns,

It was what you yearned,

In the previous days,

When we first met,

But you made a stance,

To not get over excited,

On those first dates,

You didn’t want to get wet,

Not matter how much you tried,

You finally did give in,

So here you are now in my bed,

Tingling to the pleasures of sin,


When the kiss grows to passion,

Whipping and lashing in prolonged fight,

Gaining territory and teasing teeth bite,

Nails scratch your back and caress your spine,

Sweat starts to trickle off my brow,

Your breasts become animated, harder now

Before I manage to touch, you push me away,

On my back in my bed next to you I lay,

You are my catalyst,


Taking the initiative she was not laying down on the job,

As she returned to me, my mind started to throb,

As she kissed my lips then kissed my neck,

Caressing my hair, touching me everywhere

How I enjoyed her lips as they travelled south,

She took my manhood into her hands then her mouth,

I have never ever felt like this,

Glad to have found my very own catalyst


When she tired of speaking into the microphone,

Her desires turned to a new page,

As she carefully boarded the train to paradise,

She got a front row seat before the stage,

As I slipped into the deep dark forest,

She took a ride to the promised land,

As the thrusting intensified quickly,

She romantically held my hand,

As we drove further on into the mist,

I planned to satisfy my catalyst,

As I held on and delayed the evitable,

Shooting too soon would be so terrible,

With mind games I managed to stall,

I wanted to last forever that was all?

But in the end the evitable happened,

She seemed to agree with that,

As she now lies beside me,

Worn out and slightly sticky,

She kissed my mouth with a wonderful kiss,

Then said thank you for being my catalyst!


Watch the video to Catalyst here!

Pure Fantasy.

I walk a long and winding road,

I don’t know who I’m going to meet

It could be you,

It could be me,

It could be pure fantasy,


And more,

I don’t know what I’m looking for,

I have not lost anything recently,

The weather has been kind,

No storms in my fragile mind,

Not quite arrived into ecstasy,

Some things are just pure fantasy,


And so,

I walk this long and forbidden road,

I don’t know who I will meet,

Coming in the opposite direction,

Sometimes the way is crowded by fools,

Or devious and devilish spectators,

Who throw down gauntlets and golden rules?

Blocking my path and stealing my warmth,


And suffer,

When all your plans fail to kick me down,

Instead of standing next to me,

You try to gain something from me,

What you think is pure fantasy


I know,

That you cannot think the way I do,

I am always two steps ahead of your lies,

The trap springs shut when I’m already out of reach,

I numb your feelings and curb your speech,

Integrity remains intact,

Got a walrus off my back,

As you plan your next attack,

I laugh and laugh, and laugh again,


Sometimes I can be the master,

Of unknotting twisted ties,

Hiding myself in your shadow,

Right before your narrow eyes,

I can manipulate what you try to do,

Make into my advantage,

Before you know,

What has hit you,

I am out of your shadow,

And doing something new,

Tenderly touching on treacherous subjects,

Writing faster than the devils rejects.

When all that matters and counts as one,

My hope and confidence rebuilt and won,

The road is hard and oh so long,

What is in my head is my philosophy,

Building bridges on pure fantasy!


And so,

For once in my life I have a shining light,

Between my ears a shooting star,

No matter what shit you throw my way,

Like a hero I insist to save the day,

Recycling ideas and using biodegradable words,

A flock of phrases become a poetic herd,

Horror stories wet with lust and innocent blood,

The battle of the authors the evil and good,

As I walk this long and treacherous road,

I won’t fall down on my mighty sword,

I won’t fall foul to your hiccups of jealousy,

All my words are built on pure fantasy!


Escaping and running way,

In the days when I lost my mind,

When the bullies and deities,

Carved into me so harsh and unkind,

The bottle banks of glass with so many wanting shards,

I wanted to lie down between them and rest my screaming head,

Surrounded by the intoxicating smell of stale milk and wine,

But by pure fantasy a forgotten star started to shine,

It lifted me and dried me up and lifted me away,

Healed me of the jagged scars I felt all along,

Took me away from the land of knives,

Slapped my ego and gave me a life,

I found a new soul buried deep inside of me,

Reinforced with pure fantasy!



Would I have ever imagined going so far?


Would I have ever thought I would live for so long?


It seems I have been fighting my inner demons,


Would I let the others peek inside of me!


And so,

I walk a long and winding road,

I don’t know who I’m going to see

It could be you,

A reflection of me,

Just my pure fantasy,


And more,

I still don’t know what I’m looking for,

It seems I have lost so many memories,

The stories were all a little too kind,

Poems born and nurtured in this fragile mind,

Not quite arrived into harmony,

Some things are just pure fantasy,



I open my mind,

To let you in,

A door ajar,

Darkness unfolds,

It rapes the light,

Uneasily barks,

A mass of cosmos,

Strangling the star

Vertical earthquake

Deep and secure,

Rattling at,

My putrid soul

My red eyes seek

What you can’t find

An episode of charity

Just being kind,

Put in a trance

Same old dance

Tilted views

An express train

That came and went

Never seen again

And over the creeks

And between the moors,

Jagged rocks of envy

You’ve never been sure

Forbidden fruits

Untouched economy

Sod this lot

Pure fantasy


And so,

Whatever we know,

Whatever we do,

It is hanging over us

Provoking you

Opening my mind,

Just one more time

Cobwebs fancy

Spiders fat and greedy

Ticking time bomb

Wet damp fuse

Social outcast

Just old news

Caretaker stories

Flood and lit ways

Counting up a number

Courting in the hay

What comes first

May come up last

What went slow

Suddenly become fast



Without Wi-Fi

Doesn’t make sense

And all the time

Was ticking away

Bombed out emotionally

Shipwrecked heart

Door is closing

Do you find some sense?

In the colliding

Images of twisted debris

A scrapyard of cut offs

Is pure fantasy!


And so,

I walk a long and winding road,

I don’t know who I’m going to be

It could be part of you,

Entwining into me,

Easier said than done

Could be absolute fun

Choked on some poetry!

Just more pure fantasy.


Watch the video to Pure Fantasy here!

Too sure.

All I wanted was a little piece of mind

Did not think it would be so hard,

I thought I was dealing with one my kind,

Thinking of you in my sweetest dreams.


Too sure, was what I had

Which I Never had again,

Because I was too sure,

About me and you

I did not expect you,

To be so bad,

I was too sure again,


There is no use in wondering why

It happened so I fell,

And I now realise that

What I built my dreams on,

Was nothing more than quicksand,

Waiting for an earthquake

To mess things up,

Like me the house fell down

I found myself without a dream

No roof over my aching head

Sometimes I’d wish I was

Better off dead,


And I know now what you were thinking

You took your haunting eyes off me,

Yeah and you expected so much more,

Than I ever could give but I tried,


But I was too sure I was doing ok,

I never would have thought about this day,

When my house of cards came tumbling down,

I am a tip top circus without its headline clown,


They tell me there is no use wondering why

That I should calm down and try not to cry

But so it happened

I see that now,

I have an undisturbed pile

Of unused emotions

That I so much wanted to give,

But you did not want to receive,

So I found myself without a dream,

I am a goal hungry striker without a team

To feed me,

To believe in me,

To ease me through the bad times

The droughts and the famine in my head

Sometimes I wish I was,

Better off dead,


And I know what you were thinking,

You took my soul from me

Yeah and you wanted so much more,

But I could not give in, I cried,

So long and so hard

Because I was too sure,

About you,

What you meant to me,

What I always needed you to be,

My little packet with a huge heart

I was deceiving myself from the start

I saw you in my unique way,

An extra helping of special k

I must have been out of my mind,

Love makes you so bloody blind

And I was too sure,

That’s for sure

Knowing now what you did to me,

Maybe you planned it all along

I got my stomach tied in knots,

How could I have been so wrong?


I was so wrong and too sure

I even tried but was too sure

This clown was too sure


Get out of my life

Get out of my dreams,

Get out of my plans

Stealing my cream

Cut me some slack

Get down off my back

A ghost in my kitchen

Haunting eyes off me

Sure you can

Sure you will

Sure as hell

In for the kill


Too sure and I was too distracted

I took my eye of the moving target,

Did not defend my right to be

And so you went and you left me

Because I was too sure

That you were the one

Now look at me,

I am alone

Not knowing what hit me

Did not know who to blame

But you went ahead and left me

To continue playing your game


I was too sure

I was too sure

Too sure


Now who will caress my head?

When I’m submerged in my nightmare

Deep dark fantasies chewing me away

And you will not be there!


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Call Me Lord!

There have been many centuries,

And many words said about me

Now the lord is in his castle

And he will cut off all your heads,

The king of the castle,

Watching over you,

Dining on fine words and phrases,

Bow down to him

Call me lord.

An Englishman knows best,

When he is being praised,

But when he is banished from his land,

His name will be erased,

For when the king loses his speech,

And speaks in another tongue,

He loses his right to hierarchy,

He might as well be hung,

The debts and the taxes mean nothing,

If you cannot read for me,

Grammatically correct phrases,

If what is needed of thee,

So enter my court of jesters,

Don’t let the foul winter wind enter,

Make yourself at home between my walls

Call me lord!

You might not think I have the right,

To be named as powerful as this,

But when writing takes over your ideology

Books become your mistress,

As the words filter into my veins,

Phrases they burn my eyes,

The dust of centuries of literature,

Has made me somewhat wise,

I am the master of my destiny,

I have the keys to the sun and moon,

So come and read something of mine,

I promise it is not all doom and gloom,

In my castle that I have made a fortress,

The lord of the manor in all his splendour,

I have no time for balls and banquets,

I really must constantly endeavour,

Or not,

Whether I should,

Maybe not,

Oh lord help me!

As the English mists crawl in from the moors,

I see the red eyes of wolves closing in on me,

Doubts merge into the forms of spirits,

Winds howling and yearning for me,

As I tempted to reach out to them,

All forms of paranoia leaking from my mind,

But I stand tall and I man my barricades,

On positive days I’m determined not to fall,

Heart of a lord,

Closer they came and wilder the roars,

Candlelight’s are no match for this fury,

I will be damned in my vile memories,

I will be my own judge and jury,

As my heart light glows in my war chest,

Ribs are knitted harder and engaged,

My guts wrestle with their deepest feelings,

My temper so short and enraged,

Fiery lord!

My cape flaps from the devils winds,

Blowing an icy cold complexion my way,

Not wondering about my chapped lips,

But I was thinking how to win the day,

As I hold up high my ideas on my heraldic flag

A choice between pennon and banner,

The bright colours of my coat of arms,

Translates in to positivity as I’m a winner,

Confident lord!

As the mists disperse and I see countryside splendour,

I see every river flowing from every mountain,

The thick bracken is no match for me,

When I hit the slopes of pure positivity!

The spirits of the moors no longer a threat,

They will no longer play their tricks on me,

For I am one master as well as a slave,

I try my best to plot my own destiny!

For I am lord of my ways,

Battling ideas and such fantasy,

For I am lord of ideas,

Chipping away at my insanity,

Call me lord,

Read my work and become whole,

Call me lord,

The master has left, empty is the great hall!


Watch the video to Call me Lord here!

Always Bleeding.

When we let things

Run their course

Without wanting

To intervene

Problems left to their own

Growing wildly

Without pruning



Like an unhealed wound

That becomes a terrific scar

Cut from a badly clipped rose

Thorns are ripping

Left to be infected

Pus filled wounds

All from an unkempt flower

We forgot to prune


We have travelled too far

On this open country road

With the car open to the elements

The rain that will surely come


As I look at you now

My terrific unkempt garden

Grown into a mountain

I can no longer conquer


The stream has run its course

The river now rapids

Grinding at the bedrock

All the foundations washed away


I wanted to see you smile

But I only see tears

All of our vices have

Paid heavily over these years


I scratch at my wounds

Scabs are hard to remove

I know there is poison beneath

That is seeping into my veins


We have put on a show

So the whole world would know

That we are both still breathing

Together hand in hand


No doctor and no nurse

Have the depth of the cure

Nobody is welcome in the end

Our confidence is so pure


Knocked from our peaks

Falling down into the abyss

Yearning for company in those lonely weeks

Just hoping for a single kiss


The thorns have sliced me open

The beauty of a rose a demon

Distracting me from the real vision

Pushing me away from the real reason


Poison ivy and toxic fruits

Pay a heavy price inside of me

Raped my patience, pillaged my loot

I failed to hear and failed to see


No medicine can cure me

I wilt like a flower in autumn

Searching for answers not wanting pity

Feeling cold in my mid-winter


Confused even more

My cuts are feeling sore

Questions I cannot answer

Never before, forever misled


As I look for a way

I look deep inside of me

As night turns to day

Feel as though I’m losing sanity


Cut from a beautiful rose

When I said I’m forever yours

All things said were pretty

In time I regret what I said


Infected and poisoned

My life has no reason

My soul has darkened

As I’m always bleeding!


Watch the video to Always Bleeding here!


Looking ahead and forward,

Aiming for the eye,

Of the incoming,

Devastating tornado,

Knowing this will not be easy,


But you do it,

All the same,

On the other side,

Of this furious storm,

Lies tranquillity,

Safety and home,

But to arrive,

You must make a sacrifice,

Some things in life,

Are not so nice!

You have to focus,

On the future,

Focusing your strength,

To focus some more,

Focus intently

Focus forever,

Hold on tight,

This is going to be some ride,

Stand up straight,

There is nowhere to hide,

Destination locked,

You don’t have a key,

Only way forward,

Hope you’re happy,

Sniffing the wind for danger,

Wiping a tear from your eye,

You want to live a little more,

It is too early to die,

Finally you decided

To plunge ahead,

Whistling winds,

Penetrate your head,

Continue to focus,

On the way home,

Focusing collecting your thoughts,

To focus whatever happens,

Focus immaculately,

Focus some more,

It whips and lashes at limbs,

Your face blasted with debris,

You feel weak and delicate,

This is total insanity,

Finally on the other side,

Hair out of place,

You have swallowed half a barn,

Your heart continues to race,

Unaware of where you are,

You still haven’t opened your eyes,

Still feeling sick,

You are in for a surprise,

The tornado whirls behind you,

But what you see is not home,

You got lost in the vortex,

You are back to square one,

You must focus

Do it all again,

Focusing better now,

Even though you are in pain,

To focus, to correct,

Focus clumsily,

Focus myself,

Back into the whirling winds,

That gates your freedom,

It seems the wind is fiercer,

You don’t really like them,

Slashed and sliced,

Coming out in a rash,

Thunder in your ears,

Objects crash,

With the last drops of determination,

With all the agony of frustration,

With the wind in your ears,

You hold back your tears,

With your head held proud,

In this trap so loud,

You arrive in the place,

You so wanted to see,

You had focused,

Relax now friend,

Focus on something else,

This has to end,

Focus closing,

Focus again,

As you fall to the floor,

Tired and weak,

You see your painted house,

And it’s perfect garden,

Smiling you stand,

Running to your abode,

Crossing over the road,

To your front door,



You reach into your pocket,

For the welcome keys,

Only finding an empty pocket,

Just one tatty, snotty tissue,

No bloody key!

You realize where you left them,

You turn around again,

The tornado laughs at you,

You swear it did,

You have to return to the other side,

Because you forgot your keys

Oh focus!


Watch the video for Focus here!


You got lucky,

It was a beautiful,

Glorious bank holiday Monday,

You piled your junk in the boot,

Of your 1980s turbo car,

Blowing smoke down the M5,

They closed that road for fog,

You went down Dartmoor,

To see a little bit of scenery,

You got fed up of the concrete jungle,

You had a picnic in acres of greenery,

Your wife was a sinister soul,

You thought she liked the Dartmoor ponies,

You was shocked when they started moving their cocks,

And your wife came over all horny!

She suggested getting in the car,

And carry on their perverted journey,

So they travel on up to Princetown,

To take in the local history,

There it unexpectedly rose,

Like a bad and sore thumb,

A prison made of solid granite,

To your wife it seemed so fun,

She barked just imagine in there,

How many real and horny guys,

Not those floppy and flimsy fake arsed men,

That don’t even know how to grope,

Shocked at your woman’s turn for the worse,

And all those foul phrases perverse,

You got your self, flying down the B3357,

Trying to find peace and a slice of heaven

Just when you thought you had seen enough,

You wife says turn left it’s time to stop,

Almost sliding off the old stone bridge,

You only saw a red letter box on your left,

Go baby go, I want to go here,

You like wild beavers well how about this,

Badgers Holt, oh just give me a kiss,

You were now thinking your wife,

Was certainly up to no good,

She seemed to know too much of this place,

As you found yourself sipping tea

With warm scones and lots of creamy cake,

You wife disappeared with a hop and skip,

You was shocked at her teenage antics,

She returned with a key in hand,

Saying we are getting to know Badgers Holt better,

Almost choking on your last bit of cake,

You thought she was making one big mistake,

But seeing her happy and full of glee,

That made life so much better don’t you see,

And so in the last hours of daylight,

You explored the land before the lodge,

Watching the East Dart river flow,

Her sexual innuendoes were defiantly getting worse,

Saying she just loved to get wet right now,

Imagine your shock when she described the black Norfolk turkeys,

She said that they’d like to gobble all day,

Just look at the white rabbits bonking mad,

They don’t care if your smartphone is faster than theirs,

You got to see Pekin Bantams and Columbia black tailed chickens,

And molly the pig was just a swine of course,

When she stole another cake of yours,

As night fell on Dartmoor,

Fear drove at you,

You felt strange and distant from mankind,

But all that changed when she took your hand,

And led you up to that large cosy bed,

All that fresh air had woken up her libido,

You was worried she was going to break the bed,

She was wilder than the beast in the woods,

And all the time she was humping and pumping,

Trying to find the longest road to satisfaction,

You were finding it very hard to stay awake,

Dreaming and fantasizing of Dartmoor cake.


There were cracks on the motorway,

In a beautiful place of Sicily,

There were cracks in the balcony,

Windows blown out in Rome,

The Torre dei Pulci fell in Firenze,

Not far from the greatest museum in the world,

We should not confuse it though,

With the atrocities in Piazza Fontana,

Or the government sponsored attack,

At the station, in Bologna.

These cracks were made by the mafia,

They wanted to underline a threat,

They expect Italy to kiss their ass,

And we should be forever in their debt,

The explosive headlines of the ‘90s

Seem to be a thing of the past,

But don’t underestimate these people,

They are still around,

Bringing misery to millions of people,

Threatening all their securities,

They made not make the headline news,

They are not found just in Sicily,

They continue to grow no matter what,

They have their hands everywhere,

Where there is power and money to gain,

The mafia will always be there,

It has been 38 long years, this week,

Since Peppino Impastato was murdered,

For being a writer, a poet, an activist,

Against the people in power in his town of Cinisi,

He was loved by his mother and his brother,

Even though his father was mafia to the core,

He stood up against everyone corrupt,

And will be remembered forever more,

How many people have been tortured?

By these cowardly criminals of the underworld,

To distort the truth for their own gain,

How many peoples freedom has been sold?

The news hardly filters out of their region,

Never mind making the world news,

Even though it seems the cracks were repaired,

It was all false, as people are still being abused,

We must remember honest people like Peppino,

And the people in judicial power like Giovanni Falcone,

Murdered with his wife on the 23rd of May 1992,

All he was doing was following the letter of the law,

Murdered in cold blood, remembered forever more,

Just like his colleague and friend Paolo Boresellino,

Murdered on the 19th of July the same year,

These people made headline news,

Others never got to be more than a page filler,

In the local censored newspapers,

Do you know of Rossella Casini?

She was a young student, who fell in love with,

Francesco Frisina who was also studying in Florence,

How was she to know, his family was the mafia,

Engaged in a war of words and bullets,

That ended up killing Francesco’s father,

When it came to Francesco’s turn to be hurt,

Rossella took him to Florence to bring him back to life,

As she pleaded with him to stay in lovely Tuscany,

He decided to turn his back on all that was his,

One thing lead to another, things got complicated,

Rossella was never seen again after the 21st of February ‘81,

Her disappearance killed her mother,

Her father fought for justice all on his own,

Only years later did we hear the brutal truth,

Somebody confessed to all this bloody mess,

Just for being a “foreigner” and not born in Palmi,

She was kidnapped, raped and hacked to bits,

And dumped without ceremony into the sea,

Her father died of a broken heart,

And so died an entire family,

They could not poke their nose into those family affairs,

That the Calabrians named ‘Ndrangheta,

Butchers and murders, selling fear in the street,

Stealing from every high way shop,

This is the new age of highway robbery,

Paying your protection money,

So your shop or car does not get destroyed,

You might think this was ancient news,

But it is the mafia’s evilest ploy,

This is not some disaster movie made in Hollywood,

This is criminal, a disease, a virus we need to destroy,

All the families involved are stronger and headstrong,

Woven into the daily fabric that is society,

When policemen are corrupt and look the other way,

Politicians are eating out of the families pockets,

Innocent people, writers, journalists and reporters,

Disappearing, in numbers, censored brutally,

When all the roads lead to Rome,

And to all the other centres of wealth,

Why aren’t the government blocking the route?

Eliminating the evil that has placed a shadow on Italy,

If it is just a simple crack, dividing society,

Who better to fix it than the glorious people in power?

But like foul pigs at the trough,

There is a lengthy queue,

The leaders of this fallen country,

Are the first in the line,

To feed from the mafia,

Hands blood stained and worn,

In the trough of riches you will find money,

And the innocent remains of every victim,

The politicians those on the left and the right,

Feeding on the blood of the innocents,

They censor the news and the plight of the families,

Feeding the mafia,

Making them stronger,

Assisting the murder,

We can’t back down any longer!

Too many cracks left to grow,

Too many victims dead,

How many it is so hard to know,

Let the world know,

What some people have to suffer,

Too many funerals with empty coffins,

Too many tears,

After all these years!


We cannot just paper over the cracks,

Society is fragile as it is!

We should build our future on trust,

Throwing corruption and fear into the past,

To believe in one another,

To love one another,

To live a life without fear of our neighbour,

No matter of our religion,

Our different ways of thinking,

Every town can be reached by a different road,

As long as you arrive feel free to drive,

Don’t let the minority pin you down,

Live your life in your own eyes,

We are born to be free and unchained,

We are not meant to be animals in the cage,

Living in our own pity and shit,

The only animals living in their mountain of shit,

Are the mafia and its ancient hierarchy,

That cannot and will not survive in this age,

Say goodbye to the ‘Ndrangheta,


Cosa Nostra,

Sacra Corona Unita,

Let us get rid of these cracks in society,

Build a new world, a new wall,

Foundations of hope and peace,

To hold all of us together,

As one.


Dedicated to every single victim of the mafia who have been erased from this earth, cruelly and before their time, dedicated to all the families who found themselves in the spotlight instead of being in their arms of their loved ones, dedicated to all the Italians who live in fear every day, paying protection money or not being allowed to do their job correctly, people who have been bent out of line to follow an illegal path because of threats against their family, dedicated to every writer that has spoken out against the mafia and are only alive because they are protected constantly by armed guards, dedicated to every one who believes in hope, hope that these cracks in society can be finally erased and not just papered over!


Just Papering over the Cracks

The Just series of books welcomes a new cub to their family with words of poetry about the glory and the tragedy that you find in our daily lives, there are words of hope to bring people back from the brink of depression when it seems all hope is lost, there are words of truth that have been hidden from the world, words that only can be whispered to one another in the kitchens of families desperate to see a better time, there are words from the past that were brutal and cruel, words that want to be part of a better, brighter future. This collection of poetry is a stunning, interactive portrait of what this indie poet sees every day, this is like a fairground ride that lashes you from one point of view to another, short stories that are based on facts from the past, some poems document what a cruel world we live in, but no matter how deep the poems get, or how tragic and bloody life becomes, the poet believes in the future , he believes the best is yet to come, that we as humans should unite as one to overcome our struggles to move forward, to unite to move forward out of the dark ages of greed and corruption, of violence and murder to base our future on truth and honesty, so why not read what is here and believe in yourselves.

  • ISBN: 9781311024886
  • Author: Darren Hobson
  • Published: 2016-05-19 15:05:09
  • Words: 11276
Just Papering over the Cracks Just Papering over the Cracks