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Just A Fantasy Of Caroline

Just A Fantasy Of Caroline


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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“Hello Robert,” she said. “I’m happy to meet you.”

“And I’m happy to meet you,” I replied. “But I’m afraid I don’t know your name.”

“It’s Caroline. I’m sorry. I should have told you.”

In front of me sat a very beautiful woman dressed in red. She had long blond hair and was wearing a bracelet on her right wrist. I had no memory of how we had come to meet and where we were. But I wasn’t complaining because the vision of what I was seeing was very pleasing to me.

“Caroline,” I said, “can you tell me where we are? I seem to have momentarily forgotten a few things.”

“You are in my Fantasy Room,” she informed me. I need to tell you that I just conjured you up a moment ago.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” I replied. “Is this a joke of some kind?”

“No, what I’m telling you is literally true. You did not exist a few moments ago. My world is not the world that you believe you know. In my world I have powers that you do not have any knowledge of. One of those powers is the ability to conjure up people when it suits me to do so. I have what is called a Fantasy Room in which I’m able to take actions like this.”

“That is nonsense,” I said. “I know I am real, because I know that I am me. What you’re telling me is a fantasy of your own.”

“Tell me; if you do not believe that you are a fantasy, then what is your name?”

I searched my mind but was unable to come up with a name of any kind. “I must have temporarily forgotten it,” I said. “But that doesn’t change what is real and what is not. You cannot tell me that I am not real!”

“How old are you?” She asked. “Where were you born? What is your occupation?”

Try as I could, I was not able to answer any of her questions. “This is a trick of some kind,” I said. “You have hypnotized me.”

“No, when I created you, I did not give you many facts about who you are. I just hadn’t gotten around to it. Your name is Robert. You are about thirty. You don’t have any occupation and have never had one. Now let me ask you a question. What is your name?”

“Robert, of course. Now I know I am hypnotized. “But I don’t remember when you did it.”

“In what city were you born?”

“I don’t remember. I guess you’ll have to tell me.”

“You were born in Toronto.”

“I’ve never heard of Toronto. In what country is Toronto?”

“Canada. Do you begin to see? You are not hypnotized. All you know is what I tell you or what I imagine that you know.”

I began to believe her. But I could not accept what she was telling me.

“If I am only a fantasy, why did you create me? How long will I be a fantasy? Do I have any control over my life at all?”

“I can keep you as a fantasy for as long as I please. But if there comes a time when you will no longer be of interest to me, then I will erase the fantasy, and you will no longer exist.”

“The other things that I see in this room, the dog, the stars, the chair that you are sitting in, are they all fantasies also?”

“No, the chair is real. The floor and walls are real. They are part of my Fantasy Room. I fantasized the dog because I thought you would like to have a dog as a companion while you are part of my fantasy.”

“What was your purpose in creating me?” I inquired. “Don’t you agree that was a mean thing for you to do?”

“Everybody likes to have new friends,” she declared. When I fantasized you, I desired a person of moderate intelligence with whom I thought I could associate with and enjoy speaking to.”

“But I only know what you want me to know.” I said. “What good would it do if all I could talk about were things that you had put into my mind?”

“No, when I created you, I gave you the will to want to learn, and to accomplish. You can do that as freely as you please. Then, when you have learned new things that I did not put into your mind, we could have conversations that would please both of us.”

“But I don’t like the idea that I am a temporary figment of your imagination,” I said. If I am going to exist, then I feel that I should have a normal lifespan like everyone else.

“You do not know anything about lifespans.” she said. “There is no death in my world. There is no such thing as a temporary life either. When you have ceased being a good companion to me, I will simply erase you as a fantasy and you will no longer exist. However, you will not mind, because you will not know this.”

“Do I have the ability to become angry?” I asked.

“Yes, I created you with normal feelings, and a general knowledge of existence. That is why you have the ability to speak English. I could have fantasize you without a knowledge of language, but, then, of course, you would not have been a source of pleasure to me, nor to anyone else.”

“Then I do have to tell you, that I am angry! I feel that I must demand a better existence. Do you have the ability to give me the same kind of existence that you have?”

“I do not have that ability,” she responded. However, we have a higher authority that can authorize it. If, you can demonstrate, that your life would be of great importance to us, then through that greater authority we can give you the kind of existence that I have.”

“What kind of importance do you feel would be adequate to gain that kind of existence?”

“I gave you the ability to compose interesting stories,” she said. “If you demonstrate that the kinds of stories that you create will be of great pleasure to us, then we can give you a more pleasing existence.”

“I would like to try,” I said. “If I write great stories, how would they become known to others?”

“We have an outlet called e-books,” she said. I would like to see an example of the kind of story that you can write.”

“Suppose I write a story about what has just happened to me,” I responded. “Do you suppose if it gains acceptance, that I may become qualified for that alternate life?”

“I would suggest you try. Then we can make a decision.”

Note from the author: This story has been written as a consequence of my meeting with Caroline. I realize now that I am only a fantasy of hers. But I would like a better existence then simply a temporary one. I would be interested to know whether you feel that this story qualifies for that purpose.

Just A Fantasy Of Caroline

  • ISBN: 9781370160624
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-08-17 04:35:09
  • Words: 1278
Just A Fantasy Of Caroline Just A Fantasy Of Caroline