Josie Visit's Antarctica

Josie Visits Antarctica

By Heidi Nel

Shakespir Edition

ISBN NO : 9781370515424

Copyright 2016 Heidi Nel

All rights reserved

Ooh, Antarctica was a very cold place, and it was also a very beautiful place. Josie knew this, and that’s why he felt he just had to see it. He had to see it to believe it. He knew that Antarctica was the regions that was situated round the South Pole. It was a cold and cloudy day when he stood outside, and thought about the coldness of Antarctica. He felt drawn to the place, so after thinking about Antarctica some more, he finally went ahead and did it. He planned a whole expedition to Antarctica all by himself.

It was a couple of days later, and Josie, Babu, Suyaki, Spunky and Catyver were strapped into their plane seats with safety belts. Catyver was a pilot for Catty Airline, but he also had his own private plane, and because it was his week off from work, and he also wanted to see Antarctica, he had arranged with one of his other cat buddies to fly them all the way to Antarctica. His other cat buddy’s name was Catnap, because he loved short naps. Josie, Babu, Suyaki, Spunky and Catyver liked Catnap a whole lot, and they all thought that he was one fine cat. He almost flew as well as Catyver, and flying was one of his great passions in life. His other great passions was chasing after rats, and taking short naps, and eating tuna. He was a cat that was totally in love with life.


They flew for such a long time that Josie thought for an alarming moment that the flight was never going to end, and he started to worry, but then he looked out of the plane’s window, and what he saw down below was so beautiful that he couldn’t stop staring. Antarctica was a continent of ice, and as Josie’s eyes fell upon some of the high and majestic ice-covered mountains, he thought to himself that he had never before seen anything more extraordinary. It was just so amazing.

Ooh, Josie felt so happy as he enjoyed the view, and he could hardly wait for the plane to land. He loved the fact that the plane was outfitted with special skis for landing on the snow. The more he looked at the beautiful view, the more excited he got. Suyaki, Babu, Spunky and Catyver as well as Catnap, also felt excited. Antarctica was just as amazing for them. They were totally spellbound, and they also wanted the plane to land as soon as possible.

Finally, after a while, Catnap landed the plane with a flourish. Josie opened the door of the plane, and jumped out eagerly. Suyaki, Babu, Spunky and Catyver jumped out just as eagerly, and Catnap jumped out after opening the door on his side of the plane. He helped the cats to unload their luggage, and the three snowmobiles, and afterwards he looked around him, and said smilingly, “Oh, but it’s cold here in Antarctica. I’m quite sure that it’s the coldest place on earth, but it is also a place of such great beauty.” He was silent for a moment, and he looked around him some more, and he could hardly believe that a place of such great beauty existed. Then he said pleasantly to the cats, “You are so lucky to be spending four whole days here. You must enjoy yourselves, and while you’re here, try to see as much of Antarctica as possible.” Josie looked at him in a friendly manner, and said heartily, “You’re so right, Catnap. Antarctica is a cold, but beautiful place, and I’m so glad that we’ll be here for four whole days. It’s not exactly our kind of place, because of the cold weather, but it’s a place that we just have to see. We simply have to make the most of the four days that we’re here.” Catnap thought about Josie’s words for a while. Then he smiled broadly at Josie. Very broadly. He rubbed his paws together in an effort to warm them up a bit. Then he held out one of his paws and shook one of Josie’s paws. After that, he shook paws with Babu, Spunky, Suyaki and Catyver, and then he said with a huge grin on his adorable little cat face, “Well, it’s time for me to vamoose out of here. I wish you everything of the best, and I hope that your four day stay here is pleasant. I’ll come and pick you up with the plane once the four days is over. You must enjoy every second of your stay here. It’s not every day that a cat goes to Antarctica. You know what I mean.”

Josie, Babu, Spunky, Suyaki and Catyver chorused together merrily, “We know what you mean !”

Then Josie thanked Catnap for his sincere and kind words, and after he thanked Catnap, the other cats thanked him as well. They were in a jolly mood, and even though it was ice cold, with temperatures well below freezing point, it couldn’t dampen their enthusiasm. They watched as Catnap climbed back into the plane. He started the engine, and waved cheerfully to them before flying off. He wanted to get back home as soon as possible, because for him, home was where the heart was. Josie, Babu, Spunky, Suyaki and Catyver stood waving at Catnap as he flew off, and they kept on waving until they couldn’t see the plane anymore.

After they had finished waving at Catnap, they stood and looked around them. Then Josie took a deep breath and said seriously, “Boy, oh, boy. This must be the most desolate and unloved place on earth. It’s so cold here, and there is so much ice. Ooh, it’s no wonder that nobody wants to live here.”

Babu smiled at Josie, but because of the extremely cold weather, his smile froze on his face. “Aw, it’s not so bad. We just have to keep on looking on the bright side. That’s all,” he said cheerfully.

Suyaki nodded his head in total agreement with Babu. “Babu is right. If we keep on looking on the bright side, then we can have some great fun here in Antarctica, and I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely want to have some fun,” he said pleasantly.

Spunky was silent for a long while, because he was thinking really hard. Then he looked at Josie, and asked eagerly, “Ummm, Josie, are there any rats in Antarctica, because the best fun for me is chasing after rats. It’s the thrill of the chase that I love most. It’s just so exciting.”

Josie shook his head mournfully, and he felt a little sad when he told Spunky, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, my buddy, but there aren’t any rats in Antarctica.”

Spunky did feel very disappointed. With a utterly sad expression on his face, he said, “Surely there must be one tiny weeny rat especially for little old me.”

Josie looked at Spunky, and he felt so sorry for him. He knew that Spunky loved chasing after rats a whole lot. He wished that there was something that he could do to put the smile back on Spunky’s face. With heartfelt sympathy he said to Spunky, “Sorry buddy. There isn’t even one tiny weeny rat in Antarctica. Rats don’t like this continent, because for them, it’s much too cold.” Now Spunky looked even more sad.

In a desperate effort to cheer Spunky up a bit, Josie said kindly, “I know what we can do.” When the other cats all looked at him curiously, he continued, “We can put up our tent, and then we can sit inside it and drink delicious warm milk, and we can also eat some tuna. How about it ?”

All the cats agreed that it was the best idea, and Spunky finally managed to smile. Catyver cleared his throat importantly, and said a bit boastfully, “Well, while I’m looking on the bright side, I think that I’m a very bright spark, because I have an even better idea.” Upon hearing his words, all the cats looked at him, and they were all very impressed. They waited with bated breaths, and feeling pleased with himself that he had their full attention, he continued, “After putting up our tent, and after drinking our milk and eating our tuna, we can all spend the first day of our visit in Antarctica by sitting nice and cosily, while listening to the sound of Josie’s soothing voice as he tells us everything he knows about Antarctica. What do you think about that ?”

Josie smiled brightly. “That sounds like a great idea,” he said happily.

Babu looked awestruck. “You’re the absolute best, Catyver. You always have such wonderful ideas, and this idea is by far the best idea you ever had,” he said, with such great admiration in his voice.

Spunky had an expression of total respect on his face as he looked at Catyver, and uttered in a friendly manner, “Your ideas always amaze me, and I think this time you really outdid yourself, because it’s a super idea.”

As Spunky spoke the words, the joy slowly started crawling back into his heart, and he couldn’t stop smiling. He listened attentively when Suyaki said very enthusiastically, “I absolutely love your idea, Catyver. You’re truly one of a kind cat. I say let’s do it. Let’s get this show on the road.” His words had the right effect. The cats felt motivated, and they hurled themselves into a flurry of action. They were all in a great hurry to get the tent up.

Finally, after a very huge effort, the cats had their tent up, and they felt oh, so very pleased with themselves. It was a tent especially designed for cats, and it was very lovely and comfortable inside. A gas stove stood in the centre of the tent, and all the cats were sitting around the gas stove, grinning at each other, while waiting for the milk to get warmed up in a stainless steel pot that stood on the gas stove. Afterwards, they drank the warmed milk thirstily, and then they each opened a can of tuna, which they ate hungrily. It tasted oh, so absolutely delicious. After that, all the cats rubbed their tummies in a very satisfactory manner, and then Josie cleared his throat over-zealously, and he felt very important when he said with great aplomb, “Antarctica is at the bottom of the world, and it’s the coldest and loneliest, windiest, driest, and emptiest continent. It’s the world’s seventh continent, and it’s totally awesome. Ninety seven percent of Antarctica is covered with ice. There is no way in or out of Antarctica during the eight-and-a-half months of winter, so we can be glad that it is summer here now, but even though it is summer it is still very cold. A man named Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen that was born on July 16, 1872 in Borge, near Oslo, Norway, was a Norwegian explorer, and he was the first person to reach Antarctica, and as if that was not enough, he was also the first to make a ship voyage through the Northwest Passage, and one of the first to cross the Arctic by air. He was one of the best figures in the field of polar exploring, and I really admire him, because of what he did. Antarctica is the only continent without butterflies, and it is so cold and inhospitable here that the only people who are here are the personnel of the different countries that have scientific research stations, or bases here. Tourists, like us, also come here from time to time, because Antarctica is really something to see. It’s an incredible place.” Josie paused for a couple of seconds, and he smiled to himself on the inside, because Suyaki, Babu, Spunky and Catyver were watching him with such rapt attention, and he could sense their curiosity with his highly developed sixth sense, so without further ado, he continued in a chuffed manner, “Nobody lives in Antarctica indefinitely like they do in the rest of the world, and Antarctica has never had an indigenous population. There are absolutely no towns or cities, and no permanent residents here, and there’s also no commercial industries here. Summer lasts from October/November to March/April, and the rest of the icy cold year is considered to be wintertime. There are many scientific research stations, or bases in Antarctica , and quite a few of them are occupied throughout the year. Through the summer months there are quite many people at the scientific research stations, or bases, and through the winter months there are only a few people. The people at the scientific research stations, or bases keep themselves busy by doing a whole lot of research projects, from monitoring global warming, to studying interesting fish,and a whole lot of other stuff of scientific interest, and the work that they do is so very special. The coldest it ever got in Antarctica was – 89,2 grade Celsius, and that is why it really is the coldest place on earth, and sometimes the wind blows at 200 kilometres an hour.” Josie paused and looked at Suyaki, Babu, Spunky and Catyver. Then he asked pleasantly, “Well, what do you think about all that ?” Suyaki felt overwhelmed with happiness. “Oh, Josie. You’re so clever, my buddy, and I’m so proud of you. You really do know everything there is to know about this beautiful continent, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing all that wonderful information with us,” he said cheerfully.

Babu looked at Josie with a feeling of awestruck wonder, and he was the one cat who always had an expression of awestruck wonder on his adorable little cat face. He was also the only cat who always carried a hairdryer and a hairbrush with him at all times. “Phew ! You really do blow me away sometimes with your vast knowledge, Josie. Now I’m totally awestruck, because it seems to me that Antarctica is the perfect place for a great adventure, and we did the right thing in coming all the way here. By the way, I’m also so proud of you,” he said enthusiastically.

Spunky looked at Josie as if he was seeing him for the very first time. Then, with amazement in his voice, he uttered, “Wow, I feel completely blown away by your brilliance, my buddy. Now that I know a bit more about Antarctica, thanks to you, I’m starting to really like it here. It might be cold here, but it is also very peaceful, and I love peaceful places, and ummm, Josie, I’m also so proud of you.”

Catyver nodded his head in complete agreement with Spunky. Then, with eyes wide as saucers, he said, “Wow! You really do know your stuff. I’m so impressed. You told us so much about Antarctica that I feel right at home here now. In fact, I’m so deeply touched by everything that you told us, that I’m starting to feel a deep connection to this place, but no matter how deeply I feel connected to this place, I definitely don’t want to be standing outside this tent if the wind starts blowing at 200 kilometers per hour. That would just be way too scary for me.” He paused for a couple of seconds, and then, with a huge amount of affection in his eyes, he looked at Josie, and said fondly, “I’m also so proud of you, Josie, my dear buddy, and I really do think that you’re the best.” He winked at Josie, and then he stood up, and said eagerly, “It’s so cold here that I’m going to jump up and down for a couple of minutes to get warm.”

He started jumping up and down very energetically, and the other cats looked at him with spellbound fascination for a while. Then they also stood up, and started to jump up and down very energetically, and after a while they felt very surprised, because they were starting to get nice and warm. After they had jumped up and down for a couple of minutes, they went out of their tent, and then they took a nice long walk, and as they walked, they soaked up the unique atmosphere : wind, isolation, the extreme coldness, and they knew instantly that this was the true spirit of Antarctica. Snow was blowing in the wind, and all the cats stuck out their tongues, and tasted the snow. “You know what it tastes like?” Babu asked the other cats excitedly.

They all looked at him, and then Josie asked with a perplexed expression on his face, “What does it taste like?”

Babu winked at him, and then he said laughingly, “It tastes like snow.”

Upon hearing this, all the cats burst out laughing, because they knew that Babu was being his funny self again. Then they saw ice that was carved into spectacular hard waves, by the wind. Babu struck it with his claws, and him and all the other cats felt so enchanted, because each hard wave produced beautiful musical notes when struck.

When they walked back to their tent, the sun had almost set beneath the horizon. All the cats stood, and looked around them for a while, and they felt such awe, because Antarctica was just so impressive. Then they turned around, and went into their tent, and each cat climbed into a sleeping bag. They talked excitedly for a while, and then they fell fast asleep, and while they slept, they dreamt of snow.

The next morning, Josie was the first cat to wake up, and he felt so happy, because him and his cat buddies were in Antarctica, and there was so much to see, and so much to do. “Wakey, wakey, you guys! We have a long day ahead of us!” he called cheerfully, and Suyaki, Babu, Spunky, and Catyver woke up instantly with huge smiles on their adorable cat faces. Like Josie, they were also looking forward to their second day in Antarctica.

After a delicious breakfast, Babu stuck his head out of the tent, and when he saw how bad the weather was, he immediately pulled his head back in. He wasn’t smiling anymore. With a big frown on his face, he said to Josie, “Ummm, Josie, I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to go out of the tent in this weather. It’s ghastly out there. Let’s rather sit for a while, and wait out the storm.”

Josie decided to see for himself, and so he stuck his head out of the tent, but he stuck out his head a bit too far because the next instant, the wind started blowing even more fiercely, and with such force, and it pulled Josie right out of the safety of the tent. Josie felt himself tumbling in the wind, and he was filled with a huge amount of fear and panic, because the wind picked him right up off the ground, and carried him a few meters from the tent. Then it dropped him, and the snow fell heavily down upon him, and turned him into an ice sculpture. He felt completely frozen, and he thought that he was never going to see his cat buddies again. He also felt sleepy, and he thought that he was on his way to kitty heaven.

Back in the tent, Suyaki, Babu, Spunky and Catyver all felt dismayed, because they had seen what had happened to Josie. “We have to rescue him before it’s too late,” Suyaki uttered in an alarmed manner.

Babu looked at Suyaki, and then, with a worried expression on his face, he said, “Yes, but how do we rescue him ?”

Spunky started tapping his foot impatiently, because he knew that time was running out for poor Josie. “We have to think of a plan, and we have to think quickly !” he exclaimed to the others, in a frantic tone of voice.

Babu walked up and down in the tent, and then he said in a tense tone of voice, “Oh, I’m getting myself so worked up with worry that I’m in a complete tizzy. We have to save Josie. We just have to.”

So far, Catyver had not said a single word, because he was too busy thinking of a way to save Josie. He knew he couldn’t let Josie perish out here in Antarctica. He looked frantically through his backpack until he found his thinking cap. He hastily put it on his head, and then he closed his eyes for a couple of moments, and thought a bit harder. He was still busy thinking, when all of a sudden, with the help of his thinking cap, the perfect rescue plan formed in his mind. He opened his eyes, and said smilingly to the other cats, “Never fear when Catyver is near.” When they looked at him expectantly, he said soothingly, “I have the perfect rescue plan. I can save Josie in a jiffy. No problem.”

Babu looked at him with tears in his eyes. “How do you plan to save Josie ? Isn’t it too late already ?” he then asked sadly.

Catyver looked through his backpack again until he found the long piece of rope that he always carried with him. He took it out of his backpack, and then he looked fondly at Babu, and said, “Watch and learn, my buddy. Just watch and learn.” He felt very macho as he quickly tied one end of the rope securely around his waist. Then he stepped bravely out of the tent, and while clinging to Babu, who stood inside the tent, he gave the other end of the rope to Suyaki who held onto it tightly with both of his paws. Spunky immediately stepped up to Suyaki, so that he was standing alongside him, and without further ado, he also took hold of the rope with both of his paws. They listened solemnly and very attentively as Catyver told them briskly, “I’m going out in this wind, and I’m going to try my utmost to make it to Josie. If I do make it to him, I’m going to put my arm around him. Then I’m going to give you the thumbs up signal, and when I do that, you must all pull the rope with all of your might, so that you can pull me and Josie back into the safety of the tent.” He paused for a moment. Then he said intensely, “Whatever you do, don’t let go of that rope until Josie and I are safely back in the tent.”

Upon hearing this, Suyaki, Babu and Spunky nodded their heads solemnly. Then Babu wailed with tears in his eyes, “Just please bring Josie back to us safely, because we love him, and we don’t want to lose him.”

Catyver felt very sorry for Babu, and he meant every word when he said tenderly, “I promise you, Babu. I promise to bring Josie safely back to this tent.”

The next moment, he let go of Babu, and at that same moment, the wind blew even more fiercely, lifting Catyver completely off his feet. Catyver felt blown away with surprise, because he never knew that the wind could blow quite so strong.

As he was being blown away in the wind, he looked to see where exactly Josie was, and he tried to stay as calm as possible. The moment that he was right opposite Josie, he frantically reached out with both of his paws, and while the strong wind blew all around him, he grabbed at Josie with all his might, and when he had his arm securely around Josie, he reached with his other arm behind him, and gave the cats in the tent the thumbs up sign. Upon seeing the sign, Suyaki, Babu and Spunky pulled the rope with all their strength, and after a couple of determined pulls, they managed to get a very weak Josie, and a very relieved Catyver back into the safety of the tent. They thought that it was the greatest miracle ever. Babu hurled himself into action, and warmed some milk on the gas stove. While the milk was busy warming, he took his hairdryer out of his backpack, and because it worked with batteries, he only needed to switch it on, which he quickly did. He then turned the hairdryer on Josie, and waited for the heat of the hairdryer to warm Josie sufficiently, so that the ice that had turned him into a sculpture melted right off him. Finally, after a while, they could see Josie again, and when they saw that he was alive, they all felt relieved, and oh, so very happy. He was trembling so much from the cold weather, so much so, that his teeth actually shook in his mouth. Suyaki quickly poured the warm milk from the stainless steel pot into a huge mug, and then he held the mug to Josie’s trembling lips, and said gently, “Here, buddy. Drink this. It will warm you on the inside, and it will help you to feel better.”

Josie drank the warm milk obediently, and it did wonders for him. Slowly but surely, he started to feel a bit better, and after Babu switched the hairdryer off, and put it away, and Spunky wrapped Josie lovingly in his favourite blanket, he felt a whole lot better. He managed to smile at Catyver, and the other cats, and there was gratitude in his voice when he said, “Aw, thank you so much for saving my life, you guys. I thought that I was a gonner. If it wasn’t for Catyver’s heroic act of bravery, and the three of you who pulled both of us back into the safety of the tent, then I would have definitely been a gonner.”

Suyaki looked at Josie, and said happily, “It was Catyver who thought of the brilliant plan to save you after he put his thinking cap on. He truly is a one of a kind cat, and we love him for what he did for you, Josie.” He paused for a moment. Then he wiped away a tear, and said genuinely, “We love you too, and we’re so glad that you’re safe. You gave us all a proper scare when you got blown away in the wind, and when the falling snow turned you into an ice sculpture. It was just too terrible.”

Spunky also wiped away a tear, and then he said in a serious tone of voice, “Me, Suyaki, Babu and Catyver worked together as a team to get you safely back into the tent, and I’m glad that you’re okay. Now I know what it feels like to stand by my buddies in tough times.” He wiped away another tear, and then he turned to Catyver, and said seriously, “Thank you for risking your own life to save Josie’s life, Catyver. You’re truly a remarkable cat, and I really do think that you’re the best buddy in the whole world.”

Suyaki and Babu also thanked Catyver profusely, and Catyver smiled at all of them, and said humbly, “Aw, you guys. I did what I felt was the right thing to do, and if I didn’t do it, then Josie wouldn’t be here with us right now. He would have been a gonner for sure. I’m just so glad that my plan worked, and that everything turned out well.”

Josie, Suyaki, Babu and Spunky all nodded their heads in total agreement with Catyver, and then Catyver untied the rope from around his waist.

Suyaki, Babu, Spuky and Catyver spent the whole day fussing over Josie, and he enjoyed all the attention he was getting. The wind was still blowing fiercely outside, and it was snowing, so they all stayed in the tent for the whole day, and they talked a whole lot. By nightfall, they climbed into their cosy sleeping bags, and despite the blowing wind outside, they slept very well.

The very next day it was their third day in Antarctica, and when they stuck their heads outside the tent to check out the situation, they smiled happily, because the awful wind had stopped blowing, and even though it was still cold, and it was snowing lightly, it wasn’t unpleasant. In fact, it was almost the perfect day, and Josie and his cat buddies felt very excited, because they knew exactly what they wanted to do.

After eating a quick breakfast of tuna and warm milk, Josie and his cat buddies took the three snowmobiles out of the tent. Catyver climbed onto the first snowmobile, and Josie climbed onto the second snowmobile, and Babu climbed on behind him, and when he made himself comfortable, he put both his arms around Josie’s waist, and held on tight. Suyaki climbed onto the third snowmobile, and Spunky climbed on behind him, and when he felt nice and comfy, he put both his arms around Suyaki’s waist, and held on tight. Josie, Catyver and Suyaki started their snowmobiles, and rode all over Antarctica. It was a wild and exciting ride, and their hearts were filled with so much joy, because they were really enjoying themselves, and they saw how amazingly beautiful Antarctica really was. It was a white world, and the sky above was the most beautiful shade of blue. As they rode, they whizzed past four prefabricated structures, each three storeys high, and they knew that it was one of the scientific research stations, or bases. The four prefabricated structures didn’t seem out of place, no, not at all. It seemed like it belonged there, and the people working there in an effort to make the world a better place, belonged there too.

Josie, Suyaki, Babu, Spunky and Catyver were really having the time of their lives as they rode all over Antarctica on the snowmobiles. For them, it felt like the greatest adventure ever. They even rode along the beach, and saw hundreds of penguins. “Oh, the penguins are so cute. They don’t look like birds at all. No, they look like little people in uniforms,” uttered Josie delightedly, after they brought the snowmobiles to a standstill. His cat buddies all nodded their heads in total agreement with him, and they smiled at the penguins.

Suddenly, Babu pointed to a seabird with long wings. “Oh, look at that Albatross flying so gracefully in the sky. It’s just so beautiful. Ooh, wow,” he said, in an entranced manner.

After looking at the Albatross, the other cats all agreed that it was just so beautiful. They also became entranced.

Then Spunky also pointed to something, and said ecstatically, “Ooh, just look over there. Look at all the icebergs on the sea. Wow, some of them are really big. Oh, it’s so totally awesome.”

All the other cats looked at the icebergs, and they all agreed that it was so awesome, and they couldn’t stop looking. Then Suyaki pointed to something, and said excitedly, “Oh, look. There’s killer whales in the sea, and they want to eat the seals on the ice floe. Oh, no!”

All the other cats watched in stunned silence as the killer whales circled the ice floe. The seals that were on the ice floe looked very afraid. Luckily, at that moment, a huge wave came which seemed to confuse the whales, and the seals jumped off the ice floe, and swam quickly away to safety. All the cats felt oh, so relieved. They wouldn’t have been able to bear it if one of the killer whales caught a seal and ate it.

A group of penguins waddled up to them, and Catyver felt deeply touched, because they looked at him and the other cats with friendly curiosity, and it was such a special moment for him. The cats got off their snowmobiles, and took a nice long walk along the beach, and the penguins walked with them, and although they couldn’t understand one another’s language, words weren’t necessary, because they communicated by showing one another kindness, compassion, and respect. The cats spent nearly all day with the penguins, because they thought that the penguins were fascinating. Before nightfall, they said goodbye to the penguins, climbed back onto their snowmobiles, and rode back to their tent. They ate some yummy tuna, and drank some delicious warm milk for dinner, and then they climbed into their sleeping bags, and went to sleep, and while they slept, they all dreamt about the penguins.

The next day it was their fourth day in Antarctica, and they woke up very early. After a lovely breakfast, they jumped onto their snowmobiles with so much enthusiastic energy, and then they rode all over the place, while enjoying every fun filled second. It was extremely cold, but they tried their very best to ignore the cold, and to make the most of their last day in Antarctica. After about two hours of sightseeing, they brought their snowmobiles to a standstill, and climbed off. Then Josie said gleefully, “The white landscape of Antarctica makes me think of a painter standing in front of a blank white canvas, but before he starts to paint, he somehow loses inspiration, and he decides to leave the canvas blank.”

Upon hearing this, Babu looked at him wide-eyed, and then he said in an awestruck manner, “Oh, wow. Josie, sometimes you amaze me with the beautiful things you say. That’s exactly how I think of Antarctica too, and from today, my favourite color is white.”

Spunky smiled at Babu, and then he said happily, “Well, Josie, you inspired me with those beautiful words about Antarctica, and white is also my favourite color. I think I’ll start painting as a hobby when we get back to South Africa. I’ve always wanted to paint. Ever since I can remember.”

Suyaki looked at Spunky with total adoration. Then he said joyfully, “Good for you, buddy. You can start by painting me. I’ve always wanted a portrait of myself. As for colors, blue is definitely my favourite color, because of the blue ocean in Antarctica.” He paused for a moment. Then he said wistfully, “I’ll never forget Antarctica. Never ever.” His words touched Catyver so deeply, that he had to wipe away a tear. “Oh, you guys. I’m so glad I came along on this trip, because Antarctica is such an astounding place. I really had the time of my life, and I think we should come here again sometime, in the near future.”

All the cats nodded their heads in total agreement with Catyver, and then he said smilingly, “Let’s all just take a moment to breathe in the beauty of Antarctica, and Josie, Suyaki, Babu and Spunky followed his example. They breathed in the beauty of Antarctica with such great enthusiasm and joy. Afterwards, Josie started to sway his hips very vigorously from side to side, and he said zealously, “Now that we’ve breathed in the beauty of Antarctica, it’s time for us to dance.” He then looked at Babu, and said, “Sing us a song, Babu. Sing your most beautiful song.”

Babu jumped up and down excitedly, “and then in his shrill high-pitched cat voice, he started singing, “Antarctica is such a marvellous place.

It is here where I got the most snow on my face.

We had such fun, and it was a great adventure.

And we’ll be back for another visit in the near future.

Antarctica touched all of us, because it’s so amazing.

And the joyride on the snowmobiles was so wonderful and thrilling.

Antarctica, ooh, yeah, yeah.

Antarctica, ooh, wow, wow.”

As the cats swayed their hips, oh, so very vigorously, and danced with huge smiles on their faces, they felt such gratitude in their hearts, because of everything they saw and did in Antarctica. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of their lives, and when the penguins came waddling up to them, and also started to dance, they felt happier than ever before.

About The Author : Heidi Nel is a 45 year old woman, and she is young at heart. Her hobbies is exercise, yoga, horse riding, dancing and daydreaming. She loves the beautiful South African sunsets, and the gardenia flower. She has a great passion for cats. She would love to run the comrades marathon, the two oceans marathon, and she would also love to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and to go Bundu Bashing in a knortjor(vehicle) across rugged terrain. Her motto in life is to keep plugging away bit by bit, and to keep at it.


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Josie Visit's Antarctica

Josie, Catyver, Suyaki, Babu and Spunky go to Antarctica for four exciting days. They have such fun there and they see a whole lot of Antarctica while riding on snowmobiles. Josie tells his cat buddies all he knows about Antarctica, and he fills them with absolute wonder. Never before had they seen such a beautiful place. When Josie gets blown away by the wind one morning, his cat buddies all work together as a team to rescue him.

  • ISBN: 9781370515424
  • Author: Heidi Nel
  • Published: 2016-12-15 15:20:17
  • Words: 6215
Josie Visit's Antarctica Josie Visit's Antarctica