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Jon's Story

Jon’s Story

Edenia Series

By Beth Hoyer

Copyright Shakespir 2017


Jon heard shouting noises and looked to see a figure, wearing night sky clothing flying, above Humanians who were running away from him in all directions.

He scanned the figure’s mind and heard words spoken “Claws is my name.”

He ran towards Claws who landed and was surrounded by Humanians with guns pointed at him.

Jon stepped forward breaking from the group of Humanians, to speak in Basic “Jon, the Leader of the Humanians, wants to know who stranger are.”

Claws, he saw, charged at him hitting him in the forehead with a fist. Jon groaned jerking his head up as Humanians standing around fell to the floor lying still with their eyes open. Claws, Jon felt scratched him on the cheeks then grabbed him putting him over his shoulder and jumped up flying in the air. Jon groaned as he felt himself carried out and shut his eyes as light appeared. He heard a bang sound as Claws carried him and felt he dropped onto the floor putting him in a kneeling position.

Jon opened his eyes and screamed out “Eye burner, put Jon in the darkness now!”

Claws, he felt put a hand over his mouth while speaking in the same language “I have questions, I expected answered, starting, with what species are you?”

Claws, Jon felt removed his hand as he groaned closing his eyes and spoke “We’re called Humanians, don’t mistake us as Humans.”

Claws spoke grabbing Jon’s head pointing it up “Why did your people fall when I hit you on the head?”

Jon replied groaning “Humanians are linked by Jon’s mind. Jon can mind walk them but they can’t do that. Knocking Jon out knocks the link to the Humanians and they die. The link must be restored for them to live-”

Claws interrupted “Interesting, what about mind walking other species’ minds?”

Jon spoke still groaning out “Jon can mind walk other species’ minds and knows what their thinking.”

Claws let go of Jon’s head as Jon continued with a begging tone “Please put Jon with own people. The link must be restored for them to live.”

He heard Claws speak “I don’t give a care.”

Jon yelled “Please, please Jon will do anything!”

He heard Claws speak “That’s not good enough, Jon.”

This was followed by a clicking sound as Jon groaned, as he opened his eyes while feeling pain in them. He placed his hands on the floor and began crawling, till he hit the wall which felt cold to the touch. Still groaning, he crawled till he bumped against something soft and adjusted his crawling till he hit another wall.

Jon sat down on his seat and shut his eyes as he mentally roared out “Help me, I’m trapped!”


He calls for help mentally yelling “Help me!”

He heard a door opening to scan getting via voice “Pavel Palin aka Tikcanni is my name.”

Jon spoke “Get Jon out of eye burner now!” gets Tikcanni who scans his mind very deeply and calls “This is an evolved Human!”

Jon is taken to the hospital where they do tests on him. Time has no meaning to Humanians who don’t follow the sun or night of day.

Jon during the tests begs repeatedly “Jon begs to be returned to Jon’s people!”

His begging is ignored and he gets angry at the feelings of pain he is receiving along with the other poking and prodding he is feeling while being restrained. Jon roared in pain as he felt eye burner light shining in his eyes. He snarled some sound as the light was removed followed by pain as cylinder objects were removed from his arms. He growled loudly as something was put over his mouth and nose blowing air at him which put him unconscious.


Jon woke up lying in the hallway leading to the Humanians’ home cave. He shook his head feeling his face with a hand to feel thick lines on his cheeks from the stranger clawing him. He got up to see five Humanians all adults, three males and two females lying next to him. He gasped recognizing them as his family and darted towards one of the males lying on his back with eyes opened. He placed hands on the male’s head and closed his eyes.

No image came to his mind as he spoke out loud “No, dead.”

He let go of the male and went to the other males with the same result and he felt the females by placing hands on their foreheads as he spoke out loud “Blast, own family is dead.”

He shook grabbing his sides with his hands and roared some cry then he darted running through the cave entrance to see the stairs leading down. He ran down the stairs running towards the nearest Humanian a male he recognized as Jan lying on his back with eyes open. He kneeled and placed hands on Jan’s forehead and closed his eyes as an image came to his mind’s eye. The image was of a door surrounded by light. He went to the door and grabbed the doorknob with one hand and slid the door to the side. The door disappeared as a light shined getting brighter in his eyes.

He spoke “Activate.”

Jon opened his eyes as Jan closed his eyes groaning some sound. He got up hearing groaning sounds and went to a female Humanian lying on the ground with a male and female child nearby her. He kneeled and placed his hands on the female’s forehead as he closed his eyes showing the door image.

He opened the door in his mind and again spoke “Activate.”

Then he opened his eyes getting up and went to the male child and kneel placing hands on the child’s forehead while closing his eyes. He saw the door and repeated the actions and the word and did the same for the female child. Jon stood with arms folded, a glare on his face as groaning Humanians around him slowly got up to stand.

He heard Jan speak from behind him “Jan wants to know what happened with Jon and the stranger.”

Jon turned around to face Jan and spoke “Stranger named Claws clawed Jon on the face with claws giving Jon the scars. Claws also brought Jon to room with eye burners and asked questions which Jon answered and left Jon there. Jon upset for own family is in hallway dead.”

He heard Jan hiss a breath as he continued speaking “Jon orders dead attended to and disposed properly. Jon will be in teepee for Jon needs rest.”

He lowered his arms and walked away walking pass tents towards the largest of tents shaped like a round teepee and walked inside swishing the blanket covering the entrance.

He fisted his hands growling softly as he spoke out loud “Stranger Claws will pay for what happened to Jon and own family.”

He groaned putting a hand on his chest as a feeling of emptiness arrived as he gulped air through his mouth. He looked around and spotted his small hand sized knife lying on the gonoid skin covered ground. He rolled his sleeves walking towards the knife and kneeled in front of it. He continued to gulp air as he with a hand picked up the knife grabbing the handle and held it up. He gritted his teeth as he brought the knife on his lower left arm repeatedly making bloody cuts as he breathed through his mouth. He exhaled air as the emptiness feeling left him and tossed aside the knife. Inhaling and exhaling air through his nose he closed his eyes feeling the pain from the knife cuts wash over him. The pain soon went away as he opened his eyes to look at his arm to see the cuts were no longer bleeding and were closed healing into thick scar lines.

Groaning he rolled his sleeve as he spoke out loud “Jon will not feel that way again for Jon will see to it if Jon has to repeatedly cut own arms with knife to get rid of feeling.”

He stood up and went to his blankets and pillows lying in another section of the teepee and lay down on them head on a pillow. With a groan he pulled the blanket over himself and closed his eyes letting sleep over come him.


Jon woke up with a jerk opening his eyes. He heard a howling noise from outside the teepee and wearily got up walking towards the entrance which he walked out to face Jan standing next to a female Humanian.

The female Humanian spoke “Kiara wants to join Jon if Jon will let Kiara.”

He spoke “Jon agrees to this, so Kiara come in tent and join.”

He saw Kiara walk towards him as he turned and entered his teepee followed by her. Once inside he placed clawed hands on her cheeks and lowered his head kissing her on the lips as he felt her kiss him back. Jon broke off the kiss to remove his hands and step back pulling off his boots and clothes as Kiara removed her clothes.

Jon heard her gasp as her hands touched his knife cut left arm and heard her speak “What is Jon doing knife cutting own arm?”

Jon brought a hand to her throat gagging her as he angrily spoke “What Jon does with knife on arm is none of Kiara’s business. Jon orders Kiara not to ask about this again. Jon wants to join with Kiara with no more questions asked.”

He led their naked forms to the pile of blankets lying on the gonoid skin covered ground and lay down as she lay down.

Kiara spoke “Kiara insists that Jon take the top position for Kiara wants this.”

Jon without answering settled on top of Kiara who parted her legs surrounding his legs. He felt jolts of pleasure arrive as he took one of his hands and guided his sensitive part inside Kiara. He removed the hand to place both hands to grip her arms in the armpit areas as he started thrusting with her meeting his movements. He roared the joining roar as he felt a powerful feeling of pleasure running throughout him.

He heard Kiara speak again “Kiara is willing to carry life for Jon if Jon wants this.”

Jon closed his eyes and gritted his teeth while concentrating as he felt a part of him inside Kiara detached and with his mind he guided the part towards the desired area inside her. He stopped gritting his teeth as he felt a life started forming and with concentration brought the part back to him. Exhaling air thought his nose he felt the part back onto him and pulled himself out of Kiara to lay besides her on his side as he opened his eyes. He pulled Kiara towards him as he felt her hands touch his back rubbing as he leaned over Kiara and yanked the blankets to settle over them.

Somewhere during his sleep he sensed Kiara leave the hut and figured “Kiara gone to be with girls. Jon won’t be interrupted doing this.”

Jon kneeled with knife cutting his lower right arm while grimacing in pain. He exhaled air as the pain overtook the emptiness feeling and he tossed aside the knife. With a groan he stood up shaking his head as he slowly rolled his sleeve covering the knife cut arm. Kiara was elsewhere with the girls he assumed. He stood up and left his teepee towards two bowls of food and liquid lying on the dirt ground. He fell in a kneel groaning loudly as wooziness arrived while shaking his head. Jon lowered himself onto the dirt ground still groaning loudly while closing his eyes.

He heard a Humanian male voice speak with concern in his tone “Humanians help Jon now!”

Jon felt hands grab his form lifting him up carrying him till he felt himself lowered onto a bed and the medical device’s scanner placed on his forehead as he lay on the bed. He jerked as he felt the link linking him to the Humanians shut down.

Jon mentally screamed in his head “Someone, help Jon now!”

He continued screaming the words in his mind crying out which stopped as the device on his forehead was removed. He jerked opened his eyes with a gasp to stare at a figure in a male form standing next to the bed dressed in Claws’ clothes but had long hair and a night sky like face that had no details with hot ball colored orbs for the eyes seen.

He stiffened hearing words spoken in his mind “I am King Winter, ruler of the cold.”

Without a word the figure tied a bolt of cloth covering his eyes and with great strength lifted him up carrying him.

Jon spoke “You of the cold, of all people, answered Jon’s call for help, why?”

The figure spoke in a male guttural voice “It’s the right thing to do, Jon.”

Jon groaned as he was being carried by the figure. He felt himself placed in a chair and his sleeve rolled up while feeling an object rubbed over the arm. He stiffened hearing the familiar beep sound followed by a prick of pain in his arm as the needle went in. Jon stiffened as he felt the wooziness leave him and his form returning to normal. He frown hearing talk in foreign language from listening which went silent.

He spoke as he heard the familiar voice speaking words in foreign language “Jon feels better now so you can stop.”

He exhaled air as he felt the device in his arm removed followed by a cloth rubbing the area and sleeve rolled then he felt himself lifted up by the familiar figure and carried.

Jon spoke “Who are you and why you of cold wearing clothes belonging to Claws that attacked Jon?”

He heard the figure’s voice speak “I am called Hades and Claws who I destroyed but not the body form.”

He spoke “Hades, what body form?”

Hades spoke “The body form is what Claws used to control his actions. The body form is called Eric who has a female named Brianna.”

Jon spoke “How will Jon know this Eric and know of Eric being Claws?”

He heard Hades reply “Eric has a fist mark on his back from me hitting him there to destroy Claws.”

He felt Hades lower himself and felt his back to a rocky wall as he was put to a sitting position and felt the cloth removed.

Jon blinked his eyes staring at Hades who stood up speaking “Jon, help your people, they need it.”

He found himself back in the cave with Humanians lying littering the ground as Hades walked away leaving him. With a frown he looked around to see himself surrounded lying on the ground were four Humanians, two adults, male and female and two children, male and female. Jon exhaled air and got to work establishing his link. Once done he heard groaning sounds from the Humanians lying on the ground as he walked to his teepee. He entered the teepee eyes searching as he rolled his sleeve and his eyes spotted the knife. With a groan he felt the familiar feeling of emptiness and went to the knife grabbing it and brought the blade to his lower arm repeatedly cutting gashes as he felt the pain overtake the emptiness feeling. He dropped the knife and looked at his arm to see the gashes close up leaving thick scar marks in his arm. Exhaling and inhaling air through his mouth he rolled his sleeve and left the teepee to stand with arms folded. He watched as Kiara arrived walking towards him with a frown on her face.

He kept his eyes on her as she went to stand in front of him and he spoke “Kiara follow Jon in teepee now.”

He turned and walked into the teepee through the entrance followed by Kiara. Once inside he went to stand in front of Kiara and placed hands on her cheeks before lowering his face to touch her mouth with his in a kiss.

Kiara to his annoyance broke off the kiss by moving her head speaking “Kiara wants to know why Jon punish Jon by cutting own arms.”

Jon in a quick move moved one of his hands off Kiara’s cheeks to her neck gripping her as he spoke “This subject is what Jon already told Kiara is none of Kiara’s business. What Jon does to arms is Jon’s business. Jon wants Kiara to stop asking about the knife cutting starting now.”

He removed his hand from her neck to lower it till he placed it on her abdomen over the fabric of her dress as he continued speaking “Jon expects Kiara to keep Kiara safe for carrying life growing in Kiara now.”

He heard Kiara hiss a breath as he added “Jon is tired, wants Kiara to sleep with him till waked.”

He removed his hand from her abdomen and grabbed one of her hands pulling her towards the blankets and pillows lying in one section of the teepee. He lay down on his back and pulled her down to lie on her side with his arms around her. He closed his eyes letting himself fall asleep.


Jon heard a howling noise and jerked his eyes open. He felt Kiara sometime during his sleep get up and leave the teepee then he felt her back in the teepee lying down in his arms. He sensed Kiara stir in his arms turning aside and he got up walking towards the teepee entrance and stepped out to face a Humanian male he recognized as Jin standing with arms folded a glare on his face.

Jin spoke “Jon will prove to Jin that Jon is not cutting own arms by showing arms now.”

Jon spoke folding his arms “Jon refuses to do this without a good reason from Jin besides words.”

Jin he saw rolled the sleeves of his arms as other Humanians gathered in a semi circle from behind him with glares on their faces.

Jin spoke “Jin cut own arms with knife when own family living with Jin in another place died leaving Jin alone. Jin couldn’t face the feeling of emptiness and cut arms for pain overtakes the feeling every time.”

Jon narrowed his eyes as he saw Jin held up both bare lower arms showing scar markings on them.

Jin continued speaking “Jon should remember finding Jin in another place with Jin having knife to own throat threatening to kill own self. Jon stopped Jin from that by talking words which Jin remembers clearly. Jon said ‘Jin, own family wouldn’t want this happening to Jin for family would want Jin to live to remember them to speak about to any life Jin has with a girl.’ Jon’s words forced Jin to lay down knife and face the feeling of emptiness which Jin suspects Jon has and is cutting arms to avoid it.”

Jon growled softly hearing Jin’s words as the Humanian paused from talking to fold his arms eyes boring at him.

Jon spoke “Jon refuses to talk more of this for Jon does not cut own arms or have feeling of emptiness-“

He was cut off by Kiara’s voice from behind him speaking “Jon does cut own arms. Kiara seen marks on Jon’s arms and has asked Jon why which Jon refuses to talk about.”

He growled loudly as he turned around to face Kiara standing behind him his eyes narrowed in a glare aimed at her.

Jon spoke “Some girl, Kiara is broke Jon’s trust who Jon thinks should go to lake and drown own self. Jon won’t have anything to do with Kiara for that.”

He walked towards the entrance of the teepee when he heard Jin speak from behind him “Jon will show arms and prove that Jon isn’t cutting own arms like Jon said now.”

Jon roared loudly spinning around to face Jin as he spoke “Jon will not do what Jin orders for Jon is leader and Jon doesn’t have to do that so take Kiara to the lake and drown her now.”

He stormed into the teepee brushing pass her without sparing a glance. Inside he groaned softly as he felt the emptiness feeling arrived and looked around the teepee eyes searching for the knife.

He went around the teepee grabbing items lifting them up and throwing them while muttering to himself “The knife where is it?”

Jon groaned as the feeling got stronger as he heard Kiara’s voice speaking from behind him “Kiara took knife and gave it to Jin who with prodding about the blood on knife admitted that Jon has knife cuts on arms.”

He turned around to face Kiara standing in front of the entrance to the teepee as the feeling of emptiness over took him. He groaned grabbing the sides of his head with his hands while shaking as his knees became weak which he fell to land in a kneeling position. He shut his eyes with the feeling running throughout him as he opened his mouth and howled a crying sound. Jon kept howling the crying sound as he lay on his side curled up in a ball while shaking his form violently hands still gripping the sides of his head. He howled and howled till his throat became raw with pain and he started gasping loudly as he lay, his form still shaking violently as the feeling of emptiness over took him putting him unconscious.


Jin standing besides the entrance to the teepee arms folded and gun on his back frowned seeing Kiara walking out.

Kiara seeing him spoke “Jin, what was Jin’s reaction towards the feeling of emptiness?”

Jin looked at her and spoke “Just howling cries of pain why?”

Kiara spoke “Kiara saw Jon grab sides of own head, form shaking very hard which got Jon to kneel while howling cries of pain while closing eyes. Jon’s shaking didn’t stop when Jon lay on side hands still on sides of own head while still howling. The howling cries of pain stopped and Jon started gasping for air and then shaking stopped. Jon isn’t waking when Kiara touched or shook Jon’s form.”

Jin lowered his arms and spoke “Kiara stay here while Jin go in and examine Jon.”

Jin walked inside the teepee and frowned seeing Jon’s curled up in a ball form laying still. He went to Jon, kneeling on one knee and placed a hand on the Humanian’s arm with hands touching the sides of Jon’s head, touching it and with a grip gave the area a shake. Jin frowned some more as he got no response and yanked Jon’s arm off his head to stare at the unconscious Humanian’s face which had a look of pain. Exhaling air he pushed Jon’s form to lie on his back and got up picking up Jon’s form which he slung over his shoulder. He left the teepee to meet Kiara with a frown on her face.

Jin spoke “Jon’s reaction, Kiara described is not normal for Humanians suffering from the feeling of emptiness. Jin thinks Jon is sick from cutting own arms and will take Jon to medical to be healed. Jin suggests Kiara stay with girls till Jon is healed.”

Kiara spoke “Kiara will do for Jon and new life’s sake.”

Jin gasped hearing Kiara’s words as he saw her walk away.

He muttered out loud “Jon.”

He adjusted his hold on Jon and carried him pass Humanians who stopped from their walking to look with pained looks on their faces when they saw him carrying the Humanians’ leader. He reached the medical cave and carried Jon to a bed where a large waist height beeping box sat at the head of it. He gently laid Jon down on the bed and yanked off the Humanian’s shirt over his head baring him from the waist up. Jin stiffened seeing familiar scar markings on Jon’s lower arms. He exhaled air and went to the beeping box touching a button. The box hummed some sound as a drawer opened in the middle of it. Jin reached in the drawer and took out the curved rectangular scanner and placed it on Jon adjusting it to attach to the Humanian’s forehead.

Jin spoke out loud “At least this should help Jon heal Jin hopes.”


Jon woke up with a gasp jerking open his eyes to feel himself lying on one of the beds in the medical cave with the scanner on his forehead and his shirt he felt was off his form baring him from the waist up. He stared at the jagged ceiling with his eyes and slowly sat up eyes looking around. His eyes told him that he was alone in the medical cave as he swung his legs off the bed and yanked the scanner off his forehead. He stared at the entrance of the medical cave and stood up as a throw up feeling arrived. He looked around the cave to spot a hole in the ground in front of a cave wall that was head sized and darted towards it hand covering his mouth. He reached the hole kneeled leaning down and removed his hand opening his mouth as he threw up the contents of his stomach several times. Groaning he placed hands on the cave wall exhaling and inhaling air through his mouth as he shut his eyes gasping for breath. He again felt the familiar feeling opened his mouth throwing up his stomach’s contents. With a loud groan he felt the feeling leave him and stiffened when he felt a hand touch his right shoulder gently rubbing the area.

He heard a female voice he recognized as Kiara speak “Kiara upset that Jon is sick from hurting own self by cutting own arms.”

Jon removed his hands from the wall while straightening up his form still in a kneeling position as he felt Kiara’s other hand touch his left shoulder to gently rub the area. He felt the sickness he had left him and felt himself normal. He moaned softly feeling pleasure from Kiara’s hands massaging his shoulders as he opened his eyes to stare at the cave wall in front of him. He felt Kiara’s hands stop and he raised a hand to touch one of hers still on his shoulder which he gripped in a gentle grip. He exhaled air as he felt Kiara’s other hand pull him which he allowed himself to be manipulated into a standing position and turned around to face her. He stared at Kiara as he let go of her hand and brought his hands to her cheeks as he felt her hands touch him on the chest. He lowered his face and brought his lips to her lips kissing her then he broke off the kiss to place his arms around her in a hug.

He moaned out as his head leaned on hers “Kiara.”

Jon spoke “Jon can’t find shirt in medical cave. Jon asks Kiara about where it is.” which she says “Jon to ask Jin for shirt because Jin took it off Jon.”

Jon without his shirt on and Kiara leave medical cave to walk to teepee. Jon’s eyes are staring at the ground as he and Kiara walk by Humanians who pause from their walking to stare at him. Reaching teepee Jon is given shirt back by Jin. Jon goes into teepee with Kiara following him.

Inside he kisses her again and is reminded by Kiara “Joining would hurt the baby Kiara’s carrying.”

Jon spoke despite sensing something sinister blaring “Jon gets it Kiara’s talk and wants to sleep for Jon’s tired.” so they lie down and fall asleep.


Jon in teepee getting sleep when waked by howl goes out of teepee to meet Yun who tell him “Kiara fainting in front of Aria and can’t be wakened.”

Jon goes to medical cave where Kiara is lying on bed eyes closed. He places hands on her forehead and closes his eyes. Door under light is blocked by shield he can’t break to wake Kiara and gets angry about this.

Jan spoke “Jan asks Jon what’s wrong?” when Jon throws tantrum in front of him in medical cave yelling “Blast!” repeatedly.

Jon yells “Jon can’t wake Kiara from her can’t be waken sleep and doesn’t want to lose her or the baby she’s carrying!”

He is angry storms out of the medical cave and goes to teepee to stew his temper which he kneels closing his eyes. His mind focuses on Kiara which he sees the same door scene and opens his eyes in anger. He closes his eyes using mind walking power to mentally scan Oceanans in building finds Eric and Brianna in the building. Jon gets further angry when he scans Eric’s mind to discover that Eric doesn’t remember what he did to Jon. He scans Eric’s mind a few times then gets an idea to bring Eric to him.

Jon got out of teepee howling towards Jin who walked up towards him saying “Jin ready to do Jon’s orders.”

Jon spoke “Turn lights to building off capture this Tikcannia. Jon insists on this Eric and Brianna be brought to Jon and Humanians now!”

Humanians on Jon’s orders turn off building lights and captures Tikcanni which Jon wound up mind scanning Yun at the doorway entrance to the Humanian’s nest and conversation.

He waited impatiently as he heard the familiar howl sound and muttered to himself “About time.”

He pulled back the cloth covering the entrance and peered out to see a male with short hair framing his face and wearing smooth clothing with gloves on his hands stand meters away with a female with long hair wearing a dress besides him.

He thought “Eric and girl Brianna.”

He walked out of the teepee and heard a Humanian he recognized as Yun speak from standing besides Eric and Brianna in Basic “This is Jon our leader.”

He nodded his head as he narrowed his eyes while boring them at Eric who stared back.

Jon spoke in Basic “Hades told us you’re Claws and that the proof is a marking on your back. Show us your back, Eric.”

Eric he saw turned around his back to him while pulling up his shirt baring it showing a fist like mark imbedded in the back area near the spine. He saw male Humanians walk forward to surround Eric and Brianna in a semi circle while holding guns in their hands.

Jon spoke “Ah uh, Claws as proven. Turn around Eric.”

Eric he saw obeyed turning around to stare at him as he folded his arms bowing his head closing his eyes mentally scanning Eric’s mind who reacted growling loudly. Jon could see in Eric’s mind was a memory that showed him as Claws and torturing him with the eye burner then leaving him begging to return to his people along with Eric calming down from his anger. He opened his eyes to stare at Eric who placed his fisted gloved hands down to his sides as his female went to stand besides him.

Jon spoke with an angry tone “Jon has not forgotten Claws leaving own self with the eye burners. Jon couldn’t get relief from the eye burners no matter where Jon crawled. Jon tells Eric what happened after Claws left. Jon used mind walking power to call for help and got Tikcanni with his Kaddar to arrive. Tikcanni mind walked Jon’s mind very deeply torturing Jon by learning every secret Jon knows. Jon begged repeatedly to Tikcanni to return Jon to people. Tikcanni didn’t listen instead called Jon an evolved Human. Tikcanni had Jon taken to place called by name Hospital where Jon went through torturous tests of people called doctors sticking Jon with pain and sticking eye burners in own eyes. Tikcanni, Jon later learn sent other Humanians to Hospital where doctors did tests on them. Jon during the torturous tests kept begging to be returned to home to be with people. After the tests Jon knocked out woke up in the hallway Eric and girl came in to the cave entrance with Humanians the same number as Jon’s fingers on a hand, who they did tests on, lying on the floor. Jon established link and discovered Humanians lying in the hallway were already dead.”

Eric he saw frowned then he spoke in Humanian language “Shoot Eric on the back now.”

He saw Eric jerked shutting his eyes as his female Brianna screamed his name clutching at him as the male fell towards the dirt ground falling unconscious.

Jon spoke “Jon orders Brianna tied up. Eric placed on water deck with instructions that water is not to get on Eric or it’ll kill him.”

Humanians obey as Jon orders “Jon wants to play a drowning trick on Eric involving his girl Brianna.” who is blindfolded and tied up.

Jon stood with knife to Brianna’s throat watching Eric with a blind fold covering his eyes and his hands were tied behind him by ropes lying on the wooden float in the water a few meters away from him standing on the beach. He narrowed his eyes as Eric shook his head sat up groaning.

Jon spoke with an angry tone “About time you woke up, Eric.”

He pulled at Brianna’s hair yanking it which got her to scream “Eric!”

Then he jerked his head towards Jin and pointed towards the water that jumped into the knee high water making splashing sounds. Jon placed a hand on Brianna’s neck gagging her while hearing her choke loudly then he removed the hand while putting the tip of the knife to her throat.

He heard a small groan come from her as Eric yelled “Brianna!”

Jon spoke “That should take care of her.”

He stared at Eric who roared growling loudly while snapping the ropes apart pulling them off as he brought his hands to his face and yanked off the blindfold. He saw Eric shook his head gasping as his eyes stared at Brianna with her hands tied standing at the beach of the lake a few meters away with he holding a knife to her throat with Humanians stood at their sides.

Jon spoke as Eric stood up “Eric surrounded by water which Jon knows will kill Eric.”

He saw Eric looked down looking at the large square platform in the dark water.

Jon spoke again “Perhaps Jon should kill this girl in payment for what Eric did as Claws to Jon.”

Eric growled out “Your quarrel is with me and not with her. You leave Brianna out of this.”

Jon pressed the knife edge on Brianna’s throat who groaned loudly eyes moving unseeing in the darkness.

Jon spoke “Why should Jon leave Brianna out of this? The Humanians that died were own family and there should be payment for this with her death.”

Eric spoke with a pleading tone “Please, don’t kill Brianna, kill me instead.”

Jon put a hand on Brianna’s head yanking her head up as he spoke “Eric’s death is not satisfactory but hers will.”

Eric spoke again in the pleading tone “Please, please, I’ll do anything for her.”

Jon narrowed his eyes as he raised the knife to Brianna’s face touching her cheek with the sideways tip of it who again groaned softly.

Jon spoke “Eric will do anything for her? No uh, Jon begged to Claws to return Jon to people. Eric as Claws said words which Jon will say, that’s not good enough and don’t give a care.”

He stared at Eric who groaned out as he pressed the knife into Brianna’s cheek “Please don’t kill her, I can’t live without her.”

Jon turned his attention to Brianna and heard Eric roared out as the knife dug into Brianna’s cheek making a small cut “No!”

Jon removed the knife as satisfaction arrived seeing a small bleeding cut on her face.

He spoke in Humanian “Take this female and put her in the stocks but leave Eric on the platform.”

A Humanian female was quick to obey grabbing Brianna by the arms and yanked her away as he heard a loud howling sound which he recognized as the visitor here requesting to talk to him sound.

Jon spoke “Jon wanted elsewhere. Jon wants Eric to think of a good reason why his girl should live when Jon comes back. Jon will cut her throat if reason isn’t good enough.”

Jon walked away followed by two Humanians as he heard Eric give off wailing noises from behind him that were silent. He walked to the stairs and went up to the hallway where the door stood open. He narrowed his eyes as he saw Hades standing in the hallway with the open door besides him with arms folded.

Jon arrives to hallway to meet Hades who spoke firmly “I must remind you of your healing I gave you. I say that was my female who healed you.”

Jon doesn’t believe Hades but Hades removes mask and snarls “Scan my mind and see for yourself, Jonny boy!”

Jon obeys to sense the familiar sinister presence involving Kiara in Hades’ mind but realizes that presence is of a powerful alien mind walker who he sees in Hades’ mind what Hades is talking about.

Jon jerks as he senses the alien presence in his mind along with an image of a plant raising from a body of water unfurling its petals and saying “I’m called Merra who’s a powerful mind walker that has managed to free your girl from a trap.”

Along with link to Kiara active while hearing Humanians howl noises from the cave. Hades tells Jon “Merra I sense is talking to you. Merra is a powerful mind walking plant that lives on the ocean miles away from here. Merra has done for you to help Kiara, your female to heal from her problem.”

Jon listens as Hades adds “I insists the price of helping is freeing Tikcanni, Eric and Brianna.”

Jon agrees so Tikcanni is brought up along with Eric and Brianna despite thinking to himself “Merra you stinking plant played a trick onto me!”

Jon grabbed Tikcanni by the throat who gagged loudly with a hand speaking “Jon has not forgotten what Tikcanni did to Jon and own people.”

He heard Eric growl as he let go of Tikcanni who coughed loudly. He watched as Eric took Brianna’s arm off of him and placed it on a still coughing Tikcanni’s back who placed her other arm on him. He glared at them as they both walked out of the dark hallway through the entrance. Jon kept his eyes in a narrowed glare as Eric walked up to the two Humanians standing next to him throwing his fists punching them in the stomach and head area.

The two Humanians groaned falling towards the floor as Eric spoke “Jon, leave my girl alone.”

He frowned as Eric waved a fist at him then walked out of the dark hallway into the light followed by Hades who slammed the door.

Jon hears guards on the floor tell him “Jon to go to Kiara and be with her.”

Jon speed walks to medical cave where Kiara is sitting up eating food and drinking drink. Jon watches Kiara finished with food and drink goes to her and pulls her in a standing position which he escorts to his teepee.

Inside teepee Jon kisses Kiara and tells her “Kiara must listen to Jon about Jon getting upset when Kiara fell into her can’t be wakens sleep. Jon doesn’t want to lose her and the baby like he lost his family. Jon wound up ordering Humanians to capturing Tikcanni to bring Eric and his female Brianna here along with what he did to Eric and Brianna as to punish Eric for what he did as Claws. Hades visited telling him that it was his female who helped him heal from a sickness and introduced him to an invisible powerful mind walker named Merra who woke Kiara up. The price of helping was freeing Tikcanni, Eric and Brianna which he did.”

Jon hears Kiara speak “Kiara is fine with everything happened for Kiara wants to sleep now.”

Jon obeyed to lie down hearing a faint groaning noise from Kiara followed by Kiara speaking “Kiara suspects baby growing fast now inside her.”

Jon without a word picked up Kiara and carried her to the medical cave. He wound up putting her onto the bed and held her hand as she groaned while eyeing her abdomen area to see it grow bigger and bigger indicating a baby offspring.

Kiara gets further along in pregnancy goes in labor which she spoke “Kiara feels urges to push now!”

Jon coaches Kiara through the birth with a female Humanian’s help to bore his son.

Kiara spoke present to three Humanians Jin, Jan and female birth doctor to Jon’s shock spoke “Kiara insists on calling the baby boy Eric. Kiara says that without Eric being here Merra wouldn’t have helped woken her up from her coma saving her and the baby’s life.” Jon is told by Jan and Jin “Jon to agree with this.” which he recognizes the logic in Kiara’s words spoke “Jon agrees on the name calling Jon’s son Eric.”

Jon got from Kiara in response “Jon go and leave Kiara to rest. Kiara doesn’t want Jon hovering every day while nursing Eric.”

Jon obeyed despite not willing to do it, he walked to the teepee and felt Merra’s familiar sinister feeling into his mind again followed by her familiar snickering like laughter sounding again. The laughter sounded like Merra was telling a joke to Jon despite annoyed. Jon without a word found Merra managed to transport him to a Traveler’s Gate followed by an image of a place in mind to his disgust. He went through the Traveler’s Gate only to find himself arms caught by two figures holding onto the areas he saw had bird’s heads.

He saw both bird head had Human muscular moron bodies as he spotted another humanoid with a gonoid head who whispered loudly “Just get the visitor to the High Council’s throne room now!”

Jon frowned as he was brought to a vast room with steps same number of fingers onto his hand and found a humanoid in black clothes standing in front of the row of nine chairs holding humanoids in white robes of death.

Jon felt a familiar sinister feeling into his mind again followed by hearing “I’m Ramses the Great! I’m mighty Ramses the Great for I’m the greatest there is!”

Groaning he felt annoyance take hold hearing that talk as he gave the white figures a glare and waited as the black figured male raised his head showing pointed ears of a Highlander and a mask covering the eyes.

The male spoke “Says who are you to come from the traveler’s gate?”

He opened his mouth to speak only to feel his mind scanned by a powerful mind walker he couldn’t keep out including a message fully into his mind he saw was from Merra.

Merra’s message said “It’s Merra from planet Terrania as that world is called. I’m fine where I am. Tell my brothers and sisters that.”

Jon exhaled a breath and didn’t say a word in response as he sensed within his mind further mind walking including a familiar sinister presence into his mind that reminded him of Merra.

He heard “It’s Tank, Merra’s brother. I see you’ve contacted Merra.”

Jon didn’t say a word in response or thought of anything as the speaker spoke “Says Anubis get the visitor to a tube and return him where he belongs.”

Jon found himself transported via raised and dizziness speeds towards the Traveler’s Gate he assumed he was going. He found himself transported to some place else instead via Meritanain transportation till he found himself surrounded by watery liquid including hearing various voices speaking boredom making him annoyed to hear.

Jon wound up hearing one voice speaking “So it’s Dalton as I call myself to the newer visitor asking who he is.”

Jon spoke “Name is Jon as Jon calls self.”

The voice a male spoke “Dalton is my name. Welcome to the Hall of One Thousand Voices, Jon, where you’re to remain trapped forever in amusement to the High Council’s amusing talents.”

Jon frowned but sensed Dalton was Human via mind scanning senses including a memory fully into Dalton’s mind he saw.

In Dalton’s mind, Dalton howled into the intercom yelling “Shut off the internal defense system now! Aitoro is ignoring my summons!”

He removed his hand clawed from the button and went to the door to peer into the hallway as he saw the internal defense system machine heading towards him down the hallway with its rifle rising aiming towards him. He grimace eyes on the rifle as the machine with a squealing whine stopped its motions with the gun weapon dropping on top of it.

Dalton darted out of the quarters running into the hallway grumbling to himself “Aitoro, where are you and why aren’t you answering my summons?”

He ran several hallways till he rounded around a corner and bumped into a Human male he saw who appeared shocked to see him. Suddenly the lights from above went out blinding the Human who he saw waved his hands in front of him with eyes darting all over the place. Dalton curled his hand into a fist and punched the Human hard in the face that crumbled onto the floor going unconscious. He darted with his eyes seeing clearly through the hallways pass corridors till he reached a set of double doors that slid open and he darted inside to pause from his walking to see a humanoid appearing to have a Human like body but furry with a twitching tail and a head having ears folded back on the top of the head with eyes that appeared to be all gold and large with fanged teeth as the humanoid opened the mouth. Jon frowned as it dawned to him what the humanoid was a Ghost Walker which he frowned as he saw others in the room looking at Dalton then at their consoles.

He heard one of them spoke “Drainer Aiden is sighted walking on the roof of the ship. What are we supposed to do with him?”

Dalton eyed the Ghost Walker standing not in front of consoles who gave off a meow like sound sounding annoyed.

He walked up to the Ghost Walker to speak “Just cover yourself up with a robe and have a frank talk to him about the High Council and War Master Avi.”

He saw the Ghost Walker turned to look at him with ears still folded against the head he assumed was a male who spoke “Reeow, Dalton, should we really do that after what happened here?”

Dalton shrugged and spoke recognizing the Ghost Walker “Aiken, at least we’ll find out what the Drainers or should I say Skyans know of the High Council for its rumored they have a base here.”

Dalton frowned as Aiken’s ears remained flat and watched the Ghost Walker bent down picking up a piece of clothing putting it on his form covering him entirely then left the room. He looked at the wall to see the familiar figure, Jon identified as a Wiser, sitting on a monitor screen appearing to be asleep by its position leaning against the wall. He clapped his hands and gave off a howling sound aimed at the figure he saw was bony appearing to be a male with a Human like face and hair which woke up with a jerk.

Dalton spoke “About time you woke up, Wiser. We arrived at the planet and now I guess you’re free to go.”

He stared at the Wiser that spoke “You’ll find him here on this planet in an unexpected place.”

He frowned as the Wiser faded from view and he heard the doors slide open and closed followed by a meow sound sounding irate in Aitoro’s voice.

He looked at the Ghost Walker who growled out “Whose idea was it for us to go around as Drainers anyway? I don’t find it amusing getting sick from drinking like one, yeeow!”

Dalton shrugged and spoke “I don’t find it amusing being love sick with a Human female while pretending to be the Drainer King. Your right its awful sucking on those Humans like a Drainer, made me sick in my stomach.”

At the moment Jon quit mind scanning Dalton sensing the male had gone to sleep again via blankness into his mind. He focused onto various humanoids’ minds trapped into the Hall of One Thousand Voices and discovered most of the minds within vicinity were Human via mind scans.

Some were asleep while others were awake ranting “Bored in boredom trapped here!” over and over.

Jon felt annoyance take hold as he again found himself mind scanning various Humans within vicinity to find one Humanoid’s mind was indicating a Humanian he realized wasn’t like him but different. He mind scanned the Humanian’s mind finding the male was recalling a memory of being freed before captured by the High Council.

Jon mind scanned the male’s mind to find a name hearing it spoke “Yun is my name.”

Jon found Yun via mind scans was different from the Yun from Terrania elsewhere where Merra lived. He kept on mind scanning Yun who ignored his mind scanning and seemed silently not protesting to the mind’s scans.


The memory Jon saw in Yun’s mind. The four Highlanders stood in the two room apartment in the darkness. They wore Seeing Eye wear goggles helping them see in the darkness clearly. One stood up from drawing blood of the frizzy blonde haired Human female who sat in the chair unconscious with a needle like syringe. The Human female had eye wear covering her eyes and her arms were tied to the chair. The Highlander leader slowly walked behind the chair with his hand out his mind searching telepathically as his companions looked watching him.

The Highlander spoke in Hammarabbi language in a male tone “We mean no harm to you.”

His hand settled on something and the group heard a soft squeal like sound as three figures appeared standing a head taller in front of the Highlander whose hand was on the shoulder of one of them. The figures had Human like appearance on their faces but had golden Human like eyes and golden colored dirty blonde hair. They wore clothing that appeared metallic that had a dull sheen of silver and black colors.

The Highlander spoke “Who are you and your interests here?”

The figure with the Highlander’s gloved hand on the shoulder picked up the hand and removed it with clawed hands.

The figure spoke in a male voice in Hammarabbi “Jon says Humanians who are here to convert this Human girl as one of own girls.”

The Highlander spoke “Your mind says she must abandon life to do that.”

The Humanian spoke irately “Stay out of Jon’s mind, Highlander, mind walker.”

The Highlander spoke “I like to make a deal with you-“

The Humanian interrupted “Jon does not make deals.”

The Highlander held up a hand and spoke “Allow us to help you find girls you need to convert if you will allow one of us in your nest medically.”

The Humanian folded his arms as his two companions gripped their long guns in their hands tightly.

The Highlander continued speaking “Your mind says you need someone who is medically advanced to help you with your problems involving your girls. They abandon life after giving life, all boys from their forms.”

The Humanian leader growled some sound and spoke “Deal agreed Highlander. Since Highlander reading Jon’s mind, Highlander should know where the nest is and should find it with no problems.”

The three Humanians faded with a whirling noise and the group heard the door to the apartment open and shut.

The Highlander quickly turned around and faced his three companions speaking a foreign language “We did what you asked. The entrance to the nest cave is next to a scenic forest route road called Houser in the State Park road in the state of Connecticut. It’s under the site of the High Lord’s meeting place with General Wickers and the Drainer Aiden.”

The three Highlanders turned their heads towards the fourth Highlander who spoke in an emotionless monotone voice in the identical language “Good, find the Humanians the required females and watch them.”

The Highlander flicked his right hand and a sword blade and handle came out gripped in his hand. The three Highlanders staring at the sword holding Highlander gasped gaping with their mouths open.

The Highlander with the sword spoke again “Since you’re reading my mind, you will use your resources to keep all Humans in their positions. They are Shadan’s only defense.”

The Highlander faded as the Highlanders saw the door open and close as the sword holding Highlander left them.

The Highlander with the sword, Yun’s mind said “Viper.”

There was no explanation to why’s the sword’s Highlander was named viper but Jon figured to himself “Jon will find out via mind scans further of Yun’s mind.”

Jon continued to mind scan seeing in the Humanian’s mind. The Humanian paced in the cave with impatience. The two Humanian guards stood watching him pace. He stood behind the force field shield wall that blocked out the light of the day shining from the cave entrance a few meters away. He stood and waited as a figure dressed in covered a plant colored outfit with a large backpack on the back arrived walking into the cave.

The figure seeing the three Humanians spoke in Hammarabbi “Good I have come at the right place.”

The pacing Humanian stopped his pacing and irately said “Blast, about time you arrived. There’s a girl carrying double after mating with boy a cold ball ago who refused to wear the tech. The boy is locked up while the girl is screaming from the pains of giving life.”

The figure spoke “Humanian, I am not reading your mind or anyone’s and I refused to do this. So what is cold ball?”

The Humanian spoke “Outside now a hot ball, makes things hot and eye burns Humanians. Hot ball goes down the cold ball raises making things cold and Humanians see well.”

The figure pulled off a hood revealing a Human like face with pointed ears of a Highlander. The Highlander frowned and plopped his large backpack down and slowly riffled through it as the Humanian stood impatiently. The Highlander pulled out a pair of Seeing Eye wear goggles and pulled them on his long pulled back pale blonde haired head covering his eyes then he hoisted the backpack back on his back.

The Humanian spoke “Come into the nest and help Humanians.”

The Highlander asked as he followed the Humanian further into the cave “You have a name?”

The Humanian asked “Name, what is name?”

The Highlander answered “To call you from other Humanians besides your called Humanian.”

The Humanian replied “Get it, Humanians call me by word sound Jin.”

The Highlander spoke “Call me Lyu.”

They went deeper into the cave. The Humanian turned towards the right entering a cavern room going down stone stairs. Lyu looked following the Humanian to see on his left with the Seeing Eye wear goggles’ help as he went down the stairs were rows of scattered tents where large number of Humanians were walking around on the dirt ground. Nearby the tents was a large lake that lapped at the ground. He looked up to see ceiling had jagged pieces jutting from it.

Jin abruptly twisted behind him grabbing Lyu pulling him down yelling “Down!”

Lyu looked through the glasses to see a fireball hitting the wall above him with a shower of dirt.

Jin spoke “Blast, we are not used to visitors coming here.”

Lyu frowned but kept his tongue. The two reached the bottom of the steps and walked on the dirt ground. Lyu passed by tents appearing to be made out of gonoid skin materials standing taller than himself. He saw Humanians males who stood watching him with suspicion on their faces. Some smaller Humanians Lyu saw were children dressed in gonoid skins stood next to Humanians. There were female Humanians who stood staring at him with strange unreadable looks on their faces. Lyu followed Jin towards another cave entrance and reached a large cave with wooded beds on his right. The beds had mattresses like materials, covered up in blankets that appeared to be gonoid skins. He heard groaning and saw a naked female sitting on the edge of one of the beds with her abdomen swollen. There was a Humanian female kneeling by the expectant female’s legs and a male with arms folded standing by pacing.

Jin spoke “Jin brought the visitor, Lyu is his word sound.”

The female kneeling at the expectant female’s legs spoke “Blast, about time visitor arrived Kara is still in pain.”

Kara gave a loud groan and moaned out “Kara has a strong urge to give life now.”

Lyu lowered his bag and spoke “You have what you need to care for the babies?”

The male pacing asked “What are babies?”

Lyu mumbled some sound and answered “Babies are what Kara is giving life to.”

He heard the Humanians speak except Kara “Blast.”

Kara gave a screech and gripped her legs groaning in pain. Lyu went to the female helping Kara pushing the babies out. Together with Kara’s pushing soon there was squealing cries as the two babies came out separately.

The female spoke “Kara, have a girl and a boy.”

Kara at the moment lay back moaning some sound breathing hard. He watched as the female stood up and took each baby with an arm, laid it on Kara’s breasts forcing the babies to suckle. Lyu saw Kara gripped the babies with each arm while lying in the bed. Lyu went to his pack and pulled out an arm sized scanner. He walked towards the new mother and babies and waved the scanner over them.

Then he spoke “Scanner says Kara is strong and so are the babies.”

The male pacing and spoke “Jin, get Jon free of the tech and bring him here. Jan thinks the tech is hurting girls when joining.”

Jin turned and left the cavern cave as Lyu returned the scanner back to his backpack.

The stood up female glared and spoke “Jan, it is about time boys, listened to girls have been saying for cycles that the tech hurts.”

The pacing male growled some sound lowering his arms fisting his hands.

The female stood and folded her arms glaring at the male Jan who snarled out “Anna, Jan do not like repeated words.”

Anna snarled back “So what? Anna is tired of screaming repeated words that fall on closed ears.”

Lyu frowned hearing their words but kept his mouth shut as Jan spoke “Jan should join you here for that worded repeated saying-”
Anna interrupted “Form needs to release hurters from freeing of tech then can join girl, Jan can chose.”

Jan opened his mouth to speak when the group heard roaring like howls sounds followed by a pause and then howl like sounds.

Lyu asked “What does that sounds mean?”

Jan answered “The word sounds is Jon, converter leader screaming from being free of tech. There is a howler gonoid saved by Humanian from horned gonoid running into cave three recorded suns. The howler keeps sounding words and refused to take foods from Humanians.”

Lyu stared as two Humanians arrived in the cave hauling in a third Humanian with long hair pulled back and laid him down on a bed.

The third Humanian opened his eyes and spoke waving his fists aimed at Jan “Jan, Jon mind guess had planned to do with this taking away tech.”

Jan spoke “Capture Jon, Jan put Jon in the dreaming state.”

Lyu flinched seeing the two Humanians grab Jon by the arms who roared some howling noise. Jan rushed towards Jon and punched him hard in the face several times. Jon shook his head then Jan brought another fist hitting him in the face. Jon groaned and closing his eyes his stiff form getting looser in the two Humanian’s grips.

Jan ordered “Sam and Tan, see Jon in the dreaming state and have boy form release hurters at waking cycle.”

Lyu spoke “This howler gonoid, I like to see.”

Jan looked at him with a frown and spoke “Jan will take visitor to howler now.”

Lyu followed Jan out of the cave towards the tented area and followed the Humanian pass a maze of tents till they reached a group of Humanians standing around in a circle. Lyu heard growling noises from within the circle and Jan yelled “Move aside, visitor wants to see howler!”

The group separated as Lyu saw the furry gonoid stand on its four legs with a snout and a tail that was tucked into its body. There was a piece of rope tied around its neck attached to a thick stick in the ground. He could see a female Humanian standing nearby holding two bowls one filled with foods. Lyu slowly walked towards the growling gonoid who sat on its haunches staring at him with its eyes. Lyu reaching the gonoid and untied the ropes from the gonoid’s neck which the gonoid shook it’s self. The gonoid jumped up onto its back legs form shifting to reveal a Human man with long hair pulled back in a tail wearing gonoid skins standing there rubbing his neck with a hand.

Lyu heard the Humanians speak “Blast” when they saw the gonoid change form.

The Human man walked up to the Humanian female holding the bowls and took them then sat cross legged eating the food with his hands.

Lyu spoke “The gonoid can’t do form change with that rope around his neck.”

He heard the Humanians repeat the word “Blast.”

Jan spoke “Jan wants to say to gonoid Human. Visitor, get it gonoid Human word sounds?”

Lyu spoke “I am unsure if I get it gonoid Human word sounds but I will say what I think he gets.”

Jan speak “Jan gets it.”

Lyu cleared his throat and spoke in Basic “Hello you understand me?”
The gonoid Human stopped eating to stare at him with a glare then spoke words in a foreign language while waving a fist at Lyu.

Lyu switched back to Hammarabbi to speak “No, I don’t get it gonoid Human word sounds.”

Jan groaned some sound as Lyu stood up and continued “May I leave nest to my nest?”

Jan turned to face the direction of the stairs howling some sound and then a different howl answered Jan who spoke “No not when cold ball is traveling. Gonoids come out at cold ball, may hurt Lyu. Wait till hot ball is up and it will be safer.”

Lyu frowned as Jan added “Follow Jan to property and to bed to do dreaming state.”

Lyu obeyed and followed Jan towards the medical cave.

Jan led him towards his pack and pointed to a bed while speaking “Use bed to do dreaming state.”

Lyu hauled his pack next to the bed and lay down on the bed and closed his eyes falling asleep.

Jon woke up from his slumber to stare glaring at the two Humanians Sam and Tan standing next to his bed. He recalled standing in front of the prisoner stocks with those two Humanians to face a Humanian called Min who refused the tech put in wooden bar restraints. Min, Jon remembered was the one who joined with Kara. Jin arrived and nodded his head. Sam and Tan grabbed him and Jin proceeded to yank the tech off his arm hurting him in the process. Jon remembered roaring some howl sound due to the painful headache he received when Jin pulled off the tech. He stared accusingly at the two Humanians standing by his bed.

Sam spoke “Release the hurters now.”

Groaning Jon stood up and slow walked towards a large head sized opening in the cave floor near the cave wall in another section of the medical cave. He saw the two Humanians follow him staring at him with glares on their faces. Jon passed by the bed where the visitor lay asleep and frowned staring at him seeing a small gonoid sitting sprawled on his chest.

The gonoid gave a cry “meow.”

He passed by the bed where Kara lay asleep cuddling two babies in her arms. Nearby next to her was a Humanian Jon recognized to be Yun who stood watching her. Jon reached the opening and pulled at his pant waist. The two Humanians turned their backs as Jon released the hurters rolling his eyes groaning some moaning sound. Once Jon was done he adjusted his pants and slow walked past the two Humanians who followed him.

He stood staring at Lyu asleep and wobbled speaking “What did Jon miss?”

Tan spoke “The visitor’s word sound is Lyu who showed howler gonoid who refused food is a gonoid changing Human.”

Jon spoke “Blast.”

Then he wobbled towards a bed and lay down moaning some sound.

Jon ordered “See that Jon get food and drink, now.”

Sam nodded his head and left the medical cave as Jon lay in the bed staring at Lyu’s form with the gonoid lying on him.

Frowning Jon added “Has the shooter who shot at Lyu been found yet?”

Tan replied “No, the inspector says the gun and the drawing were found lying on the ground. No Humanian has admitted the shooting. The gun keeper says the gun was missing before Lyu arrived. The girls clam up every time asked about the shooting. The recorder says the drawing is done not very well.”

Jon frowned seeing the gonoid sitting on Lyu’s chest. The gonoid sat its head up and proceeded to lick its paws with its tongue before giving a stretching motion and curled up in a ball. Jon stared as a female Humanian who he recognized to be Anna, arrived in the cave carrying a large bowl filled with food. Sam he saw had a hand sized bowl filled with liquid in it. Anna wordlessly handed Jon, who sat up eating the bowl of foods that he ravenously ate with his hands. Once finished he handed back the food bowl and gulped the contents of the liquid in a bowl which he finished and handed the bowl back to Sam. Exhaling air Jon leaned back in on the wooded bed posts with the pillows and sat with his clawed hands on his lap.

Anna demanded “Anna wants to know if Jon released the hurters.”

Sam answered for Jon “Tan and Sam saw Jon release the hurters in the refuse.”

Anna stared at Jon and punched him in the stomach with a fist.

Jon protested “Anna, Jon just ate.”
Anna spoke “Good no pain, order Jan to release the hurters and Anna will join with Jan.”

Jon narrowed his eyes and howled some call yelling “Jan, its Jon, get in here now!”

The group heard running foot steps and Jan came in the medical cave speaking “Jan wants to know what is going on?”
Jon spoke “Jon orders Jan will release the hurters now.”

Jan groaned as Anna spoke “Anna will join with Jan if Jan released the hurters now.”

With a groaning like sound Jon looked to see Jan walked toward the opening in the ground while pulling at his pant waist his back to the group. Jon looked away hearing Jan groan and moan some sounds loudly. He sat staring at Lyu as Anna stood with arms folded staring at Jan’s groaning form. Jan gave out a loud groan then he adjusted his pants and walked away from the opening towards Jon.

Jan folded his arms and spoke with irritated tone “Jan wants Anna in his tent to help and join when ready.”

Anna turned and walked out with Jan following her.

Jon exhaled air and spoke “Sam what does drawing look like? Jon wants to know.”

Jon sees drawing of a Viper and does some mind walking Lyu’s mind which he sees is a Viper disguised as a Highlander. Lyu wakes up as Jon tells him who he really is.

Jon stood facing Lyu while speaking “Viper, not a Highlander.”

Lyu flicked his right wrist as a sword came out of his arm held in his hand.

Jon snarled some sound speaking “I figured that which proves it.”

Lyu spoke as a thin ropey shaped gonoid came out from underneath the bed making rattling noises “Gonoids who need a job will serve me well and do my bidding.”

The gonoid on the bed arched its back making hissing noises and sat on its haunches as Jon spoke “What do you want, Viper?”

Lyu spoke “You will remove and destroy the devices at the entrance to the cave starting now.”

Jon folded his arms as Sam and Tan growled from standing besides him and he spoke “Those devices keep the eye burner, hot ball, from shining into the cave hurting Humanian eyes. Without them Humanian have no protection from the eye burner.”

Lyu pointed with his sword to a large gonoid skin blanket hanging on a rod on the wall besides Jon and spoke “Use that to cover the cave entrance blocking the hot ball shining in your cave.”

Jon growled lowering his hands as Lyu continued speaking “All I have to do, Jon, is hit you in the head and your people, all of them, will go down and be vulnerable.”

Jon howled out “Jin, get in here!”

He heard running footsteps to see Jin entering the medical cave. He felt a headache and saw Jin trip landing on the dirt ground becoming still as Sam, Tan and Yun he saw fell towards the dirt ground lying still. He looked to see Kara slump her head as the babies on her stopped moving. Jon groaned loudly shaking his head as he stared down at the dirt ground that appeared to be rushing up to meet him and then everything went black.


Jon dreamed of himself lying on the dirt ground in the forest with no clothes on. He was on his side curled in a ball when he moved to sit up. He looked around the forest with confusion and raised his hands to stare at them then he stood up lowering his hands. He looked up at the sky that showed the cold ball with crags on it high in the sky. Frowning Jon sensed an instinct like feeling as his eyes aimed at a clearing in the bushes. He took several hesitating steps towards the clearing as the instinct feeling got stronger urging him to walk faster. He walked through the forest following the urge till he reached a rocky wall which he walked with it on his right side till he reached a large cave opening. He walked into the cave to see two tall as his waist devices sitting at the cliff wall with a force field between them. Jon walked through the force field to see a figure with a male form lying on his back on the ground with eyes open.

He stared at the figure as words came to his mind “Humanian. Jon is Humanian.”

Jon walked further into the cave till he reached an opening that led to a cavernous cave which he stood looking around. He could see from his cliff perch were rows of tents bordering a still lake.

Littering the ground were figures of all sizes which words came to his mind “Jon’s people, Humanians.”

He looked on his right to see stairs going down which he walked down them to reach the bottom. He walked pass tents and Humanians lying on the ground till he reached a cave opening and walked passed it. Inside he could see were beds all in a row on his right side with a Humanian lying on one and lying on the ground surrounding the bed were three Humanians. He went to the Humanian in a male form lying on the bed wearing a device on his forehead that had his eyes open staring at the jagged ceiling. Jon leaned down and removed the device from the Humanian’s forehead and with a clawed hand closed the Humanian’s eyes.

His mind spoke words “Humanian is dead. Jon will replace as leader.”

Jon laid his hands on the Humanian’s forehead closing his eyes as memories piled into his mind as darkness arrived overtaking him.


Jon came to find himself lying on a bed with the familiar medical monitor device’s thin rectangular scanner attached to his forehead. He heard a meow sound and felt a rumbling vibration while feeling pressure and movement on his chest. He opened his eyes with a jerk staring at the jagged ceiling of the medical cave and raised his head to stare sitting on his chest was the same gonoid that he saw earlier sitting on Lyu’s chest. Groaning softly he eyed the gonoid which stood up on fours arching its back then walked off to sit on its haunches next to his leg. Frowning he sat up moving his legs off the bed and with a hand yanked off the scanner from his forehead. Inhaling air he smelled food and looked to see on a bed facing him were two bowls one overfilled with food. He got up shaking and stumbled walking towards the bed. Reaching the bed he fell kneeling and reached with his hands grabbing the bowl with food in it. He ate the food with his hands in a fast motion ravenously till there was nothing left. Groaning softly he placed the food bowl back on the bed and grabbed the other bowl which was filled with liquid which he brought to his lips gulping the whole contents. He finished with the bowl’s contents placed it back on the bed and he stood up stumbling towards the refuse hole in one section of the cave. He reaching the hole leaned his forehead on the cave wall while adjusting his pants and groaned loudly rolling his eyes. He once finished again adjusted his pants and placed both hands on the cave wall next to his leaning head while exhaling and inhaling air. With a loud groan he pushed himself from the cave wall and slow walked towards Yun lying on the ground on his back with eyes open and there was a blank look on the Humanian’s face. He kneeled placing his hands on Yun’s forehead and closed his eyes as an image in his mind’s eye appeared. The image was a door standing in a circle of light which he stood on the edge of the light. Jon walked into the light and reached the door and with a hand grabbed the doorknob sliding the door to the side as a bright light shined in his eyes sight.

The light became bigger shining as he slid the door till the door disappeared and he spoke “Activate.”

Jon opened his eyes as he heard groaning sounds from the Humanian males and looked down at Yun who closed his eyes with a pained look on his face. He stood up and walked to Kara whose eyes were open with a blank look on her face putting hands on her forehead while closing his eyes.

Once again he saw the door and slid it open which disappeared as he spoke “Activate.”

He opened his eyes as he heard a moaning sound from Kara who closed her eyes shaking her head. Jon placed hands on one of the babies’ forehead held in her hands as he closed his eyes.

He saw the door and opened it while speaking “Activate.”

Jon repeated the same thing with the other baby and the image in his mind. He opened his eyes and removed his hands from the baby’s forehead. He heard a meow sound while feeling pressure on his leg and looked down at the gonoid rubbing its head and body on his leg. Exhaling air he walked to a bed and sat down as the gonoid followed him jumping onto the bed to sit on its haunches. Jon sat watching Sam, Tan and Yun in his eyes sight in the cave turn on their sides sitting up while shaking their heads and heard groaning sounds coming from them. He watched them stand up with hands on their heads while shaking visibly.

He heard Jin speak from behind him “Jin wants to know how Jon got healed.”

He twisted his form to look at Jin slow walked towards him while shaking his hands. He heard a meow besides him and looked at the gonoid that was licking one of its paws then looked at Jin.

Jon spoke “Jon woke up lying on bed with scanner on forehead and food nearby for Jon to eat. Jon guesses that Lyu did this. Jon upset about accusing Lyu of being a Viper when Lyu helped Jon heal.”

Jon saw via Yun’s mind the memory ended followed by another memory taking its place.


Jon in his large teepee heard a howl sound from outside went to the entrance and stepped out. He stared at Yun gesturing with a hand towards a smaller figure standing next to him. Jon frowned recognizing the figure a female who had a Humanian like face and ears but her eyes were Shadonian like as a species called Seer who were well known for prophesying the future.

He spoke “Seer.”

Seer spoke “I want to talk to Jon with no ears to listen to my words.”

Jon turned aside and gestured to his teepee which the Seer walked forward walking into the teepee with him following her. Inside he folded his arms facing Seer who looked at him with her Shadonian like eyes.

Seer spoke “Jon will remove his clothes.”

Jon kept his arms folded refusing to obey as the Seer walked forward to stand in front of him.

Seer spoke again “What I want I get. So remove your clothes or your people will suffer for your refusal.”

Jon lowered his arms and yanked his top off his head baring his muscular chest and arms while tossing it aside. He bent down to remove his boots baring his bare clawed feet and then straightened up to put hands on his pant waist. He yanked his pants off his form and stood naked with arms folded glaring at Seer who removed her dress baring her feminine form.

Seer continued “I desire to mate with Jon.”

Jon lowered his arms and went to his blankets lying in one section of the teepee and proceeded to lie down. He kept his eyes on Seer while feeling revulsion like feelings as she lay on top of him while gripping his sensitive part with her hand. Jon groaned loudly as his sensitive part was thrust inside Seer and he moved meeting her rhythms. With a loud roar he shook feeling a powerful jolt of pleasure run throughout him. Moaning he shivered when he felt Seer pull him out of her.

Exhaling air he heard Seer speak “Jon sit up.”

Jon obeyed sitting up as Seer stood up walking behind him. He felt his hair released of the string holding it back and groaned loudly. Then Seer walked in his line of sight to grab her dress which she put on.

He stared at Seer who spoke “Jon will keep his hair the way it is until I come back to your nest.”

He folded his arms with a glare at Seer who left his tent. He got up and went to his clothes putting them on and exhaled air feeling tiredness arrived to him. He went back to his blankets and lay down closing his eyes letting sleep over come him.


Jon dreamed of a female Humanian he recognized as Aria standing in a tent talking to a male Humanian he recognized as Yun.

Aria was saying “Aria heard a joining roar when walking by Jon’s tent with Seer inside.”

Yun spoke “Yun heard what Aria heard.”

Aria spoke “Aria upset about promising Jon that Aria will join Jon.”

Yun spoke “Aria-”

Aria interrupted “Aria does not want to join with Jon for Jon joining Seer who Jon has chosen as mate. Aria prefers to join with Yun instead.”

Yun spoke “Yun agrees with Aria’s words.”

Aria and Yun he saw proceeded to kiss each other on the lips as the scene went black.


Jon woke up with a gasp and he sat up with a frown on his face.

He adjusted his position till he was kneeling and mentally spoke as he closed his eyes “Aria and Yun now.”

An image of a sleeping Aria lying covered by a blanket with Yun besides her awake stroking her forehead as she slept head on his chest.

Jon jerked open his eyes as anger arrived and he growled out speaking “Seer will pay for this.”

He heard a howl sound from outside his teepee and he got up walking towards the entrance to walk out. He looked to see Jin standing pointing to a female form wearing gonoid skin like dress lying on the ground in front of him.

Jin spoke “Girl came running in cave entrance and fell in dreaming state in front of Jin. Jin thinks girl is dead despite Jin’s efforts of trying to wake girl.”

Jon walked to the female and kneeled placing a hand on her forehead.

Jon spoke “Girl is dead and is Humanian in before state. Jon will convert so give Jon knife.”

He rolled up his sleeve of his left arm as Jin pulled out a knife holding it towards him. He took the knife and slashed his wrist as his face grimaced in pain. He took the bloody wrist and let the blood fall in both of the female’s open eyes. Then he brought his wrist to touch her lips as she moved grabbing his arm while sucking on his wrist. He smiled a small smile while moaning from the pleasure of the female sucking his wrist. Once done the female let go of his wrist which he brought to his mouth and licked the knife wound closed then he rolled up his sleeve. He stared at the female who shook her head with eyes looking around. Jon handed the knife back to Jin who took it.

The female spoke “Word sound is Greta.”

He spoke “Jon is my word sound. The people among Greta are called Humanian. Jon is leader of Humanians.”

Jon looked at Greta who sat up as he placed a hand on her shoulder. He stiffened as he felt a jolt of pleasure running through out him.

He exhaled air as Jin spoke “Jin will help Greta learn way of Humanian life here.”

He removed his hand from Greta’s shoulder as he and she both got up to stand. With a frown he watched as Jin took Greta’s arm and led her away towards the direction of the medical cave. Frowning he walked back into his teepee swishing the entrance blanket closed as he exhaled air feeling tiredness arrived in him. Inhaling air he went to his blankets and lay down on them pulling them over his form head on the pillow and shut his eyes.


Jon jerked his eyes open as he heard a howling sound and with a groan got up yanking the blanket off of him. He went to the teepee entrance and walked out to see Greta standing with Jin next to her.

Jin spoke “Greta wants to talk to Jon now.”

Jon went to stand in front of Greta and he flinched feeling her hand slap him on the cheek.

He narrowed his eyes as Greta spoke in an angry tone “Greta angry that Jon chose Seer as Jon’s mate.”

Jon spoke as anger arrived “Seer is not Jon’s mate-“

Jin interrupted “After Seer and Jon went in teepee Humanians heard a joining roar come from there.”

Jon spoke “Greta should go in Jon’s teepee to join as payment for hitting Jon.”

Greta to his annoyance turned and ran away as Jin spoke “Jin not happy with Jon choosing Seer as Jon’s mate. The girls have agreed together that no girl will join with Jon for what Jon did.”

Jon narrowed his eyes as Jin turned and walked away. With a growl he stormed into his teepee and began to pace with his arms folded.

He spoke out loud “Seer will pay for that joining making Humanians think Seer as Jon’s mate. Jon will kill Seer and assure people that Seer is longer Jon’s mate. Girls should accept Jon to join with Jon for the killing.”

He paced some more and with a growl muttered out loud “Jon can’t stay here waiting for Seer to come back. Jon has feeling to go out and hunt. Perhaps find Seer out there and kill Seer for what Seer did to Jon.”

Jon walked out of his teepee with a glare on his face. He walked towards the direction of the gunnery tent as a Humanian male walked in front of him to stand blocking his way.

Jon narrowed his eyes recognizing Min who spoke “Min wants to know where Jon is going.”

Jon spoke “Jon needs to go out and hunt. So get out of Jon’s way now.”

Min spoke “No uh, Seer told Humanians to not let Jon go out and hunt until Seer comes back.”

Jon spoke “Jon don’t care about Seer’s words, Jon must go out and hunt.”

He walked around Min who to his annoyance moved to block his way as he saw out of the corners of his eyes Humanian males arrive to stand with glares on their faces boring at him.

Min spoke “No uh, what Seer says, Humanians including Jon must obey.”

Jon fisted his hands and brought a hand up in a fast motion hitting Min in the face that fell backwards hitting the ground. He heard growls from the males standing surrounding him and Min.

Jon spoke “Jon wants Humanians to form party to leave to find Seer and bring Seer back here. Jon has words to say to Seer and is impatient to speak them.”

He heard one of the males spoke “No uh, Seer told Humanians not to go out searching for Seer. What Seer says, Humanians including Jon must obey.”

Jon looked at the speaker he recognized to be Yun. He charged at Yun roaring with his hands in fists as several Humanians ran and met his charge grabbing his arms and hands. Jon struggled in their grips as they hauled him towards the prisoner stocks and locked him in one. He growled loudly yanking on the wooden bars surrounding his head and wrists from a bent down position that were attached to two cylinders that parts of them were buried in the ground holding the wooden bars.

Jon paused from growling loudly to hear Min speak “Jon not normal from joining with Seer as Jon’s mate, making Jon go through withdrawal of not having mate in Jon’s presence.”

He bared his teeth as he heard Yun speak “Min is right on what Min says. Yun joined with Aria and feels the same way whenever Aria is not in Yun’s presence.”

Jon spoke loudly “Aria promised Jon that Aria will join with Jon.”

He heard Yun speak “Jon broke promise by joining with Seer so Aria doesn’t need to keep promise.”

He snarled some small sound as Min loudly spoke “Min suggests Humanians leave Jon alone in stocks and free Jon once Seer comes back.”

He growled a little louder as Yun’s voice was heard speaking “Yun agrees with Min’s words. Yun thinks Min and Yun should tell the Humanians this so Humanians won’t free Jon if Jon starts begging.”

He roared some loud sound as yanking on the wooden bars holding him as he felt himself slowly rising from his bent down position. With a loud roar and a powerful yank he forced himself into a standing position while feeling the wooden bars crack apart freeing him. The wooden stock fell towards the ground puffing up dirt as he turned around from facing the wall. He fisted his hands as he saw himself surrounded in a semi circle by Humanian males with guns in their hands pointed at him.

Growling loudly he narrowed his eyes boring at the Humanians as one of them spoke “Jon will go into medical cave to be put into dreaming state now.”

He roared recognizing the Humanian as Yun and charged at him with fists waving in front of him. Jon felt prickly pain in this chest as he heard the guns went off firing at him and he stopped his charge to fall towards the ground. He landed on the ground with a groan and closed his eyes while feeling his limbs become heavy. He felt hands grab his form lifting him up carrying him which stopped as his back was laid on a bed. He felt the familiar medical monitor device’s thin rectangular scanner placed on his forehead as his senses went dim putting him unconscious.


Jon came to hearing voices speaking loudly with his eyes too heavy to open.

He heard a female voice he recognized as the Seer speaking “Speak Jan what ails you about Jon? I may prophesize but I can’t tell people’s thoughts.”

This was followed by a male voice he recognized as Jan speaking “Seer, Jon’s joining roar heard from Jon’s teepee with Jon and Seer inside which Humanians think Jon chose Seer as Jon’s mate.”

Seer spoke “My joining with Jon was to give him what he needs to heal from poisoning of the tech. Without the joining Jon would be dead and Humanians dead without another to take his place.”

Jon groaned softly hearing the Seer’s words as Jan spoke “Jan feels upset that Humanians assumed Jon picked Seer as Jon’s mate.”

Seer spoke “I get it what Humanians thought. Jon must have Humanian girl named Greta as his mate. Greta linked herself to Jon and him to her by touching him. She with Jon’s link inside her will hurt and kill any Humanian male who is not Jon if they touch her or try to join her.”

He heard Jan speak with a groaning tone “Blast, Seer’s words explain Greta’s actions towards boys. Humanians along with Jan saw Jin touch Greta on the shoulder from behind that grabbed Jin’s hand and tossed him to the ground acting too strong for a girl while making gonoid like growling sounds. Other boys went to restrain Greta and were all knocked down by Greta hitting with fists. Girls there had to grab Greta and put girl in prisoner stocks.”

Seer spoke “I suggest you get Greta in here to be with Jon. Her touch and presence will help him heal better. I must be going for I have business that’ll take me elsewhere.”

Jan spoke “Cold ball is out now not safe with gonoids out stay and wait for hot ball.”

Seer spoke “Jan, gonoids won’t harm me for they who need a job will work for keeping me safe from harm.”

He heard Jan gasp out “Viper.”

Seer spoke “One of them actually.”

Jon frowned inwardly at the words as he lay on the bed with his breathing becoming harder as heaviness arrived in his chest followed by pain.

He heard Jan howl loudly “Anna get in here now!”

A female voice he heard spoke coming nearer to his form “Anna here, what Jan wants Anna to do?”

Jan spoke “Seer says joining with Jon is to heal Jon from poisoning of tech for without joining Jon would be dead and Humanians dead. Seer also says that Greta is Jon’s mate who is linked to Jon and Jon linked to Greta from girl touching Jon’s face with hand.”

Anna spoke “Jan’s words figured what Greta told girls when talking about joining boys. Greta talked about joining with Jon only and killing any boy who try to join girl form.”

Jan spoke “Anna tell girls this and get Greta in here to be with Jon. Seer says that Greta’s touch and presence will help Jon with healing.”

He heard Anna’s voice becoming faint spoke “Anna will do what Jan says.”

Jon lay on the bed as he struggled to breathe with the pain becoming sharp. He sensed a presence of someone sitting on the bed next to his form as the heaviness in his chest abruptly left him easing his breathing. He breathed easily as he felt hands touching his cheeks followed by feelings of pleasure as the pain in his form eased. He jerked his form feeling lips touched his as his lips moved with the lips kissing. Then he felt one of the hands leave his face to touch his chest which he lifted his hand in a fast motion from his side to touch the hand gripping it in a tight grip. Jon felt the pain along with the heaviness leave his form and eyes as the kissing stopped. He forced open his eyes to stare at Greta in the face staring at her eyes as her hand on his face gently rubbed his cheek. Jon exhaled and inhaled air through his nose as he felt himself healed and back to normal and with his other hand took off the scanner attached to his forehead tossing it off. He kept his eyes on Greta as he sat up with her hands still on him.

He heard Jan speak from his right side “Jan wants to know is Jon alright?”

Jon spoke eyes still staring at Greta’s eyes “Jon feels fine and better. Jon heard words said between Seer and Jan. Jon’s upset that Humanians assumed thought of Jon choosing Seer as mate when Seer says that was to help Jon heal.”

He heard a loud groan from Jan as he continued speaking “Jon wants to go to teepee now. Jon refuses to stay in Medical any longer.”

He heard Jan speak “Fine what Jon wants Jon gets.”

He watched as Greta removed her hand from his cheek as he released his hold on her other hand and she stood up. He swung his legs off the bed standing up as he felt Greta put her hands on his right arm gently tugging him towards the Medical cave’s entrance. Walking pass the entrance, he paused, his face forming in an angry glare to see Humanians male and female with children standing around who lowered their heads not looking at him. He kept his face in an angry glare as he escorted by Greta walked pass the gathered Humanians and rows of tents towards his teepee. Reaching the teepee he felt Greta let go of his arm as he went inside followed by her. Inside he stood fisting his hands as anger arrived while growling loudly as Greta walked to stand in front of him. He averted his eyes from staring at her as she pressed her form into him while wrapping her arms around him in a hug. He breathed deeply through his mouth as he shut his eyes willing himself to calm as he felt Greta rub his back with her hands while her head was leaning on his shoulder. He exhaled and inhaled air through his nose as he leaned his head on Greta’s head and unclench his hands to place them on Greta’s back gently rubbing.

Jon thought to himself “Jon might as well spite the Humanians for what people did to Jon.”

He spoke out loud as he removed his head from leaning on Greta’s “Jon wants to join Greta.”
He felt Greta’s hands stop their rubbing as she lifted her head to stare at him in the eyes as she spoke “Greta gets that Jon is angry at Humanians and wants joining to spite for what Jon’s people did to Jon.”

Jon spoke “Humanians are not Jon’s people till Humanians prove actions to make Jon’s view change. Jon insists on joining with Greta now for Jon wants this.”

He removed his hands off Greta’s back placing them on her sides gripping the material of her dress slowly pulling it up. He felt Greta remove her hands from his back and stepped back from holding him as he pulled the dress over her head and yanked it off of her form baring her. He tossed aside the dress to place hands on his shirt yanking it off his form and did the same with his boots and pants till he was naked. Jon took Greta’s hand and led her to his blankets in one section of the teepee and he pulled her down as he went to lie down with her lying next to him.

He heard Greta speak “Jon takes the top position for Greta insists this.”

Jon obeyed letting go of Greta’s hand and placed himself on top of her form as he felt her part her legs as he settled between them while feeling her hands went to grip his shoulders. He felt currents of pleasure as his skin touched her skin and with a hand guided his sensitive part inside Greta then removed his hand to grip her by the arms in the armpit area with both hands. Jon felt small jolts of pleasure as he started thrusting in and out of Greta as she met his movements. He felt a powerful jolt of pleasure arrive running throughout his body and he roared the joining roar very loudly. Jon exhaled and inhaled air through his mouth as he felt himself still imbedded inside Greta while feeling her run her hands through his long dirty sun colored hair sprayed on his back.

He shut his eyes and heard Greta speak “Jon, Seer visited Greta in stock and whispered in ear that Greta must carry and that Greta will live giving life to get other girls stop being afraid of carrying.”

Jon gritted his teeth concentrating as he felt a part of him inside Greta detach and with his mind he guided the part towards the desired area inside her. He stopped gritting his teeth as he felt a life started forming and with concentration brought the part back to him. Exhaling air thought his nose he felt the part back onto him and pulled himself out of Greta to lay besides her on his side as he opened his eyes. He pulled Greta towards him as he felt her hands touch his back rubbing as he leaned over Greta and yanked the blankets to settle over them while falling asleep.


Jon woke up hearing howling via summoning from the guard.

He got out and walked towards a guard Yun speaking “Humanians’ out of food now.”

Jon spoke “Humanians will hunt for food with Jon’s assistance.”

Jon goes out on a hunt with two guards who meet Seer who tells “Guards to look at the back of Jon’s neck covered by his hair.”

They see Viper mark and Seer says “Jon is part Viper as proven.”

The group hears a noise above. They look up to see Vipers standing on a wooden rope bridge with arrow bow weapons. Seer is hit along with Jon whose guards hit the ground. Jon not happy about that as gonoids come threatening Jon but horse gonoids arrive scaring off the threat. Jon uses horse gonoids to carry his guards and Seer to cave. He inside cave lays Seer on bed and is too hurt to establish link with fallen people. He sees light come into the cave and goes to meet light which is a Human and a Shadonian.

Jon explains in Basic language not Hammarabbi the Humanians’ main language to Human male and Shadonian “Jon is Jon who he is. Jon’s people are Humanians. Jon begs what he needs help medically badly.” before fainting in front of them.

Jon later wakes up lying on bed healed with Seer standing next to him.

He “Jon asks Seer what happened?” and Seer tells him “The human had people come into cave who did operation on Jon to remove the arrow from his shoulder as they did the same to me.”

Jon gets up and establish link which Seer tells him “I have to leave because I can’t stay.” Seer disappears into a light show from Yun’s memories involved Meritanians’ transportation to the High Council. Yun is fine with Jon as sensed mind scanning him but doesn’t comment a word towards him mind scanning. Jon continues to mind scan finding Yun’s Jon finds Greta in his teepee looking a little under the weather which he comforts by sleeping with her cuddled in his arms only woken up by her groaning loudly.

Greta spoke as heard “Greta senses offspring growing inside and being born fast.”

Jon wound up bringing Greta to medical cave to lie onto a bed as she remained groaning of pain from the baby growing inside her. Yun noticed that Jon doesn’t rub Greta’s abdomen unless asked by her. He mostly rubs her face with his hands while she sweats water.

Yun via memory of watching the scene heard hears Greta’s words which “The girls are afraid of carrying babies due to them die from giving birth to boys. Greta hopes the baby is a girl to help the girls get over their fear. Greta feels its time for baby to come out via pushing felt.”

Greta goes in labor in the medical cave with Jon comforting her.

She according to Yun gives birth to a girl she saying “I named girl as called by name of Meria.”

Greta survives which Jon by expression onto his face makes Yun realizes that Jon will have no say in raising his daughter’s life or have Greta around him as traditionally done by Humanians whenever they have a girl child. Jon is spotted goes to teepee and gets upset feeling like his heart is breaking while in kneeling position. Yun noticed Jon doesn’t sleep but continues to kneel staring at the teepee walls while sometimes mind scanning the male’s mind. Jon found to his shock that Yun could mind walk Jon including various Humanians. He saw to his disgust Jon via mind scans of Yun, getting an idea of cutting his wrist to suck his own blood which he knows will kill him and end up killing the Humanians. Jon kept on mind scanning Yun as Jon hears howl noise and goes out of teepee to see Humanians who grab him and yank his hair up baring his neck. He hears one say “Viper” while hearing gasping sounds from the other Humanians gathered around.

Jon freed goes back into teepee and gets angry says as overheard by Yun “The Humanians have destroyed Jon’s faith in them. Jon mentions that he will never trust them again.”

He hears howl sound comes out still angry to see Humanian Jan thrust him knife while saying “Jon has to hunt for himself for he’s a viper.”

Jon’s reaction is to hiss loudly while grabbing the knife which Jan reacts backing up with fear seen. Jon goes into teepee and kneel dropping knife.

Yun hears Jon’s wail feels sadness as he overhears Jon’s speaks out loud “Jon is no longer Humanian but viper and will act like viper like while living here with Humanians.”

Jon is visited by Greta without baby Meria which he is happy to see repeatedly kissing her face and stroking her hair while outside teepee. Greta doesn’t say a word as she stares at him with a blank expression on her face like she’s not saying anything in response despite Yun mind scanning her.

Greta via mind scans of Yun is thinking “Why’s Jon a viper when’s he’s felt like a Humanian when joining him? This confuses Greta.”

Jon talks “Greta has Jon trust for he allowed her to mate with him” adds with an angry tone “The Humanians have destroyed Jon’s faith in them.”

He speaks adding “Jon with begging towards Greta to get Meria and bring her to teepee for he wants Greta and his daughter with him. Jon no longer sees himself as Humanian but a viper. Jon’s tempted to cut his wrist and suck his blood which he knows will kill him and later killing the Humanians.”

Jon kisses Greta on the lips and in a pleading tone tells her “Greta to get Meria and bring her here.”

He exhales air as Greta leaves and spies the knife on the ground which he folds his arms and continues to stare at it while inside teepee despite Yun outside mind scanning him.

He wound up sensing Greta repeating conversation of Jon to Jan despite Jan saying “Greta what that viper said to Greta now?”

Yun wound up frowning as Jan listened to Greta’s talk including speaking “Wait here while Jan checks something out.”

He found Jan coming to the teepee and pushing him aside to enter despite his attempts to block him.

Jan entering teepee Jon kicks out yelling “Jon’s tempted to destroy the Humanians for destroying his faith in them! Jon’s no longer accepts himself as Humanian but viper!”

Jan leaves which Jon goes to knife picks it up and kneels bringing it to his wrist as Greta arrives with Meria. Jon tosses away knife to stand and hug Greta with Meria sandwiched between them.

He speaks as Yun mind scans her “Greta and Meria are reasons why he has to live with the Humanians for it helps him tolerate them as a viper.”

Jon kisses Greta on the forehead and hears her speak “Greta insists Jon should give the knife to a Humanian outside teepee.”

Jon obeys picking up the knife and leaves teepee to see Yun who he gives knife to while hissing some angry sound then enters teepee to see a cross legged sitting Greta breast feeding Meria who is underneath her shirt. He kneels next to Greta and pulls up her shirt to watch Meria suck while putting an arm around Greta and lowering his head on her head.

Yun listens eavesdropping as Jon spoke loudly “Jon thinks to himself that as long as Greta and Meria are with him he’ll continue to live here with the Humanians.”

Jon goes to sleep with arms around Greta who is holding Meria. He passes out to find Greta and baby gone which he is upset and leaves teepee.

Yun again finds Jan outside that pushes him aside despite Jon coming out.

Yun to see Jan block Jon’s way saying “The tradition of Humanian females raising girl children separately from their fathers will be up held.’

Jon hisses loudly as Jan hands him a knife and is told “Viper to go out and hunt for himself.”

Jon snatches knife and storms out of the cave into the forest which Yun loyal towards Jon follows unnoticed. Yun follows Jon walks till he reaches a clearing and kneel putting knife in front of him.

Jon speaks out loud “Jon’s faith in Humanians have been destroyed. Jon mentions that he’s feeling like he should destroy himself and the Humanians.”

Yun sees Jon grabs knife as he with gun slung on his back walks in his line of sight to kneel in front of him with a pleading expression onto his face.

Yun speaks “Yun thinks Jon’s faith in Humanians being destroyed was caused by Aria breaking promise to mate with him by mating with Yun himself.’

Jon is shocked by Yun’s words for Yun senses from Jon who realizes it’s the source of his anger towards the Humanians.

Yun adds with pleading “Yun trusts Jon as a Humanian and as Humanians’ leader and won’t stop him from destroying Humanians.”

Jon lowers his hands one hand still clutching the knife till their touching his thighs and closes his eyes to mind walk Yun who he sees in Yun’s mind.

Aria telling Yun “Aria says the break a promise to mate with Jon by mating with Yun is the source of Jon’s anger towards Humanians. Hence he saying his faith in them destroyed as mentioned by Greta to the girls.”

He sees Yun speaks “Yun agrees with Aria’s words.” then leaves tent to see Jon himself and finds the secret of Yun mind scanning Jon and overhearing Jon’s words said in mind.

Yun doesn’t resists to mind scanning instead seems resigned that he’ll sympathizes with Jon’s attitude for being the reason of Jon’s anger. Yun saw walking towards the stairs which he grabs his gun and follows Jon.

Yun meet Jan on the way who is yelled at with Yun shouting very loudly “Jon is a Humanian their leader and not a Viper despite having a Viper mark on him!’.

Yun as seen in his mind storms out of the cave and follows him to clearing and hears him speak his words out loud. Jon during scans senses Yun is telling the truth about trusting him which he also senses Yun is seeing him as a Humanian and their leader and not a viper. Jon stops scanning to open eyes to stare at Yun who is looking at him with a hopeful expression in his eyes. Jon gets up as Yun gets up and he hands Yun the knife that puts it in a pocket on his belt.

Yun he sees yanks gun off back while yelling “Down!” which Jon squats to watch Yun fire the gun several times.

He hears a groaning growl sound from behind him and stands up to turn around seeing a horned four legged gonoid lying on the ground with dart sticks sticking in its eyes and underside area.

He hears Yun speak “Yun saw the gonoid walking on three legs towards Jon with a fourth leg dragging and figured that the gonoid was going to attack hence he firing his gun at it.”

Jon and Yun carry the dead gonoid to the cave. Jon and Yun leave clearing towards the Humanians’ cave where he sees Jan and Jin holding guns in their hands standing outside with worried looks on their faces which turn to relief when they see him.

He goes inside cave while hearing from behind him Yun loudly “Yun lecture Jan and Jin about the importance of Jon being their leader cause he’s Humanian.”

Jon goes to teepee to see Greta inside without Meria. He stares at her with a frown and arms folded as she walks to stand in front of him and sees her hand rise to near his cheek slowly. He recognizes that she wants him to see something in her mind and allows her to touch his cheek which he closes his eyes mind walking her. He sees her as human wearing smooth colored clothing and a pack on her back walking in the forest with hot ball out. He sees her hear a noise and goes to investigate which she sees thru the bushes Vipers around a horned gonoid the same type that Yun shot and brought to the cave for eating. The Vipers he sees are cutting the skin off the gonoid while eating parts of it and sees her eyes sight focus on a young Humanian child appearing to be a boy with short hair sitting next to a Viper who has hand on his shoulder who is staring at the sight with a lost look in his eyes. The scene changes to show her hear a twig snap from behind turn around to see a Viper who spits out a dart stick that lands on her bare throat and she falls to the ground body frozen. The vipers he sees strip her of every thing and put on her form an animal skin dress then carry her to outside Humanians’ cave and leave her there which she gets up and stumbles inside then the scene goes black.

Jon also sees in Greta’s mind her telling girls sitting in a circle in a tent “Greta insists on the truth on speaking of Jon with anger in his voice telling her that his faith in Humanians have been destroyed. Jon admitting to Greta feeling like he should destroy them.”

He sees in the mind Aria sitting next to Greta admit “Aria admits she thinks she’s the source of Jon’s anger for she broke a promise to mate with Jon by mating with Yun.”

He sees girls murmur “Girls agree to Aria’s statement.” as Aria adds “Aria has to go talk to Yun about something.” and leaves.

Jon feels Greta take her hand off his cheek opens his eyes to stare at her as she speaks “Jon is Humanian the Humanians’ leader and the memory she has shown to him that he was raised by Vipers and was marked by them. Humanian boys fathering girls aren’t forbidden from seeing them from time to time as the girl grows up but are forbidden on how to raise the girl.”

Jon lowers his arms as Greta hugs him which he hugs her back while breathing deeply. He senses her stop hugging him whom he stops and doesn’t protest as she grabs his hand and pulls him out of the teepee leading him pass Humanians looking at him with hopeful expressions on their faces and tents to a large tent which she tells him “Jon to wait outside.”

He stands staring at the tent as she goes inside and comes out holding Meria.

He stares at Greta as added “Greta insists Jon sits.” which he sits cross legged and is handed Meria which he holds as she sits next to him.

He stares at Meria who opens her eyes to stare at him back and sees one of her arms escape the blanket wrapped around her which he gently reaches with his hand. Meria to his shock grabs one of his fingers with her Human like hand to grip tightly and he hears a cooing like sound come from her as he sees a smiley like look on Meria’s face. Jon closes eyes to mind walk Meria who he senses knows him as her father and is happy being held by him while sensing she wanted her hand to touch him physically hence her freeing her arm from the blanket and grabbing one of his fingers. Jon opens his eyes as a small smile comes to his lips and he stares at Meria who is staring back at him with her eyes while having a hand still gripping his finger. Jon feels Greta place her head on his shoulder with arm on his back and other arm around him and Meria. He leans his head on Greta who he senses has fallen asleep as he holds Meria who he sees closes her eyes and senses her asleep.

Jon senses Yun in vicinity mind scanning them as he’s thinking to himself “Greta and Meria are reasons enough to keep him alive just to keep them and the Humanians alive.”


Jon saw clearly Yun’s mind’s memories end by Yun falling asleep and his mind becoming blank as a response. Jon frowned but wound up mind scanning Dalton he sensed was awake and realized his name was not just Dalton but having some sinister presence twin to a Meritanian into his mind that appeared to be astral projection making him grimace.

Jon grimaced getting that including a headache followed by hearing “That’s an enough of the mind scans, Jonny boy. Go to sleep you need your rest.”

He found himself urged to shut his eyes obeyed to do it falling unconscious to dream of nothing but freedom from containment while on a beach meeting a deity lord named Lance Richard which is another story for later.


This is recorded by Recorder of memories listening to Dalton’s translating Jon the Humanian’s talk.


Jon's Story

This Jon the Humanian's story involving at first living on Terrania then living on Shadan. He learns various memories of other Humanians while mind scanning them from his trapped in The Hall of One Thousand Voices' tubed status among the others speaking tales to whoever is listening. This is recorded by Recorder of Memories working for the High Council recording talk onto laptop computer for the High Council's group's records as ordered. This tale is spoken by Jon translated by Dalton towards the Recorder from the Humanian language.

  • ISBN: 9781370506354
  • Author: Beth Hoyer
  • Published: 2017-05-22 22:05:10
  • Words: 19483
Jon's Story Jon's Story