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Jokes for Child

Jokes for Child


William Gore


Copyright William Gore 2016


Published at Shakespir


Table of contents.


1. Jokes




In kindergarten:

- Children, what birds don’t need nests?

- To cuckoos, – Nikita answers.

- Why?

- Because they in hours live.


The teacher asks children:

- What animals bring benefit to the person?


- Boiled, Marya.


The domestic cat several times licked a leg to the kid. Child:

- Mother is time to feed Murzik, and that he already tries me!


On the beach the boy sits and longs. By there is a passerby:

- The kid, what so upsets you?

- Yes I the uncle want to write, and I am not able to swim yet.


The grandmother read to the grandson the fairy tale and noticed that he closed eyes. Only wanted to depart as suddenly the kid gives out:

- If my eyes are also closed, then ears hear everything!


Mike was silent up to six years. And suddenly at supper says:

- Why so sour kissel?

Parents were delighted:

- And why you didn’t speak earlier?

- And before sweet was.


- Mother, it is possible to take still piece of cake?

- Yes you eat the child though everything, but it is no more than two pieces.


The bear sits on a stub and plays a violin. The hare approaches it:

- It is a pity Mischa that you not on radio!

- What so was pleasant?

- Yes it is simple to switch off radio it is possible.


After a garden Mike speaks to the father:

- And at us today Alex fought!

- And which of children won?

- Teacher.


- Father! Well, when, at last, there will arrive the engine?

- What engine?

- Which you on Birthday promised to present!


- Children who will call to me five animals living in Africa? – the teacher asks.

- Three zebras and two giraffes! – Andrey answers.


The teacher asks Vovochka:

- You read Mumu?

get away.

- And about what there?

- Well, there the grandfather Mike saved a deaf cow.


At a lesson teacher:

- Mike, you why you look at the watch every minute?

- Yes, I am afraid that the call will ring out and this remarkable lesson will end!


Mother shouts to the child from a balcony:

- The Mike, you are going to go home?

- Yes I gather.

- Also you will long gather?

- Still couple of hours!


- The father, watch what uncle bald!

- Lower voice the sonny, and he will hear that.

- You think, he doesn’t know?


The father asks children:

– Who ate apple?


– I don’t know!

– And you will be?

- I will be!


- Mike whom you love more: brother or little sister?

- Of course little sister! It drowned my diary in a pool!


At night the big plate with strawberry cooking dreamed Mike. But it had no spoon, and sweet it wasn’t succeeded to eat. Now he goes to bed with a spoon.

Jokes for Child

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  • ISBN: 9781370531783
  • Author: William Gore
  • Published: 2016-12-26 21:20:08
  • Words: 511
Jokes for Child Jokes for Child