Jesus Christ- The Vigor Of Oppressed- Book 3


Jesus Christ –The vigor of Oppressed


By Latha M.S





Jesus Christ – The vigor of Oppressed

[* Book- 3 *]

By Latha M.S


Copyright 2016 Latha M.S

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Chapter 1 Introduction

Every person in this world comes across distress and depression in some part of their life. The causes may be no matter what such as loss, disease, debt, failure, relationship, anything. In such depressed situations people have only two options to react, either to behold that inside or let it outside.

When the depressions and emotions are let to stay inside it is either let to react within the person and gradually transferred as anger, grudge, to the outer world, or eradicate it outside in the form of tears. Though it is let out in the form of tears it brings a temporary relief which lasts for a short duration but later on the person is again surrounded and immersed by the same pain. When you are in trouble there is no one person who understands your inner feelings and emotions. May be a person close to you can understand to certain extent but nobody can feel your pain and sufferings. Because the fact that we all have to accept is, a person’s emotions are beyond human understandings and control. At times a person cannot understand himself. At distress or when disturbed people keep cognizing what is wrong with them and what to be done to them. They keep confused and start doing things that takes them to a different direction of life. This is why many people take a wired deviation from a normal life and end up unsuccessful, or end up with criminalities and illegal activities.

For example consider any object or product that we use in our day today life. Only a designer or developer or creator of that product can understand completely what goes wrong in a product and what to be corrected in case of any of the functional failures. Similarly only a creator or a designer of human being can understand what is wrong and what to be done to a human for rectification.

For people who want to come out of the troubles and long to lead a successful life the best option is to shed the tears and let out all the distress outside. As we all know that shedding tears in front of the family or friends would favor a person only for a certain while but every individual wants to come out of their situation as soon as possible permanently. So every person looks for a permanent solution. The smartest part is to find the right place and right person to receive a permanent solution. The pondering questions are

Whom can I Trust?

Who can understand me?

What can they do for me?

Will they give a solution for me?

Who is there for me?

Will they stay with me in my troubles?

Will they value my tears and pain?

If you are in such a situation there is a one and only one in this universe who is the answer for all the questions and other questions that is running in your mind and bothering. The answer is the

Jesus Christ – The Vigor of Oppressed. Try and perceive to yourself. To throw more light on it, there are many incidents in the bible. There are numerous whys and wherefores when an individual cries either visibly or silently in his heart. In life we all have

An unspeakable secret.

An irreversible regret.

An un-kept promise.

An un-heard request.

An irreplaceable loss.

An unreachable dream.

An unforgettable person we love.

Still life is about living anyhow.

Chapter 2 Lord who See’s our Tears

Two foremost reasons a person cries outwardly or inwardly is when either one loses something such as health, wealth, people, materials, money, success etc.

Two when we either intentionally or without intentionally do something that hurts others and indirectly us. When we have guilty conscious. In this occasion we strain to control our emotional outbursts and pretend in front of others. People in this status quo act poles apart outside and internally. They are emotionally distressed internally. The only options available is to let the distress stay within you or let it out.

When it is within you it keeps reacting inside and eventually pressure mounts internally and at the end the emotions are busted out in other forms as anger, grudge, hatred, revenge, pity, inferiority complex, and fear. Or sometimes reflects in the person’s physical and mental health. Which results in negative thoughts and activities. They are always restless and live a life without peace. And try to find the happiness and peace through other means in the world, they keep searching all around the world.

The other option is to let the emotions or distress clear out in the form of tears. The key problems here is to find the right, trustable, understanding and a loving person to relay on. The tears and distress can be shed and shared only with people whom we are close or those who we trust. The hardest part is the person whom we trust the most are, occasionally the reason for our distress. The person must be one who can understand our pain and our feelings. Not to deny the person must be an expert to give us what our heart wants. But most of the people fail here though the trusted person tries to comfort you they can never understand what you need at that time, because that fact is most of the time we by our self’s do not know what we need actually.

So turning up to an expert who can understand us better than us is the only effective solution to our contemporary condition. Who else can be that expert other than Lord Jesus Christ, the lord who watches us each and every second and who cares for us more than us?

Crying to the lord not only makes you feel better for a while but clears all your problems and he provides everything that you need and more than you ask.

To understand about this there are two incidents from bible which I would like to remind at this point.

Chapter 3 Prayer to Receive needs

The first is about a lady named Hanna in 1 Samuel Book. The scriptures tells us as follows.

There was a man called Elkanah who had two wives one called Hanna and other Peninnah. Hanna had no children and Peninnah had children. In those days people had a custom of making sacrifices to the lord once in a year along with family. Wherever they are the people would travel to the lord’s place to give the offerings and sacrifices and to thank the lord. Elkanah in his days also makes sacrifices to the lord in Shiloh every year and once the offering and worship was over he used to give the blessed offering shares to both his wife’s and children. Peninnah and her children gets their share and Hanna on the other hand gets a more worthy portion since her husband loved her more. Every year Hanna was provoked by her adversary and she weeps and returns up without eating and drinking. This continued for years.

During one such year they left for Shiloh to offer their yearly sacrifices to the Lord and as usual gave the shares of the blessed portions of their offerings that belonged to his two wife’s and children. This time Hanna was provoked by Peninnah and Hanna was so distressed in her heart and never felt like eating and drinking, she only cried and cried thinking about her affliction and her barrenness. Her husband consoled her and compelled her to eat. With the bitterness filled in her soul Hannah returned to the lord, prayed and wept sore. She prayed to the lord and pleaded the lord to look upon her afflictions and begged the lord for a child and vowed if the lord blessed with a child she will return the child back to the lord. She continued praying to the lord for a long time, as time passed by the priest Eli saw the lady sitting for a long time static but only with her lips moving. Hanna spoke to the lord in her heart and only her lips moved and voice unheard, Eli the priest assumed she was drunk. The priest could not see her like this. He intended to turn her out from temple and so started to advise her asking her how long will you be drunk and why don’t you put away the wine.

Hanna responded with pain in her heart, soul and sore in her eyes, no my lord, I am a women of a sorrowful spirit, I have drunk neither wine nor strong drink, but have poured out my soul before the lord. The priest told her not to worry and go in peace and added the lord of Israel will grant your petition.

Hanna’s experience is what many people feel when we are depressed, we neither know what we talk nor know what we do. When Hanna cried because of her affliction, she cried unto the lord praying for a child. She cried from her heart pouring her soul unto the lord’s feet. Hanna felt better after some time in her heart and left the place and had an inner feel and faith the lord will grant her what she wished in her heart. Days went on and one day she found her prayers were answered and she had a son whom she named Samuel, the Prophet.

This incident points us many important and indirect teachings. Whenever we are afflicted and oppressed the people around us always tend to hurt us and trouble, but the lord almighty always has ears to listen to our prayers especially when you are afflicted by others. The lord grants our wish when we ask and pray from the bottom of the heart.

That is what the bible says the Lord who created the eyes would he not see, the lord who created the ears for us would he not listen.

When you cry in the feet of the lord he immediately makes us feel lot better than what we expect. The bible says the lord is the only source who can give peace to you, he gives the peace that no person or object in this universe can give to a person. The lord gives not only unnatural and indescribable peace but also gives all that jazz required to strengthen you. That is, in case your distress makes you feel week, he gives you confidence and makes you fearless. He knows what you lack and what you need, by one way or another the Lord grants all you need. This peace not only stays for a short time but it’s for everlasting. The Lord almighty dislikes people crying and the magician wipes away all our sorrows when we pour our torments to him instantly. He gives us the strength and power along with the wish we make. The lord is an unconditional loving lord, he never stays serene when we are in worries. He acts immediately to get what his children needs. Only when we experience we can understand the Lords love crystal clear. The immediate answers for our prayers are given to our heart instantly through any means which makes us feel confident and the rest of the worldly and physical happenings occur later. All we have to do is believe and have faith in the lord.

Every person in this universe know that any happiness or pleasure can be best understood when they self-experiences it, no matter whatever others tell or explain. Only a person who eats a candy can feel how sweet or how it tastes, but seeing or listening to others words cannot bring the same sensory mouth feel. Similarly whatever we say or write the lord’s love should be self- tested and tasted. The message that is spread around the world is to give a simple reminders to the people about the lord and the lords love, which we forget due to the various issues and the mechanical life or either we are not much aware of the lord or just not interested unless we are in trouble.

The stories and the incidents in the bible all provides confidence and tells us indirectly that there are many similar situations that people around the world are experiencing and also explains clearly how the problems were solved and the same lord is ready to give us the same solutions with his love.

In the Hanna’s story the lord granted what her heart wished and gave her a son. Years after Hannah’s son became a great prophet. Which indirectly instils us incase in your life you are awaiting for a long time for something, or if things in your life are getting unreasonably delayed dredge up the delayed ones are blessed and more special than what you expect. This is the law given by the lord or can be told in other words it is the universal law.

Chapter 4 Restless Life

Another occasion when people are depressed is a much more delicate situation, when people keenly or without intentionally do any activity to offend or abuse others or themselves either in their activities or in words. At times they just feel cheerful or get addicted to certain things which they are not happy about it later, they keep bothering and burdening themselves. For example like addicted to drugs, drinks, worldly pleasures. Those people just want to get out of it, but not able to do so subsequently they do not have the control over those practices. They neither do not talk about this to others frankly nor do not wish to share it to others. They keep to themselves which slowly mounts inside the person’s heart, mind and soul. Whenever pressures or depressions are controlled and compressed within a container, the container either a physical one or a person’s heart or brain or emotions it reacts internally for a duration of time and later it bursts out and takes alternative form such as anger, separations, grudges, guilty consciousness, depression, deserted, oppressed, fear, tensions, gloomy, hatred, loneliness etc. In that circumstances people behave abnormally and incompetent to control themselves.

They are inept to forgive and forget themselves and they do not know how to liberate from their troubling inner emotional state which makes them restless and urges to act strangely. These individuals immerse them in melancholies and look odd in the general public or among the people around them. They tend to lose persons, people’s love, and affection and are almost left isolated. They sense forsaken and eventually they do stuffs that others do not usually do to draw the attentions of the people and live through that without harmony inside them. They try to acquire the people’s attention by doing all sort of things no matter how unpleasant or wicked activities they are, which makes them glad, subsequently deep inside their heart they sense loneliness. The only way to come out of it is to turn to the lord Jesus Christ, for the lord forgives everybody and for everything provided, you ask for his forgiveness and wish to come out of it. The first thing you have to do is to let the lord in your life, the rest the lord will take care just allow the lord and surrender to him. Everybody knew that life is not in our hands we do not have the authority to control our life or for our situations, we cannot breathe by our self’s and none of our physical body parts listens to us and takes our orders all time. We do not want to feel sick but our body falls in sickness and health problems. The Lord will give you everything you requisite and also those things that you by yourself do not know, check it out for yourself. The lord forgives and forgets all our sins, behaviors, activities that neither you nor the world nor the lord dislikes it.

Chapter 5 Liberate from immorality.

There is yet another incident in the bible. It is told in the book john chapter 8. It is about a lady who was caught in adultery. The people brought her in front of the lord Jesus and queried him to punish her. They have decided to stone her to death and enquired the lord about that. The Lord, the one and only loving lord, the forgiver loves each and every one of the human creator because he is the creator. No creator or a producer can hate any of the products or his creation. When a human being likes and loves so much what he created, what about the lord who is a lord of love. The lord who does not know to dislike his people.

The lord Jesus Christ did not answer for a while he silently jotted on the land with his finger. After a while he glanced the cluster of men with hands full of stones to punish the lady. The Lord spoke to the gathering as follows, the one who has not made a single sin in his life shall throw the first stone. To the surprise all the men in the group dropped the stones from their hands to the ground one by one and left the place with their heads turned down. The lady who was horrified saw that no single men was there to penalize her. Then she saw the lord with a terrifying eyes but the lord spoke to her see there is no single men to punish you. Even I am not going to punish you. You go and do not sin again.

This incident tells clearly that the lord is always ready to forgive all our sins and he permanently overlooks our sins and wants every person dwelling in sin to come out of it and live a sinless, pure and peaceful life. The lord is the only solution that can deliver and set you free from all evils and sins.

There is one significant fact that we have to understand here. Lord Jesus Christ is not bound to any religion he is the only god who really cares for us. When I cognize about it deep in my mind, there were questions running in me. What could be the reason that the lord wants to set us free from all sins and why he wants to deliver us free? Do he gain anything from it? What is the return for the lord to free us? It took me no long to get the answer, what else could be other the Lords Unconditional and Unfailing Love which he has on every human in this world and the wellbeing of his people.

When there is somebody to understand your emotions and your pain, you pour out all to them and you feel free. Whenever you make a blunder then we find a lot around us to condemn and criticize you. Whenever there is a materialistic loss or a failure the people around us or even the close ones do not understand and we are left all alone, all the friends and relatives part away, some people start spreading all negativities about you, even a small slipups are exaggerated. Inferiority complex creeps inside you, people do not contemplate you, you are sidestepped, neglected and no significance is given to you, your ideas, your suggestions etc. You are not a part in no matter what and everywhere.

Whenever you cry to the lord every time there is an answer from the lord. The lord replies in multiple means either he talks to your heart directly, he makes you feel better in your heart by giving a positive strength and confidence, or talks through other means it may be either from a person or by massages or through the bible reading.

The bible says the Lord Jesus Christ saves your tears in his carrier bag, he is the one who sees all your sufferings and struggles, whether you accept it or not the lord is always seeing on every one of us every second. Because he is the creator who created you and me and eventually always cares for his creations. The lord has created every human in this universe to live happily and to praise the lord and at the end return the soul to the lord who offered. Yes, whether we accept or not the soul that everyone has is given by the lord and the lord gave us to lead a happy life in this world and return to him in the end as pure and good as he gave us. But we the individuals fail to recall or do not understand the purpose of the life and the objective of living. The main reason is we do not know the purpose and always keep us busy and occupied with the worldly struggles and problems, trying to find the solutions to the problems that we are unable to find at countless occasions. The solutions to all the problems is easily and instantly available in the feet of the lord Jesus Christ. All the problems regarding health, relationships, depressions, failures, losses etc are available in the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ. All you have to do is to let the lord in your life and allow the lord to work for you and enjoy the miracles, the happiness and peace that the lord is ready to give you.

No matter whatever you have done and whatever is your conditions and situations remember the creator almighty always Loves you and Cares for you. He is near you to wipe your tears and console you.

Chapter 6 Lords Promise to wipe our tears

The lord had made many promises in the bible one such promise made by the lord tells us crystal clear on how much, the Lord Jesus values the people’s cries and tears. When the Lord was crucified , the lord in the cross with his hands and legs nailed and with blood oozing all over his body and every cell of his body was in pain and agony, looks down his crying mother Mary and makes a promise to mother Mary even at that aching time, the lord says to every other women in this world, my mother Mary was crying and shedding tears at the time when my hands were tied, I was helpless, I could not wipe my mother’s tears, but I promise whenever a mother in this world cries shedding tears , I will be near them and will not let those tears reach the ground, I will be there to wipe their tears and comfort them and to help them and this I make a promise.

So the crying crowd, in the whole universe do not be worried that you are left alone or you do not have somebody to help you, there is a lord almighty the creator of the universe and the human mankind by your side to wipe your tears and to help you at your side, you are not alone, He is always at your side whenever you are in trouble.

It does not matter whether you are good or bad the lord the creator of you never sees for your goodness or sins, the Lord always rushes to you to console you and help you. Imagine a situation when a kid is in any trouble or for example at the edge or top of a building and about to fall and in danger, What would a worldly father do, would he not hurry to help the kid out of the danger or would he keep warning and advising about the child’s mistakes, mischievousness and disobedience etc, at that time. When a worldly father cares so much about his kids what would our heavenly father will do who only know to love and love his people. All you have to do is let the lord emanate in your life and surrender to him completely and the rest the lord will take care.

I have a practice of reading the bible whenever I am in distress, the bible gives the answers that I am looking for. The bible apart from being the holy book and a guide for a human life there are lots of incidents and histories of many people. These incidents not only teaches us how to lead life but also reminds several incidents which coincides with our current problems and situations. This gives us a confidence and guidance, which aids us to find a way out. How did the lord help and deliver them. How their prayers were answered.

Chapter 7 Impossible to Possible

Whatsoever may be your state of affairs, may be you are in a condition that makes you feel it is over, may be you have lost all the hope or may be it is beyond your control or you have reached “The End” state and you think nothing in this world can help you, but evoke there is no end or failure with the lord Almighty for Sure and Sure. Nothing is impossible with Jesus Christ. Whatever may be your situation or circumstances whatever may be your medical reports it is not the finale, the lord can do miracle in any situation. Lord Jesus can create a path when you are in a no way phase. You may wonder how could there be a possibility when all the options in the world says impossible. Do not forget the lord is the creator when he can create the universe and other celestial objects, certainly he can create and do new things and impossible things in your life. One vital fact to remember whenever you feel negative, in hopeless situations, if you cannot think of receiving the impossible things is, remember every object or product or innovation that has been invented in this world, the very second before the product was invented it was highly impossible to do the activity. Think before the invention of telephones talking to people in long distance was impossible. Before the invention of internet and computer seeing a people from other side of the world in front of your computer screen or now mobile phones was impossible. So solutions are impossible only until they are discovered. When a human can create the impossible inventions the Lord who created the universe can make many impossible miracles and happenings in your life. Believe have faith and trust the Lord, get ready to receive the miracles and magic’s in your life, the Lord is ready near you to grant your needs.

Chapter 8. The Ministries

The lord talks through some of the special people who do services to help and support for the betterment of the troubled people. The lord has chosen people around the world as his representatives to relieve and liberate people from their anguish. The lord gives blessings and boons to those people and they with the powers use them to cast away all the negativity from the people and set them free.

There are countless inimitable experiences in Christian life and messages though it is difficult to believe for people who have less idea or from other religions, but end of the day we have to agree that there are whole lot of things and happenings around the world which are beyond our understanding and knowledge.

The stuffs which I adore the most is about the prophecies about an individual’s life. There are so many problems in a person’s life that we are not capable to understand and solve. Such problems could be solved only by the almighty. These prophecies and the prophets not only offers us solution to the current problems but also heals people from various health and problems that are beyond human understanding. They have a vision of a person’s past and future. These are the lord’s words, the lord talks through these chosen people. They inform us about all future happenings both good and bad happenings that can be rectified by prayers.

One such prophet is Bro. C.Soosainathan, Jesus Compassion Ministries, India who with his godsends provides countless services for the past twenty five years. For further details and enquiry visit the site.


Jesus Christ- The Vigor Of Oppressed- Book 3

Whenever you cry to the lord every time there is an answer from the lord. The lord replies in multiple means either he talks to your heart directly, he makes you feel better in your heart by giving a positive strength and confidence, or talks through other means it may be either from a person or by massages or through the bible reading. The bible says the Lord Jesus Christ saves your tears in his carrier bag, he is the one who sees all your sufferings and struggles, whether you accept it or not the lord is always seeing on every one of us every second. Because he is the creator who created you and me and eventually always cares for his creations. The lord has created every human in this universe to live happily and to praise the lord and at the end return the soul to the lord who offered.

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Jesus Christ- The Vigor Of Oppressed- Book 3 Jesus Christ- The Vigor Of Oppressed- Book 3