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Jessie's Girl


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Jessie’s Girl


Author: Larry Harrington


ISBN: 9781311412300


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Copyright © 2016 by Larry Harrington


All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, with the exception of short quotes used in reviews, without permission from the author.


This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.


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Jessie and John had been buddies since grade school. They roomed together after they graduated from high school. Then Jessie got a girl friend with which John became obsessed. When Jessie asked John to move out so that his girl could move in, John plotted his revenge.


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Jessie’s Girl


Jessie and John had been buddies since grade school. When they were young they had attended a large city public school where there were a lot of bullies. One day they each had ended up in the same place, being pursued by bullies. When they saw what was happening, they stood back to back, and fought off their attackers. As one of the bullies was leaving, he yelled at Jessie, “I’ll get you later!” Both Jessie and John went after him. That bully as well as the rest of them ran as hard as they could. Jessie said, “Let them go! They will be no problem from now on.”


Jessie and John shook hands and then introduced themselves.


From then on they were inseparable. They teamed up and took on the bullies that were terrorizing other children of the school also. Soon they had their own gang of followers, and the bullies ran and hid when they saw Jessie or John coming.


Jessie and John grew and soon started attending middle school. New school, new classmates, and that meant new bullies also.


By now, Jessie and John were getting proficient in fighting. They made quick work of the school bullies, including some who were on the school athletic teams. The coaches were not happy to hear of their “boys” being beat upon and went to see Jessie and John. Jessie and John explained to the coaches that their “boys” were bullying class members and that they, Jessie and John, were merely defending their classmates. The coaches suspended the athletes in question, and invited Jessie and John to try out for their teams.


Jessie and John did try out, but found they were too short for basketball, too small for football, and their legs were too short for track. They were not spectacular but they did make the baseball team. Jessie made it as a pitcher. He had a wicked slider that he could throw right by batters. John made it as a catcher. John could catch, he could throw, and the biggest thing was he could swing a mean bat. Jessie and John were soon favorites of their classmates, teachers and coaches.


Jessie and John continued growing and were soon attending high school. High school, again, meant new classmates, new teachers, new coaches, but surprisingly enough, no bullies. Their reputation had preceded them, and the bullies faded into the woodwork.


Jessie and John had put on weight and grown in height, so they tried out for the football team. Jessie made it as a back- up quarterback, and John shared the wide receiver position. The play of Jessie and John was not sensational, but they did help their team win football games. Jessie and John again, were favorites of everybody in the school.


After Jessie and John graduated from high school, they both moved out of their family homes. They were not forced out, but they were both from large families, and room was needed for growing children.


Jessie found an apartment and asked John to move in with him, explaining that they both could save a lot of money and later could buy themselves their own homes.


Jessie had a high interest in cars, and when he was in high school, had taken automotive shop classes. When he graduated, he got a job in a large automotive repair garage. He was good at his job. He was friendly, and the customers, his coworkers, and his bosses liked him. He was soon made a foreman.


When John was in high school, he had taken a printing class, just to fill a hole in his schedule. Then he had continued follow-on classes, just because he didn’t know what else to take. When he graduated from high school, he took a job at a small printing company. John was more of a loner and preferred the noise of his printing press over the companionship of his coworkers and bosses.


Things went fine for a couple of years. Jessie had a succession of girlfriends. John had a few dates himself.


Jessie met one girl that seemed to capture his heart. She was tall, thin, with long brown hair, and sparkling blue eyes. John could tell that she was infatuated with Jessie, also. The two soon became inseparable.


John tried to leave them to themselves, but he was infatuated with Jessie’s girl himself. The beautiful brown hair and blue eyes drove him crazy. John would lay awake at night and try to think of ways that he could take away Jessie’s girl.


After a year, Jessie came to John and asked him to move out. He apologized about it and explained that he was going to ask his girlfriend to move in. He said that they would probably get engaged and then marry.


John wished Jessie the best of luck and told him that would look for his own place, put inwardly he was crying. One reason he was crying was because he was losing the long time companionship of Jessie. The other reason he was crying was because he would no longer be able to see Jessie’s girl.


John found an apartment across town. When he wasn’t working, he set in the apartment and brooded about being kicked out of Jessie’s apartment. John had known that when Jessie and he had moved into that apartment that eventually they would separate. Even so, it hurt when Jessie had asked him to move out. Jessie sat in his apartment and brooded, and dreamed of Jessie’s girl.


John also plotted murder. Sometimes John would plot the murder of Jessie. He thought Jessie’s girl would come the him once Jessie was gone. Sometimes he would plot the murder of Jessie’s girl because she separated him from Jessie. In the end, John decided to murder Jessie. After all he had thrown John out of the apartment. He hoped Jessie’s girl would come to him with Jessie gone.


Once John made up his mind, he started seriously plotting the murder of Jessie. He began tailing Jessie at a distance to learn his habits. One problem John discovered right away. With the exception of going to work, Jessie went no where without his girl.


John considered murdering both Jessie and his girl. Then reconsidered when he realized that he couldn’t stand the thought of living without Jessie’s girl.


John soon decided upon a plan of action. Every Friday night Jessie walked from the apartment through a narrow alley to a bar on the street at the rear of the apartment. He left the apartment about six o’clock, drank his beer, then left the bar about ten o’clock and walked through the alley to return to the apartment. John decided to attack Jessie there in the dark alley when he was returning to the apartment.


Once he had made his decision, John quickly took the steps to carry out his plan. He went to several used merchandise stores. In one store he purchased a pair of dark coveralls. In another store he purchased a baseball bat. In a different store he purchased a black ski mask. In another store he purchased a gym bag in which to place everything.


While he was waiting for Friday to roll around, he rehearsed the attack in his mind. He also prepared his alibi. He checked the TV schedule and found a station that was airing a rerun that John had previously recorded. He then played the show over and over until he knew the show forward and backward.


Friday, he put everything in the gym bag, and left late to get to the alley at nine thirty at night. He parked his car in a dark parking lot not far from the alley, donned the coveralls and ski mask, grabbed the bat, and then snuck down to the alley. There he waited in the dark shadow of a big dumpster.


Right on time, Jessie came down the alley. Unfortunately, Jessie’s girl was with him. John let them pass, then stepped out and hit Jessie on the head with the bat. Jessie fell to the ground. Jessie’s girl screamed and came at John. John gave her a push and Jessie’s girl fell to the ground. John stepped over to Jessie’s body, hit it on the head a couple more times, and took off running. As he was running away, he heard Jessie’s girl yell, “John! I know that it is you! I’ll get you!” Then she screamed, “I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!”


John ran back to his car, took off the ski mask and coveralls, and placed them and the bat in the gym bag. On the way back to his apartment he drove over a river bridge. He stopped in the middle of the bridge, got out of his car, grabbed the gym bag, opened it, and emptied its contents over the railing. He gave the gym bag a throw, got into his car and drove back to his apartment.


It was done. There was nothing John could do now. It was too bad Jessie’s girl had recognized him. But she had not seen him. She was only guessing. John would stick to his plan. There was no evidence linking him to the crime.


The police came the next day and took John in for questioning. They grilled him for a couple of hours. John stuck to his story that he was at home watching television.


Two days later the police came and arrested John for the murder of Jessie. They grilled John relentlessly but John stuck to his story. John finally got tired and asked for a lawyer.


John sat in the jail for two more days before a lawyer came to see him. When he saw the lawyer, he protested his innocence.


The lawyer told him, “Shut up! I don’t have time to listen to this nonsense. Here is what happened. You killed Jessie to get at his girl. You drove home passing over a river bridge. There you dumped everything over the bridge railing. There was a police patrol boat passing under the bridge at the time and the bat and coveralls fell on the deck of the boat. The policemen on the boat figured that they must be the result of a crime and bagged them as evidence. The prosecution now has them. He has the bat with Jessie’s blood on the barrel and your fingerprints on the handle. He has the coveralls with Jessie’s blood on the outside and your DNA on the inside. You are convicted. It is just a question of how much time you are going to get.”


When John heard what the lawyer said, his stomach knotted up and his head started pounding.


The lawyer continued, “This sort of crime normally carries a sentence of twenty-five years to life in prison, although the death sentence is possible. The only thing we can do now is wait and see if the prosecution will offer a deal to avoid a lengthy trial.”


John now realized that he was in very deep trouble with no way out. He groaned and slid down in his chair.


John passed the time in his jail cell. The lawyer came to see him once in a while to tell him, “No change. The prosecutor has not offered a sentence deal.”


After about six months, the lawyer came to see John and tell him, “Bad news. The prosecutor is going for the death penalty. It seems that Jessie’s girl has a lot of friends, and some of those friends have parents who are in high places. Jessie’s girl wants the death penalty, so her friends and their parents are all pushing for the death penalty. The bad news is I am not sure that we can defend against it.”


John fainted.


The trial took one day and John was found guilty. Then he had to face the jury again to determine if the death penalty should be imposed.


There was no evidence presented. Just an endless number of people talking about how good a person that Jessie was. His bosses, coworkers, former teachers, coaches, former classmates of Jessie that talked about how Jessie had defended them against bullies.


John thought it was odd that all of the people remembered Jessie but nobody remembered John. John had the same teachers, He played with Jessie on the teams of the same coaches, and he had been side by side with Jessie, fighting the bullies.


The last witness for the prosecution was Jessie’s girl. Sweet Jessie’s girl. Her long brown hair had a certain shimmer. Her blue eyes still had that sparkle. Her smile brought a feeling of warmth to the hearts of the people in the courtroom. She testified that Jessie was a wonderful person, that they had just got engaged and were to be married in a year. She also said that John had ruined her life when he murdered Jessie, and broke down crying.


John’s lawyer objected to this and the judge ordered it stricken from the record.


John’s lawyer called his coworkers and some relatives that John was a good person and hard worker. Then he rested his case.


The jury deliberated one hour and gave John the death sentence.


Afterwards, the lawyer told John that it was the performance of Jessie’s girl that brought the death sentence.


John had to go before a judge for the final sentencing. The judge sentenced John to die by the electric chair.


Things went fast after that. They rushed John from his cell in the local jail to a cell on death row of the state penitentiary.


John got another lawyer who petitioned the court for a new trial, and made several appeals to higher courts to overturn the sentence, and even appealed for executive clemency.


In the end, it was all to no avail and John had to make the long walk from his cell to the “Hot seat.”


They strapped John into the electric chair and opened the curtains to the witness box.


The last thing that John saw before they threw the switch was Jessie’s girl, beautiful as ever. She sat there in one of the front chairs of the witness box, with her long brown hair shimmering, her blue eyes still sparkling, and she had a big smile on her face. She sat in her seat calmly, facing John. Her arms were at rest at her side supported by the arms of the chair. Her hands were closed in fists and were laying on the armrests with the backs down and the middle finger of each fist sticking straight up!


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Jessie's Girl

  • ISBN: 9781311412300
  • Author: Larry Harrington
  • Published: 2016-04-12 15:05:07
  • Words: 2943
Jessie's Girl Jessie's Girl