Jera's Dearly Beloved

Jera’s Dearly Beloved

Copyright © 2016 by Lena “Miss Joey” Lorenzen

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Lena Jill Lorenzen

“Hey, wankas. Care for a little roo style snooze?” I called out to the two blind two and dumb deer guards of the Islamic Strategic International Liberation group, aka ISIL, before careening both of their numbskulls hard like a couple of bowling pins on Wednesday as I then motioned silently with a hand to Jessica and the rest of the Panthera behind my lead and pried open the two double doors slowly to the local Rave trans, bi, and gay nightclub just to the northern most side of Oakland Mills and Shadow Oaks before gingerly stepping in. We hadn’t even been what but a few inches or so past the door before the more than permeating scent of blood sucker punched me in my ruminant nostrils and senses and I nearly vomited up the contents in all four of the chambers at the even more horrific sight that soon followed. Everywhere you looked, from the fucking show stage to the dance floor were the bodies of nothing, but completely innocent fellow beings, living normal innocent lives; riddled with holes like a sickening curd of Swiss cheese and some even gurgling on their own life fluid as they steadily and painfully took their last dying breaths. “Motherfuck!” Jessica exclaimed, flexing her claws in pure disgust and anger. “Those irrational bastards! This is NOT the way their so called ‘prophet’ would have wanted it at all!” “Fuckin-A.” Sekhmet agreed, equally appalled. “Whatever these assholes have planned, they indeed planned it out of spite and only pure hatred alone.” “Shit! You mates hear that?” I discerned as my ears suddenly picked up a bone chilling shrill scream that steadily became more recognizable as an agonized howl; to which I instantly realized was indeed that of a wolf. I turned quickly toward the restrooms area and was just about to bound off when I noticed Jessica staring straight forward, her blue green orbs glued oddly and aimlessly to no spot in particular around the room; almost as if she were in the midst of either deep thought or panic or maybe even a catatonic mixture of both. “Sis, SIS!” I cried, snapping my finger desperately about an inch or so from her muzzle. She shook and head briskly and began to steadily remerge into the deep raging waters of reality. “Oh. Right. Sorry, Joey roo.” She stated apologetically. “Guess I just have a little too much on my mind right about now.” “Merciful Skoll and every other god holy!” Jera tearfully began to exclaim at the even more nauseating sight up above as we burst open the door to the female’s lavatory up ahead. There, slumped limply like a broken animatronic doll, but still just barely clinging to life in the stark white of her night guard attire; with her gun still laid out square and ready under the pads of her hand, was the now bloody and battered form of Jera’s single mother, Nadine Hallowell.

Jera's Dearly Beloved

  • ISBN: 9781370572632
  • Author: Miss Joey
  • Published: 2016-08-10 06:05:08
  • Words: 550
Jera's Dearly Beloved Jera's Dearly Beloved