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Jello Shots, Volume 1

Jello Shots

Vol. 1


Maria Morisot


Cover Art by the Italian artist Renata Solimini: “The Girl with the Heart Luggage”,

2015, acrylic and oil on canvas (31,5×23,6”)

©2015 Renata Solimini, courtesy of the artist


Published by Moan Lisa Press


©2016 Maria Morisot


ISBN: 978-1-365-58088-8

We won the war;

and now

as dust



Linger on

in painful


of children

who never

knew what


Color the sky

was intended

nor the grass


But all is

as bombed





that wouldn’t

let God decide

whose side


The dismantling of faith

would be carried out

beneath the watch of


Riotous endings

blessings bestowed

Within this meditative song of silence,

all my heart is poured; wax into a mold

and in this serpentine sea,

I ask your colloquialisms


Never- Whole

ending cerebral

sea of schism

distrust chord




Little bird, do sing

plagiarize the sun’s

bright and beautiful

rays; play for me the

chorus of your denied

existence; and ring

the bells of death’s





Little blue mockery

of death, of death, of

cerebral hemisphere

caught on fire; with

one consistent circular

identity. Who are you

that fills this mold

in your likeness

and my sufferings

Hour after hour & --


after year we

dissect every facet


Of our livelihood; & --



of God; mnemonic




AN Overloaded debunked

hypothesis, recreated

in the image of man


& -- Sexual hyperidentity

paired with iridescent

cochlear mnemonics

set in stone or ice

to be an example

for the nations to come

Hungover; depleted


into death’s manifold


When Nazi propaganda reappears into the main-

stream media and hyper-

sexualized children


Are spotted on the cover of this week’s

magazines; all of it is real

and the discoflux identity

remains unknown; remains

impertinent and vague


My flu shot hyperextends the polar apprentice;

none of this is real

all of this is real


Let’s segue secular biology and comprehend

the misnomer that is far

fetched; dramatization

of a subway star;


And in my absence she reappears like lightning

in a deserted sky; clouds

covering her face, while I am

coveting her mind

Underpinnings of a cerebellum;

chalk dust steganography foretold,

on a little board 2 cm deep


Here is where the travesty of age

can complain about the state of

affairs; and where you and I,

alone at the midnight tolling


hallucinating on each other’s

raw fantasies; the pines; the pines

these fucking pines


And the raw emanating sounds

of sea, of oceanic tide

splashed on shore,

on our feet


I do


Not extend my reach to its fullest

potential; I only stay in the

swarm as far as I can comprehend

the prickling of a pear


And I reach in small compromise

the ending struggle of an age; 12 perhaps

or thirty-eight; and then


All is compromised;

the dilution of our beds


plug in

the start

of our predisposition



our intellectual


Molestation criminality


Paranormal identity




Minimalism transposed hyperrealism








Fuck this November

implementation of

cushioned recital


I can dream my ghost devouring Christmas day;

siphoned by and large

the distribution of


and semaphores.

Intent on listening

with- out

verifiable truths,


Here, in place

of gods

in place

of hermaphroditic causality






Opened to the realism

of my circular ident



My logical computer

the bits and bytes of

Euclidean truth made man-i-fest

To see the sun

burn my eyes


Holy sea

an eternity

of musical

birthing of

our new









and ten








bliss, un-



of accidental




A murder of crows

heavy on the winds

of our imaginations

Shifted left

the strands

of my complexion

compulsive extensions

of my instability;

cochlear fragmentation

the sounds they echo

and swirl the silence






But then silence

startles me;

you and I

we have enough


between us; that this

hyper- exposure

belies our inmost

realities; come with

me to extract our

bottled percentage

of heaven’s tight grip.

Beautiful crooked branches

splitting up the sky blue; white



my teardrop

and my seed

cut off


Hertz remembered;

the distance I grew

my meltdown

my rescinded graffiti ‘’sky,,

trapped in blue

and I have combined

all knowledge I have


to disrupt the harmonic

assemblages of faith


Here am I, Lord;

trapped between

two diabolical


of coinage; one

the thirst and the

other a soaking


Two hard-encoded extremes

of God

Polarization capitol construction, de-con

structive, reactive polarization


I would


to affect


entities of

state by

which the


of our





By which

tidal surges suppress my beating heart;

my bleeding fist


Time has stopped

here, in the infinitude

of my delusions

and I will grope

the excess of my

reason; protrude

with the extension

of a torrent of




Something unexceptional placed

slowly and methodically

pacing down

to center


A cup

of unexpected

surrealism; dadaism



In every way,

the motion of the sun

rescinds; creates

new pathways

through my neural




Semaphore I repeat,

in memory’s bank

unbeknown to us

there must be someone

dead to trigger his

unconscious rhythmic

deity. To alter his

perception about


of form & function

strapped into the

electric chair;

still breathing but short—

Contemplating insecticide; cerebral heliotropes

blocks of dirty messages

stacked inside permuted space

what necessitates

clean utterances of God in all of His conditions

the memory

of our






horticultural inebriation

stacked hand silencing

protrusions set in stone

With a password: nYUrle8u I seize an opportunity

to devolve in my communications and necessitate decay

I rant and piece together

the philosophy of science and God

and rake in the leaves of sedimentary


never before, here,

has news devolved

so completely into

public denial

my systemic







Could mean rebuttal in the first form

to glean heaven’s ascendants

my long, lost relativistic

surgical implants

death- defying acts of post-war


‘’Had you,, & I

sought out scientific

truths as consequential

rain as synthetic

glue & gossamer

reconstructive, preconceived dismissal

without dignity

the science of

letting things


danger & wanton glass shards

of hurt in parallel

with & in addition to

the silhouette which spans the seas

A bird; a poet, I should have seen it

from the beginning; she can fly, soar

but they will put her down; in chains.

Nobody wants to see her

drowning in the dirty depths; but here

we are; dashing through the snow

without a sleigh bell jingling.

have thought I’d

placed a plastic bag

over my head and recited

every word in its

abundance taking to

heart the necessities

of my imagination

Pieces of rearranged gods

a silent night satisfying evocation

will we commune and damnify the heathen

for her uncanny wit; sour spill & helium

migration path herein

bleeding profusely

uncommonly called by sentient

glass ‘’instability,,

a satiated

chain reaction

to circumscribe life-theoretic

manufacturing systems

here, in the oceanic tide; stopped by wave

after wave; particle

by particle, these quantum computations








Rise & fall

of Western


Appropriated symphonic forms; ab-

stracted synthesis of materialized

ovulation, decimation, short order

cook; two-step

meandering through Eden,

watchful for the vines

as we dance; joyfully through

another night; naked as we are.


Come, close

to me, spirit

away indignity &

silently murder my ghost,

the stable sword of centurions

buckled against the side of me


Framed backwards, a foil

skin; a tin can crutch

a bottle at sea, message

inside reads:


‘’No more contents,,




a real risk

factor; to persist when every facet

of her self aims to

withdraw and disengage


‘’So say we all,,


And to the foyer, retract our bid

in seriousness of silence

desecrating God’s internal



Benediction chamber of

circular saw reactionary





Felt like iron

tentacles; marmalade

polarization fields,

aperture grooves.


Fat like scientific journals,

I melt the door like wax;




But the door is shut.

Rote, rote, rote, rote


The capital ‘’X,,

divisive segmentation

denotes a possibility

for change; ‘’X,,


Zile consumes my thoughts;

the typewriter of the new millennium

pierced through words with binary

comprehension; I couldn’t

stay awake without thoughts of you

crossing my mind.

Foster children,

static symbolic

Easter eggs; curtailed

semantic corpses

in red lingerie

symbolizing desire &

necessitating Purgatory’s spell



To redeem my thoughts and cleanse the attic of my soul;

to spend without regard, for words come in abundance,

severing all mention of sanity for scraping content

from the bowl of my deepest longings; I came into

here from the outside world to see your face again;


Because you have no body recognizable,

my words will form your mouth and I will

kiss your lips with the expenditure of sentence


Choking on gum,

chewing on ideal reality;

I spew my salient sperm

across this ‘’wetware,, receptacle.

A nano-technologic suicide

endorsed by God’s

delightful offspring

Oust, kill,




and counter-

[act; feit]


Blooms afford construction and simple measurement


To pierce






with Satan

The breeze of cholesterol

slight channel to the sun; with bent bow

and crackling

flames to mix in

with the demons’



In parallel with God;

two bending points of fire and ashes raining

down and out upon

out melodic malady


As we trust

in Hell’s moist lips impertinence

bestowing ecstasy

upon my dish


I ‘’cry,, hallucinogenic substances


to fear for wrath, I ‘’cry,, death dealt twice

to wring the fat from its encyclopedic sutures

Ringed inflammation

scar tissue

hinged apocalyptic diorama

sporting beads of gods

& Pakistani swords, see-through pleats

a hegemony of dire reconstructive

surgeries; only came I to the table

to watch the chandeliers burning

only one Sigmund Freud

could scatter information

like silken threads of adoration

Pin- ‘’prick,, colander elaborate bio-

metric peninsula bleeds red sea

The Red Sea; impermanence with targeted anti-

war establishment propaganda

effectively wearing down the

borders of our diminished self-

introduced thematic scores.








Original thought matters;

origami tanks and planes

foot soldiers and seals;







Piñata; Pinot Noir; regalia

wipe this nose clean of affluenzia

and my false charms which have yet

to sink down into the depths of incoherent

purging scores rife with plaintext

and hymnal and sour face as it swells,

speaking nonsense & asymmetry




I love all

your dangling menstruations

your Purgatory, your Hell

Holographic time warp messiah; junky.

Stupidify God’s close erasure malnourished

juxtaposition of signs and numbers forced

diocese enclosure hot-handed sexual

incantations, a blur; aforementioned esoteric

pornography; first-hand silence meltdown

geographical asylum spent on watermarks

steganographic decay of form & feature

every end shall near Him & the envelopment

of future sons & daughters will disempower

the host of Heaven; one word spoken

from signification into the darkness

A bias.


A sincere rebuttal; form of mayhem monastic

hyphenated gods living between [here & now]

what decent sons of

common culture & serious unbelief could chime in when

fixative strikes iron crosses carousel

makeshift baby’s blessing

one another matters in bronze


Where are the procrastinators; progenitors

migratory assailants to sweep these stairs

clean of all composure, settlement & dust;


It is here I worry

for the sake of all our

watchful eyes; as one

we diminish

in number,

come to

the houses

of the damned,


worshipful of

what bitter

migraines that could

neglect the sudden

imperialistic sentiments

Fourier’s series

trapped in

glass; rocketed

into night.

‘’Mast & mission,,

cessation of signal fire;

Portuguese delivery of a Shakespearian play; Macbeth

for precision’s sake; we love a mockery

for precision’s sake; we love a crisis

‘’to be or not to be,,

endowed upon us from the Holy Ghost;

one ring to rule them all; with fire, and with

magic; and with genocide



Circular enclosure

the form-fitting file

spent parenthetical



of serotonin

Low brow holocaust; a symphonic collage

of dead men’s bones, & you & I succumb

to piecemeal protrusions set in

Stonehenge; the dark era

of our consideration spent

with lie foretold drenched

white lies honored soldiers

in the thicket cries the hen devoured

by two lovely looking carnivores. Her & hers


a camera inaction

stored & postponed

until Election Day

that false holiday

& ivory spills; semen

falls over and through gravity’s

decline asking nothing

in return for this golden era

of ecstasy.

One forms one’s images like wildfire;

and I state the claim

that in between these status updates

there will be hellfire; tempering the soul

with iron & heat; fusing fact & fiction,

prayer & G-d; an impermanence imprinted

on the fists and in the segmentation

of a collected pharmaceutical bill



We are white candles burning

in a negro sun, molten

biological weapons

chemical warfare



We are the last

to watch the cascading

stars of Heaven

descend on us



I can taste

the dismantling

of nuclear


like bitter tea



Night has come!

And for all our waiting & -- wanting

the sleek curves of the centerfold and the pit

haranguing to the multitudes the vomit

here in the deep recess

of our bloated gut mired & --

forgot; now the end is



In the bowels of daydreams & phantasms

I trust you and you alone to hold me under

keep me where the whales sing their

‘’glorious hymns,, ; watchful, ever waiting

for my breath to cease. Let them come,

I will sing too, the shallow melting pool

of molten wax; we are white candles

and my wick yearns for your flames;

lick me ever closer, envelope me

bring me one step closer to ecstasy;


‘’Oh God,,


We are gods,



destitute; with our

forgotten faces

dipped in white wax


blistered and burned; our song and our prayers



Catalogue of Summer dresses synchronized

with World War Two propaganda posters

and in the psych ward, we feed off one another’s





I am

a holographic sun; fitted inside

the store front dressing room






God’s ascension

& decline, de-

famation act of

1996, ‘’your

God is dead,,


Parable & paramount

transaction; protraction

instability alert:


Feral hybrid child,

don’t cry.


The pages turn without consequence, pro-

active dysentery migraine philosophy;

progenitor to the new age of juxtaposed

hypotenuse curls, the main attraction

of a sedentary star; our little marble goats

sculpted in accordance with Jefferey 2:21

of the neo-political concourse.

Walking reality, phenomenal

dust speak transcendentalist neuronal

white disc transmogrify glory


kowtowed placebo I muster

pin- ned poster


My love for you



And in the midst of a timely flight,

the sky will swallow me; and you

will bear the burden of my heart’s

beating wings; you sentient squirrel,


You are ocean’s neighbor,

and I the swimmer to the shore;

and I adore you, consume me in parallel

humidity’s angel, cover me with quaternary kisses;

Thrusting parables, courted by

aroused principles of pattern and

disruption; you are my biological

clock, ticking away


The muse remembers her place, and the mused

disgracefully declines to comment; complementarity

depends upon the allegorical structure of your lips;


‘’Love,, in your tender grip;

throw away my ills

and worry for my wanting

let the fever consume me,

seduce me. Let it all be

over as the warmth of

bed reduces us to ashes


Several days later,

between words un-

spoken in the dark

of night; when white

dismisses her prayer

you & I will be there

What lies in the mind’s eye

as prayer consumes

reason, as participle presses

present ideation; possesses

pattern recognition, denial

survivalism, can’t take two

heartbeat slows, ‘’adieu,,



metronome pierced like diamond-

studs through the lips


Will inaction take the place

of poverty; and the whole

go down into the depths

of earth, undiscovered by

little green men?


Hypothesized as a nation, one

nation indivisible with the tent

of passive aggressive behaviorisms

stemming from the waters of our

dominion; our domain, a soulless

cataclysm of others’ pains

In court; running

ask mayhem to rule out



No more municipalities

no more inaction due to

hypertension; insomnia; fleas


But here, where

whining becomes

the transparency of

starlight ‘’waves & particles dance,,

as children remain

the same

[ Slumbers,

coldly knowing

the hypotenuse of ‘’sky,,]

Turmoil becomes you; we become as death

not dead, but death enacted upon the living


Violence swarms around us, we caged animals;

not frightened for our foul masters, but loose

in every way dealing death upon the evicted

forms of tyranny; severed heads & tentacles

stingers, horns, and sharp incisors; we rend.


Obedience to a point; cut and pasted

thirsty mnemonic signs of life; of living

inadequately caged live forms

of fury; we dust, we settle upon our sins


Mine as inherent as God.

We are the hopes and fortune tellers of a new era of belief;

you have spoken to the feathered demon and I have become

comfortably numb; you also couldn’t seize the power from

hardened power-

surge pro- tectors

ejectors ejacu-

foreign bodies

articulated seismic




I am nothing.




if every eye shall

place it- self upon

escapism incorporating the last-ditch effort to win the war.

I walk among stars at night

and in each, I do not

hesitate to cry a little

dissolve myself in her

pajamas; here and now,

dreaming plainly

what sense could be made from

stones and sticks; divined

Truth in small incisions

your beautiful mind; track & field


don’t let somebody hold your hand

until I’ve ‘’chased you down,,

contempt; disinterest the bleak

icy pools of our bitter sweet maladies


London’s fog & the migraines associated with youth’s

slow decay; every day, hour by hour passing and arising

anew from the ashes like a fucked up phoenix bird,

drunken on its own piss. I can’t stomach any more

vodka and in my mind it’s two seasons now from my

collateral sundown breaking sail reunion with the damned.

Mosquitoes piper filibustering the adsense

awkward smile of the Mona Lisa; in the past

I was inebriated when we would pretend-kiss

and tell each other stories of our distorted

tell-tale significations of God’s fourth circle

into Pleiades’ transformative corrosion circumference

meat & potatoes

holocaust & ivy

zen & meticulous


scabs meet scars

meet God. Too long

has the center of

consciousness persisted


hemoglobin horticulture

necrophiliac and the

birds of paradise fly

in white sky;

vivisection hysterectomy transpired as

the wicked inherit the prison cells of Hell

only going towards deep center as crooked

photographers take aim to the left, or the right;

but not dead center as there they would have to

reveal the oddities of truth;

Positioned as of power; ‘’of roses,,

dialectic stronghold my discourses

with immaculate concepts of Roman numerology


‘’Six hundred threescore and six,,


Decades pass as we transmit this horror of Christ’s

conception and cross with the immaculate bloodletting

of the dark ages; and sign our foreign language charts

with blood; retire to the divinity of past and

present murderous rampages & genocide; hatred, bigotry


‘’Glory to God in the highest,,


and peace to the laborers who voted Him into office.

Cruising through the middle image

of pelican’s God honestly the last place

I’d have expected to find you watching over me

lashes tightly woven experimental sound decay



hammering in the

nails of our eroded

eyes; catacomb pr-

incess violating

curfew & we were

put to sleep with-

out the signs of neuroses


Catacomb oxygenation mask; we’re breathing dust and

old dead men; white men; forms and numbers of angels

in principia to honor now the dead concepts of space,

time and number; symbolic shunted patterns migrate west

for Winter’s calm and usurping seasonal pass:


Freight train identity

crisis; follow through

with pins and needles

stir the pot of identifiable

hypergraphy conditions

so when we meet, there

will be a conclusion struck


Like bells in the dark tower

Rustling leaves & oxygen masks divine

parody of childhood’s glee you are the

mark I can’t remember making in the

snow; sunlit diadem crown of pleated plates

of gold and silver shrouded with a dust of

holy ashes; remains no doubt of the pope

here in my tent

beneath the moon

I wash my sins

away in the

purging channel

of communication

once opened against

the flood of baptismal





Here in the dust,

I lay down at your feet;

watching the world

‘’blur,, and collide


with crimson particles

of ‘’sky,,

Riotous cardiographs crimson red

patterned plastics subway headlights

malpractice gender enhanced repro-

docile sedative junky

how I was once at

the bottom of your

entrenchment; bargaining

with death stating opinions

not facts.

Holding under

plain necessity

cooked core survivalism;

the raw bleeding carcasses

hung over stationed in the penitentiary

good food; crap politics


federal judge

in contempt

basking in

the moonlit



Petrified humanity, marked

scourged; sentenced

to the war against all odds

that can not be won;


And while, meanwhile

in the pharmacy I can

summon gods and demonic still life photographs


Heavenly bodies play charades

in the magazine rack factory farmed

iridescent glue stick Spirograph aisle





salmonella position

good with the grains

of salt-sand-oceanic


Your custom-ordered

beautiful negligence

hanged in the garden

like an old sock


What burns

dilutes the vision

and a complex

paradigm evolves


Makeshift propaganda;





Peeled off of

skin, dissolved

in the Mayan sunlight


And washed clean

my body

of the light infections

peculiar to poetic life

Is it bad enough

that long-time

standing ovation

goes to the closet







God in His voracious appetite

plaintexts the inhabitants of Eden,

marking them with the number

of The Beast: ‘’six hundred

threescore and six,,


A permutation of His divine

mercy, no doubt, sans

‘’apocalyptic refrain,,


Houses of the holy

rainbow-colored chariots burning

all in the name of God


Seven-heavens opened to us on election day,

and God sits enthroned upon America’s salted wax stool

burning like wildfire; and melting the law He has written.

We abide by Seven Distinct Calendar Days as it was

intended since 1776; now it is time to open up the Valley

of Death; to rediscover righteousness through interpolation

and renegotiation of hate speech, misguided freedom,

last judgment and white power;


‘’No war but the _____ war,,

a diluted fragment of society

wages war on the second

amendment and the right to bear

arms, and the right to bear arms

against @%#!%, @%#, and %$!!#%.


‘’Liberty,, lost in stanza; lost heredity

lost her will to procreate, except when

procreation means raped and beaten

and forced to carry to term;



Saturday night gods mistaken for the

‘’Holy Ghost,,


and the failure to erect a corporate

‘’god,, and The Oval Office rescinds




Here & now;

poly hydro-carbon

euphoric acid








The wall was erected not to keep out the illegal immigrants

it was erected instead to corral the dissenters; you will see








Flashlight palindromes skittered

bioflavinoids mass produced &

solitaire redistribution of cards


It’s not now or never,

it’s now and never again;

we are entering the beginning of History.


Chaos consumes

all consumers’ beating

hearts; they bleed now

in paradigm shifts


Echoes in the cavern

of contemporary music


& while I purge this non-necessary

distortion of space & time

all meaning & coherence becomes


unfit for human interaction.

Bar; sunlight

chlorine bath

sugar intake



An alt-right, ctrl-alt-delete;

differentiation between devil

and Sadducee; choice


An old formative

cup informative news-

paper bleeds black

ink on my hands;

wash this blood-

red off my hands;


pollination depreciation

depiction of suicidal ideation for

one small glimmer of our societal



‘’One nation under God,,



war wishes,

chlorine gas

Stream of consciousness

flowing ever over

migraine fever boiling sea

few fewer

have none of the signs

of madness & I

coalescing with

fire digital enactment of



Polyurethane circular logic circuit

bicycle wheel chosen contemporary

Wal-Dry betterment formulaic

golden dew drops without proprietary


here, in the

oceanic sub-


breeding tuna

fish fillets.


Sorely forgotten parasitic nesting grounds

where I can collapse the bridge

when I can sense our descent

and feel the burning cessations of the pit within

Intrinsically identifiable as short-term

secular associates; longer-term

inalienable rights by seizure &

scope to reproduce by

silent transmission the will of our

predecessors; intim- idation tactics

and an immediate hypothetical


‘’Buildings burn,, the farm, is on

fire; the fields are burning

and the wax against my walls

is melting God’s decency encroaches

as if it were freezing; indivisible

Saturday morning cartoons;

whitewashed walls painted on the eve

of Christmas fallen snow

everything is pure as icing; no

lasting permutations of racial disunion;

every tense is shown here as segregated

and malnourished as the senses


Here, in the valley of the melting pot of gods,

Christianity here holds its candle up to the light

of Heaven, and proclaims its vanity, signal fire;

impatience. Impertinence. Irregular bowel movements.

Cataclysmic dialysis pondering the war, the old bodies

hyphenated songs of yesterday; we are in the attic now,

rejuvenating our elongated masses; the brow furrows &

in the silence of an overturned

reality rife with satire & human

strife we alone

complete the square of our

condition. Sex & stones

manicures, ovulescent bigotry

down about our humane infrastructure

God is in the panhandle; gourd

asked but not told; there are hyphenations not recorded

in the better part of an era; our lengthy golden robes

retarded for the flames; a duplicate monstrosity of


Demagogue conniption hertz in ecstasy

corporate American God tattoo

in blue ink, with black highlights

I hereby

disallow all usage of the term ‘’in reproduction,,

folding closely in the boundaries of past &

present summations of gas light pedophilia

you are united in change; piecemeal treason

I decorate

the idle happenings of Windsor county; politics

aside, we travel lightly on foot into the rebellion

I do discriminate

the hostile environment that was maintained by

piecewise graph functions in the Cartesian plane

hyphenated gastrointerology causality & purged

reformation when the hypotenuse fails to

distinguish between gods & God’s purpose,

everlasting choke-holds on the affluent sub-

structure of our commandments.

Home, by the oceanic dust

wet walls of see-through foam

a licked percentage of chemical

warfare; treated as an influenza strike

Summer can retain what Winter

brought into the folds of sandy beach

do you


Simplified re- the waiting

arrangements period of

personified gas grenades?

in the cascading

symphony of

texted passcodes….


Leniency repeats itself represents

the dithering personi- fication

of another municipality


Heaven ever help me if you can, I am the


Within this tower of ivory

seeking golden trends of deliverance

the bear shakes; re- creates

in posture & for posterity


Switched circuitry that lets loose a valid


Repercussive biometric swarm

sincerity drains the swamp

& in turn; intern devoid

of circular dependencies demolished

freedoms & AN- XIETY


Impossible telemetric sequence shifts


& delete.




Shown circuits recreated splash of

popular music; biometric

tell tale signals of a differential


Adjusted carpentry projects; wood work

bird houses; feeder stations to counteract

dependency. We want jobs! We are laborers!


Circular consideration of format & function

‘’howling at the,, guidelines; rulebook telemetry

discoflux sack cloth biological clock ticking away


Here is where the capital ‘G’ becomes a lowercase ‘c’:


And ingrown; cellular autopsy

removed from file; district court

complains there is a discrimination

suit because of curious circuitry


Failure to reenact the subtle

statutes of bioflavinoid apostrophe theory


Busy able bodies

flying on midnight-

acceleration spins


Depth- carcass

oligarchy pass

sperm mutation

centrifugal space

time continuum

olive and ink

extracts permuted

diadem meticulously

placed in the

center; center

of the table

signifying nothing


Hyperventilation defying reason

death- happenstance

starvation syndrome; cork

thus flew beneath the time



Motions of a god past-tense removed

twice from occupancy

Heaven & Earth coalesce

& Hell redeeming

night & day receiving





Biology ticks a star token of my



Feathered in the night

cascading shards of glass

dithering reevaluation

& consideration of a mess

trumpeted green semaphore

notion of mastery & consideration



Dark days & bright nights; the moon




Heightened sexual assignment.

Thirst for berry juice; blatant disregard

for cataclysmic culture;


Demarcation hallucinogens

linguistic hypermalady

piecemeal Mephisto.

Fist- purge

plain white socks

enamel paint, gloss

Like Pollock wore

on hands & knees.

Here in the discontenting Winter sky

with locomotives

disinterested in

wearing out the

teardrop evolution

of another month

dysentery moon;

sedentary sea


Hark! The demolished subculture of broken magistrate

interpolated fragmentation curls; pulling out the hair

of our ascended sacraments ; here bleeding dark red

ironies of state & since past twelve there has been no


of power or

control; we just

‘’carry on,, & purge

ourselves of the last

remaining doldrums


Therapy gods do manifest

once before the dawn strikes

going down on


fallacies born out of indecent

proposals from the last minute hypothermia


Install; subatomic

forensic scientist paleocentral


an diode










In a lump sum

soldering soldiering

together our banquet

DuPont recollection

inferiority complex


{{Hymnal}} ‘’recitation: conglomeration,,




tin can



Let dreams preclude all solar flare

saliva stare salivate to the sun





& precluding

a porcelain






The bloat: Ogg Vorbis MP3 Diophantene equation

interacts with hydro-electric fields

municipalities & plunder articles of

faith relying somewhat on stolen, broken



((((((((( (((((((((( ovulate

((( ((( (((((( dentistry


( (( (((((( ) denial

( spy ) hand,

hat in

camouflaged [imperialist]._____________ jewelery



Disruption; in transition

disposition for inebriation

cataclysmic is- osceles

parameter; in order of

first in first out

last in first out




Diogenes sequitur Fourier

mutation palindrome annunciation

black segmentation disrepair

one other switch watch sentence

combing secrets from the data set



Harbingers contain a stifled frequency of self-

inflicted dialysis; too numeric to comprehend

the last.

Symbiotic uncertainty principles

better entertained as God’s inequality theorem;


Notions of planets meet stars meet inconsequential

collusions with the demi- heads of state demonstrous

pineapple retaliation; etc. Cannonball psychology


Direct malfunction // seismic metaphor


Keep glass away from my scars, keep scars away

from God


Disinterested ‘’recycling newspaper,, gardens of

glass bottles taking up space, and plastic crowns

for the demigods; gods of sequins and lace, fed up

with uncertainties of death and abolition and hypo

allergenic substitutions; no more faith in mankind


Disharmony & union




Wall space







migraine demagogue HOUSE


















Molasses paramedic IDENTITY






ornamental reaction


Accrue a chameleon meditative reunion

Mediterranean sunset, a positive sexual

signal fire as the reception of our cycle

slides into new

territory; could

purge synthetic



Hemoglobin banquet, style kinetic

culture; {Asphalt}

trust thrown away at the distinguishing

point of hereditary philosophy; two beats


Hanging at the dinner

table; asphalt cinders

baked with golden apples;

pork pint collapse

every seizure happens

too fast


for my


to destruction to

portray; synthetic guns

all synthetic biologic warfare

curves of violence hanging burning etched


Bended knee; ‘’a fallacy in conceptual art,,

an open-ended democracy placed on furs;

time-continuum meets spatial dimensions

and the curtailed democratic

principles of last night’s

2016 propaganda machine

fluorescent bible heads bobble

heads two-faced liquid

conniption fits of ire &

philosophical consequence

here in the format of a Purgatory of idealistic

consequences; raging against the idiosyncratic

voices I am hearing in the 2am sunless void


Polarization of feelings; gods

trapped in skinless bodies

here &

now, seizing alien life forms

diminishing the extra- terrestrial

experiential decay of fit form.

Housed in closed-off cordon cardiograph

ironed shut; fed with tooth decay synonyms

essentially a ministry

of health; a phantasm

of ontological cardio

physic- al


Chronology; dual ideation

cast vote, post-pretense O





umbilical reenactment

Pied Piper piping flotsam dislocated

knee begins to wage war against the

{heads of state;}

{heads of state;}

{heads of state;}


Embedded time system purged the


dental hygiene

an animal substrate deleted the





also see

the heretic

gazing in on




Penelope’s distant stare;

the coin purse bioflavinoid

heliotrope &


complex calculations

between coming &

leaving this planet



Earwax rebellion of 1996;

purged &


reaction to




Exorcisms; dancing myopic

tendencies; feel good same-

sex marriages; apricot

tunnel beneath the sod

a broken up plant

built for energy consumption

Midnight Oil ‘’where the beds are,,




swallow up

furrow over easy identifiable handmade



Out of line




of a similar

sexual orientation




Asymmetry hides

the helium of


as sequence belongs

to cluster to identifiable

redistribution of anxieties;

relax, relocate; reimagine the tears

we have not been able to tolerate

your imagined fears for decades


Collaborating on peeled bananas;

blackened, bruised isosceles forms

to comfort the soul; we take them up

in blatantly periodic corruption

to pique



And to smile, whole-heartedly

against a backdrop of inadequate

comprehension; berating your own

influx of ideologies to contaminate

the cistern

of our hope


Here, in the black-white tornado sunset

I will collate the halogen bulbs & re-

member your pieces of affordable

psychometric ill; two-fold steps into


and rebellion


Bent perception

raking in the intimidation

of last night’s freezing

temperatures; holding in my gut;

asking for the abandonment

I’ve been lacking


‘’Two aces,, federal judge transitioning

into houses and homes; and lackluster







Death defies all mysteries here, in the

elementary precept conditional freeze

two half- charted

menageries reimbursed

helium gas balloons

ever in the denoted

ballroom making

serpentine commotion

on lock- down

rambling through a percentage of our

iridescent good will


Unconditional love; a failure

to disintegrate on my command

open, honest

templates to

seduce the poisonous atrocities

those toxic


by which we swear our oaths



While dust settles,

we amass a conduit’s

incision in space-

time’s continuum

pouring glory

through pairs of

sedentary loved ones;


As the owl

makes her way

through my material



The clock strikes

holding what I have

and not amassing

but portending

an end of this amalgamation of sentimental truth;

here as we have been, I am; born without another

mother. Cradled without a thought of my disjunction


Heaven & Hell

for all purposes

and intents was

just another stochastic

process; mimeographic



Asocietal artifact handler; superiority complex

latency in the system; having queer respective projects

two-handed symmetry; both respects it is to the origin

of species, one devours and the other

articulates its own demise

supine stature

artificial hand

chemical imbecility projected into 4-dimensional space-

time; stopping on a dime; even as the calendar continuum

breeds microscopic chaos


Here in my interjected reality,

one nature, under God and incidentally

constructed as a rainbow beneath a sea

of pine cones.




Reunited with a stretched licentious plane of non-

matter; nothing matters this long-time reactive

mass of non-being where skirt and see-through

top have foreclosed nature’s sedentary substance

home by myself

through the blessing

of another man

precinct diametric



partiality of


substance abuse

parietal lobe

glycemic index

a pass to


several meaningless



‘’Information entropy,, bygones & bygones

hurled meteorites through the wall of atmosphere;

can we combine chapters & relive

from anthropomorphic instruction sets

query in the field the tax man

and the deity that was speaking at the right

hand of God Almighty; demonic half-

lives & purged realities conditioned

conflicts of interest


He injects the toxic needle deeply

into the point of no return; meekly

murdering the crows ‘’Oh my God,,

the planet’s shape and luster coalesces

with tonight’s last comprehensible

ghetto wash resistance feature; tsunamis

in the West, marking death; marking

war-torn Syria & New Jersey as principal migratory

neural pathways for which to flow through; and as

deep as the water could this cessation of explosives



with hot fire

echoing despair


‘’Twelve clockwork pieces,,

signifying despair & hope-




While the clock itself

spins on in reverse from its

ordinary migratory flight

path; I swoon, I sieve the

prime numbers with the

help of Eratosthenes’ hyphenation

pretense; too much mired in the mud


For any of my concessions

to take complaint with promises

dealt or feelings interspersed


Just the raw communication

of little gods unremembered


Pink, purple, cranberry, blue; Wheeled

orange sock knife mediator pomegranate

it’s not the freeze factor unlikely in

that ameliorates my longing teacups

but the



lingering flatly

against my inner

combustion engine







freedom as a

price, in gold

filaments wrapped

in gold sack cloth

with extensive relocation tribunal societies reenacting gods

redistribution as a conglomerate pentecostal triviality;

signs of times surrendered to an evening’s dusty parameter


Conservative talk show host duplicated

freedom of information act hostile

dependencies chimed





Plateau of desertion

where faces fail to convey any signification

of happiness



Something other that Mesopotamian sunrise conglomerate



Stung with needles bearing liquid hydrogen

smug faces bearing convalescent degrees of

silicone wax;

pieced together parts fickle

slopped mess intimidation globules

practices condoned by humunculus

permu- soldered

reality can check canceled check, tears


Colfax conundrum,

prehistoric concrete

divisive sores,


glass shelter

Methuselah orientation

sexual preference

by God


Armed guard

centered around

Spring’s capital ‘S’;

‘’paraphernalia,, adieu

horticultural implant


Society’s not so strong

to hone in on wonder

Knudsen therapy malnutrition resembling

hourly sales in the

produce section;

easy does it;


Can you




in one fell

swoop, deny


and fit form





filibuster end






of evidence



of synthetic gas



landing hours

heightened sensibilities

misnomer succulent

sales pitch seized by

an inopportune cerebral


‘’bystander culture,,



The Rape of Europa,

a biological millennial



Slaves in fear of ecstasy,,

standing ill-

at ease against

a Stockholm syndrome




Ever at peace

with dismantling nuclear warheads

come one, come all #env-







Cutthroat hallelujah metaphorical

precision snaps twigs lets her hair

down beneath

the ovules of her

pigmented skin;


Honorary betrothal skins sans





Hearth duck duck goose chapter 3

in the viaduct passenger sidewheel

always losing touch with a misfortunate

sequence of events; series

simplified through adolescence

combined with dropping

grades and secular arithmetic


Cataloged in bright red sunlit beams of hereditary ocean

consummated red ribbons beneath the sea

save for the ordinary past life half-lives of

uranium and beautification; horrors


what lies beyond the pale blue gap of oceanic

coincidence; my brother and my humane existence


Copernicus howls

through the gaping

hole that was my mother’s

ornithological museum;

bread baked in prescient

loaves, one basted gold






Semper fi.


Erotic sub-

thematic condescension



bicentennial coinage

kept on lock down


Because of the massacre underway;

here in the center of the earth;


Deceased dog


drives insanity

clearly a sign

of retroactive decay;


‘’Houses of the Holy,,

forewarning temperature decay;

this is the long Summer, the long, hot

mess of absolute disclosure of form &

fit for functioning arousal transmutation



Here in the guard’s oscillatory subset

there are moisture-driven

heliotropes permuted with

brands of cocaine substance abuse

methane gas and hermit crab cocktails


Oven-baked French fried potatoes.


Oval Office is not the Round Table;

but there he is, marking knights

appointing heads and overseeing

faithful medians of unbearable truths


Head over to the skeleton’s honor club,

broken glass without shoes makes me

spit in the direction of the wind; ‘’P’too,,


several past days

have seen me waiting

motionless in the

valley of the storm’s

conjunction with God


Ornamental daze;

crossover & handicap


Marginal deterioration

of gods; demons, angels;

heads of state, principals

of school; scholastic,

monastic, perpetrators

of field and format; fornicating




Ovulation clusterfuck.


Imperialistic swine; cacophony of synthetic

wildebeests running wild though the attic


text from

their pores

draining the

foul mouthed


from their



A preconceived notion of apocalyptic

verse; trans-


proposed to



Market a margin of our error-prone




More intent on

logic &


than receipt;


Well, then

there’s our


bleating of

babies in their

sleep; furniture

and diadems

crashing waves

meet the oceanic

pulse and violence

sings ‘’Hallelujah!,,


Let them come, berate the final indecision

from beneath our coveted transmogrification

and step in two positions, two directions


Calm. Come. Redistribution of wealth.


Urban landscape assault

able-bodied hemispherical

sawtooth encoded audio

Taken from the Fourier


reinvention of

our mother’s

plucked head-

dress ‘’feathers,,

sapiens; homo-

erotic dance routine

fetch me another beer;

Increasing appetite rebounds from

seismic assault patterns, renewed

salt bends after- wards into your

‘’hands,, feel the weight

of an apocalyptic purge

several hand- picked

scars dilute the quiet

waiting room’s conjunctivitis

every eye shall see him, even those

who pierced him.



As an advent

calendar repro-



Hindering the flatline

defamation of such gods

as these; quartered &

‘’squandered,, --


Heliotropic disaster bends

the knee to Wounded Knee

and buries her young; she

buries her young at Wounded Knee.

Political rebound

waxed nations underhanded trespass

in clear denial

of what weather governs




ventricular memes; digestion

pleases the gut; the gut pleases the fallacy

of our continued dialysis & rebirth. Birth // RE: birth


A constant and clear continuation

of death & birth & silence & shouting

drifting off in short order to form

loose sentences based on no materialization of gods;



Drug-induced horticultural
impressionism; fields of str-

awberry plants

crimson paint

plaintiff sunrise

another dimin-

ished Fourier transform

and an isopolymeric resistance

to block structured poetry

Digital imperialist.


This is what I want:




no more racial slurs; a beat box national anthem.

Drug-induced euphoria.


‘’Semper Fi,,

A gold mine of paranormal activities;

National database of suspect terrorists

Armed guards at every restroom,

restaurant, subway



A holocaust of the performing arts.


No more secrets.

Or keys required.


Parallel realities

allowing me to bypass death.

As universal truths decay & dematerialize


‘’One Nation, Under God,,



Seven days of

serialization &

manipulation of

forms. Features,

functions; doll me up so I don’t dream anymore.


I’d carry your torch,

put writing on your walls

the kind like lions breed to

scratches of synthetic markings

man-made substances


Accrue complete paranormal

ideology; transmute lead into gold,

gold into human scar tissue;

this into the enemies of my friends

‘’Off & on,, devolving metaphors

revolving doors, unhinged melodies

a secret silence embraced by

Calm cool nuclear radiation; a Sunday

of metaphysical proportion is

coordinated & classified as


Urgent, confidential, top-

secret; pigmentation violating

the first amendment given

chance and ludicrousy;

Fast Fourier;

sine curves & cosine curves;

flat line. The double digit helium psychotropic

substance abuse malformation;


Digitized speech:

‘’Limitless gods in numbered angles peeing from the

balcony while drunk,,


Option 1:


the body,

collude with

the mind







Option 2:



tie with rope

and suture.

Siphon reality

and collect


matter; burn


to the ground

6 periods where I

can’t keep

track of my

disposition; let alone

Violent numbers; automated time systems

crash; react; hypothermia gathering into my nest box

are violent systems; automated atomic reactors

gathering forwards heading on course to

some final destination (( UNKNOWN ))

differences in insinuation; pedometer

hyper-activity conducive to God

in His ord- inary

reactive pituitary

Hourly opened

beginnings in the palm

of my distrust; notions of unrest





Here in the black of tomorrow’s

night sky sealing fate.













Conformed psychological deteriorations

bent psychoanalytical implications

read into writing, written on the walls

in parallel to our contrived seduction’s gaze:


‘’On momentary commission for your earned

consignment & inoculation for insanity,,

‘`Je ne sais pas,,

the right proportion of angst

building up from the depths

seven of our division;

bodies more

rivet of

now our


a landmark

of discussion


& hegemony

Here are public sanctions built for our non-

adversity; our contro- versy our principle

non-existence theorem to be shed at next week’s

periodic fist & hand subculture announcements

Retail dogs anesthetized for the remainder

of the holiday season; two bitches

in the back reminding me of Marvin Gaye

by segmentation fault; forensic study & promulgation

of fact; pitches sanctimonious


Hedge funds; proper self-

inflicted distrusts

regardless of color

of size of window

pane paint

retri- bution

skin white

solid blighted

potato farms

handle cutlass



Hampered stoic solitaire, bleat the beat

and iso-symmetric colors bleed into the

bed sheets; semi-formation of yuletide

carolers cannot be bought or sold at the

current price of gold

Communistic surgery, insurgency dismissal.

Engrossed in this dilemma a pottery

battalion has erased my pedestal.

Evening shows us in.

Burlesque contrivances

shallow thoughts

entertain us

as midnight grows

upon us, people

stopped in the streets

violating curfew.

Right on time,

in the early hours

of a pre-dawn

morning; we communicate with ovulescent pearls

of wisdom.


Escape from pharmaceutical

entrapment; better a beneficial

entourage of cutlery & crass


Differences; one



While plaintext

punishes delight

corporations reap


I hug the resistance to adhere

my childhood aesthetic disappears & for no

intents or consequence do I

refrain from




Carpentry; seclusion, secular arithmetic,

we have won the war!

Echoes in a canyon; heart beat but


as one,



flea bag douche

Hiroshima, dismembered

Nagasaki, insecticide habit

Whore slightly reduced to peppermint intoxication;

while reimbursement of our pathetic Lord can keep

toes inside on a snowy day,

ever-thought; infraternized

pathology;two inebriated


folded into


patterns of


car crash

crushing my

cerebral cor-

tex. Drumming

of an apologetic


fluid biology

patterns the dead

and dying could

facilitate on a windy

day in June; orbital

concrete poetry

snapshot of a dialect

in overabundance

beating psychology

trapped in a chest

cavity one pull over

the moon.

Orientation a bothered reflexive condition

symmetry of synonym & apostrophe gods.


Hopeless interactions

with biometric capsules.

Conditioning the spherical

innuendos of pottery & poetry


Hyper-realism retards the meaning

of a subjective non-reality condition;







all permutations of God; reflex & retroactive

commitments with

biometric pins




Meticulous transitive oceanic whorls

midnight conditioning me

how hard in aperture to see

the appointment made

between now and

two weeks time; a fluid psychology

with bent destructive pulses


‘’Carrying us to asylum,,


That sweet sedentary scene of giving thanks

to notions, one past the other intent on garbage collection


Scenery of malnourished

shards of glass, underproduction

hyphenated sea of anticipation;

one in this small regarded space

of mine and yours.

Inoculation of an elemental subset

set in stone; set in the undercurrent

of Vatican remarks; now





Here’s to hemoglobin

painstakingly infuriating

the window to my

cerebral cortex;

Molten change

copper aluminum

metallic cunt

the mal- formation of

destructive sedimentary

permutation. Vile velocity

transcendent gods pick up

evolutionary migration patterns;


press; re-


Tears in hand; pouring down through cracks

between fingers; running, wildly reaching

gravity’s compulsive pull.


To never again render one’s self

upon the large screen TV;

promulgate concept & functional form

precept to violate the inner sanctum


Purposefully setting down in silence

the rhythmic annulment of our marriage;

propagating as one can through


Heavy bodies parallel or perpendicular to

my own synthetic hideaway.

Impartiality of hyperrealistic pornography

succumbs to the breakbeat

ovule gyroscopic noise

For what runs in circles and is

equal equally incidental in nature;

pay, we one toys.

try to constitute

amazement as synthetic

flow of heated glass; bright

while streams of neon dreams amassed.

It arises;

from the deep bed

of ‘’oceanic grasses,,

molded into the shape

of some other far-flung

Anastasia Serpentine


The goal of last November, to remove the catalyst of time

then to repent, the majority of our delivered and ancestral

coordination lived in throes death; trimester bleeding cer-

ebral hemorrhage filthy darkened clouds mystic minds per-

pendicular assumptions

closure is a force of

nature to be

reckoned with


Bequeath in temporary pen and ink;

what little drives

us into befuddled


Cuchifritos concealment

bands of marauders

pacified by my hands











Our dielectric urn complementarity earned

by black and white assimilation; degradation

semantics entrusted theatrics; government

euthanasia surreal microcephalic




automobile dependency

fidgety blind men




Summer’s origin.







Violence in mind;








At work, at the keys; the keys to God

fluoride in the water, there’s fluoride


at best once

forgotten twice

loathed for having

depakote increased


medi- cation

annul voices

what thoughts

conjure a synthesis

of admonition & rehabilitation


Written in the shape of


Voiced propaganda;

in steps

of dissolution Catered


& vocalized dissent;



Beneath the stains

of history; is the advent of a new dialog

with nature; even as everything old is shucked

and God opens Its eyes;


The depletion.


What may come,




through a

series of




n com





















Dental hygienics embodying Saturn; mist reveals the mind

of an opportunistic hyper-proxy sedating the hourglass

figure she embodies; while his perpendicular smile;

perpendicular to the sky’s bright rays; bowing to them,

such a beautiful array of data cast across a field of

dermatological imprecision; white noise of God personified


Dip in:


‘’My transmogrification,, bleeding poetry

I am a bloodletter of forms and emotion

tackling the hard questions through

silence & shouting;


Give me a gun.


Culpable; & Hazardous.

ingression synonymous with



Tulip \\

\\ rose, ]—

—[ lavendar; \\

\\ daffodil ]—

—[ cherry blossom \\

\\ violet ]—

—[ daisy \\


Fifteen sixths;

a hundred forty four

spigot spewed volumes

of catharsis


Decorating the biometric whorls

declared in the Constitution of Sediments


Forum Venn diagrammatical errors

Cannot circumscribed with hearts

Distinguish denigrated with light humor

helium from

carbon; ‘’no life found here,, in the desert of my misgivings


Polarity felt with the melted

glacial propaganda undercurrent;

do you know the story of Sam & me?

once bested

a screwball burning

its way into

California’s Summer

midst; the mid-Summer’s

night it was foretold

in the five dollar note

culturally conditioned to see


Ominous Pokémon cerebral nucleus

habitat considered a form of Norse mythology;

in the green room

bartering art placebos


banding together the district attorneys

poignantly awaiting the Iron Curtain to close.

walls eroding

capital BOSCH offenses

dissipating even as we pretend

to escape a world of liquid faith


A hundred and forty four

depths of unlimited chaos constructs

deep in the sea of pseudorandom numerics;

dusting off the head

symbol conspiracy




symbol conspiracy

dusting off the head

deep in the sea of pseudorandom numerics;

depths of unlimited chaos constructs

A hundred and forty four


‘’Theoretical poetry,,

informative substructures

breaking silent air

recent nega- tivity

transmuted into

genealogy of




all for

one &


for me.


Oil head, Rockefeller

reunion negativity reconception;

conceptual poetry revisited

as art too tense to

reveal laminated substances


Esoteric nervous energy

collapses pulmonary

articles TWO of faith

revealing magistrates

magicians pornographers.

The emboldened strut to pop


Retroactively fumigating the silent masses;

non-voters hysterectomy polypeptides

violence through non- participation

heaving one arrhythmic

beating heart bleeding

chaos instrumental weaknesses

bathed cornucopia implants in the

inner sanctum of the veil

corroboration with pieces of vanity

prescribed as Hungarian polypeptides.

Queer violation of star-spangled inheritance; in queer


Serotonin cosmology; the happier we become

the more distant our philosophies

with the culmination of déjà vu

every noise sustained, even those piercing howls

have left breadcrumbs salted along the seaside


Obfuscated paranormal intelligence

bipartisan hanged man, waiting for the bus.

Here & now,

the meat



and the milk


from the

breath of


Fortune 500


set in gold the name

of their newly selected

principal state elected

miner, 49er; demigraph

slogan identified as

pearls of wisdom in action.


‘’Ich bin eine Frau,,


Sedate me; I am a woman.

Dismantle me; I am a woman.


Suppress me; I am a woman.

Adjourn me; I am a woman.


Oppress me; I am a woman.

Abuse me; I am a woman.


I am a woman; and I will rise.


Fascist pigs; tearing apart from the inside

clusterfucked rhetoric stigmatizing black

enamel paint; the kind which Pollock used

to square the circle. Irrelevant circumstances

arisen; one trip to the E.R.; one quiet leap

for mankind’s biggest fear. The estrangement

of days has fallen upon us; let us embark

on the essential quest for holographic scapegoats.


Meaning in the mire;


It wasn’t a calamitous hen house which broke

my gaze but a dissertation on postmodernism

that made me question where the fuck I am.


Constant beating

heart TO heart

in the culmination

of disintegrating facts

Joules & Calories

Valentines disclosure

Euripides with a violent

reaction to tree nuts;








Vie for insanity; two loose

particles of a boar’s tusk

buried under truffles

in the violent depths of Winter.


Aptitude for improvement; an embellishment

fisting of honorary work

inebriation chainsawed down

choreographed Mephisto

terminology called One

viaduct curtails Oceanic Plague

must-read senior

officer to the dol-

droms of our per-

cussive seismology


Twin towers fall; the plagues are real

and as the grass falters

and the oceans begin to

spill out like semen

upon the dry land that is

her body given up


Ventricles abduct my visionary plane

of consciousness.


Some triggered sunrise

shouting out through

cloud formations

retroactive denigrations

of skin-color, eye-color, hair;

to do as they dare.


Countdown to annihilation.

Seven, I’m too young to die;

six, particles of truth collide;


four, contemplating suicide;

three, two’s the last stanza


As we drop bombs on pavement and

citadel; drive dead bodies bleeding through

the streets and into their homes,

so they can rest eternal, numbed as time

can convince you to assuage the depths

of unconscious thought. A carousel trigger


Working its way

into the degeneration

of days; weeks; seconds.


Lifeless- ness

loch- ness

dessert. ‘’holographic obsession,,


Gunfire carries with it the palpitation

of my longing for increased

identity; the unusual misnomer

that arises when couched wrath

becomes parallel to

diminution tangled with thoughts of

the Twilight Massacre; a sudden

infant death syndrome brought on

by disobedience to God’s commands.


Here in my star-spangled pajamas;

denouncing serial killers as the

sole source of melatonin; conjured

as it were by dusty shelves and

cobwebs; theatric seizures of a

hypothalamus injection. Coated

sugar black.




The glue by which I am adhering to you

in small amounts of love, bidden mad

love, with elemental choices found out,

dreamed a psychological industrial

conception of an artwork banded together

with rubber idols and golden laughter

here in these choice words, strung like

beads upon a bracelet; wear for me this

arrhythmic lust-driven love song;

and I will wear in exchange, upon my heart

the scar of our every day; apart and beyond

what may be happening for me, here in this

diluted pond; where dreams obscured

and your flesh no longer there to lean upon.

Jello Shots, Volume 1

  • ISBN: 9781370361816
  • Author: Maria Morisot
  • Published: 2016-12-03 15:35:30
  • Words: 9081
Jello Shots, Volume 1 Jello Shots, Volume 1