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I've Been Investing Furiously (To See The World Anew In Me)


I’ve been investing furiously (to see the world anew in me)


Barbara M. Schwarz © 2017


The longest introduction is a humming induction

of fine fresh air production


On the front cover: “Sober sense of yesterday (gives way to light play)” 2017




I’ve been investing furiously (to see the world anew in me)

I pushed it hard,

I pushed it strong

the vibrant sense

that could not prolong

all that had been gone


And in the journey’s song,

I exhausted what I knew

with throbbing limbs that

ached anew:


just to discover you


You – the sense that you always do

You – the sense you always knew

when the rhythm could catch you unawares

and lead you to a lesser stairs -


away from markets fares

and shouting endless wares

of what already exists,

just to answer this:


where is the season grown

on time to brand new sunshine


and as I tapped away

the sun shone brighter in my day

and in my way and for all I say,


why would it really matter,

when you lose endless anguish clatter


splatter splatter – life and love that chatter

fresh and free exhilarated by Springtime energy


flowers now in their bloom

worked so hard at their loom

to grow every sinew tough and strong

the flexible prolong that sense of feeling:

it is with the sun I’m reeling furiously

to see the world anew in me!


What sense of introduction could arise

as fresh air induction of all the vibrant cast

see the sun shine at last

as Springtime blast clear away

what remained of yesterday


A sense no longer troubled

A sense that life now doubled

what was there before

and Springtime won’t ignore

as the flowers roar away

in vibrant play today


Hooray – hooray – hooray

The sun is joyful just today!


And every sombre mood,

a simple message to exude

the passing of time

the simplicity that rhyme

when we see:

Springtime is alive in me


and steady as a bee,

I hummed most furiously

Springtime’s ecstasy is down to me

and all the energy I put in

all glorious flowers now to win

in an endless gathering of delight

for the sun is in my sight

and alights my day

in a special way

to see


this moment gloriously

anews the world in me

most furiously !


Purple Eyes Publishing


I’ve been investing furiously (to see the world anew in me)


and as the birds trill along

I vibrate with Springtime song,

journeys now go on and on

(never mind the right or wrong)


journeys to design:

the final step in time

the final moment to align


the breathing voice, the

living sign that just

lets summer dine on

Beaujolais wine,


and though I sense my

life now fraught with

what to do and what gets

bought, and what gets sought

to see:


a thousand viability,

(that stare back at me),

yet exclusively, I marry energy


in billion memory so true

of how the world revolves around

you – sunshine of my heart,

so many ways that depart

and I am glad to see:


I reached my inner sanctity


age and dwell of time

the leafless that design

a fresh new Springtime

and easy sense of flow -


easy mountain, off you

go, the river down below

is ready for its show,

it’s ready for its break

all now to illuminate,

and twinkle sunshine

past – each twinkle memory

can last, when each bubbling

stream starts now to gleam

with brand new living dream -


early on I said what had long

been put to bed – and now

I simply said instead: ‘Bubble through

You wondrous fresh air head!’


and so I trundled through

that easy thing I always do,

when the world breaks anew,


I am ready like the dew

to dapple sunlight brand

and new along my story

path: see which ways I

craft: the fore and the

aft – das Saft des Lebens

(nimmer vergebens noch

vergessen – jetzt wird in

Herrlichkeit gesessen)


In a garden, hanging low,

all my fruit about to show -

all my love about to know:

how it thus became so.



I've Been Investing Furiously (To See The World Anew In Me)

I drew a breath and made it long, Springtime energy shall not prolong, the great revealing song of going now to full throng. A bird now full throttle knew: here and now the energy blew sweet waves of colour through that easy going thing: to know just when to sing and all life in harmony bring with sweet melody as Springtime enfold fast and furiously to see 'the power that resides in me', expressively for show: all colours know that in the height of flow, there is no stop, there is no go, just full and new, the world that lives in you.

  • ISBN: 9781370334230
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-03-27 12:05:08
  • Words: 696
I've Been Investing Furiously (To See The World Anew In Me) I've Been Investing Furiously (To See The World Anew In Me)