It's Time For Bed


It’s Time For Bed

A ‘Nate and Kate’ Rhyming Story

  By: Ann Ferguson

Illustrated by: Elizabeth Coronel Osorio

This book is dedicated to my five loves: 

[*Carissa, Connor, Nathan (Nate), *]

Nicholas, and Caitlin (Kate)

They are my inspiration for writing 

children’s bedtime stories!  



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 ‘Nate and Kate’ Rhyming Story!


It's Time For Bed

"It's Time For Bed" is a delightful rhyming bedtime story for babies and toddlers. Follow brother and sister, Nate and Kate, as they get ready for bed! They clean up their toys, brush their teeth, read stories, and get tucked in for a sweet night's sleep! Adorable, colorful illustrations and rhyming patterns make this a pleasing story for little ones. It also includes vocabulary words taken from the story in the back of the book. "It's Time For Bed" is sure to be a favorite bedtime story for both children and parents!

  • Author: Ann Ferguson
  • Published: 2017-04-04 05:20:21
  • Words: 245
It's Time For Bed It's Time For Bed