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It's Hard To Understand

It’s Hard To Understand

by Kennie Kayoz

Copyright 2016 Coyotes Publishing

Shakespir Edition

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I Don’t Get It

I don’t understand this world.

I’m 34 trying to start my life.

Get myself a job since I already got a wife.

Phone is sitting silent, nobody calling.


I feel I’m perfect for these jobs.

No calls, no interviews.

When I walk into places I apply to.

It’s a bunch of kids standing and talking.


I guess that’s what they look for is people who don’t want to work.

Just ones who want to hang out with friends.

But here I am ready to work.

Yet nobody gives me a call.

I keep getting told “someone will take a chance”

Less and less I see that being likely.

It’s almost like my life is over.

Yet nobody told me.



I sit around all day playing video games, listening to music.

Bunch of times I sit at the computer and write.

Seems like I develop these headaches.

Running down the back of my neck.


Keeping me up at night.

Making me crabby.

At times I think I hear things.

Getting told that I must be loosing it.

Starting to think I have already lost it.

There is no going back


I don’t know what’s left for me in life.

Don’t even feel like I have one of those
Nobody is letting me have one.
I’m stuck between four walls.

I keep saying I don’t want to live here.

But it’s either this or on the street.

At times I think that would be best.

I see it being my future anyways



Sometimes I Cry

I sit here in the room alone at night.
Wife gone to bed.
I can’t help but cry.

Wondering why I can’t get a job.

Nor can I move out.

Just sitting here wondering will my life get better.


I write at night to try and make sense of it all

But nothing does become clear.

Hope for donations, get zero.

Want people to read my stories and struggles.

Nobody helps out.

It’s a sad state the world is in.

Many struggle to put food on the table.

Those who don’t refuse to lend a hand.

Sometimes I Cry


It's Hard To Understand

  • ISBN: 9781310942761
  • Author: Coyotes Publishing
  • Published: 2016-07-07 05:20:35
  • Words: 396
It's Hard To Understand It's Hard To Understand