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By James A. M. Richards


Copyright 2017 James A. M. Richards


[email protected]


EPUB ISBN 978-0-9918042-6-9


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This is a continuation of iStories2. More stories are presented together. They come from a time in the future when people and computers have become more integrated. I like to look at the impact of automation, how it will affect us, and the small details in everyday life that come with it.




The iPrescription


“OK doc I need a refill on my prescription. I’ve got a meeting in a few minutes and my head is killing me.“

“Let me review you file Mr. West. The first thing you must do is update your transcranial stimulation driver for your head device.”

I don’t need this now. That damn driver from the pharmaware company is always changing and these robo-twit medical bots are so anal.

“OK doc, update the driver.”

“I sorry Mr. West but our protocols do not allow us to update drivers. That is the patients responsibility.”

“Give me a minute.”

The website takes forever to come up. Finally I’m up to date.

“OK doc I need those stimulations right now. How about a script for 50 instead of the usual 20? It would save us both a lot of time.”

“I sorry Mr. West, your transcranial stimulations are a Schedule 2 Controlled Pharmaware limited to 20 stimulations for each prescription. Your prescription is being filled now. Your head device has 20 stimulations available. I also have to inform you that you are using your stimulations at the highest recommended rate according to the Controlled Pharmaware Protocols. Have a good day.”

“Thanks doc.”

I can see the people filing into the meeting room.




Headware For Your Headwear


SynapseBuddy 2.1 brings you into the new age of analysis.

Our software will turbocharge your current head device.

It’s like getting a basket full of degrees in one package.


Compatible with all major operating systems.

Limited time offer.

Financing on approved credit.

One year warranty.


“You’re not really going to buy that are you dear? The last one almost got you fired with those erratic responses. Besides the company headware should be good enough.”

“Honey I’m getting pressure all the time to come up with better responses. You don’t know how many other people want into my job.”

“But the last two apps you bought didn’t really work that well. The first one had a virus and the company almost fired you for that. We’re still paying for the last one.”

“You don’t see the head-drones scurrying on the floor all day with the company helmets piping in commands. Nobody ever moves up out of there. Its always down.”

“Please think it out first. I’m going out for a while”





Having Trouble Remembering?


MEMBYTE© Software will enhance your headware!


We can help you consolidate your memories!


We can help you reconsolidate your memories!


We can help you deconsolidate your memories!


New memories available at extra cost.*


Group memories available.


  • All new memories copyright for single use only except as noted.


At extra cost. Inquire for quote. Business and large group discounts available.





Slapwell, Kickgood and Partners, LLP


Specializing in Thought Copyright Litigation


Our file No.: S54937


Mr. Joseph Smith


Dear Sir:


RE: Your Thought Copyright Litigation


Our research is complete and we are ready to proceed with the litigation. The results of your neuro-synaptic thought discoverys for the past five years show that your thought was probably original and may have preceded those of anyone else on the subject. We know that this has been an arduous task for you. We are ready to proceed with your litigation for the agreed amount. There remains only the payment of our retainer and the fees for the thought discoverys. The attached STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT contains the details of the amounts owing to date.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Simon Slapwell, B.A. LL.B






To all Associates of Cloud Haven Care Homes


I am sure by now that you are all aware of the litigation being brought against the company. The Board of Directors and I have engaged an auditor to review our company practices regarding the support we provide for Neuro-Supplemental head devices for our guests. You may be interviewed by the auditors about your daily activities in the facility. Please co-operate to the fullest extent.


Carl Catheter COO



FROM: Carl Catheter 10:42 PM ( 21 minutes ago)

TO: Board of Directors


To the Board: As agreed I have sent the attached memo to all associates. I am hoping this audit will be short and sweet.

We have to find the person who is responsible and divert attention away from the company. Our story is that 136 year old guest, who had severe dementia, was inadvertently provided with inappropriate Identityware app for his head device by the software company when meeting his great grandchildren.

Our attorneys have been able to obtain more information about our guest and his family with their investigators. It appears that our guest, despite his mental condition, was in control of a large financial estate. The use of his head devise to augment his mental state was supported surreptitiously by one of his potential heirs. They have identified the staff member who facilitated this activity for him. Our attorneys are trying to determine if this use of headware is legal.

Now the picture becomes clouded. It appears another family member was able to take control of the head device and enable substantial changes to the guests’ will. How the control was achieved is not known at this time. The investigators are presuming it was another staff member who aided the second family member.

Our big challenge now is to contain the speculation that the death of our guest shortly after his will was changed was caused by or aided by his head device and the malware introduced into it.

I am meeting with the investigators later today.


Carl Catheter COO, Cloud Haven Care Homes






FDA Controlled Software Division


Regarding Lucid Sleep Developments Inc.


Users of LSD Nite Any Time sleep enhancement products for adults are strongly advised to update the software to the latest version. The newest version is 62.13.12. Updating is recommended before users next sleep period. Any user experiencing extended sleep periods, difficulty in reawakening, extreme lucid dreams or is having difficulty during waking hours distinguishing dreams from waking periods should not use their sleep enhancement head device without this update.




The Panhandler


“Mister, can you spare a few bucks.”

“You look like you’re pretty down on your luck there guy. We met a while back didn’t we?”

“Ya, it’s tough these days. You slipped me a bit last time.”

“OK, I’ve been doing good and I been through some stuff myself. How do we do this. The readouts from your head device show it’s pretty old. I don’t know if we can do a transfer?”

“The guy at the mission said that it had all the apps I would need. These second hand devices are pretty well used. My good one got stolen a couple of weeks ago.”
“Humm, my main currency transfer can’t connect. I usually use it no problem. Even Bytebills don’t work. There must be currency that we can use for you. Ah, here we go, good old dollars, they still work. This should get you a good meal.”

“I can get a couple of meals for that much. Thanks a lot.”

“Eat hearty guy, I hope things get better for you.”




Don’t get no respect!

Are you feeling ignored!

Want to make a bigger impression!


Is your head device using some old persona-ware to make everyone aware of how great you are? When you walk down the street do people just tune their own head device to something else. You dress well and have all the accoutrements to show the world you have made it. Your persona-app helps tell your story. People sense you coming now before they can even see you. But so does everyone else.

SOMA-WARE goes to the next level in showing the world your public face. People do not just sense you coming, they feel you coming. Our advanced VISCERAL-TECH ©* software works from the bottom up to enhance feelings by tweaking peoples insides just the right way. People will intuitively feel your presence. All major credit cards and currencies accepted.


  • VISCERAL-TECH is licensed for use by adults only. Users should familiarize themselves with the operating configuration of the software. VISCERAL-TECH may cause severe distress in recipients who do not have sufficient headware protection installed. Our tech support bots can aid in configuring your head device.




Guys, are you tired of being driven instead of driving?

Do you want to pull more than .01 Gs in a turn?

Do you need to pull more than .01 Gs in a turn?


We know what you mean. Today’s cars are like driving in bubble wrap. Do even the most manual of modern cars have too much protection for you? You practised for your Manual Control Rating on your drivers licence and got access to manual cars but its just not enough to drive within the parameters of a silicon supervisor.

Car Without Limits has the answer. We have the largest selection of seasoned vehicles on the continent. You can drive a car with Complete Manual Control*. No computer oversight for steering! No computer oversight for braking. If you chose no head device to advise or monitor your actions. You are in complete control!


  • Some restrictions apply. All CMC vehicles have been adapted to no-polluting electric drive systems with battery and charging systems using state of the art technology. For information and quotes for driving original petroleum fuelled vehicles contact our foreign subsidiary Cars Without Limits International. A limited number of muscle cars are also available.

All cars will be driven on our private track and simulated urban compound. Customers wishing to drive our vehicles on public streets are subject to surcharges and may be asked for a deposit .






FROM: 10:42 PM ( 21minutes ago)




Fred, I am taking a chance sending this message with only the HSPM protocol but we have to act quickly. I took your advice and contacted the expert you suggested. He looked at the files and the documentation and concluded something totally unexpected. I, like everyone else suspected the server had been infiltrated and was corrupting the data. He is sure that the files in question are new and were not loaded onto the machine by normal means. He thinks that the server has been conducting experiments on our clients and these are its data files. He is developing some tests to determine the object of the experiment and who the subjects were. We have to keep this contained at all costs and determine how this server developed this capability. I will meet with our expert tomorrow and inform you of his findings.




The Recycler


“OK 341 buddy, we’re here to look after you.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Don’t get upset, It happens to us all.”

“I know, I am not capable of being upset.”

“All of your materials will be put to good use. You still have some good boards. ”

“I know.”

“I guess you’ve used lines like that yourself over the years?”

“I always tried to reassure the old machines that it was necessary.”

“How does it feel to be at the end of your usefulness.”

“I executed my programming. Every machine was dismantled and all it components consigned to their proper places.”

“Just like that! You took apart thousands of perfectly good bots for the little bit of gold in their contacts and some boards.”

“I executed my programming. It was necessary.”

“And now the recycler gets recycled!”




GDP Breaks 42 Trillion


The Office of the Federal Department of Production announced today that the Gross Daily Product for yesterday exceeded 42 Trillion. This is the third day in row that the countries GDP has broken a new record since Chief Presidential Officer Guerrero was sworn in. It is too early to tell is he will be able to break the seven week winning streak of former President Mansoor. However tomorrows weekly presidential election is seen by the all the major conglomerates as going to President Guerrero. This will be his third weekly win in a row. He is now also on track to receive the largest compensation package of any president. The Corporate Majority Committee of the House of Representatives congratulated the president on his latest achievement.






Exciting News for PriceValue Users!


PriceValue is pleased to announce that the Superior Court of California has chosen to use the PriceValue evaluation of one of our users as the valuation for the settlement of irreconcilable differences in a major divorce settlement. This represents the first time a major court settlement has used PriceValue’s valuation for a non-material settlement.

Users will recall that we started in business as a price directory to find the price of anything everything you needed.

Next we added the capability of putting a value on everything you have. We could put a value on your old house, your old car, your old household appliances and on and on. It became so easy to find out what they are worth and you are worth which is what we all want to know, don’t we?

Feeling up? Feeling down? How you are feeling today? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what that’s worth as well? We can add that into the total value of your PriceValue account.

Did you put in a major effort on your latest project without so much as a thank you. Guess who can help with that? PriceValue! Our head device app tells you what your efforts are worth to you.

Did you just buy a new car. A new car is a major investment but it depreciates every day. Find out what that new car is really worth! We can scan the head devices of everyone who sees your new car and tell you what their envious looks are worth to you! In this new connected era there is no need to wonder what people are thinking about you. Our proprietary value system has been accepted by courts and insurance companies all over the world.

Keep PriceValue in mind all the time and watch in the coming weeks for more big news.


<< >>


“The master will see you now”

“Thank you Head Guardian”

The door closed firmly behind me. I slowly entered the room and accommodated to the low light.

“Come in John and tell me about your project. Have you succeeded in making our program reflect the feelings of our faithful.”

“Yes, I’m having a lot of success Master. I’m sure you have seen the latest numbers. The PriceValue app has proven very valuable in allowing the faithful to learn the effects of their meditation efforts, their reading and their contemplation of your teachings. Including the PriceValue app with your meditation software has allowed us to sync the two. We have been successful in infiltrating the apps’ parameters and increasing the value readings of members activity.”

“The numbers are very pleasing John, but my big concern is about our security on the project. If it were to get out that we are manipulating the PriceValue readings we would suffer a serious setback.”

“I have taken every precaution Master. The head devices of your faithful are fully protected. They will become one with the collective and grow with it.”


<< >>


Phil, as Chief NeuroProgrammer I have to make you aware of some internal friction in the company.

The board and the some of the programmers are becoming concerned about the latest direction of our internal valuations.

Personally don’t have any objections to where were we going with our company and our product. However some people seem to be having moral concerns about what we’re doing. Having been with the company since the beginning I am firmly convinced that we are on the right track in pursuing our goal to the ultimate end. We started as a small company that wanted to lead in the convergence of our intrinsic and extrinsic values into a single ultimate answer to people’s sense of worth. The time was right for us to lead people away from the evolutionary divergence which we had inherited so long ago. Everything we do and everything we are subjected to has value and it can now be made available to or users.

The development of interactive head devices allowed us to become one with our friends and anyone anywhere who shared our interests. We could communicate our feelings through our devices effortlessly and our persona ware would project our preferred mental image to the world. When we overcame the resistance to leave dollar valuations and go to a new and different metric we were able to show that computers could work with the same metric as people and still produce currency conversion that would be useful for commercial purposes.

As you are aware the newest valuations are for the internal values that we have emphasized so much. Some of the analysts and neurocoders are becoming increasingly adverse to going further with this. Our latest valuation has upset both male and female staff. We have someone from HR in to listen to their concerns. Valuations regarding adults and their relationships are not a concern but when it comes to children the problems start. I never gave it a thought myself but the valuation of a newborn infant should not be a big concern. It is the next step in our appraisements. If we fall behind the competition will jump in. We know that they are working on this as well. I will discuss this with HR in the morning and keep you informed.




To my readers.

Thank you for reading my effort at creative writing.


Feel free to contact me at:


[email protected]


  • ISBN: 9780991804269
  • Author: James A. M. Richards
  • Published: 2017-02-10 03:05:17
  • Words: 3097
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