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First Printing: 2015


The End?

“Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced – this perspective of my life is about to change in few minutes. I never had imagined that my life will end in such pathetic & suffocating way. God, why? Why can’t I have at least a dramatic end? FUCK!!! Drama. Why am I even dying?

You must be thinking that why am I speaking like a crazy psycho? When you will end in an approximate 7 feet /4 feet box, more than 10 feet underground, you will understand my fucking situation. I am already feeling numb due to lack of oxygen so I must stay cool, this way I can lower my heartbeat and can use the limited oxygen for a bit longer survival. I know I will fucking die here. So before I die I must tell you my story.

90 Hours before

It sometimes happens that you meet a girl who’s such a hot number that you want a second look and turning your head as she passes, you bang into someone who starts bawling you out. May be you are riding a bike at the time of seeing her. Most likely you will run up the kerb or have a collision. Well Regina was one of those, take-a-second-look-girl. You know what I mean, Don’t you? The careless beauty with a build-up that weakens your resistance. We knew each other for 2 years.  Due to my ethics that I never intimate with professional connections, I resisted myself. But tonight with black gown and her large ice-blue eyes like a chunk of sky, shook all my resistance.  Beside the fact that we were not working together, it was also our first date. Regina was a doctor by profession and modelling was her hobby. Beauty with the brains always was my biggest weakness. She blushed most of the time at dinner as she noticed that I couldn’t lay off my eyes from her. I was wondering if she was feeling same storm inside her like me. On the way back her beauty and irresistible smell, turned my storm more devastating and when I turned my car towards my apartment instead of her hotel, I already realized that the fire was on both side.

It was a heavenly morning when you wake up beside such a wonderful beauty with an amazing memory of romantic wild night. It became more romantic when I smell coffee and somehow she managed to find all ingredients from my kitchen which was not an easy job as it was Ravi’s territory.  Regina was wearing one of my Black shirts, which was quite big for her but she was ravishing even in it. When she sat on my lap I knew that she was wearing nothing inside. I kissed her. She kissed back gently. I slide off my hand inside the black shirt. With my exploring & naughty hand, her kiss turned to more passionate.

[You must be thinking why I am suddenly describing Regina and my passionate wild story in detail when I am dying in this box. Isn’t it obvious that we all want to die with the most pleasant memory? I had no idea that it was the last fucking sex of my life.]

Ravi, my beloved caretaker who was sent by my parents with me since I have shifted to Mumbai, is now enjoying holiday back to Kolkata. Every year I send him back home to enjoy family time. It was really hard to find kitchen tools and ingredients when Ravi is out-of-town but Regina did truly admirable job when she made a tasty breakfast using the same kitchen. I could not stop myself and kissed her few more times in appreciation.

I dropped Regina to her Hotel at Bandra and reached Dadar by invading through horrific Mumbai traffic. It was Tamble sir who called me when I was on the way back from Bandra. He called me early that day before but as I was flying high with Regina at that time so could not receive his call. After I exposed the MP education ministry scam and organized serial murders, Tamble Sir have been discussing more cases with me & Sunaina for our fresh take on those cases. He is the most sharp,courageous and honest police officer I have ever met and when someone like him gives you respect on your truth finding process it motivates. Tamble sir asked me to reach at Golden Court residential apartment. Golden Court is one of the most posh residential areas of Mumbai.

Police inspector Mr Basu was at the entrance of the Golden Court. He told me to go to flat no 6F it was on the 6 th floor of Golden Court. The floor was flooded by police. 6F was lavishly decorated. Costly flooring and classy interior made me realize that the owner must be a big shot. 6F had three master bedrooms and one big dining room with a well decorated modular kitchen. Tamble Sir was in one of the bed room. I saw another Police inspector whom I didn’t recognise but his seniority was highlighting through the stars of his uniform. Tamble sir welcomed me with a big smile and introduced me with this senior narcotic officer Mr Arvind D’Souza. He was one of the most ferocious narcotic officers of Goa. Goa is India’s most popular area among international tourists and also hub of illegal drug distribution. Then I saw Sunaina came into our room. I was surprised to see her here. Tamble sir told me that when he couldn’t reach my phone at the early morning he called Sunaina. Well as per Police report it was a clear case of normal burglary. The thief was also arrested as he couldn’t able to disable the second security alarm which was installed three months ago. But the catch was when police came and secured the place they find something which they never expected. They found 20 KG of fresh Cocaine and that’s why Mr Arvind was here. Now when police wanted to contact the owner of this flat 6F, they were unable to trace him and as per the Golden Curt caretaker Mr Surya yadav, he didn’t came to his flat since 3 months, just after updated the second security alarm.

I knew that we were there on Tamble sir’s request and from body language of Mr Arvind I guessed that he didn’t like the idea of Tamble sir to involve us in the case. Though I was sure;  when Tamble sir called us then there must be something more than just burglary and drugs. I started to check all rooms. Sunaina pointed me at a Painting. OH MY GOD. It was POLICE GAZETTE by Willem de Kooning, a 67 Million Dollars abstract painting. It was one of the most expensive paining of the world. I could not believe that though it must be a duplicate. I am an art lover so I do research on these paintings and I can tell you that it was very well copied. Then I looked at the opposite wall. I touched the wall. I requested all police men to empty the dining room. Tamble Sir and Mr Arvind also came to see what I was doing. I jumped on the dining table and then lifted the couch in front of the wall, laid on the floor. I looked at Sunaina. I saw a bit of embarrassment in her eyes because of my sudden jumping around. I walked slowly to Tamble Sir and asked him to break the opposite wall of the painting. Everyone was surprised. Mr Arvind had a smile that was pointing me as an idiot. Tamble Sir looked at me again and I replied him confidently to break the wall. Before Mr.Arvind said anything Tamble sir ordered his subordinates to break the wall. I was silently standing on the balcony of 6F while police was breaking the wall. Sunaina came beside me and asked me how my date last night was? I didn’t tell her about Regina but I think she was sharp enough to do the math and guessed it that I had a date last night. I whispered back to her “AWESOME”

Tamble sir called us and we went inside the room. Everyone was looking at me. There was a dead body sealed inside the wall. Tamble Sir immediately called forensic team. Tamble Sir now looked at Mr Arvind with a winners smile and asked me to explain. I told Tamble Sir that ” when I was checking all rooms, Sunaina pointed out me a world-famous painting. Though it was a duplicate copy but it was a costly duplicate. But the wall where it was hanging was a misfit. The owner of this 6F had a very good taste of art and decoration. Whereas the opposite wall was perfect for the painting. Then I touched the opposite wall and it smelled new. According to caretaker Mr Surya, its been three months, the flat was empty. But the wall color was new. Then I jumped on the dining table to see the room from a higher view. I saw everything was fine except there was impression marks in front of the painting wall floor and the opposite wall floor. When I laid on the floor and saw that these  were dissimilar impression marks of sofa. When we put furniture for longer times it creates an impression of its base on the floor. There were sofa in front of each wall face to face but their placement was changed recently in a hurry. Though I was not expecting a body there inside but now I am 100% sure that it was the body of the owner of this 6F and if Tamble Sir checks the security alarm, I am sure he will find it technically tampered.”
I ended my explanation breathlessly. Mr Arvind came forward and appreciated with a hand shake.

As I was expecting, the forensic report came positive about the owner and technical team also informed that the alarms were technically tampered by some professional expert. So whoever murdered Ranojoy Dixit, the owner, was a professional or hired a professional to do the job. I was discussing these at evening with Sunaina and Tamble sir and my phone rang. It was Regina. We had another dinner date so called me to ask when I would come to pick her. She came from Shanghai for some personal work but decided to stay few more days just for me. I left the room and informed her that I would reach at 9pm. Then I came back to my drawing room and joined the discussion with Sunaina and Tamble sir. I noticed that Sunaina was little awkward when I came back from call. But I focused on our victim Mr Ranojoy who is also a criminal of drug smuggling. Tamble sir told me that Ranojoy was among the shadow dealers. Mr Arvind and his team tracked Ranojoy before but never had any proof. 5 years before few teenage kids died at “Bardez” village in Goa due to drug overdose but according to medical test those were poisoned drugs, chemically faulty drugs. Mr Arvind was lead investigator that time and he found few shadow dealers who sold those faulty drugs. Ranojoy was among the suspects but he covered his tracks smartly so Mr Arvind and his team could do nothing. As per Mr Arvinds idea, this might be gang work. Ranojoy might have a bad deal and he had to pay the prise with his life because in this business there was no space for mistakes. Well my phone again rang in between the discussion. It was Regina again. I moved to other room to take her call. This time she called me to ask me if she would wear red tonight, as her undergarment. She made me blush and I answered her in short that yes she was welcome to burn down my house tonight with her ravishing red. I came back with a smile from the other room and Tamble sir noticed it as well as Sunaina. Tamble sir asked me seriously “Indra when you will introduce us with your mysterious smile? “ I felt little shy and replied that very soon I would.

Regina was looking like Aphrodite, the goddess of love and passion. She was dressed in ethnic that night and the red ethnic Saree wrapped on her buttery milky skin made her gorgeous and ravishing yet innocent. I kissed her before she get into my car. I took her to Global Fusion restaurant for dinner. They probably make the best Sushi in Mumbai and Sushi was her favourite dish I knew. While we were chatting and I was also discussing little bit of my morning incident of Golden court, something caught my attention. It was a girl with gorgeous black saree and It caught my attention not because that girl was looking gorgeous but she was Sunaina. She was there with her Boyfriend, co incidentally. I introduced Ragina and she introduced Vikram. Sunaina and Regina both blended in no time. I heard about Vikram few times from Sunaina. Vikram stayed there in Link road and they regularly came here for dinner.

Vicky is a nice guy but had habit of lying. He lied twice when Sunaina asked him about his last china trip. His diluted pupil of his eyes, un necessary shoulder movement and running fingers on his own hair to comfort himself while lying, were shouting that he was lying  through his body language. I never interfere in anyone’s private space so I said nothing to Sunaina. I know she is a sharp girl and eventually she would find out. After dinner we were chatting little more as a group and my phone rang. It was Tamble sir. I was surprised because it was late. I received the call. Tamble sir was worried and he told me that Mr Arvind was shutting the investigation and taking over the investigation on his jurisdiction by tomorrow morning. He felt sorry to disturb which he never intended but he was also not happy to handover the case so he called me to inform. I knew that it was not a gang war like the way Mr Arvind was suggesting, it might be purely personal but we had no proof. I told Regina that I had a call from work and I had to go. Regina was very understanding. I drove her off at her hotel, I still wanted to ignore my decision to meet Tamble sir and spend whole night with Regina but I controlled myself. Sunaina called me when I was driving back and asked me to pick her from link road. I didn’t not want to spoil her date so I didn’t inform her. When I picked her she told me that she knew my customised ring tone for Tamble Sir. So when my phone rang at dinner table, she knew that it was Tamble sir and when I left in a hurry she guessed that I would meet sir after drove Ragina to her Hotel. Sunaina always surprise me from her detailed observation.

We reached at Tamble Sir’s residence. Sir was surprised to see both of us well dressed specially Sunaina, she was still wearing the black saree. Sir asked us slowly in a confused voice “ if you both were dating ? “ We both nodded as yes. Then before Tamble sir said anything I clarified that individually we both were dating with own partners and accidently we were in a same restaurant when sir called us, so we both came. Sir felt terrible embarrassed as we left our dates to discuss about Ranojoy murder but we assured him that our partners were very supportive though Sunaina’s vocal expression about her supportive partner was not confident. So now we started to discuss that what should we do now because it was quite clear that whoever killed Ranojoy was out of personal vendetta. I suggested that we should go back to the Golden court right now.

At night Golden court was looking like a Giant. When we reached in 6F, I went to the balcony it was a wonderful view. It was midnight and we three started to search again. After almost 1 hour search we could not find anything suspicious. Forensic team also find no finger print. I was checking the wardrobes. There was a rack of costly shoes. Mostly leather. From those shoe’s sole, it seemed that our victim Ranojoy loved to use leather shoes mostly. I asked Sunaina to find me a plastic bag. She found a bag and I carefully put a pair of canvas shoes inside the packed. Sunaina and Tamble Sir looked at me with curiosity. I told them that beside leather shoes there were few canvas shoes too but all were new never used because Ranojoy only used leather shoes but this canvas shoe is cheap and used. The left sole of the shoe turned thin due to maximum use and later the shoe was cleaned to fit in the rack. Beside that Ranojoy shoe size was 9 and this shoe is Size 10. I guess this is the shoe of the murderer.

72 Hours before

Regina called me in the morning to inform me that she would be staying few more days in India but she had to fly to Bangalore city to attain a medical conference and she would be back by tomorrow. I had to approve few concept illustrations at office. Our Ad agency is now leading Asian industry for 4 years and for that everyone was preparing party to celebrate but after finishing my office work I went to meet Tamble sir for further updates.  Tamble sir told me that Mr Arvind had better influence in higher authority, plus he was also senior and well known police officer of narcotics department so he would be taking over the case from day after tomorrow and before that we must find better useful evidence more than that shoe to keep the investigation.  I called Sunaina and both of us started to study all reports again. I was going through Mr Arvinds suspect report again and saw that it’s nearly a year; these suspects went missing from police radar.

Ranojoy also installed extra security system suddenly few months back where as he was working as a shadow dealers of drugs for long time. Then why suddenly he needed extra security measure?
If it’s due to gang deal went wrong? Or he knew that he was in some danger? Well everything started from Goa so i suggested Tamble Sir that we should go to Goa right now. I booked ticket for all three of us and flew to Goa that evening. We didn’t have much time so as soon as we reached, we started to gather info with help of Tamble sir and Goa police. We have dotted down 8 properties owned legally and illegally by all those three suspects as shadow dealers including Ranojoy.

48 Hours before

I almost forgot that we were in Goa, the paradisiacal place of India. As per my habit, I wake up early morning whenever I am out of my home. It was 5 am morning and it’s the best time to roam around. I borrowed a cycle from our “Sun village Goa resort” manager and went out to roam. The resort was really beautiful and while I was cycling I found the famous Baga beach. It was only 1km away from our resort. I always loved Goa, popularly known as “Pearl of the Orient” or “tourism Paradise” is located on the west coast of India in the coastal belt known as Konkan. Goa is not only famous for its golden beaches but also this state is rich in history, rich culture and home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery. I have visited Goa few times for few swimwear and calendar campaigns but never got enough time to explore. Honestly that morning, when I was cycling was the best 1 hour that I have ever spent in Goa. Influenced by over 450 years of Portuguese rule and Latin culture, Goa presented me a somewhat different representation of my country and its more international. But it also became the master hub of illegal drugs. The addiction was rising among local and foreigners. Money started to flow like flood and created Drug Mafia who has started to own system. When Government saw that it was going out of hand then they strengthen the system. Then to fight the system and full fill drug demand, Shadow dealers were created who would deliver drugs by fooling or bribing system, Law & order without leaving any trace.

I came back to our resort and with a morning coffee I sat in front of the pool. It was a wonderful pool. I was going through all details in my mind. Shadow dealers should have higher resource in system. Every time Mr Arvind and his team were close they somehow managed to vanish in to thin air. Suddenly a sound of water splash shook my focus. Saw a girl in a black bikini made a dive in the pool. Then again I have shifted my focus. It was a junior inspector who actually discovered these shadow dealers. No one believed him except Mr Arvind. He insisted and with his seniority and influence, he organized a task force to track those shadow dealers.

I looked at that girl again. She was just swimming towards my end. She came out from water slowly. Her dynamic sensuality was heightened by her toned curvaceous silhouette and chunky hips in black stockinet bikini bottom. It was Sunaina. It took me few seconds to look away and acted like I was not watching her. She wrapped the towel on her body and sat on the chair beside me. I acted like I just noticed her. I shared my thought with her. Meanwhile Tamble sir came and asked us to get ready.

We went to Burdez police station it was 20 minutes’ drive from our resort. We wanted to meet Rama Rao, the junior police, who was first to crack the concept of shadow dealers. We could not find him there. According to Bardez police station, he never came back after he joined Mr Arvinds team; they heard that Rama Rao was promoted. So we have started to inspect those properties owned by these shadow dealers. We found nothing after 4 hours search. We have searched 3 out of 8 properties. Everyone was feeling fatigue. Then suddenly Sunaina found a hidden door on the floor of fourth house owned by James DeCosta, Who was also a suspect as shadow dealer and was missing since last year. When I saw the floor was looking new rather than its construction and beside that the misplaced furniture made us all curious about the floor? We dug the floor and found another dead body. Tamble sir called local police to identify the body. We moved to next property and yes we found another body there too. But it was not of a shadow dealer. This man was wearing a police belt buckle with a symbol of Goa Police. That day we found another body in total count of three dead bodies. One of them was Rama Rao, the junior police who exposed the shadow dealers. Tamble sir started to think that Mr Arvind was right that it was a gang war of drug mafia. That night Mr Arvind called us and congratulated for exposing three murders related to drug mafia. This would give him a better grip on mafia investigation. Before end of that night I requested Tamble sir that tomorrow morning I would visit Rama rao’s family before our flight back to Mumbai.

24 Hours before

Rama rao had a 4 years old kid. When his wife asked me that if he died in peace or in pain?, I couldn’t answer. I had no idea how to answer. I let Sunaina to do all talking with her. Then Mrs Rao gave us his investigative file which led him to the shadow dealers group. Rama Rao never submitted this original file. She looked at Tamble Sir with stone cold look while handed over the file and asked for justice. Tamble sir assured her with a fatherly touch on her head.

I was studying the file on the flight. Rama rao meet a girl named Ramona and though there was nothing much about Ramona but it was Ramona who helped him. There was a picture of Ramona in the file but it was a bit early days picture. I gave the Picture to Tamble sir and Sir promised to find info about Ramona as soon as we would reach Mumbai.

I was relaxing at home. Sunaina called me.

Sunaina – You are more famous now. I mean we are.

I – Since When?

Sunaina – Are you sleeping?

I– Nope just a bit tired.

Sunaina – Check today’s newspaper. We become famous and also target.

I – what?

Sunaina – Mr Arvind is now added to your fan list.

I– Let me check it.

Sunaina was right. Mr Arvind gave statement to press about our involvement of exposing four unusual murders. Yes this would make us target as well because we only found those bodies but not the murderer.

Tamble Sir called me to inform that he found Ramona. She was working for a high profile escort service these days and only available on booking. I noted down the escort service website and started to search on my laptop.I felt that it was not a gang war but more like a closure. Someone was closing all loose ends perfectly until I found the body or Ranojoy and now we had three more bodies. “This person is technically invisible”. Even the shoe we found, came clean. There was a partial print but didn’t match with any criminal fingerprint as per database. No proof. No Police record. So we had no idea who that person was. Only Ramona might help us. So without wasting any more time I booked Ramona through the escort website. Here her name was Jessica. She looked different now though its due to my perception and profession that mostly I can identify a person with and without make up. I did not inform Tamble Sir and Sunaina about this little meeting of mine.

I met Ramona at Hotel Orchid on Nehru Road. Our meeting was fixed at room no 202.

I have reached at exact 7 pm. Ramona opened the door. She had fine dark brown silken hair brushed straight back from a tall brow and falling heavily down almost to the shoulders, there to curl slightly up at the ends, a good, soft pale skin with an ivory sheen at the cheekbones; wide apart, level eyes of the deepest blue under straight natural brows. Apart from her face, she had a tall firm, attractive body, which slowly moved towards me. I gave her the cash envelop. She slowly started to unbutton my shirt. I touched her hand to stop. She pulled my arm slowly towards her and started to lick my finger. I went close to her and whispered into her ear “Rama Rao is dead Ramona.” She moved few steps back. She was scared. But then again came towards me and acted like she knew nothing.

Ramona – I don’t know what are talking about. Let’s make love.

I – Ramona I know who you are.

Ramona – You are mistaken. I am Jessica, your slave for tonight.

[*I *]– Ranojoy and James are also found dead.

Ramona did try her best to hide her fear and uneasiness. But she already started to look pale. She came close and unzipped my trouser.

Ramona – Are you scared mister, are you married? Come on I can keep secret.

I– I know you can but I don’t want to be the one.

Ramona– Are you Police?

I – No.

Ramona – Who are you?

I – I am the one who found bodies of Rama Rao and all shadow dealers. I need your help. I know you helped Rama Rao and I need you help because someone very dangerous tried to bury all but now everything is exposed.

Ramona – I know nothing. You can leave now.

I – Ramona just tell me if there was anyone more than those shadow dealers.

Ramona – I told you. I know nothing. I am Jessica not Ramona and you leave now or I will call security.

I left hotel Orchid but gave Ramona my contact number; so that if she wanted to speak then she could contact me any time. Tonight Regina would be back from conference and I drove to Airport to pick her up. I was uneasy. In my mind I was trying to recreate all incidents to find something. I just noticed that Sunaina called me two times. I have decided to visit Sunaina after I would drop Regina at her hotel. I picked Regina from Airport and while driving I was discussing all these things with Regina. She knew about my latest hobby as truth finder besides being an ad director and she thought it was sexy. Suddenly I got a call from an unknown number. I picked up phone. It was Ramona. She wanted to meet me now if possible. I asked Regina for permission that before we would be at her hotel, I had to meet Ramona for few minutes. She might remember something. So I drove to Hotel Orchid. I told Regina to wait there inside car I would be back in minutes. I went to room no 202. It was open. I slowly entered into the room without touching anything. I called for Ramona but she was not replying. I entered into the master bedroom. Something happened here. The room was messy; her make up set was on the floor. Talcum powder was spread all over. It looked like Ramona had a fight with someone. My phone rang all of a sudden. It was Regina. While I picked up the phone I saw two shoe print impressions on the spread talcum powder. One was Ramona’s as she was wearing high heel and another was a male shoe, may be size 10.

Regina on phone – Indra, are you fine?

I – Yes Regina. I am coming down now.

Regina – Be careful, I think someone followed you when you entered into the lift. A tall well build man.

[*I *]– Don’t worry I am fine.

When I was talking with Ramona, I noticed that the footprints ended at the closet behind me. So I put off the phone and opened the closet. It was Ramona, senseless but alive.

B A N G ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I could only feel intense pain behind my head. I was numb. I was on the floor on my face. I heard a voice was heavily breathing. Someone was trying to move something heavy. I was blind folded. I could not see anything. I tried to move but I could not. Slowly I was losing my sense. Before I lost my sense I heard him whispering into my ears “He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious


THE END [Last moment]

So this is my story and I will be dying soon in the 7 feet by 4 feet box. I know I am somewhere underground. So even if police are trying to search still they may not find me in time. This is his way, his style to burry men live. That’s how he killed all of them and now it’s my turn but I have to be alive. He was Right. The victorious will know when to fight and when not to. I am not fighting. I am …… [Fading]

After Life

I opened my eyes slowly. I could smell jasmine.  Everything was blurry, bright.

“Welcome to afterlife” – “How are you feeling Mr Indra? “
I looked left. I could see clear now. It was Sunaina. I was never so happy before seeing Sunaina. She smiled at me. Slowly I came back to my senses. I was lying on a hospital bed. I knew that somehow Regina might contact with Sunaina and she found me. Sunaina asked me softly but little dominated way to take rest.  I closed my eyes.

I was feeling much better. Tamble sir came along with Ravi. I asked Ravi, how was his family get together ? Ravi did not answer to my question and stood behind Tamble sir silently. I know that Ravi cares for me and this was shock for him to see me this way. Tamble Sir asked me to tell everything in details. I told Tamble Sir everything in details. The man who did this was still at large and I told sir that I would happy to help. I saw Ravi looked at me with an angry look. Sunaina came just then. Tamble sir told me that I should take rest now and I must thank Sunaina. Then sir told me that when Sunaina couldn’t reach my phone, she called Tamble sir. Sir also had no Idea about me but he told her that he gave me the escort service id where Ramona might be working though police were still searching her. Sunaina then came to my house and saw Ravi was back. Ravi was angry as someone misplaced lots of kitchen items. Sunaina then opened my laptop and checked my browser history. Found that I already located and booked Ramona who now changed her name as Jessica. She waited for me to call back but when there was no call back from me. She went to Orchid hotel and asked the manager. He told me that I was there at evening but had no further info about me. Then she called Tamble sir to trace my mobile tower as she had a bad feeling about me. Cyber department found my cell last active near Orchid Hotel but couldn’t tress further. She called Tamble sir and they both started to search. But found nothing. Then Sunaina asked Tamble sir to search all nearby buildings under construction. She knew that if I was attacked by that Invisible murderer that it’s the way he murder his victims. But it would take time to get search permission for all nearby under construction buildings. So Tamble sir called Mr Arvind for help and he helped immediately using his reach. Then after searching two buildings, finally on the third building i was found senseless.  They found another body but they could not save Ramona. I felt proud for Sunaina and this is second time she saved my life with her brilliance and presence of mind. Then suddenly I remembered that Regina was there too and I called her from Sunaina’s phone. It was unreachable. Tamble sir immediately sends two police men to her hotel. I felt a something cold was floating inside my spine. If anything has happened with Regina, I can never forgive myself. After an hour or two those police men came and they couldn’t find Regina there. I couldn’t waste more time and started to dress up. Ravi was there. He came and helped me silently. Tamble sir entered in to my hospital room and surprised to see me that way. He wanted to assure me that nothing happened with her and he advised me to take rest. I looked at Sir and told him politely – I can’t rest here sir. I will find him and hunt him till I find him even in his afterlife.

Size 10

Sunaina drove me to Hotel Orchid. I entered to room no 202. It was like new. Everything was decorated. I wanted to recreate the mess so I tried to mess the master bedroom as it was when I was attacked. I put talcum powder on the floor and then sat on the floor, was trying to remember every detail. Sunaina called Tamble sir and asked him to check hotel security footage. Tamble Sir informed her that Mr Arvind was already going through all details and footage. I was sitting there for nearly 30 minutes and It was his worlds which he whispered into my ears, was keep coming back again and again. He changed his voice forcefully when he whispered. But why? If I know him already? Sunaina found presence of bleach all over. The whole room was washed to destroy any fingerprint or blood spot. In the meantime Tamble Sir came. He told me that the security footage couldn’t help much. Nothing suspicious was there. He told me that Mr Arvind would be in charge of this case now. I was about to leave suddenly saw Tamble Sir’s shoe print on the talcum powder. It was a match.

I jumped and hugged Tamble sir. Sunaina and Sir both looked at me curiously. I told them that when I came to find Ramona 2nd time, the room was messy and there was a size 10 shoe print. The print was exact same type of shoe print of Tamble Sir’s uniform shoe. But sir was Size 7 and the murderer’s shoe size was NO 10. What if our murderer was from Police?  Tamble sir firstly objected the idea but then it was also fact that every time the murderer was ahead of police since they found shadow dealers. What if the drug organization had an informer in police? Well Tamble Sir told us that if we put allegation on Police department then that must be with proper proof. Tamble sir assured us to have a look on our new perspective till then we both should take rest and search of Regina was on.

Sunaina came back to my home with me. In the meantime Vicky called him but she cut the phone instead of receiving with a bit of irritation in her face. I picked two papers and gave one to Sunaina.

Let’s make a note on what we knew till now and who were related.

We both finished the list and we looked at each other. Sunaina already started to move head sideways as she couldn’t believe the name just appeared on her suspect list as the common person in all incidents and I had the same person. It’s Mr Arvind D’Souza. I remembered Regina’s description of the person who according to her might followed me when I visited Hotel orchid on the second time, she told me that someone tall well build followed me. Arvind also matched with her description.

I called Mr Basu, he worked under Tamble sir and very informative person. I asked him about Mr Arvind’s home address. He told me that Arvind had two homes, one in Goa and another here in Malad. I noted down the address and we drove there. There was no one at home that time. I was practicing to break a lock for few days from YouTube. That came handy and we broke into his home. I asked Sunaina that no to come but she insisted to come along. I have started to search every corner, found his shoes , Size number 10. Sunaina called my name, when I followed her voice; I saw she was coming out from a hidden door which was inside a closet. I saw her face. It was scared, pale. I asked her what happened. I wanted to go inside the closet to see what was there. But Sunaina hugged me tight. She tried to stop me to go there. I went inside. I finally found her. Regina. She was still beautiful, innocent. I touched her face. I could not control. I shouted loud. I hugged her lifeless body. She was crudely strangled to death. I kept shouting till Sunaina came and hugged me. I asked her to call police. There was no mobile network inside the house so Sunaina went outside to call. I came out to the bedroom. I felt terrible. I fell into my knees. It was my fault. I killed her. I saw Regina’s bracelet there which he took as souvenir. I heard the door opened. I told Sunaina with a soft voice – It was me, I killed her Sunaina.


I looked back. Arvind was grabbing Sunaina’s hair and put a gun on her head. I slowly walk towards dining room where he was holding Sunaina. I looked at Sunaina. She was scared but composed and silent. I told her not to scare. I won’t let anything bad ever happened with her. I looked at Arvind. Told Sunaina – “He can’t shoot you from his service revolver”

Arvind – Yes you are right. Oh you are fucking clever Mr Director. I can’t shoot her. I don’t need to. I will bury her alive, but oh h oho. Not you ass hole. You will die today.

Arvind hit hard on the back of Sunaina’s head and she fell on the floor senselessly. I moved as faster as possible to hit him but he ducked my punch and kicked me. He was a giant and a well-trained police. Before I did anything he punched me twice and smashed me on the glass table. I could not move. I was bleeding from all over my body. He came close slowly. Dragged a chair & sat on it in front of me.

Arvind – Tell me Mr Indra. How did you find about me.

I was bleeding from all over and my left leg was feeling numb as a big glass piece was stuck inside my left leg. I couldn’t even move. I looked at him, wiped the blood from my nose, smiled and pointed at his shoes. He followed my direction and looked at his leg. He started to laugh loud.

“HOLY SHIT – Are you serious? My legs? “ – Arvind[
I replied –  Not your leg, you Idiot. It was your shoe. Police uniform shoe – SIZE 10. It was also on the floor of 202.

Arvind lighted up a cigarette and offered me. “ Come on Mr Detective, smoke with me, I know Smoking kills but who cares because you are dead already” .

I took a cigarette. Then he threw the lighter.

Arvind – Only Shoe ? What’s more?

I replied showing the cigarette. You smoked Camel brand Blue label cigarette, Which is costly and rare when you came close to whisper into my ear, I had that smell.

[*Arvind *]– “OH MY GOD – You, Mr Director. You are fucking intelligent. I heard that you had quite a good carrier. You won awards too. Then why suddenly you have started to poke your nose into these things. Last time when you luckily get away from death because of this bitch [ looked at Sunaina], you should thank god and move on to your film direction but no you are a stubborn ass hole, you again poked me. Now I will kill you with my own hands like I killed you girlfriend Regina. Poor girl, she couldn’t even put a fight for much long. But yes thanks to you, I found the last piece of the puzzle Ramona. Well now  “GET READY TO DIE

Arvind had a rope inside his pocket; he might use this same rope to strangle Regina to death. He moved aggressively towards me with rope in his hand. He was about to wrap that rope around my neck. His hands already reached at my neck, When he smashed me on the table, there was a bottle of body spray. It was behind my back.I lighted up the lighter and sprayed the body spray on his face through the fire and I whispered –

His whole face got on fire. He fell down on the ground. His face was on fire. He was shouting like hell. Somehow he grabbed the curtains and started to rub his face.

I stood up slowly; I couldn’t feel my left leg. I picked up the rope. I saw him trying rub off the fire. His face was badly burned. He couldn’t see. I was waiting behind him silently. He was abusing me, searching me. I pounced on his back, wrapped the rope tight around his neck and pulled with all my power. He was big, Powerful. He wanted to throw me from his back but I was determined, focused. I kept using all my power to pull the rope hard and strangle him. He fought over 6 to 8 minutes and slowly started to numb. But I didn’t lose the rope for a single second; I kept pulling with all my strength. Slowly hee stopped abusing me. He could not speak, could not breath. He was chocking. I kept pulling. I went close to his ears while pulling the rope. Whispered into his ears “He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious” again and again and again and again …..

My Secret

Zhujiajiao Town is a beautiful water town in Shanghai. I finally came to Shanghai. It was almost a month. I was also hospitalized for weeks. But when I was released, I have decided to meet Regina’s mother. She welcomed me with a pleasant smile. I sat in front of her. I told her that It was me the cause of her daughter’s death and for that I could never forgive myself. I was emotional; my eyes were full with tears. She came close, she touched my hand, She asked me softly “What happened to the person who did that to Regina? I told her what happened –

“ …. I pulled the rope with all my force till killed that animal then Tamble sir came in time. Tamble Sir checked the partial print which was discovered from the shoe against all police records and found match with Mr Arvind. Then he tracked Arvind’s mobile activities for past few days and found him near Hotel Orchid during Ramona’s murder time. He wanted to call me but my phone was out of reach so he asked Mr Basu to get info about Arvind. Mr Basu told him that I already called him to get Arvinds address. So Tamble sir rushed and saved Arvind from me. But his eyes and vocal cord are completely destroyed now he can never see or talk in future. Police already found souvenirs from each murder victims from his Goa home, 50 kg of cocaine and a diary of all dealers. He became the Drug lord of Goa. His good name in Police and his contacts in higher authority always helped him to transport and smuggle drugs and worked as a perfect cover for himself. He was clever & crude. He killed more than 60 people and finally he is caught”

Regina’s mother touched my face and told me “Do not blame yourself, Son. It was her destiny. I was always proud of my daughter and I always will be. She chose a wonderful person. She had you and that’s why I am more proud of her”

When I came out from her home I was feeling light hearted, free. I slowly moved towards the car.

Sunaina was waiting for me. She looked at me. Smiled and told me – “ I knew you will feel good”.
I looked at her. Admitted – “ yes. You are right as usual” and smiled back.
Sunaina – so, what’s next Mr Indra? Leave all this for a moment? You must be tired.
I – [After a little pause] Not at all. Let’s roll
Sunaina – Indra what’s your secret? Even Tamble Sir asked me same. I think you never give up. That’s your secret. That’s what keeps you moving. Isn’t it?

I started the car and replied with a smile – Nope, It’s you.








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When Indra was enjoying his date with gorgeous Regina, Inspector Tamble called him to make a visit in a burglary crime scene. Beside being a famous creative director, Indra now also started to help senior inspector Tamble sometimes as a passion to solve crime. But when Indra visited the crime scene he found what even he never expected. A dead body, murdered unusual way. Then with help of Sunaina, Who was a professional model but she shared same passion with Indra, they would discover far more than a single dead body and when they have started to investigate they were dragged down to hell which would change their life forever.

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