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[What is Google AdSense? *]…………………………………………………. *1

[How to Create an AdSense Account? *]…………………………………. *2

[How to Create an AdSense Account? *]…………………………………. *7

 How to manage your sites in AdSense? …………………………………..7

 How to create a first ad unit in Adsense? ……………………………….8

 It is possible to block particular ad on my website?…………………..9

 How to create AdSense Experiment?…………………………………….10

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[*How to Increase the AdSense Income? *]……………………………..14


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I’m Kaustubh Patel from LoveUMarketing.Com. Next few hours

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‘Introduction to Google AdSense

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Next, On January 2017, we started a new blog called

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Now, coming back to this eBook, here i will share the basic

information on Google AdSense. If you are beginner then this

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Google AdSense

f you ever wonder ‘how do websites make money without selling

[*anything? *]’ then we have answer for you. It is Google AdSense Ithrough which thesewebsites are making moneyonline.

Yes, Google is paying these websites for showing advertisement on

their site.

Next, [*what is this Google AdSense? *]

As per Google, AdSense is a free, simple way to make money online by placing ads on your website.

It is a platform for a publisher, who wants to make money by showing advertisement on their website.

Here, Google wil charge money from the Advertisers and wil pay the money to the Publishers. The difference of this wil be a profit for Google AdSense.

Here, Advertisers are the one who wants to show the advertisement of their company or products and the Publishers are the one who show

the ads on their website.



How to Create an AdSense Account?

hen it comes to making money online, Google AdSense is

the first name that wil come to your mind. Here, in this

Wsection we wilshare the step by step tutorial to create

an AdSense Account.

To make money from Google AdSense, you need to open an account

with them. Once you get AdSense account approved, you can start

making money by showing advertisement on your websites. Of

course, this service is available at free of cost, you wil not get

charged anything for using this services.

But before starting with the tutorial, let us have a look on What are

You need to meet the fol owing qualifications to get approved

AdSense Account?

 At least 18 years old

 A postal address in which you receive bank statements

 t least 6 month old Website, Blog, Mobile Apps or YouTube


If you are not 18 Years old or do not have any document proof then *click here * for _the solution. _



Once you have the above prerequisites, fol ow the below steps to

create an AdSense Account.

1. [*Login to your Gmail Account *](Create a new account here, if you don’t have the one)`

*2. Click here to create an AdSense Account. *

*3. Fil necessary information as requested. *





4. Accept Terms and Condition to create an AdSense Account That’s it. It wil create a new AdSense Account for you. Next, you wil get redirect to fil the Payment Details.

You will receive a Welcome Email from Google AdSense mentioning your [_Publisher ID and Future course of action. _]

Next, copy the AdSense ad code to your website and wait for the

approval from Google. Google wil manual y verify your site and wil

approved the same if find suitable.



Point to be note:

 Google AdSense wil take minimum one week to verify your


 It is up to Google AdSense to approve or reject the application.

 This verification is one-time activity. Once verified, you can add new website without any approval.

 There is a threshold limit of 100$ to release the payment.

 Once you reached 10$ of payment, you need to Verify your

[*Address *]before getting the Payment.



How to use AdSense Account?

Nce you have the approved AdSense Account, you need to

create a new ad unit and manage your sites in your list.

OBelow we wil share the complete guide on ‘ How to use your

AdSense Account?’

[*Q. How to manage your sites in AdSense? *]

[*A. *]To avoid misuse of your AdSense Account, you need to verify your website first. Amount generated from un-verified websites wil not get added to your earnings.

So, if someone uses your code without your approval then neither you wil get the amount nor you wil get ban for the misuse of it.

This is because the website is not verified by you.

You need to fol ow the below steps to verify or manage your sites in AdSense

 Log in to your Adsense Account

 Click on ‘Setting’ option from left Navigation Menu

 Click on ‘My Sites’

 Next, click on plus sign to add new site to Adsense Account



[*Q. How to create a first ad unit in Adsense? *]

[*A. *]As name suggest it is a unit of ad which wil be shown on your website. One Ad Unit wil show one advertisement on your site.

Fol ow the below steps to create first ad unit in Adsense

 Log in to your AdSense Account

 Click on ‘My Ads’ option from the left Navigation Menu.

 Click +New ad unit.

 Fil al necessary details and click on ‘Save and get code’ option.

Next, you wil get a code for the Ad unit created. Paste this code on your website to show advertisement on your website.



[*Q. It is possible to block particular ad on my website? *]

[*A. *]Yes, it is possible to block particular Ad, Category, and Network in the AdSense Account. If any ad is not paying you the expected amount or you do not like the advertisement then you can block the same in

your AdSense Account.

Fol ow the below steps to block any in Ad, Category, and Network in

Adsense Account.

 Log in to your AdSense Account

 Click on ‘Allow & Blocks ads’ option from left Navigation Menu.

 Next, block the Ad, Category and Network as per your




[*Q. How to create AdSense Experiment? *]

[*A. *]One of the ways to increase your AdSense earning is to change the layout of the Ad unit. But changing the layout daily is not possible. You cannot keep changing the layout daily and keep a track of it. Instead, you can create an experiment to check different layouts and once

satisfied you can make it permanent.

Fol ow the below steps to create AdSense Experiments

 Log in to your AdSense Account

 Click Optimization from left Navigation Menu

 Click Experiments

 Select appropriate option

 Fil necessary details and click ‘Create’ to create new experiment.



AdSense Terminology

f you are new to Google AdSense then you wil find difficultly in

understanding the dashboard and its reports.

ISo for a newbie it’s veryimportantto understand these

terminologies before actual y starting using them. Below, we had

mentioned the most used terminologies in Google AdSense.

You wil find the official Glossary of Google AdSense *here. *

Page Impression

As name suggest, it is generated every time a user views a page consist of Google AdSense code. So, in the layman language it is just number of page views on your site.

But, here it is important to note that, it wil consider only those

webpages which is consists of Google Adsense code.


When the visitors click on any advertisement, it terms as click.



Cost per Click

As name suggest it is an amount paid per click on the advertisement.

For example: If the CPC rate is $2.00, then you wil get paid $2 for the click on your ad unit.

Page CTR

Here, CTR stands for Click through Rate. Click through Rate can be

arrived by dividing the Number of Clicks by Page Views.

In short, it represents the percentage of page impressions that could lead in a click on your advertisement.


Here, CPM stands for Cost per Milestone. Unlike CPC, here you wil get paid for achieving the milestone that is a ‘ thousand times a visitor sees

*your advertisement. *



Ad unit

It is a block that wil display advertisement on your site. There are lots of ad unit available in the Google AdSense like Square, Link units

Leaderboard, Skyscrapers etc.

You can select any of this ad unit to display advertisement on your



When you want to track the performance of any particular ad unit, you can create a custom channel to track the same.



How to Increase the Adsense Income?

nce you start showing the advertisement on your

website, you wil always wish to increase your AdSense

OEarning. Therefore, here we wil share the different

ways to increase the same.

Content of the Blog

The very first thing that you need to care for increasing the AdSense earning is your ‘Blog Content’. Ads are shown based on the Keywords surrounding it.

So, if you use low paying keywords on your blog then you wil get low paying advertisement on your website.

It is always advisable to check the CPC rate of the keywords before

using it. If you don’t know from where to check the CPC rates then visit this free website Keywordspy

Higher the CPC rate, higher the chance of making more money from it.



Placement of Ads

Placements of Ads also play important in determining your AdSense

Income. The ad at the top wil pay you more as compared to other


Further, advertisements if placed correctly can bring more number of clicks and thereby more earning to your account.

Number of ads per page

There is no sense in using two ad units if you can place three ads per page. So, learn how to make optimum use of website space for making

more money from it.

Initial y, there was a limit of maximum three ads per webpage but now there is no such limitation on number of ads per page.

Now, you can place as many ad units you want unless it looks too




Ad Network

You can also increase the adsense earnings by blocking ads from

specific network. This is not because you blocked the low paying

networks but blocking of un-productive ads can help you in getting

more clicks.

Please note, blocking ads can also have the negative impact on your

site. As per Google, by default high paying ads are shown on your site.

Blocking of these ads wil reduce number of advertisers bidding on your websites. So, it not advisable to block any network.

Image and Text Ad

We strongly recommend enabling both Text & Display Ads types for your al AdSense Ad Units. It wil increase the number of advertisers to your site ensuing higher CPC rates for them.

Keywords that affects CPC Rates

As mentioned earlier in this eBook, ads are general y depends on its surrounding content. If you use highest CPC keywords in your content then high paying ads wil be shown on your website.


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