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Into the Triangle (Harmony)

p(((())))={color:#000;}. Into the Triangle

A Prelude to


A Serial Thriller

Written By

C.O. Amal


Copyright © 2016 C.O. Amal

Published By C.O. Amal on July 2016

2nd Edition

All rights reserved


Shakespir Edition



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This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.




To my father and mother for creating a wonderful world for me.


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Part 1: Beginning of the Adventure

Chapter 1

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Part 2: The Desert

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Part 4: The Tower

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Part 5: Alone again

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Part 6: Back Home

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Author’s Note

Into the Triangle is a prelude to my horror serial thriller Harmony in which a cruise ship named Harmony went missing near Bermuda triangle along with its passengers. The survivors awoke in a new world where surviving is very difficult.


In this book an enthusiastic explorer set out on a journey to find out the secrets of Bermuda triangle. What he finds in the new world will test him in every way. Will he able to transfer his newly found mystery to other people who wish nothing but to unveil the secret behind Bermuda triangle? Do you have the guts to know the secrets?


This book is for those who love horror. This is a heart pounding horror thriller. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


2001 May 29, Atlantic Ocean


“Jack, eat your breakfast honey before it gets cold.” A women of about age thirty said to a young boy watching TV.


“I need to see this mom. This cartoon is my favourite.” The young boy, Jack, said.


“You can see all those shows again on your computer. Now you need energy. Energy to walk around and to talk to me. You won’t get energy by sitting in one place and watching TV. If you continue this behaviour you may get sick. Eat this and go outside and watch the beautiful ocean a bit.” The mother said.


“Okay. I am coming. Just so you will stop talking.” Jack said a little angrily.


Mother smiled and placed a plate full of nutritious food on the table. Jack came beside the table and looked at the table. With a disgust look he sat on the chair and start to poke the food using his fork.


“Mom, you know I hate leaves and this…This green food.” Jack said with a little sadness.


“Oh honey, green means vitamins. What did I just told you about energy. These vitamins are your energy. Finish it fast and run outside. I heard that there are whales outside in the water. Do you want to see whales?” Mother said encouraging Jack to eat the food.


Jack slowly starts to eat the breakfast. Time passed quickly. Jack finished the food in fifteen minutes. After washing his mouth he paced outside the small room.


“See you mom.” Jack yelled.


“Okay honey. Stay safe.” The mother said loudly.


Outside a rain started. Jack slowly walked toward the upper level and when he reached there he paced toward a small roof balanced on four metallic rods. He stayed under the blue roof with several other passengers and looked outside. With each passing second the rain got stronger and stronger. After several minutes ocean water start to get violent. Water swayed there and there. Big waves start to form but the huge ship is unaffected by the raging ocean. Ship accelerated forward.


“Mister did you saw any whales here? My mother told me this place is filled with whales.” Jack asked an old man with white beard.


“I saw whales about an hour ago. No whales here I think.” The Old man said.


Jack’s face began to cover with sadness. Jack don’t have any friends in this ship. All his friends are back at New York. His mother have a job on Bermuda. They took the ride through ocean for a change. The cruise liner slowly accelerated through the everlasting ocean. After some time another big cruise liner appeared before them. Jack looked at the cruise liner in front of his ship with wonder and excitement.


“Overtake, overtake…” Jack yelled.


“Young man, this is a ship, not a racing car to overtake.” An old man beside him laughed at Jack.


“Well what’s the difference?” Jack asked.


“Well…” The Old man said.


Suddenly lightning bolts starts to hit all around them.


“…In a car you don’t have to worry about sinking.” The old man finished, frightened when he saw the lightning.


In the sky lightning bolts moved in high speed like crawling snakes. Jack concentrated his focus on the ship in front of them. That ship is also moving steadily and is about one kilometre away from Jack’s ship.


Suddenly it happened. The ship in front of Jack abruptly all at once sank into the depth of the ocean. Jack saw it clearly. In fact everyone on the upper level saw it. The ship was at one moment on the ocean surface, next minute it just sank.


“Oh my god. Did you guys saw that?” Someone said out loud. Most people are in shock and are covering their mouth with their hand in disbelief.


Water splashed where the ship have sank. Jack’s ship exploded in people’s cry. Quickly the ship stopped and captain and crew came out of their rooms. Captain took one big telescope and looked at the spot where once a ship floated. Nothing is there. Just violent water. Rain got stronger again. Captain took his compass and looked for direction.


“Compass is dead. Some kind of magnetic field.” Captain said with panic. Jack could clearly hear the chatting of captain and crew from his spot. In fact everyone standing around Jack could hear what Captain is saying.


“We are possibly near the Bermuda Triangle. Ship must be moving towards it. Presumably our compass went dead few hours ago. That must be why we haven’t detected anything. Turn the ship at full force. We cannot continue our current course in this weather. I don’t want anywhere near that place.” Captain said to his crew.


“Bermuda Triangle? Good Lord. If we were alone we must have sunk long time ago.” One of the men said.


“God thank you for watching over us.” A female voice echoed.


“God don’t have anything to do with it. Aliens took them man. Aliens.” Another one of the men said.


“Aliens…Aliens…” People began to whisper.


Sailors quickly ran through the ship possibly to the engine room.


After a moment ship slowly started its return journey. Rain haven’t stopped. Thunder bolts still are flying through the clouds. Jack took a final glance at the place where once a ship floated. There could have been hundreds of people aboard that ship.


“What is this Bermuda Triangle?” Jack said himself.

Part 1: Beginning of the Adventure

Chapter 1

2026 June 30, New York


Jack Green quickened his pace through the crowd. Even in this morning hour the road is filled with people. In his hands are the things he shopped a little while ago. Two plastic carry bag full of things. Most of the things are food. In his mouth is a lollipop. Women on the side of the street commented when they saw jack. Jack smiled at them and continued his journey.


After fifteen minutes of walking he reached his home. His house is double storied and there is a beautiful yard filled with flowers on one side. He entered inside the house and placed the things in his hand on the table.


“Jan, I am home.” Jack called out.


His wife Jan came outside from the kitchen and kissed him.


“Did you bought everything I asked?” Jan asked with a questioning look.


“Yes. Of course I bought everything.” Jack said.


Jan checked inside the plastic carry bags and then once satisfied took the things and left the scene to kitchen.


Jack sat on a chair in the living room and took the TV remote in his hands. He pressed the big red switch on the remote. The TV quickly came alive. He flipped through the channels until AWD world news came up. He increased the volume and starts to listen. It is usual that Jack watching news channel in this morning hour.


And our latest news. There is no sign of ship Harmony till now. Authorities are sweep searching for the whereabouts of the ship. Our reporter Nancy is on the line. Nancy, what is the situation now? Is there any sign of the ship?”


David, there is still no sign of the ship Harmony. This is the second ship we have lost this year to Bermuda mystery. As I said before the ship had been disappeared near Bermuda triangle in the Atlantic Ocean along with hundred passengers including the crew. So you could imagine how stories are developing. Locals are saying that the ship and the crew are caught by the legendary Seamos which is a legendary character in their mythology. Authorities are still ruling out the possibility of the involvement of the Bermuda Triangle. Government workers had already claimed the presence of an unusually strong ocean current in that area years ago but as you are seeing there is no sign of the presence of the ship here. We flew in helicopter about ten times through the area which supposed to contain the mysterious triangle, but we are still here. That questions whether the story of the Bermuda triangle is true or not. Anyway we may have to wait a few more days for the truth to be surfaced. David.”


Nancy, we are curious to know more about the ship Harmony. Do you have any account on that?”


As I said the ship Harmony carried hundred souls including the crew. This ship is one of the luxury ship. This cruise ship had survived numerous storms. According to my sources the ship’s last communication was from near Bermuda triangle. This ship is one of the numerous victims of the Bermuda triangle. Authorities says that within few days they will uncover the remains of the ship. Yesterday these areas reported intense rain and a storm. David.”


“Honey are you watching this?” Jack called out.


“What?” Jan yelled from the kitchen.


“A ship sank near Bermuda triangle. How many times had I told you about Bermuda triangle? There is really some mystery behind it. I really want to find out that.” Jack said with a little joy in hearing a news about Bermuda triangle even though he is also mourning for the lives lost in the sea.


“Aha…Don’t you dare step into your junk basement. I warned you last time.” Jan said angrily.


“Honey people like me deserve to know the secrets behind this mystery. I am sure I can reveal whatever hiding behind the water with my new submarine. Just give me some money from your earnings for buying an equipment for my submarine.” Jack said.


“We can do this over and over again but my answer is still no. You are not going to get anything from my savings.” Jan said raising her voice.


“Honey it’s for the sake of our country.” Jack desperately said feeling beaten by his wife.


“If you talk about this again I will set your basement on fire. Do you hear me?” Jan asked.


“One day you will see me revealing the secret of the Bermuda triangle honey. Just remember it.” Jack said with a little sadness.


“Only if you get the money. How many times have I told you to look for a job even if it is small? I am not asking much but there are numerous job vacancy on the newspaper alone. Just look at it and stop chasing some ghost.” Jan said.


“It is not that I am not looking. There is no job good for me. I am not suited to any jobs that described in these newspapers. When will you understand that?” Jack increased the TV volume.


Stay tuned for more up to date news. We will be back after the break.”


Jack stood up and walked toward kitchen. Jan is working on the breakfast. Jack stood behind Jan and wrapped his hands around her. Jack slowly kissed her neck.


“Honey, I am not asking much. Just give me a thousand dollars. I will return it, I promise.” Jack whispered in Jan’s ear.


“Honey, there is a child growing inside me. I don’t want him to lose his father. You’re our hope, our light, and our back bone. How can you leave us chasing some stupid dream? It doesn’t even matter to us. Why do you want to go for it?” Jan asked, tears start to form in her eyes.


“It’s my childhood dream. Once I reveal the secrets I can save millions of lives. Million honey. Can you imagine that?” Jack said.


“Jack I heard there is a strong ocean current circling that region. What if you don’t come back?” Jan asked still with a worry.


“Did I ever broke a promise with you?” Jack asked.


“But this is different honey. I can’t live without you.” Jan said.


“But my submarine can keep me alive.” Jack said.


“That piece of junk is nothing compared to the ocean. Just stop this talking. It’s time for you to get a job.” Jan pushed Jack away and continued her job wiping tears away using one hand. “It is time for you to look after us. What will I do when I am ready for the delivery? Where will I go for money? My mother stopped me numerous times when I am marrying you. I chased a romantic life and look where it gets me. Thousands more ship may go down in that stupid triangle, but I don’t want to lose you.”


Jack went outside kitchen and moved to his basement where a prototype of a submarine lay. For how many times his wife had warned him, he won’t change his mind, ever.


Jack opened the door to the small submarine and entered inside. He inspected all the controls. He is been chasing this dream to go to Bermuda triangle for ten years now. He had made most of the submarine alone. Some of the parts are professionally designed. Whether Jan agrees or not he will set out a journey to Bermuda triangle. He is so keen on that. Besides how many people have a dream like this?


Jack checked the computer monitor in front of him. It is showing a whole set of details about the submarine. Now only one thing stands in his way. He need one ocean floor analyser. It would cost about thousand dollars on the market. With it he can analyse the whole ocean floor within minutes.


“Jack, honey, are you in there?” Jan called out.


“Oh shit.” Jack said himself.


“Yes I am in here.” Jack said.


“Come outside right now. I want your help here. Do you remember I told you about setting fire to this basement? I am not joking honey.” Jan said.


“Okay, okay. I am coming.” Jack closed the computer and went outside the submarine.


“Come here.” Jan caught Jack by the hand and led him inside.


They both moved to kitchen.


“You make the sandwich while I make the orange Juice.” Jan said.


Jack start to make sandwiches, but his mind is still on the Bermuda triangle mystery.


“Honey, if I see you again in there I will call your parents and also I would have to leave you. Do you heard me?” Jan asked.


“Yes honey. I heard you.” Jack said. “I will one day go out there.” Jack mumbled.


“What was that honey?” Jan asked.


“Nothing. This sandwich is very hard to make.” Jack said looking for a way out from Jan’s questions.


They both finally finished making the breakfast. Jack went inside dining room and sat on a chair. Jan quickly took the sandwiches on the plates and placed them on the table in front of jack. They slowly start to eat the breakfast.


“Jan, I really need to go to find this mystery.” Jack said swallowing a piece of sandwich.


“Honey, please stop talking about this topic. Can’t you see I am enjoying this beautiful moment.” Jan said.


“I am done.” Jack quickly stood up and left the room. Jan stared at her leaving husband with disbelief.


She told him to stop this dream numerous times but he hasn’t heard a single word she had said.


“I hate this life.” Jan said herself clearing tears from her eyes using her left hand.


Jack stood before his small car sized submarine with a little excitement as he had actually made it.


“A few more days. And I will put you in the water honey.” Jack said himself.

Chapter 2

2026 July 5 Sunday, New York


After the Sunday morning mass Jack and Jan walked to home. On the way they entered into a restaurant and ate the breakfast.


“This is delicious.” Jan commented.


“Yes indeed.” Jack said.


After they are done with the restaurant they slowly started towards their home. After fifteen minutes of walk they reached their house. House and the surrounding is unusually quiet.


“I wish we have a car. You know, if you pawned that submarine we could easily buy a car.” Jan said.


“Don’t even think about it. By the end of this month I am planning to leave this place in that.” Jack said.


“So you’re not going to change your mind in this?” Jan asked.


“Never, ever.” Jack said.


“Then you leave me no choice. I am going to my home.” Jan rushed inside the house.


“Jan wait, I need to talk to you.” Jack said but Jan already left the scene to inside the house.


At the time Jack reached inside, Jan was packing her things.


“Jan stop it. Let me explain.” Jack desperately said.


“No you stop it. Stop this madness. I am leaving right now.” Jan finished packing and with the huge travel bag she went outside the house.


“Fine. Go. I will contact you from Bermuda triangle.” Jack said.


“I knew you were a jerk. Now it is clearer.” Jan said enraged. “I hope I never see you again.” Jan left the house wiping tears from her eyes.


After Jan left the house Jack switched his cloths and then walked to basement through the door on the outside. Submarine is still there. He slowly pushed the submarine to outside the house. Thanks to the tyres attached to the lower part of the submarine it is very easy to move the submarine. Jack finally placed the small sub in the yard and opened its door. Jack got inside the sub and checked all the equipment.


He took the device – ocean floor analyser, in his hand and start to attach it to the computer inside the sub. Last day he stole some money from Jan and bought this device. He is not feeling guilty for what he had done, instead he is proud at what he had made. Once he is finished with the new device he got outside the submarine and walked inside the basement again.


Jack took a can of paint and brush and walked outside. After five minutes or so, he started painting the sub with a black colour. He named his sub as Jan after his wife. He love his wife more than anything. He is sure that she will return soon. She can’t part with him because their love is deeper than anyone could ever imagine.


Jack indeed is grieving in parted from his wife but he is keen on going to the triangle. He want to uncover the secrets behind those waters. It was his childhood dream and now he is going to full fill his dream.

Chapter 3

2026 July 5, New York


“So Jack, what’s the big deal with this submarine of yours? It looks new.” Jack’s neighbour asked.


“It’s nothing. By the end of this month I am planning to go to Bermuda triangle in this sub and probably I will uncover the secrets behind the triangle.” Jack said.


“No shit way. Are you kidding me?” Neighbour asked.


“No John. I am dead serious about it.” Jack said.


“Are you on crack? You sure could use some medication.” John said.


“I knew you would say that. Jerk.” Jack said.


“Jack you don’t stand a chance against the ocean. According to government there is no Bermuda triangle. And also there is some report about a strong ocean current there. That current will rip away your sub in seconds. Are you sure about this?” John asked.


“I have made my mind long ago. Didn’t you watch the news? The whereabouts of the ship Harmony is still unknown. I am sure there is some big deal of interdimensional thing going on there in the Bermuda triangle. And I will uncover it.” Jack said.


“Like I guessed. I am not changing what I said before. You surely need some medication for your mental health.” John left the scene laughing.


“Jerk.” Jack said himself.


Jack somehow finished painting the sub and satisfied with everything. He left the yard and got inside the house for lunch. Jan hasn’t cooked and the kitchen is empty of food. Jack checked inside the refrigerator. There is five sandwiches inside the refrigerator. Jack took them and start to eat. Within seconds his hunger flew away. He drank orange juice, that also from the refrigerator, and once satisfied he went outside after washing his hands and mouth.


At the time he reached near the submarine there is two van parked right in front of his house. Jack looked carefully at the vans. Suddenly two females with mic in their hands came forward from the other side of the sub. Behind them is two camera men. Media is here. Jack cursed John. John must have called the media.


“Are you Jack Green?” One of the female with rose coloured shirt asked.


“Yes I am.” Jack said.


“We heard that you’re planning to go to Bermuda triangle. Is that true?” The same female reporter asked.


“Yes.” Jack said irritated.


“What are you planning to do once you reach Bermuda triangle?” The reporter with blue coloured shirt asked.


“I am planning to find out the secrets behind Bermuda triangle. As you have seen this is my submarine. This sub is equipped with latest technologies. It will stand against any raging oceans. I have also made a compartment for food and other things. It can support my life up to one month.” Jack said.


“And what do you think you will find out there?” Reporter with rose coloured shirt asked.


“As you probably have heard some believe Bermuda triangle is a path way to another dimension. Some believe there is unusually high magnetic field. While some others believe there is a strong ocean current. I want to find out which one is true. So I am guessing a lot of things there. My sub have all the necessary technologies to analyse the ocean. So I am sure that I will find out the secret behind it.” Jack said.


“As you have seen this Jack Green is very keen on going to Bermuda triangle. I hope he won’t regret his decision. Anyway we can wait a few more days for his findings. This is Jennet from AWD world news.” The reporter with rose coloured shirt said to the camera.


“Did you caught all that?” Jennet asked to her camera man.


“Yes mam.” The camera man answered.


“Thank you for cooperating with us Jack. We wish you all the best and we will be seeing you again. Also we have placed a camera to record your progress. We hope you don’t mind it.” Jennet said and left. Others also left the scene.


A few moments later a cab stopped in front of Jack’s house and Jan got outside with her travel bag. Jack’s mouth widened.


“I thought you would never return.” Jack said.


“I changed my mind. I realize that there is nothing I could say that will stop you from leaving. So I thought it would be a good idea to watch you going to your Bermuda triangle. And by the way I saw you on TV a little while ago.” Jan moved inside the house. Jack followed her inside the house.


“Oh, a little while ago some reporters came. You just missed them. If you have stayed you could also have become a star.” Jack said smiling.


“That’s exactly why I am here.” Jan said smiling back.


“I knew it.” Jack said.


“Come on. Let’s forget everything. I will cook something nice for you.” Jan said.


“You read my mind. I am really hungry.” Jack said.


“I am your wife. I can read your mind. Also if there is something big happening in my house I don’t want to miss it.” Jan said placing a frying pan on the stove.


“So you’re going to let me go?” Jack asked.


“If that’s what you want but promise me you will be back.” Jan said.


“Yes. I promise.” Jack jumped with excitement. Jan laughed. Family united again.

Chapter 4

2026 July 20, New York


Jack’s preparation for the Journey is almost over. He plans to go in July 25 and he hope the weather will not postpone his journey. Jack fears for his wife. She is four months away from delivery and he don’t know whether he will be back at that time. As far as he know, no one have ever returned from Bermuda triangle. So it’s a life and death situation.


At the final moment Jack fixed newly designed mechanical arms on both sides of the sub because if it’s some heightened magnetic field he needs to crawl away from that region. He checked all the twenty oxygen cylinders and the sub’s oxygen levels. With the special equipment he had designed himself, he can easily make oxygen from ocean water as needed. So oxygen problems are solved.


He placed all the necessary electronic equipment in a small faraday cage in case some electromagnetic wave hit the sub.


“Honey Lunch is ready.” Jan called out.


“I will be there in a second.” Jack said out loud.


If it isn’t for Jan’s Internet accountant Job, Jack would have been begging for finishing his submarine. Last week Jan gave him thousand dollars to make sure ship have all the safety equipment. Jan fears for Jack’s life. She don’t want her child having no father. She prays each day to god for looking after Jack. Jan is a traditional church going person and she had grown in a wealthy Christian family. Her mother had taught her all the good ways to live a peaceful life. Jan want her child also growing in the same manner. Jack is also a church going person but the foundation of his beliefs are based on scientific facts.


Jack finished the last of the equipment and went inside the house. Jan had already placed the lunch on the table. He is about to start his lunch, that’s when someone outside called for Jack. Jan immediately went outside to check who it is.


“Miss Jan I guess? We are from NASA and we would like to have a word with your husband Jack. Is he home?” A man in black suit asked.


This man is alone but Jan could see others in the black SUV parked outside her house.


“Yes he is home.” Jan said. “Jack, honey, some NASA folks are here to see you.”


Jack immediately stood up and walked toward the front door.


“Yes. What can I do for you?” Jack asked.


“We heard you’re going to Bermuda triangle. We have developed some newer technologies specifically designed for analysing ocean. If you don’t mind we would like to attach it to your sub.” The man in black suit said.


“You can proceed.” Jack said without thinking.


“Thanks.” The man in black suit said and then he waved at his companions sitting inside the SUV.


His companions immediately exited the SUV and moved toward Jack. They were carrying a big equipment. Jack showed them the inside of the sub and the men in black suit quickly began their job. After half an hour they all exited the sub.


“Thanks again for cooperating Jack. We will be monitoring your sub from now on. We were actually looking for a person like you to find out the mysteries all around the world. For someone who is passionate to throw his life for things like this.” One of the men in black suit said.


“Well, it’s pleasure doing business with you but I am not a jumpy suicide person like you have guessed. Indeed I like to find out the mystery behind Bermuda triangle whether it exists or not.” Jack said.


“Exactly like we guessed. We will be seeing you soon.” The same man in black suit said smiling at Jack’s comment.


A moment later the black SUV left Jack’s house’s perimeter.


“Jack you’re famous now.” Jan said.


“I know.” Jack said.


“You know? That’s all you have to say? All the news channel I saw are discussing about your journey.” Jan said.


“What more do I have to say? I am thrilled about this journey.” Jack said.


“Thrilled or not, don’t forget the promise you had made.” Jan said.


“How can I broke a promise I had made with my angel?” Jack patted Jan’s shoulder. “Come on let’s get inside. We don’t want the lunch to get cold.”


“Oh! It’s already cold.” Jan said smiling.


Jack laughed and they both entered inside the house dreaming about the days to come.

Chapter 5

2026 July 25, New York Harbour


Finally the day have arrived like the days before but today is special since today is the day when Jack Green is going to leave his home to Bermuda Triangle. Jack and Jan woke up early in the morning and are welcomed with lawn full of media with shining lights and cameras. Cameras are everywhere.


The tow truck also have arrived early and the driver already attached the sub with the tow truck. Jack threw his bag full of necessary things inside the sub and closed its door. He then walked beside the tow truck and got inside.


Suddenly a reporter with camera man came near the front door putting forward her mic.


“Jack, big day today. How are you feeling?” Reporter asked.


“I am thrilled to see all of you today which is increasing my hope for finding the mystery behind Bermuda triangle. I am now feeling confident that I will succeed.” Jack said.


Jan quickly locked the door of the house and rushed toward the tow truck. She also got inside the tow truck. Jack agreed with Jan to take her with him at least to the harbour. Jack is saying that he don’t want to say good bye since he is planning to come back. Nobody have ever returned from the triangle once caught by the mysterious Bermuda triangle, so jack have put the expectation low.


Jack motioned at the driver to start the engines. Driver quickly obeyed and within moments they are rushing through the road. People all around are watching from the road at Jack and his sub. Everyone is very curious about Jack’s journey. Kids are whistling at Jack. In fact it seems that everyone is aware about Jack’s journey. A media helicopter rushed past the tow truck in the direction of harbour. NASA have also deployed a helicopter to look over Jack and his sub.


NASA folks advised Jack to not to go underwater until he is caught by the triangle. They want to see all his journey in detail. The fuel for the submarine is entirely supplied by NASA. They have invested a lot of money in this. NASA folks also have injected Jack with a special liquid. They had said that it is for tracking purposes. Jack didn’t questioned NASA because a part of his survival depends on NASA’s equipment.


Jack reached harbour at 8:30 AM. Workers helped Jack to place the sub on the water. Jack kissed Jan but didn’t said any good byes. A moment later Jack entered inside the sub and closed its door. Jack immediately went near the front seat and switched on the autopilot. He then switched on the computer which instantly booted and displayed the current course to the Bermuda triangle.


A moment later the small sub rushed through the open ocean. Helicopters fly past the sub recording every motion of the sub.


Jan watched the leaving sub massaging her belly. A drop of tear fell from her eyes.

Chapter 6

2026 July 25, Atlantic Ocean


Jack’s sub rushed through the everlasting ocean in the direction of Bermuda. Sun had just risen from the horizon. Through the bulletproof glass Jack could see the wide ocean clearly.


Jack checked his computer for weather information. According to computer no rain for two days. Jack felt a fresh wave relief washing over him. Jack checked the autopilot one more time. Autopilot is working fine. He sat back and allowed his head to fall to the side. He closed his eyes in that position and rested. A long day is ahead of him.


Hours passed quickly.


Jack woke up with the sound of an alarm. Jack looked carefully at the screen. It seems that the temperature detector have detected a high external temperature. Jack looked outside through the glass window. It’s night!


Jack couldn’t believe that he slept almost the entire day. There are no helicopters flying above the sub and the sub is peacefully moving through the water. Suddenly something caught Jack’s eye. He thought he saw some orange light. He looked closely through the window. Then he saw it.


There are balls of fire rolling out through the ocean surface and a kind of mist have covered the entire ocean that he could see. Jack immediately thought about Christopher Columbus. Columbus have also detected this kind of strange activity. Jack looked at the fireballs with curiosity and fear. Panic slowly began to crawl through Jack’s legs.


Suddenly the fireballs just disappeared. That’s when Jack realized that he forgot to record the event using his camera. He blamed himself. Jack looked at the computer monitor again.


The screen is showing an unusually high amount of methane in the ocean surface. That explain the fire ball. Panic quickly replaced by curiousness. Jack noted down the unusual activity on his journal.


July 25, 2026, 7:30 PM. saw some big fire balls rolling out through the ocean surface possibly due to the presence of large amount of methane.”


Suddenly rain drops starts to fall from the sky. Water oozed down through the glass window. Thanks to the doom shape of the sub, no water got stuck on the outside. Jack remembered what the computer said about rain. It said no rain for two days. Then why the hell the rain is falling from the heavens!


Jack looked at the computer monitor for directions. It appear that he is somewhere near Bermuda. Suddenly the computer screen went blank. One minute the computer was working fine next moment it just went dead!


“Battery must have dead.” Jack said himself.


Jack slowly crawled to the back of the sub where rows and rows of battery have laid on the floor. It looks like somehow the wires have burned out. Then it happened.


The sub began to sway violently. Darkness invaded the inside of the sub. Jack took his small flash light from his pocket but it also have dead. Sub is rocking violently. He needs to go underwater or the waves will dismantle his small sub. He pressed the switch to make alive the engines. Engines quickly roared to life. He manoeuvred the sub to the ocean depths. No light. Just darkness everywhere. After sometime the rocking stopped. He moved his hands to switch off the engines, because he can’t continue the journey in this darkness but he wouldn’t have to switch off the engines. The engines automatically went dead. The sub is dead!


Suddenly a blue light appeared in a distance. Jack stared at the mysterious light with wonder. A moment later the sub began to move toward the blue light. Something is attracting the sub to the light. Jack sit back in his seat and desperately worked on the wheel to turn the ship.


All his attempt to turn the sub ended in vain. Jack braced for whatever thing that is about to happen. A moment later the sub stopped moving forward and it began to revolve around the blue light. Looks like the light is coming from the ocean depths like someone had switched on a torch because the light is in the form of a cone. Sub gained momentum within minutes. Suddenly the blue light spread throughout the ocean like an explosion. Jack covered his eye using his hand due to the high intensity of the light. Then it happened. The blue light vanished into thin air. Once again darkness claimed everything.


It seem like the sub have stopped its revolution and quietness filled all around him.

Chapter 7

2026 July 25, Unknown Location


Darkness engulfed Jack and his sub. Not even a faintest light to be seen. Based on his knowledge about previous location he must be in the deep waters. In the abyss. Jack looked at his watch. The fluorescent needles of the watch had stopped rotating long time ago. He cursed himself. He do wanted to explore the Bermuda triangle but what can he explore in this pitch darkness.


He sat back in his seat and closed his eyes. Without knowing sleep took over him.


After a while Jack was awoken by the sound something hitting at the glass window. Jack rubbed his eyes and opened them wide. Darkness haven’t gone yet. Jack tuned his ear for finding out what is it that making sound. Then he heard it clearly. Wind is howling outside!


“What the hell! Am I on the ocean surface? Or did I hit some kind of land in the middle of the ocean?” Jack said himself.


Based on the sound sand whipped up by the wind is clattering on the glass window. How is it possible? If the sub hit some kind of land the sand must be wet. Then how come sand is flying in the air. Also there is no way this would happen if he is on the ocean surface. Then where exactly is him?


Questions began to pop up in Jack’s head like bubbles forming under a waterfall. He thought about noting down his thoughts in his journal but where is the light? All his electronic equipment are dead, even those inside his faraday cage. Fortunately oxygen is still inside the sub.


Jack felt something pulling him in the darkness, like something dragging him deep into the nothingness, into the void. His eyes slowly abandoned him, they closed. Anyway what’s the big deal with eyes in this void, in this darkness?


Images of Jan flashed inside Jack’s mind. Images when they met for the first time. It happened inside a coffee shop. Jan was a part time waitress then. Jack have ordered a coffee and was waiting for it reading newspaper. Suddenly it happened. Jan fell on top of Jack when her legs tripped over Jack’s leg which was straightened under the table. Hot coffee spilled on top of the newspaper. Fortunately nothing spill on top of him. Jack and Jan stayed in that position, both of them touching their chests each other, for some time. After a moment Jack helped her to stand up. Jan looked at Jack apologetically but what to apologize? Jack is also guilty in this since he is the reason Jan fell.


Suddenly some kind of dark entity appeared between jack and Jan. The dark entity dragged away Jack from Jan. Jan’s cry for Jack can be faintly heard. The dark thing pulled Jack into the nothingness. Jack tried to swim away from the darkness but his hands and legs betrayed him. Darkness engulfed him.


Jack woke up panting. He is still in the sub. A dream! It seems that light is sweeping in through the glass window. He just slept over the night. The control panel in front of Jack is clearly lit by the sun’s rays.


Jack looked outside through the window. The site in front of him is unexplainable. There is land filled with sand in front of him. Miles and miles of sand, sand as far as his eyes could see. He is away from the ocean water. That’s a relief, at least he don’t have to fear about drowning.


Jack slowly opened the sealed door on the ceiling of the sub and he slowly got outside and stood on top of the sub. He couldn’t believe what he is seeing. Jack rubbed his eyes to make sure he is not dreaming. He opened his eyes again and looked.


Desert! He is in the middle of a desert!

Chapter 8

2026 July 26, the Desert, Unknown World


Jack couldn’t believe his eyes. Is his eyes trying to betray him? How is this possible? He did saw some unexplainable things like that blue light cone inside the ocean but how is this possible. At one moment he was deep inside ocean water and now in the middle of a desert? Did all the ocean water flow away through some mysterious hole while he was in the sub sleeping?


Sun is highest in the sky. Wait a minute. The sky. It’s pinkish in colour. Where on earth he is at? Supposedly this is not earth. As far as he know earth don’t have sky like this. Jack looked at the sky more carefully. He can see stars shining, in this middle of the day.


Then it hit him. What if the Bermuda triangle is a portal to another dimension? Then he must be in another dimension. In another world. He need to find a way out of this place fast. The sub is dead. No doubt about it. He need to find an alternate pathway to earth or he is going to die under this harsh sun. Jack got inside the Sub and took his back pack. He put all the water bottles inside the bag. He also took some snacks. Then he got outside.


Suddenly the ground shook. An earthquake. Then he saw what is happening. In the distance sand is flowing away like water through a hole. And this hole is widening in each passing second. What peculiar about this hole is that it’s dark as night. The edges of the hole have almost reached near Jack. Immediately Jack ran away from the scene but the hole is continuing to get widen.


Then an eerie feeling of Deja Vu hit jack. He remembered the dream he saw in the morning in which some dark entity is pulling Jack in to utter darkness. He had heard that the dreams that we see in the morning are visions which are about to come true. Panic shook Jack in his core.


Jack don’t want to be part of this darkness. So Jack ran and ran. He take a quick glance at his back. His sub have fallen to the darkness. Darkness is still continuing its invasion. Like a well having large radius, the darkness widened. Once the sand hit the darkness there is no evidence of the sand, like it just vanished.


Then it stopped. The pitch darkness stopped expanding and the sand reappeared where darkness claimed its place a little while ago but his sub didn’t reappeared.


“Where the hell am I?” Jack said himself.


Jack looked at the everlasting sand. There are sand dunes there and there. He decides to keep going forward away from the land once claimed by the darkness.

Part 2: The Desert

Chapter 9

2026 July 26, Unknown Desert


Jack slowly walked through the desert climbing sand dunes after sand dunes. He is slow because he isn’t sure that the land he is walking into is safe, so he is walking very carefully now. Taking firm steps only after making sure the sandy ground is stable and that black well thing is not present under the sand.


The sun is highest in the sky and its rays are like light concentrated by a convex lens. Still not a soul to be seen. Desert is silent apart from the occasional sound of wind blowing sand. Jack’s legs are really tired after walking what seems like an hour. Sky is still pinkish and clouds are formed in the form of an eye. The sight induced a sudden eerie feeling inside Jack that someone is watching every move he is making.


After a moment Jack found a sitting position and he cuddled in the sand and take out a water bottle from the bag. He slowly twisted opened the bottle and start to drank from it. With two or three gulps he made the bottle empty and he just threw it away. Jack looked inside the bag. Now three water bottles and few packets of snacks remain.


Jack stood up and continued his walking through the everlasting sand. After a moment Jack saw a big sand dune. Jack mustered all his might and slowly climbed the sand dune. After a minute or two he reached the top and looked at the lands before him. He could see all the surrounding land from here. There is only sand in the direction from which he came and the site toward the direction he is walking is also filled with sandy landscape but in the distance he could make out the forms of mountains in white.


Snow covered mountains!


There is hope after all.


Now Jack have a destination to move on. Who knows what lies beyond the mountains? What if there are grass land and a sanctuary from this scorching sun? What if there is a secret portal that leads to his earth?


Jack kept his expectation to a minimum since he haven’t heard anyone returned back from this place, from the evil tentacles of Bermuda triangle.


But he promised to Jan that he will be back. So he need to keep moving. Jack continued toward the mountains. There may be two or three mile between him and the mountains and he hopes that the sandy region before him stays silent as it is now.


He couldn’t forget the horror he had just escaped from near his sub. Where will that dark well leads to if he would have trapped in there? What would have happened if he had stayed in his sub? Questions are popping in his head violently. Question he don’t have the answers for.


Jack wished for at least the sun to reduce the intensity of its hot rays. Jack is wearing his shirt in his head like a bandanna now to save his head from the sun. After some time his legs began to shake. His skin began to redden and sweat is flowing out of his body like a small stream. Jack suddenly have an urge to lie down to rest. He didn’t lie down but sat down on the sand and cleared the freshly arrived sweat using the sleeve of the shirt which is hanging from his newly created bandanna like two hands.


Jack opened the bag and took one water bottle and he drank all of it. He heard that in desert you have to keep hydrating yourself as the sun will quickly dehydrate you. Jack’s head began to throb violently, a side effect of dehydration of course. The head ache is pulsing through his head now but he needs to move now. He can’t stay in the open too long. He needs to find a shelter too.

Chapter 10

2026 July 26, Unknown Desert


Jack tightened the back pack on his shoulders and paced forward. The faster he get to the mountains probably the safer it will be. Sun is doing a great job dehydrating him but Jack isn’t going to reduce his pace.


Jack passed about more or less hundred sand dunes now. Jack’s internal counter is counting each sand dune he is passed but the exact number is not clear. Sun is still in its highest position. He really needs to find some shade or sun will suck out all the juice he have.


Jack climbed another sand dune and looked at the mountains. Mountains are still far away and need lot of leg work to get there. Jack looked at the surrounding carefully. Suddenly Jack’s mouth dropped. Legs began to shake. All kind of warning signals kicked inside his head.


About several feet away on his right side there is a dog thing eating what looks like the remains of a human. The dog thing is surely a dog. It looks like a dog but it is lot bigger than a regular dog. Probably the size of an adult tiger. Jack had seen tigers in the zoo and he is pretty sure that this thing in front of him is huge as a tiger.


Fear kicks inside him. The thing is eating the remains of a human. The corpse’s head is nothing but a skull now. The tissue on the head is possibly eaten by this thing. Jack crouched behind the sand dune. He slowly moved forward with one eye on the dog thing, the other to the front. Suddenly the dog thing shifted its gaze toward Jack.


Jack did not thought twice. He went for a sprint. Jumping, leaping through the sand dunes with all his energy he had mustered. When he made sure he have made a pretty good distance from the thing Jack took a quick glance at his back. Jack couldn’t believe what he is seeing. The dog thing is leaping through the sand dunes and it looks like that the dog thing have already set its goal – Jack.


Panic have clearly shook his entire body. Jack ran, and ran. In a distance Jack saw what seems like the remains of an aeroplane. Jack increased his speed. Jack couldn’t believe that he can run at this speed because before that thing appeared his pace was too slow.


Jack thought he is near the aeroplane but suddenly his eyes went blank. The thing have leaped on top of him. For a second he lost air. Jack coughed and opened his eyes. His eyes aren’t processing much. Finally he looked in front of him. The dog is appeared to be growling at him. Jack slowly stood on his feet but he kept his body bended, arms putting forward.


The dog thing jumped at him, pinning him down. Jack struggled to get back to his feet. The thing’s paws are on his shoulders and the thing growled at him. Suddenly pain surged through him. The thing’s retractable claws have pierced Jack’s skin on the shoulder blade. Jack screamed.


“Please god…”


Jack cried at the top of his lungs. The thing quickly retracted its claws. Pain again surged through him.




What next happened was almost unbelievable. The thing freed Jack from its paws and it circled around Jack. Jack stood on his knees without shifting his eyes from the thing. Jack have no weapon to defend with. He is clearly empty of everything. His energy is almost expended. The dog thing strike at Jack’s face using its right paw. Jack immediately went down. The thing is playing with Jack.


Jack somehow managed to get back on his knees. “Finish it already!” Jack screamed.


The thing looks like have enjoyed Jack’s scream. It again strike Jack in his face. Again Jack went down. Jack sat in the sand and he slowly crawled backward using his hands. The dog thing followed Jack, growling all the way. Suddenly Jack’s back hit something metallic. It seems that he is near the remains of the aeroplane. It must have got here in the last century because no aeroplanes have disappeared near Bermuda triangle in this century. Then something caught in his hands. Jack slowly traced his hands around what his hands have found. He haven’t turned away his eyes from the thing. His sensory system says that the thing his hands have found is a metal rod. Jack tightened his grip around the metal rod.


The dog thing looks like have irritated playing with Jack. It opened its mouth showing its sharp teeth and it propelled forward to bite Jack. Immediately Jack swung the metal rod at the dog thing’s head. The metal rod found it’s mark and the thing stumbled backward. Jack quickly stood up in his feet with the newly found weapon in his hand. Jack swung his metal rod again. Again the metal found its mark and again the thing stumbled to a side.


The dog thing shrieked in pain. Jack didn’t look for the thing to get back to its feet again. Jack swung the metal road again and again, striking all the hits in its head. Immediately blood sprayed out of the thing’s mouth and nose and head. Jack swung again reducing its head to a pulp. Finally the thing went down. Jack breathed heavily. He dropped to his knees and stayed in that position for some time. Jack unstrapped the bag from his shoulders and took a water bottle from it. He drank all of it and threw the empty bottle away. Now only one water bottle remains now.


Jack got back to his feet and threw on the back pack on his shoulders. Jack took the metal rod in his left hand and continued his journey to the mountains leaving the scene filled with blood of the dog thing behind. Surly this is a hostile environment filled with predators.

Chapter 11

2026 July 26, Unknown Desert


It’s very difficult walking through this desert. Pain is surging through all over his body from the small holes formed near both of his shoulder blades where the dog thing stabbed with its retractable claws. He have seen the movie Jurassic Park lot of times in which Raptors have the capability to sunk in its movable claws right inside its victims.


This dog is more like a Raptor in a manner of speaking since its attack using claws is similar to that of a Raptor. Jack has the will to go on but the only thing standing in his way is the sun. Nobody could survive sun in its full strength. It’s like there is no ozone layer in the atmosphere and all the deadly rays are after him.


His redden skin is burning hot now. Jack’s legs are trying to abandon him by swaying to the sides. His arms are freely dropped to the sides and he is moving slowly now but he can’t stay in the open for too long. There may be more of those dog thing out here. He can’t survive one more attack for sure. He is all expended.


Then he saw it in the distance. A tent! Tent means survivors, most possibly human. Who else could it be? As far as Jack know, only humans can make tents. Jack quickened his pace.


After a minute or so Jack reached near the tent. The tent is made up of high quality cloth and is in brown colour. There is no one to be seen. There is no one in the surrounding. Jack then quickly without thinking got inside the tent. In this time what he need is rest. An escape from this scorching sun. Jack wondered why the sun is not resting a bit. Of course he do know the answer but thinking these entities as persons is keeping him sane.


Jack lay down on the sand in the shade of the tent and closed his eyes. All his warning signals are informing him that he can’t rest until he get into the mountains. Those dog things may be out here. Anyway Jack rested discarding all warning messages. After a while he opened his eyes. It looks like sun have moved away a little bit but the hotness isn’t reduced.


Jack looked at his surrounding inside the tent. It seems like there is stain all over the tent walls. And it looks like it is blood stain. Fresh blood. A sudden eerie feeling surged through him.


Run Jack! Run!


Warning messages kicked in. Jack quickly got outside and took a water bottle from his bag. He drank half of the bottle and kept the rest for later usage. He readied himself and with the metal rod in one hand he started towards the mountains. The mountains are clearly visible now.


The mountain valleys are covered in snow. It’s one or two miles away. Jack quickened his pace. He haven’t fully recovered from the pain but Jack kept going. This desert is like a big trap. He is leaving all this thing behind and moving forward.


What will be waiting for him in the mountains? He hops no danger will be there.

Chapter 12

2026 July 26, Unknown Desert


Jack slowly passed sand dunes after sand dunes. Cresting and climbing down. Sun have shifted away a little and clouds are now blocking the sun’s rays. Thanks to that Jack can easily move through the sand in the shade created by the clouds.


The pinkish sky is always popping questions in his mind. Will he find the door back to earth? That question is reverberating inside him occasionally. He need to return to Jan. She is home alone and he is the only hope she have. Their kid is on his way to earth and he is afraid that he will not be there to witness that.


Jan is months away from delivery. He need to get back to earth and most of all he needs to find the secret for which he have come. As far as he know this Bermuda triangle is a portal to another dimension and this dimension is nothing like we thought of. It is where your nightmares come alive. The black well is clearly a nightmare. And what the hell is that dog thing?


This desert is clearly a place where predators roam. Jack couldn’t shake away the image of the corpse the dog thing was eating. Where does he came from? He must have from the ship Harmony. That corpse looks like had just died, so it was a fresh kill. How did he survived this long in this desert? Is the tent belongs to him?


What still bothering him is that why did his sub disappeared in the abyss of that well while that aeroplane have survived it? Does this well thing only appear in that region only? This land is surely mysterious. This pink sky alone is questionable.


Jack crested another sand dune. Suddenly something jumped out of the sand at Jack. Jack quickly used his metal rod to block the attack. The thing hit the rod and fell on to the sand. Jack looked carefully. A rattle snake having the size of a king cobra! Jack quickly backed away.


The ugly monster’s tail is rattling like they always do. Jack had seen rattle snakes and king cobra inside a zoo. And he is pretty sure that this thing is bigger as a king cobra. The rattle snake opened its mouth and screeched. It coiled its body and readied its head for another jump. The site induced a sudden fright inside Jack. Jack slowly, carefully backed away again.


The snake followed him and jumped again. Jack blocked the snake again using the rod. The thing landed on the ground and screeched. It opened its mouth and curled its body and like a spring it pull back its head and then suddenly released. The snake propelled toward Jack. Jack quickly swung his metal rod in an arc and the snake upon meeting the metal rod fell down on the ground a few feet away after a long flight.


Jack didn’t wait for the thing to jump again. Jack sprinted away from the scene. Suddenly the sand dune he is walking exploded with sand. More rattle snakes are jumping out of the sand towards Jack. They were buried in the sand waiting for their pray and Jack is their pray.


Jack blocked the approaching beasts using his metal rod and he ran away. When he made sure he covered a considerable distance from the snakes Jack looked back. The site horrified him. Hundreds of snakes are crawling towards him at full speed. Their tail rattling all the way making that horrible sound. Jack ran with all his might.


Jack crested another sand dune and looked forward. In front of him lay a huge ship. A ship which once floated on the oceans. Jack ran toward the ship. Snakes are still gaining on him.


What in the gods name are these?


Jack finally reached near the ship. He looked for a way inside and he spotted it Just near the back of the ship. Metal rods attached to the ship’s body like ladder rungs. Jack climbed through the metal rungs and finally reached on top of the ship. Below snakes are jumping to the ship but none reached closer to the top of the ship. A minute or so later the snakes crawled away from the scene. Relief washed over Jack.


Jack looked carefully at the ship. On a board on top of the ship he could make out the letters that form the ship’s name. It says Harmony!

Chapter 13

2026 July 26, Unknown Desert, Inside ship Harmony


How is this possible? Why things disappeared in Bermuda triangle end up in different places? Why the black well thing haven’t sucked this ship? New questions are popping inside jack’s head. Questions he don’t have answers for.


From this ship Jack can see the mountains clearly now. He needs to move forward but first he need to check inside this ship. He needs to search for survivors. That tent he passed and the human corpse indicate the presence of survivors. So he is sure that he will meet someone in this wretched place.


Run Jack, run.


Some internal warnings are instructing him to run from this place. Living in this desert is very difficult. So his best bet is that the survivors must have left for the mountains. Jack slowly got inside the ship searching all the corners.


“Hello. Anybody?” Jack yelled.


Nothing happened. No one came to the light. The ship is dead silent. All the things inside the ship such as vases, tables are all had been dismantled and the ship is filled with wreck.


Jack found what happened to ship Harmony for which authorities sweep searched the entire ocean floor back on Earth. This portal only works in certain time. That’s certain because if it have worked all day everyone searching the ship Harmony would have ended up here.


Ship’s interior is decorated with paintings but most paintings have broken away from the walls. Jack walked deep inside the ship. He don’t know what will gain in doing so, but some of his internal wiring says that searching this ship will be a good idea.


Everything inside the ship is out of place. The ship must have landed here with full force but he couldn’t remember his sub falling when he became trapped in the Bermuda triangle. Some of the walls have cracks. Even though ship is made of steel, all inner parts are made of wood.


Jack slowly entered in to a small platform where music instruments lay. This place must have used for small gatherings. Based on the pattern these music instruments lay, musicians and other people had left this place in a hurry, possibly frightened of something. Jack left the room and entered in to what might be the ship’s kitchen. Jack quickly opened the first refrigerator he saw and looked inside. There is rotting meat inside. Jack covered his nose with his hand. It’s been long since the refrigerator have been operated. Ship must have lost the power when it entered in to the triangle.


All electronic thing will die out in the vicinity of the triangle. The portal must be a high energy field emitting electromagnetic waves in all directions. It looks like refrigerator is completely empty of mineral water. Survivors must have took all. Jack opened all other refrigerators and looked for water. Finally he found two bottles in the last refrigerator.


So there are survivors in this place. That’s certain. What not certain is that did all of them stayed alive? If they are alive where will be they have gone to? Jack is certain that they must have left for the mountains since no one want to venture into a desert. If they did took the desert they must have killed by the desert predators.


Jack opened one water bottle and drank half of it. Then he put the water bottles inside the bag and continued towards the ship’s bottom level. The once luxurious ship is now nothing but rubble. There are wide cracks throughout the floor. Even if somehow this ship have put back in the water it will sink.


Lower levels are also abandoned long ago. Cloths can be seen on the floor throughout the ship. Jack finished searching and walked to the top of the ship eating one packet of snack which he took from his sub. Looks like sun have started going down in the horizon. Darkness can be seen conquering land inch by inch. Before going out he took two match boxes from the kitchen and put one box in his bag and the other in his pocket. Who knows what will be waiting in the darkness.


Then it hit him. Staying inside the ship for the night is a good idea. There may be beasts lurking in the darkness. And also if that well thing did appear there is no way to distinguish it from the night. Jack cleared a room in the top level and set his back pack on the table. The bed in the room looks like cosy.


Darkness slowly took over the land. Jack lighted a candle which he found in the drawer of the table and fixed it on the table. It’s time to write the journal.

Chapter 14

2026 July 26, Inside Ship Harmony


Jack took the journal and pen from his back pack. The candle light have lightened the entire room. Since no windows are present no one outside will notice that someone is inside the ship.


Jack slowly flipped through the pages. All previous journal entries are about the progress of the sub. Finally he reached the page whose date says 26 July 2026.


Yesterday night my sub got trapped in the Bermuda triangle. Due to extreme bad whether I am forced to go underwater. From deep inside the ocean water my sub somehow got attracted to a blue light. All the electronic equipment had fried before that. Due to the absence of light I failed to record the event in my journal.”


When outside condition got normal, or at least appeared to be normal, it was well past 2 AM because my watch stopped at 2 AM. In the morning I woke up with sound of wind. When I opened the sub’s door, I was on a different world, a different dimension. This place is filled with sand and is appeared to be a desert. Also the pink sky is very mysterious and the sun is blazing hot.”


First danger I encountered is a black well thing. It expand automatically sucking everything on top of the sand. I somehow escaped from that thing. I am now on my way to find a portal that leads back to Earth. On the way I encountered several desert beasts. First one was a dog thing. It was lot bigger and were eating a human corpse. The whereabouts of the corpse is unknown, but my guess is that it belongs to someone who was a passenger of the ship Harmony.”


The dog thing attacked me and wounded me. It stabbed me on my shoulder using its claws. Somehow I was able to kill that thing with a metal rod that I found near the wreckage of an aeroplane.”


It seems that although things got trapped in Bermuda triangle back on earth from one location, they ended up here in this desert in different places.”


The second beast I saw was rattle snakes, lots of them. These snakes are bigger than king cobra which is very unusual for a rattle snake. They also tried to attack me, but again I somehow escaped from them and ended up in a ship which turned out to be none other than the Harmony. She is a wreck and things inside the ship indicate that her passengers and crew may have survived and are at someplace else.”


I can see snow covered mountains in the distance and I am on my way to the mountains. My guess is that survivors of the ship Harmony must have left for the mountains. I now have three bottles of mineral water. I hope it will get to me to the mountains. Now I am spending the night in the ship Harmony. I hope there will not be any desert predators to hunt me in the night.”


I strongly believe that I could unveils the secrets of this world and that of Bermuda triangle.”


Jack closed his journal and tuck it inside the back pack. He is planning to leave at the first light. With the images of getting back to Earth Jack closed his eyes.

Chapter 15

2026 July 27, Unknown Desert


Jack woke early in the morning. Sun haven’t started to rise in the horizon. Jack put on the back pack on his shoulders and took the metal rod in his one hand. He also took two knifes from the kitchen and put one in the bag and one he strapped to his waist line.


Jack stood on top of the ship and watched the rising sun. In the distance sun’s rays slowly arise and shined the distant desert. Darkness slowly parted away. Jack quickly climbed down through the metal rungs and started walking toward the mountains. Mountain top is glimmering in the early sun’s light. Jack wonder how come the mountain support snow near this harsh desert under the scorching sun. Normally the snow will melt away quickly. Then he thought what if the white on top of the mountain isn’t snow? Only one way to find out the answer – he needs to reach there fast.


Jack quickened his pace. A cold wind whipped up through Jack’s bare hands. The shivering wind is moving to the mountains. Jack clearly saw the direction of wind because the wind is slowly taking some sands with it. With each passing second the size of mountains kept increased. Jack crested one of the sand dunes and watched the amazing scenery.


Sun have risen in the horizon. In the horizon the sky is in orange pink colour. An astounding scenery. Jack wished his camera to be in good condition. Jack sighed deeply. The horrific portal had fried every electronic equipment. So much for the good technologies which could record the astounding memories back on earth. If he do escape how can he say the beauty of this horrific place to others? How can he explain this place without any pictures?


Jack want to scream at the top of his lungs but that will attract unwanted attention especially from the dog things. He don’t want to be in any place near that foul creatures again. Jack’s senses had already kicked in watching for any movement that cause harm to his life.


Suddenly wind howled from his left direction. Jack looked in that direction. The scene before him was unexplainable. A big sand storm is approaching him steadily. Without thinking Jack sprinted towards the mountains. Mountain is still kilometres away and this sand storm is going to hit him for sure. Jack stopped for a moment and unstrapped the bag from his shoulders. He took a white cloth piece that he had took from the ship. Using the cloth piece he covered his head by coiling the cloth around his head. He even covered his eyes but he kept the cloth thin near his eyes so that he can faintly see what is in front of him.


Jack strapped on his back pack and ran. The sand storm will hit in any moment now. Sun have completely blocked by the storm. The thing about sand storm is that the wind will whip the sand along with it. The storm is entirely comprises of sand. Wind is just a thing blowing the sand. And most importantly the violent sand storm will possibly leave a few inches of sand on the ground and the air will be minimum. If you are inside a storm and didn’t cover your nose, then you will be dead in second because what you breathe in inside a sand storm is sand which will block your lungs and you will die due to lack of air. In short the storm will choke you down without proper care.


Jack passed sand dunes after sand dunes. The pain in his shoulder is slowing him down. When running he have to move his hands back and forth. In doing so create pain in the shoulders since there are wounds near both of his shoulders.


Suddenly the storm hit him hard from his left side. He almost lost his footing. He quickly stabilised his body and ran. The storm is howling in his ear now. He can hear all sort of nasty sounds in the storm like howling, clattering and so on.


Jack’s vision have blurred but he kept moving forward without turning anywhere. Moving in a straight line.


Suddenly Jack dropped to the ground. A pain shot up through his left leg.


“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Jack’s anger have no limit.


It appear that his left leg got trapped in a depression and he somehow twisted his leg. Jack somehow got out of the depression and he twisted his leg hard to make it well.


“Ahh…Fuck!” Jack cried out loud but his cries got lost in the sound of the wind.


Sand is hitting him from all direction at high speed. He then somehow stood up and swung his leg back and forth. It looks like the pain have gone away. Jack slowly move forward but that’s when he realized that he lost direction. When he fell down he turned away from the direction in which the mountains lay. Now he have no idea where the mountains are.


He then decided to crouch down on the sand and wait out for this storm to be over. He waited in that position for hours. Hours nothing to do. Sand got trapped inside his shirt and pant. When the storm was over he was sitting in the sand with sand up to his waist line.


Jack stood up clearing away the sand and looked forward. It looks like mountain is just near, only a few feet away. Jack removed the cloth on his head and tuck it inside his pocket. He tightened his grip on the metal rod. Then he heard a sharp growl. Jack looked back. His legs suddenly shook with fear. About five dog things are running at him. They are farther away but jack could clearly see that their goal is Jack.


Jack remember the movie Hobbit an Unexpected Journey. “Out of the frying pan, into the fire!” He said out loud the dialogue from that movie. Jack sprinted away from the scene. Only the mountains could save him now.


Jack can see trees in a distance. Finally Jack entered the snowy landscape. Jack ran with all his might. Jack saw a tree with many branches. He put down the metal rod and quickly climbed on top of the tree remembering the movie. That’s when he saw a large hill with large rocks and bushes in the way. He could have gone in that way but no time now.


“Stupid movie!” He cursed himself.


Jack heard a sharp growl from the back. He turned back and looked. It looks like the dogs are nearer and they are growling but none of them are approaching. They have stopped near the snow line. Jack watched the scene with wonder. What is happening? Jack don’t know why they have stopped. Do they fear snow? Or are they tricking him like acting they fear the snow? A watery material oozed down from all of the dog creature’s mouth.


Jack decides to test his fortune. Jack slowly climbed down without taking his eyes off from the creatures. Jack can hear the desperate screech and shriek of the dog things. Jack stood firm on the ground and watched them.


Suddenly the dog things did a desperate howl and ran away. Relief washed over Jack. Do they fear snow? Or is it something that lurks in these grounds? The very thought send a chill through his legs.


It’s nothing Jack. It’s nothing.


Jack’s internal wiring says it okay but he still fear for what have yet to come. Jack slowly walked through the snowy landscape into the unknown.

Part 3: The Mountains

Chapter 16

2026 July 27, Unknown Mountains


Jack began to shiver in the chilling wind. The wind howled and went through the mountain ranges whipping up snow in its way. Weather system in this mountain is very unusual. There are clouds gathered above these mountains and based on the pattern, these clouds are snow clouds.


Even though skies are filled with snow clouds it seems that snow is not going to fall today. Sun can be seen dimly through the clouds. No wonder why the mountain came to support snow under the scorching sun.


Jack’s skin began to redden due to extreme cold. Yesterday his skin reddened due to extreme heat now due to cold. These lands are slowly killing him. He needs to find a shelter soon to wait out until this wind stop blowing. Trees are sort of pine trees but not bigger. Most trees are filled with branches and branches are in turn filled with snow. Branches heaved and snapped there and there due to the weight of the snow.


Jack climbed a small hill and looked at his surroundings. Desert can be seen in his back and his front side is filled with snowy mountains. Jack walked farther into the mountains. The terrain is filled with rocks in white colour. Trees swayed back and forth in the wind. Based on the position of the sun it is about noon.


Jack had visited Mount Everest back in 2020. And one thing he learned about snowy mountains is that with increasing altitude the pressure will increase and it most possibly result in haemorrhage. Jack is good at mountaineering, so Jack hope that these mountains will be a piece of cake but the coldness cannot be disregarded. He have nothing to keep him warm. Since he is wearing a tee shirt below the shirt the warmness haven’t completely gone from him.


He wished he have taken some cloths from the ship Harmony. Harmony was filled with cloths in its rooms. Again Jack blamed himself. Jack is not completely trusting the mountain lands. Like in the desert there would be that black well here too. Also there must be some predators lurking in the shadows of the cliffs.


After sometime snow began to fall. So much for his prediction. Jack quickly took the piece of cloth from his pocket and covered his head with it like he had done it in the desert, but he kept his eyes bare.


Snow is falling heavily and also the wind got stronger. The howling of the wind created an eerie feeling inside Jack. Much of the sun’s rays aren’t reaching the mountains. A small layer of darkness have covered the entire mountain range.


Jack can see that the mountain range is composed of seven big mountains and several small hills. Jack walked through the hilly region in search for a place to stay for the day at least until this snow fall is over. The truth is he can’t stay anywhere for long because he is here on a mission to find the secrets behind Bermuda mystery but he need to rest too. He is in a life and death situation now.


Of course this world is larger than Bermuda triangle after all the triangle is just a portal to this world. The real mystery lies in this land and Jack is pretty confident that he could find out the truth.


Jack wondered why government is trying to hide the Bermuda triangle mystery. Surely they had found out that there is no ship wreckage in the sea and the ships and aeroplanes went missing near Bermuda triangle are still missing, not sank or fallen down. Government still haven’t agreed that there is actually a triangle. When will they understand this?


But the real question is who made the portal? Is it artificial or natural? There is no way it would be natural. There must be involvement of interdimensional beings in this. If it is actually aliens, did they came to earth? Are they among us waiting for the day to take over the world? Or are they friendly? Questions are numerous but at this point there is no answer for them.


Jack climbed another hill and looked forward. There is no sign of survivors. Where have they gone to? Are they all dead? Jack climbed down the hill and entered in to a vast planar region filled with snow. Trees are on the edges of the region and the centre is free of trees and rocks. It’s like this place is artificially created.

Chapter 17

2026 July 27, Unknown Mountains


Jack slowly moved towards nowhere. He don’t know where his feet are taking him. He don’t know what he will find when he reach a destination. The weather is getting colder and colder. Jack couldn’t think clearly in this extreme coldness. His feet and hands seemed to have become numb.


Jack reached near a cliff. His only path forward is through the edges of the cliff. Jack took all his might and slowly began to walk along the edges. After some time he reached about the middle of the path.


Suddenly the ground he is walking became unstable. The ground shook with crackling sound. Jack don’t know what to do. It’s like suddenly his mind became blank. Most of it is of course due to cold. Then it happened. Jack along with the ground he is walking fell in to the abyss.


“Oh! Fuck!”


Jack slid through the inclined surface of the hill and fell on to the bottom of the cliff. Jack screamed at the top of his lungs.




At the time he reached down his shirt’s back had torn away exposing bare skin. Blood tickled through his back. Fortunate for him nothing bad happened. He thought he broke a leg but when he checked everything was just fine apart from the loss of skin in a few places. His hands and legs are all dirty. Some soil sprinkled toward his head from the top of the cliff.


The ground where Jack now stands is filled with the soil from the top of the cliff. Soil hided the snow on top of the ground. Wind howled past Jack chilling Jack to the core. His skin is fully redden now. Jack slowly walked through a narrow path between two mountains which supposedly leads to nowhere.


He needs to find something to cover his bare skin now or he will die due to cold. He finally reached the other side of the path and the site in front of him excited him. Before him lay a few tents scattered through the land possibly made by human survivors. Who else make tents here?


The tents are made up of cloths. Why on earth did the survivors carried this much of cloths? Anyway Jack looked inside each tent but sadly he found no one. Survivors must have left this place.


Fortunately Jack found a nice pair of cloths inside one tent that fit well. He changed his cloths from there. It is now that he looked at his bag. Bag’s exterior is filled with dirt even though he carried the bag safely in his arms to get more heat. This bag was given to him by Jan on his last birth day. Jack slowly cleared the dirt from the bag using a piece of cloth. Now the bag looks dirtier, seriously dirtier.


“Never mind. Should wash when I am home.” Jack said himself.


Jack stood up and threw his bag on his shoulders. It’s time to move on. Jack took one knife in his hands since he lost his rod when he fell down from the cliff. Jack slowly exited the tent. Suddenly Jack froze. In front of him stood a beautiful young woman. Possibly one of the survivor. Jack couldn’t hide the fact that she is prettier like Jan. Jack stood there motionless with astonishment and relief that he is not alone anymore.


“Thank god!” Jack heard the woman say.

Chapter 18

2026 July 27, Unknown Mountains


“Are you from ship Harmony?” Jack finally asked cutting down the silence.


“Yes. And I don’t remember seeing you. Who are you?” The woman asked.


“I am Jack. I came here after Harmony sank.” Jack said.


“So you must be here to help us right?” The woman asked.


“Kind of.” Jack said.


“Kind of?” The woman asked.


“Well, I am here on a mission to find the secrets behind Bermuda triangle. And also to find out what happened to ship Harmony.” Jack said looking away.


“Why on earth did you do that for? Is this mystery enough for you? Who on earth would come to this ugly place?” The woman asked.


“Just me I guess. Also I didn’t knew I would end up here in the first place but I am sure that there will be another portal somewhere here which will lead us back to earth.” Jack said trying to encourage the woman. “So what’s your name?”


“I am Clare.” The woman said.


“So Clare, how many were you?” Jack asked.


“We were forty but when I woke up this morning I was alone. They left me here all alone.” Clare said, tears welled up in her eyes.


“I heard the ship had hundred people. What happen to the other sixty?” Jack asked.


“We don’t know. They just vanished into thin air I guess.” Clare said.


“So what’s your story?” Jack asked.


“Well. I am an accountant and I was on my way to Bermuda when all this happened. Actually I was sleeping in my room, in the ship of course. I woke up by the sound of ship falling somewhere. When I went outside I saw this horrible place. The desert. Can you imagine that, one minute we were floating on the water, next minute we are here in this god forsaken land where sky is pinkish.” Clare paused thinking. “Then we were afraid. And we decide to go in the direction of the mountains. We actually waited for rescue in the first week. We were actually heartbroken since some of us have disappeared. We also began to see horrible nightmare about some dark entity capturing us and all. Then in the next week we moved here.”


“Didn’t you see those dog thing and rattle snakes.” Jack asked.


“We did saw those dog things. They chased us here but they don’t like cold so they ran away.” Clare said. “We didn’t see the rattle snakes though.”


“Those horrible snakes were larger than king cobra.” Jack said.


“What? Did they attack you?” Clare asked a little surprised.


“They did try to attack but somehow I escaped and ended up in your ship.” Jack said.


“So what happened next?” Jack asked.


“We walked long way to get here in the cold. Then we saw these tents and we stayed her for two weeks now.” Clare said.


“I thought these tents were made by you guys.” Jack asked.


“No. These tents were already here when we got here.” Clare said.


Another mystery for sure.


“Okay.” Jack somehow processed the new information hardly. “Then what makes the others to move away all of a sudden?” Jack asked.


“Well it’s mostly because of the dreams. The dreams got uglier. We think it is because of this place. So we decides to move on but I didn’t thought they would leave me alone.” Clare said tightening her arms across her waist due to cold.


“Don’t worry about it now that I am here. You said they left this morning?” Jack asked.


“Yes.” Clare said nodding her head.


“Come on. Let’s catch them up.” Jack said readied to move.


“Okay.” Clare and Jack slowly walked side by side deep in to the unknown.

Chapter 19

2026 July 27, Unknown Mountains


Jack took the last packet of snack from his bag and he tore it open. He threw in the snacks to his mouth while walking. Jack put forward the packet of snacks to Clare. She took a handful from the packet with eagerness and they both strolled through the snow covered landscape.


Big mountains are wholly covered in snow and snow in some of the part slid through the inclined surface like an avalanche but not destructive. Jack thought about sliding through the snow in a snowboard. Back when he was home he usually go for snow sports, in the winter of course.


“So what did you ate all this time to get over hunger?” Jack asked.


“We ate the food from the ship mostly. We all took bag full of food when moving here. Also we caught squirrels.” Clare said.


“Squirrels?” Jack asked confused.


“Yes. Squirrels. They are very tasty. They come in pack in the morning. Did you saw the nut trees growing by the tents?” Clare asked.


“Yes.” Jack said.


“Squirrels love those nut and the boys will capture them by throwing stones at them.” Clare said.


“So in short you guys enjoyed your time here.” Jack said.


“We did but happiness will not last long. Those shitty dreams shook us in the core. We actually were scared about what will happen next. I mean we did saw those dogs. By the way those dogs barked, they want our flesh. That alone induced a panic in us. The most shocking thing is we all saw the same dream in which a dark thing trying to haul us in to a darker place. First we thought it was just a dream but then we start to see it as soon as we close our eyes. Most of us haven’t slept for days because of this.” Clare said with a seriousness.


“Sounds like a horrific nightmare.” Jack said.


“This place entirely is a nightmare. This coldness may soon kill me. I am shivering.” Clare said.


“I have took an extra shirt from the tent.” Jack opened his bag and produced the shirt to Clare. “Here you go, wear it. It may minimise the cold.”


Clare accepted the shirt and wore it. She shivered when wearing the shirt.


“So where do you thing we are? Are we under the sea in some mysterious place?” Clare asked.


“I don’t thing we are at Earth at all. This is a new dimension. And this world is nothing like the Earth we know of.” Jack said.


“Just like I thought. Do you thing they will send help?” Clare asked.


“Who? Our government?” Jack asked.


“Yes.” Clare said.


“According to them Bermuda triangle does not exist. I don’t think they will send help. They must have stopped searching for us long ago.” Jack said.


“I was afraid you’re going to say that.” Clare said.


“We have to find our way home.” Jack said. “So are you married?” Jack asked changing the topic when he saw Clare’s face filled with fear.


“No. I have a boyfriend but he is not in to a relationship even though I have a connection towards him. What about you?” Clare asked.


“I am married and my first child is on his way to earth.” Jack said smiling.


“How far is she?” Clare asked.


“She is four months away. I want to be home at that time.” Jack said.


“I am sure we will find the portal if it do exists.” Clare said.


They reached near a melted glacier which is flowing through the mountain ranges at high speed. Then they saw it. A man in red shirt lying near the glacier with his legs on the water.

Chapter 20

2026 July 27, Unknown Mountain


Jack and Clare rushed forward. The man was lying with his face downward. When Jack reached near the man he immediately flipped him and looked for a pulse.


“He is long gone.” Jack said with worrisome.


Clare covered her mouth with her hand in horror. That’s when Jack looked at the dead man’s swollen belly.


“He must have drown.” Jack said.


“I know him. He was with us.” Clare said.


“He must have fallen down when crossing the glacier. He drank too much water.” Jack said. “The good news is we must be on the right trail. Come one let’s catch them. They can’t be far.”


Jack and Clare walked through the edges of the glacier looking for a way to cross. Then they spot it. The glacier is flowing through a tunnelled rock. Jack and Clare easily crossed through the rocky surface and they entered in to the other part of the glacier. Trees are lining this part on both sides of a narrow path which supposedly lead them forward.


Jack and Clare reached the end of the path and saw that they are in an elevated ground and below is a tree filled land. In a distant they saw a huge tower. Survivors must have gone in that way. Something shined from the top of the tower. Jack and Clare moved forward toward the tower started by climbing down.

Part 4: The Tower

Chapter 21

2026 July 27, Unknown Mountains


The tower is surrounded by trees and the trees are covered in snow. Jack and Clare slowly moved forward. Based on the position of the sun it is about evening. A thin layer of darkness began to cover the entire place. Here snow is very loose and when they take firm steps their legs got buried in the snow. Walking is very difficult especially since the snow fall started.


Jack and Clare wrapped their hands across their chest to get warm. Jack’s face have completely turned red. Clare’s face have also turned red. The tower is still about a kilometre away. Suddenly a howl came from their back.


A wolf!


Jack saw the beast clearly. It’s in pure white colour. Jack could clearly see its teeth shining in the day light.


“Run!” Jack yelled.


Clare was actually wondering when Jack would say that.


Jack and Clare ran through the loose snow at maximum speed they could muster. The wolf ran at them with full speed. When the thing reached near Jack it jumped on top of Jack. Jack fell down on the snow along with the wolf. The wolf immediately propelled forward to bite in his head but Jack kept the thing at bay using his right hand while his left hand searched for the dropped knife.


Suddenly the wolf bite deeper in to Jack’s right hand.


“Ahh…” Jack screamed.


Clare also screamed in horror. Finally Jack’s left hand got a grasp in his knife. With a fluent movement Jack pressed the knife deeper in to the wolf’s under belly. The wolf howled sharply and it went down. Jack slide away the wolf from his body and somehow he stood up. His shirt gotten drenched in wolf’s blood.


“Ahh…” Jack couldn’t hold back the pain in his right hand along with the surging pain from his shoulders.


“Fucker!” Jack muttered.


“Let me look at it.” Clare took Jacks hand in her and examined.


Clare took some snow from the ground and rubbed it along the wound in Jack’s right hand.


“Ahh…” Jack screamed again.


“Don’t be a little boy.” Clare soothed him.


Clare then tore the hem of her shirt and wrapped the piece of shirt around Jack’s arm.


“There you go. It will be fine.” Clare said.


Jack for a moment lost in thoughts staring at the dead wolf.


“Come on. Let’s move.” Clare said gesturing with her head.


Jack shifted his gaze and they both started towards the tower. It looks like the land they are walking is a forest. There is thick growth of trees and snow covered shrubs there and there but to the mysterious side of these lands there is a narrow path that leads to the tower.


Jack couldn’t say someone had passed through this path because even if someone did passed this way, the trail will be lost in the fallen snow. The snow is very loose in these parts. Jack and Clare left a long line of footprints through the snow only to wash away by the freshly fallen snow but Jack is pretty confident that survivors did take this path.


Jack and Clare slowly moved forward. The loose snow is considerably reducing their pace.

Chapter 22

2026 July 27, the Tower, Unknown Mountains


Jack and Clare finally entered inside the tower’s boundary. Tower’s boundary is marked by a small wall built by using burned brick. Even though the wall is covered in snow Jack could clearly see the form and shape of the bricks.


Jack and Clare entered inside the yard through a narrow path built between the walls. They slowly passed the yard and stepped on top of the stairs which will lead them to the first level of the tower.


“Are you sure about this?” Clare asked.


“I am dead sure. Besides we don’t have a place to stay in the night. This place is perfect for the night.” Jack said. “Also we have to search inside for any new information and for your friends.”


“Okay then. Let’s move forward.” Clare moved ahead.


Jack followed Clare and they both entered inside the first level. From where they are standing they could see two paths each on both of their sides. It seems that tower entirely lacks door. Upper levels may have doors. They looked in both direction, left and right, and decides to take the path on the right. The narrow corridor have small window attached to the wall which too lack doors. Jack could see that darkness is slowly conquering the land.


Jack checked each of the door less rooms they have passed. They all are empty. There is not even a small table in there. Even the walls are empty. It’s like this tower had abandoned just after it is built. Jack and Clare finally reached the end of the corridor and they can see that there is a stair on the corner which lead them to second level. In fact both end of the corridor have stairs to upper levels.


Jack and Clare entered inside second level through the stairs and they stared at the long dark corridor in front of them. Of course there is a window and what left of the day light is sweeping through the window shimmering the parts of the corridor but soon darkness will conquer everything.


It seems that number of rooms in second level is one or two less than that in the first level. The tower is in fact is in the form of a cone. There is no sign of living being inside these rooms. The real question is who made this tower and for what? These lands are not compatible to humans and the humans in these lands are Bermuda triangle survivors from Earth.


Or did humans once thrived here? If they did how did they perished? Or are they living somewhere away from this place? It seems that this tower entirely is made of burned brick and concrete. This land is surely full of mystery. Jack wished for his camera which could have used to take hundreds of mesmerising pictures of these lands. Jack had prepared many things especially for an event such as this, all ended in vain.


Jack and Clare after finishing with second level entered in to the third level. Like the previous level third level is also empty.


After about an hour of search they entered in to the twentieth and the final level. This level have only one room and Jack and Clare slowly entered in to the door less room. Suddenly they froze. In front of them in the corner lay a man. There is a small fire going on in the corner near the man.


Excitement surged through Jack’s and Clare’s body. Jack slowly moved beside the man and shook him.


“Hello, are you alone? Hello…” Jack said.


The man turned toward Jack and he slowly opened his eyes. Suddenly Jack stumbled backward due to fear. The man’s eyes are vacant just like night.

Chapter 23

2026 July 27, the Tower, Unknown Mountains


The man wriggled himself on the floor. Jack and Clare stared at the man in horror. The man’s eyes are clearly vacant, black as night.


“Hello, can you hear me?” Jack slowly asked.


The man seemed to have heard Jack because after Jack said the man began to wriggle violently like he is trying to say something, but no words came out of his mouth.


Suddenly sound of footsteps came from outside. Jack and Clare quickly hid behind the walls on the right and left sides of the doorway. It seems like it is a pair of footsteps and is coming closer. Jack took the knife in his hands and braced for whatever thing that is coming at them. Clare don’t know what to do, so she stayed hidden from the doorway.


A moment later a tall man with cream skin entered the room. He paced towards the man lying on the floor. After a moment he immediately became alerted by the presence of Jack and Clare. He turned towards them and smiled.


”I didn’t expect you guys would return.” The tall man said.


“You don’t know us to expect us.” Jack said.


“Well I was with the survivors of ship Harmony?” The tall man said.


“Didn’t ring a bell. I didn’t saw you with them yesterday.” Clare said.


“Well I came before Harmony and I was living here all alone fighting against the natural predators. That’s when I met the survivors of Harmony, your friends I guess.” The tall man paused. “Your friends left him all alone in the morning before we woke up.” The man said pointing to the man lying on the floor.


“That definitely sounded like them.” Clare said.


“What happened to him?” Jack said while putting away the knife in his bag pointing to the man lying on the floor.


“If my theory is right, darkness caught him!” The tall man said.


“Darkness?” Jack asked.


“Yeah. Didn’t you guys have the ugly dream about some dark thing dragging you to hell?” The tall man asked.


“Yes I do have those dreams when I sleep.” Clare agreed.


“Believe it or not I call it the Darkness. I saw this process several times. The darkness is very dangerous and it will wait until you weakens. After that it just take your soul and go to hell to consume the soul.” The tall man said.


“Bullshit.” Jack said.


“Do you call this place bullshit? This place should have stayed in our dreams. The fact is it didn’t. Everything in this place want to eat you up. This place is a nightmare only that it isn’t in your head. You call this bullshit?” The tall man asked.


“But hell?” Jack asked.


“If this place is real, hell too is real.” The man suddenly became angry.


“Guys. Cut it out. So is there any way we can help him?” Clare asked.


“Not that I know of. Once a soul is lost it cannot be retrieved.” Tall man said.


“Okay…I didn’t get your name.” Jack said.


“Oh! I am Smith. John Smith. And you’re in my home.” The tall man said.


“It’s nice to meet you Smith. I am Jack and this is Clare.” Jack said putting forward his hand.


Smith accepted Jack’s hand and shook.


“So who is this fellow lying on the floor?” Jack asked pointing to the man lying on the floor.


Smith thought for a moment. “He is James I guess.” Smith said.


That’s when Jack thought about what Smith have said earlier. Smith said survivors left in the morning, but they also left Clare in this morning. How is that possible? How can they be at two places at once?


“So Smith, you said survivors left in the morning right?” Jack asked.


“Yes.” Smith said.


“But they left Clare too. In this morning.” Jack said.

Chapter 24

2026 July 27, the Tower, Unknown Mountains


Smith thought for a moment and then smiled. “This place is like that. Very mysterious. Sometimes time flows differently in different places. In this case time flowed faster here than from where you came this day. Don’t think too much on this. We don’t want a mad man strolling around in this pile of bullshit, right?”


Jack and Clare smiled in astonishment and in disbelief.


“So where have you gone to when we came here?” Jack asked.


“I have gone outside looking for some food. Found none. Do you have anything to eat?” Smith asked.


“Nope. We are running empty for half a day now.” Jack said. Clare nodded.


“Okay…” Smith nodded and he went near the fire.


Smith poked the fire and throw in some more firewood into the fire from a corner. He crouched down on the floor near the fire and warmed his hands. Jack and Clare stood there staring at Smith and James.


“What are you waiting for? Gather around the fire. Night is almost upon us. You don’t want to get cold.” Smith said looking at Jack and Clare.


Jack and Clare immediately went near the fire and crouched down on the floor. A relief washed over Jack and Clare as warmness rushed through their bodies.


“So what’s your story? How did you end up here?” Jack asked looking at James.


“I was on a fishing boat when it happened. You see I am a fisherman. And it was night. Ocean sucked in our boat. One minute we were on the boat next we are in that godforsaken desert. We walked long distance and got here.” Smith said.


“What happened to your friends? How many were you?” Jack asked.


“We were four and all of my friends were killed by those dogs on the desert.” Smith said. “You can’t imagine what I had been through. This place is a hell. After I settled here I saw many survivors. I told them to stay here but they all wander away and as far as I know most were taken by the darkness.” Smith said.


“We hope that there will be a portal that leads to Earth somewhere here. Do you know anything about that?” Jack asked. Clare stared at Smith for his answer.


“I don’t think there is a portal to earth. I had been in most of the places here. First I also thought about such a portal but my searches ended in vain. My experience in this land says this is the most secure place among these lands.” Smith cleared his throat. “Apart from occasional visit by wolves this place is devoid of enemies. Your best bet for staying alive is this place. You can stay here if you want. This tower is very secure.”


“Sorry. We are not planning to stay here. We will leave first thing in the morning. And we strongly believe in the existence of another portal.” Jack said.


“Too bad for you. It is your decision of course. Think again before proceeding. My door will be always open.” Smith said with a disappointment. “Okay then. Night is here. See you in the morning. I sleep early. So good night. Sleep tight.” Smith lie down on the floor beside the fire and closed his eyes.


“Good night.” Clare whispered and she too lie down beside the fire.


Jack looked outside through the small window. Outside is filled with pitch darkness. Jack lie down on the floor and thought about Jan.


There must be a portal somewhere here. And Jack is determined to find it. Jack slowly closed his eyes.


Time swiftly flowed.




“Ahh…God…Help me…”


Jack woke up hearing Clare’s scream. He looked at Clare. Suddenly he froze. Panic surged through him. Jack couldn’t believe what he is seeing.


In front of Jack lay Smith and Clare. Smith is on top of Clare and smith’s mouth is on Clare’s neck. Smith is sucking in blood from Clare. Clare’s body wriggled.

Chapter 25

2026 July 28, the Tower, Unknown Mountains


Jack immediately took a firewood in his hands and smashed it on Smith’s head. Smith’s hand loosened from Clare’s neck and he stumbled to a side.


“I underestimated your wounds.” Smith said while regaining his foot.


“Die you bitch!” Jack swung the firewood again.


This time Smith blocked the attack using his hand. Jack swung again and this time Smith caught the firewood and stood up. Jack tried to pull back the piece of wood but Smith wrapped his fingers firmly across it. Smith then went near Jack and launched a powerful fist on Jack’s stomach. Jack immediately let the wood fall from his hands but the wood didn’t drop because its one end is in Smith’s hand. Smith without wasting any time swung the wood and it hit Jack in his head. Jack fell on the floor a few feet away after a short flight in the air.


Jack stood up and coughed blood. Clare is still screaming with pain but her legs and arms seemed to have paralysed. Jack swayed from where he stood. Smith smiled and went near Jack and kicked at Jack’s stomach. Jack screamed in pain and then Jack fell down. Jack crawled through the floor towards the fire. Smith followed him and when he reach near Jack, Smith crouched down and caught Jack by his neck. Smith lifted Jack in the air and hit Jack’s stomach using his free hand.


“Ahh…” Jack screamed.


Smith then opened his mouth showing a newly arrived sharp teeth. Smith let Jack freely stood up and he caught firmly in his neck then he moved his mouth toward Jack’s bare skin on the neck but before Smith could lay his teeth on Jack’s skin, Jack took his knife from his waist line using the free hand and stabbed Smith’s chest. Blood immediately pour out of the wound.


Smith stared at Jack’s face and fell on his knees. He took all his might and pull out the knife from his chest. Once he is done he dropped the knife and pressed his hand firmly on his chest to stop the bleeding but blood pour out like a stream of water.


Jack didn’t look for Smith to regain his feet. He took a flaming firewood from the fire and swung at Smith’s head.




Firewood hit directly at Smith’s head. Jack swung again and again until Smith’s head reduced to a pulp. Smith’s head broke and blood and brain matter flow out uncontrollably Finally Smith went down without making a sound for never to rise again.


It seems that Clare stopped screaming. Jack panted heavily and then stood up. He went near Clare and examined her situation. It seems that Clare’s eye have become vacant just like James’. Jack didn’t become surprised at what might have really happened to James. Clare is still breathing steadily but blood is still pouring out of Clare’s neck. Jack took off his shirt and pressed it firmly across Clare’s neck but shirt immediately became drenched in blood.


A moment later Clare’s head fell freely to the side and Clare stopped breathing. Jack looked for a pulse but found none. Jack stood up.


It is better that she is dead. Better than James’ situation.


Daylight starts to sweep inside the small room through the small window. Jack sighed deeply. He needs to move on. No time to mourn for the dead. He needs to find his way out. Jack took the knife from the floor and cleared the blood stain from it using the hem of Smith’s shirt and he put it firmly in his waist line. Jack stood up.


Poor Clare. Today another life lost to this mysterious place. How many more will be in the coming days? Jack left the room and slowly exited the tower. Jack paced forward through the snow covered landscape beyond the tower. He don’t know what he will find in the coming days but it can’t be good.


Jack moved forward.

Part 5: Alone Again

Chapter 26

2026 July 28, Unknown Mountains


Jack shuddered in the freezing wind. It’s been hours since he started from the tower. Today he lost a friend. Alone again, Jack paced towards nowhere. He don’t know where his feet will take him. There is lot of snow lands before him and Jack hope that there will be a sanctuary among this places.


No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake off the image of Clare and Smith. What kind of thing is Smith? Smith actually sucked in Clare’s blood, he was in fact feeding on her. Is he a vampire like in the tales? As far as he is concerned there is no surprise if he is actually a vampire but the knife actually did the job well. He couldn’t imagine what happen if Smith actually healed from the wounds.


Clare was a good friend. Jack couldn’t think if she actually become like James have. James is actually a dead body, only that he breaths. What good is a body if it can’t do normal human things?


Smith must have kept James to feed on him in later time. What puzzles is Smith said he underestimated Jack’s wound. He must have picked poor Clare first because he hasn’t seen Jack as much of a threat. Thanks to that girl Jack now breaths.


All Smith had said must be a lie to stop Jack and Clare from leaving his lair so that he could feed on them. Smith is dead, no need to worry about him but what if there is more things like Smith in human form? Jack needs to be alerted now. No one in these land could be trusted even if they appear to be human. May be Smith was a devil in human form.


The path in front of Jack is winding along a small hill and it assumed to be leading to a sanctuary. Jack walked along the hilly path and once he reached the edge he looked below. Below Jack could see a forest covered in snow. The land before him is in fact filled with trees. A chilling wind howled past Jack. Jack shivered and he rubbed his palms together to get heat.


Jack climbed down the small hill and walked forward through the narrow path before him. Sunlight is very dim in these parts and a small layer of mist covered on top of the forest canopy. Fortunately snow isn’t falling but Jack couldn’t help from shivering in the cold wind.


Jack wondered how this narrow path he is walking had formed. It must be formed due to the travel of animals or humans for a very long time. In the narrow path snow layer is very thin and small grasses projected out of the snow marking the narrow path’s edges. Jack then wondered how come snow haven’t fallen in the path thickly.


From a distance Jack heard pleasant chirping of birds. Then Jack saw the birds on the branches of the trees. There is a pack of birds, about hundreds, on the branches. All are chirping loudly at Jack like they are welcoming Jack to their home. The white coloured wings and red coloured underbelly of the birds is marvellous.


Jack thought how come these birds survived this icy cold weather of the mountains. Then Jack found the reason for it.


In a distance Jack saw what appeared to be green coloured grass lands with trees free of snow marking the entryway. Jack stepped into the green valley field entirely devoid of snow.


In front of Jack lay miles and miles of grass, as far as his eyes could see.

Chapter 27

2026 July 28, Unknown Grass Lands


The green grass land is beyond what is explainable by words. It is actually marvellous. Jack stared at the land before him for some time. A stream flowed through the land in a distance. Jack walked toward the stream and watched the fishes energetically swimming in the water. The stream is very shallow and water level will be about the height of Jack’s waist line.


Jack unwrapped the cloth from his right hand and crouched down on the grass. Jack put his right hand in the water and allowed the flowing water to wash away the blood stain.


“Ahh…” A slight pain surged though his hand.


Jack immediately take out his hand from the water and wipe away the remnants of the water using the small piece of cloth that he used to cover his head during the snow fall.


“Ahh…” Again pain sliced through his nervous system as he touched the wound.


Jack tore the hem of his shirt like Clare did after the attack of the wolf and he wrapped the small piece of cloth around the wounded part. He needs to apply some medicine or he might catch infection especially since it is a bite wound. That wolf may have carried diseases.


Jack stood up and walked along the edges of the stream. His stomach began to growl. Jack massaged his stomach using his hand and thought about food. He needs to find something to eat now. In the distance Jack could see deer grazing through the grass.


Jack thought about how delicious will be the deer meat. Jack looked inside his bag and took out the last water bottle in his hand. Jack drank some and put the bottle back in the bag. Now he needs to devise a plan to capture one deer to extinguish his hunger.


Jack looked around for anything that can be used as a weapon. Then the brightest idea came to his mind.


I could make a spear!


Jack walked toward a tree with long straight branches and he spotted just what he wanted – a long straight thick branch. Jack chop down the branch using his knife and he spend the next several valuable minutes polishing the branch into a spear. After some time the one end sharpened spear is now ready. Now what he need to do is test it.


Jack stood up and looked at the long grass land. Jack stood in formation to throw the spear and after a moment he threw the spear. The spear cut through the air at high speed like a javelin and it hit the ground hard. The spear’s head pierced the ground and rest of its body projected out of the ground. A successful test.


Jack walked near the spear and he retrieved it from the ground. Jack then stared at a small deer. Like he had done before, Jack stood in formation and threw the spear at the deer. The spear propelled forward and hit the ground just missing the target. The target deer quickly ran away.


Jack again retrieved the spear and looked around for a deer. Then he found one near a tree. Jack threw the spear at the deer and this time the spear found its mark. The deer on hitting the ground screamed helplessly at high pitch sound. Jack quickly ran toward the fallen deer and when he reached near the deer he took out his knife and shoved it deeper in to the deer’s neck. A clean kill!


Jack quickly set up a fire near a tree using the dry stick he have collected after the kill and the match box he had found inside the ship Harmony. Jack then put the body of the small deer on top of the fire. After sometime the pleasant smell of cooked flesh hit his nose. Jack after removing the skin cut out a piece of meat and ate it.


Jack finally filled his stomach and he also threw some cooked meat inside his bag for later use. Jack stood up and after extinguishing the fire started towards the long grass land. After about an hour of walk he spotted it. A tower like the one he encountered in the mountain! It is about a mile away but Jack could clearly see it.


Jack hoped for the good and started towards the tower.

Chapter 28

2026 July 28, Unknown Grass Lands


Based on the position of the sun it is noon now. Even though sun is highest in the sky, its heat is tolerable. The pink sky is filled with silver clouds. The sky is clearly visible now, clear as water apart from the clouds.


Jack looked carefully at a cloud which is in the form of a horse. Jack stared at the cloud for some time during walking. There is nothing in front of him which blocks his way so no need to worry about walking when watching the sky. Suddenly the horse galloped into another cloud and the cloud exploded creating two horses. A mesmerising event. Jack looked at the tower and increased his pace.


Jack had seen clouds in various shapes when he is back on earth, but not like this.


The grass land is in fact is in the form of a very large field, of course there are depressions and elevations. The edges of the grass land are marked by large tress filled with green leaves. Trees are home to hundreds of birds all chirping happily, at least that’s what Jack thought. Jack don’t know what kind of tree it is because he couldn’t remember seeing one of those back on earth. The leaves are big and one leaf is larger than the palm of his hand.


The tower is far away and is inside a tree filled place. That much is clearer from his position but what might be lurking in those woods is unclear. There may be monsters like Smith there. Did survivors of Harmony took this path? He is dying to see a human now. Jack wished Clare was with him.


That bastard Smith.


Jack is also dying to see Jan. Although it was a few days, Jack felt it like an eternity.


Jack stopped couple of times to drink water and few times he ate the deer meat. Jack then walked toward the tower. The tower is completely visible now, of course its base is hidden due to the forest. Apart from the previous tower this tower seemed to have glass windows since some part of the tower shined in the sunlight. This tower is also in the form of a cone. Who would have built these amazing structures? It’s still a mystery.


Jack hope there won’t be any monsters. Jack finally reached near the forest. He carefully entered inside the forest and moved forward. In the distance through the woods Jack could see the base of the tower. The canopy of the trees completely hid the skies. It seems that evening is near.


Jack pushed back the thick jungle shrubs and moved forward. The tower is couple of feet away now. Then he saw the unthinkable. There are creatures walking through the yard of the tower and these creatures are like the aliens in the movie Indiana Johns and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull only that these creatures have elongated ears projecting above head level like horns. Then Jack also see the unimaginable thing. There are also humans in cloths walking through the yard there and there. Jack felt his world spinning around him.

Chapter 29

2026 July 28, the Tower, Unknown Grass Lands


Jack walked a little farther into the forest so that he could see the whole of the yard of the tower clearly. Jack carefully stared at the humans and the aliens. They all are discussing things one another. Jack of course can’t hear them.


Then Jack saw two platforms made of bricks at the centre of the yard. There is some kind of glass thing on both of the platforms. Light is continuously coming out of the glass things. The glass thing is like a circular thing. Jack watched carefully at the glass things.


Then he saw that in one platform aliens are entering into the thin glass thing from one end and humans are exiting the glass thing from the other end. It is like aliens have vanished into thin air and humans have appeared exactly the same way. Jack couldn’t believe all this.


Jack looked at the other platform. In this platform humans are entering and nothing is coming out of the other side. It’s like humans are vanishing into thin air. Then Jack saw that there is a picture of earth on top of the glass thing. That must be a portal to earth and first platform is for converting aliens to humans. They may be thinking about a hostile takeover on planet Earth. That thought send a fresh wave of panic into Jack’s head. Jack’s leg began to tremble.


Jack decides to enter the yard and run for the portal but then he is stopped by a scream of a young woman. Jack looked carefully at the entrance of the tower from which the scream is coming from. It looks like a human thing is dragging a woman to the yard. When they reached the yard the man threw her in to the yard. She fell hard and she pleaded to let her go.


Then another man went near the woman and he lifted her in his hand by her neck. Then the man opened his mouth and bit on her neck. He didn’t release her for some time. It seems that he is feeding on her blood like Smith have done back at the tower. Panic began to surge through all over Jack’s body. He don’t know what to do. He wanted to run away from the place but what will he gain in doing so? Jan is waiting for him back on earth. He needs to get back to earth.


The man released the woman and she fell on the ground unconscious. Her skin have become pale due to excessive loss of blood.


Jack thought hard for a way to enter the portal even though he don’t know where it will take him. Then he decides to test his luck. Jack discarded his bag and exited the forest. Jack then walked directly to where the portal is situated. Suddenly a human thing stopped Jack.


“Where have you gone to?” The man asked.


Jack don’t know what to say. It seems that these things can’t detect human presence.


“I went to pee.” Jack finally said.


“Oh, that human body have begun to work right?” The man asked smiling.


“I guess so.” Jack hardly smiled.


The man wander away smiling. Jack sighed deeply. He tried his best to not to give them a chance to suspect. Jack walked to the portal. There is a long line of human things who are going to earth. Jack stood last in the line.


A human thing wearing a hat came near the portal and walked along the human line looking at everyone’s face. He stopped exactly beside Jack. He looked carefully at Jack.


“I didn’t see you in the class. Did you finish your training class?” The man asked.


Jack don’t know what to say. Jack stood there motionless silently.


“Why are you not speaking? Are you a kid?” The man asked.


Jack thought for a moment then nodded.


“Damn kids. Come with me. You need to finish your class.” The man led Jack inside the tower.


The man stopped inside a room and he ordered Jack to sit on the floor. Jack obeyed. Jack sat among a few other human things. A big old man is taking a class. The man who led Jack left the scene.


Jack tried his best to be courageous.


“Okay class. As I said before you must never ever wander off from your lair. Also when you bite your victim for the first time make it quick. Remember all your teeth must sink directly in to the neck. Rest happen naturally. Suck hard and never allow your victim to regain their feet. Once you caught your victim you must never ever free them.” The teacher said.


The teacher taught a few other special techniques to become a human. After about an hour of survival class he dismissed the class. Students immediately exited the class room and went to the portal.


Evening is here now. Jack followed the students to the portal and all stood in line to enter the portal. Jack waited about half an hour and then his turn came. Jack walked inside the portal thinking about Jan.

Chapter 30

2026 July 28, Unknown Location, Earth


Jack stepped into the transparent glassy portal. He felt the portal wall all over his body. Entering the portal is like submerging in water. Jack closed his eyes due to high intensity of light. Suddenly the red colour in his eye due to the light disappeared and darkness crept in. Jack slowly opened his eyes. To his surprise he is now standing inside a dark room. The portal is nowhere to be seen. Jack moved forward and tried his best to not to stumble.


Jack saw light sweeping in from a partially opened doorway. Jack can also see silhouette of men and women in the room. Jack walked toward the door. A little fear is in him but he tried not to express it. When he reached the door, Jack widened the door and stepped into a room lighted by electric bulbs.


Jack suddenly felt his energy draining away. He stumbled backward. Quickly a pair of hands broke his fall and helped Jack to stand firm.


“Hey buddy, are you all right?” The unknown voice asked. “The portal is like that. It drains your energy. Here drink this.” The man gave Jack a glass full of red liquid.


Jack’s eye adjusted to the light and Jack slowly sipped in the liquid. It tastes like copper.


“What is this?” Jack asked.


“Can’t you guess? It’s for we are here in the first place. Did you forget that?” The man asked.


Jack suddenly have an urge to spit it out but in doing so will blew his cover. Jack gulped the liquid which Jack recognised as blood – human blood.


“I think I am good. And by the way I will find it myself. There must be millions of humans outside.” Jack said hiding his fear and gave the rest of the blood to the man.


The man smiled and walked away. Jack moved forward through the crowd in search for an exit door. Then he found it in a corner. Jack walked toward the exit door. People watched Jack’s movement but said nothing. Jack finally reached the exit door and stepped outside.


Jack was welcomed by what is left of the daylight. Evening sun can be seen in the horizon and it appeared that Jack is near a river. Jack walked along the dark road. Now Jack don’t know who to trust. There must be thousands of creatures on earth all here to drink human blood. Where will he go? Where exactly is he? Jack found a hotel and walked towards it. Then Jack realized that the human things didn’t ask about the wound in his hand. They must have seen his palm wrapped in cloth. He need to go somewhere fast before they realize their mistake.

Part 6: Back Home

Chapter 31

2026 July 28, Unknown Location, Earth


Jack gave all the money in his pocket to the hotel staff for a single room. As far as he know he is in United States because the money they are using is United States’ dollar. The hotel staffs have thought that he is a tourist so no bad things happened for now.


Jack slowly climbed the stairs to the second level where his room 204 awaits for him. Jack wasted about fifteen minutes looking for his room but finally he found it in the north east corner of the hotel. The hotel is actually in the form of an inverted U and it is three stories high. So lot of room to check.


Jack opened the door to his room and got inside and he closed the door behind him. As soon as he is in the bedroom Jack ran for the phone but it was out of service – dead for short.


Jack paced to and fro several times through the room thinking for a way out of this mess. He don’t know what to do. This town may be mostly filled with those vampire creatures. How is he going to find his way home? How is he going to make sure that the people to whom he is going to ask for direction isn’t a vampire creature? How can he move under their radar? A head ache pierced through Jack’s head because of over thinking.


Did they realize that Jack is an imposter? If they did their next meal will be him. The thought send a chill through his legs. Tears of fear oozed down through Jack’s cheek.


Suddenly a knock on the door shifted Jack’s attention. Jack went near the door and looked outside through the small glass covered peek hole on the door. Jack suddenly stumbled back. He saw eyes of someone outside. The person outside was also looking through the hole.


Jack opened the door fearfully and peeked outside.


“Hello. I am Rooney. I saw you leaving our complex a little while ago. Do you remember me? I was behind you in the line when you stepped inside the portal back at Gamorphia.” The man said.


“Oh! I remember now.” Jack said after thinking.


“Well, can I come in?” Rooney asked.


“Oh yes. Come on in.” Jack said.


What are you thinking Jack? He would know you’re an imposter.


“So where did you get money for a hotel room?” Rooney asked.


“Oh! I stole someone’s wallet.” Jack said.


“You’re a funny guys, did someone told you that? I watched all your movement. First I thought you’re going to capture someone. You disappointed me.” Rooney said.


“I got here for a change. I hated life in Ga…Morphia.” Jack said.


Rooney for a moment stared at Jack.


“You’re a completely weird guy.” Rooney said.


“So why are you here again?” Jack asked.


“I just thought we could be friends. May be make a pact together.” Rooney said.


“Sorry man but I work alone. And you need to go away, my meal will be here in any seconds.” Jack said desperately wanted Rooney out of here.


“I guess it will be the waitress.” Rooney said.


“Something like that.” Jack said.


“Okay…I will leave you then.” Rooney massaged the back of his head and walked outside the room.


Jack quickly closed the door and sat on the floor with his back facing the door. Jack breathed heavily. He really need to get out of here.

Chapter 32

2026 July 28, Unknown Location, Earth


Jack didn’t thought twice. He broke the back window in the room and got outside. Jack stood on the edge of the roof and looked for a way to the ground and then he just found it – a fire escape ladder. Jack climbed down through the ladder and landed on the ground.


He heard the door of his room bursting open but Jack didn’t wait to see what it is. It must be that Rooney. Jack sprinted away from the hotel. A wall separated the back of the hotel from the road. Jack quickly climbed the wall and within seconds he is on the road running. The night is almost upon earth. Darkness slowly crept through the land.


It appear that this road leads to another town because Jack can see buildings far away. There is no buildings in this road and its sides are filled with trees. Jack can see a river flowing along his right side.


Suddenly something hit Jack’s legs hard and Jack stumbled forward and fell down. A pain shot up through his legs.


“Oh hell.” Jack muttered.


Jack looked on the road for the thing which hit his leg. Then he found it. It was a wooden piece. Then he saw him – Rooney, jumping to the road from the top of the side wall. Rooney walked toward Jack.


“You’re a human, aren’t you? I knew something was off about you the moment I saw that wound on your hand but by the time I came, you were gone through the portal. It took me a while to find you.” Rooney said.


Jack didn’t said anything. He was too shocked to say anything.


“I admit that you have some guts to enter inside our portal though our land, but not for long.” Rooney came near Jack and he lifted Jack from the ground by holding his shoulder cloth.


Rooney opened his mouth showing the shining teeth.


“God speed man.” Rooney said.


But before Rooney have a chance to bite him, Jack drew his knife from his waist line and pressed it through Rooney’s heart.


“Ahh…” Within seconds blood oozed through Rooney’s mouth and his hands on Jack’s shoulders eased.


“You guys always underestimate me. How do you feel now bitch?” Jack twisted his knife and immediately drew it back.


Rooney dropped dead.


Jack lost in thoughts for a moment. He is on earth now and he have killed a person. Who would believe his story? He have no proof against these creatures. He is surely going to Jail but Jail is better than this place.


Run Jack. Run.


Jack bolted up and ran away from the seen. He haven’t ran like this before. After about half an hour of running Jack reached the next town. He was welcomed by the glowing city in the night. Vehicles rushed through the roads, people walking through the streets, normal again. Jack sighed deeply.

Chapter 33

2026 July 28, Boston


Jack quickly got inside a cab.


“Hai. Where do you want to go?” The cab driver asked.


“Well where am I now?” Jack asked.


“You’re in Boston man.” The cab driver said.


“I need to go to Green Valley in New York.” Jack said.


“That’s a long way man. Do you have money for that journey? You surely looks like some beggar.” The cab driver said.


“I will give you the money when we get there. Now can we leave please?” Jack asked.


“Whatever you say man.” Cab driver switched on the meter and started the cab.


Within seconds the cab rushed through the dark road. Jack sit back and sighed deeply. Driver looked at Jack through the rear view mirror and then returned his gaze back on the road.


“You look like running away from someone. Tough day ha?” Driver asked.


“You could say that.” Jack said.


The cab passed gigantic buildings and entered into a lonely road. Jack looked at the passed town through the back window and thought about all the things happened. Then he thought about Jan who is home alone looking for Jack’s arrival.


Suddenly the cab stopped in the middle of nowhere.


“Why are we stopped?” Jack asked.


Driver didn’t answer Jack, instead said “You know, there is only one nightmare in these lands and you’re surely running away from it. I guess you’re from Gamorphia.”


“Didn’t ring a bell.” Jack’s right hand felt the knife on his waist line.


Panic clearly is surging through Jack. The cab driver turned toward Jack putting him arms toward Jack.


“Anyway, you can’t escape from me.” Driver grinned and jumped at Jack, who is in the back seat, from the front seat opening his mouth wide.


But instead of landing on top of Jack the driver landed on Jack’s knife. Blood pour out of the driver’s stomach.


“You can’t guess what a man in panic do. Also why are you guys always running into my knife?” Jack asked.


Jack pushed back the driver’s body and somehow got outside. He then pulled the driver’s body outside on the road and closed the back doors. Jack got inside the front and pressed his leg on the accelerator. The cab rushed forward.

Chapter 34

2026 July 28, Boston


GPS screen showed that Jack is about fifty miles away from New York. Jack accelerated the cab and the cab rushed through the road. Outside rain started to fall. Jack switched on the wipers and they moved to and fro through the front glass.


Jack thought about Bermuda triangle and his journey through the land named Gamorphia. What an odd name? Is Bermuda triangle natural? And where will be this Gamorphia? Is it on Earth or is it on another planet? Jack went to Bermuda triangle for answers and instead of that he now got a loads of mysterious questions.


Jack still couldn’t believe that he have escaped from the harsh place where Bermuda triangle dumped him. He still haven’t found the survivors of the ship Harmony. Chances are they must have captured by those alien scums because the girl he saw on the tower who was killed by them must be a survivor.


Jack then thought about Clare. That poor girl deserved to live. She must had many dreams about her future all of which are destroyed by that bitch Smith. Jack grind his teeth when thinking about Smith.


Cab entered in to a wooden landscape. Pine trees are on both sides of the road and the clock on the cab showed that it is 8:30 PM.


Time flowed quickly. Jack’s eyelids got heavy. Jack pulled over the car to the side of the road and cut off the engine. Silence greeted him. Only sound of rain can be heard. Jack checked whether all the doors are locked. Once satisfied Jack looked at the clock. It is well past 11:00 PM. Jack slowly closed his eyes. Now what he need is some sleep if he do want to reach his home alive.




Jack looked nervously around him. He is in a pure white room and Jack could see a wooden door on the far side of the wall. Suddenly the door opened and a dark misty thing entered inside the room. Jack tried to move but he is paralysed and only his eyes are moving. The dark thing caught Jack by his leg and dragged him through the floor.


Jack wanted to scream but his lips won’t move. The dark thing dragged Jack through the dark into a darker place. Jack is surrounded by darkness. The thing is still holding Jack tight. Within minutes Jack became submerged in the darkness.


Suddenly Jack opened his eyes and found himself drenched in his sweat. A nightmare!


Jack looked at the clock. It’s past 5:00 AM now. Jack sat up behind the wheel and started the engine. Within seconds he is back on the road rushing past the wooden landscape cutting through the rainy air.

Chapter 35

2026 July 29, New York


Jack reached New York at 9:30 AM. Vehicles are rushing through the roads in all directions. Jack felt happy after a very long time. Relief washed over him. Minutes later Jack pulled over the car near his house in Green Valley.


Jack exited the car and ran for his house. Jack stood before his house with excitement that cannot be hidden. Jack slowly moved towards the front wall and he pressed the switch for the bell. The sound of bell reverberated through the house. A moment later Jan opened the door.


“Jack? Oh my god. Jack?” Jan jumped in to Jack’s hands and she wrapped her hands around him.


Jack quickly claimed her lips and they both kissed for a long time like an eternity. Jan then stood up straightening her skirt.


“Come on. Let’s get you inside.” Jan led Jack inside the house and she closed the door behind her.


Tears fell out of Jan’s eyes but she wiped away the tears without showing it to Jack. Jack don’t know what to say. Seeing Jan, alone made him happy.


“How did you get out of that hellish triangle? I have been mourning all day. Do you know that there is no place I haven’t been in for help to find you?” Jan asked.


“I knew you wouldn’t give up on me. After all I have made a promise to get back, haven’t I?” Jack asked.


“I want to know everything Jack.” Jan said.


“I can’t trust no one. I only trust you. Our world is in grave danger Jan. You don’t know what I have been through.” Jack said.


“You know what? Save it. I don’t want to hear about any bullshit about the world. Sit here I am making pizza. I will get you some.” Jan said and she went inside the kitchen.


Jack took the water bottle from the table and drank some. Then he walked toward the TV. Suddenly a pain shot up through Jack’s head. His eyes gone blank. Jack stumbled forward and fell down. Someone hit him using something.


Jack massaged his head and tried to open his eyes. He felt some one lifting him by holding in his shoulders. Jack slowly opened his eyes and he couldn’t believe what he is seeing. Jan have lifted him from the floor. It is Jan who hit him.


“Jan? Honey?” Jack said.


Tears fell down from his eyes.


“Oh honey, your honey have gone long ago. Sorry honey.” Jan grinned.


Then Jan opened her mouth showing the shiny teeth. Jack quickly kicked Jan thing’s stomach and fell down from her hands. Jan thing pressed her hands against the stomach to get relieve from pain. Jack somehow regained his footing and ran for the door. Jan thing suddenly jumped and caught Jack’s legs and he fell down. Jack kicked at Jan thing’s head several times and regained his footing. He opened the door and ran outside. Jan thing also regained her footing and screeched and ran for Jack.


Suddenly a gunshot erupted and something fell down behind Jack with a loud thud. Jack stopped running and looked behind. Behind him lay Jan thing with a wide hole on her head. Tears fell down uncontrollably from his eyes.


Then two black SUV stopped near Jack’s house and men in black dress and with assault rifles came outside. Far away from the roof of a building a man with sniper rifle climbed down. Jack don’t know what to say or what to do. He stayed there motionless.


A man in black dress came near Jack. Jack’s face got filled with fear.


“You’re in good hands Jack. No need to worry.” The man patted Jack’s shoulder.


“My wife?” Jack began to cry.


“Your wife is safe with us. What you saw was an imposter. Come with us. We will fill you up with information.” The man said.


Jack stopped crying and a little hope brightened up in Jack’s face. “But how do you knew?”


“We have been watching you and your family for days Jack.” The man said.


2026 July 29, NASA Headquarters


The black SUV stopped in front of NASA headquarters. Jack and the men in black suits exited the SUV and walked toward the entrance. Jack got inside the facility and welcomed by Jan who was sitting in a chair. As soon as she saw Jack she ran towards him and wrapped her hands around him. They both exchanged kisses like they haven’t seen each other for years.


“Honey, you’re okay right?” Jan asked.


“I am fine honey.” Jack said wiping away the tears of joy from his cheek.


“Jack, come on inside. We have lot to discuss.” A man Jack have seen days earlier, before he went to Bermuda triangle said.


The man led Jack inside a conference room. Jack and Jan sat beside each other holding their hands.


The man straightened his black tie. “Jack, I don’t know where to begin this. So you may have lot of questions.”


“Okay.” Jack said.


“We have known about the aliens you have encountered for some time. As far as we know Bermuda triangle is a small part of the bigger puzzle. And the triangle is a natural portal to the planet Gamorphia.” The man said.


“Planet?” Jack asked confused.


“Yes. Planet. This is the part that gets interesting. It’s the one planet in our solar system nobody knows about. And the interesting thing is this planet is in our planet’s orbit.” The man said.


“What?” Jack asked excited to know more.


“Yes. Believe it or not this planet orbits around sun in planet earth’s orbit. We can’t see it because it is directly behind the sun. It have same speed of rotation as of earth. It’s in every way similar to earth, but it has no moons.” The man said.


“That’s amazing. Then how did you found it?” Jack asked.


Jan stared at the man, who is telling all this stuffs, with her own excitement.


“Last year we send a special satellite. Note that it is not exactly a satellite. It is more like an artificial planet but small. It orbit around sun between Earth and Venus. We worked two whole years on this project before sending it. We call this project as project Omega. Earlier this year, Omega satellite send us amazing pictures of planet Gamorphia.” The man said.


“So how did you knew the planet’s name?” Jack asked.


“We interrogated some aliens of course.” The man said.


“What puzzles me is how did you knew I encountered those aliens? You never been with me.” Jack asked.


“Well Jack, do you remember the thing we injected into your blood stream before you went to the triangle?” The man asked.


“Yes.” Jack said.


“It was part of project Omega. We call it Eye of Omega. It is a biological camera which will take form in your brain once it is in your blood. It is completely biological so it will not be affected by electromagnetic waves. It link with your eye and send all you see and your location to us.” The man said.


“So how did you save Jan?” Jack asked.


“As soon as you went to the triangle we have been watching your house. We saw those aliens kidnapping your wife and installing the imposter. We killed them and retrieved Jan on their way to Bermuda. We didn’t do anything to the imposter because we wanted to know everything it do.” The man paused and cleared his throat. “Thanks to you we saw everything we need to know about them. You see Jack, we are on the verge of a war. They are planning something big and we can’t just sit around here doing nothing. Sooner or later they are going to invade us.”


“So why did you kept this from me too?” A man with red tie asked.


“Because it is a secret project!”




The man with red tie walked outside and got inside his small sedan. He immediately took out his phone and dialled a number.


“They know everything about us. It’s time to begin our mission.” The man with red tie said.




Suddenly men with assault rifles surrounded the car. The man with red tie dropped his phone.


“Get out of the car slowly arms on back of your head.” One of the men shouted.


The man with red tie got outside the car and screeched showing his shiny teeth. Suddenly he dropped to the ground with a bullet wound in his head.




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Into the Triangle (Harmony) Into the Triangle (Harmony)