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What’s the Truth about Internet Marketing?

You have a goal, a dream. You wanted to start making money online with internet


You’ve heard about how amazing it is, and yes, IT IS that amazing. I’ve been doing this for 12 years now and I can honestly tel you that I’ve been so blessed to make a small fortune from this business.

There are many ways to make money online.

If you’re a newbie, the easiest would be affiliate marketing where you get a cut of commission by promoting someone else’s or a company’s product.

Now, this is not an affiliate marketing eBook, but it’s about how internet marketing is failing (But don’t worry, it’s not all gloomy. There’s always an opportunity in times of trouble). But in order for me to lead to that part, let me cover some things about affiliate marketing.

You can go to the websites below to find products to promote as an affiliate to earn commissions:

Amazon Associate Program – This allows you to promote Amazon.com’s products

ClickBank – Probably the biggest affiliate network for info-products

Commission Junction and LinkShare – Affiliate networks used by big companies

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Independent Affiliate Programs – There are many other websites that manage their own affiliate programs internally where you can join too.

So the technical steps to make money from an affiliate program are simply these:

Step #1: Market research to uncover the demand for a particular product.

Step #2: Find an affiliate program that is suitable.

Step #3: Further research the affiliate program to make sure it can convert well for you to make money and join it.

Step #4: Build a website and put content on it that’s related to the market or the product you’re promoting.

Step #5: Promote your website. This is where you’ll need to learn how to get traffic (free or paid traffic).

Now, assuming you’ve completed all of the 5 steps above, there’s still the possibility that you don’t make any sales because there are so many reasons why someone

may not want to buy. So whatever the effort, time and money you’ve put in, it will al go down the drain.

So some internet marketers started to become smarter when approaching affiliate


They no longer try to convert the traffic on their website to sales, but into


In our internet marketing world, we cal these subscribers as a “list”.

Because if they don’t buy, at least you can still capture them as “prospects” where you can follow up with them.

Marketers started building lists.

In order for them to do that, they’ll need:

1. To setup an opt in page

2. To come up with some kind of enticement for the visitors to want to subscribe

into the list

3. Learn about autoresponders like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp,

Ontraport, etc.

But it doesn’t ends there. The marketer must then learn the skills and knowledge of emailing marketing because the sales are only made when you’re able to send out

“convincing” emails to your list to buy.

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Then you’ll also need to learn about managing your list and that’s another whole story to begin with.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is the IDEAL method for internet marketing but let’s face it! [*How many newbies can actually do this? *]

I mean, if you’ve invested in some kind of “business in a box” program or system, I have no doubt this is doable. If not… if you’re going to this from scratch, what is the likelihood you’ll even reach second base?

You see, if you’re an experienced marketer, everything’s good.

But if you’re a newbie, doing internet marketing is actually not that easy.

It requires A LOT of hard work.

Truth be told…

Internet Marketing is failing.

Okay, perhaps, you may be able to “get started” or “setup”.

But the competition for promotion is *fierce. * Let’s say you’re competing with other affiliates for an upcoming affiliate program launch.

Just do a Google search and you’ll see there are hundreds of competitors, easily.

From Youtube videos to websites.

WHATEVER you’re doing, other affiliates are doing the same too. After al , most of them are trained in the same way.

In other words, assuming that you’re able to overcome the “getting started” phase, the promotion is another big phase you need to overcome.

And when you get the traffic, it still doesn’t mean people will buy.

So you may be thinking…

[_“It’ll be far better for me to promote my own product.” _]

Wrong. It’s actually a very bad decision, unless you’re a pro.

Here’s why…

If you’re already struggling to make sales for a great product that has been made to sell, how do you think you’ll do better with your own product?

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Because if you were to believe this, it means you’re suggesting that your product and the entire marketing system (the webpage, sales copy, email follow ups, etc) are

more supreme that the affiliate program’s product.

And besides, if you’ve just created a product and you’re expecting affiliates and JV

partners beating you to the doorstep to promote your product, unfortunately, you’ll be disappointed.

Every day there’s a product launch by an internet marketer. Furthermore, you’re

trying to compete with the Gurus who have been established for many years.

“So how did others do it?”

One word – *sacrifices. *

They are able to withstand all of the challenges, including having enough funds to see them through.

On average, that person should be able to withstand for at least 6 months with

ongoing internet marketing training.

Now of course, that’s not bad at all, seeing that 6 months is a relatively very short period of time for the reward you’re going to get.

It goes beyond this manuscript to teach you about mindset and attitude. But if you don’t want to fail, be prepared to strengthen your mindset and have the right attitude towards success. There are plenty of books to read or seminars to attend on this

topic, DO THAT for your own benefit.

You need every single ounce of positivity to see you through because the slightest negative thought will be ENOUGH to convince you to drop out.

Seriously. YOU NEED THAT.

“But If I Can Start, Why is Internet Marketing Still


First, 6 months is only a benchmark and also, I’ve stressed that 6 months may work for you if you’re getting *ongoing internet marketing training. *

With that said, it’s still failing for most marketers, even the pros.

Because the whole business is actually relying on a MAILING LIST!

If you take the time to evaluate, it’s _shocking. _

What if…

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Somehow, your email broadcast software doesn’t work anymore.

Or you’ve promoted too much to your list, they start abandoning you.

As much as there’s no reason that anything can happen, there are as many reasons

as to why SOMETHING can happen.

[*I believe the only way for an internet marketer to be self-sustaining is when *]

their list of subscribers are “willingly” referring more people to subscribe into the marketer’s list. DO YOU THINK YOUR LIST IS GOING OUT THERE TELLING


Why? Because that’s how a real business grows.

You buy an iPhone and you like it. Then you start telling your other friends about it.

You shopped at Amazon and if you feel happy with it, you’ll tell your friends to shop there too.

You watched a movie and loved it, so you tel your buddies to watch it too.

The fact is, you can’t truly grow if you’re only the person singing your own song.

Let’s face it! You only have 24 hours. If nobody’s building your list except for

yourself, by the time you’re building new subscribers, some older subscribers may be unsubscribing.

Is a Sale Enough?

Making a sale is great. Earning some money every month is marvellous. Who

wouldn’t love that! But if you have a family to take care, bil s to pay… you better come up with a better plan. A single product won’t make you rich or even give you stable income.

Frankly, I don’t have this problem. And you probably won’t have it as well if you have a sales funnel in place for your internet marketing business.

But if you’re peddling to just selling a single product with no backend or upsells, it’s going to be really tough.

Here’s how your sales funnel should look like, at bare minimum:

1. Entry Offers

You can call this front-end products if you wish. Basically, these are low cost

products like books or short courses. They should be sold for less than $10. They’re Copyright © Patric Chan | 6

good products where your customers will enjoy consuming the content of it but it’s not comprehensive.

2. Core Offers

These should be sold from $20 – $100. They are comprehensive programs, from A to

Z on a specific topic. So let’s say someone buys a book (an Entry Offer) called, “20

Ways to Make Money from Blogging”, your Core Offer could be a complete course

on how to launch a blog and promote it.

3. Fol ow Up Offers

Fol ow Up Offers are basically programs that are very specialized in their topics. For instance, a copywriting course that can be offered to someone who buys a course

about blogging (because they can improve the skill of writing on their blog). This copywriting course can also be sold to someone who just buys an Entry Offer about anything else that can be related to copywriting.

4. Premium Offers

These are high-end offers for those who need further training or solutions. For

instance, a Premium Offer to the blogging course could be a complete blog setup

and design for your customer. It can even be a 6-week coaching program with you

on how to grow their blogging business.

So if you have multiple product offers, you’re in good hands. Because not only can your customer buy more products from you, you have “multiple streams of income”

from sales funnels that are automated.

At the same time, you now know how I would say that internet marketing is failing.

How many marketers actually have this figured out and implemented in their


Scaling Problem

You see, when you get started with internet marketing, you get excited when you

make your first sale. Your first $100. Then your first $1,000.

But something happen along the way, and it’s a matter of time where you’ll hit the ceiling.

You’ll start to have problems scaling it higher.

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Anyway, if you really want to scale it, here are the 5 parts which are scalable: 1. Niche expansion

You can go wider and deeper for your existing market. Assuming, your list (if you ever manage to build one) is all about traffic.

So to go deep, you can expand to various traffic methods such as video marketing, Facebook ads, pay per click, SEO, blogging, viral marketing, etc.

Then go wider by teaching them other stuff related to traffic to complete internet marketing such as content creation, online branding, email marketing, copywriting, etc.

2. Offer

There are always more than one offer you can be promoting. There is always more

than one product which you can create.

3. Website

General y, the more websites you have, the more traffic channels you’ll be able to create.

4. Traffic

There are many traffic sources out there. Let’s say you’re able to promote your

internet marketing business using SEO, why not “scale” it up by either “doing more”

of the existing method or ponder on other traffic avenue too?

5. Conversion

The better you can improve your conversion, the better you can scale your business.

But dude…

How many newbies know how to scale?

And for the pros, how many of them are actually tracking and testing every time?

Again, this is why internet marketing is failing. Most marketers don’t even know their metrics at al . They’re just going with the flow.

A business that cannot fail is not a business. It’s a biz opp.

“It Sounds so Gloomy…”

Not really.

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Internet marketing is probably the best way to start creating a new stream of income.

And it’s likely the ideal option to start a business using the internet.

It’s low cost and it has a lot of leverages.

So it’s stil the finest choice you’ve made to start internet marketing.

But you need to know that the world of internet marketing is not as wonderful as how it has been painted for you to see.

Be prepare to invest your time and resources.

It requires TIME to nurture it. Because it’s internet, it doesn’t means you can start something from nothing and expect to make money in 48 hours.

The trick is, if you can hire a coach (if you can afford it) or get a “business in a box”

package to buy, grab it. That will accelerate your speed a lot. Saving on the minor money will give you deeper cuts into your finances. They call it, penny wise, and pound foolish.

Don’t get me wrong! You don’t need to hire me or buy my system. It could be


I’m only encouraging you to do that, especially if you are a newbie because I don’t want you to be part of “internet marketing failure”.

There are already many casualties in this business, you don’t need to add onto the numbers but instead, you need to inspire others than YOU CAN DO IT.

Internet marketing could be failing, you just don’t need to be that majority.

The first lesson is this:

You need to treat internet marketing as if you’re running a normal business. There are going to be costs involved so be prepared. It will need your attention during its infancy, just like any business.

The Blueprint

As you know, there’s no one magic pill to this business.

There is a lot of hard work and testing (but well worth it). But this can be shortened drastical y if you have some sort of blueprint to follow, especially one that has been proven.

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You need to start having a system to capture leads from the internet and fol ow up with them. Then have an incentive for them to help to build your list. The most

convenient incentive is probably money. Devise a way how they can get paid for

building your list.

Next, you should promote affiliate programs or someone else’s products because

that’s the EASIEST WAY to make money online. Forget about your ego for a

second. You can visit that later on when your bank account is filled up with cash.

But instead of promoting an affiliate program, you should consider looking for

products that pay you not just for lifetime, but continual y.

For instance, assuming you got someone to buy from Amazon.com and if he or she

continues to buy there, you’ll continue to get paid. That would make an amazing

passive income for you because they’ll continue to shop at Amazon.

But of course, this doesn’t exist. Amazon’s not going to do that for you. Nobody’s going to give you a piece of their profit FOREVER.

Last but not least…

You HAVE to learn *how to leverage. *

You’re already on the right path by choosing the internet as your platform because it’s the greatest leverage that I can think of.

I’m working on Project Passive Wealth where it’s going to give you an extreme

leverage to start internet marketing.

If you want to get onboard in advance, partnering with us, click the link below:


Your friend,

P.S: Do you want to make money by sharing this report? When you join us, I’ll be teaching you how – details at www.passivewealthmission.com

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