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Intelligence Briefing - GMJ Books

Intelligence Briefing – GMJ Books

By George M James

Copyright 2016 George M James

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously or adapted to suit the story. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. The information contained in this book is for general information purposes only and while we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to this book or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained in this book for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever.


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Author’s Note

I am the author of a series of counter terrorism books, written in fictionalised format for reasons which will be clear when you read them and also under a pseudo name, because it is needed for my own safety. The GMJ Books contain warnings on what is not known outside my world, and from GMJ 19, Code Name Bella Dawn, I included a 40 plus page briefing to explain the background of the Series. That briefing is now here, on its own, for you to read and it may be shocking to you. This is not the actual books, if you want to read them, go to my website and look around. Two books are always available free of charge, eBooks, that is, I cannot hand out printed books for free, I am sure you will understand.

These books are for those loving military history, espionage, romance, special forces and covert operations with a strong South African flavour but deals with international intrigue. The books are good reads, spell bounding and an eye opener in the world of counter terrorism. They are fast paced and historically correct, realistic, dealing with modern operations in southern Africa. The leading character is a woman, Angelique Dawson, and she is not about to stand back from the men, whatever they can do, she can do better and she is dangerous when provoked. The story is told by her star operator and future husband, Major Geoffrey Foxtrot, former Police Special Forces, assigned to her command from a secretive unit called the “Egg Breakers” and they have many adventures together. All the GMJ Books are based on actual events or highlights what happened in the past as a warning to the future. The tactics and spy craft described in them, are real enough for some books to be read as training manuals, especially Code Name Wrangler which deals with hostage rescues. If you wish to read about covert and Special Forces operations in Sub Saharan Africa, the GMJ Books are the place to start.

Kindly note that military code names have nothing in common with the actual operation taking place. It should not and it is silly to expect the name to mean anything or indicate anything in particular. Therefore, none of the GMJ Books have a name from which you can deduct the contents of the book and that is not by chance, it is written like that, it should be a hidden code, known only to those directly involved. Unlike many other espionage agencies, no computer generates the code names at random in the South African Secret Service. They do so themselves and see if someone can guess what it means, if so, it is changed immediately. I like this system; it is fool proof. As an example – I have seen them sit at a pizza shop, look around, and decide the (entirely innocent) waiter is called whatever, and that “whatever” becomes the new code name. Unless you are there, you would never guess and that is the essence of a good code name, never to guess accurately the intentions behind it. Sometimes they even had personal code names referring to the official code name, you just don’t know what they meant and it is never on a computer, they do things by hand, writing it down because of security reasons, not backwardness. It is extremely easy to safeguard a paper file and almost impossible to do so with those made of ones and zeroes as we had seen in recent history when a low level NSA employee like Edward Snowden can steal a memory disk of information and run away with it. The above is explained in most GMJ Books, they are written realistically, you will not find “Hollywood” crap in my books. It is no use to ask me which book to read first, they are all good reads, and they deal with various scenarios, if interested say in the role of drugs in warfare, read Code Name Green 41 and Code Name Celery 50. If interested in the South African Nuclear Weapons Program and lost nukes, read Code Name Angel, and so it continues, I like them all. Someone asked me, why do you write GMJ Books? Simple, I honour my late wife with the codes inside them, I honour God, there are no graphic sexual scenes or profanities in my books, and I have a message I want to be read. Of course, it is fun also.

Thank you for your interest in my books, it is appreciated. You will not, however find any GMJ book at iBook Stores, see this blog for the reason why I made the decision (http://georgemjames.weebly.com/george-m-james-blog/goodbye-ibook-stores) but I will let them be read in ePub format, just never be sold by iStores – it has to do with their refusal to help with the Bernardino court order they cannot be bothered to oblige. The books are also at CreateSpace available in paper format if you wish to read them like that. You are always welcome to contact me directly via my Contact Page or email address in every book, I enjoy speaking to readers and history lovers. If you like the GMJ Books, please take the time to write a good review online, it is the only way to spread the word on the messages they contain. Thank you.

George M James

I recently reread Bernard Fall’s book on Vietnam, Street Without Joy. Fall makes painfully clear that we had almost no understanding of what we had gotten ourselves into. I cannot help thinking that if President Kennedy or President Johnson had spent a quiet weekend at Camp David reading that perceptive book, they would have returned to the White House Monday morning and immediately started to figure out a way to extricate ourselves from the quicksand of Vietnam.” From Colin Powell’s 1995 autobiography, My American Journey


When you write a series of books with no end in sight, 27 thus far, you have to repeat at times what took place before and even in the future, depending on the story you are telling your readers. If you read my previous books this short briefing will not be news to you but we have to appreciate that not all readers read the other books yet and may be new to GMJ Books, if so, welcome, I hope you enjoy reading my books, most do and to most they are an eye opener in the murky world of counter terrorism. Since some readers may be new to GMJ, I decided to explain the GMJ background as a “briefing” since GMJ 19, Code Name Bella Dawn. Let me be clear that the books should be seen and read as a warning, and I know these books are studied by Chinese officials for obvious reasons. I also know most of my readers, good conservative folk, are American. I am not your enemy and never was, keep that in mind when you read of failures you should know about to learn from them. Nor am I a conspiracy theorist, I can prove what I write and I invite you to research what I say, you are also welcome to contact me, my details are at the end of this book.

The GMJ Books, it must be said from the beginning, are stand-alone books. You do not need to read all of them but I would like you to do so as there is so much fascinating military history & Special Forces tactics in them and they describe the great love story between the beautiful spymaster Angelique Dawson and Major Geoffrey Foxtrot, the narrator, and ex-Special Forces officer. Up to now this part was explained in chapter one of every book, interwoven in between the narratives and updated constantly.

I have to state that this part is not really fiction but taken from intelligence briefings given to very high ranking officials and is fundamentally what senior intelligence analysts, the smarter ones, are saying and it is not in the newspapers yet. Some authorities – they do “check” these books and I do have “tea” with them at times – call the GMJ Books “dangerous fiction,” whatever that means since I am not bound by any Secrecy Acts. I am often asked by readers how far the books are fiction and the answer is in several blogs – the latest one can be found here: http://georgemjames.weebly.com/george-m-james-blog/gmj-books-fact-or-fantasy. In short, the GMJ Books are based on reality, the history in them, the tactics used, the background are all for real. Why Southern and Sub Saharan Africa? I am an expert here in this field, so I feel comfortable writing in this sphere. If I mention a town, a river, a sand dune, you can go there and see the book playing off, it is all for real.

I believe it is important for you to know about the background events even if you don’t admire the GMJ Books which some told me border on “arrogance” and “disdain” for other forces. Some saw the books as an attack on the US in general, my word, shoot the messenger and be happy, and yet more started pointing out the numerical superiority the US has over South Africa in a conventional war (more about this aspect later). They miss the point here, and worse, they are wrong in saying such things, I deny such allegations with contempt. Actually, my books should be seen as cautionary, and secondly, the background is part of the storyline and always will be, it is what shaped the books and why I wrote them in the first place. I appreciate that what follows may be news to you and it is discussed in much more detail in the first GMJ Book, Code Name Vfo565 (which is not the first book in time, that would be GMJ 6, Code Name Foxtrot).

On this subject, rather oddly, I wrote the first five books in the future as in relation to this one or the rest except Code Name Devorah (GMJ 11) which is time wise, after Code Name Dawson of GMJ 5 ended. In a perfect world I would have started with Code Name Foxtrot (GMJ 6 taking place in 2004) and write them chronologically correctly but I did not and so it is. I am also surprised that the stories just kept coming and the positive response from most readers, thank you for that, it is appreciated. You are not bothering me by writing to me and my details are in every book as well as the website. I really have a desire for you to enjoy my books and for you to obtain a new appreciation for the counter terrorism trade, something I have decades of experience of in this theatre. In fact, many did say to me that the GMJ Books were an eye opener to them, well, that was the point, to give an alternative view than what you were exposed to until now. It is a sad fact that most of what I deal with in my books either comes true or rather is revealed a bit later, after the book came out. Is that by chance? I don’t know. I have access to information which others don’t and that is as far as I am willing to explain my books.

The main premise of the books, that the West is unable to launch official (that is via members of their Armed Forces i.e. US Navy SEALs or British Special Air Service to name the best known units, there are many more) raids or snatch operations into South Africa is very true. On why they would want to conduct such raids will be answered later and what I say now further must be read together, to see the pattern, they all work together. You cannot look at just a single source or event to form an opinion, you need to look for patterns, they are always present. Take my word, such an act of launching a snatch or killing raid would be seen as an “act of war” and probably start World War Three if the BRICS Nations (South Africa, Brazil, Russia, India and China) enter the fray. It is the same legal and moral legal principle as what would happen if Russian Spetsnatz Forces invade London to snatch a terrorist or try that in Orlando, Florida. There will be hell to pay and rightly so. The last time enemy saboteurs landed on US soil, by German Nazis during World War Two, most were executed by electric chair after being betrayed by their leader. This operation is discussed in some detail in a GMJ Book (there were two such landings, same results, we often look at history in these books).

The question arises then, what makes you think you can get away with landing Special Forces / spies on enemy territory today? The answer is simple, such official raids can only be taken against weak countries unable to retaliate (for example Somalia & Egypt). South Africa can retaliate – it has the means in their newish ultra-silent German built Type 209 submarines to do so. Historically, back in 2007 during “Exercise Amazolo,” the USS Normandy, FGS Spessart, HNLMS Evertsen, HMCS Toronto, HDMS Olfert Fischer and FRP Alvares Cabra were taking part in a joint naval exercise off the South African coast. Each one of these NATO warships was “sunk” by one such submarine, the SAS Manthatisi which often plays a fictitious role in our books. The above exercise is a fact you can research (as is everything else in my books) and the incident had major implications, something we also discuss quite often because it is important.

When the submarines and other equipment were bought in the late nineties, early 2000s, most South Africans moaned and groaned all the way on “money being wasted” and corruption (it happened – a lot of bribes were paid by the manufacturers) involved in the deal. But if you leave politics out of it – the new submarines are a game changer able to inflict serious loss, i.e. sink the carrier or the nuclear submarine from which such a Special Forces or conventional raid may be launched. This would be completely justifiable in a court of law; it is allowed under the rules of war. The German built Type 209 diesel-electric submarines are so quiet that they cannot be tracked by nuclear boats. Conversely, they can track nuclear attack and missile boats and they do, have no doubt, I saw the evidence. You would be foolish and racist to believe South Africa is “Africa & Third World” and hence “backwards” and not to be taken seriously as the NATO Squadron afterward claimed happened. They lied, they just could not find the SAS Manthatisi – in fact, submarines often get through in exercises, it is not uncommon. The NATO Squadron were all “sunk” as was the ship they tried to protect and they took the exercise seriously enough. Truth to be told, no surface vessel likes the idea of losing to a submarine. I can tell you, they would never hear the end of it, in every pub and every exercise the submariners of every navy, would remember the SAS Manthatisi and smirk about it. The surface fleet, obviously thinking submariners are revolting fellows, sneaky bastards, would groan – the dislike is entirely mutual.

South Africa had been operating submarines for decades, since 1969. The submarines are not for ceremonial use but operational and they started off with French made Daphne diesel-electrics, not the best submarine in history and that made them learn the trade the hard way. To make up for the aging technology they trained to world class standards. In this the South African Navy follows the Royal Navy “perisher” commanding officer’s course (considered the best in the world) and they know their own waters better than anyone else. This is where they train aggressively against each other and it is realistic training with submarines at times damaged in the process. No senior officer worries about that, it is expected from them, the submarine commanders, to press home their attacks all the time. In their small elite world you will find a lot of A-type personalities not willing to back down or away even one inch. I know some of the submarine skippers, we worked with them for years, they hate losing with a passion which is hard to believe. They consider themselves the real elite of the Fleet and piss on everyone else. They will do whatever it takes to gain the upper hand and they are professionals, they know what they are doing. Like with all elite military units, skin colour plays no role with them and never did. In training, outlook and tradition, as I often joke in GMJ Books, they are totally Royal Navy orientated. That is where they learned the tricks of the trade and typically South African, adapted with the years and introducing shenanigans only they understand. I say again, they know their own waters. You can bet your last penny on that they will attack if so ordered and no one knows where those submarines are once they dive.

According to reports I have, the Royal Navy tried twice to find the South African Type 209s and the Type 209s gained firing solutions on them first and kept it. This is like where a sniper has you in his sights – if he fires, you will wake up dead either in heaven or hell. There is no such thing as “surviving” a good sniper as one ancient female liberal apparently did in Bosnia in the 1990s. You know she misspoke a bit (we call it plain old lying in this country, we are direct people) when she said she was under sniper fire. I have to wonder, as a trained sniper myself, why she is still alive then, really, she should not be but then, she “misspoke.” Liberals often do such things and then wave a greasy hand stating it is fine, no problem, they are not really liars by nature, they, ahm, misspoke a bit, move on, and anyway “what does it matter now?”

The same type of sniper scenario takes place every day between submarines and it is not often that a nuclear attack submarine survives or will survive when it takes on an ultra-quiet diesel-electric boat. They will always be at a serious disadvantage in a place where noise will kill you as no nuclear boat is truly quiet, there is always noise generating from it. Nor does the diesel-electric have to surface for air every two days as during the Second World War, no, they can stay under water for weeks, technology made them a handful. And it gets worse, as Angelique Dawson stated flatly in Code Name Blue Tang, Code Name OST-M and in Code Name Casselberry – if an enemy submarine is tracked, and it flushes its torpedo tubes, or opens the torpedo tube doors or missile hatches at a depth from where it can launch, the South African Type 209s will shoot first. Will they hit? Almost certainly yes, and they will destroy what they hit, they have modern torpedoes and missiles on board. There are strong rumours of such an incident between SAS Manthatisi and a French nuclear attack boat where they came within seconds of shooting during an incident at (I scratched this out, Angelique). Sufficient to say, no enemy warship, spy ship or even squadron should feel safe close to wherever a South African Type 209 may be. This would play a huge role in later years, so much so that I reduced the threat (with the help of my mate Geelslang – the name means a Cape cobra snake, very much like him when riled, really dangerous, even when not riled) by sabotaging two Type 209s to such an extent that they are still not operational (Code Name Pour Angelique). This is not to say South Africa will sink the entire US Navy as one reader pointed out to me in a letter, rather silly in my view, and never meant to imply that. It simply means be aware, you will pay a price you don’t want to pay if you are found and counter attacked, it may well kick start World War Three. The lesson – be aware of the threat facing you, don’t simply dismiss everyone else because you are patriotic. Take note that you will suffer losses.

The way Special Forces operates, the Western & Eastern Block ones, is well known to us and hence we know how to counter them (see Code Name Casselberry where a US Navy SEAL Team came close in being annihilated). After all, we too have Special Forces, world class units. It is racism and a lack of knowledge which will make the average “arm chair general” in the USA and other places dismiss South African Special Forces just because they never heard of them before. Our Special Forces, both the Police and Army Units, were originally based on the British Special Air Service in Selection, outlook, training and operations but we developed further and were (they still are) rated with the best in the world. Go and research the word “Recce” on Google, you will be surprised what you find and talk to the Special Forces Community in your country, you will find massive respect for the South Africans. Our Selection failure rate was always way above that of the US Army’s Green Berets and almost never below 95% in failure rate – which is why I write “Selection” with a capital S, it is respect. With some Selections the failure rate was 100%, not one lad made it and they tried their best, they were dedicated men, not used to failure. The US Navy SEAL failure rate is on average 80% and the Green Berets, 65%, in my view, not good enough, too many men are allowed in. There is nothing elite in that. In my view, you simply cannot have that many men passing without eyebrows being lifted.

We rightly believed ourselves to be the chosen few who survived training and Selection few other men could or would even try. You had to be pretty special just to volunteer and no “Rambo” type would even pass the many psychological tests. The Army Medical people did some experiments with us. It is interesting enough for me to tell you about it – they found out that every Special Forces operator had the ability to suck in more air than most people, a lot more. They went so far as to test new recruits before Selection by making you breathe through an air pipe whilst cycling on a stationary bicycle contraption. By the amount of the air coming into your lungs, they knew and this was proven beyond any doubt, if you have the genes to make Selection or not. There is no shame if you don’t have such genes, mind-over-matter cannot, despite what Angelique believes, compensate totally for a lack of physical stamina during Selection and then operations. Those who had the magic genes were tested beyond what is seen as normal in other similar units and many failed, most in fact. You must have the body issued by God to start from and the ability to push through pain barriers with what can only be described as an absolute obsession in completing the mission. We don’t look kindly on losing and I would say fear it.

For the Army Special Forces Regiments (vastly bigger than us in the Police in manpower to choose from) the statistics were impressive and can be researched, 482 men were badged over forty years from 100 000 dedicated lads who tried Selection. This is a higher dropout rate by far than any of the more famous units which may be known to you and perhaps that is the real message in GMJ Books – do not underestimate that what you don’t know and do not believe the “OMG it is Patton or Montgomery” Brigade of which I write about often, much to the dismay of a few. I want to be clear on something, despite some nasty comments, unfortunate ones really, my books are not about who is the best, it is about horses for courses and in Africa you don’t get any better than the South Africans. They are highly respected even by the more famous units with whom they conduct training operations now and then but their tactics are virtually unknown, yes there are books available but they date back twenty plus years. Thus the premise that foreign Special Forces, except for a quick unexpected snatch raid, cannot operate in Sub Saharan Africa for any length of time is accepted fact in my world and recent history showed this. Since 2012 no raid conducted by the British Special Air Service or US Navy SEALs was successful in rescuing a hostage alive, they all died, the hostages that is, sadly so. The French succeeded, French Army Special Forces (included here is the Police GIGN Unit) but only where they rule the roost in French dominated countries of which Mali would be the perfect example. We discuss why these raids failed in Code Name Wrangler, a book about hostage rescues on foreign shores, working closely with spies, and one which is read, I am told, by many SWAT (Hostage Rescue) Units worldwide. I never refuse any serving members of any Police or Army a free copy of my books, you ask, you get. Hostage rescue is a world I know a lot about and it is a really good read, like all GMJ Books and has a unique “African” flavour to it as well. I received letters from such SWAT Units thanking me for the book – I am grateful for that. I had to refuse invitations to address them in person though. Shrug, I am not about to address men and women standing with a mask over my face as some authors do in the UK, to protect my real identity. It is ridiculous in the extreme to do such things. I am not the axe murderer from Fifty Shades of Filth. Once you read the book you will know what to do and that is another point most miss when reading GMJ Books. The narrator is actually telling you how to operate in this sphere and he is revealing Special Forces techniques you did not know about and I assure you once again, others are taking note, your enemies. Yes, they are studying these books with great attention.

I also know, because it happened, that such foreign Special Forces will be discovered and killed if not arrested and put on show trials. They cannot hide really, they are not like us, and if trapped, they are dead and some were, and they died because they were discovered. Special Forces, or the American and British version are by tradition “heavy” forces. They have to be supported with air cover and they always (justifiably so) want the ability to extract to safety when in difficulty which is often. This is a weak point in this sphere for reasons I will explain below and one which will bite them in the ass in the future. Historically, we operated without any air cover for up to eleven months at a time, for years, behind enemy lines, something rather unique in South African Special Forces history (see Code Name Missa 72 where we discuss this in some detail). No Western Unit can boast the same or has the expertise to do so, they are all “heavy” orientated and this is important in our consideration in their ability to operate safely here. Those aircraft must come from somewhere.

In my days you walked in and walked out after dropping by parachute or landing from the sea hundreds of miles away from where you wanted to be. The Soviets made the Angolan (and other places) air space the most hostile in the world, worse than what was faced in North Vietnam in the 1960s & 1970s by the US and we forced them to divert a lot of effort away from Afghanistan in the eighties. And yet, without friendly air cover, we operated with very high success rates, destroying the enemy from within. We did so at times 2000 miles away from the nearest help and I can tell you, being captured meant a prolonged death. Part of our training was what is known as the “Dark Phase” and in some other countries SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) which all Air Crew and Special Forces undergo. There cannot be a worse time in your life (outside war) as those days, God knows, you are tested beyond what is seen as humanly possible. Angelique Dawson, as a member of the South African Secret Service, a very highly rated external spy agency, also underwent such training. It is brutal (not physically so much, mentally) and needed, you cannot begin to comprehend what an African will do to you if captured. Whatever you can imagine is nothing which had not happened before. But this is not the Western way of doing business – they want air support and to be honest, our lack of air support was forced on us by need, not by choice. Our French designed, later South African made, Mirage III, F1AZ and F1CZ fighters had problems against the latest Soviet MIG-23s (see Code Name Blue Tang for more details), and so we adapted. Western Special Forces always have air support when conducting operations, it is standard procedure and in practise this means the use of helicopters and that is a big problem here for many reasons of which I will only mention a few.

A helicopter needs air superiority or it will be shot down leaving the men behind to walk out if not killed outright. Walking out is rather difficult when you think how big and hostile a place Africa is. A helicopter cannot, in real life, defend itself against fast jets as was proven time and time again since the 1980s from the Falklands (where RAF and Fleet Air Arm pilots landed and ran for cover whenever an Argentine fast jet appeared, yes, standard procedure) to Angola to the Middle East. Many helicopters, including the heavily armoured Soviet Hind D, were shot down by the South African Air Force in Angola and so will the Black Hawks if they ever come close and they are not as stealthy as you may think by watching Fox News, there is no such thing as a stealth helicopter. If found, and they will be, the radar cover is excellent, they stand no chance even with Apache Longbow backup, making the raid even larger and more difficult to conceal, hence “heavy.” Of course, the attack helicopter pilots think differently, one took great exception to my views (we had one Rooivalk, a South African made attack helicopter rated above the Boeing Apache Longbow, that got solid missile lock on a fast mover during training). We will see in the future who is right, but for now, historically, they lost such engagements rather badly. The fast jets sorted them out every single time no matter what they claim and I believe in history like few others. You can see the future by noticing what worked in the past, it is that simple and always a theme in GMJ Books. We discuss old operations constantly, we learn from them, we adapt. You either like Military History or you don’t, if not, don’t bother to read GMJ, the books are filled with military history.

To get air superiority to protect the helicopters this far from Europe or other land bases you have to commit a carrier air wing and that wing flies primarily the F-18 Super Hornet to protect itself. Despite what you see in movies and what is admitted in public, it is a known fact that US Navy carriers are exceptionally vulnerable and they are regularly “sunk” in exercises against submarines. It is known that the French Rubis class nuclear attack boat, the Casabianca “sunk” the nuclear carrier USS Eisenhower and her Ticonderoga class escort cruiser USS Anzio in 1998 during an exercise in the Mediterranean Sea. Then again in 2015 the French Navy’s Amethyst class nuclear attack boat, the Saphir, “sunk” the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and her escorts. There are many other examples where the Western and Chinese submarines got through including the Amazolo Incident in South African waters which rocked the naval world (there were no aircraft carriers involved in the Amazolo Incident – it does not matter, the principle is established, the carriers / ships can be sunk).

The question to be answered is – where will the helicopters carrying Western Special Forces come from? They can only be from aircraft carriers, motherships (spy vessels) or land based staging areas. All of this is very problematic. If those carriers or other vessels, it may even be a nuclear submarine being tracked by the Type 209s, from where the Special Forces launched (obviously not by helicopter), are found and they will be found since South Africa operates its own reconnaissance satellites, the ultra-quiet submarines and the surface fleet (stealthy frigates, heavily armed with French made Exocet surface-to-surface missiles) will attack automatically. And so will the South African Air Force rated above anything else in the Southern Hemisphere and armed with new SAAB Gripen JAS39s, they will attack. This is another problem we need to look at closely, the South African Air Force, the second oldest Commonwealth Air Force in the world and a good one.

As shocking as this may sound to you, we had seen in Code Name Blue Tang that the JAS39 Gripen will win any dogfight against a Super Hornet, it is a mathematical certainty according to USAF Colonel John Boyd’s theory. The Gripen is lighter and has the same engine as the Super Hornet, more advanced electronics, is more manoeuvrable, and has top notch European and South African built air-to-air missiles besides a lethal 27 mm Mauser cannon proven better than a 20 mm which is World War Two technology. And it stands to reason, if they can shoot down a Hornet, Super or not, they will shoot down the much less agile replacement, the F-35 also. It is no match really, only the French Rafales are reckoned to be able to give them a serious go. There are many reasons why we came to this conclusion, read the book but let me mention a few of the reasons in the meantime.

The South African fighter pilots are as good as any. They are highly trained and just as belligerent and wanting a punch-up as it is with such overachievers. You would be plain stupid to believe they don’t understand modern equipment or will simply be shot from the sky, they won’t be. History will show you that the South African Air Force has an enviable reputation from before the Second World War right through to Korea, the Rhodesian Bush War and then the South African Bush War and even today. It is closely modelled in operational efficiency on the much vaunted Israeli Air Force with whom they had once close links and still do, unofficially. Unknown to many is that a South African Jew was offered command of the newly fledged Israeli Air Force in 1948, he refused and became a well-known Judge instead. A South African wrote the “Top Gun” concept plan for you whilst serving with the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm, flying the Phantom II and a South African was the leading scorer in the famous Battle of Britain, called Sailor Malan, a group captain in the Royal Air Force. These are historical facts you can research on the Internet. From the close relationship with the Israeli Air Force came technical exchanges with the South African built Mirage Cheetah C and D fighter jet (based on the Israeli Kfir) outfighting the much better known American F-15E Strike Eagle during exercises in the 1990s and 2000 (see Code Name Blue Tang). The Cheetahs also defeated Belgian F-16s, admittedly the B model and then they got equipped by the JAS39 Gripen and now you have a problem. If they defeat the Super Hornets in battle, that carrier group is dead and unable to protect itself as they will run out of missiles quickly enough, being constantly attacked and remember what I said, such a counter attack will be deemed legal at the UN and any international court. It is an act of war to launch Special Forces raids into a country uninvited. How will you react if South African Special Forces operates in Florida? Or Russian Spetsnatz in Alaska?

Without air superiority, you cannot win in modern warfare and shockingly this is in no way guaranteed and never was. I was stunned when I uncovered the below statistics mentioned in the next paragraph. It was well hidden from the Western newspapers and even today angrily “suppressed and denied.” Most Western “historians” will not endanger their lucrative book contracts by writing “negatively” or “un-American” books containing hard truths. I want to state clearly here – I don’t care about conventional paper publishers at all and recently banned Apple’s iBook Stores from selling the GMJ Books as well as my other books, written under my own name. You can read my reasons on why I did so and it will stay so, in [+ my blog+] (http://georgemjames.weebly.com/george-m-james-blog/goodbye-ibook-stores). I am not about to change my mind. I write for you, my readers and to get the message out and hopefully for you to enjoy reading the GMJ Books, not for the pleasure of Hollywood or the mass market. I know many will love these books, and do, and many will hate them. Such is life, make peace. I do not go out of my way to insult people with what I write but I can prove what I write and that is important. It is useless in the extreme to ignore bad news or to shoot me, the messenger. Sniping at me with bad reviews and snotty comments is not going to help the men and women being issued with second-rate equipment or to live in cloud-cuckoo-land shouting about the “OMG it is Montgomery and Patton” Syndrome, not at all. Rather take note and do something about it – spread my books around if you wish – ask me for more copies if you want, I seldom refuse a good cause and if you have more questions, I will answer a politely worded letter. This is leadership in essence, to face your problems and solve it, something I fear is seriously lacking in the West at the moment.

Patriotism and patriotic dismissals of bad news are damn dangerous when not based on facts. In history we saw it in Nazi Germany, the slogan was “We will win because we must win.” Yep, they did not, you need more than a patriotic “we are the good guys” answer to everything in life. You need to know your enemy or life tends to be very unfair in general. In GMJ Books you will read at times shocking statistics not known to you but they should be, the characters may say things which will make you wonder about your politicians (we call them turds, they float in what they talk), and yes, I can prove what I say and a simple Google search will back me up. A word of warning, if you happen to have liberal views on life and warfare, don’t read GMJ. You will not like the books, they are conservative in nature, have no graphic sexual scenes, and a genuine belief in the Christian God with Bible verses quoted now and then. If you don’t like such an outlook, kindly delete my books from your computer and go your own way. We will not be able to find each other and I am not interested in your opinions either. Nor should you come to me with statistics like “We have 800 Apache attack helicopters and will shoot down your 15 Rooivalk attack helicopters even if we take some losses” because you have just proven to me you don’t get my messages. Let me spell it out again to you because it is important. No one, least of me, is saying to you a country like South Africa is able to win a conventional war against the US. What I am saying is you will have a bloody fight on your hands and because of that the chances of a conventional war are zero and the uncertain involvement of BRICS Nations and hence World War Three kicking off then, is too great. Hence, we are back to unconventional warfare, Special Forces raids and spies which is what we deal with in GMJ Books, not a conventional conflict which is extremely unlikely. Now see the scenario as written in Code Name Casselberry, a US Navy SEAL Team trapped and without air cover nor surface fleet guns to help them extract. How long do you think, realistically now, not jingoistic, will they survive against attack helicopters rated above the Apache, standing far off and picking them out? Or against men every bit as good as themselves and calling in heavy artillery strikes? The scenario is a warning, and a serious one, such circumstances are worked into the planning of such raids, but you should get the point that such a SEAL Team, or Green Berets, or Special Air Service, whatever, will be doomed. So let us not get out of context here or start talking what will happen afterwards (nothing, not with a Democrat calling for lines in the sand). Read what I am saying as a warning, before swinging at me with silly comments taken out of context. If I say to you that you do not have the technology advantage your Merchants of Death are telling you, take good note and research what I say, it is a clear warning, again, not an insult. You don’t have the best and never did.

Shockingly, the idea of NATO air superiority is a myth we all believed once as that is what was broadcasted to us for decades. We only needed to arrive to shoot down Soviet aircraft, no problem. But it was a lie and it is now exposed as such and most people will not believe what you are about to read. Historically, you can research this, what happened was that after German reunification in 1989, the German Air Force took over what remained of East Germany’s Armed Forces, a senior (well stocked) Warsaw Pact country. What they found was frightening. They found that the Soviet air-to-air missiles in the East German Air Force arsenals were much better than their American counterparts. Yes, so much better that the Germans started a consortium of nations to build their own infrared based heat seeking short range air-to-air missile, the IRIS-T. This missile is today reckoned to be 5 -8 times better than any American (Western) missile in existence and you can bet your ass that the Russians have similar systems and then something else took place, which exposed the myth of NATO air superiority even more.

The Germans organised “Red Flag” or “Top Gun” type exercises called ACM or air combat manoeuvring – known to the public as “dogfights” – between the former East German pilots and themselves. And so the Sukhoi SU-27 Flankers and MIG-31 Fulcrums flew again. Surprisingly, the West Germans lost and not only them, in almost every single engagement the NATO aircraft got shot down. There is an unknown South African connection here called Dieter Gerhardt, a former South African Navy Commodore and Soviet GRU (Military Intelligence, rated far above the KGB) spy. He stole a locally designed helmet aiming device called the Kukri System in the early eighties and gave it to his communist mates. What the Kukri did was to slave the missile seeker heads to a dot sight in the flight helmet, you look at your enemy, lock on it, and press the trigger. Amazing South African Air Force technology and guess what, the new USAF Lockheed Martin F-35 “stealth” (stealth it isn’t) fighter is equipped with the “latest” model of this helmet system. Yes, South African technology bought out by BAE, the British Defence Company and may I add, not the latest version either, they got a raw deal. We have better and so does Russia. She carried on developing the stolen Kukri System and then came the V3E Agile Darter Missile, another problem, a major one since it is sold to countries not overly friendly towards the West.

The V3E Agile Darter is a short range air-to-air missile manufactured by South Africa with Brazilian input (they also fly the SAAB JAS39 Gripen fighter jets or will soon, and the reason why is extremely interesting – see Code Name Blue Tang). This missile is better than the German IRIS-T which means in simple terms, when linked to the improved Kukri helmet look-down-shoot-down system, if such a jet gets close to its enemy and it will, it will most likely win the dogfight and shoot the other one down. The dropping of flares is not going to make that missile miss, taking off into the sun is not going to make it miss and it is being developed into a medium range air-to-air missile also. Why is this important to you? It means that the so called “technological superiority” of NATO is non-existent regarding air superiority and that is a big deal. It is a myth as is the so called BVR or “beyond visual range missiles,” – it is seen as the same crap as variable-sweep wings (F-14 Tomcat) turned out to be. Scandalous, I admit, we all admired the “Top Gun” movie and yet the F-14 Tomcat was never rated highly by its enemies nor its BVR missile, the AIM-54 Phoenix. See Code Name Blue Tang why, almost an entire chapter is about this very subject.

We likewise established that the many advanced foreign weapon systems tested on South African missile test ranges are monitored and let us leave it at that except to say that if you know what your enemy can do, you surely enter any fight with a terrible advantage. And you have to wonder, where is that intelligence so collected going once the South Africans have it? Make your own deductions, it is entirely logical if you know who South Africa’s allies are and yet you find many First World nations here, using our missile testing ranges for a nominal fee. These “clients” include Germany testing Exocet, Sea Sparrow, Taurus and IRIS-T missiles. Singapore testing Igla missiles. Sweden testing the RBS15 MK3 and CAMPS. Spain integrating the Taurus missile on the F-18 and the list goes on and on. Research it yourself and get worried, you have every reason to be concerned and many analysts are concerned.

What else? The Soviets, we had to find out, had better ejection seats than the West. Yes, we get the dim-witted ones saying they needed it too, good joke, very patriotic, especially in the light of what the East German fighter jets did to the West as explained above. But tell me, how long does it take to train a modern fighter pilot? How many years and at what cost? And if he is shot down, and ejects safely and lives to fly again, as against the other fellow, who also ejects but breaks every second bone in his legs, who is the most valuable to his country? The answer is again, obvious when you get away from the “OMG it is Montgomery and Patton” way of thinking. The lie the turd brigade (politicians, they float in what they talk) uses goes like this: “No US ground troops in an enemy aircraft attack since the Korean War died” which is debatable but anyway a silly argument. We are not worried what will happen yesterday unless we can learn from it, we worry about today and tomorrow and frankly, the USAF has not been tested since Vietnam where they initially failed badly. So much so that “Red Flag” and “Top Gun” exercises were instituted to get them on top again. Nothing they did since then was against modern fighter opposition. In the First Gulf War the Iraqi Air Force never took off, they fled to Iran. The Taliban does not have an air force and hence we look at secondary conflicts like the Arab / Israeli, South African / Cuban in Angola, Falklands and the like for answers. We need to wake up and start thinking First World Enemy, not fifth rate like Iraq. It will take more than just arriving at the theatre to go home alive and mission accomplished and the answer does not lie in spending money, it lies in being the best with what you have right now. Wake up, in April of 2016 we read openly in newspapers that the US Marine Corps cannot keep its combat aircraft flying, their highly trained pilots have an average of 4-hours a month flying time. Do you get this is much less than what Third World Air Forces fly and far below the 30-hours minimum required to keep sharp! The next step is fatal crashes as the pilots get rusty and it is not their fault, they need to train at the edge all the times since their opposition do so. Flying an aircraft is not the same as fighting with it, more is demanded of such an aviator.

I wrote something in Code Name Mel’s Choice, GMJ 25, which I wish to quote for you and yes, you can research this and I am using my quotation as a warning: “The rise of the Chinese Air Force is something which you reading here should take seriously. General Mark Welsh III, the Chief of Staff of the USAF, said in March 2001 that “China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) will be poised to overtake the US Air Force by 2030.” In fact, many believe that they are even now coming close or did so already. What is clear is that in the last 20 years they got themselves over 800 Fourth Generation fighters, equally matching the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassualt Rafale, and the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon or JAS39 Gripen but they have better missiles (see Code Name Blue Tang why I say so). Their pilots fly on average 130 hours a month and in some squadrons, 180 hours. That is a lot, the US Marine Corps fly 4 hours and so does the USAF per month if lucky. The USAF also acknowledged that it is unable to keep its fighter pilots. Four hours, to put in perspective for you, is less than what a Third World Air Force like Nigeria is flying. How on earth did we get there? I am telling you, the lack of flying practise alone will slay innocent pilots by the dozen if up against those flying constantly. We saw this in history when the inexperienced German Luftwaffe pilots went up against experienced Allied ones at the later stages of World War Two, they were shot down by the hundreds and the same happened in Korea. Training is everything, ask the Israeli Air Force why they are rated so highly, the answer is that they fly combat all the time. When they take off they are operational.

Also, because of China’s rapid economic growth in the nineties, most of the Chinese Air Force Fourth Generation aircraft are relatively new and they have no need to scrounge museums for spare parts like the US Marines are forced to do, shamefully so. They have sufficient parts available and the mechanics to service the aircraft, you may comprehend, if the aircraft fly more, the maintenance are more, the entire Air Force must then up its game dramatically. The aircraft they fly are the locally built (and they are built well) Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker B+, the Sukhoi Su-30MKK Flanker-G as well as the Mikoyan MiG-35 Fulcrum-F and they are developing two types of Fifth Generation fighters – the prototypes already flying. As such they expect the Fifth Generation fighters to be operational from 2018 onwards, called the Shenyang J-31 and the Chengdu J-20, both of which will be equal to the US F-22 and F-35. What is more, they are busy developing, with Russian help, a large strategic stealth bomber.

We look for patterns in my world, ask yourself, why would China want a large, long range strategic bomber incorporating stealth technology? Who are they going to target? Russia? Their major BRICS partner? Nah, contemplate also on their expanded nuclear submarines, attack and missile boats, the aircraft carriers and the expansion into the South China Sea and Africa for the reasons I mentioned and make you own conclusions. In fact, the RAND Corporation did, they brought a report out, you can research this as you can with everything I say in my books, that shocked those briefed on it. They stated that as recently as in 1996 the US would have needed 2.1 air wings of between 66 and 72 aircraft each to protect their vassal, Taiwan, from Chinese air superiority. Right? We can quite get that thinking, a MIG-21 is no match for a F-16, F-15 or F-18. But because the Chinese increased their own capabilities so much, the situation turned on its head, by 2003, that number became 10.6 wings, by 2010 you needed 19.6 wings and by 2017, 29.9 wings, 2,000 aircraft. Flatly put, the US don’t have such resources available and probably never will again nor the pilots to fly them. Taiwan is gone. She cannot be defended and mark my words, every country in that region has every reason in the world to worry about China. The RAND Report concluded that the results of their scenario were “staggering.” I dare say, it is going to get much worse.”

How is this state of affairs possible for a country spending absurd amounts of money on its Military? Clearly the money is spent wrongly, on crap. What else can it be? Why do I not see senior officers resigning in disgust? Complacency? The Russians and Chinese are laughing at you, I know, I talk to them. I have friends in those countries. Truth to be told, frankly so, your premier force, “the proud and the few,” is now rapidly becoming a Third World Force! What a disgrace.

Then let us face it, throwing money blindly is stupid and a liberal way of sorting out problems, it is what you do with the money, what you get back, what is important. I once sat in a boardroom and the chairman asked about some problem, the MBA idiot answered, “we are spending x-dollars on it” and not getting that spending is not the same as getting results. It is a paper answer for morons. I fired him two hours later. Let me explain this in practical military terms to you – currently China and Russia deploy nine men for the money spent to deploy one American soldier. It will make a difference, don’t tell me one American soldier is necessarily better than nine others, that is silly thinking in the extreme, he is not. But what does history tell us, let us not speculate, let us look for answers in the past.

During the Battle of Kursk, 1943, known as Operation Citadel in military circles, the German Army used its best forces and arguably their best commanders against the Soviets. I am sure, the names Erich von Manstein, Günther von Kluge, Hermann Hoth, Werner Kempf and Walther Model are known to you as would be the Panzergrenadier-Regiment Großdeutschland, Waffen SS divisions Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, Das Reich, Totenkopf, Wiking and numerous others under equally famous commanders, men that are admired as much as is Napoleon or Eisenhower as great military captains. The Germans had a seven to one disadvantage at Kursk, not nine to one, admittedly, but the point is proven… the Soviets under future or current Marshalls Georgy Zhukov, Konstantin Rokossovsky, Nikolai Vatutin and Ivan Konev won a decisive victory against what was seen as a better army, better at all arms integration and technically superior with the new Panther tank, the Porsche Elefant tank destroyer and greater numbers of the Tiger heavy tank ever used before. We have to concede, as happened in Korea with the Chinese hordes, sheer numbers are important in war. Note we have already shown that you don’t have the technical superiority you think you have. It may be equally shocking to you but Americans are not rated highly as fighting men by many because of the weak political leadership behind them, not the soldier himself, but the turd behind him (note the difference please). We know they will be recalled at some stage, and the Democrats, we call them “Demorats,” will cry foul on what they supported once and blame everyone except themselves. That is the US legacy these days, sadly so.

Without air superiority, you cannot win a modern war, it is that simple. Your Abrams tanks are not all that superior to Russian, British or German models, they can be destroyed and will be destroyed, losses are inevitable. Indeed, some Abrams tanks were destroyed in Iraq by less than modern weapons. You will face worse against a modern nation and astonishingly, the US Secretary of Defence, Dr Robert Gates, admitted that the MRAP vehicles, South African technology by the way, are better protected than an Abrams tank. Two Abrams tanks were shot out in 2003, and another six in later years against ISIS. The Israelis lost four Merkava main battle tanks against Hezbollah in 2006 (in Lebanon), a closely guarded secret, with another 19 having their armour penetrated. Tanks are vulnerable, that is the lesson, no matter what your Merchants of Death tell you, these are facts.

Your supply convoys, be it ships, trains or trucks, will be destroyed from the air if not protected and that will make you run out of ammunition very quickly indeed. NATO could not even support a limited air offensive against Libya for three weeks in 2012, they ran out of bombs and missiles, yes, this is acknowledged fact. In 2016, the Royal Air Force announced their intention, forced on them by the turd brigade, to bomb ISIS. Ah yes, with six aging Tornado fighter jets, never any good to begin with and a few Eurofighter Typhoons thrown in as backup (the Typhoon is highly rated). Then, it came out, I have the evidence, they succeeded in killing exactly six ISIS members for their hundreds of sorties costing the poor British taxpayer millions of pounds, a joke in military terms. They said they were proud of that, they were targeting “infrastructure” and not enemy soldiers (we roared with laughter and still do, good one!). Yet 70% of all foreign jihadis come from Britain, that great isle of multiculturalism which obviously failed rather badly as an experiment, Jihadi John was but the most famous. It is a matter of time before we see a Paris or Brussels attack in London.

I am mentioning air superiority or the lack of it because your aircraft carriers are sitting ducks and will be sunk at will if found and the Super Hornets and or their replacement, known for losing a dogfight with a 20-year-old F-16, shot down in the process. They are also vulnerable, as we saw, against submarines, especially silent diesel-electrics. There are many experts in my world who say, based on the above, that this is what would have happened with a Warsaw Pact versus NATO clash and today, NATO would have lost air superiority and the war. Nothing, it seems had changed. It is keeping analysts awake at night and the reason why you sometimes read “leaked” documents about it. They too are trying to warn much as others warned in the 1930s to no avail. And they talk to me in private, to incorporate what they fear, in these books that you are reading now, written as dangerous fiction for legal reasons.

To summarise, it stands to reason then, if the carriers are unable to approach too close to our shores because of the Type 209 submarines no one can track and proven to be deadly adversaries, then the Western Special Forces cannot have local air superiority for their helicopters either besides the fact that the helicopters will almost certainly be shot down by the JAS39 Gripens including the Super Hornets trying to protect them. I say again, I can tell you from experience, if that Special Forces Team is trapped, it is dead and will be wiped out (the scenario in Code Name Casselberry, GMJ 18). Their mere presence will be seen as an “act of war” and it is an act of war in law to invade another country and this brings us to the BRICS Nations you may not have heard about but they play a major part in our premises. Take good note because this aspect really should not be dismissed on the “OMG it is Montgomery or Patton” Syndrome. Show some respect to others or pay the price.

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa form the BRICS Nations and it is interesting when you look at them together, as you should. There are worrying patterns which most don’t realise but the Western leaders know – they have been briefed many times by people like myself. Not one of these countries mentioned above are overly sympathetic to the American “War on Terror.” Three of them, Russia, India and China are nuclear armed with Russia and China pointing thousands of nuclear missiles directly at the West as they did during the Cold War. It is said that between Russia and China, they now have much more advanced MIRV (multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle) systems than the West (with the West I mean traditionally what NATO would be). They are causing intelligence analysts sleepless nights. I say again, look at the emerging patterns to understand what is happening and at all of them together as explained here, not just each on its own. There is much we can learn and it is not idle speculation, it is a worrying factor.

Four of the BRICS nations, Brazil, Russia, India and China operate aircraft carriers and large carriers at that, not baby flattops although India has a few, the ex-Royal Navy Invincible Class. Brazil, whose economy surpassed the UK’s in 2012, bought the old French fleet carrier Foch and the BRICS countries are increasing their carrier capabilities all the time. Slowly yes, not yet at US levels yet, but it is coming. Why is that? Combined with upgrading Kirov class battle cruisers being readied for deployment? The answer is easy to figure out when you understand carrier warfare in history. Carrier Groups exist to take the fight to the enemy (to Japan and Italy in the Second World War, later years Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf in what followed 9/11).

In this case, from the view of the BRICS Nations, the new enemy is almost certainly the USA, open for attack, attack or at the very least they want such an option available, to cut the sea-lanes. Your very survival depends on keeping the sea-lanes open. You fail with that aspect, and your troops have no weapons to fight further with, no reinforcements to stop the numerically superior enemy and the trapped troops are either dead or have to surrender. Let me give you another shocking fact, one, yes one, fighter jet was available to protect the entire US east coast with 9/11, shockingly, and not even armed. Nothing has changed. No USAF general got fired for such negligence, not one. I spoke with Spetsnatz officers grinning in delight when the subject of landing in the US coast at will, is mentioned. From a Muslim terrorist viewpoint, well, they are already there, the sleeper cells are established. We saw that with the San Bernardino attack recently and mark my words, we will see more such attacks in the future.

As I said, in history, aircraft carriers are offensive weapons in nature, not defensive. They attack and keep sea lanes open or close them, a blockade if you wish. They don’t defend their own country close to its own shores. Not once in naval warfare did that happen with carriers, the fights are far away from home. If defence close to your own shores is needed, then any land based aircraft can do so and do so better than any carrier plane can do (see now why the Chinese are building numerous islands in the South China Sea, one by one, it is called terrain deniability). Land bases cannot be sunk and there are many more available if one is destroyed and they will not be easily destroyed as some believe. It is not easy to keep a land based air base out of order. There are such things as missile defensive systems of which Russia, with its S-300 and S-400 systems, is now the world leader. You back that up with what destroyed the USAF in North Vietnam, automatic anti-aircraft guns, and you have a serious problem to destroy such places. You will fight to get close and do something about it and standoff weapons can be destroyed in the air, it is figured into the air defence systems. Do you know some analysts in my circles call this the modern Cuban Crisis which Mr Obama did not quite get; it will now take a full scale war (not going to happen) to get the Chinese out. What is also interesting is that a Chinese officer contacted me and pointed out the similarities between those islands and the famous Star Wars Program of the eighties – he used the word “shield” and I got what he meant, they are moving the front lines away from their country, making themselves safe, and at the same time creating the ability to react or strike far away. This is worrisome or should be.

And guess who are BRICS partners? Russia & China, the leading ones, helping each other (as do the rest) with technology and espionage. I can tell you, the Russian and Chinese carriers are very worrying to the Western intelligence analysts and they should be. Carriers only purpose in life is to attack first or to close sea-lanes and no other logical reason and they are expanding their capabilities all the time. Why? You think about this, all the patterns are clear and indicative to what I am writing in my books which is not to say it will happen but they are setting themselves up in case it happens. I believe, personally, that Russia is responding to constant uncalled for (the Soviet Era is gone, hello, wake up) White House criticism by making the strategic chess moves first. We have an odd tendency in the West to see Russia as the Soviet Union, and why is that? Propaganda, obviously, they are anti-gay as well as soundly Orthodox Christian in outlook these days. The liberal editors in charge of what you read don’t like such notions – let me explain.

A few years ago we had a rare confession of the way liberals are changing views. Richard Berke, a long time and respected New York Times correspondent apparently said: “There are times when you look at the front page meeting and literally three quarters of the people deciding what’s on the front page are not so closeted homosexuals.” Mr Berke is gay and so he should know and so it is, his statement was denied, and yet, what are you reading? You are reading mostly liberal crap from newspapers, slanted to suit their views and I include watching television, Internet, books and movies when I say “newspapers.” Some call this phenomenon “a weapon of mass distortion” and if you think about it, what is really left to shock you today? When I was a younger man, quite a lot of things we take for granted today and shrug off would have been shameful. For instance, being gay or lesbian is old news now, no one cares except them who feel the constant need to explain why as if we are interested to know. We see female musicians, not really gifted but influential, semi naked doing convulsions which would have been public indecency in my day, on stage and live television, and without any shame. We don’t even care when the US President lies about sexual relations nor smoking marijuana in his youth, we dismiss it as what? Not serious? Normal behaviour from the turd brigade? Expected nothing better anyway? And yet, they are supposed to be the “leaders of the free world” and give leadership, a serious job. They want our men in uniform to salute them and they want the Secret Service to take a bullet for them? Really?

I ask again, what do we find in newspapers today? We find relentless attacks, verbal, media, legal, and physical on Christians by atheists and liberals. If you believe these people, you should be very ashamed to be born white (as if you had any choice) and Christian or what a man like Mr Eisenhower would have seen as decent, it is a sin! Even taking an oath of loyalty to your country is seen as wrong, why I would not know. Demanding that illegal immigrants leave and go home, is all of a sudden immoral, scandalous and racist! What utter crap, yet, it is happening, ceaselessly. What is the pattern here? Let me surprise you – among the “Christian” nations on this earth, Russia is doing more to combat radical Muslim terror than any other country and they are succeeding and they are feared, unlike the NATO nations. They invaded and sorted out all such countries around them, and were condemned by the Western Press as a joke military wise.

Yet, in 2016 the Pentagon reluctantly admitted, against White House policy I am sure, that the Russian Air Force did more in a few months in Syria than what NATO could achieve in years. This is not about who is the best, really not, we are not gorillas flexing muscles at each other, I am too old for such nonsense, it is about who has the leader with the guts to act and unleash the dogs of war. I have to wonder, who is being worked from behind by bad leadership and who is not and I know the answer, who has to have separate public trains and swimming pools now to protect their women and children against abuse from migrants? Whose women are too scared to walk around even in groups at night and whose cities are rocked by Muslim extremist attacks? Yeah, sadly so.

Three of the BRICS nations operate the ultra-quiet Type 209 diesel-electric submarine, Brazil, India and South Africa and these submarines are undeniably defensive weapons. They keep to their own coasts where they blend in perfectly and make them even harder to find. Why do I mention this – the US Navy is not, by US law (ridiculous but true), allowed to use active sonar closer than 12 miles of its own shores or anywhere where mammals are spotted. By their own admission, they are lagging on this terrain since they cannot properly train, fearing to hurt whales (admitted by a serving officer, publicly). Any idiot but a liberal lawyer knows that you need active sonar to find a diesel-electric lying silently on the seabed close to its shores, the waves break the sound making it extremely hard to find. The enemy knows about this weakness in the US Navy operational strategies and will exploit it, they practise to do so all the time and this I saw with my own eyes. So if you come close to our shores to launch a raid, and you have to, your ships are standing into danger, there is a very real chance of suffering major losses and starting a World War. What does this mean in a strategic way? The home bases are protected from attack. The carriers are able to move out and hunt you down in your own sphere. As clear a pattern to military strategists if ever, and yet unknown to the general public.

If you put these BRICS countries together, you have a serious problem when trying to oppose them financially or militarily. They are even creating their own Monetary Fund and with China behind them, they can do so and cut the West’s (Wall Street) strangle hold in developing countries where the minerals are. They are not Mickey Mouse countries as the Western Press will have you believe. Let us look at the facts as we know it. China’s new navy has more (and on par if not better) submarines than the US Navy (this was frankly admitted by the US Navy in 2014). The Chinese submarines include nuclear attack and missile boats, offensive weapon systems, not only diesel-electrics for local coastal defence. Why is that? Why do China and Russia want nuclear powered submarines and genuine carriers armed with modern aircraft featuring top notch missiles and technology escorted by large surface warships? Yes, to attack and take the fight to you if needs be. What else can it possibly be? Of course, the “arm chair generals” will now say, come, let us rumble – they are not nervous nor scared. They actually believe what the Western Merchants of Death are telling them. But let us look at this aspect too.

Modern Russia is not the cumbersome Soviet Union. We need to get away from the images of the Soviet Union collapsing in 1991 as we need to get away from a defeated France in 1940 or a defeated US in 1972 after Vietnam. The Russian modernized much faster than expected under President Putin and is more than capable to fight and they will fight and did fight in recent history. They don’t have liberals crying foul at home, they TWEP (terminate with extreme prejudice, i.e. assassination, an MI6 term) such people. Once again, see what happened in Georgia and Chechnya in contemporary history where American trained troops could not run away fast enough from the advancing Russian Army that crushed them with contemptuous ease. Why is that? Undoubtedly because they know that the West is never going to risk nuclear or conventional war for them. They know in their hearts they are as expendable as Poland was in World War Two, a joke in terms of solemn assurances which cannot possibly be kept. They will be wiped out long before the West can act decisively even if they want to act which is extremely doubtful as long as lines are drawn in the sand with nothing behind the line. Your bluff will be called and it was called in the Crimea in recent times, the Russian flag is flying there and the Chinese flag is flying on their new islands and will stay flying there for the foreseeable future. The West can do nothing, the line in the sand proved to be just that, a line in the sand.

In 2016, NATO officially admitted that Russia will overrun Eastern Europe in three days (they later said Western Europe, then withdrew the remark). Yes, in three days, which makes the idea of NATO (read USA since only 2 of the 28 NATO countries spend the 2% of their budgets on the military as demanded by treaty obligations) defending the Ukraine, Poland or any Baltic country entirely laughable. This is the sad reality as it is now. And Russia cannot be blockaded which is the UK’s usual answer to any European conflict, starving the civilians out as much as possible (see the First & Second World War, millions died after and during the war, of hunger, because of the Royal Navy). To begin with, the Royal Navy is a zero on a contract these days. They have almost no ships operational and most of those are terribly old and outclassed. Their entire nuclear deterrent is depended on US equipment and they lost the ability to operate fleet size carriers, the last such fleet carrier went out of service in the mid-1970s – their Parasite-known-as-Prince-Charles, flew on them as a young man, with the MacDonald Douglas Phantom II. Now they need to be trained by the US Navy on carrier operation or perhaps France or even Brazil. That is how far the once respected Royal Navy is behind the times, close to fifty years, half a century. It is ridiculous but also so terribly sad. This may have been what Mr Obama meant when he said recently (March 2016) he does not like “free loaders.” The US Navy, with France, had to carry the costs of fleet carriers alone for decades, it is pathetic, really, abuse of friends even.

Then the US Carrier Groups, around which any NATO Task Force are built, are extremely vulnerable to all kinds of attack, we have seen that, air, surface and submersible. There actually is no fleet capable of blockade so that tactic is bound to fail, nevertheless, I am sure it will be tried. Besides this, Russia is way too big to be blockaded and never could be historically and so is China, but the West can be blockaded in return. Yes, look at a world map and see what I write about, imagine the earth in front of you, Africa in the middle, America left and Australia to your right and the rest in between. BRICS partner, South Africa, as always, controls the Cape of Good Hope sea passage between the East and West. In history, the alternative Suez Canal was impassable twice, first with the Suez Crisis in 1956 and again with the Six Day War of 1967, it is a very simple exercise to block that canal or any other including the Panama. (And the Muslim radicals, by the way, are moving into North Africa, ask yourself why. Intelligence experts say it is to close the Mediterranean Sea and capture cruise ships – they will make nice bombs and to cut the Suez Canal, one large cruise ship and it is closed for a long time.) You may be sure that there are excellent war plans in existence to block the Suez and the Panama canals with conventional means if needs be. Then you have Brazil able to control Cape Horn underneath South America as well as the eastern seaboard. It is extremely unlikely that a place like Argentina, who dislikes the United Kingdom immensely, will be anything less than neutral in such a conflict. They may even take the Falklands again and their fighter jets are flying off the old Foch, now the Brazilian carrier. And on the other side of the Pacific, to the left of California? Yes, China, waiting with its large fleet of modern nuclear and diesel-electric submarines and immeasurable reserves in manpower, money and new aircraft carriers. And now you are seeing why their surface fleet is being modernised and they are getting into the large carrier game, expanding their islands to keep the West away from the mainland. If a BRICs versus NATO war breaks out, you have a big problem. America and the United Kingdom are in effect, surrounded strategically already and do not even realise it. Some analysts say the fight is already decided and let us see exactly what they are saying before dismissing such ideas out of hand, they are shocking, I know.

Communist China replaced the West in Africa since 1989 and they are now Africa’s (every type of mineral desired and needed in the West) biggest trading partner by far. The West is seen as weak in Africa. Rightly or wrongly, Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) and Mr Clinton’s hasty decision to pull out the US troops is seen as victory here, you are now paying the price for his feebleness in life. Africans state flatly among themselves, that the US Army ran for home as they ran from Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and soon Western Europe. The difference is, this time you may be followed home by the ones you pissed off. We likewise know that the moment they leave, those who helped them will die horrible deaths, revenge will be swift. Hence, so say the tribal leaders who are not stupid and have much influence, you cannot afford to help the US in any way, the US has zero staying power and cannot be trusted. There is no respect as there was once, long ago, under Mr Eisenhower, who is greatly admired. Those days the US was seen as the beacon everyone wanted to follow. These days, I am sad to say, the US is seen as morally weak, crumbling and unable to sustain any kind of losses, again rightly or wrongly. So China is preferred, quietly, as is their way, they moved in and they are able to cut Africa’s minerals off from the West whenever they want to do so. And yes, you actually do need those minerals, you are in no way self-sufficient and you need open sea-lanes to transport them to keep your war factories running, this is a reverse blockade happening.

Strategically, BRICS had outplayed the US or West in every aspect and the countries involved are not, repeat not, in any way depended on US weapons or technology as are the UK, Israel and Egypt as well as others. We discussed this aspect in Code Name Blue Tang, GMJ 15, in great detail. It is a shocking conclusion and Brazil turned its back on France and the US for new fighter jets. Despite operating a former French carrier, they bought the Swedish Gripen, not even a carrier aircraft yet as their new fighter jet. Brazil does not want US equipment and neither do China, Russia, South Africa or India (the only doubtful partner in BRICS). Why is that? The answer is obvious but you can read it in Code Name Blue Tang, a lack of space prevents me from explaining more. They will not allow the US to dictate their foreign policies.

You may not know this, but the South Africans have a world class armaments industry backing them up because of lies going back to the mid-1970s. At that stage the world was very different. South Africa was controlled by the white minority, called the Apartheid State, staunchly anti-communist and pro Jewish with the usual anti-English feelings expected from the Afrikaner of which I am part and of which we speak a lot in GMJ Books, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, and at times more serious. Following the Domino Principle, everyone in the West believed that as one African state after the other became independent from colonial powers, they would become communist too. (Most did, for a while and all took bribe money known as “aid money” from the West. Yes, you cannot show me one sustainable thing built by those trillions - the money was stolen, abused and used for personal gain.) When the Portuguese fled Angola, an oil rich country north of South West Africa (today Namibia), the South Africans, as the regional Super Power, were asked to intervene by the US and other black nations, very secretly, I can assure you. To modernise its army, an entire list of weapon requirements was given to the US (the negotiations were conducted by the CIA, so pathetically informed on local matters that they impressed no one, they left us shaking our heads) and whatever promises were made, were also broken. Because of international sanctions, and these broken promises from a country up to then seen as an ally, South Africa decided to create its own weapons industry. After all, the country has 74% of the world’s gold, Israel helping out here and there, and a long history of small arms manufacturing as well as out of the box thinking. But now they went the big time, the whole hog, and from that came a world class arms industry first called Armscor, and then (still is) DENEL. Were they effective? Yes. As an example, every MRAP vehicle you see in Afghanistan and Iraq is built on South African technology, not American and it is old technology for us dating back to the mid-1970s. It is a bizarre African country that boasted home grown nuclear weapons in 1978, unique and built at a fraction of the cost other countries paid. They say they gave the nuclear bombs so manufactured to the US for disposal in 1993 but there are many who say the technology to rapidly rebuild them still exists and it can be done easily. Certainly they are developing long range missiles to deliver such warheads (they have launched their own satellites into space). This really should worry the West. Where are those former nuclear engineers today? Some already said they will work for whoever pays them enough money. What are they doing right now to make a living? (See Code Name Angel if you want to know about the South African nuclear weapons program and how close the nukes came to end up in Iran.) There are many other examples of military expertise and technology which can be Googled and you will shake your head in disbelief, including top notch armoured vehicles, infantry weapons, field and naval artillery beyond belief, naval vessels and aircraft, advanced technological systems for aircraft and military communications where they still lead the world. It is not a normal Banana Republic with a normal Third World Military or espionage service. History shows a powerful country and a dangerous one, very willing to bully and act aggressively and used to winning.

For many years the South African Army was rampaging around, destroying whatever it wished to destroy and this against the best the Soviet Union could field. We maintained a kill ratio of 1 000 to 1, for 18 years. To the South Africans, arrogant people at the best of times and used to be the local Super Power, the idea of losing a war against anyone, including the US by which is meant the West, is not considered seriously. They have not lost a battle since 1942 at Tobruk and that is considered to be due to bad luck only since they could not stop a marauding Erwin Rommel without tanks, artillery or minefields. The British armour were running for Egypt, leaving Tobruk virtually undefended, a mere shadow on what it was the year before. Since then the South African Army won every clash including major tank battles against the Cubans and their Soviet advisers in Angola during the 1980s (it was the largest tank battle in Africa since the Second World War, at a place called Cuito Cuanavale, two entire tank brigades were destroyed, the rusting tank remains are still there, go and look). Chances are good that any raid by Western Special Forces will be met with equal force and those soldiers will be killed unless extracted and the places from where they launched, submarine, carrier, whatever, will be hunted down and attacked. BRICS may then get involved and you have World War Three. And all the above is important because Muslim radicals are to be found inside South Africa, see below.

The other constant premise in GMJ Books, about a “truce” between the current South African Government and the Al-Qaeda operatives (actually all Muslim Radicals, not only one organisation) in which they could use Southern Africa as a base to plan operations, is not proven (vehemently denied by all) but suspected by many intelligence analysts. As I said, we look for patterns and we found the patterns – the so called “white widow” Samantha Lewthwaite did hide in South Africa (Johannesburg) for a while. The London Tube bombers of 2005 did have connections with South Africa and South African passports. There is a large and very vocal Muslim community in the country and the sympathies are not with Israel or the West, but with Palestine and people like the late Colonel Gaddafi. This is discussed in many GMJ Books, again, as a warning (see Code Name OST-M for a look on Muslim terrorism in South Africa, and how it stopped, all of a sudden, suspiciously so). It is a very realistic premise and this is important because Sub Saharan Africa is becoming important in the “War on Terror.” Let me explain.

Sub Saharan Africa is becoming the new battleground for the covert part of the “War on Terror” as the Mossad (Jerusalem Water Works, as we call them) chased the Muslim terrorists south to where the South Africans rule the roost and protect them from the West. In essence, the South Africans were offering “positive neutrality” to the Muslim radicals which translates to physical protection against Western Special Forces or Agents. They made it easy for them, the radicals, to come to South Africa, we speak of the access routes in GMJ 19, Code Name Bella Dawn, and other territories under their influence in Sub Saharan Africa. The Muslim radicals are safe because of the military and BRICS reasons I gave already; it is very unlikely that an attack on them would be launched by the West. It gave them a safe haven and up to a point still do so. The first five GMJ Books (sometimes called the Egg Breaker War Series) deal with this premise in greater detail. You may wonder what else made the new South Africa so arrogant to go this route, well, let us look in history and find the answers.

The South Africans, currently protecting the Muslim radicals, absolutely believe that no Western country will attack them as they know they are the wet dream of every liberal in existence because of the “Apartheid difficulty” they overcame in the past. It did not matter to the applauding liberals that the new lot were openly communists and atheists counting Colonel Gaddafi and Yasser Arafat together with Communist China and the Soviet Union (now Russia) as their closest allies. No matter that even a free-thinking man such as Nelson Mandela said: “Your friends are not our friends.” No matter that they voted time and time against the West at the UN, that cesspool of everything what is wrong with liberals, since being allowed back in and have a sizeable Muslim population that is belligerently disposed against Israel demanding boycotts or that South Africa should be selling advanced weapons to Israel’s (read America / the West) enemies. None of this matters to Western liberals. This is a typical liberal and, it must be said far right-wing problem also, they don’t think things through, they get caught up in the moment. The liberals just loved the idea of majority rule, one-man-one-vote, they never thought of the consequences which we see today and will keep on seeing until a large middle-class is formed to be an effective opposition against shyster turds. Sadly, we also saw the consequences in Libya and a half a dozen other countries I can mention where the West’s interference brought more misery than anything else, even Iran is a CIA created problem (see Code Name Wrangler why).

Needless to say, the South Africans and Muslim radicals feel quite safe and with much reason. They can defend themselves and they will and then who knows what the BRICS countries will do if South Africa is attacked first by the West (in the form of Special Forces, secret agents or cruise missiles) for whatever reason. There is no mutual defence treaty we know of but if you look at the arrogance in giving “positive neutrality” to the radical Islam followers you have to wonder what they know and deny in public. Their actions show they fear no one and least not any Western led Special Forces raid or attack. They know they can and will defend themselves and if that starts World War Three, so be it. They think they will win in the end and they have a point, if BRICS come into the fray, and they might, you will have a fight on of epic proportions. No Western leader is willing to take that chance. Besides, China can pull in the US’s credit, and then what? A big sarcastic thank you to those of the turd brigade, both liberal and conservative, who created trillions in debt for the much abused American taxpayer. This debt is held by a foreign country of uncertain motives or very certain motives if we look at the expanding aircraft carriers and submarines and BRICS Pact. So I think it is safe to say, a conventional attack is very unlikely but if it happens, well, the fight will be on, have no doubts, South Africa will counter attack and force the issue all the way. In the meantime, other shenanigans are ongoing.

You may wonder why not then try clandestine operations or long range cruise missile strikes against the Muslim terrorists hiding down south? Well, the cruise missile strikes would be in law an act of war – the attacked country may well shoot its own missiles back and right at the White House, kicking off a general war. Kindly always remember, as I explained, this is not a country unable to retaliate in kind. It will retaliate, military and economically, via the UN, and wherever. The West has another distinct disadvantage they have not comprehended yet but we are getting there.

Sub Saharan Africa was so insignificant during the Cold War that no spy networks were established and now it is too late. The South Africans are already established and not about to let you in. You may not have heard of the South African Secret Service before reading the GMJ Books but be assured they are well respected in the Great Game and true professionals as good as any and in their own sphere the prevailing factor. Frankly, neither the Mossad nor the CIA or MI6 is rated highly in this sphere. We piss on them, they stand out, are unable to operate in any meaningful way and despised by the locals who see the US as a loser, about to run for home as explained. Jews are not liked to begin with and the Pommies, well, they are a former colonial power, hated. The Western Agencies are seen as a joke and being fed false or unimportant intelligence, by the local Agencies they officially liaise with. The West cannot, they do not have that capability, to cross check what they are being fed, but that did not stop them from trying. Oh no, they tried and they failed.

Covert operations were tried by the West and they ran into the established spy networks within days kicking off. Africa always had good counter espionage units, they had to keep the despots in power, and hence anything untoward is automatically reported. Foreign teams & spies are not welcome here without permission, a subject frequently addressed in the GMJ Books (see Code Name Cadillac, Code Name Blue Tang, Code Name Casselberry to name a few). At first the agents were politely warned to leave and get out. Then a few groups simply went off the air and disappeared (I was directly involved in two instances, you may imagine their fate). The Western spymasters stopped trying for a while, wondering what to do next and then became smart, they remembered the “Egg Breakers” that in theory, anyway, were Western orientated and sympathetic to the “War on Terror.”

They made the approach to the only tribe in Africa with decades of highly successful counter insurgency and counter terrorism experience behind them, the Afrikaner, my people. Once the rulers of Apartheid South Africa, and masters in hunting down terrorists and completely at home in their birthplace, they were here in Africa since 1652 and as Christians disliked the Muslim radicals enough to kill them. This led directly to the “Egg Breaker War” as it became known in our circles where the Egg Breakers switched sides and with British “mercenary” help destroyed the “Muslim Truce” up to a point (see Code Name Vfo565, Code Name Pour Angelique, Code Name Phoenix, Code Name Lise, and Code Name Dawson) and opening the way for the Western Units to get the radicals sorted if they wished to do so by covert means.

To be honest, no one really knows who created the Egg Breaker concept. I do know you found us all over Sub Saharan Africa, even today, the most covert use of them was in Libya but only for a very short while (see why, Code Name Casselberry). With the passing years I became convinced that British MI6 (called “Six” by us) was behind the Egg Breaker concept and pulling the strings. If so, they used money from their cousins, the CIA whom we call the “Virginians” because of their headquarters in Langley, Virginia. We knew the Brits were so broken in money terms, it is an open secret, that they could not possibly sponsor any operation as large as the Egg Breakers. I suppose we could be classified as mercenaries as we got top dollars for our services acting as security consultants in Sub Saharan Africa and spying on the side for whoever paid us, as long as we agreed with their values. We knew our worth on a continent where we reigned supreme for decades. At the same time, we stayed loyal to ourselves and our traditions and the lads from Six kept very quiet on their role (if they had one, I don’t know for sure). As Afrikaners or Afrikaner orientated we were opposed to anything English and would never willingly take orders from them. This caused problems during the “Egg Breaker” War described in Code Name Lise and later in Code Name Dawson.

We don’t take kindly to anything English even if I count many Englishmen as friends. This dislike, it is a fine old tradition by now, was always present. The Afrikaner is not English and does not want to be despite being part of the British Empire for decades, against our will. Even our local language, Afrikaans, is a Dutch or Flemish dialect and has nothing to do with English but you find numerous Zulu words in it. After almost four-hundred years in Africa, we are white Africans and not welcome anywhere else. Originally, we came from Germany, Russia, France and Holland, the English came much later, in large groups, in 1820. It must be admitted and is, that after all these years we have nothing left in common with Europe. We see them as strange white people without much to admire in their countries. Their ways entirely strange to us who know what an illegal immigrant is - we deport them on the spot and no two ways about it. If the “undocumented alien” or whatever crap they are called by liberals does not get the message to piss off home, that immigrant may well be murdered or beaten until he understands that the law is there to be obeyed, it is not promulgated by parliament and signed by the President to be abused by them. Xenophobia, as ugly as it is, is a reality in Africa. Foreigners are chased away because of tribalism, it is not a country, it is many countries with many tribes inside those countries disliking each other. For us, the idea to live in a place like Western Europe without the sun shining 99% of the time, without the Southern Cross (a bunch of stars) to guide us home and with snow making our feet wet, is hideous to us. We like Africa even if the continent is lost, it cannot be saved, not even a man like Mandela could. This is our home; we don’t belong anywhere else and have no intention of leaving although we did lose 50% of our numbers to emigration since 1994. Those remaining are unlikely to leave and not everyone wants a green card in the US, unlikely as this may sound to you, we are first and foremost Africans even if Caucasian.

The loathing between the Afrikaner and Englishman goes deep - it was the last war between the Afrikaner and British Empire which caused the most dislike endured to this day. The calamity took place in 1901 and is called genocide by civilised men and a war crime by us. It was during the Second Anglo Boer War of 1899 -1902 that the exhausted British Army (they were losing and the war cost them more than any other in their Empire’s history) got desperate. They, under a suspected homosexual called Lord Kitchener invented something called “concentration camps,” yes, they call the places that name. The idea behind it was to deny non-combatant support to the fast moving Boer Commandoes or Boer Army (irregular cavalry, not Special Forces at all). As a direct result of their “great idea,” the British Army rounded up all the white women and children they could find and murdered (by chance, not choice, it must be said) almost one third of all Afrikaner women and children in the process. No less than any number between thirty and thirty-seven thousand white women and children died in conditions which would again be seen in 1945 in places like Auschwitz. In history thus, concentration camps were a British Army concept and not a German Nazi one. Obviously it is a damn shameful fact of life which they seem to want to forget about and should be reminded about now and then for their own good. This aspect will be found in every GMJ Book, simply because the characters and me, lost family in those camps. They are not forgotten, even today.

The women and children, non-combatants all of them and their many more black servants (no slaves for two generations by that time), died of disease and starvation inside concentration camps where by the laws of war they should not have been in the first place. The Geneva type Conventions, signed by the British Army at the time, prohibited such acts against civilian populations. You have to see the pictures of those victims and you can do so easily by Googling it to understand the ongoing anger. No matter what the British Army intentions were (to deny support to the Boer Commandoes) it happened and unlike what Hillary Clinton thinks, it does matter. Lives do matter, black and white and yes, even a liberal’s although he is not worth the price of a single bullet in my opinion. As far as we are concerned the Freeloaders in Buckingham Palace bear the ultimate responsibility and guilt (read shame & dishonour) for what their Army did in their name, no matter how long ago. It was a war crime of note and left deep scars which will not be forgiven easily. So much so that the South African Army, to this day, has a standing order to shoot anything wearing khaki (the British soldiers were called Khakis) and Bob is your uncle. You don’t need any permission from a commissioned officer to do so and God will not help you if you fail to do so. That is Standing Order One, you learn it at your first day of army service.

Justice for the slaying of the innocents was done in a small way, I am glad to say. When the most famous Parasite of all, known to you as Queen Victoria, died during the Boer War, it was seen as justice from God. We wish her and her countless siblings breeding in rare fashion all over the “Royal Houses of Europe” everything which is bad and may she join the homosexual Kitchener wherever he is which is not heaven, God will never allow them close or give them peace, we believe this. We grudgingly still await an apology which will never arrive, probably because of fears of being sued as the Kenyans did recently on their so called abuse during the “Uhuru Uprising” (it was not much of an uprising to be honest, 38 white people died besides 2000 Africans, in the statistics of war, almost nothing although every life lost is regrettable). Interestingly, we studied the “Uhuru Uprising” in great detail and some South African Police Force members were involved, it is one of the forgotten counter insurgency wars which the colonials actually won.

Being accused of having English blood in your veins was the worst insult an Afrikaner child could endure at school and an immediate reason for a proper fist fight behind the bicycle sheds. Such insults had to be answered with blood and was. This was one hell of a problem to me. I was christened with an English sounding name, Geoffrey, and I suffered more than most and learned to fight back hard from the day I realised I was good at such things. I could and did defend myself but only after the school janitor (assistant janitor actually, as a black man he could never be the chief janitor, it was reserved for whites) took pity on me, battered and bleeding after yet another fist fight because of my name and lack of a jersey, I grew up poor. Mr Dlamini was a great friend in need and taught me to speak Zulu fluently besides using my fists well enough to gain a richly deserved reputation for violence. It was most valuable to me, fighting for survival almost, I knew I would come out swinging and not stop nor mind taking a blow or two in return. You just get stuck in and the other lad will break and run at some stage. He had parents to run to, I did not. It made a difference, I suppose.

The boxing Mr Dhlamini taught me was not according to the Marquess Rules but street boxing. He was a good boxer himself in his youth, semi-professional, making some money to buy a car, an old Rambler. What he taught me was street fighting in the townships as the black areas were known (no mixing of races then). After school, I was never going to college despite good academic marks, no money, the South African Police Force offered me a square meal twice a day, a small salary, a uniform and to be someone if I wanted to be and I really wanted to. I had enough of being hungry most of my life and as a poor white being looked down on by everyone including other more privileged whites around me. If I was born English, I would have enlisted in the British Army which we sincerely admired despite our intense dislike of anything English except rugby and cricket and tennis for the sissies (Afrikaans, wankers) among us. Yeah, I don’t get it either since all the above sports are English. Mind, soccer was banned in Afrikaans schools as being “English” and “black” too. Apartheid was as terrible as you read and of Nelson Mandela I only heard when in the Police College, which is not a “college” and had nothing to do with the comedy movies of the eighties, no, it was six months of basic training, as horrible as in any Army or Marine Unit.

It must be said, the old Police had a very fair system going where a man could excel and was not a Sheriff’s Department or a “Bobby” which you find in the UK. We were policemen yes, with powers of search and arrest, but also soldiers with an excellent reputation in deviousness, toughness and violence when called to be violent which was often. Since 1913 when the South African Police Force was created under former British Army and Indian Army officers, we fought as mobile cavalry, then light infantry and later as mechanised infantry and Special Forces proper for those who could hack it. In my time, during the South African Border War, we killed 90% of all terrorists in the rural areas. Inside South Africa we killed an astonishing 98% of all terrorists found. As Police Special Forces, we did whatever the much better known Army Units did far behind enemy lines and were rated as highly as any other Special Forces Unit in the world including the British Special Air Service or Israeli Sayaret Matkal with whom we had a lot more in common than what is realised by the public.

It was a great life and I felt completely at home in the military lifestyle and excelled in it. I found out I could push my body through pain barriers and once I knew that, I did so all the time (all Special Forces men do that, you will not make Selection if you cannot). Finally, after much hard work, blood at times, tons of sweat, tears and heartfelt prayer often enough, I got the respect I wanted, field grade officer’s rank and a chance of conducting secret missions which almost never reached the books or the press. Categorically everything we did was classified “Top Secret” and unlike the Army Units, no books were ever written on the Police Special Forces, not even today. Late in 1998, just after the Al-Qaeda attacks on the American Embassies in East Africa and Mr Clinton’s pathetic response, my future wife and soul, Angelique Dawson, came storming into my life like a destructive tornado. I was already out of Special Forces proper and an “Egg Breaker” for seven years by that time. I knew who she really was despite the name she introduced herself by, Mrs Dawson, when we first shook hands, one of those meetings which change your life. I had recognised her from a previous incident (most men would remember her, it is a terrible disadvantage for a spymaster, she is rather beautiful).

As a woman she is blessed with a swimsuit model body honed by years of hard physical activity and with a firm chest area as we African males call a woman’s bosom. Her hair was shoulder length and auburn with a blonde stripe in it and she had a most attractive smile when she used it which was often and a laugh leaving her entire body shaking (much to my discomfort, such shaking chests are terribly hard to ignore if not totally gay). Her eyes were green, and they changed colour at times depending on her mood. I can tell you, staring at her eyes and listening (trying so hard to ignore my chest, Angelique) was a lot of multitasking for one man. We are not known for such things.

I first saw her in a picture I found in her father’s wallet about eight years before this meeting. That day, when I saw her picture, was a miserable day for us as I was searching her dad’s body whilst apologising softly for being too late. He was a police general, old school and as hard as nails. I knew him well. He was my commanding officer in Police Special Forces for a time before being retired forcefully when the changes came after 1990 and lesser men took fright. As it happened, he was taken hostage by terrorists who did not click that the South African Border War was over and I led a failed attempt to rescue him. I took a ten-man section from my mate Geelslang Peter Ndebele’s platoon to go with me on that rescue mission. I stated flatly to him, a captain then and about to replace me as company commander, a major, that I was acting on my own. I had no orders to attempt a rescue and was in point of fact ordered to stand down for the fourth time. He could and should have refused the request to come with. Even so, he felt insulted at my attempt to protect his commissioned rank, the old man was like a father to him and loyalty is a big deal to us if not to the wankers called politicians. In the end, that same afternoon just before the sun went down, we dropped by parachute all around the suspected hostage house, stormed it and found the old general already murdered in cold blood. We failed and so it was, we were simply too late. If we launched earlier we would have made the rescue as we did many times in the past, I had never failed before. We executed (so some liberals claimed and I am not denying or confirming it) every terrorist we found in that house of evil. The terrorists, men and women died way too quickly for our liking and with more time they would have really regretted ever being born and meeting me. After years of fighting communists by any means possible, we knew everything about making someone suffer terrible agonies before death. That is the only part of the failed operation I regret, besides being too late, they died too quickly (Code Name Foxtrot).

The repercussions for my unauthorised raid and failure was prompt. I was blamed as failure has no fathers. Most certainly no senior officer stood up for me and I was thrown to the wolves. My career in the Police and Special Forces was over and so was Geelslang’s for not protesting my actions. I believe he lost more than me. Geelslang, as a Zulu man (a warrior tribe in South Africa, terrible people when not your friends), had to fight all the way to be a commissioned officer at 23 years of age (a record) and was well on his way to become the next Regimental Commander and the first black general officer based entirely on merit. If he stayed on he would have retired a major general at least and missed being a major by a few days. He was simply brilliant as a man and operator, even today spoken about with wonder, his reputation beyond belief. The rest of the lads got off since they were following orders and could not be expected to tell their platoon and company commander to piss off. Ballistics furthermore proved beyond any doubt that most of the terrorists were shot by Geelslang and I. We led the attack, were the first inside the house of evil, and so that too was logical. I calmly took the responsibility being the senior officer present but as said, Geelslang was blamed too, unfairly so, in my view.

Angelique did not attend her father’s funeral. She was outside the country and under deep cover so we acted as his pall bearers. His wife, Angelique’s mom, passed a few months before this sad affair. On the other hand, in many ways, we were family and it was a sight to behold, I am sure. Geelslang and I were in full dress uniform for the last time in our lives, sporting our Special Forces parachute wings, Army and Police, we qualified for both, and decorations for valour as did the many others attending out of respect for a good man. Not a single politician arrived even if he was a senior officer, a major general and such things expected, they wisely stayed away. We wanted to sort them out and rightly blamed them for holding us back. His only child, Angelique Dawson, would also become major general but in the French Army and my commanding officer a few years later. It is all rather ironic and not something she does not find hilarious or fail to remind me of now and then (Code Name Dawson).

Geelslang and I stood alone that day at the funeral but felt no regrets. We were already being ignored by the career chasers you find in the Military and Police. I was therefore rather surprised when a few days after the old general’s funeral, I was approached by another retired very senior officer I served with when I started out in Special Forces the decade before. He was highly respected and he had an offer of employment I could not refuse, being in the process of being cashiered if not resigning quickly enough. I formally requested to take my friend Geelslang with me if he wanted to come with. In fact, I made it a pre-condition of service and the recruiter agreed straightaway. Looking back, I feel he was rather grateful to me of getting Geelslang also into the new unit or organisation (which he never commanded, he just recruited). Getting Geelslang to come with me was an enormous bonus to all. As a black man he could move places where I simply cannot and together we would achieve great fame in our world. He accepted my offer as my full partner and so we became part of a very secretive group known informally as the “Egg Breakers.” Through the years we did well financially and had many adventures, set out in the GMJ Series and established ourselves in a country north of South Africa, called Mozambique, a very picturesque place, beautiful white beaches and Christian in outlook, a former Portuguese Colony and once our enemy.

Officially, it is speculated that the “Egg Breaker Program” fell under “Directorate F” of the South African Secret Service (SASS), an organisation which only came into being a few years after we were already established. Many say the Directorate is based on the more famous Soviet model, Directorate “A” of the Spetsnatz or Soviet / Russian Army Special Forces. There is a vast difference though – the Egg Breakers were entirely unofficial and not members of any official unit. Spetsnatz in its many formats, are members of the Russian Military but the concept of having an alternative force in waiting, embedded already, is the same. Nothing is new under the sun, this was similar as what the Muslim terrorists are trying today, civilian cells inside the enemy homelands. Their ideas can be traced via their so called “Al-Qaeda Manual” to Syrian Intelligence who got the idea from the Soviets originally. The major dissimilarity is that the embedded Muslim terrorists are rank amateurs unable to create much mayhem – they are not experts in war and their pinprick attacks against civilians a zero on a contract in the long run. Two weeks at the most and everyone had forgotten what took place or the liberals are making excuses for it, San Bernardino 2015 is but one such an example.

The Egg Breakers as highly experienced former Special Forces operators, are so much more dangerous than any Muslim radical, able to work with official Special Forces and spies or acting by themselves, blowing things up, killing, snatching or just gathering intelligence. We could seriously damage a country if we wanted to and we would not be bothered with pinprick attacks either, we would attack meaningful targets causing mayhem on a scale you cannot imagine. Working behind enemy lines, is what Special Forces does (see Code Name Missa 72) but such men, there are no women in our ranks, are highly disciplined and unlikely to just strike out at workplaces settling personal scores. We would be able to cause genuinely massive problems and we were already embedded and overlooked, to be honest, acting as sleeper agents for the first seven years. I was hoping never to get the recall if honest.

The South African Secret Service decided to take direct command of us and found a major strategic asset in the Egg Breakers. The Service itself had no spy networks left as the official spies had put an end to all the old Apartheid spy networks (the correct thing to do in a changed world) and were now in the cold looking for new networks. Somebody senior then recalled they already had the spy networks created by the Egg Breakers. Not unnaturally, I suppose, they wanted command and would establish command as far as it is possible to command Egg Breakers (highly individualistic people). And so they flashed the code name VFO565 across our screens to take over. We started meeting with them, our years as sleeper agents over and all hell about to break loose as they went on the offensive, using us as first envisaged.

The commanding officer of “Directorate F” (a Directorate denied vehemently to exist to this day) and bona fide head of counter terrorism and later counter espionage, was one Angelique Dawson, today my wife and soul and mother of our twin daughters. She caused chaos in my life being “otherwise” at the best of times and soon proved to be dangerous in the extreme, very able to back up her views with any amount of deadly force needed. She had no lack of self-confidence or none I could ever see and she is exactly as described in the GMJ Books. As such, she simply marched in and firmly shook our hands. Declared herself to be in command and so it was, make peace. Once she had established command, she kept command even after she defected, we say came in from the cold, to DGSE (the French external spy agency) in 2012 (Code Name Vfo565). It was a long and fascinating journey for her.

I acted, with Geelslang’s help (invaluable, he saved us many times) first as her impromptu bodyguard, then trusted agent and lastly as ground commander during the “Egg Breaker War.” A war she tried hard to prevent through the years but it was always coming, inevitable I would say. We would always be unhappy with the “Muslim Truce” and the way the new lot thinks. This then is the background on all GMJ Books and my world which you are about to enter again in a new book. Lastly, no GMJ Book has a name which says much about the mission inside it. Like military codes and they are codes, every one of them, they are explained to those who need to know, you the reader, will find the explanation why we used that name, somewhere in the book. I do hope you will enjoy the rest of the story. It is worth reading.

End of briefing

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