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In His Own Words

In His Own Words

Words By Tyler Thierry

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. Bio Poem Chapter 2. 8th Grade Poems Chapter 3. If I Lived In A Snow globe

Bio Poem: Final Draft Tyler

Intelligent,Musical,Sympathetic,Gentlemanly,Humorous Relationships with my parents & friends Guitars,Music,and football is what I love I have Felt Happiness: playing my first gig,Sadness:When I moved out of my old house, and Anger: when my stuff is taken Training for football, running miles and miles, and practicing for football is what I feared First tackle, first guitar, and first gig at the talent show He wants to become famous & go to England

1862 Alice Way

James Thierry

8th Grade Poems Haiku

Vast Beaches So Warm Couples Running Down The Line Awaking At Night

Here I Am Standing

In The Midst Of A Big Dot Going Round And Round Limerick

There Was Once A Man Who Lived In A Big Can He Doesn’t Know Jack Please Someone Scratch His Back And His Name Is Dan


My First Guitar

A Very Little One

When I Smell It

I Smell Music Coming Out When I Look At It

I See The Beauty Inside Out When I Play It

I Play The Sounds Of Happiness Free Verse

My Mandolin

I Always Wanted A Mandolin It Is Too Expensive

It Has 8 Strings

Very Small

A Hollow Body

A Egg Shaped Guitar

And It’s Also Electric Has A Very Good Sound Sensory

The Peppermill Hotel It Smells Like Italy It Looks Like A Really Expensive Hotel It Sounds Like The Sweet Italian Music It Feels Like Rome

It Tastes Like Tuscany Contain


Smart, Kind

Intelligent, Funny, Musical Sad, Happy, Angry, Hopeful, Thierry

If I Lived On A Snow Globe Once Upon A Time, In a rented apartment, I was just sitting there watching TV and my Roommate was at Target. Then I hear a doorbell ring, When I Opened the door, I see a small package. I picked up the Package, closed the door and when I opened the small box, there was a Little Snow Globe. “ This is a very nice Snow Globe”, I said. When I shake the Snow Globe, I small Snow Twister came right out of the Snow Globe.

It grabbed me and I started yelling. The Small Twister eventually got bigger and I was stuck in the center of it. Then I passed out. When I woke up, I was surrounded by people dressed with Christmas clothing, mugs filled with Hot Chocolate and sweaters colorful with lights all around them. One person from the crowd helped me up. “Are You Alright?”, Said the person who had a weird accent. “ Yeah, I’m Alright”, I said. “You Hit your head pretty hard”, Said the person.

“Where Am I?”, I said. “ You’re In Christmas City”, said the person. I Started to freak out.

“Who Are You Anyway?”, I said. “My Name is Emily, What’s Your Name?”, She Said. “Tyler”, I said. So we talked and talked while walking around the city until I finally said, “Where’s Your Leader?”. In The Capitol, I’m His Advisor”, Emily Said. So We went into The Capitol and It smelled like Egg Nog and Lavender. And the Hallway we went through felt like a very soft rug with feathers all over it.

Emily Knocked on a Door that looked like it should belong in a 5-Star Hotel. “Mr. Christmas, It’s Me Emily”, She Said. Then The Door automatically opened, when I walked in I saw a Man who looked 80 years old and had on a suit that had a Blue Shirt and a Red and Green Tie.

“Mr. Christmas, I got sucked into this town and I was wondering if there was a way out”, I Said. “There is no way out, I brought you here because you’ve been chosen to be the new leader”, Said Mr. Christmas. “Well, Isn’t there a ceremony for this?”, I said. “ Yeah, In the middle of the City and it begins at 12:00”, Said Mr. Christmas”. Then, it was 12:00 and I was driven by a horse-driven carriage. Then, there was priest with a crown and a badge and had Red, Gold, and Green Clothing.

I walked down the aisle with British-like guards behind me. I finally stopped, went into my knees, and said what the priest said, “I, Tyler James Thierry, will become the new leader of Christmas City”. The Priest and Everyone else said, “Long Live The New King Of Christmas City”, and that actually felt good. 500 years went by, I’ve married Emily, and the reason why I was living that long is because this City has a ability to live forever.

I was walking down the City when I saw a Shop called ,“Christmas Magic”. I went in a I see a Wizard walking to me and said, “You’re Time Is Up, Mr. Thierry, Come With Me”. We walked downstairs and I see a bottle that has never been used and it said, “A Drink To Go Home”. “Mr. Thierry, everyone knows that you’re time is up and your wife, Emily, will take over for you”, The Wizard said. “Well, Goodbye, My Beloved City”, I said. When I drank it, I fell asleep. The Next Thing you know, I’m back in my apartment.

I thought I was a great adventure. But like they all say, “All Good Things Come To An End”. I had the snow globe in my hands and said, “Thank You, Christmas City”. Well, that’s the end of the story.

In His Own Words

  • Author: Tyler Thierry, Sr
  • Published: 2017-08-01 04:50:06
  • Words: 929
In His Own Words In His Own Words