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In Her Possession

In Her Possession


by Daniel Hargrove

Published by Daniel Hargrove at Shakespir


Copyright 2017 Daniel Hargrove


Cover art copyright 2017 Daniel Hargrove


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Table of Contents


01 In Her Possession


02 The Call of Naming


03 Quite by Accident


04 Just After Easter


05 A Jealous Look


06 The Mirror in the Compact


07 In a Warm Sun



In Her Possession


One time I wrote a book of songs

crusty, grimy, nearly greasy

near rusted locks, a page of wrongs


For many mice, the piper longs,

to flute a melody, so easy

one time I wrote a book of songs


The lacy bras, the yellow thongs

very sexy, no, not sleazy

near rusted locks, a page of wrongs


A coal, caught red, in silver tongs

the depth of dusk, a porch light teases

one time I wrote a book of songs


The sullen Buddhists struck their gongs

I stole my eyes, then wolves, now fleecy

near rusted locks, a page of wrongs


My dark dispute with kings of Kongs,

a clumsy poke at who she pleases

one time I wrote a book of songs,

near rusted locks, a page of wrongs



The Call of Naming


It’s hard to find the words

to express how deeply

I was, in love, with Vicki

The words littered the pages

and confused both of us

and yet the beauty of her spirit

still young and fresh, today, as yesterday

she believed in me

as I believed in her

and the magic

soared like a seagull

over the sandcastles

that would never melt

under a roaring tide

the scent of roses

scattered the breezes

with fireflies

our sweat mixed with

the sweet taste of candies

in our dance with candles

if I live to be 100

I will always believe

in eternity in the doorway

in the french toast of kisses

now lost from black and white

in the twine of illusions



Quite by Accident


Her car, a ’77 V.W. Rabbit

could be borrowed, I found

as she believed it was immaterial

until I went to the store one day

and got a bundle of fresh carrots

with the leafy greens still attached

and several other unrelated items

sundries, like paper towels and toothpaste

on the way home

I wanted to stop by the park

and sit for awhile

there was, at the side of the road

a place to park, or turn around

with some posts sticking up

and darned if I didn’t

scrape one on the right side

Immaterial, I thought

but of course, not really the case

and I drove home kinda slow.

Gee, how to be honest about it

I know whe was a little more

attached to that car

than I believed she was

she was so upset about it

that she threatened to call the police

I had an alibi



Just After Easter


Weaving our moments together

in contrasts

mysterious and profane

Sally and I

would sit and sip

frothy dark ale

and write songs


her with her bright melodies

of a train bound for glory

and me, with

my dark and cautionary

knotting of the chords

musing in her charms

in my white static dilemma

and another bright gem was born

out of need, and hunger

and the days, and the months

rolled by

too fast to hold water

and quiet and confused

I did not know then

how choosy were the songs

lost in sweet kisses, high pink

that the jelly beans of Easter’s hay

could never comprehend



A Jealous Look


She couldn’t stand the nosy thought

the thought believed by me, was true

our time together, sold and bought


By gassy clowns, our love was caught

I had to know, the time was due

She couldn’t stand the nosy thought


A roundabout, so she was taught

could give her secrets up, she knew

our time together, sold and bought


All around her, chance of rot

I was the star, part young, part new

She couldn’t stand the nosy thought


Perhaps in tears we learn a lot

another diver, under blue

our time together, sold and bought


For dusty roses, beauty fought

yet still where one and one make two

she couldn’t stand the nosy though

our time together, sold and bought



The Mirror in the Compact


When I first got a computer

I played puzzle games, brain teasers

but I had no clue

about the agenda of Microsoft

and the technocratic titans

still in their nascency

one could call it middle of the road

except for the *Giggle*, scrutiny of trends

to find our weaknesses

and how better to direct our attention

to buying the same old line

and perhaps another as time goes by

back then, I could think about things

for hours, even days, my mind was strong

and perhaps I am not as wise

as I think I am

look at the black and white

of those letters, scoring the page

and ask yourself

do we really have a choice

but to accept

the rise of the management of information?

You might not get it at all

and maybe you, sort of, do

but we get what we pay for

down the line



In a Warm Sun


The rose gardens

in Tyler are fascinating

and I go there when I can

one time I was visiting

and I saw a young lady in a wheelchair

sitting by herself

I didn’t ask her how she broke her leg

but I ended up taking her around the gardens

it is interesting

that different varieties of roses

smell subtly different

the golden pinks seem so high

and the tan orange of the musk

it was a little warm that day

and we sat in the shade, on a hill

and talked for awhile

she looked to be about twenty-five

she had some college behind her

and was hoping to be a nurse

we talked about what it meant

to help people who are suffering

and the miracles of modern medicine

and how people with cancer nowadays

have a far better chance to live

into old age

and then, as the sun was setting

and soon, the gardens would close

a blind man with a dog

came walking up the path

and inquired about the time

and with him, we went to the gate

and said our goodbyes

but the scent of flowers

went with us



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In Her Possession

  • ISBN: 9781370321162
  • Author: Daniel Hargrove
  • Published: 2017-07-11 23:05:10
  • Words: 1132
In Her Possession In Her Possession