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In God We Trust

Amanda Wright hated this war. She hated waking up alone each morning, tending to Gideon without the help of a husband, and the constant fear of learning her husband was dead. Amanda just wanted this war to be over. It was difficult raising a son, even more so when she was the sole guardian at this time.

She looked up to hear soft footsteps trailing inside, catching sight of Gideon trying to limp out of her view. He was a crafty child, but Amanda had long since seen what he was hiding.

“Come here, Gideon. Let me see your knee.”

He froze and shook his head, making Amanda frown, “Gideon, now.” Once more the boy refused, and the woman strode to him. His entire pant leg was covered in dried blood and dust, Amanda’s frown beginning to deepen, “What did you do? Look at me when I’m talking to you.”

It took several minutes to get the child to look up, Amanda’s breath catching, “Who hit you, Gideon?”

The boy swallowed, “No one…”

“Gideon Wright, you tell me who hit you, and don’t tell me another fib.”

Her eyes lingered on the steadily swelling flesh on his face, Amanda reaching up and feeling it. She felt slightly bad when the boy flinched in pain but didn’t let him escape her so easily, “Tell me now.”

“Edwin and the others…”

That boy again? Amanda frowned, staring at her son, “Why did they hit you?”

He gave a shrug and the woman sighed, “Just tell me, Gideon… I don’t care if you started it, just tell me what happened.”

She stared at him for a few silent moments before Gideon looked down, “I pushed him. He said daddy wasn’t coming back, and it was stupid for me to even pray about it…”

Amanda’s eyes widened at the information, her words coming out slowly and quietly, “Do you believe him?”

He shrugged again and the woman stood, shaking her head, “Gideon, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about… Come here, we need to clean up your knee and ice your eye.”

The woman led him to the washroom and sat him down, rolling up his trousers and dabbing the blood away, “You shouldn’t let him get to you like that, Gideon. It could get worse if you pick a fight again.”

“What am I supposed to do, then? What if he’s right, and daddy doesn’t come back, even if I pray?”

His eyes searched Amanda’s face, the woman staring up at him, “Gideon, how many times does it say that when a person cried out for help, God did help?”

Once more Gideon fell silent, slowly giving a shrug and then looking down as she spoke, “There are a lot of places in the Bible where God helped people who prayed for help. What makes us any different? We’re His children too, aren’t we? And so is your daddy.”

Gideon looked up at her, biting his lip to keep it from trembling. Amanda could clearly see tears beginning to gather and she gently stroked his cheek, “Gideon, we have to trust God. If we don’t trust Him, we won’t ever be able to see our prayers work. It’s like when a bird drops a seed; it doesn’t really care or believe that anything will happen. It just let’s go. But we can see that seed grow into a plant.”

The woman stroked his cheek again, sitting up and hugging him tightly, “If we don’t trust, Gideon, we can’t have confidence that your daddy will come home…”

She trailed off, closing her eyes and catching her voice, “Gideon, God will bring him home.”

The faintest of nods answered her, and Amanda drew in a deep breath, “Now…. What did you learn in school?”

Gideon shifted a bit, “Miss Fairbank said that Congress is putting something new on the coins.”

Amanda tilted her head as she dabbed at his knee, “Oh?”

“They’re going to put ‘In God We Trust’ on top.”

Amanda stopped and lifted her head, “In God we trust?” She repeated, a sad smile growing on her lips, “See, Gideon, even the rest of the nation realizes how important praying is and how important trusting God is…” She trailed off, looking down once more, “Your daddy will be able to see those coins. He’ll be praying to come home, too.”

She stood up and held her hand out for the child, letting him take it before going to the parlor and sitting down once more, “Maybe you could write to him, Gideon. Let him know how everything’s going. I’m sure he’ll like that.”

The boy nodded and moved to the writing desk. How he had grown… Charles would likely not recognize him when he returned. Amanda gave a weak smile at the thought, resting in her chair and gazing at her son.

In God we trust… The nation knew that was the only way to stop this war. If only everyone felt so strongly as Congress did. A paper was set in her lap and Amanda looked up to see Gideon put it there, the woman lifting it and giving it a read over.

Nothing was extremely different, but Amanda’s eyes lingered on the last few sentences.

‘Mamma said that we have to trust God to see anything He does. I guess Mr. President knows that too. As soon as the new pennies come out, I’m going to send one. Then you can remember, just like mamma and I, that it’s in God we need to put our trust in.’

Amanda lowered the letter and opened her arms for him, holding Gideon tightly and kissing his forehead, “That’s right, Gideon. And I hope you always remember that….”

Oh, let the entire nation remember that. Let the entire nation remember that it was in God they put their trust.

“Let them remember that in God we trust.”


In God We Trust

In 1864, the United States government decided to add the motto 'In God We Trust' to coins as well as paper bills. It is also during this time that Amanda Wright's husband is fighting in the Civil War, leaving her to raise their son in his absence. When Gideon returns home from class with several injuries, Amanda finds that his faiths and morals are being questioned. With a quick lesson, the mother teaches her son that it is in God they must put their trust in, especially if their family is to be reunited.

  • Author: Angela Tressel
  • Published: 2016-06-18 04:20:05
  • Words: 983
In God We Trust In God We Trust