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Jessica Kennard 6/25/2014 In-Between


Jessica Kennard

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By: Jessica Kennard




Devon rubs his caramel hands over his face. Darkness and a grayish mist surround himhis face as if he just


woke up. He waves his hand trying to clear the mist from his face. He uses the tips of his fingers to find the door handle. He tries to open the car door, but its stuck. He uses his shoulder to push the door open. The door finally gives and he prepares to step out of the car. As he places his left foot on the ground he feels the sensation of pain. He topples to the ground as he grabs a hold of his Heankle. “ What the hell.” He says to himself. He looks towards the car and see’s that he crashed it into some kind of old shack. He moves his hands over his body and head, looking for any other injuries. There’s a noise behind him. He scoots himself against the shack as he looks towards the noise. Another noise is heard from the other side. He looks around but see’s nothing. “ Is someone there? Hello?” He uses the shack to pull himself off the ground. He starts to wobble away from the car and towards the front of the shack. As he turns the corner he see’s a young boy sitting on the stairs that leads into the shack. He walks up to the boy. “ Hey there. Is there a phone I could use?” The boy looks at him.

“ Why don’t you go inside?” the boy points to the door. Devon looks at the door and notices the shack is actually a church, or was a church some time ago. “ So your saying there’s a phone inside?” he asks the boy. The boy stands and makes his way into the church. Devon follows him. As the door closes behind him, he is again surrounded by darkness. He tries to move forward but is stopped by something heavy and hard to move. In fact, it won’t move at all. He tries to move around it but falls over something. Suddenly a candle lights up and then another, until the room is fully lit up by them.

He looks around to see he is sitting on an old wooden pew, in this an old wooden church,. Lit candles surround him and in front of him are more pews. He looks up to see a cross with Jesus on it staring back at him. “ What the hell? ” Devon asks out loud. “ No not hell, ”, says a voice next to him. Devon jumps to his feet and turns to see an old white man with white shoulder length hair and a white beard. He’s wearing a cream-colored floor length garment of some kind. “ Have a seat, son. You don’t want to hurt your ankle more. ”

The priest say’s to Devon. “ I am not your son, ”, Devon responds. The Priest just nods his head and continues to look towards Jesus on the cross. Devon sits back down, but not too too



close to the priest. “ You’re not going to touch me, right? ” Devon questions the priest. The priest turns to him with a murderous look and shakes his head no. “ Sorry. You can’t be too sure these days, ”, Devon continues. The priest turns back to Jesus. “ Why am I here? What happen to the boy? ”, Devon questions.

“ Maybe you needed to be here. The boy is fine. ”, Tthe priest says in return. Devon rubs his hands down on his jeans trying to wipe off the sweat off offrom them. “ I don’t like churches, ”, Devon responds. “ Maybe that’s why you needed to be here? ”, Says the priest. “ Last time I was in church I was burying my kid brother, ”, Devon starts to shake as he continues, “ He was 134 and shot in a drive by shooting. He was a good boy, didn’t deserve to go like that.Where was God then? Can you tell me that priest? ”

The priest nods his head as he answers by saying, “ Maybe he was needed somewhere else.He was standing before your brother ”.

“ Ok, where was God when Mmy parents were killed by a drunk driver, were they needed somewhere else also?? ”, Devon asks.

“ I don’t know the reasons, I just know there is one.He stood before them ”, Tthe priest answers. Devon looks around trying to catch his breath. This priest was really not helping and making him really mad.

“ Why is God letting the driver out for good behavior? “, Devon asks. “ And why is the man who killed my brother still breathing? “, Devon continues.




“ You do not agree with the punishments? ““, Tthe priest asks Devon. “ Hell, nah. ”, Devon answers. “ God only gives you what he knows you can handle. Life is not easy, but he will lead you on the right path if you let him. You have to listen. ”, The priest replies. “ My path is leading me to reavenge my brother’s death. ”, Devon says with strength behind his words. “ Mmmm, so a death for a death? Would that be satisfying your brother’s death? ”, The priest questions. Devon turns to look at the priest. He moves a little closer to him. “ It might not bring him back, but it will show him my love. ”, Devon answers.

“ Won’t it also take from his memory? People will remember your actions. And sSo, the circle of revenge will continue until there is no one left breathing. What if your brother wanted you to show him love by forgiving? ”, The priest questions. Devon looks down at the floor and folds his hands on his lap. “ I can’t forgive a killer. ”, Devon states.

“ So then you wouldn’t be able to forgive yourself. God forgives those who truly want forgiveness, and lets go of everything else, but him. Your families souls are soaring with him, wouldn’t you want yours to be too? ”, Asks the priest.

“ God, would forgive a man that harms a child? ”, Asks Devon.

“ If he truly wants to be forgiven, and lets go of everything else, like those type of feeling that made him do what he did.



If he can’t let go, then he is not meant to be with God. You can’t stay in-between. ”, Says the priest. Devon sits back against the pew and rubs his face. “ What if you don’t ask for forgiveness? ”, Questions Devon.

“ Would you rather live in a joyous light, or in darkness, where the only light is that of the flames of burning sins? ”, Tthe priest replies. The priest stands up, but doesn’t move. “ Forgiving brings you into his heavenly home, this shouldn’t be hard for you, Devon. ”, Says the priest. Devon looks up at the priest with tears in his eyes. “ How do you know my name? What do I have to do? ”, Devon asks.

“ I know a lot of things. Pray for forgiveness and truly give yourself to God. We are all God’s children and he hopes we will all walk with him some day. ”, The priest answers.

“ And I will be with my family? I will get to see my brother and my parents? ”, Devon asks. The priest nods his head as he looks down to Devon. The boy is now standing next to Devon. He kneels down and Devon moves to the floor on his knees. He raises his hands in prayer as tears run down his cheeks, he looks to the boy who is next to him with his eyes closed praying, and then Devonhe closes his eyes. The priest looks to the statue of Jesus and see’s a bright light forming above it. He smiles as he places his hand on Devon’s shoulder. “ Rest in peace, angels. ”, Tthe priest says,s




asas he closes his eyes, because the light is so bright starts filling the church. A wind blows out all the flames of the candles, and only leaves the light and the illuminating feeling of peace and forgiveness.

NEWS REPORTER: Welcome to your local news channel five. Tonight we bring you a story about family tragedy. Last week we brought you the story of a thirteen-year-old boy who was shot outside of his brothers home. Tonight we tell you about a story of revenge that ended with the death of the brother of the thirteen year old. It seems the older brother found out who shot his brother and was on the way to revenge his death, when his car some how lost control and ran directly into the side of an old shack, that was once used as a church. We know he was the only one that was killed. No news as of yet if he was alone, but we know he is the only one who was found dead. This is the very spot a young boy was found murdered about four years ago. Very tragic. In the news is a report about a man who was run off the road and killed as he was on his way to seek revenge for his brother’s death. He had a few friends with him, but he was the only one who died. The driver side of the car hit head on into an old wooden shack that used to be used for church.




  • ISBN: 9781370248995
  • Author: Jessie K
  • Published: 2017-04-04 02:50:08
  • Words: 1621
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