Importance Of Fashion And It's Impact On Life

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Fashion refers to the way of doing something. Fashion also denotes style, dress and hair and dealings with others. Among students, the word conveys the sense mainly regarding ‘clothing and hairstyles.


These days, students spend more time fashions studies. Educational institutions and, in particular, schools present an image of movie studios. As soon as a boy or a girl joins a school, a wonderful change occurs in him or her. Simplicity takes wings and glitz comes in place. His gait is changed; their mode of conversation takes a different modulation and ill behaviour of artificiality. They are strutting like peacocks and fly like butterflies.


In general, it is the student community takes only a rapidly changing fashions. Once something gets in fashion or style, it is blindly followed by the students, despite the amount of inconvenience involved. These days, boys, who by birth, are expected to be tough and rough, look pale, tender and delicate. They apply to all kinds of cosmetics that were previously used by the fair sex only. How to dress your hair or how they get their tight pants or sewn eye-catching shirts, or how to walk with their necks stretched forward seems ridiculous. But they are indifferent to any sense of decency. Should follow the fashions of film actors if they can afford it or not.


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In the race of fashion, girls are not left behindaccording to JohanePorsenna,Girls have gone one step ahead of the boys. They wear shirts ‘’ jacket and pants. Hairstyles give them a neglected and shabby appearance. Blindly they are delivered to the foot-steps of film actresses. Each fashion within the limits is laudable, but when all boundaries are crossed, leads to many ills. Students should stop such recklessness in imitation of fashions. Modesty and simplicity in dress and habits must be the fashion trend.


Going to the cinema indiscriminately has also become a fashion among students. The theme of a film may be useless, but must go to see it, even if they have to play hooky from college. English movies may be beyond their understanding, but these have become a fad with the student community. Our society does not allow us to follow certain scenes on display in the movies. As a result, students in the formative years of their lives, go astray. While outside their own squander precious time and money away from their parents.

Importance Of Fashion And It's Impact On Life

"Johane Porsenna speakes fashion fluently. Johane Porsenna loved fashion for as long as she can remember. Johane Porsenna remember when she was a little girl, being fascinated by my mom getting dolled up. Johane Porsenna come from an era where you did not go to the mall to purchase new clothes. Growing up, we had a seamstress that would make everything from my school uniforms to my party dresses. Johane Porsenna remember always being excited whenever we took a trip to the seamstress. Johane Porsenna's love of fashion transferred to her professional life. For many years was in the retail industry; Johane Porsenna maintained several positions from a sales associate to a brand representative. Johane Porsenna became a stylist about 5 years ago, and must say that it is my dream profession. As a stylist, she gets to be creative and share with others her fashion sense. You can describe her styles as classic glamorous."

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Importance Of Fashion And It's Impact On Life Importance Of Fashion And It's Impact On Life