I was only 2 years and 10 months when my mommy was snatched from me. I was use to being with my Granny so when my mommy dropped me off and said good-bye and didn’t return to take me back home I just thought she was going to come later. Later never came but I started to see crowds of people come to the house and talk; some even cried. I was confused. Where is my mommy? Days went by and I started to get sad. Why did she abandon me? Is it because I cried too much? I will stop crying if she would just come back! But when that didn’t happen I stared to get sad. I cry because I miss my mommy’s voice, smile, and touch. I miss laying on her chest, her kisses, and hugs. I miss going to my home with my own room, my own space, and having mommy all to myself! They say she’s gone to heaven, but I don’t understand. Why didn’t she take me with her? Why can’t she just come back to get me?

I left my mommy arms on December 16th, 2016 and never felt her touch again. I have the best granny and auntie who make sure I have what I need, what I want, and try to keep me happy and safe. But, they aren’t mommy. I have a father but the system has him locked up so he is forced to deal with the pain of losing mommy and not being able to hold and comfort me in her absence. I see other children interact with their mommy’s and I wonder, why can’t I have my mommy? I’m starting head start soon and mommy won’t be putting me on the bus, mommy won’t be getting all my artwork, and who will I make a Mother Day gift for?! Mommy won’t be with me, watching me grow, kissing my boo boo’s, holding me through sickness, or see me accomplish my milestones to come. Yes, I do have daddy, granny, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends of mommy, but I don’t have mommy. Mommy’s killer still gets to see and speak to his children, mommy can’t see or speak to me.


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This writing captures the impact gun violence has on the family. When someone is killed we immediately feel sad for the family. We feel sad but never really realize how huge of an impact this type of death has. When a young child loses a mother their future becomes more of a mystery. Will they be revengeful? Will the turn to alcohol or drugs to cope? Will they engage in violence, in return creating a cycle?!?! Children long for their mother's touch, when that is snatched away everything changes. A mother is never the same when she loses her daughter, a sister without her sister is a bird with no wings, a brother loses hope and her cousins loses their best friend. Impact statements can be filled with sorrow but this impact statement gives you more than just sorrow. Hope you enjoy!

  • Author: Ashley Blake
  • Published: 2017-08-28 20:20:07
  • Words: 1208
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