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Frank Desmedt

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Dedicated to everyone who dares to dream…


Once again, the gentle vibrations bring about the colorful fluttering of the amorphous and plastic substance of this quiet nook of the Pluriverse.

Each time the tenuous vibrations come together, a river of musical notes strive to compose an arrangement, with a rhythm and melody of its own.

First come a few lengthy notes that quickly head toward the nervous bounces of a staccato. Then comes a swarm of extremely sharp notes that, without slowing down their pace, full of impatience and tension, move toward the placid equanimity of the middle-range tones. As soon as they get there, without stopping or missing a beat, they continue their hurried march toward the bottom of the musical scale, until they reach a lake of extremely low-pitched tones.

The entire environment is saturated with the flow and reflow of luminous and musical substance, the same that since immemorial times has been the origin and support of every tune, march, symphony and song.

Imo could barely feel it, but this time the vibrations seemed to have a different quality. It was as if something tried once and again to give a distinct shape to his nebulous being, as if an unknown factor struggled to impose a certain form to his very ethereal constitution.

For a moment, a very brief instant, Imo would take on a distinct form, but then, it would immediately undo itself, flowing back into the intangible torrent of scattered sounds and colors that surrounded him. Imo vaguely remembers having gone through a similar ordeal, but never in such an insistent way!

As everything follows a gentle to-and-fro motion—from formation to disintegration, from crystallization back to fluxion, from solve to coagula—Imo senses that his being is swayed back and forth, in step with the softly rippling currents of colored sound. He feels that his attention comes and goes, wavering between being and not-being. Oh, yes! This time, no doubt about it, something new and very different was happening to him!

Certain parts of his new quasi-formation had begun to jell, and very gradually his being comes to a point where it’s difficult for him not to keep a fixed form. For the first time, Imo experiences the sensation of wanting something. It was a deliciously new sensation, for he’d never wanted anything before! But, wait! Something more is happening! An image is trying to take form right in the middle of his being! What an interesting experience!

Imo, totally engrossed in all that is happening to him, hasn’t noticed that his recently acquired figure had gradually begun to move. Very slowly, his movement starts to pick up speed, and after a while, he’s zipping along at quite a fast clip. Now, swiftly and quietly, he crosses the backdrop of reality, constantly moving along the path of a very straight line.

Suddenly, a loud jangle rouses him and makes him take notice of his marvelous new surroundings, as well as of the blistering pace he’s now moving at. How amusing! And how curious the sensation of being able to move! He had never done it before, as he had never had a form to move!

After a while, his speed lets up and his flight stops right in front of a dazzling formation, full of palpitating sounds and radiant colors. As he moves in closer, he begins to perceive a series of pulsations that come in a sequence that he’d never felt before. Strangely, the vibratory cadence, of exact metric and modulation, begins to make sense to him! As he focuses on it, Imo notices that the vibrations represent something like: Imo, come here… We have a lot to do!

Although Imo felt the vibrations within his being, he also knew that they were coming from a colorful formation that was nearby.

—You’re now starting to become one of us. Perhaps still a little shaky and somewhat tenuous, but in a while you’ll definitely be one of us. Speak up, Imo… You can do it— is what a very clear voice tells him.

—I can? You say that I can speak? But, how am I going to do something I’ve never done before?— thinks Imo.

—You can do it, Imo,— repeats the voice, —try it and you’ll see.

Why not? It seems pretty easy to do. OK, here I go! He-he-hello. Hey! I c-can t-talk!— renders an astonished Imo, as his newly acquired form flashes brilliant orange and yellow colors, —But, w-who are you?— he manages to utter.

—Hi, little fellow. I’m Exir. But come, we have a lot to do!— is the only answer Imo receives. And as soon as he hears this he begins to move again, this time in a wide hyperbolic trajectory and escorted by Exir’s impressive figure.

Speeding through the phosphorescent fog, while dodging countless formations of ever-changing outlines, both of the entities continue their journey toward a place known by Exir, but not by little Imo.

Their flight takes them past a large purple and violet formation, whose inside is slowly plied by pulsating yellow and pink plasma. Then, they skirt around an area made of an infinite array of greens, oranges and reds, from which emanates a cheerful collection of twinkling sounds. Next, they move past an exuberant crystalline figure, very transparent and full of flickering white lines, all of which lay on a cloud of precious magenta.

—We’re about to arrive, Imo. We’re almost there.— says Exir. Imo doesn’t answer because he’s too entranced by the display of enrapturing forms, colors and sounds.

All of a sudden, Imo feels that he’s violently separated from his companion! All he can do is look on—helpless—while he moves away from Exir at a very fast pace. His astonishment and desperation grow as he moves farther and farther away from Exir!

—What’s happening? Why am I being separated from Exir? What did I do wrong?— asks Imo.

—Imo! Come to me! Right away!!— orders Exir.

—Alright… but how? Where are you?

—You must try to remember my figure. Visualize me the best you can. That’ll guide you to where I am. Do it now!— continues Exir’s mental order.

Little Imo, without knowing exactly how to comply with what’s being asked of him, tries to remember Exir’s form.—More force, Imo! With more clarity! Make the image sharper!

Little by little, Imo outlines what he remembers of Exir’s figure and colors, and as he focuses on the image, he notices a slight change in the direction of his flight.

—Try harder, Imo. More intensity!— insists Exir.

After a supreme effort, Imo finally produces a stable image of Exir, and as he concentrates on it, his flight makes two sharp 90-degree turns and… there’s Exir!

—Well done! Good job, Imo. You’ve done great!— is his congratulated welcome.

—Thanks, Exir. But, what happened to me?

—Oh, it’s something very common here, and it’ll happen to you every time your attention is not focused on a goal. If you don’t concentrate on a place or a purpose, you’ll soon be distracted by any fleeting notion. You’ll soon understand it, it’s just a matter of force vectors. For now, concentrate on following me. Come, we must continue.

—Purpose? Goals? Force vectors? What could all that be?— wonders Imo, —What could Exir be talking about?

—Right, I sense that I must clarify a few concepts. Although, for the moment, we only have time for a brief explanation. First, you should know that you are a numen, an Idea-Force whose formation is in progress, and that I’m in charge of helping you with this task.— says Exir.

—A what?— asks Imo.

—A numen, an Idea-Force,— repeats Exir, —but before you can understand this, you must know that we’re within the vast Pluriverse, a multiple reality that’s brought forth and sustained by the power of Supreme Creative Potential.

Imo, not knowing what to say or where to start questioning, decides to keep quiet and thinks, —What could Exir be talking about?

The glowing Exir, softening the tension of his many lines and assuming more subdued colors, continues with his explanation, —Little Imo, you have so much to learn. And how very fast this is to be! You must know that there exists a curious but very powerful type of being to which we are linked. Their energy structure is very complex and refined—perhaps the most complicated one of this section of reality. They’re called humans, a certain branch of the “live entities.” Now, it so happens that these humans have a large collection of aptitudes, like being able to see, hear and feel.

They also have an interesting ability that allows them to think, and another one that they call “imagination.” Ahh! These are functions of astounding power! With them, humans can understand and bring forth whatever they want. Yes, and while they do it, their thoughts cause our formation, give us a sense of direction and show the wanted objective.

Likewise, humans can also use the energy of their emotions to speed things up, helping us act in a faster and more efficient way. And as they change their emotional attitude, our colors, sounds and overall form also changes. Are you understanding all of this?

—Not really, Exir. But, go ahead. As you explain it, I can feel all the effects you’re talking about. Please go on. Tell me more!— insists Imo.

—In other words, each emotion that the human feels produces a corresponding echo in our being, and according to the intensity of that emotion, our brilliance, consistency and colors change. You should know that the color red is intensified by their strongest and more impulsive emotions, such as rage, passion, fear and other similar ones. Yellow lights up by spontaneity, optimism, happiness and all expansive feelings. And blue is activated by calmness, equanimity and serenity. Again, as the human feels one or the other, our colors change accordingly.

—That’s it! That’s what has been happening to me! Now I understand it!— cried out Imo, —But, then, it’s not produced by something of my own being?

—The tendencies of our feelings are determined by the influences and conditions of the Pluriverse. However, the human’s ideas that match these tendencies will be intensified and will reverberate in our being, due to our natural empathy with them. I know you don’t fully understand it, but it’ll all fall in place very soon. Now, come… we have a lot to do!

Their journey has taken them to the base of an enormous formation that seems to be made of countless smaller components, all of them in constant movement. Some parts move very quickly from one side to the other of the formation’s luminous surface, while others, moving slower and deeper within the big object, act as anchors to the ones on the outside. Some of the pieces fuse with one another, while others break off in order to follow their own course. And, in spite of the apparent disorder, if you look carefully, you’ll see that everything moves in accordance with a delicate and rhythmic pattern.

As the travelers close in on the big formation, they both come to a halt. Exir floats to one side, letting Imo reach the colorful surface, where he settles into a crevice that has his exact size and shape. Immediately, the large formation shelters and injects into Imo’s body a strong wave of invigorating energy, making all his colors and sounds mix into one brilliant, rhythmic pulsation. Imo feels very comfortable, as he experiences the sensation of belonging and of being corresponded to, and of occupying his very own place in the vast Pluriverse.

He sees Exir floating nearby, without joining the nourishing structure and asks, —What’s the matter, Exir? Why don’t you come and join me? This here is really delicious!

—I’m all right, Imo. You go ahead and make the best of it, as I don’t belong to this formation. I’ll let you know when we’re ready to move on. In the mean time, I’ll continue with my explanations.— says Exir, —At this very moment, you’re integrating yourself with one of the so called purposes or projects that are periodically visualized by the humans. We could say that you’re becoming an integral part of it. After a while, you’ll see how the purpose’s energy helps you complete the image that’s trying to take form within your being. This image represents the idea that you’re to help bring forth, as part of the present purpose.

—Excuse me, Exir… But, tell me, what’s an idea? What’s it used for?

Exir, twinkling his colors intelligently, answers, —Ideas are very particular energy structures that are always related to purposes and projects. They are quite precise, having well defined functions and are easily connected to other ideas. With these ideas, humans can make things that belong to that other zone, the densest part of the Pluriverse. It’s the place that humans call their “material world,” an environs where most of the structures are rigid, static and quite hard. They all have a fixed form and physical properties that are basically constant…

—Ja, ja, ja… A place where everything is fixed and hard? That’s ridiculous! It must be really boring there, right, Exir?— interrupts Imo abruptly, —I think that this here is much more beautiful. It’s a lot softer and more comfortable…

—Please, Imo… How can you criticize something that you’ve never experienced? We’ll see what you think about it after having been there.— cautions Exir.

—Be there? Are we going to go there?— asks Imo, a little scared now.

—We’ll see, we’ll see…— answers Exir somewhat distracted, for now his attention is focused on three strange formations that erratically move toward them.

—EXIR!! Where are you? Where are you hiding?! I know you’re around here somewhere… Show yourself immediately! Do you hear me?!— screeches a domineering voice that makes Imo draw back into his small enclosure.

—Here I am. What do you want, Sobia? No need for all that racket, for I clearly perceive you.— is the unruffled answer offered by Exir, whose colors now pulsate in a very precise rhythm, with all his brilliant lines grouped into a single solid horizontal bar.

—Ah! That’s where you’re hiding. Do I have to remind you that when you address me, you are to use my formal title? Are you listening, Exir? Her Majesty Sobia. Well, now, where is he? Have the apprentice numen come forth. At once!!

—With all due respect, Sobia, I can’t please you, because…

—Insolent!! How dare you contradict me? Perchance you don’t remember who you are talking to?— interrupts Sobia violently, causing a burst of thunder and lightning in her dark figure.

—As I was saying, Sobia, you know that I don’t have to honor your demands.— continued Exir serenely, —You have no authority over me or the young numen. We don’t belong to your court and thus, you can’t order me around—that’s the Law—in case you’ve forgotten.

—Is that so? We’ll see about that, my irreverent Exir. Don’t lecture me about the Law!— says Sobia with uncontrolled anger, —Alas! I don’t know why I waste my time talking to riffraff like you. I’m going to let you deal with my servants. But, remember, be on guard! If you become careless, you’ll feel the strength of my wrath. This is also the Law!!

Closing in on Imo, who can’t shrink any further into his crevice, Sobia snarls at him, —And you, you defenseless mockery… We’ll soon meet again, and then, I’ll give you a sample of what I can do!!— having said that, Sobia turns around and moves away, pompous and haughty, leaving behind her a dense and foul-smelling murky cloud.

One of the two entities that came with Sobia, precisely the tired blue one, says in a downcast and listless voice, —Exir, you’d better gi-i-i-ve up. You know that we’ll beat you if you cha-a-a-llenge us. You’ll see how e-e-e-verything you do will go wrong, e-e-e-verything will become more and more co-o-omplicated and…

—Enough, Demo! You and your companion had better go. We have nothing in common!— interrupts Exir in a very firm tone.

The other unstable entity, who up to now had been hiding behind her companion, comes out and says, —But, how can you be so sure, Exir? You know that Sobia is dangerous when she gets upset… Don’t you agree? I wouldn’t dare confront her, no way! … Or would I? I really don’t know… All this is making me very nervous. I think you’re wrong, Exir… Or maybe not?

—And now you, Inrad… What can I say? Why do you hang out with this wretched duo. You know that they only use you for their own benefit. When will you wise up and decide to go your own way?

—You really think so, Exir? Is that what it seems? I’m not so sure, you know… You could be wrong… Or maybe not?— answers a nervous and insecure Inrad. Demo, with her languid voice, says to her friend,

—Stop it, I-i-i-nrad. You know that you’ll ne-e-e-ver change. Why even talk about it? Come, let’s go-o-o… We have to catch up with So-o-obia.

—You think we should, Demo? Are we doing the right thing? … Yes? Or no? It seems to me that… Argh! I don’t know…— mumbles Inrad as she follows her friend, moving slowly and in a hesitant way.

—Great!— says Exir, relieved to see them go, —We got rid of that ghastly trio. Now we can continue with our own affairs.

—But, Exir… Tell me, who are those strange beings?— asks Imo, still affected by the ordeal.

—Don’t mind them, lad. They’re always looking for someone to harass. They have nothing to do with our quest! Nevertheless, you must always beware of their harmful influence. Note that “Her Highness” Sobia, owed to her induction powers, can persuade the humans to believe that they’re superior to others, making them overblown in their gestures and speech, always presuming to be smarter and more valuable than the rest. Humans call her Arrogance. Whereas, Demo affects humans by infecting them with the feeling that they won’t be able to accomplish what they want to do, either before they start or when things get difficult. Demo instills what humans call Discouragement. Woe is he who listens to Demo!— explains Exir.

—And the other one… Inrad?— asks Imo, now quite recovered from his alarm.

—Inrad? That one is even more dangerous! With her indecisive manner, she can drastically affect any human that pays attention to her. Right from the start, she infuses all kinds of doubts and anguish, which little by little paralyzes the human, who then feels a chronic lack of will-power and decisiveness. If the effect continues, the human will feel unable to take any decision at all. Yes, definitely, you have to be very careful when dealing with Inrad! Humans have appropriately called her Insecurity. But, look, let’s forget about those limiting emotions, for we have more important things to do!

Imo’s appearance now includes many straight lines that intersect with hundreds of small polished disks, all surrounded by very fine electric blue currents, which, after travelling around his insides, turn into a magic violet as they well up to his outer surface.

The insistent sensation of having something pending makes his nature pulsate with increasing intensity. Imo now feels that new parts of his being tend to throb at the same rhythm. While this goes on, Imo asks Exir, —Please tell me more about the ideas, OK?

—Right. I’ve been watching you and I can see that your formation has advanced a lot. I think it’s an excellent occasion to continue with that explanation. Recapping, then, ideas are energy-forces put together by the mental activity of the humans, which they use as a template or pattern to give form to the things they want to have in their material world, the one you so strongly disapproved of. And that when several ideas are grouped together, they constitute a project or purpose. Remember?

—Yes, Exir… More or less, but… What are these ideas used for?

—Basically, to bring about a given objective. Ideas are produced according to what each human wants to do or have. Truly, they are uncountable and too diverse to even try to list them. But, don’t get impatient. In a little while you’re going to take part in one of them.

—An idea! Cool! I’m going to have my very own idea!— cries out Imo, —Is it true, Exir, that I’m going to have my own idea?

—Well, you see, Imo, as numens we can’t have our own ideas, for we take on those of a human. This, together with the assurance they feel, provides us with the energy we need to help them, be it to finish defining their idea or to carry it out. It all works in accordance with the determination and faith they have in being able to produce concrete results. If they believe that they can realize their idea, then we can help them, unswayed and unstoppable, automatically making use of the line of least resistance and of the most convenient sequence of actions, always in accordance with the circumstances and the prevailing cyclical influences of the Pluriverse. Whereas, if the humans loose their strength and stability due to the inopportune meddling of Sobia, Demo, Inrad or of any other limiting emotion, then we also loose part of our drive and effectiveness. Resuming, the assurance felt by the human, that is, their faith in really being able to achieve their purpose, gives us the necessary strength to find ways of helping them. But, if they accept any limitation, be it consciously or unconsciously, voluntarily or not, it’ll be included in our being, thus limiting the effectiveness of our actions.— concludes Exir.

—All right, then! So everything is going to be very easy! You can tell that these humans are very smart and powerful! They can form ideas… That’s great! I don’t think that something as insignificant as those emotions can slow them down… Right, Exir?

—Well now, Imo, it’s not always that easy. The humans, owed to some components of their basic constitution, and to the effect of certain rhythms of the Pluriverse, sometimes are very affected by emotions. When this happens, the emotions lie in ambush, attack them by surprise and sometimes beat the humans.

—Nooo! You’re talking about Sobia and her friends? But… How can the humans let themselves be affected by such foolish entities? Didn’t you put them in their place?— exclaims a surprised Imo.

—That’s true, Imo, indeed I did. But the humans are different from me. Many of them don’t know how to deal with Demo or Inrad, so as not to be affect by them in a negative way. And thus, they give in to their treacherous influence. But, come on now, lad… Cheer up! There are also many humans who have learned to control them, because they know how to deal with their emotional side in the proper way. Hey! Change those sad colors. Look, you’ve even started to overcast the formation that’s nurturing you, your new purpose. Furthermore, notice that the image of your idea has finished taking form and that now we can see it very clearly, right in the middle of your being… Can you see it?— asks Exir.

—You’re right, Exir! My first idea! That’s great!— exclaims Imo while his bright colors come back on, —But, now that I have it… What do I do with it? Will you tell me, Exir?

—Of course, Imo. Your next step is to get to know all its details and parts. You’ll have to familiarize yourself with all its components, until you become a part of it all. Then, you’ll feel driven by the human’s will-power to find all the pieces needed to bring it forth. Once that’s done, I’ll continue with my explanations.

—Cool, Exir! When do we start?— asks Imo, full of sparkling colors and happy sounds.

—As soon as you finish studying your idea.— says Exir, —So get to it, Imo… For you have a lot to do!

All set! Imo has carefully and arduously studied the idea and feels that he can’t wait another second. But… Where and how to begin?

Exir drifts over to his side and says, —I see that we’re ready. Very well… Let’s get on with it!

—Yeah, but how? Where do I begin, Exir?

—Imo, do you remember the way you located me the time we were suddenly separated?

—Yes, I do. I visualized your image to get back to you. But, what’s that have to do with this? Is that the way I’m going to find my idea?— asks Imo with growing impatience.

—Yep, that’s the way. Choose one of the idea’s parts, concentrate on its form and thus it will all begin.— explains Exir.

Obeying Exir’s indications, Imo focuses his attention one of the most colorful components, and shortly after, he notices that he slowly begins to separate from the purpose-structure that has held him up to now. Very gradually, he picks up speed, makes a 45-degree turn and shoots off through space.

Adapting himself to the speed, Imo notices that Exir is right alongside,

—You’re doing good, lad.— says Exir, —Keep it up. Don’t stop concentrating on the component, ‘cause now we’re really on our way!

Hence, after sorting around many multi-colored formations, Imo notices that his speed diminishes till he stops right in front of an enormous object. It’s several times taller than he is, but its shape, in spite of its tremendous size, is exactly the same as that of the required component!

—I found it, Exir! I found it!— exclaims Imo happily. And with the same breath, he asks, —But… What now?… What do I do with it, Exir? It looks so very big and heavy. What can I do?

—Don’t worry, Imo. Everything’s fine. First, I must congratulate you for the successful result of your very first job. You’ve done really well!— says Exir, unable to hide his proud green and orange colors,—Regarding your question, well, you’ll just have to bring it along.

—Bring it along? That giant hulk? But, how am I supposed to even budge that thing, Exir?— asks Imo in a worried tone.

—That’s enough, Imo. Are you Imo or Inrad? I’ve told you that you can accomplish anything, if you set your mind to it. Actually, it’s very easy. What you have to do is concentrate and visualize that “giant hulk,” as you call it, following you wherever you go. The components of an idea, due to their very little density, have no weight. Try it and you’ll see.

—That easy, huh? OK, if you say so. Let’s see now…

Imo, using his imagination, starts to visualize the “hulk” as something that floats and follows him. After a while, Imo moves a little to test the effectiveness of his effort, but… the big component remains motionless, in the very place it stands.

—No, no, Imo. You have to really believe that you can do it. You must be absolutely convinced that it’s going to happen!— says Exir, —If not, you’ll only be wasting your time and effort.

The little numen, taking note of his former uncertainty, reaffirms his colors, stabilizes his brilliant lines and focuses his sounds. And thus, very resolved, repeats the operation and… —That’s it! Ready! Let’s go, Exir! Let’s go get the other components!

Exir, very proud and satisfied, sees how his little apprentice, effortlessly and very sure of himself, advances closely followed by the great object.

Very well,— ponders Exir, —The kid is doing just fine…

—Thank you, Exir.— answers Imo out loud, —It’s very kind of you to think that of me!

—Well, well… I see that my young student is learning to induce thought, well… Even better! Everything’s fine! Let’s continue, for we still have a lot to do!

After having collected several components of different sizes, aspects and densities, without showing any sign of weariness, Imo asks, — Hey, Exir… Couldn’t I just leave all this somewhere while I look for the rest?

—Sure you can. As you looked so proud marching in front of all these things, I didn’t want to interrupt your fun.— answers Exir in a playful way, —Right, you can set them aside whenever you want. But first, you’ll have to assemble them. Carefully study each one’s position as you see them in the image within your being and start to put them together.

Diligently, Imo groups them into a colossal multi-dimensional puzzle.

—I’m done… Can we go now?

—Good!— says Exir, while admiring the big contraption, —Put your ID on it so others will know that you’re using all of this; this will avoid confusion. Shortly after, a shining sign that says “IMO” hangs on the front of the high structure, and they’re ready to leave. Imo, now concentrating on the next piece of the idea, waits to be projected toward his new pursuit; but… nothing happens.

—I know, lad… I noticed it. It seems that the next component is going to be a little more difficult to get. Its shape is hard to distinguish and each time you focus your attention on it, your colors lower their intensity. I’ve seen it happen before.

—Why is that, Exir? What’s going on? Why doesn’t it work like before?

—It’s not your fault, Imo, don’t be upset. It so happens that the human still doesn’t have a clear notion of this part of his idea, which doesn’t really matter. The problem is that the human doesn’t believe it can be solved, and as your colors indicate, I’m afraid that…

—Ja, ja, ja! Didn’t I tell you? We meet again, numens— interrupts an unpleasant but familiar voice.

—Demo! You again! What do you want now?— explodes Imo, with all his colors flashing furiously as he confronts the cloudy figure that has just appeared.

—Calm down, Imo.— says Exir as he steps between them, —Unfortunately, the human has already been influenced by the emotion. This time it’s the human who has to solve the issue.

—The human? Ha!— says Demo with sarcasm, — You think that the human will beat me? In your dreams! I’ve got Inrad and Predor, the worry-maker, working together with me on this case. And you… Ja, ja, ja, you won’t be able to stop our limiting influence!

—You’re wrong, Demo.— says Imo, now in a more serene tone,—Your victory will be short-lived. Convince yourself that you won’t succeed while I’m in charge of this idea! You forget that I, as a numen, are more powerful than you, a mere emotion? That’s what the Law says!

Before the surprised Exir could say a word, Imo continues,—You’ll see, Demo… I’ll find a way to help the human! Come, Exir, let’s move away from this character. I don’t want to continue with this conversation!— as soon as he said it, Imo turns around and speeds away, while Exir follows, hardly being able to keep up with him.

—Hey! Wait up, lad. Not so fast!

—Sorry, Exir, but I couldn’t stand it any longer.— explains Imo as he slows down, —I’ll show them a thing or two! I’m going to find a way to help the human! I feel it deep inside of me!

—Bravo, Imo! You’re learning very quickly. Sure you’ll find a way! Come, I believe I know how to solve this situation. I think we should visit the Supernal Realm, a very refined energy level, one that has much more powerful influences than this one. As those vibrations are part of our being, they’re also part of the human’s structure. I think we’ll need to use them to help the human escape from the trap set by the emotions. Come on, let’s go there… Follow me!

Imo, ready to follow, notices that Exir is not moving. And, as he is about to ask, totally amazed, he sees that Exir is beginning to vanish!

—Hey, wait a minute Exir. What are you doing?

Returning to his usual shape and colors, Exir says, —Oh, right, I forgot that I haven’t shown you how to do this… sorry. Look, what we want to do is change density zones and in order to do this, you must “let go” of your connections to this, our present density zone. Do you understand me?— explains Exir.

—No. What’s a “density zone”? Where is it? I don’t see you move, Exir.

—We don’t have to move, because it’s right here. We’re not aware of other density zones because we’re totally focused on this setting, the one you perceive around us now. Look, everything has in itself many levels of existence, each one with a slightly different vibratory rate. Some energy levels are very compact, others are more insubstantial. What is subtle is the essence of everything, and while we fix our attention on a denser zone, it’s difficult to perceive what is subtle, unless you practice moving your awareness up and down, from one density zone to the other. How should I make it clearer… The things that now surround us seem to have a certain consistency, but they’re really the product of the extension of the vibrations that reach us from the Supernal Realm. Get it?— asks Exir, —So, in order for us to go to that other realm, all we have to do is stop paying attention to what’s here, on this energy level. Come, let’s try it together. Stop paying attention to the things that surround us and imagine that you’re floating to their very essence… Like this, softly… Very calmly… Very peacefully…

In Imo’s mind, everything starts to placidly dissolve. It felt just like when he was being swayed by the rhythmical to-and-fro of the beautiful multi-colored waves, those that now seemed to be part of a long bygone past. Thus, after a while, the two numens begin to “fade,” very slowly, without moving, very gradually…

Gently, little by little, Imo is again able to use his senses and notices that his surroundings are very similar to those that he left behind on the lower, denser level, for standing there is the incomplete assembly of his idea. But now everything had an unusual transparency and glow. When he approaches one of the formations, he notices how his own energy level rises, almost acquiring a phosphorescent brilliance.

—Don’t touch it, Imo,— says Exir softly, —for you’d change its denser expression, back in the ambience we just came from. Be very careful not to modify anything here.

—What is this place, Exir? Everything looks so radiant…

—Here, the vibrations are much more diaphanous and bright, and they’re also more powerful because we’re nearer to the Origin of Everything; we’re closer to the Primal Cause that engenders all there is. That’s why you can feel its force more. After finishing the project you’re presently working on, you’ll be able to come here as many times as you like. Now that you know how to do it. And, as you can see, you also exist here, naturally, in the consistency that corresponds to this density zone.— explains Exir.

—Very well… Now tell me, what do I have to take back?

—No, Imo, we can’t take anything away from here.

—So? Why are we here? How am I going to continue my work?— asks Imo with evident and growing despair.

—We can neither take anything with us, nor do we need to. We just came here to use the qualities that this realm awakens in us. That’s the only thing we can take back, for that’s something that already belongs to us. Take a look at the image in your being. Look at the pieces that you still have to locate. See how their outline is much clearer?— explains Exir.

—That’s right! Now they have a very precise form. Cool! Can I go and get them?— asks Imo.

—Yes, of course. Those components must be around here somewhere, even if they still don’t have a manifestation on the next denser level of reality. Look for them in the usual way. Go ahead, I’ll follow you.

Imo goes through the now familiar process and soon they’re standing beside another part of the new idea.

—Well done, Imo. But, remember not to touch it. Let’s take it back to where we left the assembled pieces of the idea. Shall we go?

—Sure, let’s go!

Back at the assembly, Exir says, —Place it carefully where it belongs. As you can’t touch it, do it by imagining that it floats to its proper place. Go ahead.

Imo easily fits it into its place.

—That’s it! Great! Now, when the human tries to visualize the idea, not only will the denser, more evident parts stand out, but this new component, its exact form, will first be presumed and then clearly seen. After a while, the force of the human’s will-power will make the component extend “density lines” and finally take form on the mental level where the other pieces of his idea are.— explains Exir.

Imo is now ready to look for the last piece of the idea. And Exir, who has been watching the image within his student’s body, says, —It looks like we won’t be able to locate the last component by using this method. Look at the image. Neither its edges nor its colors can be clearly seen. Blasted! What an inopportune setback! We’ll have to investigate further. Let’s go back to the “other density.” In order to do this, I want you to remember your usual shape, colors and consistency, as well as that of the environment where we were before. Begin now, Imo… For we still have much to do!

—I feel very heavy, Exir!

—You’ll soon get over it. Let’s rest for a little while, until we get used to this higher density.

While they continue “densifying,” an agitated figure appears at their side and a shrill voice lashes out, —What have you done? Why do you keep meddling with my affairs? Can’t you stop bothering me? Don’t think that I haven’t noticed that you found another component of the idea, in spite of the work of my friends. But, I can assure you that you won’t be able to get the last piece. I have now hired the services of Temro! Do you hear me, Exir? Not even you can beat us now!

—Hello there, Sobia. What’s the problem? Something go wrong?— asks Imo, with pretended naiveté.

—You know very well what happened… Pest! This is all your fault!— says the pompous entity, close to whom floats a faded blue figure, as well as another pale and nervous one.

—Yes, it’s all your fault… Or not? I’m not too sure about that yet, but…— mumbles Inrad.

Mediating, Exir answers, —When will you understand that we can’t stop as long as the human insists on bringing forth his purpose? Don’t you know that it’s the Law? Concerning Temro, it’s best that you leave him out of this, or don’t you remember how terrifying things become when he gets involved. He’s dangerous both to you and…

—Dangerous… to whom? My phosphorescent friend…— says a voice loaded with sarcasm and aversion.

—And now you, Temro. What do you want?— says Exir while his colors become firmer, his pulsations settle into a metric pace and his many lines adopt the form of an angular mandala.

—Well, well. What have we here? A numen and a half…— continues Temro, exuding scorn, —Come, little one, come closer to me…

—Keep your distance, Imo! Don’t let him get near you! Leave him alone, Temro… and just go away. We have nothing in common!— says Exir firmly.

—Well, hello there… if it isn’t my meaningless friend Exir. Indeed, I know that you don’t have a very high opinion of me. But, I’m not looking for you, nor do I want to deal with these three puny emotions, who depend so much on me. But I could be interested in an apprentice numen. Hmm, I believe we’re going to get along just fine, that is, after I show him a trick or two…

Circling around Exir and stopping right in front of Temro, Imo says,

—With all due respect, my unknown Mr. Temro, but I think you rely too much on your assumptions. I sense something in you that is neither compatible with my nature nor with my purpose. Why don’t you leave us alone and just go away.

—Soooo, the little guy thinks he can order Temro around. How dare you! The nerve of it all! Take this, apprentice!

Suddenly a part of Temro’s bulging figure shoots out and prods Imo, who immediately feels jolted by a powerful paralyzing discharge.

—How did you like that, rookie? Want some more?— asks Temro in a taunting way.

Everything happened so fast that Exir wasn’t able to stop Temro’s attack. Still, once he realizes what’s going on, he begins to concentrate and a small luminous disk appears on his outer surface. It begins to glow intensely white, and without hesitation, places it squarely on Temro’s stretched tentacle. As soon as Temro feels it, he tries to draw back his appendage. But, it was already too late, and helplessly watches a portion of his outgrowth disintegrate, as the entire affected area turns into dark, inert ashes.

—Why you miserable nuisance! How dare you do this to me?— cries out Temro, as he tries to reabsorb what was left of his damaged tentacle, —I’ll show you a thing or two…

Exir, now pointing his brilliant star at the exact center of Temro’s body, slowly but decidedly moves toward him. Temro, feeling very uncomfortable by the closeness of the bright light, recoils backwards, crashes into his three cronies and sends them sprawling to the ground.

—It’s time for you to leave, Temro.— says Exir in a soft but very firm voice, —And, please take your associates with you. Furthermore, from now on, stay as far as possible from us. Go away!

—All right, have it your way. I’m leaving. But, I can assure you that I’ll get even, Exir! From now on, you won’t have a moment of peace. That’s a promise!!

Temro painfully gets up and begins to retreat, with his entire being firing off terrible red and crimson flashes. The other three entities, still disconcerted by what happened, quickly arrange themselves and decide to follow their defeated champion.

Once the undesirable entities are gone, Exir remembers about Imo’s ordeal, and asks him, —Imo, my boy… How are you?

—I-I’m feeling a l-little weak.— answers Imo with a trembling voice, —Ha-have they left?

—Yes, they’re gone. But, you don’t look so well. Pay attention, lad. I want you to remember how the vibrations of the “Supernal Realm” felt. Do you hear me? Do it now!— orders Exir, —It’s very important that you do it right away, and that you do it correctly. Proceed, Imo!

—I’ll try, Exir. But I d-don’t know if I’ll b-be able to…

—You can do it, Imo, go ahead. Begin right away, before the residual effect of Temro’s vibrations affect you any more.

Imo does as asked and, little by little, he begins to calm down. He feels how the inflow of the powerful and pure vibrations gradually neutralize Temro’s influence. And, after a short while, Imo recovers his lively colors and tinkling sounds, and says, —OK, Exir. I’m feeling much better now!

—Another point in your favor, Imo. I’m happy for both of us!

—But, who was that bully? Why does Temro hate us so much?— questions Imo, now fully recovered.

—You must know that Temro, in spite of only being an emotion, is very dangerous. He’ll do anything to have his way. When his harmful vibrations exert their noxious influence, everything becomes chaotic. We numens become weak and lose the power to pursue our objective. The humans lose their ability to think clearly, and start to do all kind of irrational things. They begin to feel intimidated and may react in a violent way, or fall into a depression, many times reaching incredible extremes. It’s a real disaster! They call him Fear, or by his other name, Panic.— explains Exir.

— How awful! And what was that brilliant white light you used to scare him away?

—That is something you’ll have to learn how to do. You see, to produce that effect, you have to concentrate all your kind feelings into a single point of your body. And, while you do this, you must be very determined and truly feel that the best of you flows to that area. The white light appears by itself, and when you move that part of your body toward any negative or ill-fated emotion, it’ll have to retreat, for it can’t stand the closeness of so much love. Are you understanding this, Imo?

—Yes, Exir. I get it.

—Good. Then, let’s continue with our work, for we are running a little behind schedule. Come, we still have a lot to do!

Once again they’re back beside the big and incomplete idea. Imo, very afflicted, looks at the large space left by the last missing piece.

—Oh, what am I going to do, Exir? How am I going to finish my work? Should we go back to the “Supernal Realm” and look for it there?— sadly asks Imo.

—No, I don’t think that’ll work this time.— answers Exir, —The human seems to be very affected by Temro’s influence. He’s worried about not being able to complete his goal. And, as long as the idea is incomplete, he becomes more and more afraid of not being able to finish it. And as his fear grows, his mind becomes more blocked. It’s a vicious circle created by Temro. As this particular idea is a key part of an important project that the human is working on, its solution is crucial to him. The more the human worries, the stronger Temro’s circle becomes. Unfortunately, the human spends more time and effort in reaffirming the problem, than in trying to find a solution. If this goes on, it’ll be very hard to break out of the vicious circle. If the human doesn’t sense the trap, there’s little we can do about it… But, wait. Yes there is!— exclaims Exir.

—What’s up, Exir?

—Yes! Why didn’t I think of it sooner. Imo, listen to me, this is very important. You must do exactly as I say. First, I want you to intensely visualize the edges that skirt around the missing piece.— explains Exir, —Once you’ve stabilized that outline in the center of your being, use your essential vibrations to surround it. In other words, you have to place the dark silhouette of the missing component on a very bright background that you’ll set up with the purest vibrations of your essence. Can you do it?

—I think so, Exir. I’ll try.

—You’ll have to use the full power of your imagination, along with a very big dose of concentration and determination. Furthermore, you’ll have to sustain the effect, with maximum intensity, for as long as you can. Are you ready? Good… Begin whenever you feel like it!— says Exir.

Imo, very decided, starts to do what Exir requested. And after a short while, just the edges of the missing piece appear right in the middle of his being.

—You’re doing very well, Imo… Hold it… That’s good! Now, give more intensity to the background… More intensity! Draw together more of your essential vibrations.— indicates Exir, observant of the effect that his young pupil is producing. —Think about the energies of the “Supernal Realm”… Imagine those vibrations seeping down to you. Project them toward the outline of the missing piece. Feel it, Imo!

While the little numen holds the image firmly, he focuses the rest of his attention on the luminous substance that’s arriving from the “Supernal Realm.” With the incoming radiant energy, he forms an ultra-bright plane on which he places the outline of the missing piece. The silhouette of the piece now seems like a black coal placed on an immaculate white surface.

—Keep it up, Imo, you’re doing fine! Hold it for as long as you can.— encourages Exir.

Suddenly, the edges of the missing component quickly begin to be outlined by a fine, intensely white line, much more brilliant than the milky-white background. The line, after drawing the outside contour, continue inwards and join all the inside angles and intersections of the component, until it stands perfectly defined. What a tremendous display of energy!

Imo, exhausted by the great effort, feels that he can hold the image no longer and… But, what’s happening? The image of the missing piece keeps on glowing by itself! What’s going on?

—Bravo, Imo! You did it!— exclaims a more than joyous Exir, whose colors now twinkle merrily, —You did it!!

—I d-did? That’s great… But… what did I do, Exir?

—You broke Temro’s vicious circle! That’s what you did. You gave so much luminosity to the outline of the missing piece, that you managed to draw the human’s attention to it! The human was then able to let go of the problem and look directly at the component, that is, at the wanted solution. All this gave the human the chance to think and decide that, after all, a solution was possible! Did you see how powerful the subtle vibrations really are? Great! I must sincerely congratulate you, Imo.— says Exir, with all his colors gleaming proudly.

—Thank you, Exir. You’re very kind. And thanks for your wise guidance.— answers Imo, almost jumping out of his brightly colored form.

—Now… Off we go to get the missing part!

The location and assembly of the last piece was now a routine job for Imo, and soon he had completed the idea, his very first one. Imo felt very proud about his work. And Exir, standing right beside him, also enjoyed the feeling of satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

—Yes, Imo, it’s very beautiful and perfectly put together. We just have to take it to the human’s “Awareness Zone” and you’ll have completed your first assignment. Are you ready?

—“Awareness Zone?” What a strange name. Where is that?— inquired Imo, —Will you help me find it, Exir? After all, this is my first idea and I want to do everything right…

—Sure, Imo. Calm down. I’ll help you all I can, but you’ll have to do the job by yourself. Now, pay attention. Humans have a very peculiar way of perceiving things. Normally, they don’t notice anything that is not within their “Awareness Zone.” For example, they don’t feel or perceive anything of where we are.— explains Exir, —Still, some humans do notice this part of the Pluriverse. Some of them, after seeing the beautiful natural scenery of their own environment, along with all the interesting creatures that live there, have started to suspect that all that must be created by something or someone very powerful. This has awakened in them the desire to look beyond the normal limits of their “Awareness Zone.” These humans have begun to become interested in understanding Total Reality, that is, the Pluriverse. Then there are the young humans, children, they’re called. Ahh, those bright little fellows see everything! With their crystal clear perception, they integrate all the levels of Reality to complete what their reasoning powers, still in delicate formation, cannot deform… Uh, sorry… Still doesn’t understand. They love to play with us. I’m sure you’ll like them once you get to meet them. It’s a real shame that when they grow up they are obliged to pay way too much attention to the things of their “material world” and to forget about this “imaginary world.” This, little by little, makes them believe that their environment is all there is. It’s really too bad… Maybe someday things will change…— says Exir in a rueful voice. Making an effort, he recovers his well-natured manner and tells Imo, —But, what we must do now is to take the idea to the “Awareness Zone,” so that the human can make the best of it. Shall we go?

—Whenever you’re ready, Exir.

—Let us proceed then… For we still have a lot to do!

Just behind a beautiful lace curtain made of tenuous musical notes, the two numens find an enormous barrier.

—What’s that, Exir? What are we doing here with all this junk blocking our way?

—This is the place we’re looking for, Imo. It’s the boundary of the human’s “Awareness Zone.”— answers Exir.

—That? That big and ugly bunker? Why didn’t the human look for a nicer place, somewhere prettier and more illuminated? Exir, are you sure we’re in the right place?— asks Imo, as he gives a sideways glance at the big heap of objects whose lifeless colors turn on and off without a coherent order, and whose constant whispering sounds resemble millions of incomprehensible mumblings.

—Yes, Imo, quite sure. You see, the humans are a little eccentric when it comes to their “Awareness Zone.” Each of the things you see here is, or was, part of one of the many concepts, opinions and beliefs that this human has received in the course of a lifetime. As they were assimilated, that is, as each new one was interrelated with the ones that were accumulated here before, they began to surround the human’s originally free and spacious “Awareness Zone.” After a while, without noticing it, the human lost the capacity to look at our environment. What’s really strange about it is that most of these objects are pretty moldy and much of this trash… Uh, sorry… “Conceptual structures,” as they like to call them, are obsolete, incomplete or simply nonfunctional. Their colors, so worn out and depressed, indicate that their usefulness—if they ever had any—is completely spent. Nevertheless, the humans insist on carrying all this with them, giving form to what they call “the basis of their knowledge.” I don’t know why they want it, for they only use some of it for a short time and then dump it back here.— concludes Exir.

—You mean that the human doesn’t use any of this?— asks Imo, understanding each time less and less.

—Well, you see, Imo. Some of these things have been here for quite a long time, laying in the same place where you see them now. Still, those on the other side, the ones that are on the inside this big wall, are used more often, at least for now. They give form to what the human calls his “present facts and concepts.” But, as the human constantly receives an inflow of images, sounds and other perceptions, new mental concepts are created all the time. These replace the former ones, and the old ones are thrown away… I mean… stored here, outside of and around the human’s “Awareness Zone.”

—Why would anybody want to carry around all this rubbish? I don’t get it, Exir. And how am I supposed to pass with my idea, with all this junk blocking the way? How does the human look at this other side? Or doesn’t the human like this beautiful environment?— is the barrage of questions asked by Imo.

—Concerning the last part of your questions, I’ll have to say that the constant influence of Demo, Inrad, Temro and of many others, have affected the humans so much that very few of them dare to come out of their “conceptual barrier”… Regarding the way to manage your idea, we’ll have to ask an old friend of mine to help us. For now, leave the idea right here and come with me. Let’s go find him… He’s always around here somewhere.— says Exir.

As they move along the perimeter of the great barrier, Imo notices just how big it really is. As they advance, they find all kind of bulges, cliffs, crags, masses and cracks, until Exir finally sees a very thin figure, filled with slow purple, violet and white currents.

—There he is, look… Over there… Ixion! Ixion! Here!— calls out Exir.

When the slender entity finally hears his name, he softly floats over to the numen’s side.

—Greetings, Master Ixion. I’m happy to sense you again!— says Exir.

With a voice that discloses his very advanced age, the entity answers, —My dear Exir! I’m also glad to feel your presence again. How have you been? And… who do we have here?

—I’ve been fine, Master Ixion. This is my friend and apprentice, Imo. Come, Imo… Come and meet Ixion, one of our finest and most effective associates… Possibly the best!

—Hello, Mr. Ixion.— salutes Imo timidly.

—How about that, Mister Ixion… Jo, jo, jo… What a charming lad. I haven’t been called that in a long time. Call me “Ixion,” son, as all my friends do. So, Exir… What can I do for you?

—I’d be very grateful if you could help Imo insert his recently assembled idea, you know, in there. Think you could spare some of your valuable time to help us?

—But, of course, Exir. It’ll be a pleasure to assist this young lad. Not many apprentices come nowadays with their first idea. I remember that in the old days many new students came over, all of them impatient and eager for the humans to receive their shiny new ideas as quickly as possible. Jo, jo, jo… Yes, those were the good times and… But… What am I doing? Both of you are in a hurry and here I am telling you stories of yesteryear. Right, I’ll tell you about it some other time, Imo. I believe that Exir has already heard them. Let’s see now… Where’s the new idea?

—We left it a little ways back. Would you like me to get it?— asks Imo anxiously.

—We’d better go there, son. Let’s go see how big it is.

And thus, after a short hike, they’re back beside the idea.

—Hmm, this one is really well built. It seems rather big, but I think we can manage.— says Ixion, —Please wait here, I won’t be long.

As Ixion gently floats off, Imo just can’t hold back any longer and…

—Yes, Imo, I know. You want me to tell you about Ixion… Right? Well, first of all I must point out that your doubts are totally unfounded. Don’t let his slow gait fool you. He’s perfectly capable of handling the job we need him for. He’s done this for an eternity and I must say that his work is excellent, in spite of the modern human always being in a hurry and having so little time to appreciate Ixion’s services. But, look! Here he comes…

—Yes, my friends. You’re in luck. The opening is just a trifle bigger than the idea, but I think it’ll do. Please, follow me. And don’t forget to bring along the idea.

After dodging all kinds of obstacles, the three entities, followed by the big idea, arrive at the cavernous opening found by Ixion.

—That’s it,— says Ixion, —That’s where we’ll insert the idea. Place it right in front of the passage, but don’t try to insert it yet. In order to do that, we’ll have to wait for the right moment.

As soon as they arrived, curious Imo scampered up to the opening to look inside the great barrier. But all that he could see on the other side was a tremendous disorder: pieces of images flying from one side to another, sound fragments hanging here and there, portions of sensations mixed with incomplete concepts… a real deluge of things in constant and very quick movement. Many of them merged, others separated. Some formed long chains, and many others just floated around.

—What do you think, Imo?— asks Ixion, who had also climbed up to the big hole.

—To tell you the truth, I don’t know what to think of all this. It all seems so agitated and confusing… Everything moves so fast. I really don’t know what to make of it all, sir.— answers Imo.

—Yes, indeed, it does move quickly. The human’s thinking process always seems so very complex. Jo, jo, jo… Nevertheless, my many years of practice tell me that the human is busy with something quite calm, perhaps the human is reading… Which is good for us. Because, in order to insert your idea in there, everything has to be as peaceful as possible. While we wait, why don’t you put it in position?— suggests Ixion.

Imo juggles the idea until it’s placed right in front of the large opening and asks, —Why don’t we just push it in right now, sir?

—To guarantee the success of the operation, it’s necessary for the other things in there to slow down their fluttering around. Then we’ll have time to do everything just right. Be patient, son. The right moment will soon appear. If we don’t do things properly, the idea could crash into something and break apart before it reaches the right place. I’ve seen it happen before.— explains Ixion,—I remember the time when a young apprentice numen, very impulsive and a little disobedient, didn’t follow my instructions. And, well, the thing is that after all that work to put his idea together… Whooosh! He pushed it in at the wrong time, right when an enormous and heavy image was passing by on the other side. Needless to say that the idea rammed into the image. What a disaster that was! Imagine, Imo, that young lad not only had to go in there, jump around dodging everything that was moving to gather the pieces and put back together his idea, but he also had to recover all the parts of the broken image and repair it as well. Ahh! What a headstrong youngster he was. Remember, Exir?

—Ixion, please… I don’t see why you have to tell that story just now. All that happened such a long ago, that…— said Exir, visibly embarrassed.

—You, Exir?— asked Imo, utterly astonished, —That happened to you? Wow! I can’t believe it. You, always so sensible and…

—Now, my friends!— interrupted Ixion, who had been constantly watching the inside of the human’s “Awareness Zone,”— Now’s the right time! The human is busy elsewhere. Insert the idea now! Do it quickly, for you never know when the human will use this section again.

Imo immediately starts to pass the idea through the opening in the barrier. —Careful with that edge.— indicates Exir, —Fit it in on that other side! Don’t let it bump against the wall. That’s it! A little more to the left… A little more… OK, it’s in! Let it go, Imo. Let it hook up with the human’s mental currents. Look! The human has already noticed it! See how quickly it moves toward that other group of objects and how it joins them? Perfect! Now the human can use this part of his objective in a creative way.

—Nice job, my friends. Well done! I congratulate you and must bid you goodbye, for my services are needed elsewhere. Goodbye, my friends.— said the old and wise Ixion.

—Goodbye, Master Ixion. And thank you for all your help!— says Exir.

—Goodbye, Mr. Ixion. Thanks a lot!— adds Imo.

Mister Ixion… Jo, jo, jo… What a nice lad.— mumbles Ixion as he gently floats away.

After looking for some time at the churning inside of the great barricade, Exir says, —Come, Imo. Let’s go to a quieter place. Your idea is in good hands. I can guarantee that the human will take good care of it. Remember that it’s also very important to him. Come on, take a final look at it and let’s go. It’s only the first of many more ideas that you’ll get involved with. Moreover, it’s quite possible that the human will ask you to take part in the action that every idea brings forth.

—You think so, Exir. Do you think that the human will call me to help him?— asks Imo.

—Of course he will! Who else knows his objective as well as you do? You’ll see that when it’s time to act, you’ll feel it deep down in your being… No doubt about it. Now, come, we have to go.— concluded Exir.

After a last nostalgic glance, Imo turns around and resolutely moves away accompanied by Exir, leaving behind the exceptionally ugly and cluttered barrier. It was time to look for new things to do!


Both numens are now back in their familiar surroundings of beautiful forms, countless radiant colors, soft textures and marvelous sounds.

— Reexamining our adventure, so that you’ll remember it properly, let me remind you that you should always be on the lookout for an untimely attack of the emotions. Be firm with them and they’ll get out of your way— explains Exir. —Further ahead, you’ll get to meet many other entities. For example, there’s Pemo, the lord of pessimism, and Iro, master of quarrels and tantrums. Then there’s Triza, who produces sadness and grief in the humans. It comes with the job, you know. Nevertheless, not all the entities you’ll come across are bothersome. You’ll also get to know many who will gladly help you, like Master Ixion did. There’s Aria, she who brings happiness and joy, and Opmo, the eternal optimist, along with the Princes of the Natural Kingdoms, the Elementals, the Djinn, the Sylphs, the Nereids, the Elves, and many others.

Feeling a strange sensation, Imo is about to ask something, but can’t speak out because Exir continues with his speech, —Judging by what you feel in your own self, you’ll always know if someone’s presence is convenient or not. One more thing, you’ll greatly benefit from visiting now and then, for pleasure or need, the “Supernal Realm.” Who knows, with practice and perseverance, maybe you can go to even higher, more powerful and ethereal regions of the Pluriverse. You know, there you’d meet another kind of Friends, all of them most willing to listen and help you. They have a wisdom, kindness and virtue that you still haven’t met. But, surely, you’ll find that out on your own and…

—What’s going on, Exir? Why are you telling me all this? Aren’t we going to see all that together?— asks Imo, who can’t hold back any longer.

—Well, Imo, as you ask me so bluntly, the answer is: no, I don’t think so. I believe I’ve fulfilled my duty to teach and form you, and now I must go and tend to the issues of my own human. For, you see, I too have a lot to do.— explains Exir gently, —Aw, come now, Imo. Change those sad colors. Look, I assure you that we’ll meet again sooner than you think. For, how far apart can we be, if we’ll only be a thought away from one another?

—Are you sure you have to go, Exir?

—Quite sure, Imo. Some day you’ll be asked to carry out a service similar to what I’ve done for you. Considering the way things are in the human world today, I think that many good, brave and tenacious numens like you will be needed. Will you help me train them? You’ve seen how much fun it can be.— says Exir, trying to cheer him up.

—Sure, Exir. You know I will. You can count on me! Sorry that I didn’t understand it at first. But, tell me, is your human close by?

—Yes, he is, he’s only a thought away. You know, he’s a bit of a loner and an idealist. He likes to find out how the Pluriverse works, and sometimes he enjoys writing stories.

—And me, Exir. Am I to stay here alone, all by myself?

—But you’re not alone, Imo. You now form part of the human that’s reading the end of this story, as I form part of the one who wrote it…

And you, my dear reader, please take good care of little Imo… Thank you.

[ * * * ]

About the Author

A three-way mixture, that’s what I am. My childhood was definitely European (Belgian), my pre-teen years were pleasantly influenced by the American way of life (in Glendale, California), at the start of the Rock ‘n Roll era, and the rest of my life exposed me to the fast-paced Latin American culture (in Venezuela and several Caribbean Islands). This fixed in me with the order and discipline of a Northern European, the modern vision and progressive imagination of an American, and the animated soul of a Latino.

Professionally, I’m a Computer Systems Engineer, who specialized in setting up the Data Processing System for large, high-rise hotels in Latin America.

For the past 25+ years, after having looked into several controversial fields and rejecting a lot of ineffectual data, I’ve been designing a system that I named ASTRONICA (which has very little in common with classic Astrology). In a nutshell, it’s a technique that anyone can use to (1) know their inborn attributes, qualities and skills, and (2) to evaluate the various astrophysical events (exocauses) that inevitably influence us and our environment. You can test the efficiency of Astronica for yourself, by visiting the Astronica website ( www.astronica.org, in Spanish and English – online since 1997). Try out any of the free and user-friendly apps that you’ll find there—they’re all based on astronical algorithms. You can go there either with a desk PC or a laptop. But if you’re mostly on the go, feel free to use a smartphone or a tablet. No registration, no cost, no hype—the apps work just fine!

After retiring from the Hotel Computer field, and having put together the Astronica system, I began to write in two different fields: fiction and non-fiction. In the non-fiction section, I’ve written several books that have an astronical undercurrent. Some are still being prepared for online publishing.

My writings in the fiction section usually include characters that live in the imperceptible setting that exists between our everyday reality and the rest of the Multiverse. I like to call this genre MetaFiction: the Reality that lies beyond reality.

Now and then, when my Muse prods me, I take another shot at story writing, so feel free to look me up.

Hope you liked the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  • * * * *

Other Books by this Author

Other Books by this Author


Did you know that you have an intangible "helper" that can assist you when you're trying to piece together an idea? And that he can also help you neutralize the negative emotions that don't let you find a particular solution? Indeed, this invisible "assistant" can even give you a hand when you finally decide to give a perceptible form to your objectives. Tag along with Imo and his tutor, Exir, while he learns how to help you conceive, assemble and bring forth your best ideas. This new genre is called MetaFiction: the Reality that lies beyond our normal reality.

  • ISBN: 9781370721443
  • Author: Frank Desmedt
  • Published: 2017-01-22 20:50:26
  • Words: 11777
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