Illumination: The Ultimate Heresy


Illumination: The Ultimate Heresy


Brother Quantificus

Published by Phogenesis


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Reason is the Devil’s whore.”

Table of Contents

Illumination: The Ultimate Heresy

Table of Contents



Recurring Nightmares

No Proof



Being and Becoming

The Test




Final Days


The Secret War

Rose-Tinted Spectacles




Pearls of Wisdom

Forgive, But Don’t Forget

Make Your Final Prayer

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The Phogenesis Series


This is one of a series of books, under the Phogenesis Project, an initiative of true Illuminism and communicator of the Truth. You might wonder why all everyone seems to do is shop, or why the ultimate Truth of existence doesn’t seem to have been discovered yet, or why there is a total lack of anything profound or fundamental where ordinary people are concerned. The Phogenesis Series explains the lack of any true life on earth, and why people are so inclined to perform every silly and pointless action possible before moving to anything with meaning. It also tells you how you can escape this dreary, boring, soul-sucking world and live a proper life, away from the pathetic Ignavi who adhere to no cause and simply follow what everyone else is doing.

There is no spoon – forget everything you thought you knew about the world and the people who inhabit it, for your prior knowledge will be put to the test.


This book was initially planned to act as the fourth book in this series. In the previous book I said the next book would be titled The Self, the Mind and the Soul. That book is no longer releasing. It has been decided to remove it from the series entirely as it was deemed not relevant enough to the purpose of the series. As a consequence, this book will be acting as the third book, although the warning still holds: this book contains part of the Truth. If you’re not a truth seeker, you might not fully appreciate how important the Truth is.

This book will focus on a beloved topic: Abrahamic religions! (Beloved being a particularly loaded word in this instance.)

Despite endless horrors of the past, the world still hasn’t wised up to the fact that Abrahamic religions have no place in this century, and Abrahamists are the most deluded of them all.

Anyway, this book is mainly about the Abrahamic religions and how their history should have been a hint at the horror that still haunts the world. Also, it examines Abrahamism’s stark contrast to illumination, the attainment of transcendent knowledge.

Content Warning: Strong Language

Recurring Nightmares

It is absolutely false to regard the Inquisition as a horror of the past. It’s still happening, albeit in a more diluted form. Abrahamic religions are religions of the past, and yet this irrational world has allowed them to survive up to a time at which they should have dissolved, and even past that time into the present.

Over and over again, the Abrahamic religions prove to us that they 1) are incapable of being peaceful religions (quite contrary to what Islamic fools like to say – that Islam is a religion of peace), 2) are perfectly capable, and even inclined, to cause more horrors today, and 3) cannot exist without damaging the world around them and the minds of their followers.

There is no Abrahamic religion that deserves to exist. They are pure mythos nonsense. If you’re going to choose a religion, at least choose one that can pull its finger out of its own arse and evolve over time, not remain stuck in the past.

The word Inquisition doesn’t suggest anything bad in itself, but our association of the word with this appalling court gives it negative connotations. This also signifies that the Roman Catholic Church didn’t think what it was doing was wrong at all – even more reason to condemn it.

Many rightly regard the Inquisition as wrong, but consider this: if Abrahamism didn’t exist in the first place, the Inquisition would never have happened. Islam is a religion whose members proclaim that they are peaceful while secretly wishing to slaughter the infidels.

“Whole communities went mad with grief and fear of the thought towards being denounced to the Inquisition. It spread all over Europe. Men, women, and children, all legally murdered on evidence by a church, which today would only be accepted unless the court and jury specifically composed of the inmates of a lunatic asylum.” – http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vatican/esp_vatican29.htm

Exactly. How about we take it a small step further and say that all Abrahamists today should be in lunatic asylums?

If the Catholic Church was given the opportunity to establish the Inquisition again, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t put it past them to seize such an opportunity.

There is a horror going on now, in fact. Even though it is seen as okay now, future humanity will see it as a disgusting horror. I am, of course, talking about child abuse. If you are having a child now and you are an Abrahamist, I have something I would like to say to you: Don’t you fucking dare raise your child as a Muslim, Christian or Jew. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: no child shoots out of its mother’s vagina screaming to learn the Koran or the Bible or the Torah. You will give your child freedom to choose whatever he or she chooses, because you are a good person, aren’t you? You certainly have the capacity to be a good person.

Don’t do it for me; do it for your child. Give your child the freedom it needs. It never did anyone any good to be raised as a member of a certain religion, to have religious stories shoved down their throats. Moreover, you have NO RIGHT to do such a thing as take away your child’s freedom of choice. None at all.

There is a bizarre delusion that Abrahamists have that seems to make them think they have the right to raise their child however they like. They have no such right. What about the child’s right to freedom?

Child brainwashing is a horrific thing that must be abandoned. Stop trying to turn children into something you want them to be and give them the freedom to be who they want to be. I won’t get into mutilation of baby boys because I’d probably turn what is meant to be an intellectual book into complete indiscernible babble.

And before you think about denying that it is child brainwashing, consider this: what choice does the child get? None. The child always has no say in the matter. That’s the definition of brainwashing. All forms of brainwashing are a crime against humanity, freedom and reason and must be stopped. The perpetrators must be locked up somewhere where they cannot influence anyone else.

Child brainwashing is never excusable. Not even your ridiculous god can justify such a despicable act. Oh, and you can tell your god that I think he needs to FUCK OFF. Oh, wait, do you even have the ability to communicate with him? Have you ever talked to him before? If so, has he ever replied? I’m willing to wager not. You know nothing of your god and you know nothing of divinity, and you never will. I have heard his whispers, and they stink of selfish, maniacal, egotistical, malignant, stagnant attitudes. What the fuck do you know about your god? You’re so blind you can’t even see how despicable flooding the earth, killing everyone on it bar Noah and his family is!

The sheer, unfettered blindness of these people is almost too infuriating to put into words! The incomprehensibility and shock of the fact that the world STILL believes and supports Abrahamic religion is fucking paralytic! You must be constantly high to believe and support such psychopathic, absurd claims!

It’s just horror after horror, and they will not stop until the world is purged of the malignant work of the Abrahamic god (and no, I will not treat his name with the dignity of a capital letter). They will continue. Humanity doesn’t seem to be learning from its mistakes.

The Inquisition sanctioned torture to heretics. Ask yourself this – would you have liked to have your head crushed, driving your teeth up through your skull, or one of your breasts violently ripped from your torso, simply for wanting freedom of belief and freedom to seek knowledge?

There is no god that would support such things. There is no question that Abrahamic religions are evil. Those pathetic religious apologists think that they are fooling everyone, but they’re not.

No Proof

Aside from the malignancy of the Abrahamic religions, there is no evidence or proof whatsoever of anything they say. And no, it is not a “test from god”. Don’t be ridiculous. God isn’t hiding from you like a ridiculous clown. He isn’t playing hide and seek with the universe. If you’re listening, you can hear him all the time.

Most Abrahamists, however, aren’t listening. Moreover, they support the wrong god. There is only one possible type of god that can exist. For this god, there is endless evidence for his existence – believable, mathematical and philosophical evidence, I might add, not just ridiculous stories in books that are often taken way too literally.

That is the power of mythos – it grips the human imagination like nothing else. There are too many people away in a kingdom of fairies, blissfully unaware of the true reality. There is one fact that every Abrahamist hates. Just one: THERE IS NO ONE COMING TO SAVE YOU, NO ONE WHO WILL PUNSIH AND REWARD RIGHT AND WRONG, AND NO ONE WHO WILL PROTECT YOU.

That’s what the Abrahamic religions prey on – people’s longing for justice, security and comfort. But let me tell you: there is no absolute justice imposed on the universe. That is the truth. If you are an Abrahamist, can you take the courageous step and abandon your religion in favour of the truth?

It’s time to stop sitting comfortably in the utterly false world of Abrahamism and step into the Truth. If you do not, then you are a) spineless and b) a cancer on humanity. Sorry, but that’s the blunt way of putting it.

A year ago, I asked a question on a popular answers website. It was one I already knew the answer to, of course, but I asked it to see what the responses would be. The question was: “Were the Jews truly morally better than Hitler?”

The response? The Jews being emphatically defended. In essence, the answers were: no, no, no, no and no. What all of the answerers failed to address, however, was the example I gave – that the god of the Jews exterminated 70,000 of his own chosen people because his chosen king – King David – conducted a census.

“The Holocaust is rightly regarded as one of the greatest horrors ever perpetrated. What no one ever discusses is that every tactic used by the Nazis was previously sanctioned by the Jewish “God” against non-Jews and even against the Jews themselves. The Nazis did not do a single thing not already trialled by Jehovah thousands of years earlier, including genocide, holocaust and extermination.” – Cimmeria

So the god of the Jews is certainly not better than the Nazis. The Jews are just as bad for supporting him. They don’t know the first useful thing about their god. They are unaware of his true nature.

There is no proof of the Abrahamic religions because they are completely fabricated, and even Abraham’s god knows it. They are control systems made to impact every aspect of a person’s life, to keep them on their knees.

Causing doubt is a classic technique to persuade people over to your side. We saw this recently with the EU referendum in the UK. Its government was claiming that leaving the EU could create years of “uncertainty for your family”. The Abrahamic religions employ this technique, among many others.

The Abrahamic religions’ followers bear many hallmarks of being brainwashed, because when you’re brainwashed in favour of something, you don’t see anything wrong with it.


In this chapter I will discuss how brainwashing works, and show how that brainwashing is linked to Abrahamic religions.

Many forms of brainwashing work by remaking a person – relentless and repetitive attacks on the person’s current identity are launched, and then something is offered that will make the target better. It is effective on many people because of the lack of self-confidence you find lingering in people’s minds.

Abrahamism is a trap for anyone who is in doubt about death or the purpose of life. Skip the first part – there is no need for attacks to break a person – they’re already broken in that regard, and there’s no need to break a child – children don’t have solid identities. Abrahamism lures people in – it comforts people and presents a mythos that is better than doubt. They are in doubt, and Abrahamism offers a comfortable solution. The Abrahamic religions are designed this way. Once someone is a part of Abrahamism, they need to continually and constantly practice it and study it. They prey on uncertainty and fear.

Another situation involved in brainwashing is reward and punishment, something that the Abrahamic religions achieve perfectly. Hell is your punishment for not submitting to the brainwashing; heaven is your reward for submitting.

In the earliest years of a child’s life, they are still building their identity. Abrahamists take advantage of this. When they teach their children their religion, it becomes a part of the child’s identity and it becomes very difficult to remove. The child’s identity is entirely built around the religion – losing the religion would be like losing their entire identity.

Do you see how difficult it is to make Abrahamists see the light and stop being insane? If you want to ask someone to abandon their identity, you need to give them a new identity to assume. So that is why I say to all Abrahamists – bring up your past knowledge of people and judgement. Abandon your religion and start making judgements for yourself for once. Your judgement is sure to be better than your god’s – trust me, he is not the all-wise deity he presents himself to be. He is bent on controlling you because he believes he is deserving of worship – and no god is deserving of worship!

Now would be an opportune time to address a claim made by some Abrahamists: when a child grows up, then it is allowed to make its own choices, but while it is young, it needs to follow the “moral” code of their parents’ religion.

Okay, 1) Abrahamic religion is a highly biased moral code, 2) they are very unlikely to leave the religion because it has become part of their identity and 3) there are much better sources of moral code than a religion of a psychopathic god who commits endless atrocities.

There is no religion you are damned without. Don’t try to disprove that statement because you can’t.

And there have also been claims made that faith is about respecting human beings. Right, because terrorist attacks, Inquisition and segregating women are all about respect. People who say that have no idea what faith is all about. Faith is about believing the unbelievable, about giving your credibility to something which has no proof whatsoever. Don’t parrot what someone else has said before knowing exactly what you’re saying first.

You need to abandon your previous thoughts and look at religion in a whole new way. You need to trust yourself and stop looking to god whenever you need help because he will never give it to you, and never has.

… I don’t know, maybe my words are just falling on deaf ears. This is Abrahamism, after all – the most endarkened set of religions there ever was. You are not enlightened by Abrahamism, no matter how much you may believe you are.


It is never healthy to accept something as fact and never question it. In fact, you should be doing nothing but questioning your religion. How else would you find out if it is really true? And that’s what you want to do, isn’t it – find out if your faith is in the right place?

I am prepared to say this: I have a religion, and I spend half of my time questioning it, testing it and doubting it, because, you see, that is how I am confident in it – because it has remained strong after all of my attempts to punch a hole in it. Abrahamists should be doing the same. It’s the only healthy approach to religion.

Even science understands this – it wants to disprove its own theories because that is more useful than continually finding evidence to support a theory and ignoring anything else. Abrahamists, if you had any regard for truth, you would begin to question your religion right now.

Unfortunately, you will not do such a thing because you are too comfortable not knowing anything. All this madness can end very easily, if you renounce your god. But this book will probably cause you to redouble your faith, because you cling to it like nothing else. You are so desperate for the comfort. You know your religion is insane, but you cannot admit it.

I am not creating fear for you. I am trying to make you see what utter lies you believe in. I’m offering you a chance to see reason. It’s your choice whether you accept it or not. I want the Abrahamic religions to be seen for what they are – the product of a diseased mind, the mind of Abraham’s god. The Abrahamic god is nothing but an inferior, wicked figure who manipulates others. His whispers are alluring to the child mind. So grow up! Stop believing his lies! You know how you say Satan is the father of lies? How are you to know if he is actually your god or not? How are you to know whether or not he wrote the Bible?

It is utterly unhealthy to be an Abrahamist. Here is a table from Wikipedia that shows how the ten commandments are numbered according to different religious traditions (see the article here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_Commandments):

Notice how rules such as “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” and “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy” come before “Thou shalt not kill”. Oh, and this is a rule the Abrahamic god has smashed to pieces countless times. Morality is for us petty mortals, is it?

In the eyes of Abrahamists, you would need an infinite number of witnesses to convict god for a crime. In the eyes of any sane person, no witnesses are needed whatsoever – he has already committed countless crimes against humanity.

No god would give a shit about what you eat, how you dress and whether or not you have facial hair. These are all trivial things and have no significance with regard to the True God.

Here’s a question: why exactly does the Abrahamic god care about what you wear? Try to answer that. Yes, your clothes do make impressions on people. Without doing or saying anything, you project an image of yourself. But why does god want your image to represent him at all times? Shouldn’t he be encouraging people to wear whatever they want so as to express their individuality?

Abrahamic religions are opposed to freedom in every way. My religion couldn’t give a fuck about what I wear, whether I grow facial hair or whether or not I switch on an electrical light on a certain day. I am free to choose those things for myself. These petty rules are stupid and inconsequential where the True God is concerned.

What my religion does care about is what is within me – my mind, and even in that regard I am still free to do whatever I want. I can listen to whatever music I want, eat whatever I want, wear whatever I want, have whatever hairstyle I want, turn on a light and work whenever I want, get drunk whenever I want, practice abstinence whenever I want, participate in homosexual or transsexual relationships whenever I want. There is no penalty for leaving my religion and choosing another one. I am not damned without my religion. I can celebrate God in whatever way I want.

Above all, religion should be a guidance rather than a command. My religion doesn’t tell me to do anything. There is no need to follow a religion absolutely, to the letter. Abrahamists don’t know the first thing about religion because Abrahamic religions aren’t religions – not real religions anyway.

Ultimately, the worst heresy in Abrahamism is knowledge. Knowledge is far superior to faith in every way. Better to have knowledge than a belief. Knowledge proves things, it gets things done, it contributes to humanity. Faith, on the other hand, does absolutely nothing except for the person who has faith. So, contrary to the line that faith is about respecting others, faith has absolutely nothing to do with other people.

If you wish to judge for yourself how unhealthy Abrahamism is, you need only look at suicide bombers or the Inquisition. Abrahamism can make people believe that torturing people for freedom of belief is a good thing!

Being and Becoming

The Abrahamic god is a god of being. His religion is a religion which does not evolve, does not become – it just is. Why is this a bad thing? Well, it’s a bad thing because no religion starts off by knowing everything. No, real religions evolve.

The god of being is a god who wants his creation to never evolve, never move on, never progress. How healthy a religion is is determined to no small degree by whether it teaches being or becoming. Religions that teach being (such as Abrahamic religions of worship) are unhealthy religions because the essence of everything is to evolve. Life and civilisation on earth didn’t start like it is now; it evolved from a much lower form of life. To deny that becoming exists, the Abrahamic religions deny evolution, hoping that will be sufficient enough.

Religions that teach becoming (such as eastern religions of enlightenment) are far healthier. What is the goal of life? It is to become. Abrahamic religions work by putting an infinite chasm between god and humanity – we are not god, we are infinitely inferior to him and we can never get closer to his power. We are stuck, frozen in time. We are what we always were with relation to god.

We are not beings; we are becomings. We are never still; we are always evolving. Any Abrahamist: I challenge you to try and prove otherwise. No doubt your “proof” would contain quotes from some absurd story book (the Bible or whatever text), which isn’t proof at all. I require a rational, philosophical proof, and if you cannot offer that, you cannot prove your religion, and thereby admit that you irrationally believe in something which has no evidence whatsoever.

Can any of you think of reasons why we are permanent becomings? Why do we always have to evolve? Why are we not static beings? Think about it.

Becoming is the essence of everything. There is no life that remains the same forever. You have grown up since you were a baby. You have evolved, you have changed – you haven’t remained a child forever. So it is with all life. You cannot stop thinking. Every thought you have changes you. Even when you are not consciously thinking, you are thinking unconsciously. You never remain the same forever.

There was no garden of Eden. What a ridiculous concept. Humans did not spring out of the earth; they evolved over time. Not just the empirical evidence proves there was no garden of Eden, but also the philosophy of becoming.

There’s some reason for you. That is rational. Gardens of Eden filled with mystical fruits of knowledge aren’t rational. That’s the difference. Are you a rational person? Or are you up to your neck in mythos nonsense?

The thing is, there are many books that defend Abrahamic religions, but to disprove them and show that they are monstrous, only a few books are needed. At the present time, this series is planned to contain four books revolving around Abrahamic religion, this book and I CONSUME being two of them. That is all that is deemed necessary at the moment.

And yes, I am attacking Abrahamism. What did you expect? Abrahamists have attacked reason for years. It’s time for its comeuppance.


Being and becoming are opposites. One is impossible and the other is certain with relation to the universe. The universe progresses; it does not sit idly. The very fact that time exists is an indication of becoming.

The god of becoming, unlike the god of being, has been on a journey himself. The god of being has power handed to him and has no humility or wisdom – if he had those things, the Bible would be very different, and Abrahamism would be unrecognisable compared to what it is today.

Becoming is the essence of everything subjective. There is only one thing which does not change – mathematics, which cannot change.

“There is nothing permanent except change.” – Heraclitus

The religions of being have harmed the world for long enough. It’s time for them to be consigned to the cosmic dustbin along with all the other absurd trash that the people of the universe believed.

The Test

Many religions assert that this life is a test in some way. For some, this test is issued by god, for others, it is a part of the universe itself. If you think that studying a holy book and proclaiming your acceptance of Jesus Christ, Mohammed or whoever else will pass you, you have already failed the first part of the test.

The first part of the test involves recognising the test’s true nature. Most people on earth have chosen the wrong path. There are many false paths, but precious few paths will take you to the next stage of the test. All the others lead to Leviathan. Only the rational and the knowledgeable can choose one of the correct paths. So if you are not those things, your first task is to make yourself those things.


An interesting question asked with relation to the Bible is: Is the Bible relevant today? There is a variety of opinions on the subject, but let’s look at it in a rational way.

In many ways, the Bible advocates things that, in modern society, would be deemed absolutely awful, so the Bible is not good as a source of moral lessons. That’s not to say that it doesn’t contain any valuable moral lessons, but when taken as a whole, it is one of the most horrific and perverse books ever written. It also advocates and promotes irrational superstitions and beliefs such as that the world was only created a few thousand years ago. How deranged do you have to be to believe that?

There are many much better sources of moral lessons than the Bible. It is, however, an important part of history. The Bible should be relevant only in the field of history and the philosophy of history. In every other regard, it is one of the worst books ever written.

God placing the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden was a deliberate temptation to Adam and Eve! If god really didn’t want Adam and Eve to eat from it, why did he place it in the garden?! This is the pinnacle of irrationality! We should be raising children to be rational, not irrational!

The Bible should only ever be relevant in the field of history; not in religion, not in spiritualism and not in morality. In all these other fields, the Bible is deficient, decrepit and nonsensical trash.

Illuminating yourself is the biggest insult to the god of Abrahamic religions possible. But that god is a malignant tyrant, so why should any illuminated person care? To reach illumination you must first recognise that reason is the only thing that will get you anywhere at first. After that, it will also be motivation, intellect, willingness, acceptance of hardship and resistance of the trivial that will propel you further. You cannot hope to become illuminated if you spend your time on meaningless trivialities or renewing your faith. Those are the activities of the endarkened.

Only when you abandon those things will you learn anything. My previous book focused on transcending the ordinary world. The reason for that is illumination is not an ordinary thing. It is a very rare quality to find on earth. Should you pursue illumination, you will likely spend more time alone than you did previously and be ostracised by normal people. But that is what illumination does – it transcends normal people, and what normal people cannot understand, they ostracise as weird.


Illumination involves gaining transcendent knowledge that is known almost nowhere else on earth. How can you hope to gain such knowledge if you don’t know what use you will have for it? Here is what illumination does:

It means you have knowledge which helps you to understand every situation in which you find yourself. It impacts every part of your conscious mind and changes the way you think. It challenges your past opinions and beliefs from when you were an ordinary person. It makes you know things Abrahamists would believe you shouldn’t know, if they were even aware of such knowledge themselves.

It requires a rational mind because endless mythos stories will not advance you very much. It does not matter if you believe in such things as illumination – it can help everyone it touches, but only if those people are willing to be rational and abandon ill-conceived notions about gardens of Eden and heavenly paradise. You cannot get to paradise by believing – if you do nothing but believe, you might as well have done nothing at all. That is why the Abrahamists are deluded. They know nothing of illumination and never will. They believe they can get to paradise by doing nothing but believing. No idea could be more wrong.

If you have no reason, the rational world will crush you. You will have no understanding of what you are learning. First, gather reason. Become rational. It’s the only conceivable way to learn the Truth.

We can all remain children for so long, but eventually we have to grow up past the trivial world and seek illumination. We all have to realise that the reason we cannot see true reality is that we hide behind the curtain of the ordinary. We must fly above this curtain, and see reality for ourselves. No one can truly be told how ultimate reality and actualisation is. You have to experience it for yourself.

In order to drop the trivialities of the ordinary world, you must stop identifying with them. Recognise them for what they are – foreign constructs that do not reflect true reality at all. All trivial things are contingent and unnecessary. They will perish at some point. Perhaps not within your lifetime, but they will assuredly go some time.

Abrahamists need to grow up more than anybody else. They fail to see the world for what it is, and instead hide behind a veil of fantasy and nonsense. They see the world through this veil, and their vision is so distorted they can’t tell right from wrong anymore; they can’t make judgements unaided by their stupid book. Every situation they process through this veil. Every religion is a veil separating you from reality, and so is every ideology. The closer it is to actual reality – the less it distorts your vision – the closer you are to illumination. Most people’s visions ae extremely distorted, Abrahamic or not, because everybody normal accepts things not because they truly want to, but because they fear being ostracised by their peers or people they see as above them.

Reason is a tool of truth. In order to see reason, you need to banish mythos from areas of your life where it does not belong. By that I mean mythos should be nowhere but in the realm of entertainment. It is this fact that shows Abrahamists are insane. They see mythos and think it wise to apply it not just to the realm of entertainment, but to the realms of religion, clothing, food, and many others.

Mythos, by definition, is almost never real. Why people see it as sensible to apply it to reality is beyond reason. Most people are mythos people. They want to be the ones living the perfect life they envision for themselves. They want to be part of the happy ending. But reality is not based on mythos. There is no happy ending necessarily. Heaven is what happens when the deluded wish to superimpose the mythos concept of the happy ending over reality.

Illumination and Truth are not for the weak-minded, who wish a happy ending to all of their tales, who immerse themselves in mythos stories, most of which are sure to have a happy ending. Mythos does and should play a role in everyone’s lives. But it is wrong to attribute that mythos to reality. When that happens, madness always follows.

The holy texts of the Abrahamic religions must be recognised for what they are – fictional stories. It does not matter what opinions anyone may have of the Bible or the Torah or the Koran. What matters is that these are pieces of mythos and should never have been taken as real.

Mythos and logos are incompatible. Mythos is about emotions; logos is about reason. Many songs revolve around mythos because that is what most songs are for – the emotional stimulation it gives us. In the past, people have tried to mix logos concepts with mythos means of presentation – for example, songs about mathematics or the electromagnetic spectrum. These can prove useful in that they can aid memory of the concept, but it must always be recognised that the mythos element has nothing to do with the actual concepts, which were born on logos alone.

Illumination is a logos concept. It is founded on logos ideas and understandings and it plays a huge role in everyone’s lives. Whether that role is visible or invisible is up to you, i.e. whether or not you seek illumination is up to you.

Illumination is incompatible with mythos precisely because it is a logos concept. Eastern religions of enlightenment are what happens when mythos is mixed with illumination. They have good concepts within them, but those concepts come from the logos idea of illumination and the mythos is nothing but the “coating”.


Many people despise the idea of work. That is because they are mythos people. To write a series of works voluntarily and to offer those works for free is something only a rational person would do. The idea of work can be very productive when applied to the right place.

Working is Apollonian – it’s attractive to logos people. “Playing” is Dionysian – it’s attractive to mythos people. A healthy balance of both is needed for a healthy person. But any person balancing these two sides of thinking must know to keep them separate and only mix them together whenever it is appropriate.

Just as it is needed for a healthy person, such a balance is needed for any healthy religion. Most religions are based purely on mythos; they are unhealthy.

Here is a question that will test your knowledge of true logos thinking:

Name a logos religion.

Can you? Do you even know what a logos religion is? To my knowledge, there is only one. All the others are pure mythos. (And, of course, by logos religion, I mean a religion that is mostly logos.)

Abrahamic religions are proof that just because something is popular or generally accepted doesn’t mean it is correct or righteous in any way. In many ways, humanity is alienated from the truth, and lies have taken its place.

Final Days

We will defeat Abrahamism. We will triumph over its horrific god. It’s time for a new religion, not one that gets stuck in the past, or condemns endless amounts of people to hell or otherwise undesirable fates; not one that advocates attitudes that should be long in the past; not one that plants unhealthy mythos in the minds of its followers, but a religion that cares about truth and, indeed, has the means to actually find it.

These are the final days of Abrahamism, and it won’t look like it from the perspective of many, but when you walk out into the road, do you really expect to get run over by a car? The end of Abrahamism is on its way. Most are too blind to see it, but that is the fate of the endarkened.

It is this goal that a select few rational people in the world have always strived to achieve. For it to happen, the people of the world must be illuminated, not out of deception or trickery, but out of their own free will.

Abrahamic religions have no place in this world. It’s time to push them out. If they stay, there will be a second age of darkness renewed, where religious thinking dominates everything, and where Abrahamic religions again have undue and undeserved power of authority. Is that what you want? If not, join us, the only sane people on this earth.

Humankind has endured enough. Isn’t it time for an age of light? Mankind has been groping around in the darkness like a child. We few rational people have to guide it. That is how everything is. You are being offered guidance all the time. Accept it.

If you disagree with me, that’s fine for me (it’s really not fine for the rest of humanity, but let’s pretend otherwise because that’s the delusion you are thinking under). It’s your choice. You have to make the choice now. You can’t escape it because whatever you choose to do will be making the choice anyway. If you finish this book, shrug your shoulders and then go back to whatever you were doing before, thank you. You will be proving to yourself that you aren’t ready for reason yet, which is more useful than nothing. You will have learned something from this book after all.

If you are an Abrahamist then you understand nothing at all. Thus, you should try. If you are stupid, what should you do? Educate yourself. If you are weak, what should you do? Strengthen yourself. It is from this scheme of improvement that humanity became what it is now, evolved and developed marvellous things such as technology and writing. Yet the plague of the purely irrational still bothers most of us.

Abrahamists are in need of help, but they won’t accept it until they see how ridiculous their religions are. When will that happen? When the rest of humanity starts to wise up to what is a blatant misuse and misunderstanding of mythos.

Mythos stories are made to be emotionally satisfying, so it’s no wonder all religions of Abrahamism are riddled with inconsistencies and philosophically illiterate ideas that nevertheless provide any simple person with the emotional comfort and satisfaction they crave. Emotions aren’t based on truth; they are based on what we want to be true. The world of mythos is a rose-tinted fantasyland where only the most insane people give anything credence. Abrahamists are far detached from reality.

And do you know what? Even in a world where everything the bible (or whatever text) says was true, Abrahamists would still be insane because there is no evidence whatsoever, and they would still be placing blind faith in something that has no scientific, mathematical or philosophical basis whatsoever, and that’s insane.

So it is not just about the sheer ludicrousness of the claims of Abrahamism; it’s also about the fact that millions of people put stock in something that has no evidence and no proof, which makes them insane. The only reason for believing Abrahamism has nothing to do with the truth, and has everything to do with the fact that it grants comfort.

Anyone who seeks truth cannot give Abrahamic religions any credibility. This book, as well as the other books I have written and every book I will ever write, are giving you small insight into a mind that is not poisoned by irrational belief. Use that insight.

Abrahamism is a cancer and the world has long suffered its influence. Some Abrahamists erroneously claim that the foundations for a good society lie in their holy book. That is entirely false because it is predicated on the assumption that today’s society is a good society, which is also false. Society today could scarcely be worse, and that fact has been upheld in no small part thanks to Abrahamism.

Here is the bottom line:

What kind of father would prepare to kill his own son because god told him to? It is god’s word that matters to Abrahamists, not the rights of their families or the wellbeing of their children. In the eyes of Abrahamists, the word of god overrides all law, all human rights. If any Abrahamist claims this is not true, they are clearly not an Abrahamist. To be an Abrahamist means to mindlessly and slavishly obey the word of god. Why would any decent person subject themselves to such degradation?

Here’s a question for any Abrahamists: If god told you to, would you kill your entire family?

If your answer is no, I don’t know what you are, but you’re not an Abrahamist. All Abrahamists accept Abraham’s example of willingness to butcher his own flesh and blood for no other reason than that some god told him to. What a psychopath. All Abrahamists are psychopaths. If they have no qualms about killing their own families, why would they care about killing anyone else?

So, say, for example, that an Abrahamist hears a voice in their head, claiming to be god and telling them to commit murders as a test of faith and obedience, if they are a true Abrahamist, they must do it. Otherwise, they could possibly be disobeying the word of god – they have no way of knowing if the voice really was god or not.

And we have indeed had murders by people who thought they were doing god’s work. People have lost their lives because the stupid majority cannot bear to let go of a disastrous religion that advocates murder!

It matters little how insane Abrahamism is. What does matter very much is the effect it has on people, and that effect is near-catastrophic. Many have died because of the stupid, ancient beliefs of these stupid, ancient people. Anyone who is prepared to accept Abrahamism any longer is frankly a disgusting person who has no regard at all for humanity. There is no excuse for such insanity. It has to end now.

Can you see reason or are you too afraid to step out of the norm? This is a millennia-long mission – to stop the malignant influence of the Abrahamic monstrosities. Will you grasp what’s really going on here; will you see the truth hidden in plain sight?

There is no apologist who can wave away all of the wrongs Abrahamism has done to the world. You have no right to hold a belief if it does damage to others. That may seem anti-freedom, but that supposition is wrong. This is the very pinnacle of freedom – freedom of the people from mad, dangerous people.

Control is needed for freedom, because when some go uncontrolled, they deprive others of it. Irrational people are almost all centuries have had to offer, and those irrational people invariably harm others.

The few rational people there are must help fight this menace, because it will not go away on its own.


This book describes Abrahamism and its stark contrast to illumination: the process of becoming illuminated. Abrahamism is endarknening; illumination is enlightening. There are few truly illuminated people on earth. Those who are illuminated already know everything I have said; they are not the people for whom this book is intended. Nor is this book intended directly for the endarkened. Instead, it is intended for those who are neither. Are you endarkened? If so, chances are you have learned absolutely nothing from this book. Are you illuminated? If so, chances are you already knew everything I have said in this book. Are you neither? If so, chances are you have learned something from this book.

Endarkened people are the sort of people who would dismiss this book along with any other rational work. It is very difficult to bring the endarkened to sanity because they are almost completely blind to reason.

Abrahamism is a prison so effective that the prisoners actually want to be there, and don’t even know they’re in prison. The illuminated wish to free the endarkened, even if the endarkened don’t want to be free. Most people will be much better off in a world without Abrahamism, even if they don’t believe they will.

The Secret War

The battle against Abrahamism is a centuries-long war being fought not on battlefields of smoke and guns, but on the battlefields of culture and mind. Mental warfare is the most dangerous of all because it directly targets the minds of the people.

Right now there are several groups who want to sway you over to their side in the mental war. What is important is to do what you feel is right; join whatever cause you feel is right. But, for god’s sake, do something. Actually choose a cause. Your idleness is what those fighting the Secret War bank on.

In Dante’s Inferno, in the vestibule of hell lie the Ignavi. These are the people who took neither side, who aided no cause but their own. Their fate is to be chasing a blank banner forever. They are wanted by neither heaven nor hell.

Vestibule of Hell: Dante passes through the gate of Hell, which bears an inscription ending with the famous phrase “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate”, most frequently translated as “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Dante and his guide hear the anguished screams of the Uncommitted. These are the souls of people who in life took no sides; the opportunists who were for neither good nor evil, but merely concerned with themselves. Among these Dante recognizes a figure implied to be Pope Celestine V, whose “cowardice (in selfish terror for his own welfare) served as the door through which so much evil entered the Church.” Mixed with them are outcasts who took no side in the Rebellion of Angels. These souls are forever unclassified; they are neither in Hell nor out of it, but reside on the shores of the Acheron. Naked and futile, they race around through the mist in eternal pursuit of an elusive, wavering banner (symbolic of their pursuit of ever-shifting self-interest) while relentlessly chased by swarms of wasps and hornets, who continually sting them. Loathsome maggots and worms at the sinners’ feet drink the putrid mixture of blood, pus, and tears that flows down their bodies. This symbolizes the sting of their guilty conscience and the repugnance of sin. This may also be seen as a reflection of the spiritual stagnation they lived in.” – Wikipedia, Inferno (Dante)

When a war is being fought, the Ignavi wait to see who is going to win before taking sides. They are among the most pathetic people on earth. They have no aim but to achieve their own interests. They take no cause from the start and stick to it; they don’t even have the capacity to judge for themselves which cause is right.

Such people don’t care about what doesn’t have a direct impact on their lives. Thousands of years of history from which we can learn valuable lessons? Who cares? Future generations of humanity? Why should I care?

You should care, fool, because if you have any regard for humanity, you realise that preventing future disasters is about preventing years of pain for other humans. So what if they’re not you? How selfish do you have to be to demand that you enjoy a happy life and fuck everyone else? Only a selfish person wouldn’t help future humanity just because he didn’t get to enjoy that future for himself.

The present task for most people is to overcome their unwillingness to act where it is necessary. Until that happens, there will be no revolution and there will be no happy future.

In an upcoming book in this series I will discuss why a world revolution must take place.

Some people can be heard to say that the world or their country is “fucked up”. They throw this out casually, as though it is a matter of something that nobody cares about. But the truth is that the world is indeed “fucked up”, and it needs help. It must be examined by the psychiatrists (rational people) to determine what is wrong, and then steps must be taken to fix it. The world must be prescribed medicine. Change has to happen.

The Secret War will continue until those of the old world are eradicated. Whose side are you on? It’s time to choose a cause and if you don’t choose, you are a hindrance to humanity’s progression. That’s the short truth of the situation. You may think this war doesn’t affect you, but would be wrong. It touches everyone. What could be so invisible yet so important? In truth, almost everything important is secret. History does not unfold in battlefields or on common streets; it unfolds behind closed doors. That’s where the real history of the world is – secret.

Here’s a question – who is running the world? I’m willing to bet that your answer is incorrect. Presidents and prime ministers? Wrong. Popes and monarchs? Wrong. Princes? Wrong. The real people running the world are people you never see. You likely don’t even know they exist. Why? Because they require the secrecy to make decisions far from the public eye.

The true history of the world lies in secret societies. By definition, they are secret. No one can know what’s going on inside them. Secret societies are practically immune to any sort of scrutiny. Who knows how many secret societies exist? The entire point of secret societies is to be secret. That’s why you have no chance of ever knowing them unless you get into them. The superficial study of history, as historians do, is almost irrelevant.

Rose-Tinted Spectacles

Today, too many people have rose-tinted views of humanity. Sorry, but while Abrahamism exists, those people will always be incorrect. Abrahamism is utter blindness to everything real. The view of humanity presented in this series of books, I realise, is very cynical, but that is what humanity is. It doesn’t strive to reach the stars; it “strives” to exploit its “lesser” members. It doesn’t strive so much as lies down, lazy, on its couch.

Humanity defines its world through misery and exploitation. That’s the truth. Look around. You can’t watch half an hour of television without advertisements trying to tempt you. Everyone wants to lure you in. Everyone wants you to see things their way. Judge on reason and trust yourself. Don’t let yourself be manipulated. Go with what you think is right. If you disagree with me, fine. You haven’t lost anything but time while reading this book, which is price enough.

Don’t be under any delusions.


Knowledge is what all Abrahamists fear. They know that when knowledge enters the picture, their religions are resisted and disproved. It’s ridiculous that so many of them cling on like head lice to a religion that is long dead. It’s irrational. Humanity is a predominantly irrational species. What groups like the Illuminati seek to achieve is to make it rational. All irrational species eventually destroy themselves. As long as humanity continues to be irrational, it will continue to live divided and have horrific wars that cost the lives of thousands.

Do you like the idea of people dying for you? If not, it’s time to become rational. Abrahamism does have some good people in it, and it’s a pity they have to be so deeply into irrationalism. Knowledge is the opposite of everything the Abrahamic god stands for. He wants his followers to be stupid so they never question what is unarguably an extremely questionable religion at best, monstrous control system at worst.

Despite this series’ overwhelmingly negative attitude towards Abrahamic religions, they do have some good aspects, but those are all upstaged and vastly outnumbered by the negative aspects.


Humans dream all of the time. They have a habit of setting the highest goals and ambitions for themselves. Usually, we dream of what we will never have and ignore what we will have.

Despite people telling you to achieve your dreams, few ever do. This is not just because of the difficulty and challenge of attaining a dream. Strangely, there is something repelling about a dream: it makes you not want to achieve it. Nowhere is this more evident than in everyday life. People dream constantly of living the ideal life, but they never will, and they hardly ever try to achieve it. Is it because they know it is in their dreams, that it is a fake vision of a future that will exist only in their minds? No, although that can play a part in the refusal to go for dreams.

Achieving your dreams is rather popular in advertising, where they claim that their product will help you achieve your dreams and do what you really want to do. This is always complete bullshit. Not only is it a cynical attempt at manipulation, it simply isn’t true. YOU are responsible for your achievements, not that product you bought from the supermarket shelf three decades ago.

Don’t imagine the ecstasy of attaining what you want; concentrate on the tasks at hand. By imagining the outcome of your labours, you perhaps trick yourself into thinking you already have it (a critical concept in this is the suspension of disbelief, the ability to immerse yourself in the unreal and temporarily forget that it is fictional, which happens with movies).

It’s hard to accept, but many of the things you imagine yourself being and doing in the future will not happen. Sorry. Instead, focus on now. Don’t believe the future to be fact. The future has not been determined.


Transcendence is the most difficult of tasks, and the idleness of ordinary people is testament to that. Transcending means differentiating yourself from what is normal. It means escaping the veil of the ordinary world, undoing all of the brainwashing and psychological techniques that you have been subjected to and seeing the world with brand new eyes.

Can you accomplish these tasks? Illumination is a catalyst for transcendence, but only if you are willing to escape this ordinary world and become extraordinary. Most people aren’t because they find the ordinary world alluring, which is good for those who benefit from the ordinary.

What is Normal?

Some people like to say that nobody is normal because everybody is different. To that, I would say yes and no. It’s true that everybody is different, but that doesn’t mean that nobody is normal. There is a broad pattern that many lives follow. That is what makes us normal. Abnormal people are not those who have a bizarre pattern of behaviour; it is those who lead a completely different life from what is normal.

Our actions determine who we are, not our thoughts or what we say. Because we lie, a lot – even to ourselves. Only what we are prepared to DO says anything about us. Don’t judge people so heavily by what they say, but by what they do. Do you think a serial killer tells people he murders others? Do you think an altruistic person tells people he is altruistic? Of course not. Sometimes the most beautiful and kind of people can be hiding monsters within. In fact, we are all holding monsters within. As much as we may despise the idea of giving those monsters a place in our lives, we have to in order to be healthy.


Transcendence is certainly not easy. For that reason, most people just ignore it. There are actually people who despise abnormality. Such shallow and pathetic people are often paradoxically the epitome of abnormality. Their lives revolve around their being perceived as normal. They can’t bear being singled out or exceptional in any way. Those people will never transcend anything, and instead are doomed to descend, to sink below everything else.

Not that abnormality is entirely good – it has its negative aspects, such as how it individuates you from others and thus makes you more distant from them. But it is entirely unwise to only see the negative aspects of something, because everything has both positive and negative aspects.

Even what you might consider as the best thing in the world has negative aspects. So, here is a challenge. Find something you absolutely revere to the point that it seems to be the best thing in the world to you. Then, find negative things about it. It can be a person, an activity, a place – anything you want. Can you even be bothered to do such a thing? If you do and you can’t find any negative things about it, you have the wrong perspective. Sometimes, in order to see the bad in things, you have to see it from a perspective other than the one you are used to.

Let me give you an example. I hold knowledge to be of extremely high importance and, you might say, beauty. But one bad thing about knowledge is that some knowledge is so terrible it can be extremely difficult to handle emotionally. Some knowledge can reduce even the strongest of people to tears. Another bad thing about knowledge is that it tends to diverge from emotional comfort. He who does not know anything is very comfortable, like an Abrahamist. Was an Abrahamist to know the Truth, he would not be nearly as comfortable with it as he is with Abrahamism.

Want another? Yet another bad thing about knowledge is that seeking it can be very difficult – it can be elusive. Seeking knowledge can also be intellectually draining and emotionally stressful. Another bad thing about knowledge is that if you are getting into complex knowledge, such as the more complex areas of mathematics or philosophy, it can make you forget the simpler things, which may actually be the key to understanding the complex things.

Those are a few bad things about knowledge. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so wondrous and perfect. If you have an unhealthy obsession, recognising the bad things about it can help you escape it. “Bursting your bubble” is healthy because it helps you to see what you were previously blind to.

Abrahamists say, “God works in mysterious ways.” What they are really claiming when they say this is that humans cannot comprehend the mind and ways of God. This is nonsense. Who knows why the Abrahamic god is deserving of such exceptionalism?

If, when challenged about God’s behaviour, Abrahamists say that God works in mysterious ways, then they have ruined any chance they might have had of defending their god. You don’t defend someone by saying they are operating on a higher level. That just shows your lack of understanding of them. And how can you be so sure that he is omnibenevolent if you cannot comprehend his mind? Why not say that he is a twisted, deluded, maniacal, psychopathic tyrant? Why not claim him to be the most boring fool in existence? Because the Bible says he is benevolent! That book could have been written by Satan, you fools!

Abrahamists do not understand their god at all, and therefore cannot be sure of his true nature, so when they try to defend their god, they are admitting that they are defending someone who they are unsure of. Faith is the quality that not only allows people to believe the unbelievable, but it sucks them into a religious black hole, never to escape. What sane human would willingly dive into a black hole on the orders of someone who is of highly dubious moral character? Once you enter Abrahamism, there’s little chance of escaping. Few ever leave Abrahamism, and when they do, it is usually not out of rational contemplation, but out of hate for life itself.

The Abrahamic god is the most deluded figure in existence. Abrahamists would condemn me (secretly) for saying that, but at least I can stand up to a tyrant, rather than being so spineless I fall flat on my face every time I hear him(!). You cannot stand up to anybody. Some Abrahamists say things like, “I will try to bring you water when you’re burning in hell!” to people who denounce their god. Any true god would rightly condemn those people who say such hateful and irrational things. Abrahamists haven’t got the slightest clue what a god is. For one thing, no god is above the laws of the universe, yet Abrahamists seem to think that their god is somehow transcendent of these laws.

The Abrahamists are almost as deluded as the Demiurge himself. Oh – wait – do you even know who the Demiurge is? Probably not. Well, it’s the name your god deserves.

The point of all this is that Abrahamists know nothing of God. If you want to know God, you do not go looking in ancient texts or churches (which are just plain irrelevant to God). Any true god would be disgusted and insulted by anyone attempting to grovel or bow at his feet. To know God, seek illumination. Through illumination, you will not know God – you will become God.

What a crazy notion, right? Oh, like it’s any more ridiculous than the Bible. In fact, there is less absurdity in that statement than there is in the first verse of the Old Testament: “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth”. Becoming God is not a ridiculous mythos idea, and anyone who says otherwise does not know the Truth.

Prove it

Prove to me that Abrahamism is healthy and its god is not a tyrant, I will gladly change my mind – because I don’t predicate my ideas on faith. Prove to an Abrahamist that their religion is false, and they will ignore you. That’s the difference between an Abrahamist and someone who cares about the Truth.

One of the main purposes of this series of books is to provide an insight into the perspective of an Illuminist, a fact I don’t draw too much attention to, since the Illuminati tend to be misunderstood and mentions of the word Illuminati cause needless confusion. But the need to be upfront with the nature of this series is important.

In my previous book, I said:

“People should respect others. You think that just because you don’t like someone you shouldn’t respect them? You think that just because someone doesn’t respect you, you shouldn’t respect them? You think that just because you consider someone worthless, you shouldn’t respect them?

“Society and cooperation are about mutual respect – not about worship or unidirectional respect (respect that only flows one way). A respectful person sees the merit in everything, sees the best in everyone; but it would be foolish not to see the worst in everyone also.”

I realise, of course, that I have not been entirely respectful when addressing the Abrahamic religions. Any rational person finds it difficult to respect Abrahamic religions. But in order to show what little respect I have for them, I will now write about the good things about Abrahamic religions. I respect the good in people and things; not the bad, although I understand that those bad things are a necessary part of the universe.

I have written a book and a half on the negative aspects of Abrahamism. I will now move to the dialectical antithesis of that and discuss the positive aspects – the aspects that are positive from a rational standpoint.

Pearls of Wisdom

The Abrahamic religions do have some positive aspects, and although those positive aspects are heavily outweighed by the negative, they are still worth addressing because they are the gems that Abrahamists should build upon.

In this discussion, there will be no need to mention the Abrahamic god. None of his positive aspects are shown in Abrahamism. That is why Abrahamists should leave their god behind and begin the search for a new god. They should take what good they have in their religion and use them as the foundations of a new religion.


I have denounced this aspect of the Abrahamic religions before because the comfort they grant people is false comfort, but I will not deny that it can help them in times of emotional stress. What is irrational is praying to God and hoping he will change your life for you. Sometimes, when you are stressed, you need comfort, no matter how false it is.

Ultimately, there are healthier alternatives to this comfort, like the Phoenix. If we’re feeling like we are much worse than others at everything, the Phoenix gives us hope that we can become better. Whenever we lose or fail, the Phoenix provides us with the insight that we can try again and eventually conquer this challenge. This is a mythos, yes, but it is a much healthier and more optimistic mythos that actually has relevance to the real world and how it operates. If you understand the Phoenix you understand that dirt is the most beautiful thing.


Abrahamic religions can bring people together. Unity is a good quality to find in any healthy society. If people cannot unify, they will fight amongst themselves and destroy themselves. Abrahamic religions can allow people to meet other people, which may then turn into their lifelong friends. Abrahamic religions teach mutual respect to their fellow Abrahamists (and it’s a shame that some Abrahamists can’t show that same respect to those outside of Abrahamism). The respect Abrahamism teaches, however, has nothing to do with faith in God.

The community aspect of the Abrahamic religions is something that any rational person can respect.

Mark 3:25

If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.


Matthew 19:19

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

This is something that barely anyone does. The structure of the family in society means that families are always competing against other families. Rarely do they help each other out. How many people are prepared to lay down their own lives for strangers?

Loving others as much as you love yourself or your family is a good principle of the altruistic.


Luke 6:40

The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is perfect shall be as his master.

Replace “master” with “God”, and you have a part of high, transcendent knowledge. Here, implicit in the teachings of the New Testament is some fragment of a Gnostic principle – being equals.


Luke 6:48

He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock.

This is a brilliant philosophical principle – build your ideology, your argument, your belief, your justification, or whatever (and also your house), on solid foundations. Any ideology that is built on shaky foundations will crumble when it comes under attack, because those foundations are what the rest of it depends upon.

Also, dig deep within yourself and see what is underneath, another good principle. Some interpret this as dig deep and find Christ, for Christ is the most solid of foundations on which to build yourself. This pearl of wisdom is tied to some ridiculous figure. It should be interpreted as separate from the Bible, as with many of these good aspects.


Abrahamic religions can encourage people to be selfless and to help others, which ties in with the community aspect. They can encourage people to do good things.

Forgive, But Don’t Forget

The Illuminati are prepared to forgive you, all Abrahamists, just as soon as you are prepared to abandon your horrific beliefs and find a new way of living. But we would be fools to forget Abrahamism. It shall stand forever as proof of what beliefs like those do to the world. We don’t require a sacrifice for you to be forgiven. None of that is necessary. None need suffer. And, in fact, the Abrahamists, if they abandon their beliefs, will be seen as some of the bravest people in history, prepared to leave the comfort of their beds and venture out into a new world, to view life from a new, healthier perspective.

History should not be forgotten, because it can help predict the future. It can help us rule out what we know doesn’t work, so we can work on new systems. Abrahamism will never be forgotten, but its members can be forgiven, if they are prepared to change.

Abrahamism is among the worst horrors the world has had to endure over the centuries. Only when it is eliminated can the people of the world be free and healthy again. Don’t you see? It’s your ignorance that the Demiurge relies on. Learn of other religions, of philosophy, science and mathematics – gain knowledge, then return to Abrahamism and look at it from your new perspective. You have no reason to fear your god. All his threats are empty. There is no hell but his religions.

Stand up on your own two feet, and become greater rather than submitting to God for all eternity. What a grim vision you have. I feel sorry for all Abrahamists, truly and deeply. They truly believe that submitting to this utterly evil “god” is the way to salvation.

HE IS USING YOU. He does not care about you or your children or any humans. Let us preserve that which has not already been poisoned by his malignance. Your religions are absurd, but that need not extend to you. Follow the true light, rather than the false, pathetically dim lights the Demiurge shows you. You have the choice.

I have given you what you need to change your life. I want to help you. Will you accept my help? You are welcome to contact me using the email provided at the end of this book if you need help (or if you have general questions), and I will do what I can, as well as which you can use this series as a guide. That’s why I am writing this series. I want to help you. I will not be condescending, and I try not to be while writing. People who have greater knowledge should be using it to help others, not to big themselves up and talk to others as lesser people, which is what the Abrahamic god does.

You cannot hope to become fully actualised unless you become a rational person with a hand to spare for helping others. But it’s never too late to turn your life around, and become a strong person. All you have to do is renounce your god. As for Christ (actually called Yehoshua ben Yosef – Joshua, son of Joseph), well, he is not God’s son; he was nothing but a schemer who faked resurrection of dead people. His blood won’t wash away all the bad things you have done; you need to accept those things and be prepared to not do them again.

Make Your Final Prayer

It’s time for you to make your final prayer before abandoning your god, never to return. You will do this if you are a rational person, if you care one jot for humanity. Devote your energies into healthy activities to help humanity, rather than condemning others to hell. Turn your life around and become the beginning of HyperHumanity.

We will forgive you, as long as you renounce Abraham and his psychopathic god, as long as you admit your wrongdoing and learn from your history. I am prepared to give up the topic of Abrahamism in this series, if you abandon your twisted god. If not, I will continue to write about your religions. I won’t give up, because there is an aspect of all Abrahamists that can be reasoned with.

Abrahamists, it’s not too late. You can still turn around and look God in the eye. Dare to stare him in the eyes and see him for what he is. I hope you find your way to the True God. I wish you all the best, friends, and to you farewell.

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The Phogenesis Series is a series of books in which Brother Quantificus attempts to convey greater truths that rational people can use to further their understanding of the universe and the world and how it operates.


Book 2: Carpe Diem: Seize the Day

Book 3: Illumination: The Ultimate Heresy

Illumination: The Ultimate Heresy

It is absolutely false to regard the Inquisition as a horror of the past. It’s still happening, albeit in a more diluted form. Abrahamic religions are religions of the past, and yet this irrational world has allowed them to survive up to a time at which they should have dissolved, and even past that time into the present. The Abrahamic religions would be fine were it not for the disgusting effects they have on their followers and the endless horrors they unleash on the world. The only way of escape is illumination - the Truth.

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Illumination: The Ultimate Heresy Illumination: The Ultimate Heresy