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If Only You

There I was in a strange place

Bizarre and foreign

Drowning within the sea of voices

Commotion surrounded me

Bright colors and primal music panicked me

My heart mercilessly pounding against my chest

It beats so hard I fear it will burst wide open

My pulse is racing, faster and faster

I feel it throbbing in my head

My breathing is becoming louder, more rapid and aching my throat with its wet heat

I am anxious, so anxious that I begin to run

Weaving frantically, dodging the faces, I know I must escape

So lost, so confused, and flooded with emotion

Fear, Pain, Confusion and Helpless Despair rushes through my every living cell

I am exposed

I am terrified

I hear a scream and I am startled to realize it is my own

What is happening to me?




Before it is too late

There in the crowd of strangers, I see something

What is it?

Who is it?
Help me, please!
“Wait!” I scream. “Don’t leave me, don’t go!”

I am lost and it is you.


Only you.

You turn me and steal me away so soon I can’t catch my breath.

Only you.

You can calm the tempest raging in my heart

Only you can save me.

Only you can hold me.

Only you can love me.

Only you. If only you will stay.

Only you.

With me.

If Only You

  • ISBN: 9781310569234
  • Author: Alexa Lochlyn
  • Published: 2016-05-04 06:35:06
  • Words: 231
If Only You If Only You