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Warning: This guide by necessity includes some minor spoilers.


Season 1

1 The Bad Ian

A group of important alien teenagers, headed by Prince Ian Williams of the planet Zakaria, are chosen to introduce Earth into its place in the wider universe. The project may never get off the ground, however, if Ian’s maniacally jealous identical twin brother, Julius “The Bad Ian” Williams, has anything to do with it…


2 Monster

Ian’s Gang have arrived on Earth and are making their presence felt – but their first official case sees them up against a terrifying monster that may be only the beginning of a much greater threat…


3 I, Spy

Ian’s Gang find themselves up against a pair of bewitching “intergalactic troublemakers” who delight in spying, espionage and double-crossing…

This story introduces the “intergalactic troublemakers” Rebecka Liedeberg and Elin Moodysson, who return in the season 5 story “With My Little Eye”.


4 On Satan’s Bloody Claw

Ian’s Gang investigate a Satanic cult operating in Maltby – but are they getting into something much bigger than they could possibly imagine?

This story introduces the evil sorcerer Larry, and begins the story arc involving extra-dimensional entities that have set themselves up as “God” and “Satan”.


5 The Orius Project

When all contact is lost with the base on the moon of Orius, Sarah Vasquez is among a scientific/military team sent to investigate.


6 The Wedding

Matthew Parker is somewhat surprised when his supposedly dead childhood sweetheart turns up alive and well. Needless to say, all is not as it seems – and the sound of wedding bells will be accompanied by the sound of gunfire.

This story introduces Claire Braithwaite, who returns as a regular character from the season 4 story “Loyalty”.


7 Witch’s Brew

For the last few years three babies have been abducted in Maltby on Halloween, never to be seen again. Now it’s Halloween once more…


8 Sideways

When Ian Williams suddenly quits as leader of Ian’s Gang, he hands the Gang over to the control of the enigmatic and sinister Rob Strather, while Robert Stevens finds himself literally in another world…


9 Gang Warfare

There’s a brutal gang war on the streets of Maltby, and Ian’s Gang are about to get caught in the middle – with terrible consequences.

This dramatic story introduces the ruthless gang leader Snyder, and features the first death of a regular character.


10 Control Network

All it takes for Great Britain to go from nice to Nazi is one lousy television program.

This tongue-in-cheek adventure introduces a new member of “Ian’s Gang” in Earth teenager Dean Jones.


11 Grip of the Spider

Alien giant spider parasites attack the Earth, intent on devouring the entire population.

This epic, apocalyptic horror tale features the death of several regular characters and the introduction of new gang member Charlotte Smith and the redoubtable Commander Maxwell Wilburts.


12 Something Evil

Innocent young lives are lost in a tragic accident in the small village of Stoney Mead. One of the victims is the sister of new Ian’s Gang member Charlotte Smith – but upon returning home for her sister’s funeral, she discovers the deaths may have been no accident and the entire town is in a grip of fear held by a group of sinister monks with unnatural powers…

This story introduces new gang member Cody Frid and her father, General Alastair Frid, and is currently exclusively available on Shakespir.


13 That Child of Mine

Philip Vasquez is assigned to protect a young woman from the rapist father of her child, a task he regards as a cinch. But neither the son or the father is entirely human…

This story introduces the character of single mom Shelley Dobbs and the mysterious alien race known as the Aeons and is currently exclusively available on Shakespir.


14 Mousetrap

A swimmer ripped apart in the ocean. Strange lights in the sky. Young women turning homicidally insane in a matter of moments. In the small town of Mousehole, Ian’s Gang members Dean Jones and Charlotte Smith were on a supposedly routine case. Now they are trapped with a mad Army General and a hypnotic serial killer from beyond the stars… 

This chilling horror tale introduces the character of the evil General Barker and the sinister military unit known as the Special Squadron.


15 The Freakshow

It was supposed to be a holiday for Ian’s Gang after the trauma of recent events, a chance for Dean Jones to reconnect with his estranged family. It wasn’t supposed to end in horror.

A travelling fun-fair has arrived in town, with a truly disturbing secret – a freakshow. And the freakshow hides some even more disturbing secrets of its own…

This creepy story introduces Dean’s family, father Henry, stepmother Sylvia, sister Sally and step-sister Lieutenant Marie Ellis.


16 Bloody Friday

When all contact is lost with the planet Cat, Ian’s Gang and a military team are sent to investigate. What they find is a dead world that had alien visitors of whom Philip is only too familiar and Earth is next on their list… 

This epic story is a direct follow-up to “That Child of Mine”.


17 Hit and Run

In the dramatic finale to the first season of “Ian’s Gang”, a young girl is left fighting for her life after being struck by a drunk driver. It’s the kind of senseless tragedy that happens every day – but this time it’s different. The victim is one of Ian’s Gang’s own, and the drunk driver is also under the influence of a very different kind of spirit…

This story sees the return of the evil sorcerer Larry.



Season 2


18 Straight Out of Hell

A young girl is possessed by a terrifying force. A giant bat roams the night sky, while a dead hoodlum returns from the grave. Something evil is happening in Maltby – and three ordinary families are at the centre of a terrifying scheme to unleash Satan on the world.

This chilling tale kicks off the second season of Ian’s Gang by continuing the “God/Satan” story arc and introduces the characters of the Boothey and Shaw families.


19 The Animal Lover

Ian Williams, Dean Jones and Cody Frid are transported three weeks into the future – to find humanity all but extinct. What has happened to the world? What does an “animal lover” by the name of Timothy Heest have to do with the situation? And can Ian, Dean and Cody ever return home to their own time and prevent this horrific future?


20 The Nightmare Brigade

Dean Jones and Charlotte Smith are in Whitby, helping an embittered FBI agent track down an elusive drug baron, when people start being murdered, their bodies left completely drained of blood… Are age-old vampire legends coming true in the seaside community? And what do the mysterious local fire brigade have to do with the situation?


21 Dream Holiday

Ian’s Gang’s Cody Frid wins a “dream holiday” – a murder mystery weekend in an exotic locale. The dream very quickly becomes a nightmare however when the murders turn all too real and the guests begin dropping like flies. Before long Cody will find herself alone against a terrifyingly unstoppable and bloodthirsty foe…


22 Terror of the Ooze

Ian’s Gang’s Ian Williams and Cody Frid are driving cross-country when they decide to spend the night in a caravan park in the small North Yorkshire town of Shoalhaven. A restful evening is not on the agenda however, because a toxic alien goo is on the rampage, alternating between possessing and dissolving the flesh of the town’s entire population…

23 Spot On

A series of bizarre truck hijackings leads Ian’s Gang to uncover an plot for alien invasion – by mind-controlling pimples!


24 “THAT!”

Ian’s Gang wake up one morning to find that the whole of Maltby is now in black and white. When the monster props of a bad B movie being made near a local nuclear testing site suddenly develop a murderous mind of their own, it becomes clear that something very odd indeed is going on.


25 The Tell-Tale Heartbeat

Women are living in fear of “The Maltby Ripper”. Meanwhile, Cody Frid survives a lightning strike – only to find herself with the terrifying ability to predict when someone is going to die…


26 The End

The Ian’s Gang has been cancelled. There’s just one problem – no one’s bothered to tell them that. Caught in a web of lies, misinformation and paranoia, Ian’s Gang are about to discover that there are some disasters even they can’t prevent.


27 Conflict of Interests

The glorious Assessis Empire has wanted to conquer the galaxy for generations – and now it has finally succeeded. With Earth under Assessis control, Ian’s Gang have been separated from Ian and Cody and are now hiding out with Commander Wilburts at a remote farmhouse in Wales. And it is there that Matthew Parker meets and falls in love with the beautiful Alice Wilcox – but can she be trusted?

“Conflict of Interests” continues the dramatic story arc that began in “The End”.


28 Slaughter

The Assessis Empire continues its domination of the galaxy, including Earth. Separated from the rest of Ian’s Gang, Ian Williams and Cody Frid are hiding out in Maltby, but when Maltby’s “Controller”, the sadistic former hit-man known only as the BloodButcher, realises they are still in town, he launches a campaign of terror to flush them out. Five innocent people will be executed per day until Ian and Cody either give themselves up – or are given up.

“Slaughter” continues the dramatic story arc which began in “The End” and continued in “Conflict of Interests”.


29 A New Hope

The Assessis Occupation of the universe continues, but now a new and powerful alien force has arrived on the scene, which could spell an end to Assessis domination… and all life on Earth.

This dramatic story features the return of Shelley Dobbs and the Aeons and is currently exclusively available on Shakespir.


30 The Operation

The Assessis Occupation is at an end and the universe is free at last – or is it? Even as the celebrations begin, key members of Richtar’s clone army are moving into position, ready to begin an operation to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


“The Operation” concludes the dramatic story arc that began in “The End” and continued through “Conflict of Interests’”, “Slaughter” & “A New Hope”.


31 Day of the Mosquitoes

Ian’s Gang have succeeded in their mission, and Earth has been accepted as part of the universal community. Now four years have passed and all is not well; Zakaria and Zerroff stand on the brink of war, Ian Williams apparently having gone insane, while on a remote moonbase, former Ian’s Gang members Steve Botham and Philip Vasquez are about to discover a threat to the entire galaxy…

This epic story introduces Matadonian Army Lieutenant Laura Barlow.


32 Evil in the Night

A group of college girls, a cynical young private detective and Ian’s Gang’s Dean and Charlotte Jones are all heading to the small town of Morton Clavell – and into terrible danger. Because absolutely everyone in this unassuming little town has become homicidally insane – literally overnight…

This chilling tale introduces college girls Rebecca Hall and Kathryn Thompson and private detective Michael Harper.


33 The Hob’Gon

A crazed old enemy is back on the streets as creatures from another dimension (Hell?) begin to enter our own. For the Boothey and Shaw families the past is coming back – to kill them…

This chilling story is a direct sequel to the 2^nd^ season premiere “Straight Out of Hell”.


34 The Enemy Within

A bloodthirsty, shapeshifting “clone” is heading for Maltby, leaving a trail of death and destruction in its wake. Only the sinister General Barker knows the truth about the creature, and Commander Wilburts is determined to find it out – no matter what the cost. While an unexpected treachery from within Ian’s Gang itself results in an unthinkable tragedy…

This dramatic story sees the return of General Barker and the Special Squadron and sees the shocking departure of two regular characters.


35 Hell On Earth

Maia Boothey is out of the mental home, but she is far from back to normal. Black cats are on the increase in the village of Rosewood, as Chester Shaw’s warnings of impending doom and revenge from beyond the grave begin to come true… Forces of Satanic evil are swirling, gaining strength, and an already fractured Ian’s Gang are about to be put to the ultimate test…

This horrific and epic tale brings season 2 of “Ian’s Gang” to its dramatic conclusion.


Season 3


36 Hate and Fear

An anti-alien group launches a series of terrorist attacks in Maltby, blowing up Ian’s Gang Base and taking hostages in Maltby High School.

The dramatic 3^rd^ season premiere introduces CLEFA, a terrorist organisation dedicated to limiting alien influence on Earth.


37 All Dead Now

Philip Vasquez wakes up one morning to find the rest of Ian’s Gang have all been brutally murdered – and he’s prime suspect.


38 Honour Thy Father

An expedition to the supposedly dead world of Assessis yields some surprising discoveries. The planet is now free of radiation and ripe for colonisation – and beneath the surface is a nuclear fall-out shelter come political prison, one of whom is still alive and whose existence will result in major ramifications for the entire universe… and Ian Williams in particular.


39 The Dollhouse

Philip Vasquez and Kathryn Thompson spend the night in a department store plagued by a series of bizarre thefts… and a murder.


40 Vendetta

The psychopathic murderer known as Snyder is back from the dead, intent on vengeance, and Maltby will never be the same after this night…


41 Pike Dreams

Rebecca Hall and Kathryn Thompson wake up one morning to find that the rest of the world has just… disappeared.


42 The Harvest

A cybernetic organism from space lands in Maltby – and begins converting the population.


43 Colony

Ian’s Gang take a trip to the colony of Tru’fa, New Assessis, where someone or something is preying on the unsuspecting populace.


44 Now and Then

Five years ago Ian’s Gang investigated a series of brutal murders in Ackersville, USA. The killer was never caught and now he’s back – with consequences that will change their lives forever…


45 Army

Business executive Jonathan Chase has an unfortunate habit of having his enemies die very nasty deaths – via killer insects…


46 War Zone

In the dramatic finale to Season 3 of “Ian’s Gang”, Maltby is set to host Earth’s first Annual Universal Conference – cue an attack by anti-alien terrorists. Commander Wilburts find himself in the front line of a deadly conspiracy that may reach far higher than he could ever have guessed.

Meanwhile Steve Botham begins his new life in the colony of Tru’fa, New Assessis – only to find conspiracies are as universal as murder.

This story features the departures of three regular characters and the introduction of three more – Sean O’Reilly, Kristen Loomis and Matadon Duchess Tracey Inkamaya as well as the introduction of Army Commander John Hawkins.


Season 4


47 Morton Clavell

In the gripping premiere to Season 4 of “Ian’s Gang”, Matthew Parker is investigating disappearances and various other strange happenings at an isolated and extremely bizarre boarding school in deepest, darkest Australia – a place that was once home to a cannibalistic serial killer.

Meanwhile new Ian’s Gang member Sean O’Reilly finds himself the target of a chilling persecution campaign by ruthless billionaire businessman Alex Stone – a man he has never even met.

Somehow, these events are connected – and unless Ian’s Gang can work out the link they may be too late to prevent an apocalyptic plot from reaching its apotheosis…

This story introduces billionaire businessman Alex Stone, Special Squadron agent Paul French and dodgy Army Commander Freddie Baxter.


48 An Instinct for Murder

Maltby is rocked by several series’ of brutal murders apparently committed by completely unrelated serial killers. How and why has Maltby suddenly become the place to be for a variety of crazed psychopaths? Ian’s Gang’s attempts to investigate brings them into conflict with Maltby’s antagonistic new Army Commander, John Hawkins, but the killings are about to strike very close to home…

This dramatic story features a number of shocking deaths and introduces college girl Emma Holmes.


49 Pretty Grim

A series of mysterious deaths in a small country town set Ian’s Gang on a confrontation course with the Grim Reaper himself…


50 Conspiracy Theory

Earth is set to stage its second attempt at a Universal Conference – cue an assassination attempt on King William Inkamaya. The capture of the would-be assassin, Special Squadron agent Paul French, proves to be far from the end of the matter however. Paul has a story to tell – a story that, if true, could not only put Ian’s Gang on the wrong side of the law but change their lives forever…


51 Lone Wolf

A series of fatal animal attacks send Ian’s Gang back to ex-gang member Dean Jones’ home town of Ismilton, where they unravel an army cover-up and a terrible secret.


52 Damned

A massacre in a small English village heralds the beginning of a Biblical battle between the forces of Good and Evil – but caught in the middle, Ian’s Gang are finding it harder and harder to tell which is supposed to be which.

This chilling story features the return of deceased Ian’s Gang member Sarah Vasquez, undead psychopath Snyder and the evil sorcerer Larry.


53 Loyalty

After seven years, startling new evidence sees the Carol Braithwaite murder case suddenly and unexpectedly reopened – and for Matthew Parker, the investigation is coming a little too close to home…

This story features the return of Claire Braithwaite from the season 1 story “The Wedding”.


54 The End of the World

An evil billionaire businessman comes back from the dead. An innocent young girl brutally murders her boyfriend in cold blood – and then has no memory of the crime. A young woman has an incredible story to tell about death and time travel. Somehow all these events are connected – and Ian’s Gang need to put the pieces together before it’s too late to prevent the end of human life on Earth…

The epic and apocalyptic finale to Season 4!


Season 5


55 Brotherly Love

In the sensational beginning to the 5th season of “Ian’s Gang”, Ian Williams is forced into impersonating his own evil twin brother in order to prevent a potentially catastrophic terrorist attack.

The sensational start to season 5 sees the long-awaited return of Julius “the Bad Ian” Williams.


56 On The Line

Claire Braithwaite begins receiving threatening phone calls from a serial killer – a serial killer who’s been dead for twenty years.

This dramatic story features the introduction of mysterious and charming Zerroffian socialite Nigel Thornton.


57 The Flying Dutchman

An impossible plane arrives at Manchester Airport, carrying an even more impossible passenger – Cody Frid, former Ian’s Gang member – and Ian Williams’ late wife.


58 With My Little Eye

Notorious “intergalactic troublemaker” Rebecka Liedeberg arrives at Ian’s Gang Base, desperate for help. Someone wants her and her equally notorious associate Elin Moodysson dead – and is willing to go to any lengths to achieve their goal.

This story features the long-awaited return of “intergalactic troublemakers” Elin and Rebecka for the first time since the season 1 story “I, Spy”.


59 A Winter’s Tale

For fugitives Elin Moodyson and Rebecka Liedeberg, the isolated country cottage that was supposed to be their perfect “safehouse” could be about to become their tomb. Monsters lurk in the woods, and a deadly adversary is out for revenge…


60 Identity

In the small English village of Stoney Mead, something is turning ordinary people into monsters.




61 Doublecross

Ian’s Gang are about to discover just who is trying to kill notorious fugitives Elin Moodysson and Rebecka Liedeberg, and why – and the answer could send shock waves throughout the entire universe.

This dramatic story continues the story arc that began in “With My Little Eye”.


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