I vol. 1



By John Fredrick Carver

Copyright John F Carver 2016






Chapter 1: I Narrative


I want you to know I am not an alien. I am like you. I have been around you all your life and you haven’t really noticed me if at all, but I would love to be a part of your life and have you want that too. I find everything about you fascinating and hope you find me and others fascinating in the same way. I want to be around you every moment and I don’t want it to ever end and I hope you share that sentiment with me and others. I know everything you ever did and yet I couldn’t love you more, and I want you to know everything I ever did and still love me too. There is nothing you may do I will not understand and if need be forgive and I hope you feel that way toward me and others too. If only I could I’d be exactly who and what you are, but I’ll have to be overjoyed with the alternative of being like you to whatever extent I am. I won’t judge you unnecessarily and I hope you won’t judge me and I’ll do everything I can to prolong our relationship as long as I can and still be me, and I want you to do the same by me. When I first met you, you were my perfect image and I was so fond of you I could hardly stand it. It was like you were my own son. It was like you were my own daughter. If there is anything I can do for you I will do it just for you. I will do anything you want I would ever do. I will give you anything you ask for and also everything you need. I will protect you as best I can, but I won’t shield you from learning what you will need to know later on. I will heal every ache and pain you ever get. I will heal every disease you ever encounter and prevent every misfortune if you will but allow me to do all that. I will bring you back to life if you die and I can do all that. I will do my best for you always. But I will let you move to a place in your spirit wherein I am not around all the time. I will give you up if you want to move on. I won’t protect you anymore if you want to go it alone or with your friends. You don’t even ever have to look at me, or say my name, or even think of me even one more time if you want it that way. It is up to you. Anything you want from me or anything you do not want from me; anything you want to be I also want. You can do that for me and I want you to do that more than I want anyone else to do it. But know this: I have been doing it for you all along. Didn’t you know that? I will do anything and be anything to you that you want me to be except someone I am not. I will be your friend, your best friend. I will be your brother. I will be your father. I’m even willing to be your God if you want me to. But I won’t if you don’t want me to. I won’t be, do, or say anything to you that you don’t want me to, or to anyone else if it isn’t in your best interest or to your all important benefit. I am not an alien, but if that’s being an alien to you, I am sorry you feel that way. But know this: I know you better than that. Don’t kid yourself. Ever. Please? Not where I’m concerned. I love you. I have loved you further back than you can know, and I will love you forever if you let me. But if you force me to, or even just really want it, I will forget you. You mean that much, that very much, to me. I want you to be whatever you want to be, and if that doesn’t include me I will have to let you go. You are completely free to do anything you want, good or bad, and to become anything you want to be, or do, or say, or think and to feel anything you desire. Anything other than that is alien to me. See you again? Soon? How soon? I can barely wait, you know? But I will wait even after it’s too late and hope you will include me again even against all hope.



Chapter 2: Just to Meet You


When I saw you I already knew who you were. It was so good to see you. I knew I had to try to get to know you. And I knew what I had to do to make it a reality. I had to do the one thing no one, and nothing ever did. There was no way to do it if I didn’t do it. I had to make a place for you in my life. So I made a place as big as my heart that would last as long as my memory. But that was all it was. Just a place. But to me it wasn’t just a place. It was a place for you and I was full of joy. I was one step closer to getting to know you and maybe it would last forever? Do you follow me? Are you there? Of course you are. Right?

I know you. It was nothing, nowhere, you couldn’t imagine a place that was just a place. You understood it was a huge, dark, empty place like space in your mind. But it was a place in my heart that was like a huge well or like being in a jet and looking down over the Lake Michigan on an overcast night maybe? Now I know you aren’t out in Lake Michigan on an overcast night but you could be and I don’t know. It depends on when you read this. I just know that right now nobody is there, just like in the place I made for you. You can come there anytime in your imagination and think of me initiating getting to know you. You were with me then in my heart just like we are together now. I knew you would be. It was in my spirit.

Then I thought. How will you be able to see me when and if you come to our place, the place I made for you? And I said, “Let this place be lit!” And it lit up! I was so-? So amazed I could do such a thing! And I was so happy because even if you couldn’t see me I could see you in our place right there in the light. I had never seen anything so wonderful! The light was everywhere at once. It was good! I’m telling you now, “It was good!” It was far better than the place itself. I was so excited. I would be able to see you and you would be able to see me! You might even become like me and we could be acquaintances, then friends, like siblings, or I could be like your father. If I pulled this off and got to know you as I had planned, I could maybe even be your God! That is if you wanted.

I realized it was possible to make it dark again if you wanted to come in the dark all the way back to the place it all began. I could see that sentiment and I just knew you would someday. But you really ought to come and see the light! So I marked off the first day in my mind and let it get dark again. It was Night before that if you want to come in the dark, but its so dark you really can’t see the place. It’s all nothing. I wish you could actually see me the way I was before I even made a place in the dark for you to be. But it was Day after that if you want to come in the light. Do that! It’s good. Any time on the first day is fine with me. But the first day-!

Then I thought about where you were when I first saw you and knew all about you. So I looked down into the water as far as I could. But you were not there yet and I knew you didn’t even know I was alive or anything about me. So I thought. I’ll go to you. So I made a place in the water to mark off a sky for you and I called it Heaven for I knew I would have to go the rest of the way and cause you to be right there where I first understood you could be all that you would be. Not out in the middle of Lake Michigan but somewhere below the sky I called Heaven for I thought how wonderful it was going to be should you want to be where I was forever, no matter what I had to go through or make for it to happen. That took me all day the second day.

In a way I was still preparing for you to come clear back to the first day if you wanted. But I knew you. You weren’t the kind to be in the water only. So I said, “Let the water under the sky be pooled together so there can be some dry land.” And again I was amazed I could do that too. It was good! And I was another step closer to getting to know you personally instead of you just being an idea in my mind. And I called the dry ground, Ground, of course and the waters, Seas, of course in your very language.

But the ground was just dry land and barren. So I thought you might come there, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was some grass, and herbs and fruit trees and I said, “Let grass and herbs grow and have seeds to grow more after they come up, a certain seed for each kind; and fruit trees with fruit that have a seed in them too of each kind.” And again it happened. I made it happen again! I was still amazed I could do that. It always amazes me.

The fourth day and night then I made the sun and the moon and all the stars and set the planet rotating so when I came to you that you could tell time, and seasons and to give light on the planet from then on and I saw it was good for it happened right after I said it would just like always.

But the fifth day I said, “Let there be aquatic mammals and fish and even birds, everything in the water or that flies, big and small like a water bug to a whale, or a louse to a condor.” And it happened again just as I said and it was really starting to be something. It was so good. And it took me all day to make all of them, but it was good though. I actually spoke to them. I told them to procreate and multiply and fill all the places that were water. And I knew they would because at this rate it was still going to be a while before I got to know you by making all this stuff.

Then the sixth day I made the four footed animals like deer and cattle, and all the bugs and snakes and things all to procreate after their own kind by just saying it. And when they came into being I saw it was all good too. Then I decided to make human males and females as I called it that even looked like you, but also in my own image just like I saw you were. So I said, “Let’s make humans in our own image.” But I only gave them herbs and fruit to eat, though I only gave the animals just green herbs.

Finally it was finished. So I rested. And I set the seventh day apart from the rest as a day of rest. And I saw that everything I had made was very good and brought me closer and closer to you each day, but the seventh day. I hope to come to you on the last day of the week for it’s our special day to be together. I was looking forward to meeting you. I maybe didn’t have to make everything just to meet you, but I got a little distracted by making as many good things as I could for you to enjoy too.

I know you. You do like people; some of them anyway, right? And animals and nature, the sun and the moon, stars and the universe, night and day, you like all that. But what I hope most is that you really like it. I did it all for you; just to be a part of your life and to have conversations with you. You know? Get to know you. Friends. Right? There’s nothing alien in that except I can make things like that in my spirit and maybe you have a little trouble doing that. The fact is everybody does. But that’s just my gift. You’re gifted too. Don’t forget I know all about you and have since I started out to get know you. This will work, you know? Just believe me it’s for real. Maybe someday I’ll let you meet someone this way just like I’m going to meet you?



Chapter 3: Meeting You


That’s the way it was when I made Heaven or you could call it the original spirit world if you wanted and your planet which I called Earth, right in your language and everything and all the stuff that doesn’t have a spirit like all the grass and herbs and fruit trees. But I hadn’t caused it to rain and just let a mist go up into the air to water everything?

I see it rains where you are. Don’t worry I’m getting to you. Just be patient. You see I made the first one of your kind in my image and yours, hoping it would be you so I could finally meet you and enjoy your company and not be an alien to you like I’ve heard them around you say. They say that I am actually one of those I made around the stars in the rest of the universe I made and that causes you and those who say such things to think that is all there is out there. A lot of them are offensive to me. But when they do, say and think exactly like I do, what’s the difference? It’s me, right? But some of those I set out to meet don’t believe me and some don’t even believe in spirituality let alone us spirits but not you. You’re not silly like that, are you?

You see I went out into the dusty fields where no grass or fruit trees were that grew up out of nothing. But there were none there even yet. Then I made a male first hoping he would be you but I could have made you female just the same. I made you from the elements around you and breathed into your nostrils and you became a living soul.

I had made a body for you by working a miracle among the elements in the dust to bring it all together just the way I saw you before this all started to come together. There never had been a body like yours anywhere else before. But I didn’t make it out of nothing by just speaking you into being like everything else. You were something new and I wanted you to be unlike all the rest of the things I had made. But of course I could have made you out of it. However when I breathed into your nostrils you became alive just like I am alive with a soul in a place among the spirits where you are all you ever were at any given moment and where you were to be all you would ever be. Was I excited or what!

Now I had made a garden I called Paradise, or if you must Eden. It had a lot of fruit trees in it especially, sort of like a huge orchard you might say. I put every kind of fruit tree there I could imagine to create at the moment, even one that had a fruit that if you ate it I would know it was you and we would live forever. But then I planted another one that if you ate it you would know all about morality and think I made all of that too and no longer want to know me.

You do like fruit, don’t you? I made you to prefer fruit, nuts and berries and even rhubarb and broccoli. I hope I didn’t assume too much right off like that. But that would take care of the nutritional needs of your miraculous body I guess you would call it. Anyway I could change that if you wanted me to also. So I put you in it.

There was a river there that went out of Paradise that watered the entire garden with four tributaries. Do you remember any of that? I don’t suppose. But one was called Pison and went through an area that had gold in it that was good. It had no impurities of any kind. And there was bdellium and onyx there too. The second was Gihon and it ran all the way around Ethiopia. The third was Hiddekel which run to the east of Assyria and the fourth was the Euphrates. Then I put you there to keep the garden neat and maintain it.

But I had to find out if your soul was part of the spirit I had seen before when I made the place where I saw you and realized I had to meet you because I was so fascinated by you and already loved you. I was hoping all the time it was you and you would eat of the tree that would allow us to be together forever.

So, I commanded you, “You can eat all you want from any tree here but the tree of the knowledge of morality you can’t eat that fruit because you will indeed die if you do.” Then to distract you I said, “It’s no good for a man to be alone. I’ll make you someone to help you with that.”

Then I made all the land animals in Paradise out of the elements too this time and even the birds out of the sky of the ground and let you, whom I called Adam, name them all. But you never really bonded with any of them because you had a soul and they didn’t. They were sort of like pets to you; nothing more.

So, I put you to sleep and took out one of your bones that you wouldn’t miss and made a female out of it and brought her to you. She was beautiful and made even of the same body I made you of Adam. But Adam, you startled me.

You prophesied: “This is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. I’ll call you Woman because you were taken out of Man.” That was your name for male not mine originally. Then you even amazed me further showing evidence of your spirit by continuing to prophesy, “Because of this a man will leave his parents and join with his wife,” which was okay enough, but when you added, “They shall be one flesh!” I was astonished by your understanding of how it worked spiritually. That was clear by your use of the word “flesh” instead of the word “animal” for surely it meant you understood it spiritually. It made me all the more sure it was you that had called yourself Man. But tell me if you know, how did you know all that about parents and wives and stuff. There had never been such a thing in Paradise even similar to that. Amazing! Did you know I gave you the entire concept? Oh? Now you do.

Woman hadn’t revealed herself yet. And even before I made the place before the first day, I saw a female that was just as riveting and that I loved just as much as you and in the same way I loved you. I was very glad to meet each of you for it was actually equally about the couple you were as well as her alone too. I loved you both the same. So she was a great help to you by gathering most of the fruit you ate and spending a lot of time with you, Adam, or Man as you called yourself. You taught her your names for all the birds and land animals you had named and the two of you even developed a common spoken language. It was wonderful and we, all of us, we didn’t have a care in the world even about the fact you were both naked like the animals and we had a great time even teaching the animals some of your lingo until-!

One of the land animals, a snake you called a serpent learned your language better than all the other animals even tried to understand it. It was actually capable of speaking complex ideas in your spoken language just like Woman was able to do. Maybe had I not made her out of your own bone Adam, it and you might have bonded. It was really sharp.

One day it came upon you, Woman gathering fruit enough for a meal and it said, “Is it true that God [He liked to call me that.] said you can’t eat of every tree in the orchard?”

She replied, “We can eat the fruit in the garden, but the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden we have been told, ‘Don’t eat from that tree or even touch it or you will die.’”

You really shouldn’t ever add to what I’ve already said Woman. It’s dangerous. Were you trying to prophesy? Who put the idea you weren’t even supposed to touch that tree in your mind? Did it surprise you when you said it? Did the snake give the idea to you somehow?

Then the serpent said, “You won’t die! God knows that when you eat it you will be able to understand like they do, knowing all about morality.” How the serpent prophesied such a thing I alone am sure. It was fiction and no one else had been a false prophet there until then.

The woman then figured the fruit was actually good to eat and beautiful and she also imagined the serpent was right, it would make her as knowledgeable as I am. So she picked a couple and took them to you, Man for the meal. Then you ate it Woman, and gave the other to Man and Adam you ate it also.



Chapter 4: Neither of You


Now the serpent was right. They were good to eat and as beautiful as I could make them, but wisdom that was a matter for the spirit to ascertain at that time. But it was right again when it said they would understand what I like those with me in heaven knew full well though no one had ever done anything immoral before. We all knew what it meant to do such a thing. It was a new thing that the serpent did here. And I knew what the consequences would be, but I wasn’t there with you right at that moment. Anyway you should have known better than to actually eat one of the fruit in the spirit of your flesh alone not to mention be wary in my spirit. But Eve didn’t react with her spirit but with her flesh like an animal. Not so you, Man. I wasn’t worried though. We could still live forever. I could fix it. It might take a while but what was a stupid suggestion like the serpent’s going to call for? But when you both ate it. You blew it. This was going to take a long time to fix.

Suddenly in their spirits they understood not only what nudity is for a spiritual being, they realized they were naked. So they sewed some fig leaves together to hide their naked bodies from each other and the serpent whom it could have been, didn’t understand completely what it had done, but it did. It did.

I was taking a walk in the cool orchard talking among ourselves when I sensed in my spirit I didn’t know where you were and I called out to Adam for I could hardly believe what he had done, “Where are you?”

And he said, “Who were you talking to before?” and I was astonished he didn’t know for a certainty in his spirit. “I was naked and scared so I hid.”

I replied, “Who told you? You’ve eaten the forbidden fruit, haven’t you?”

Then he said, “That woman you gave to be with me, she gave it to me. So I ate it.”

Then I said to the woman, “Why have you done this?”

“The serpent,” she said, “It tricked me and I had one.”

She was right. The serpent had tricked her. The bigger portion of the punishment had to be its punishment. But none of them were not without guilt. It had all gone south in a flash. In my zeal and still hoping Adam was you I had almost forgotten how it had all come about and who had caused the entire problem in the first place when I saw you before the place I made everything and everyone before time.

Therefore I said to the serpent while barely able to keep from destroying it completely right there, a thing I can’t do to any one because I’m a softy and besides I am merciful to everyone. It went against who I am and besides it wouldn’t be good, for everyone would be under the threat of it from then on had I did that. I would never utterly destroy a spirit’s existence even though I felt like it. Then I looked at it and loved it back then desiring even then I might be able to lift its curse somehow.

“Because you’ve done this,” I explained to it and I could see that it was taking it that I was angry at it. Also taking punishment the wrong way by thinking I was going to be unnecessarily mean to it, it cringed when I said, “You are cursed!” I was barely able to keep my voice from cracking to think who it was, what it would do in the future and what it was to be in the end and what was going to happen to it when at last I had no more uses for it and it gave me no more choices. “For now you will be like a common snake and crawl around on your belly but you will consume dead spirits of the flesh of men and women from now on. You give me no choice but to put hatred between you and the woman, and your descendants and the woman’s descendants. You will injure his spiritual walk but it will injure your mind.”

Then I turned to the woman and explained, “You won’t like this but you will be depressed when you have children, you will want the status your husband has, but he will be the dominant one between the two of you.”

Then I explained to Adam, “Because you listened to your wife over me the land you will live in will curse you. It will be for the rest of your life, for there there are weeds and thickets. You will no longer eat fruit but bread and you will sweat the rest of your life even when you eat and go back to the elements you were made of when you die.”

They no longer existed spiritually and in a sense they were just waiting for their bodies to die.

The serpent’s spirit which was all it had for it had no soul like the man and the woman was cursed. It would never do good now until at last it died and it was forgotten it ever was to begin with. It would yet exist but it would never actually be allowed to do anything I didn’t allow it to do from then on which in a sense did away with its freewill forever. And there was no way to lift its curse. It was evil and incapable of anything else. What could warrant it being forgiven even, because it couldn’t ever change its mind about what it had done and be trusted. It wouldn’t make any difference. It would always be what it was. It had revealed what it was, what it had decided to be and it was incapable of being anything else. Had it been human it would have been better had it never been born, but since it wasn’t it would have been better for it had I never made such a creature that had such a choice to make in the first place.

The man was dead to me. He was beyond my help. I could never trust him to obey me again and therefore couldn’t love him. He could no longer be in Paradise and being the way he was, he was also unfit for heaven. Only a savior that paid the price for what he had done and took the man’s punishment on himself could save him, the one to take the place of the hatred between the woman and the snake. But I knew that should he accept that, it wasn’t impossible.

And the woman was dead. Her spirit was revealed to be no more than a fleshly or worldly thing. She would be unable to do good, and she would be the servant between the two and not the master when at her best and not making things worse for herself until at last she too died physically.

So I made them both coats from animal skins to solve their nakedness and it broke my heart when I had to literally drive them out of Paradise or they would live there in the flesh until even those spirits could never be revived in any way the way they were. Just to make sure they didn’t try to come back on their own I placed two very powerful angels from heaven at the entrance that only I have power over in order to prevent that calamity. Yes they would know morality but from the immoral side of it, and not the moral side of it like I and my angels do. If I was ever to know my innocent creations again it would be a long time in coming and it would be a very long time until the matter was completely resolved, though I knew it would be in the end of your Earth. How I yearn for the day when all of you I intended from the beginning to be with me forever will be with me including Adam and Eve as he named her which ironically means the mother of all living.

It will all work out. You’ll see. I will be with you. Just be glad you are not Adam or Eve and that if it were even possible for you to have been merely a cursed angel that you were never cursed like the serpent revealed itself to be. Its spirit had not been its own but the spirit of the Evil One, one of my angels that betrayed me even as the serpent betrayed Eve and brought a curse on itself forever for testing Adam and Eve by manipulating Eve and revealing the option of disobedience to Adam.

This making complex humans and angels and animals was a persnickety business at best but well worth it. It doesn’t make me evil because I gave him a measure of freewill. I loved all my angels, even him. I had never had anyone disobey me before, let alone cause others to do such a thing. It makes me sad now but then it made me angry. Everyone would blame me for what he brought into being. I hadn’t changed. He made his choices. Now everyone might have to deal with his spirit before the end of it. Well, in fact we all would have to deal with evil even though there had never been any call for it. It was enough it had been a possibility. No one with any sense or sensibility would want it. Why Satan? You are not insane! Why would you do such a thing to me? I loved you so much! Before-?

If I am all good and yet there is evil, why is there evil in Earth? I’ve answered that. Don’t ask Satan. He was evil even back in Paradise. He’s incapable of good and therefore incapable of giving a good reply. He actually thinks I am not omnipotent and always did until his end when I finally was in a position to give him the punishment he deserves and destroy all evil forever. He knows everything I say is true. That is why he hates me. He knew it once anyway. Now he has to shore up his faith, his faith in his own evil self that it isn’t true. One day it will no longer matter what he believed.



Chapter 5: Terrible to Worse


Adam and Eve didn’t die immediately. In fact they had two boys, you Cain who became a farmer and you Abel who became a sheep herder. When you were born Cain Eve said she had gotten a man from me. But being evil she was wrong of course but I found you boys as fascinating as I had found Adam and Eve, and as fascinating as I find you whether you are female or male I first saw there in my heart before I even made the first place also. I knew where you and Cain and Abel would be. I knew all about all of you. But I loved you boys like I do all of you; like no one else I have ever loved before from the very first moment I saw your fertilized ovum.

After you boys grew and became men you each brought me an offering. Cain, you brought some of your first crop and Abel you brought the fat of some of the first born of your flock and the lambs themselves. I was thrilled you both wanted to honor me. But I wasn’t as thrilled with what you brought me Cain while I really enjoyed what you brought me Abel. I loved you men so much. I had watched you both grow even in Eve’s womb. You were so dear to me and I was so overjoyed for Adam and Eve. It’s just that I would have desired it so much more had it worked out better between you, and between you both and me.

I was so joyful and so full of love it almost broke my heart when you got mad and ashamed of your offering Cain. So I went directly to you and asked you, “Why are you so angry? And where is that joy I have always known you to show in your face? If you do well won’t it be accepted? But if you don’t do well, sin will be waiting for you. It will want to take you over but you’ll have to handle it.”

Then I saw both of you men talking and I had hoped you would work through it but in the end of it you were in the field and Cain you got mad again and this time you killed your own brother, Abel!

Then I went to you and asked you where your brother was, but you said, “I don’t know! What am I, his babysitter?”

I loved you Cain with all my mind, heart, soul and strength but I didn’t like your attitude so I told you off, “Why did you do it? Don’t you know I can hear your brother’s blood crying out to me from the ground?” Then I cooled down a bit and explained with my heart in my throat, “From now on you are cursed from the ground which has opened her mouth and received your brother’s blood from your hand. When you work the ground it won’t give you near the yield it used to. I know her spirit. So you will be a homeless fugitive wherever you go.”

“My punishment is too severe!” you yelled at me, “Everything you say is true except that wherever I go anyone I meet will kill me! And I will never even get to look on your face ever again!”

I knew you were just being paranoid so I said, “No so! If anyone kills you I will do to them seven times what they did to you.” Then I marked your spirit so that any who might think of killing you would know who you were and the promise I made you.

Then you left and went to a land called Nod where you had a son you called Enoch and you built an entire city and named it after your son. And your great great grandson’s son was named Lamech and had killed two men and prophesied that if Cain was to be avenged seven times then he would have to be avenged eleven times. But of course it wasn’t true him being evil and all.

He said that to his two wives Adah and Zillah. Now Adah’s first son Jabal was the father of the herders, and his brother Jubal a musician. But Zillah’s son was named Tubal-cain and he was a teacher in working with brass and iron.

Then Adam and Eve had another son named Seth. And his mother said I had given her a son just to take the place of Abel whom Cain had killed. I loved both of them, Adam and Eve so much even yet I couldn’t just let their line be cutoff with evil like that. Then Seth had a son, you Enos. Then men became my sons and called on a name they gave me a hundred and thirty years later, making my joy complete in you Seth.

In your line one of your descendants there was one also named Enoch who was my first real success if you want to look at it that way. I saw you Enoch before I made the first place, I loved you all your life and finally took you to be with me in heaven just like I plan for you who started this entire thing. They said of you Enoch, “He walked with God and was not for God took him.” Enoch you’re still with me in all our love and joy, and you will be with me forever and ever.

But I was overjoyed when your descendants Seth called on that name they gave me. I was their God to them and at first they loved me. But all the way through it all, I was looking forward to loving and meeting you who started it all in the hope we could live forever too. As it worked out with Enoch it could work out with you. I took him to be with me forever body, soul and spirit as you saw. It was probably the best thing that happened to me since I made the first light of the first day of my journey to your side. See it can work out if you are but willing. I have the answer where there doesn’t seem to be any answer to anyone else but me.

Then another Lamech in Seth’s line this time had a son Noah and prophesied that Noah would comfort my sons for their hard work thinking just as I suspected they would think, that I had cursed the land because it wasn’t like the land in Paradise at all hardly, it being nowhere near as fertile as Eden. Lamech had become evil in the imagination of his heart too never once considering the truth that it certainly wasn’t Paradise in any way except perhaps some imaginary place in their hearts.

As men, meaning the descendants of Cain, began to multiply in Earth as I call our little blue planet my sons saw the daughters of Cain’s descendants that were pretty and took as many of them as they wanted to be their wives. They actually called themselves the sons of God, that name they chose for me. Isn’t that repulsive!

It displeased me for them to be unevenly yolked with lesser likenesses of my image than their own, images that didn’t care at all for me like Cain because they would become just like his descendants and I couldn’t stand being a part of even one of their lives, forever watching them kill themselves physically and being unfit for heaven and unacceptable for Paradise. I was so grieved for what it was turning out to be, after all I had done for you my sons, any of you!

“My spirit will not always contend with man,” I said, for that is what my sons had become, the same as Cain’s descendants, “For they are also only spirits of their flesh.” And I began to cut down the length of their days in earth dramatically to match the descendants of Cain’s shorter lives which happened because I was not with them in the sense they didn’t even believe me, or want anything to do with me, though I was fascinated with all of that my sons did, hoping all the time some of them might allow me a part in their lives at least.

But since Cain was a large man, when his descendants had children with my sons they were giants, mighty men as well as men of infamy. So when I saw how violent they had all become and that the thoughts of the imaginations of their hearts had become only evil all the time I changed my mind I had ever started out to meet you to whom my servant who writes for me writes to you. And I even said, “I will destroy them all from all over the world and all the animals even the birds with them they have corrupted.”

But I had a problem. There was one of my sons, you Noah, and you were perfect and you and I were very close. I couldn’t destroy you along with the rest of them. I had to give you my favor. Besides I remembered you who started this entire thing and I knew it would mean that I would still meet you even if I only saved Noah. I might have to start over if Noah didn’t pan out but I was sure he would. So I figured out a way to save you Noah while I destroyed everyone else and every animal even the birds that were on land. Not that I really wanted to do that or anything. It just had to be done. I couldn’t just allow evil to win. I had to start over.



Chapter 6: Destruction of Humanity


You were a just man Noah and perfect throughout your entire life in Earth and we walked and talked the entire way through it. Shem, Ham and Japeth your sons? I couldn’t save just you Noah and not save all of them too. I knew it wasn’t wise but what choice did I have. You would have been miserable without all of them, your wife and their wives too. But everyone in Earth was corrupted by violence and when I looked upon the ground all I could see was that every one and every thing was corrupt. So I told you what was on my heart.

“Here’s what I want you to do Noah,” I said, “Even though you live in a desert I want you to build a boat that can’t be sunk out of gopher wood and seal it up tight for I will bring flood waters in Earth to destroy everything on dry land that has the breath of life in it from under the sky and everything on land will die. But I will make an agreement with you, your wife, your sons and their wives, and a sampling of all the animals on land in pairs even to the birds that you will all live. So bring enough food for all of you including the animals.” And you did exactly as I said Noah, precisely as I had ordered even as I knew you would.

Then I said to you who were to be the last family in Earth, “Come with all of yours and the animals into the boat for I have found you righteous and seven days from now I will make it rain for forty days and forty nights and every one and every thing not in your boat will die.” But you didn’t know what I meant for you had never seen rain.

You and yours didn’t want to do it but you all knew I was serious so you came into the boat and seven days later just like I said the rain started and the flood started almost immediately. And the aquifers from underground and the clouds that formed in the sky were there and there were fountains there with so much water coming up out of the ground, and the sky was like windows that had opened up to let a downpour come in through them. You never saw anything like it for the ground had always been watered by the original mist I had made to water all the plants.

I know you were scared, but it had to be. If it hadn’t been for me being with you however none of your hearts could have stood it and you entire family would have had heart attacks; you the animals with you. And the water had its way and the boat was soon afloat as the flood waters covered the high hills and even the mountains were under deep water. Everything died that was on land for the waters had their way for nearly half a year. There had been nothing like it since I had pooled the waters under the sky and made dry land appear many, many years before.

Do you still love me even now? Yes. But do you love, me? I know that you do. Do you really love me! Help me out by telling them what it was really like for me and the rest of you, tell them I had to let drown because of what happened, what happened with you Adam, and with you too Cain. Why? Oh why did you break my heart and make me do all this to keep your descendants from being just like you forever without a thought of how lonesome I would be for all of you? I, even I can barely stand to think of the loneliness you brought upon me.

However I have to see you even as I did before I made the first place and the first light drove me on. I have to… I couldn’t make you yet but my heart yearned for you. How long will it be? How long before I see you? I love you so much. I love you as much as I loved you Noah as well as each one of those with you. I loved all of you that much. I had to do it. I just had to start over…

But I remembered you Noah after all that time. And the fountains way down at the bottom of the waters were stopped up and the rain stopped coming down from the window-like sky. The waters immediately began to go down. But it was fifty more days before the boat ran aground in the mountains of Ararat.

When you saw the boat had run aground you opened the window you had made in the upper part of the boat and set free one lone raven free, one beautiful black bird I’ve since heard called bad luck and a soul snatcher by the people of your day. The things the evil ones say even in your day so far off from the time of the flood but back then yet to come as sure as I made the first place to make everything in and spoke light into existence from nothing to light the entire place and did it again and again, Day and Night, forever.

That beautiful raven went out and never came back and went again and again until the waters had gone completely down. It was the first living thing to leave the boat and never go back inside. The first animal of the next dry land, the land I was going to start all over again with; eight people in it this time instead of just one, instead of just two Adam and Eve who turned away from me, who sinned against my command that was for their own protection after that Evil One betrayed me and destroyed any idea of who and what I am.

But it is still useful toward its own demise even in your day. See, I know you. I know what it is like even for you. But it won’t always be that way. It won’t be that way when I take them to the New Heaven and the New Earth. You’ll see. You will see? Right? It was up to you. I loved you so much I wouldn’t force you to do anything. It had all been entirely up to you.

Then you Noah sent out a dove. And she flew and she flew, but she found no place to rest her feet so she came back to you in the ship. I was there with you Noah. I saw your disappointment. You thought in your heart I had just made it all just go away.

But I had better things in mind for you, didn’t I Noah? So you waited a week and let her fly again. And this time she came back with an olive tree’s leaf in her mouth and you knew; you believed it was for real. The ground had dried up and it wouldn’t be long now. So you waited another week and let the dove go again, but she never came back, did she? The ground was dried up after just sixty-four days since the rain quit and the aquifers were all done bringing up more and more water causing only flooding all the time.

Then I said to you, “Go forth! You and yours and all the animals come out of the boat.” And you did; your entire family. But you built an altar and took from all the animals and birds and burned them on the altar as a sacrifice. A sacrifice! To me! After what I had done, what I had been forced to do! And I smelled that smell just like Abel had made before and Cain killed him over it. I enjoyed it so much it’s difficult to express my joy in your simple language.

“I will never curse the ground anymore for humanity’s sake,” I said in my heart as my emotions filled me up with compassion and I knew I would never allow it again, “The imagination of humanity is only evil from its youth but I will never bring a flood on it again to destroy every living thing again.” I was so glad of that! I couldn’t believe I was free of all that! The entire ordeal was finally behind us.

You, even you do not need to worry. I will never destroy everything with breath from the ground using a flood again! If only I too could have a God I would have worshiped it. I was so grateful for what I had done, and so grateful for the way it worked out. “As long as Earth remains, seeding time and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer and night and day will never stop!” I said in my relief from deep in my heart and was moved to tears. It was going to work. I was going to meet you, and love you and you were going to love me back and everyone I loved, first the good but also the very existence of the evil ones. They had all been in my image but the devils.

The evil angels that followed the Evil One in whose spirit the serpent had acted never were in my image. No angel was ever made in my image. They were my messengers carrying my will to those who did not know it at times when they needed something most from me they didn’t even realize was available. They never once needed evil like the evil angels, them devils brought them though. I am nothing like them! But I loved them all until I finally had to deal with them. Then after that I forgot them. All of us in the New Earth and in the New Heaven will have forgotten them then never to remember even one of them ever again forever and ever.

The curse you brought on us Cain was over and done with. Your descendants were dealt a death blow. Well, one curse was over at least. Now the curse of the spirit the serpent acted in had to be dealt with. Do you know how good that felt? Do you see what I am? Can you know how horrible it had been for me to deal with what they were doing in their evil? I have not told you all of what their violence and corruption did to my sons and I never will. You will just have to trust me how bad they really became. I spared you from that, from even knowing what it was forever and ever.

Some of that you have heard of in that they call news in your day but is not news. They repeat it over and over as if something new were happening each time. It is old news. Humanity was just worse off and it was more and more so the entire time. It is best not to pay it any mind. It will only get worse and then ever even more worse and then the end.

Fear not, you. I am coming to you. This will work. Trust me. Believe me. Have faith in me. We will meet and you will love me and everybody else like I have always loved you, and even their existences. Right?



Chapter 7: Blessing Helps


In my wonderful state of mind I said to you after the flood, “Prosper and procreate to replenish the land. The birds, animals, fish and everything in the water will be afraid of you. Kill and eat any of them you would like but don’t eat their blood. That is where their spirit is and where their spirit is so is their life. But whoever kills one of you, you are to kill them.

Now I make an agreement with you and all of your descendants. Never again will I bring a flood to kill everything with life in it whether animal or human on land. Look!” Then I pointed to a rainbow the first one either of us had ever seen that appeared even as I said it. “This is a sign for you and every living thing on land. I will set such a beautiful rainbow in the clouds whenever it rains as testimony between me and the ground that I will honor my agreement. When I bring the storm clouds the rainbow will be seen and I will remember my agreement with you and with the land and every living creature therein. And the flood will not come again that would destroy all life on the ground. As long as there are rainbows this will be so in perpetuity creating an everlasting agreement between me, you and all animals on land.

You’ve seen rainbows surely. Has there ever been another flood like that one Noah and his family went through with the animals on the boat? It will not happen. It is impossible for it to ever happen again. I have spoken. And my word is good forever and ever. Rest assured I am all done with that sort of thing. If humanity is ever destroyed it will destroy itself or the Evil One will destroy it. From this day forward for all time I count humanity as if it were a spirit. I cannot destroy a spirit for it goes against who and what I am. I am the essence of existence too.

If I destroy any living thing that exists I am destroying my goodness along with it as truthfully as were I to suddenly become suicidal and like the Evil One. He comes to kill and destroy anything. He doesn’t care what. You know I am not like that at all. Who can wipe out the life of one that they truly love? They cannot. How much more then the very existence of anyone they love? If they kill someone they love except by accident which is always brought on by the Evil One when I allow him to do that, they truthfully did not ever love them. Likewise if anyone destroys the existence of anything that ever actually was anything and not merely thought to exist they never loved them.

If however anyone destroys the evil spirit of their flesh that is an entirely different matter. They are not evil to do that. When it is converted it becomes part of the one that was made like me. That is what it means to put the spirit of your carnal body to death. If you in your renewed spirit never do anything it would do again, you yet live but it is not ever again and will be forgotten forever and ever, once it has done its last deed will it any longer be anything it ever was? It was your spirit that made it. It is left to you to destroy it if you can and if you will.

Who that is given an unlimited number of times to never act like that again or to never allow it to become more prevalent and reduces the number of incidents of it happening to zero will they not eventually triumph over it and reduce it to what a ruse it was like the serpent’s ruse used against Eve. Eve would be alive in your time if she had as many chances to understand the ruse the serpent used against her, I lie not. And when the Evil One is finally rendered powerless even to make itself any worse let alone the one next to it in torment or anyone else, will Eve be vindicated and rise up in the judgment and not also be counted unworthy of the same punishment it got, merciful as that was? Since it will not be. I lie not remember and I tell you things to come. She will also condemn it even as you will at the time of the resurrection of the dead and the rewarding of my sons and daughters who are like me and have not succeeded in thinking they have made a liar out of me by transmogrifying their image of me in accordance to the things they do or did and will never even attempt such a thing again or even remember how it was done forever and ever.

You will be exactly what I intended in the beginning you would be and do precisely what anyone made in my image would have to do exactly in order to remain my image, perfectly with unending purity of action whether doing something, saying something and even in the thoughts of your imagination in your heart and mind. You will be innocent not remembering evil that you may even think to do it in any way just as Adam and Eve started out to do before I allowed the Evil One to so test them. The Evil One never actually did anything to anyone, even when I allowed it to do what it did. They did it to themselves, just as it brought the curse of evil on itself.

Are you surprised by what you have done! You had best get acquainted with yourself. You are like me when you are in my image? Do you create a place to know and love me and others?

You are not like me when you invent some fiction for yourself for whatever reason and your life becomes that you have created for yourself for I am incorruptible. Are you? What are you waiting for? In that you allow yourself to be corrupted by, you are not like me. How dare you claim to be in my image! But always remember I will always forgive you if you change your mind about wanting that corruption in your life. I will then always give you another chance not to be corrupted by that when it happens again regardless of how many times it takes you to master it, or eschew it in accordance with your portion of wisdom and not to be corrupted again by it. How can you be corrupted by something you never encounter again unless you choose to remember it again and even the memory of it corrupts you. What is so difficult I cannot do it, or undo it? Ask me. I will even heal your memory of it should you but ask. And if you reopen it like reopening an old injury, I will heal it again and again as many times as you need me to. See? I am not as bad as you may have thought now am I?

After I first saw you I noticed you had a problem with your anger. Anger invites sin into your life if it is not managed correctly. I am not talking about righteous anger here it is good to become angry if it does not result in injury to yourself, someone else or even in your relationship with me but your anger was quickly exacerbated by selfishness and a sense you were always right. That is self-righteous anger.

You have blamed your siblings for tormenting you and making you angry only to laugh at you and then to do it over and over again and they even entertained themselves by bringing situations to the fore you chose not to handle with righteous anger. You were so young when the problem developed you didn’t even realize I was there but I saw you there. Your anger resulted in temper tantrums and violence even for a small child. You never brought it to me but that once when you tried to tell your siblings about me and they resented one so young preaching to them. They were condescending, irreverent, and even resentful and before long you became angry. Before it was over you wanted to be someone they had to look up to which was not really possible given your surroundings. You even wanted to die and have me resurrect you so you could tell them what it was like to die, a thing you feared, figuring then they would have to listen to you, which is not true. Some will not listen even should someone come back from the dead.

You asked me to let the part of you that was like me die, then when it came back to life they would at least have to listen to that. That was sin. You had failed altogether to handle the news my son, the one they call the Lamb of God who is me also, had already done that, hadn’t he? And you knew it? You didn’t realize he had already done that too. So you stubbornly persisted in pursuing this new direction.

It did nothing to solve your self-righteous anger problem and actually made your violence problem worse. It led to fighting in the schoolyard and at your little job. It caused you pain and heartache and you sensed in your sensitive spirit it was wrong. You ignored all attempts to instruct you that all you needed to do was change your mind about your jealousy of what the Lamb of God had done, a jealousy that cut you off from forgiveness and life. Look where it took you and how long and miserable you were there. In that I will be there with you then for I will meet you and you will know me, that offer still stands. Do you want to be forgiven for it, for your self-righteousness, and for your sinful anger you act upon sooner or later? Just bow your head and ask me. I will give you another chance.

But what if someone finds out about it like happened to my son Noah while I was on my way to meeting you and actually having a relationship with you in your time, in that place you are in, under those circumstances you are in, what then?

You, began to grow things after the flood, didn’t you Noah? And you made wine and got too drunk and passed out unclothed in your tent. You middle son Ham discovered you there. He went and told his brothers about it, didn’t you Ham? You gossiped to your brothers about your own father’s nakedness and drunkenness. But your brothers went into your tent Noah, and covered you with a garment working it so they did not even look at your nakedness. When you awoke you knew what Ham had done, so in your righteous anger you cursed his son, Canaan and made him the slaves of Ham’s brothers, didn’t he Shem and Japeth?

You can ignore it if they gossip about you. That doesn’t trouble you for you have gossiped about others and nothing happened because of it. You never had a problem with being a tattletale but many do. You accept you were doing wrong and that is the least of your worries that someone might gossip about you for what you did. You don’t let gossip get you angry and seem almost content and at least resigned to living it down. Why does it make you so angry for someone to intentionally do things in an attempt to make you angry and always has?

You won’t even afford someone the right to attempt to make you angry. You think no one has that right. And self-righteously you will not stand for such hateful practices. You tolerate so many hateful things. Why is it you cannot stand that one type of sin? You are afraid, aren’t you? You are afraid of what you might do when you get angry. You are afraid you will be like your father and lose your temper and have everyone think you a fool? Were you that ashamed of your own father’s anger problem? It was someone else. Why are you afraid to be like him? Are you that much like him and not that much like me? You shame yourself afterward for being like him?

What would you have me do to for you? You know it is wrong. Yet you have done it many times. It is a weakness and you know it. Do you not know that when you are weak I am strong? It is a sin and you must handle it. I will help you understand it. I will even be there to turn to when it happens. If they are sinning, what is that to you? Take their abuse. Take their hatefulness. You are sinning too the way it is.

Therefore bless them. Pray for them. Pray for all those who wrong you. Bless and do not curse. You cannot fight sin by sinning yourself. Fight evil with good. Fight others sin against you with goodness; praying for them, being soft and not harsh in your tone, be kind to them, love them and help them understand that you understand for you sin too and do it over and over until you do better and better and hopefully they overcome their sin even as you have by the end of it or in frustration they stop being hateful in that manner with you. It does work. Trust me. I know you do. Have faith in me. I will be there with you too. Turn to me. Remember what I just taught you. I have never done anything wrong and have never sinned and that’s the way I do it. Fight evil with your good and mine. Just like you fight lies with the truth. Receive my teaching in your spirit and do not sin again when tempted in this way, or in any way.

Imagine it being done in your mind then in your heart. Believe me it can be done. Have faith the situation has already happened and that you handled it be before it happened. Then do it.

It’s just like those that set out to build a tower to the sky. I had to go down to see it for myself and it was true enough. So long as they, everyone in the world after the flood had the same language anything they imagined to do was within their grasp. But the imaginations in the thoughts of their hearts were only evil all the time. I had told them to procreate and replenish the land and here they wanted to stay in that one place. That was why they were building a tower. They imagined they could do it even against what I had told them to do. They believed their imaginings, and they egged each other on to have faith as if it was already built, and they were already doing it. They were doing it just the way I would have suggested had it been good. They had to be discouraged so I confused their languages and it came to an abrupt halt.

When they attempt to make you mad. They cause you to imagine you will get mad. Then you get mad as if fulfilling your faith. You behave foolishly as you feared. And you are sorry as much for being angry and hateful back at them as ashamed of being like your dad, and triggered by childhood experiences wherein you learned the behavior. I love you. But it is time we had this talk. You have to learn a new behavior. One that works. Mine.



Chapter 8: Everybody Knew Me


Can you imagine the entire Earth knowing me? That is what happened. They all knew me in all their dialects and in all languages. But nobody understood what was going on. They had high expectations these sons of mine to promote themselves and their agenda before mine, the usual form idolatry takes. The dream of building a tower that reached to the sky didn’t die easy and they all knew that whatever happened to their languages had to be something we did. That didn’t die easily either.

But even after the prolonged honeymoon we had all had many believed I was a part of their lives as they spread out away from the babble of strange languages they couldn’t understand. But many held it against me and some gradually began to think of me as an enemy as they carried the image of the unfinished city and the once growing tower in their imaginations as evidence I was not for them but against them. That couldn’t be further from the truth because if they didn’t spread out across the planet how was I to share the entire Earth with them?

How would the growing knowledge they could do anything they imagined to do in their evil hearts effect our relationship? It was a thing that I had known was going to happen but a thing I didn’t really expect even as it was really happening. Yet as you know even as far away as you are, even there you know there are people who still think of me as against their idea of progress and only for my own.

But my progress is real and needed for complete harmony and a world full of love. Theirs isn’t. With their imaginations of their hearts being evil it would have meant a planet completely full of people that had turned against me. How could I allow that again?

That was the atmosphere when I met you Abram. Your father Terah had three sons, you, Nahor and Haran who had a son Lot but Haran died before his father Terah in the city of Ur in the Chaldese. I loved you so much Abram even as I loved the others but you responded to me even from early childhood. And I was so thrilled when you married Sarai, your brother Haran’s daughter and Nahor married his other daughter Milcah but also Terah had another son Iscah.

However Sarai was barren. She was so beautiful and yet she couldn’t have any children. But it was because I had a plan for her that had she understood it she would have been completely unable to handle it all those years from the beginning of her marriage to the fruit of it. It was the rarest of treats I was going to give her. But Terah took you and Sarai, and Haran’s son Lot and moved to the city of Haran toward Canaan where Terah lived until he died. But you continued on their in your father’s household with your wife Sarai and your nephew Lot.

Now I knew Abram like I know you from before I made the first place. I was excited for I knew what I had planned for him and full of hope it would work out exactly as planned just like meeting you for I know what I have planned for you. It was all working out. I would meet you and all the people where you are that are like me, and even love me. I want you to know, just as I want the others there I love just as much as I love you to know how it all came to be.

Abram, if you remember how it started out with you, I said when the time was right and I finally broke it to you at last, “I want you to leave your country, all of your relatives and your father’s house and just go. I’ll show you where. And I will make a great nation out of you and I alone will make you great and you will be a blessing. I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you and you will be a blessing to every family in Earth.” Remember that Abram?

So you headed out as I told you. I knew you would. And you took Sarai with you of course and Lot came along for he would have been the only one left in Terah’s house and though he was Haran your brother’s son he was a part of your family and Terah’s house didn’t really amount to that much anyway, did it Terah? And you headed for Canaan where your father had been headed and came to a city called Shechem and there were all Canaanites in the land which was in the plain or Moreh then.

“I’ll give this land to your descendants,” I said there and you built an altar there to me for I had appeared to you there for the first time. You went to a place on the west of Bethel with Hai on the east and built you an altar there where you prayed to me. Remember that day, Abram? You treated me like God. I enjoyed that immensely.

Then you went south still until you came to Egypt to stay until the drought in Canaan was over. But I could see while you were on your way that you were troubled. Then as you were almost to Egypt you turned to Sarai and said, “You are so beautiful and these Egyptians-! Well, I don’t trust them. They will see you and say, ‘She is his wife,’ and they will kill me but don’t worry they will keep you alive. But just tell them you’re my sister and they won’t kill me that way either. Okay?”

Then when they came to Egypt it went just like Abram had prophesied it would. The princes took note of Sarai because she was so beautiful and they recommended her to the king they called Pharaoh and she was taken to Pharaoh’s house and they treated Abram well for Sarai’s sake and he prospered a lot for her. And even though you were my prophet and you knew these things were wrong I couldn’t just leave it at that. What if Pharaoh had lain with her. You would have been guilty of prostituting your own wife! How could a prophet of mine be guilty of such a thing! And she would be an adulteress and that was completely unacceptable. And you knew these things too Abram but you trusted me then of all times to take care of it all for you.

So I sent plagues on Pharaoh and his entire household for Sarai’s sake. But since the only thing really new in Pharaoh’s life was Sarai he figured it was because of her the plagues were coming down on him and his. Then it was only a small step for him then to figure out the rest.

He called for you and said, “Why did you do this to me? Why didn’t you tell me she was your wife? I might have slept with her!” Just then Sarai was brought in and he said, “Look! She is not your sister! Therefore take her and get out of here!” Then he turned to his men and said, “You follow him and all that is his and make sure they all leave the country.”

So you left and went north back to the altar between Bethel and Hai. And there we worked it out between us what you had done. Pharaoh had made you rich because of Sarai. And Lot had gotten a lot in Egypt too. I prospered both of you down there and you had quite a high old time, didn’t you?

But now what were you to do. Between the two of you, you had more than the land could bear what with the Canaanites and the Perizzites living there too. But I kept a close eye on both of you and when fighting and brawling broke out between your men and Lot’s men I wondered if you might let it go so far there would be war?

But you and Lot got together for a parley and you said, “Don’t let anymore of this fighting go on between us or our men. We are like brothers. The entire land is out there. You choose. You go to the left and I’ll go to the right, or the other way around. I leave you with the first choice.”

Now Lot looked at the plain of the Jordan. It was well watered and a beautiful place. It looked like Paradise just like Egypt as you come to Zoar. So Lot went to the east leaving Abram behind in the land of the Canaanites. But Lot dwelt in the cities of the plain of Jordan and pitched his tent near Sodom.

But the people of Sodom were wicked evil people; the things they were doing! Believe me you don’t want to know and it was always getting worse and ever more worse. They didn’t want me around them and to be honest I didn’t much want to be around them either though I still loved them even as I do you, no more, but none the lesser either. I kept hoping they would stop what they were doing and come back to me. There was going to be trouble if not just between Lot and them then between me and them if they didn’t clean up their act at least a little, sort of like what is going on where you are.

Unlike you-? Remember when you first knew me? You heard another little boy talking to himself. So you thought it might be a good idea. But you weren’t very good at it so you started talking to me. You gave me the name, No One There. That was cute. I was someone there you couldn’t see or hear or anything at the time to you, but I knew you felt my presence.

We hit it off right away! Remember? You started to really enjoy talking to me and I would give you little concepts. It didn’t take long for you to start loving me. You were fascinating and you loved how kind I was to you and you looked forward to talking to me. You trusted me. You knew I would take anything you wanted to talk about seriously. You were fascinated by me! You were only six years old. I was amazed! You just up and started talking to me. What a treat! You know? I think that was really the beginning of our relationship! You’ll never forget it I am sure, now or forever.

Well, the people of Sodom were nothing like that at all. Most never heard of me and wouldn’t care if they had. The others hated me and everyone else.



Chapter 9: Making Futures


What would you do if I had promised to make you great or to make a great nation of you and your descendants like I did Abram? He didn’t even say thank you to me. He just headed out where I wanted him to go. He knew where to go even though I hadn’t even told him the location. I had just told him I’d show it to him. He was blown away when he arrived. Did we ever go anywhere like that together?

Maybe we should some time, just you and me under that name you gave me, No One There. Now you’ve seen me, what do you think of that name? I still like it. Even when nobody’s around I am that nobody right there with you. I think it’s wonderful. And you always knew that no matter how depressed you became, how much trouble you were in or how lonely. That name made it impossible for me to get away from you which I never did. Not even once throughout all you’ve been through I was there with you. Right where I always wanted to be from even before there was a place to make everything it took just to be there with you.

You know what? I’m making a tomorrow for you even as you write. Is there anyone I might have forgotten to bring there with you. John, Paul, anybody? Anybody at all? You name it. I’ll bring them if they want to come. Maybe just someone reading your book.

Someone like you? Are you having fun reading his book? Come see him! I know he’d love it. I know I would. This is fun! I really enjoy doing what I do. Don’t you? Maybe you can enjoy it more just thinking we will be there with you? Do you think so? I hope so. I really do. And I know he does. Don’t you?

“Look out from the place where you’re at to every direction. All the land you see, I’ll give it to you, to you and your descendants. I will make your descendants as numerous as the grains of dirt in the dust. If anyone can number them that is the number of descendants I’ll give you. Go on out and walk the full length of it and then the width of it for I’ll give it to you,” that’s what I told Abram. Do you think it was a bit much? I could have given him more. I loved you that much Abram.

Do you think I love you any less. Really? I hope not! The rest of the future is yours if you want it. Do you have any idea how much land you will want for it? I’ll give it to you and much more. It’s all yours! All the things in it, all the people there for you to bless and love and invite in and love you and me! The possibilities are without end. It’s all yours if you want it. But all you want is just a little computer desk and a laptop and your full of joy. I don’t quite understand that but I’m just glad you’re full of joy. Me too.

Do you know? Abraham looked about him and moved his tent from where him and Lot had their talk and moved to Hebron. He like it right there. So he built an altar there just to talk to me. Have you ever made an altar? Do you talk to me? Ever? Maybe if you went to all the trouble to make an altar you would? Maybe not? Maybe anywhere in you that you are in your future is place enough to be your altar? I don’t really care. Just so long as we talk. Some? I love you. I want to get to know you. Talking helps. Thanks for listening to me though.

The entire future is ours, yours and mine, and maybe his or someone you would rather would be there. But the future depends on a lot of things. I could just make you right here in Hebron with Abram, or over by Sodom with Lot. But I really could just bring you here to be with me forever and ever, or just leave you where you’re at. Are you joyful where you’re at? Would you rather be near Sodom? Maybe you would rather just go someplace Abram would pick like Hebron? There’s a lot of differences where you could be. Do you think it would be any better there, or more fun? If you came to where I am right now, would it be a shock? Would you be overwhelmed, nervous, or overjoyed? You see? It all depends on you, where you are. I can take you anywhere that ever was a place. Where would you rather be? I can work it so you can go there and even stay there if you want me to. I know it’s hard to believe. But that’s all you would have to do is believe me and wait. I’ll take you there.

Do you like war? Did you Lot? It was trouble being near Sodom. You knew that. You had gotten to know some of the people in Sodom and the surrounding area. You knew it was trouble. Why didn’t you leave? Why didn’t you ask me to take you somewhere else? Didn’t you have the faith to go there with me? You didn’t say anything about it. Didn’t you even think on it? But what happened, Lot? War! Were you faithful enough to go through a war even with me? Did you think I caused the war? You see Lot? If you don’t say anything to me, if you really don’t care, what am I supposed to do in order to bring joy into your life? With the attitude you had back then not much would have brought you joy. What was I supposed to do? Things were heating up around you. But you were ready to be cooked rather than what-? I had no way to know because you didn’t know. I loved you so much Lot. I was on edge for years hoping you cared where you were living.

Shinar, remember that region where they had built Babel? Shinar, Ellasar, Elam, and what was called the nations were banning together under their kings against Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim and Bela or Zoar. So you must have heard. Did you even care. Did you feel secure right where you were? Didn’t you worry or even start to? Why didn’t you come to me with it? I might have gotten you out of there. Were you too proud to even go visit your uncle Abram until this thing blew over or blew up, either way? Were you alive yet Lot? I know I prospered you right along with Abram down in Egypt. Was that it? You were complacent and said to yourself, “Nothing will happen to me. God will take care of me.” You didn’t even do that though did you Lot?

They all gathered together in the salt sea and fought it out. And the entire area was ruled by King Chedorlaomer the king of Elam for twelve years. It was the first war I ever let happen and you didn’t express an opinion either way so it wasn’t your fault and you didn’t have to fight in it and it all took place in the salt sea, so what was the big deal? You just went right on with what you were doing and didn’t pay it much attention. One king was as good as another so it didn’t concern you.



Chapter 10: Waking Lot


Then in the thirteenth year they rebelled. But a year later Chedorlaomer came out finally to secure his holdings. When he defeated the Rephaims it didn’t matter to you at least I never heard you say anything. When he defeated the Zuzims it had little to do with you and you were silent. When he defeated the Emims, the Horites, the Amalekites, and the Amorites you still didn’t care! People were dying, their stuff was being carted off and the viciousness of war was going on right in front of you, and you didn’t care even though everyone around you was worried. Then finally Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim, and Bela went to Siddim, the salt sea again and you must have figured, “I was right. It won’t amount to anything that concerns me.” But there were tar pits there and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled and died there but the ones that remained went to the mountains.

How could I just let you be that close to what was going on and allow you to do or say nothing about it to me? You did care though didn’t you when I allowed them to sack Sodom and Gomorrah and take all their goods and food, and Lot I let them take you also. That changed everything didn’t it Lot?

Lot! Don’t worry Lot! Cry out to me Lot! I’ve got your back! I just did it Lot as a wake up call. Why didn’t you at least let Abram know you were in danger? Lot! At least think of me. Please Lot? I love you, Lot.

Well, you there, it looks like you’ll have to go. Run! Get away! Now! Go! Good! You got away. Good job. But you didn’t know what to do or where to go. You couldn’t go back after they left. There was nothing there. Good thinking. Go tell Abram. He’s my prophet. He could have headed it all off had he known anything about it. If only Lot had let him know, he could have asked me to protect you guys. Now they are all gone along with everybody in Sodom, such as it is. If only…

There came one, you, that escaped and told Abram the Hebrew who was living with Mamre the Amorite nearby with his brothers Eshcol and Aner who immediately went in with Abram to go get Lot and them back. And I was put on the spot. Ironically because Abram was going to do this thing it was up to me to save the Sodomites and the Gomorrahites that were no more friendly toward me than the Sodomites and just as wicked. Maybe Lot would at last wake up to what was going on around him though? Maybe Sodom and Gomorrah could yet turn to me. I mean if I saved them-? You would think they would at least feel obligated to thank me. It wasn’t much of a chance but it was all I had going for them. One last attempt to turn Lot, and one last ditch effort to wake up the entire region. Everything they had was with Chedorlaomer who had carried everything away.

You took all of your trained servants all 318 of them and chased them all the way to Dan. Abram I was so thrilled by what you were doing. You divided your men at night and defeated them and pursued them all the way to Hobah to the left of Damascus. And that was the end of the fighting.

Peace at last! I sighed in my relief to think it was all over. No one would die today. The army of Chedorlaomer was mostly dead men and the rest scattered. It.. was… over! Yeah! Abram! You did it!

Then came the joy of rescuing all the goods and food, Lot, his goods, his women and the people. Did it work! I could barely stand to watch the outcome. He slaughtered Chedorlaomer and the kings that were with him. And finally he was in the valley of Shaveh the King of Sodom’s little valley where the king came down from the mountains and met Abram there.

Now Melchizedek the King of Salem was also the priest of the most high God as he called me. He brought out bread and wine and blessed Abram because you were the savior figure to everyone there because of what you did, what I had prospered you to do.

“The most high God possessor of heaven and earth blesses you,” he said to Abram, “Blessed be the most high God who has delivered all of your enemies into your hands!”

Abram you were so moved you gave a portion of all you had recovered to Melchizedek, my priest. It was the first time anyone had given a tithe to my priest and I will never forget what you did. But Bera, the King of Sodom tried to join in being evil.

“Give me the people,” he said to Abram having no idea what had just happened, “Keep the goods for yourself.” See? He was clueless.

But Abram I like what you said to him, “I have lifted up my hand to the I AM, the most high God, possessor of heaven and Earth,” me! But you forgot I still loved him too when you said, “I will not even take a thread or a shoe lace from you. I will not take anything from you for you would say that you made me rich. That is nothing except the food my men have eaten but Mamre, Eshcol and Aner, let them have their portion.”

Do you see? If you are like Bera I might not take anything you have when you are evil, but I won’t add to it either even then. I will not ever reward evil even the privilege of making my prophet rich in your future. Did I ever you Bera? Never once… especially when you showed no sign of changing and harbored making yourself look good even in your own eyes. But if you are like Lot I will take everything you have only to give it back to you as a wake up call. And yet, if you are Abram I will prosper you even in war which I hate, you may even become a hero to people like Bera, and for your brothers and sisters like Lot. But you are not to do it for material gain, but for me and to profit what I am doing in the world.

Were you like Bera but now you see what is actually going on? Welcome. We’ll have a private chat if you want. Right now. Just tell me what’s on your mind and in your heart or what you need me to forgive. Were you like Lot and need to make peace with your brother or sister? Do that. Then ask me anything and I will do it if you change your mind and heart about not doing it. But if you are like Abram you have even far greater things than you can imagine in my heart in store for you in your future.

War is a bad thing. I don’t condone war. But sometimes I allow it even for the chance of saving someone like Bera or of waking someone up like Lot, or even prospering my own sons like Abram. Don’t you get it, yet? You can’t change people. People have to change on their own. And you shouldn’t even try. Just be what you are and they will either change or they won’t.

But if they change! Help them all you can. Sodom, Gomorrah and the rest went right back to what they had been doing, but at least we tried. You know it’s true in your life. Others may have tried to change you. But I won’t. I love you to much to force you to do anything, say anything, or even think anything much less reach out to me or even talk to me. I want you to, but it must always be your decision. It’s not mine to make. But when you do it, do it for real and then stay awake and keep on talking to me at the least. Remember I love you and I will do all I can to help you, prosper you, and keep you in a relationship with me.



Chapter 11: Listening to your Wife


I came to you, Abram in a vision and I said, “Don’t worry. I am your protector and your exceedingly great reward.”

But you asked, “What will you give me then? I’m childless and another in my family is my heir, Eliezer of Damascus? I have no children and someone born in my house is my heir!”

I replied, “That one won’t be your heir, but a son born of your own body will be your heir.” Then I brought you outside and said, “See the stars and number them if you can. It is the same with your descendants. It is I who have brought you out of Ur of the Chaldese to give you this very land as an inheritance.”

“How can I know that?” you asked.

“Take a heifer, a nanny goat and a ram, each one three years old, then a turtle dove and a young pigeon.”

So you took them, skinned them and cut them in half and laid them side by side except the birds, you didn’t divide them. You left them whole. And when the vultures came around you drove them away. But as the sun was going down you fell into a deep sleep and I took you to the place I made at first when before that there was not a place at all and you were horrified by the darkness about you, darkness you could feel.

So I said to you, “Know for a certainty Abram your descendants will be servants in a foreign land and they will control them for 400 years. But I will judge that nation and they will come out of it very wealthy. Then in the fourth generation they will come here for the wrongdoing of the Amorites hasn’t maxed out yet.”

Then when the sun was going down and it was already dark a smoking stove and a burning lamp passed between the pieces. And that same day I made an agreement and spelled it all out for you saying, “I give the land from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates; the land of the Kenites, Kenizites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaims, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites and Jebusites, the entire lot of their lands I give to your descendants.”

I couldn’t have been more clear. And I will be clear with you too when it is time and we are together even as I saw you before when I made the first place for everything to be. But then I’ve told you that before.

Now Sarai was still barren so she said to you as she called me Lord, “The Lord has made me barren. So have relations with my maid [Hagar the Egyptian.] It might be that I can have children through her.” And you listened to her and took Hagar as your second wife.

But when she began to show she despised you Sarai as you said, “My wrong is on you, Abram. I gave you Hagar as your wife and she is with child but now she despises me. The Lord judge between us.”

So you said to your wife, “Isn’t Hagar still your maid? Do with her as you like.”

But when Sarai was hard on Hagar she fled from her. And my angel found her by a water fountain on the way to Shur.

“Hagar,” he said, “You’re Sarai’s maid! Where did you come from? And where are you headed?

“I’m running away from Sarai,” she said.

Then my angel said, “Go back to Sarai. You’re her servant. But I will give you descendants without number there will be so many. You are pregnant and you’ll have a son named Ishmael and he will be a wild man. He will be against everyone and everyone will be against him. But he will live among his relatives all because I have heard your cries.”

So Hagar called me, “You God see me,” because she said, “I have looked on him that sees me.” So the place is called Beerlahairoi between Kadesh and Bered.

But she did have a son and you, Abram named him Ishmael just as I said you would.

I proved to you didn’t I who I was and what I was going to do? Why did you listen to Sarai even as Adam listened to Eve? Did you think I had put such an idea in her head? Did it ring that true to you! Did you really think that was the way I operated? Didn’t you notice it was like the evil imaginings you think with your heart? She had to be taught a lesson.

Now look what has become of my promise. It can’t be. I have to keep my promise with you. I made a promise and I always keep my promises. I took you back to the first place I made. Wasn’t it enough proof for you? I don’t understand evil. Why do you who do such things always complicate matters? I knew you would listen to her. But I loved you anyway Abram.

Now I will have to make a future for the son I promised you. Why? Why did you have to listen to your wife’s unfaithfulness to me? She thought she had it all figured out and she was going to have a child in that strange way! Now she has nothing but trouble; trouble for you, trouble for Hagar and trouble for Ismael who is not even a child yet but she also knows she has done wrong too. I loved her so much, Abram.

But what can I do for her? Do you have any idea how I am going to work this out? Watch me. I will. And Hagar is full of joy now. Ishmael is such a wonderful child. Don’t worry Abram. I will work it out for all of you.

Don’t worry. It is still going to work out just fine. And I will see you. I will meet you even as I must Abram now. I am really looking forward to actually being there with him just like I can hardly wait to be standing there talking to you when the time comes. Be patient. I am coming. But there is much that must happen between now and when I meet you.

You knew I was coming even when you started to write this. You know I am coming for you also even you who read this my servant is writing. I am about there. Have faith. Now you will see me anyway. No matter what I must do. I would never miss the chance of meeting you and all those I love that you love. It’s what keeps me going. To see you. Especially you. You are my favorite. I’m coming. Don’t ever give up on me. I’ll be there.

But Sarai, oh, my Sarai, I love you. You are so beautiful. I am fascinated by you. You were such a beautiful creature when I saw you back before I made the first place. If only I were a man. But I gave you up. I gave you to Abram though I loved you more than anyone. You are so special to me. What man could ever want any woman not like you? And your face. The way I saw your face light up that first time! Those gorgeous dark eyes sparkling like rare jewels in the moonlight. I would have scrapped it all and made you only to be my bride. To be with you always. But you would never have completely loved me as much as you did Abram. I would have wasted all this love I have for every woman I ever made just like I would have for you. It is women like you that makes it worth my while. I just couldn’t deny you a place, a solitary place with the man you could love even as much as me. For I knew you were just human in spirit.

But now you disappoint me. You hate Hagar. But I love her too. As much as I love you I love her. And precious little Ishmael. What a child! How I would desire to take you Hagar, his mother, in my arms and tell you how much in words you could somehow understand, how terribly much I want you to have anything you want just like you can have anything you want Sarai. You could have just asked me Sarai. But I have long since decided. I will make you the most joyful woman you could ever imagine. You’ll see. I will. You… will… see me!



Chapter 12: I will be God


When you were 99 years old Abram I said to you, “Be perfect and I will agree to make your descendant an exceedingly large family.” Then you lay face down on the ground before me because I had appeared to you for the very first time and I said in addition, “See, my agreement is with you and you will be the first ancestor of many nations. Your name hereafter will not be Abram anymore but Abraham. I will prosper you to the point you become the father of many countries and many of your descendants will be kings. I will give you all of Canaan where you live as a foreigner now and I will be their God.”

I had decided that since they thought of me as God that is what I would be; God to them. They had invented this entire notion and I was God to them with my powerful abilities, my love and my omnipotent spirit already while all the other imaginary gods had existed only in their evil imaginations or in their imaginings caused by their emotions.

Only the Evil One ever wanted to be me though. But it really wanted to be an evil person that made us a slave to its person, which is ridiculous. He was like my own personal demon, a mere thought of my might that went awry. Because look? Even when an evil person does something to someone they seem to have bonded with and even believe they have bonded with, that someone rebukes them. Then it is usually a simple matter for them to use the truth to correct the situation by explaining the truth about what they did or even asking the one they seem to have bonded with to forgive them and then work on repairing the relationship which is only a relationship in their evil heart’s imagination until that mythical relationship is back to its normal mythical self again.

For example such an evil human might spill its entire beer in its significant others lap. It would most certainly be rebuked for such a thing. But the one that made the spill might explain how it happened to the other one and invite the one it spilled its beer on into their bathroom, allow them to take a shower and furnish sweats for them to change into when the shower was completed and even go so far as to wash their clothes. Then the entire incident is forgiven and the drunkenness continues even “enhanced” by the what appears to be the thoughtfulness of the one that made the spill though they were both only interested in not messing up their chances for sex between consenting evil people and after that they “enjoyed” their evening together even more than they would have because of it.

However should an evil human be in over its head in a fight with demons, its own, some other evil human’s or the demons of some devil that human could ask me to send half the demons to a friend they imagined in their evil heart could surely handle the demons even better than they could. But let’s say the one they send the demons to is not able to get rid of them. That one they sent them to might commit suicide to escape the demons.

If they were evil and would not ever be like me they would be simply taking the fight to hell with them and continuing the battle with higher stakes in the demons’ home turf. But if the one they sent them to is a child of mine they too may commit suicide to get away from the demons in which case they were wiser for I would take them to be with me and no mere demon is anything to me and would be nothing to them thereafter for demons are nothing to my true children but merely the weird imaginings of devils and humans.

It is entirely the same with the Evil One or with devils or evil people that act in the spirit of evil at all times and are no longer capable of ever being or doing anything else. Devils know me and they shudder to think of me becoming involved with anything they might do or being involved with anyone they are involved with. In fact the Evil One himself finally opposed all goodness and unwittingly set himself and everyone left in Earth up against me. It was his last evil act.

The Evil One explored evil and found it finite and perishable in fact, doomed to fall by its own behaviorism, to destroy and murder the souls of the irretrievable and the bodies of my children. Even it knows it is nowhere near as mighty as I am. Its days are numbered just like any human good or evil has a finite number of days.

I never had a beginning and was before all beginnings, am now and will yet be beyond any end for I will never do evil as I have never done evil and am not now doing evil. I also have the ability to turn any evil, even all evil into good and transform it into something better than would have existed for me to do had the Evil One never betrayed me by what it did to poor innocent but gullible Eve.

If even evil, something I never did in any way, results in only good because of me how dare you think in the spirit of the Evil One and say in your thoughts, “God may be evil,” or “Woe is me. God has done evil toward me!” It would love nothing more. But it loves only evil.

Therefore in the end I destroyed all evil, the very thing the Evil One pretended to be, the embodiment of all evil. So the evil ones destroyed everything they thought they were, and only that they had been the entire way in truth was left to stand in their punishment. They had been only designed to be objective observers with an objective opinion of every thing and every one I ever made, that I might know there was no heavenly way to even begin to accuse me of evil or to bring any viable charges of evil against me or any one I ever made.

Satan, the leader of all evil ones, angelic or human-like, is that it has always been, an observer of the most extreme punishment I ever put on anyone. But the fact of its absolute effectiveness and never ending behavior proves I was just, even merciful with it for now it testifies of the truth by just being in the situation under those circumstances the rest of us will find needless to remember for even the Evil One no longer does anything that is not good by being transformed into an eternal witness I was right and not only right but exceedingly good and merciful. Satan’s last evil act proved there was no flaw, let alone evil in anything I ever did including their punishment which exists instead of allowing it to commit suicide in destroying all good by putting me in a situation wherein I would have to destroy all things good and evil according to its will, a will incapable of any good whatsoever and only capable of destroying everything and everyone. Thus its finite nature, its very own destruction which would have been carried out with or without me or my involvement in any manner.

He had only been an angel after all. How could he be a god they might really worship let alone put me in a situation I had to obey his will instead of my own. But he had called my angels, about a third of them, gods and set himself up as the god of this world and was working hard toward that end as I saw whenever I allowed him to do anything which I always took credit for.

I take credit for everything any of my angels, good or evil, cause, do, or cause others to do. I allow it so it’s on my watch and my responsibility. They originated with me and were never intended to be other than I was in the way humanity was and I certainly didn’t make humanity to have them oppose me but to think, say, emote and do as I would; in my image like a limited edition of us. It’s a no-brainer to me. Am I the only one that understands they only were to be different from me in power, ability, and that situation they were made in, not in nature and to be only that they were in every circumstance or behavior.

No angel was ever intended to be in my image either. But to be me communicating in some way by doing, sharing deeds, words, and concepts with the humans they might not be able to receive directly from me in any other way. They were all originally both capable of that and existed for that purpose only as they related to Earth. They had no soul, no essential spiritual identity that was capable of being in my image. They were part of me. Part of existence that I gave out and sent out as part of my self, my soul if you will for lack of a better term, just as servants that have no choice but to do the will of certain dominant humans are completely under their control.

That by the way is a thing I detest for that violates the freewill I had given the humans, a freewill exactly like my own and a basic part of their potential to remain an image of me in the Earth. I am no one’s slave. Still if certain humans wanted to be the servants of more dominant humans, what was that to me? That too was their prerogative, and part of their freewill to give it away to someone else rather than be responsible for it themselves among humanity. But actually they really were also responsible for it because of whom they bonded themselves to in order to do what they would have them do, that they had to do under oath instead of that I intended they do; be like me. To me that is a no-brainer.

But somehow even the Evil One got it wrong. He has no freewill, never did have, and never will have any. Angels, good or evil, can only do that I allow them to do. It would be like a human that had thoughts that came from it that had a freewill. When they would speak, things the human had not thought would be said, and when they did things they would be doing things they would never even have thought of doing. They would be insane.

I am, but I am not insane. Evil was a possibility for me as early as the sixth day. I chose not to think it, say it, do it, or make it in any way whatsoever for I realized immediately what it would mean and besides I was fully sane when I did everything I ever did, made, said, thought or imagined in my thoughts, even the thoughts that came with my emotions; anything I ever did, created, said, thought or imagined in any way. I always was, am now and will forever be in complete control of my self, for lack of a better term that you might understand, in every possible way.

I am not an alien. I am not evil. And I am certainly not insane. If you think so you are wrong, sin has you by the throat, or you are just evil like the Evil One and the rest of all evil ones whether human or angel and you alone must handle that. I will not. That would be evil!

Even if I had thought of such a thing as the Evil One originally did through the serpent to Eve, I would immediately have disowned it and cursed it from being used even to correct the fact of its existence, which I never had to do and will never have to do either.

It didn’t either.

It never really occurs to me even when I allow it to do something evil to some one, anything, nor will I to cause it to occur to me in some situation under any circumstances. I always, and I mean always use it for good. In all the boasts it ever made from its beginning to its end, it was lying to itself and to others for it had even in its origin been preparing for what it would do. That is what made me so angry when at last it betrayed its own intent as well as what it had always been just waiting for, what it would call the “best opportunity” to do evil until its end when it attempted to do evil to me and those under my protection in Earth of all places.

It was never my thought to begin with but an evil we all knew could have existed at the time even if an angel was to start using it against other angels or even against humans in its cowardice. Man and Woman had never used it against each other yet. But we all loved each other in an atmosphere of love. There was not any need for it ever to happen. I allowed the angel that was to be the Evil One to reflect on everything I was and not one thing more. I never gave it any other task. I never sent it to anyone originally. I never entertained any of its ideas that were not true in any of the imaginings in my thoughts whether in my intellect or from my emotions from its beginning to its end.

Evil was incapable of being or doing anything other than reflecting upon me that I personally might know by contrast my self, for lack of a better term because of your limitations in language. More clearly it was all that it ever became before the first place and in heaven and all it will be when it is earthbound in its end; just a very real possibility that was always a temptation to be allowed to be what it was not, and that was conceited enough to believe it could actually be something I never intended it to be. I never made anything that was not what I intended to make originally but after that its freewill takes over.

It was an angel. It existed. But it existed in its own conceit in its evil heart also which corrupted its entire purpose in its own mind and it was only actually allowed to do anything when I found it useful in creating an even greater good for those that loved me; for even in straightening out the evil it is allowed to do I make something even more good out of it than it would have been had the opportunity of doing had the Evil One just left it alone and not complicated it in its first place.

It had no purpose but to be completely distracted by its environment mindlessly experiencing only me for the purpose of providing me with a completed awareness of what I was in my completed essence and the fullness of my being. It wasn’t irrational but the embodiment of my objectivity.

But it chose to be foolhardy. It chose to become suicidal. It was murderous both to angel and human alike. It was destructive and only capable of destroying angels’ spirits and the spirits of humans that I had determined never would believe in me in order to be like me, a type of clutter control, or that could only be brought back to me by that necessity if they were to ever be like me again. It became the spirit of itself, not any spirit I ever put in it to humans, angels and even devils alike but not to me. It did it all on its own. It was not a bug in my creation but an intentional betrayal on its part of us all; me, all angels and the entirety of all my likenesses.

In its end I finally revealed it and its every invention to everyone as only that it was, a spirit with an incorruptible spiritual body capable of nothing else but being that it had always really been, the embodiment of my objectivity which enabled me to experience myself objectively. It will be fully distracted by the punishment it’s in now not me but with only punishment being its environment this last time. The punishment is now its environment which is like it, absolutely forgettable and thus universally forgotten forever and ever instead of me being that, merely that which it wanted with all its being to be.

But it did not deserve that which I mercifully gave it rather than to let it destroy me and as a consequence the entirety of existence, its own included? It screams in complete agony amid the heat of the flames and its pain is without end. It knows nothing but the best I had to offer it, its torturous existence in complete and utter torment, merely that it always was but now in a punitive environment best suiting it alone because it corrupted so many, many billions of others instead of continuing to prove my every attribute to me objectively.

It just couldn’t stop trying to do something new I had never done, something no one and no thing, not even some invention can do for any one outside its pathetic spirit as if to say it has existed since it successfully tempted Eve because I allowed it to. In the end it was only an angel and far less than the human spirits I never made either that when they encountered its spirit they became enthralled by it and were corrupted by it as I had planned they would be.

They were all devoured by its spirit to become precisely like it and to meet the same merciful end the Evil One itself experienced forever and ever. They were so enthralled with its spirit some of them never came to their senses or remembered how much better it had been in my spirit, and those same ones were then in its image and not my own and still were when I threw them in with the evil ones to be merely that they had chosen for their actual identities to be. They had many chances in many situations and under many circumstances to turn back to me but chose each time not to until at last they were so involved in its spirit they couldn’t have turned to me had they even desired to which is impossible for them that went that far.

All angels corrupted by evil had the desire to be something other than I made them to be. They were like that; the devils as they were known in your day. They were angels in that they were ideas of mine I intended to communicate to humanity which that Evil One is said to have corrupted when actually they decided on their own to be consumed with evil like it did. It destroyed nothing for I have communicated those same ideas in other ways and with other angels that were not corrupted.

I was never taken in by even one of them. Not one of them like the Evil One, the so called “embodiment of all evil,” were made by me or believed by me. They all were revealed at the same moment I finally revealed the truth of what they had always been to everyone, angels or humans or whatever else there may be that I have created that you have no need to know about. They were all powerful to some extent even as the Evil One was, for he conceitedly strove to be a fourth all encompassing person that had power over us who were God to Abraham and his descendants back when I decided that I would be their God all the way to your day and forever beyond it. God is what we are, not the Evil One. So they all had to end the same way in the same merciful punishment for to allow even one of them to exist was to destroy everything even me, for evil is incapable of anything else other than death and destruction. And in that end of their own making they all experience the same thing the Evil One does forever and ever and that without end.

They take their own self-created demons with them. But devilish demons are the same as the demons of any human. They are created in the intellectual and emotional make up of devils as well as humans, selves of their own behaving even worse than the devil itself would have were that possible. Their demons accompany every devil that went to torment including the Evil One for it too was riddled with its own demons. Many such demons like Satan’s correct idea of me were never to be shared by them with any other devil or any other human ever forever and ever being merely the lonely imagined entities of whatever devil or human they had dreamed them up to be but were no longer in anyone else’ mind or heart originally and then again in their end, forgotten completely by their originators that were too distracted to ever imagine anything other than the heat and pain of the fire and sulfur in the lake ever again.



Chapter 13: Speaking of Humans


Even in your day, I am speaking to those not in the New Earth now, humans are influenced by evil. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. The desire to do something new that I never did, that stands as the principal soul consuming possibility that never existed really from my point of view and those that did that were never allowed to do anything I did not allow them to do even then either. In order for any human to be possessed by, oppressed by, or give rise to a demon it occurs the same way it does with the devils. Evil must be explored, at least encountered or a devil must come to a person for it to be so influenced.

No one, absolutely no human was conceived evil. But due to its environment even a fetus can be possessed by a devil or one of its many false identities, or in other words the demons which in many cases devils control and have been shared by someone else and not under the control of the one they think they are when possessing someone even a fetus. But it is very difficult for any devil to find a reason or create a circumstance wherein I will allow them to possess a fetus, a baby, or even a toddler but your loved ones or others you have or think you have bonded with is an easier target for them.

However even that being said some may believe their unborn baby, baby or toddler is possessed, oppressed or under the influence of evil. Humans that don’t believe me or that do and find the notion irresistible for some reason including sin or for a time they have turned away from me toward evil and must ask me to forgive them and changing their mind and heart about the entire notion; they could, and I said “could” now, create a circumstance or put me in a situation wherein it would be better for those who would do such a thing and the one starting out in life to be so influenced. But if you have been created all over again and therefore like me at all I would not allow such a thing to happen to your unborn, baby, toddler or even a small child if you give me any other alternative.

However if in the way you are living, praying, or doing evil you are begging me to allow it, I may even then though the notion is repugnant to me. Don’t do that. I am their God and yours also if you are a believer. Do not therefore sin against me by tempting me to do such a deplorable thing for if you put me in a position wherein such a thing is merciful to you or yours-? Let’s not go there even hypothetically. Given the evil of your flesh, the spirit you were born with before you became created again, it’s only evil all the time in the imaginings of your heart or emotions-? Need I go there?

Ordinarily devils do not oppress even those humans that have never been created again spiritually. If you sin and if you are not created again spiritually you can do nothing else but sin for it is impossible for you to do anything with holiness in your heart and goodness in your mind in the same exact instance. Even when it appears you have done good remember I know your every thought and thus all of your motives entirely. Your motive is not good and holy. The end result of that you do will not be good even to you if you are discerning and not in denial of the fact that the way it worked out was not right, but evil.

Anything not right is evil. Anything not conceived in pure love is not right whether toward me, someone else or conceived in your own self-loathing to whatever minor extent that may be present and it is evil. Trust me. I’ve been around forever and I have never once been wrong about this in the end of it, sometimes the consequences do not occur until after you die, but they do occur eventually if not right away. If it is evil it is of the Evil One, the devil that is the embodiment of all evil from your point of view. I have to allow it, or it could not be done, said, thought or even imagined in the thinking of your mind or heart.

Those created again are susceptible to creating demons of their own even. They imagine in their emotions their infant is possessed or oppressed by a devil or one of a devils’ many role playing characters they are so involved in they have little if any control over it, or better said, a demon. It gives rise to all sorts of scenarios in their minds, some rational, some irrational. The situation becomes very real to them, they believe it to the point of being unable to see how it cannot happen and suddenly there it is like an answer to prayer they believed in and had so much faith it would occur that I allowed it. Even those that are created all over again know I will not refuse the desires of their hearts whether good or evil and if I would honor the process in one of my own children and allow it even for them, how much more likely am I to do the same for you who hate me, refuse to even believe I exist, or ignore me and spirituality altogether?

You, both of you, the one created again and the one never to have been so wise, know that once a demon is in your experience of it, it is real, very real to you. You were created in my image, or as is more commonly stated, in the image of God for I am their God. You have power even as I have power. You were created to have love, which corrupted by you or anyone else is hate, and you were created to know only good things, which if you have ever tried to be anyone you are not, never were or never will be, you know evil and no longer can trust anyone even me to be good and have become altogether evil.

I create what I want. You create what you want. Whether what I teach which is good or the evil in your mind you personally think is good but it is not, or you think that you think in your heart is right and good which they are not. You can create good things if you are created all over again, or you can create evil things if you have not been created again, and even if you are created again you could create something evil. Your world, the world you personally experience, pay attention to and live in is a world you have created for yourself to some extent it’s all that is important to you and I being incorrectly perceived by you have become your worst nightmare in your own experience of me unlike the Evil One to whom I really am its worst nightmare.

Is that world as good as the heaven and the earth I created for those that love me, or is it a tiny little world of personalities you pay attention to in the media, acquaintances you have made, are making or will make, old friends, friends you are currently with, or friends you will one day make, or family that have moved on or died and some you will never even see again, family you now enjoy or don’t enjoy much if at all, or family you will have or will come back into your life in the future, old demons, current demons, future demons, old devils, devils currently influencing you, devils that will be there in your future, or old evils, even evil things you do, say or think, or evils like that you currently think you enjoy or even hate, or future evils that might stay with you until you die. And what about after you die? Is there really no hell with torment after that where any or all of that may be thrown therein until you go to torment like the Evil One and his crew?

I would like to invite you to form a relationship with me instead. Would you like to change? Would you like your world to change? If you are successful in changing it which I doubt you will have any lasting effect on it at all, being evil in your heart’s imagination if not in your mind too, will it be good for you? But if you are tired of your own little world with its persistent boredom, constant recurring failures at being happy if you care for that sort of thing at all by now, do you know what else to try?

I suggest you expand your horizons! That may help for a while. But if you ask me, God, to create you all over again and give you another chance, I will. Then you will have every where and every time and every thing from before I made the first place for everything to be in to the promise of a never ending joyful existence with me and those that love me that find you exciting and fascinating and love you, and you will be like that too, excited and loving everyone you meet forever and ever.

I love you. I can do it. It will work. It’s your choice. I would never do or say anything to force you to do anything especially that, or even force you to burp or sneeze or blink if you didn’t want to. I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to reveal to you and everyone else who you really are after I’ve created you all over again the way you were intended to be. You fascinate me. Come on, do it. Just ask me. What can it hurt? You’ve been through enough whether six or 996. Just say, “Enough already! I want you! I want you to make me all over brand new the way it was supposed to be instead of the way it is.”


That’s up to you. It’s a really big world I made just for you. Join us.



Chapter 14: Unbelief


Are you still with me? Do you understand? The Holy Spirit knew you would understand. The Lamb of God, the Lord with the two-edged conquering sword sticking out his mouth, knew you would. Our Father who makes it all possible knew you could not help but be that he intended you would be. God is in your sites. God is your goal. You too will see me. You too will be like me. You too will have power, and truth and goodness forever and ever. It will happen. I am always with you even to the New Earth and the New Heaven. Come see us in God’s light, before the throne of the Son of God, in the Holy City, the New Jerusalem. The gates are always open. God says, “Come!”

For those who need it the river of Life is here. Those of the nations that need healing the leaves of the Tree of Life are here to heal the entire hoards of you. The light of the God is so bright here and it is ever present without end. There are no shadows here. There is no need for the light of the sun even at midday or in the morning or even in the evening, and no need for the light of the moon at any time during the night for the light of God lights the city. The light of the Lamb is the light of the entire city, the New Earth where there is no Evil One, no devil, no demon, no more evil, no fears of any kind, no liars and nothing that loves or makes a lie, no one who hungers after anyone’s flesh or seeks to ever learn, or do anything new or even seeks any new source of any supposed knowledge or power or truth, no unbelievers, no abominations, no sadness, no tears, no more pain of any kind, no more transgressions, for we, all of us here are complete like God in all our ways and the former things have passed away. There is not one alien among us, never was, and never will be. Look! I made everything new! You are here too? Ah, I knew you would be here the entire way.

It will be. You’ll see. And you will see I did it all was just for you. Even now you are starting to see me. The morning star is rising. I am here. See me? Look! Keep looking for me. Don’t ever give up!

Abraham are you still there! You are here. You have been here all along! Ah, I love you Abraham. I am so glad you were made a blessing to us. You are a blessing to the entire Earth! Abraham I share your joy, to God be all the glory, Abraham. I am that I am, I am that I have always been, am now and will be forever and ever… I AM!

Do you remember anymore Abraham when I first decided to be the God of all your descendants, all the descendants of the promise? Remember I appeared to you and told you I would be the God of all your descendants.

Then how you had listened to Sarah and not me. I was saying, “You must keep my agreement; you, and your descendants throughout all their generations. And this is your end of our agreement; you and all your descendants. Every baby boy among you must have their foreskins cut away. You too, Abraham and it will be a sign of the agreement between us, you and me. Him who is eight days old when born in your house or bought from a someone, even someone you don’t know for an everlasting agreement and any baby boy that does not have the foreskin cut away must be cut off for that soul has broken my agreement. As for Sarai her name will be changed to Sarah from now on for I will bless her with a son, yes, and she will be the mother of nations and kings will come of her too.”

Then you fell with your face to the ground laughing and said from your heart, “How can a baby boy be born by me? I’m a hundred years old! And Sarah is ninety.”

It was done. I had finally spelled it out for him what my plan had been the entire way with him. I was really going to do this thing. His emotions told him it was impossible. He had always believed me before except when he listened to his wife and started this entire thing with Hagar and his son Ishmael. I had to do it. How else could I get to see you again when we met?

Were you Jewish? They have all except a rare few of them turned away from me. They became Jews in name only. I still love them like I always have. But then I loved Judas Iscariot until he did his act of betrayal of my son just like them. I was there as he hung himself and went where he had always belonged. I cried. I had loved him so much. But I was right about him. I knew what he was all that time. But I still loved him so much and it hurt so bad. I never intended it. I never intended that he should do it. But I never intended he come with us forever because I knew what he was all along. Should he too have been named among the Jews? Are those who would not accept my own son not like him and not like me at all? So many of Abraham’s descendants, that by accident of birth alone, human decision are none of my own.

Yet, so many still pray for the peace of this Jerusalem in my son’s name! Don’t they know there is another New Jerusalem in the New Earth? What could the Jerusalem even in your day have to do with my son? My son! My… only… son? My mind understands their legalism. But my heart wants to strike them dead when they do that. How long before I can save them. All of them that look so much like Abraham but are not even Jews in any true sense of the word. They have no excuse. I turned Judas over to Satan. What is there excuse? I see none. They just rejected my only son! And not many change their minds and hearts about what they have done.

They just keep believing they can kill God, and continue to claim him even after what they have done. Who can understand the workings of the sinful humans’ hearts? Some times it is all I can do to understand for you. I swear I never made evil. It was just there when I had done every good thing that could be done. Like the place I made everything in it was evil except for being the place I did that in. I never would have done that! And I would never have tolerated it for a moment if there had been another way to do every good thing that could be done by me.

Being me is just as hard for me to do, you know, as it is for you to be only that you are. I just couldn’t do any evil thing and not be completely all that I am, and shouldn’t ever do that especially. It is not good. It’s better than trying to be something you never were which is evil but it’s not good, it’s no better than the place I made to make everything I ever made; everything good, everything!

You believe I made that agreement with Abraham, don’t you? I should think you would have. Even those that are not Jews but claim to be Jews still circumcise their eight day old baby boys even if they never go to a synagogue and are even atheists some of them. Isn’t that proof I did that? Why would any people continue to do that if I had not told them too? That! Surely they would have stopped doing that! Wouldn’t they?

So, why don’t you buy the New Earth and the New Jerusalem? If I would do that to them. All those crying baby boys! All that almost crude treatment of anyone not to mention a mere baby boy! Even it is good. Even my son was circumcised! Isn’t that proof? He was proof I am good. He never did anything wrong. He was so-? So alien to them! I can’t tell you how that hurt. He is God. He was my identical likeness. He was me in human flesh! He was as much one of them as he was one of us! I knew they would all turn away and reject him, and turn to evil just like Judas turned to the Evil One. And the way they killed his humanity. The way he suffered in hell for all their sin. How we grieved! Even the sun refused to shine! Unbelief is so-? So evil! EVIL!

I am so glad I finally proved it was nothing for I would not allow it to be anything but a possibility. A possibility I never did anything with. The Evil One did it. It took so long. It took so very long to put an end to it because of Satan! He was so evil. It was incredible that I ever loved him, let alone kept loving him until in the end he proved once and for all what he was. He didn’t even require judgment. He proved it beyond anyone’s comprehension, he could possibly think of or for that matter that anyone could be that conceited to think I would ever even once serve any evil forever and ever or until at last I destroyed everything even us.

Evil! Evil? EVIL!


After he had completely proven all it could be even just starting with a wee white lie! The absolute destruction of any thing and any one… Even me?

But he was conceited. He had no feelings. All he wanted to do was be God. He wasn’t insane. He wasn’t even the embodiment of evil…

He must have believed what you never once believed. When he saw no one there he actually believed there was no one there. Not even me. But even you knew better. In his conceit he just couldn’t believe it. He actually thought in his heart of hearts he could destroy everything or get me to do it and then he could be No One There. But you knew at the age of six that was me and you couldn’t or wouldn’t ever allow yourself to even consider that wasn’t so until just now when I sent you the concept and you finally understood him and me. It wasn’t just cute you little one, it was good, it was true and it is where my power came from. But there would have really been no one there had he succeeded.

Denying the truth won’t make everything just go away. That isn’t good. It isn’t true. And there is no power in anything resembling a truth that allows that to happen. But now Abraham you don’t even have to fear you will offend me by not obeying me. It is not an option here under the New Heaven. It is no option for anyone here ever again. I would have done this in the beginning but it was not an option until creation was finished and evil was exposed as not evil at all but a process I was forced to use to make it even better than I could have without anyone betraying anyone else ever, a very painful, horrible option but now it is even better than I had intended for it was not good that it was even a possibility and now it isn’t it has been transformed into my ultimate best absolute miracle. There is no miracle other than that my son did on the cross of Calvary and in hell. This Abraham was the fruit of that we all waited so long for! If I could have a God I would have praised him for the glories he made possible for me to perform!



Chapter 15: Denial


Did you stop denying what you did by listening to your wife, Abraham? Did you realize the two of you had been pretending to take the matter out of my hands and solve your own problem besides entirely by yourself? That was the one thing I liked best about you. You always believed me. You always understood what I meant by the things I said. I was sparing you from having your descendants not really being fully Hebrews, a thing you wanted so badly but that actually made little difference to me for all I was interested in was that you have the descendants I had promised and not the descendants you decided to have. There is the crux of the matter. I was reaffirming what I had already told you that I was going to do and explaining how I was going to bring it about. You see it, don’t you Abraham? That’s my righteous, God fearing Abraham. The one I knew all along you were.

Only I can afford denial because I can multitask more than anyone. Take the first place for instance. I keep seeking its end not until I can do nothing else but even now. But I created everything and everyone in that same instance doing it perfectly the entire time I was seeking the end of the first place. I know the beginning and the end while experiencing every moment in the here and now even as I am seeing what it all meant both of them in that very first instance. I see everything from my perspective, your point of view, your family and friends and slaves point of view, and even the rest of the people you have ever met, and especially your enemies’ perspectives all at the same time, again in that same instance. I love everyone that ever existed even the Evil One and Jesus Christ and everyone ever in between and I am wholeheartedly involved in each of their lives; again within the same instance. I know the first place as well as I keep exploring every new event that goes on beyond what everyone else would think was eternity, but I do it all in the very same instance.

Everything I do only reassures me I am complete the way I am and only that I am at all times in all places in all cases regardless of how far out or how far into the future or into my thinking or emotions I go while doing everything I ever did and completing the next thing I was about to do in the same exact instance even as it occurred to me to do it before the first place before the first time I did anything you might comprehend or understand. I am exactly like you, all of you ever made in my own image, those I intended to make and those I never intended in the first place. You can do it too even as I do it to some extent for you are in my image if you would just stop limiting yourself until like me you found out all you ever were when you were completely that. But you are unable not to hate and have to overcome that which takes up a lot of your attention and slows you down even just in real time by itself.

“Oh, that Ismael could live and be with you,” you said Abraham. You didn’t even really expect that much! It was in your heart though. You knew he hadn’t done anything wrong, yet anyway. He was your son and the circumstances of his birth were not his fault but yours and Sarai’s. You didn’t quite get it that by changing your names I was willing to treat you like Abram and Sarai had never really been, that I was giving you another chance though neither of you deserved it, if only because of the mess you had made of that poor teenager’s life, a mess that he had nothing to do with and that was completely beyond his control. He didn’t deserve that much let alone any more misery because of it.

“You and Sarah will have a son. Name him Isaac,” I said, “My agreement will be with him and his descendants. But-? But concerning Ishmael I heard you. I will prosper him also and give him a whole lot of descendants too. Twelve princes will come from him and I will make him a great nation too. But, it is with Isaac and his descendants I will make my agreement.”

Then I didn’t say it because you already knew that the agreement still stood as I had planned it despite what your wife and you had cooked up on your own which was evil. I just went back up from you. Then you circumcised every male you owned and that was part of your household even Ismael who was 13 and then had it done to your own body too though you were 99 years old.

Even my foolishness is wiser than humanity’s for it is also good. The foolishness of circumcision is proof of the agreement even to your day and time, proof enough to believe I am good and that I allow nothing to change my plans, not even human decision complicated by a continued denial of the truth, one of its greatest evils. They should have just trusted me to do what I said and let it trump the imagining in their hearts which is only evil all the time. They knew that too. I made no secret of it when I told it to Noah, and Abraham had doubtlessly heard those stories over and over and understood what it meant by his age surely.

All humans should always keep that in mind. Don’t think with your emotions. That always winds up with you doing the wrong thing. Don’t even try to imagine it is working out just to fuel your denial of the truth which is that which you have done was wrong. Many things a human may imagine are purely that, imaginary, even I would have great difficulty making them happen if there was any truth to them at all so that they even could be made to happen by anyone even me; things like imagining some good you did was wrong even or imagining I will answer a prayer to help you hang onto something evil that is about to be taken away from you or that I will take some and help you work it out to become that which is evil also. I don’t think like humans but I know how they think. They do too. If only they wouldn’t deny it.

Only when someone is created all over again can they think like my son if they choose. They have that option, the mind of Christ. And when they mature in their walk with me they have some means to compare the two and the differences in the results of both approaches which are always quite striking just like most contrasting events and their outcomes. Sometimes it takes a little time to see any difference but that is your denial and that comes by not being honest about it even when you don’t want to do that let alone when you do.

Those not created all over again don’t have those examples. They always do, say, and think everything in error to some extent because there is nothing else they can do. They are evil just like you were once. They can’t even see where your life is more pleasant than theirs because they don’t want to see it, and even when they do see it they often deny it or as they say, they calk it up to their imagination and try to forget it just like you probably did many times before you asked me to create you new again.

Denial is a large part of continuing to be evil. It is something that the better you get at it, the more likely you are to deny you are even doing it or even realize that. Many people can’t remember doing anything else or can’t imagine anyone they think fool enough to even think it is possible to deal with one’s conscience any other way except to ignore it as long as possible or simply dismiss it as silly or unimportant because the consequences seem to be minimal or under their control or mine.

However that is exactly how you get good at things like that, by practice, just like everything else you do, say or think even imagining a way to rationalize it to suit yourself whether dishonestly or by choosing an erroneous premise either unintentionally or by design. Ask me to forgive even the most minor things you do over and over until you do not do them any longer. Practice! Practice and ever more PRACTICE!

However people who live in denial wind up in not knowing what the truth is, preferring their own or someone else’ fiction to the truth every time. It doesn’t work to the point they can’t do anything about it. They always wind up trapping themselves eventually. I don’t do it. It’s in the nature of being evil in your point of view. It is only as well done as the one doing it and dealing with it defensively manages to do it. They could go insane and become a danger to themselves and others if not you, develop mental illness, or do something illegal and get in trouble with society or the law or in their relationships and lose someone dear to them or something. Anything they cannot deny will cause something to go very wrong in their lives even physical illnesses which is a direct result of persistent evil in their lives or in the preferences of their particular culture or society and even in the global or universal environment which is full of that.

However they could also admit it and ask me to create them new again and get another chance to do things right and loving, this time so they don’t mess it up at all. I create them new, but they can choose to keep their memories in tact and pay more attention to them than to me. I will help them if they stick it out with me, but I won’t force them. There is no love in that. It is evil. So don’t you do it either. Be patient with them and make sure you are right in your relationship with me and always be kind to them in a spirit of love.

But when you help a new believer, be watchful and careful not to get too involved in their stuff so that you wind up suffering a set back or become enthralled with their evil that they dredge up from their old memories. There was a reason they got all messed up. Can you guarantee it won’t be the same reason that messes you up too or messes you up again. Keep directing them to the truth. Even use a Holy Bible if you know enough about what you are reading in there. If not read it again and again until you do. Keep leading them towards loving and caring, being kind and good and even right instead of wrong.

Don't sit and just listen to them cry about who they were or their war stories they seem proud- or almost proud to have told. They are or should be trying to leave that life in the past, not even mentioning it to anyone but me and use the truth to show them their errors, and always fight evil with goodness. Fight the evil they seem almost to desire to go back into, forgiving them always. The memories are there so they can be shown the truth of what was actually going on in yours and my point of view also and not their fiction in both my and your point of view they thought in their evil imaginations both in their minds and emotions. But remember if anyone has something to forgive someone for it takes real time to deal with it even if they say they forgive them or are merely saying they forgave them. Don't say that to anyone anywhere any time if it isn't true. Teach them that also. But don't lie to yourself about it either.

That is the very thing that got them messed up. If they want to deal with those evils and not just leave them in the past though they should let them come to me. Therefore bring them to me. Teach them how to be what they are instead of that they once thought they were in the way I view it. That is still trying to be something they are not now.

They are my child. Would you try to council my children about things that might damage your spirit? Of course not. Think about what you are doing. Bring them to me. Hold me up. Remain holy and lovingly righteous. But never let your guard down. Don’t disqualify yourself from being right with me for the sake of trying to deal with devils and demons and the things they have done or even taught believers especially which furthered their evil to the point they were unable to deny something was so wrong they had to be created all over to make it at all in life any longer.

The more stubborn they are the more evil junk they have accumulated. Unfortunately that character is what caused them to stay in that lifestyle until they became desperate, but it is also the same part of their character that will make them more and more persistent in pursuing them old memories and putting you in danger further and further. If you have to, remove yourself from your relationship with them. You are important to me also. If you wind up unable to love yourself what good would it do you to love them as you love yourself when you are more and more lapsing into some form of self-loathing.

You are my tool, not their savior. I will leave what is yours that you have gained from me to you. Fear me and leave what is mine to me or you could damage our relationship. Never think or even dare to imagine you can be someone you are not or do something new I have not done. If they are too difficult for you, pray. If I say, “Leave that to me,” obey me, that is the most loving thing you can do to me, for them and a gift I have given you. Receive it with genuine gratefulness in your heart. But regardless of what you do, remember I will make it right and after it is right I will transform it into something good if you still love me and don’t turn away from me permanently.



Chapter 16: Bittersweet Miracle


I appeared to Abraham in the plains of Mamre in the middle of a hot day. And when you saw us, you saw three men standing nearby and you got up and ran to us from your front door and bowed toward the ground in front of us. That was good. It is always good to practice hospitality.

“If I have favor with you, my Lord,” you said, “Don’t leave. Let me get some water brought here and rest here under this tree. And I’ll have some food brought to you and afterward you can leave for obviously you have come to see your servant!”

“Go ahead and do just that!” I said.

You ran to the tent to get Sarah to make enough bread for us on the hearth. Then you ran to the herd and picked out a perfect tender calf and he gave it to you, young man to dress it out for us. After that you, Abraham, brought the meal for us and stood by us as we ate.

“Where’s Sarah?” I asked.

“In the tent!” you said.

Just as Sarah was coming out the tent door behind me I said, “I’ll come back after it is time and Sarah is going to have a son.”

Of course Sarah, you heard it but you were old and well past menopause.

“After I am old, now I have the pleasure?” you said within yourself as you laughed to yourself, “With my husband being so old too?”

“Why did Sarah laugh and say, ‘Will I really have a baby when I am so old?’” I asked you, Abraham, “Is anything too difficult for me? When her time is up I will return and she will… have… a son!”

But Sarah, you denied it because you were afraid remember so you lied, “I did not laugh.”

“No,” I sighed, “You did laugh!” and we rose and headed toward Sodom with your husband with us for he was just being polite and bringing us on our way.

You really didn’t want us to leave, did you Abraham? You loved us and wanted us to stay with you always, the same as I wanted to stay with the two of you. But at the moment I had something very important that required my personal attention that had to be done. It caused me much sorrow and I knew you understood. But you were sad because of that too. Not because of the child you were going to have I hope. But just because I had to leave.

You were so sad too Sarah. You should have been full of joy? Didn’t I make your heart sing praises to me? Were you beside yourself with glee! You had to understand. But I heard nothing from you. Weren’t you sure any longer you still wanted a baby of your own? Had you given up that much! Oh Sarah, did you doubt it even then because of your wicked, evil heart? It wasn’t a disappointment to you I know. You just thought it too incredible to believe even coming from me. But after what I asked you Abraham, she must have understood it was going to happen. She knew it was me the same as you did. I am sure of that. Was she still mad at me for making her go her entire childbearing years without having one of her own? It was all of that, wasn’t it Sarah? Why was it so bittersweet like praise and criticism both at the same time?

You know some say I am schizophrenic. Isn’t that ridiculous? Schizophrenia is like disowning your own dark side in favor of your light side. It is not a complete break with reality for even those that never were like me know that can’t be done. My dark side you say is the Evil One. But I have no dark side. You don’t either. You are that you are and if you give me a chance I’ll prove it to you. The Evil One was never part of my personality. He was made for a purpose and before that purpose was fulfilled he betrayed me.

It had nothing to do with my mind. He was no different than any other angel. He chose to be darkness right in the midst of my powerful, knowing, loving creation. All of them could have. But not all of them did. He was the first and he brought his demon to others and so many of them fell it grieves me almost to the point of becoming depressed beyond remedy I love him so much.

Schizophrenia is a torment of fiction of the mind wherein the schizophrenic attempts to disown his dark side in favor of his light self or the other way around. They exist in the same mind and cannot ever really escape each other even if they completely dissociate and become two personalities and the schizophrenic became a victim of multiple personality disorder, one mind ripped apart by insanity with each side struggling to totally dominate the other part with neither personality being a viable personality in its own right, an even more horrible mental disorder than the terrible struggle between me and the Evil One would be in the extremely unlikely even you all angels and humans all exist only in my mind which you do not.

It is only what it always was and can be nothing else. It just chose to oppose me and all goodness. He was separate from me the moment I made him. Why did you allow him to persuade you the angels are part of my mind? They are completely separate entities from me. They are not a part of my mind but the result of my creativity each one a living, loving, powerful, righteous creature I made only partly by the use of my mind.

The ones the Evil One convinced otherwise are ruthless, vicious, horribly evil creatures. I made them just as I made all humans; what they really are, nothing more and nothing less but precisely that I made them. They have nothing to do with me. But I love them just as I love all my angels and will until I am forced to be just and condemn them to only that they ever really were, all they really are, but in a penitentiary-like lake wherein they are to serve out the penalty for their crimes against everyone they ever wronged and even attempted to overthrow my authority; the highest possible treason!

For example had I allowed Sarai to conceive during he childbearing years it wouldn’t have been a very memorable thing, now would it? I grieved so often when you, Sarai kept begging me for a child. But I just couldn’t, not then. And I didn’t have the heart to let you know. I almost did though when you came up with that scheme to have a baby through Hagar. But I was a little angry, and neither one of you were listening to me. How could I honor that? That wouldn’t have been right any more than what the Evil One does and in the end did.

And Ishmael, you were such a wonderful child. I almost wished in my heart I could do it all through you though I never intended you be made in the beginning. I knew you would and I would save your soul for Abraham’s sake, but you were made by human decision not my own. I allowed it all. It is my responsibility and I alone take that responsibility because I allowed you to be conceived, be born and in the end for your soul to be saved forever and ever like everyone else here with us in the never ending new beginning.

But I wanted to see you, I have always wanted that since before I made the first place just to see you and all of those you know like yourself I love just as much as I love you. How could I give it all to Ishmael and risk never meeting you, any of you? I couldn’t. There was only one way. I knew that. And it would be wonderful despite the trouble it brought with those I never planned like Ishmael, such a lovely boy, such a beautiful mother, and such a man you were Abraham. That was the only time in your entire life you had really disappointed me.

I love you both so much. And Sarah-? You know I would have been more than full of joy to make you my own bride, my only wife forever and ever. Things just can't always be if they are to work out right, and this- this agape love we all hold so dear survive. I would not let evil take it away from anyone I had ever intended to have it. It wasn't easy for me. I just couldn't give that up for anything or any one, not even you Ishmael. Not even you. Not even... you.... Not to mention what your father and mother did... I have long since forgiven you two also. Don't worry. And you were still with us then Ismael! That's something! Isn't it Ishmael? Isn't it?

Well, you’re here with us now. That’s what counts. I knew what your descendants would do and invent their own god, their own little likeness of me that was just the product of their own evil imaginings in the thoughts of their own evil unfaithful hearts just like so many, many others like the Jews that never accepted my son that I never saw before in the first place and never intended they be made images of me at all. So many, you know, perished and needlessly! They could have clung to me, walked before me like your dear old dad wanted you to do. They could have. But I never saw very many of them before the first place. I never intended it go that way. But when I saw them I knew why. Yet I loved them, just like I loved you, Ismael. Sometimes I think I almost loved them too much. But they were no different than even your dad or even Sarah. They just never were intended to be and they never turned to me from their father the Evil One, the embodiment of all evil in humanity’s view. They never were evil in my view for it never existed in that it was only temporarily there and it was incorporated into my overall plan to create everything good, even that they truly ever were in an amazingly good end.

I hate to put it to you that way Ishmael even now. It grieves me more than you know. But the truth cuts both ways. If only they had been different. If only they could have gotten over their bitterness and accepted it was not according to my plan not to prevent our kind of love from coming to anyone willing to accept it that I ever took responsibility for their existence. They were no different than the ones I chose.

But they were like Cain the first one I lost that way and I was sort of in denial myself that I never saw him before the first place and never intended to make him in my image or to do what I knew all his life he would do and all the people that would never know me because of him and perish in that awful flood. That’s what I would have had to do again with your descendants had I chosen you. They never could have accepted the choice I had to make either way. And in the kind of love we all have for each other you for me, me for you, and all of you for each and everyone of my children as well as all others; they just couldn’t accept I had to have preferences. Everybody does whether like us; like me! Or not…

Sometimes I start to wonder why I had to be so good, but of course I didn’t go there even once from before the first place to the glorious last part that exists without end. There really was no choice. It was either that or die. Nobody really wants to die if they can help it.

How my heart yearned for you! Every blessed one of you. Every one of you ever blessed by what came through Abraham by me, by that one decision alone, like so many other decisions that stood alone in the same way from making a man in my own image to making millions and billions of humans more like Cain than me at first. There were many more like him who needed so much change to be here with us in the never ending end, the new beginning without all those that I never intended to make in my image but were anyway; mere humans and not children of mine at all, a little worse than the animals in their sexual preoccupations. They were exactly like you, my children except that they never once turned to me, and never had the evil they did undone for even I knew they never would turn to me no matter what I did of their own freewill even in the judgment after the end.

After what my son did I could have created them all again even way back before the first place. I would have been so overjoyed to do so, every damned one of them could have been created all over again and known our kind of life instead of just existing like the Evil One and all evil ones did. It was almost a mixed blessing, the entire idea of it. I just couldn’t resist. And there really… really… was no one there to stop me or to even advise us to do anything else but to be what we always were, all anybody even me can really be.

But I am so glad the way it worked out; so very, very glad. It fills me with a joy just like I had before I even made the place for everything and every one even those I never knew really, and never intended they be like they were, and yet when I looked at them I could see myself in all that they were, in all that they could have been had they just chosen to be like me: Just like you, like us, like all of you. It all turned out better than good. It turned out amazingly good! It even amazes me now like it did that first time I saw it!

We won’t remember them then, trust me. They will be just like evil and the rest of the evil ones. Something that existed because of something I never intended anyone especially me to ever do; turn themselves over to evil? Why? It was such a foolish decision but so many really didn’t and never will know just how foolish it really was forever and ever unfortunately. We have to know that now for a while longer. But then it will be so much different we can’t even remember them ever being in my image at all. It will be so amazingly good even I am in awe of how it will all work out. When I saw I had all that in me, how could I keep from going for it?

You’ll see. You will see. Just be patient a while longer. It won’t be long now. And you, the last ones I did it for? What about all of you? They want me to just end it. Nearly everyone here is crying out these times like the Jews that rejected my son to be avenged for something except the ones here with me in heaven cry out like that who really deserve it. And they’re right, they do deserve to be avenged every blessed one of them. But what about the rest of you!

But how could they have my patience? They are like me. But you are not me, fortunately. How much could I love replicas of me? I could never love replicas of me nearly as much as those made in my image that chose to be like me and were given a choice their entire lives like every human ever to be in my image whether I intended it or not.

Ishmael I am so sorry you were against everyone, and everyone was against you. And I’m sorry so many of your descendants were actually like that though they would deny it to my face nearly all of them even now they think they are so sure they are right. They are even against me. If it hadn’t have been for your dad you would have been that way too. It was very, very close in the end. I just had to forgive you like so many of those I created again that had to be turned over to Satan to save only their souls. It was in your father’s heart and I just couldn’t let him down that much. He never would have made it. You were his son too.

Your mother saw my angel even. But she had loyalty problems. She was merely loyal to herself almost her entire life and even Abraham gave up on her. He never once asked me for her life like he did yours. She was righteous and went back to being Sarai’s maid like I told her to do. She was more righteous then than either Abram or his wife. She called me, “You God sees me.” Because of her I had to make sure Abraham understood the difference as painful as that was. And I love her so much. Yours is a heavy load even here Ishmael because of the rest, but when we get to the never ending story of the New Earth you’ll forget too. Even you will. I promise.



Chapter 17: Learning Experience


I said to you, Abraham, “Should I hide what I am going to do, seeing as how you are going to be a great and mighty nation and all the nations in Earth will be blessed by you? I know you and you will command your household and your children so that I can accomplish what I set out to do with you and they will keep my way to do justice and have judgment But because the cry against Sodom and Gomorrah is great and their sin grieves me so I will go see whether what they say is true. If not, I will know.”

I had only been in Earth on four occasions, to make the man and give him a soul, to explain the consequences to them after they disobeyed me, to speak to Cain and judge him for what he did, to see for myself if they actually were going to make a tower to the sky at Babel except the times I came to spell out my agreement with you. But you never asked me why I had to see what was going on in Sodom and Gomorrah. Why is that? Did you expect me to be coming like this? Did you believe what you heard about the place? You rightly jumped right to the conclusion those who cried out against them did.

Two of my persons went on to Sodom but you still stood with me. Then you came near me and said, “Suppose there are 50 that are righteous in the city will you destroy both the righteous and the evil? Far be it from you. To kill the righteous and wicked and leave the righteous dead just like the wicked. Should the judge of the earth do something that wrong?” And you were genuinely alarmed, weren’t you, Abraham?

You too! Even you thought of me as a destroyer too because of what I did in Noah’s day. How was I to make it clear to you I am not now, and never was merciless that I loved all those people killed under the flood right up until the end? I was grieved I had ever made humans in my image. I loved them all, every damned one of them. But they had destroyed every chance I had of showing them what I had meant by making them in my image. They were all like Cain, thinking I was judgmental, angry and mean. It was that which had caused it to go that way in the first place with him and all his descendants.

“If I find 50 righteous people there I will not destroy the place for their sake,” I said finding it surprising how it hurt to have even you thinking like that about me. Didn’t you realize that if there were any righteous people at all in the city I would have evacuated them first or even kill everyone else but them while they stood and watched! Just what did you think of me?

“What if there are five fewer than that,” you asked, “Will you destroy the city for just five too few!”

Did you really think I was that legalistic that I wouldn’t change my mind for even 49 short of that number? I was appalled. But I had compassion on you for if that is what even you thought what must everyone else think of me.

Then you asked, “What if there are only 40 there?”

“I won’t do it for 40 either,” I said amazed at your idea I was a destroyer like the Evil One. Had the flood actually damaged my good name that much? I knew it was so but to have it coming from someone like Abraham hurt.

“Please don’t be angry with me Lord,” he said, “But suppose only 30?”

You actually thought I had blew my top when I caused the flood. It had grieved me to the core and I would have destroyed every living thing on the entire land had it not been for Noah, but because I couldn’t watch anymore, not because I was a hothead. Now we were getting somewhere for I saw by the conversation you would see you could trust that I was not a destroyer at heart and that I never once got mad. I got angry but it had only been righteous anger. I was not quick tempered nor did I fly off the handle and not think of anyone else when I was angry. The way it stood you were thinking I was just a man and given to violence and destruction, that I was as angry as the Evil One ever got and about to get even with these people when truth be known I loved them as much as I did you. I had come in person to make absolute sure I had to do this thing. Did I come charging in like a roaring lion or like a warrior with an ax? No I stopped by the place of a friend and took time from a busy schedule just to give you and Sarah the good news she was expecting.

“See?” you said, “I have taken it upon myself to talk to you at least. What if there is only 20?”

“Not even if only 20,” I said.

Even after talking me down all that way you were not only scared for the city’s righteous but for yourself. Is that what had you so alarmed? I was beginning to understand. You were not just fearing me, you were afraid of me and what I might do even to you for talking to me this way. It moved me until I felt like crying right there in front of you for nothing could be farther from my mind. I was amazed. But I was not amazed you feared me, but that you actually had something to be afraid of me for, after all we had been through. To fear someone makes one sharp, to be afraid of someone can destroy their relationship. Was that all I had been to you, someone to obey because you were afraid of what I could and therefore might do to you if you didn’t obey me. Were you like the others after all. Scared to hell of me literally!

“Now don’t get angry with me Lord,” you said and I almost sighed I was so disappointed in you, “I will speak on their behalf just one more time? What if there are only ten righteous people there?”

I was so disappointed in our relationship Abraham it had to show in my voice as I said, “I will not destroy for the sake of even ten.”

So I just walked off and you turned and went back to your tent. You had me wondering whether I had seen right even when I made the agreement with you. It was clear you were just like everyone else now. You had little or no respect for who I was and you were scared as the devil of me. I was disappointed but you were who and what you were. I would have to earn your respect before I could earn the respect of anyone else. You were the key. I had seen you way back and I had even seen you scared to death of me. I suspected it was that way and so I actually knew it to be that way, but I had hoped it had not gone so far that even to make such promises to as I had made to you would not have softened your view of me. In fact it had the opposite effect. It had scared you even more, didn’t it Abraham? That’s what I had to work with, so that was what I had to work on. I was in affect starting over again. It seemed odd, but it was a weird experience I had to have even you reveal that about what and who you were. It was going to be harder on you than I had thought it would be. And I grieved for you. What had happened in the past was still with you. You had bought what the Evil One had been saying about me since Babel and I knew it, but I didn’t like it a bit.

Don’t get me wrong. You hadn’t said anything wrong but what your evil heart had you thinking and feeling the entire way here, in Egypt, in the saving of Lot in battle, and now in your inheritance you were also afraid of losing. You really didn’t trust me, or love me, in fact you hadn’t even started to. When you and Sarai had done what you did, you weren’t just thinking of yourselves, you were thinking of me as an adversary. Amazing. I knew what I saw. I had known we would even have that conversation. But to actually have it had been a learning experience.

But that was good too.

Your evil imagination in the thoughts of your heart actually thought there might be ten people in Sodom scared enough of me to do what I said. It just didn’t seem like it should have ever been exactly that way. All you people in Earth understood was power. Well I have plenty of that. There is nothing I can’t do. I had proven that to you. It was the way it should be in fact. You were evil humans and I wasn’t evil in the least bit. That did make us adversaries in a strange sort of way. If left to yourselves you would be as much of an enemy in your way as the Evil One ever was, and he never took anything the right way. I had no ax to grind. I loved you in a way people don’t even believe exists until I prove it to them just by loving them that way no matter who they are, what they have done, or what I know they can and cannot do because they take things the wrong way all the time, the evil way. But I asked for it by saving Noah and his entire family. I knew what he was. And I knew what they were like.

You don’t think of me that way, do you? You don’t actually believe I am all about power and on a power trip really, do you? No one has anything like my power! If I was on a power trip, your hearts couldn’t stand the display I could show you. I have never shown but the tip of the iceberg from all of creation to bringing fire, real fire down from heaven, not the sky, not space but heaven, the spiritual place that is everywhere the sky, space, the first place, the New Earth, the New Heaven, you name it I am there and when I brought real fired down through the sky I was not an alien spacecraft shooting photon torpedoes or some wacky thing from the imaginings of the thoughts of your mind or heart. I brought it down physically to this physical planet from the spiritual place in the only direction that your minds could have grasped it, down from the sky.



Chapter 18: The First Evil Utopia


The two of my angels that left me and Abraham talking near his tent arrived in Sodom that evening. You Lot saw us and came walking up to us and bowed your face toward the ground.

“Look here my lords,” you said, “Stop off at my house and stay all night long with me and wash your feet. Then you can rise up early if you want and go your way.”

Did you think us just common ordinary strangers and were concerned about us being there even though there were two of us in the streets at night? I would have expected more from you Lot. Had you been in that place so long you really didn’t know who we were even? Was it your practice to take strangers home with you for their safety?

“No, we’ll just stay the night here,” I said not seeing anything yet to concern even a human in my likeness.

But you kept pressing us to come to your house and it didn’t make any difference to us where we were in the city from the reports we had heard we would see what the city was really like. So we went home with you. There you made a feast for us with unleavened bread and all and we ate supper with you. But before we lay down for the night we heard a commotion outside as all the people from the entire city of Sodom had gathered around the entire house.

“Where are the men you brought home tonight?” they finally yelled from outside, “Bring them out we want to have relations with them!”

What was this? A sex crazed mob! The entire city! Men, women, young and old from every place there was in the entire city!

Then you did something foolish you opened the door, went outside and closed the door behind you. I heard you say to them, “Please, please, brothers, don’t be this wickedness!” as if you didn’t believe they were a mob but curious onlookers. Then I heard you say, “Look here! Please let me bring out my two virgin daughters and do with them as you wish just don’t do anything to these men for they came to my place for safety!” and I realized how truly desperate you were to keep us safe from their unsavory intentions. Your own little girls! You were right the gravity of such a suggestion should have affected their consciences enough for them to realize how far out of hand it had all gotten.

It did but it didn’t stop them as I would have thought. It made them mad for I heard one of them say, “Stand back,” as he apparently stepped forward, “This one man came here just to stay a while and now he alone would be our judge? We will do worse to you than with them!” as they stormed the door you stood in front of nearly causing it to cave in. But I reached out my hand and pulled you back inside and between us we shut the door again. Then we miraculously made them all blind both male and female and even then they wore themselves out trying to get through the door.

Then we said to you, “Do you have anyone else in the city; son in law, sons, daughters, whatever you have; go out and get them and bring them out of this place! For the sins of these people is very great indeed and he has sent us to destroy it!”

So you went out into the mob and said to you son in law who had married your daughters for even they were part of the mob right where they sat, “Get up and get yourselves out of this place for the Lord will destroy the entire city!” But what with such a large crowd they took it you were trying to make fun of them. So you came back in but they still hadn’t left as the sun was about to rise next morning.

Then I woke you and tried to hurry you up, “Get up! Take your wife and your two daughters here and get out of the city before you too perish with the city!” But even while you were yet groggy we put our hand on your wrists, for I had mercy on you and I brought you through the mob outside the city.

“Now,” I said, “Run for you life! Don’t even look back! And don’t stay in the plain but run to the mountains!” for I knew you would all be safe there.

“Not so, my Lord!” you shouted my title at last. Did it take you that long to recognize who I was! Did my little miracle wake you up again? I’m glad Lot. But why did you doubt me? You would have made it. I’m never wrong. You would think you might have realized that even back then. “Look. You have been amazingly merciful by saving my life but-?” Is that what it was always about with you, thank you so much for the amazing miracles and all but I still don’t think you know what you are doing, what do you think I am capable of, what could happen if I do what you say… Why didn’t you just have faith in me and go for it? “I can’t run all the way to the mountain! What if something happens to me? I’ll die!” Why did you still think you were the one you had to count on? You and you alone as always? Nothing had changed. You hadn’t even been able to see me but just two strangers. You couldn’t see past yourself, could you Lot? I love you Lot. I never would have let you die after going through all the trouble I had gone through just to save your life. Didn’t you understand I loved you and that was what taking you out of that place was all about? I wasn’t testing you Lot. I was saving you. And I never test myself. I know who I am, and what I am, so there is never a reason for me to test myself. And Lot, no one knows better than I do. Not even you. Any of you.

“See, there’s a city nearby, and it’s just a little one? And my soul will live,” you said.

You had no interest in saving that little city. You just didn’t think in the thoughts of your heart you could make it to the mountain. Which is harder for me to do? Save a mountain with nobody in it but you whom I had saved, or overlook the horrible sins of Sodom that had spread throughout the entire region. I had planned to destroy that little city for the same reasons I was destroying Sodom and Gomorrah and the entire valley that was like them. Think on it Lot. Because of you that type of sin was still in the world. I wasn’t destroying cities and towns; an entire plain! The people there, all of them turned out to do to us whatever they felt like doing, every damned one of them! Weren’t they past saving Lot? Were you? Were you, or had you become that much like them in heart you would trust them more than me, for your precious, precious soul. I could have destroyed everything around you and not let it even curl your hair away from your face by blinding you too. The destruction of human lives that never would be like my image again and places, cities, town, trees, grass, and even animals was not what it was about. It was about controlling the spread of evil, evil worse than even I could imagine without seeing it take place myself. I knew then that if it wasn’t for Abraham it would have been better to destroy you and yours along with the rest of the entire area.

So I said while doing my best and not to be sighing in frustration, “See? I will accept that too. Go ahead. I won’t destroy the little city.” But it took all I could manage not to say, “I guess,” and show you my feelings about how disappointed I was in you. “But hurry up! I can’t do anything until you are safe.” So they called the city Zoar which means small town. The sun had just risen then when you entered Zoar.

Then I gave them a direct pass to torment by bringing fire and sulfur down on the entire plain out of heaven, not the sky but the place of the spirits and their spiritually incorruptible bodies and all. But in the only way all humans can understand it, it was like rain for it formed in the sky above the place and fell upon every thing there and every square inch of the place but Zoar.

But unexpectedly Lot’s wife stopped and looked back from behind him, for she was the last one about to enter. I hadn’t expected it and had warned them I wouldn’t be watching that close by ordering them not to even look back. But she had it within her to be just like them in the cities and disobey me that one last time too many. I couldn’t save her. And I knew it would have been a mistake anyway if she wouldn’t even do that one little thing to save herself. Two more steps she could have watched the entire thing. It almost broke my heart to see how very, very close she had come to making it to avoid the impending torment.

Why hadn’t you looked back when safe! Oh you foolish woman! Why did you have to look back when I told you not to and expected you to do what I ordered. You were just like Adam. I loved you both so much but you just couldn’t take me serious enough, or keep my command in mind long enough, or whatever enough to just take a few more steps and safely watch it all happen if you wanted. Nobody else would probably but you would have and been safe. Oh! My breaking heart! Do you have any idea what you did to me. Of course not now. But did you even know as you were doing that last little thing to me? No. I don’t suppose. All that was left even of your physical body was the salt that had been in it. Just salt. A pillar of salt right in front of little bitty town standing there like a false god or something. You were the brightest of the four of you, but more curious than a cat. Oh. Oh! My broken heart! I had forgotten you already I almost thought. If only I had never loved you at all! But I am what I am, it’s me, I have to just be me, who I am at all times, completely only good all the time!



Chapter 19: Self-serving Fear


Because you feared to live in Zoar now, seeing what happened in Sodom [If only you had been that wise when you moved into Sodom?] because of that you went through the burnt sulfur of the plain, looked at all the complete devastation that tore at my heart to think I had to do it. Then you moved into a cave, you Lot and your two darling little virgin daughters and I watched in horror remembering what had happened in that cave. It was a nightmare, Lot. It was utterly disgusting to me but there was nothing I could do. You were beyond the reach of my goodness and you showed no sign of getting over your fear of me ever again.

When your oldest said to the youngest, “Our father is old,” and I know your older daughter thought it was the end of the world in the imaginings of her evil heart so I could barely listen. I had to turn away. I couldn’t watch. “And there is no man in the entire Earth to come in unto us in the manner of all the world,” I heard her say and I cringed to think she was that far gone and there was nothing I could do, nothing I could say in my goodness, that would not be forcing her to do right instead of wrong, good rather than evil. “Let’s get Daddy drunk and lie with him to make descendants for him,” she proposed to her innocent little sister. Then you, the two of them got you very drunk and she was old enough to know better but she was also old enough to think of it too. So she went in and lay with her own father and he didn’t know when she lay down and when she got up. You, Lot, let them get you so drunk. You thought nothing of it.

Then when the two of your girls did it again and they got you drunk again. Why didn’t you try to see what it must have looked like to their evil little hearts Lot? You were so wound up in losing your life and the horrors around you I had let go so far for your sake and for the sake of my servant Abraham. You couldn’t see past yourself yet could you Lot.

They were like little kids thinking the entire world had come to an end and they and you were the only ones left but those old degenerates in Zoar. They must have put the idea in their heads. They probably even found it hilarious that the mighty man of God had been reduced to nothing and his line was dying out. I didn’t care to know. I never cared to listen I knew what was going to happen and that you were all beyond the reaches my goodness. And you never knew when the youngest one lay down and when she got up either. They were a lot like you. Thinking only of themselves, that they would never have or hold a baby again ever.

When the older one had a baby and named him Moab, he became the father of the Moabites, and the younger one had a son too and named him Benammi, the father of the children of Ammon then you should have just suspect, Lot? You knew. You knew what you had done. Even Abraham loved you the way I loved you. Why? Why were you so foolish on your own and so mean to yourself as to stay all that time in Sodom even after I woke you up to what was going on with the first war of all time that I was ever involved in at least.

If I live to see eternity a billion times over I will never understand the evil drive to do evil! It temps me sometimes to want to do it myself just to know what it’s like, but it just isn’t in me. I never did it, I can’t do it now, and I never will be able to. In the end we will all forget it was ever even an option for anyone ever to do it again. I had to finally destroy the option even for my own good. And you know? I never destroyed anything for it never really was anything but a fictional option in the first place. It never destroyed the existence of anything. I couldn’t allow it to be more than forgettable fiction in the end no matter how real it seemed to get.

And it turned out to have been something that never really did anything to anyone that didn’t strengthen even my goodness to the point it destroyed itself with goodness, the goodness of judgment and at last justice for everyone and every thing that ever had existed or would exist forever. As it turned out I knew all along it wasn’t truly an option, everything about it was false and everyone it devoured from the Evil One to Lot’s wife were false in everything they thought said and did except that they never knew the true goodness it is just to exist.

When I think of the exceedingly humongous blessing it will be to live forever and ever without even a speck of it not even one the size of a speck of a dead cockroach’s feces when compared to the entire area in the place I made to create everything in way back in the beginning-! But I would never destroy the existence of that either for destroying the existence of anything only makes it memorable without end. And even that can come back to haunt yours or someone else’ memory. Even that was all just like a harmless serpent’s psychological demon that started with what was almost a white lie in its inception but it cursed its angel beyond anything else that ever was cursed but actually brought the curse on itself.

It was like you, Abraham and your little white lie to Pharaoh. It was true, but it wasn’t true in all cases, was it? Abram, you knew it wasn’t true but it would work well to make you richer than you almost could not have ever imagined. But it started all the evil that happened since then. Lot had to move because of that, didn’t he?

It served you but it served no one else. It put Sarah in danger of being forced to commit adultery to save your life. It made you and Lot divide up to become Lot’s problem for he chose the plains of Jordan. But that little white lie is where it started. It was also the first sign there was evil in the imaginings of your heart too. And it’s not over yet. It was not over for a long time and you realize it now too, don’t you? Just a clever little white lie that seems like an incredible personal enlightenment. I never knew that. You know I wouldn’t do that! It was a revelation brought to your mind in the spirit of evil.

Then you did it again, remember Abraham. After the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah you traveled south between Kadesh and Shur and stayed in Gerar, but remember what you said? Do you recall it? That same little self-serving white lie.

“She is my sister,” you told Abimelech so that he would send for her.

But I didn’t let it go that long this time. I visited Abimelech’s dream that night. And I said to him, “You are a dead man! The woman you sent for is another man’s wife.”

But you had not come near her yet, Abimelech. So you said half awake, “Will you also destroy a righteous nation?”

What was that supposed to mean? All you understood was power, wasn’t it? You knew nothing of how sad it made me I had to destroy the entire plains around Sodom and Gomorrah not to mention all those people and Lot, his wife and his daughters in the process. Here I was telling you something that could save your life because I loved you and you tried to slam it back in my face what I had done to them. Did you really have the audacity to declare yourself more righteous than even I am and in my presence no less! You did Abimelech. Just because you hadn’t come near her yet?

“Didn’t he tell me, ‘She is my sister,’ and she herself said, ‘He is my brother.’? It was with integrity it was all done. I am innocent,” you said and drifted deeper into sleep.

While you yet slept I said, “Yes, I know you did it with integrity, and I didn’t let you touch her to save you from sinning. Therefore give her back to him, for he is my prophet and he will pray for you and you will live, but if you don’t you will die, you and everyone that is yours.”

Therefore you awoke and it was already early morning so you told all your servants about it and scared them half to death too. Only then did you call for Abraham. “What have you done to us? Where did I offend you? You have brought a great transgression upon my entire kingdom! You have done things that should not ever be done! What have you seen in the future about us that you did such a thing?” you asked of Abraham.

“I thought that surely the fear of God is not here and they will kill me for my wife’s sake,” you answered Abraham. Who gave you that thought in the first place? Was it ever really just in your imagination or did someone else give you that idea? Have you been blind all this time! After all we have been to each other you were still thinking only of your own self. Did you think that everything had turned out for you because I approved of everything you had done? I did not. You knew better once about the matter of Ismael and Hagar. What happened to that awareness? The Evil One gave you that thought down in Egypt and you thought, ‘Aha! That worked out just fine! I’m rich! Sure I made a mess of it by marrying Hagar. Sure I had to save Lot and kill a lot of men to do it. And now even Lot is dead as far as I know? But my soul still lives and it might make me even richer.’

Did you think at all about all of that. No! You were too busy saving your own skin again when it wasn’t even in any danger at all this time? You bought into the same evil imaginings in your heart you did before as had been your habit before I promised to become your descendant’s God and make them my people. You may be my prophet Abraham but-? You didn’t even judge this people correctly and I am entrusting you-! I have entrusted you to teach your sons and all yours good judgment and how to do justice, but you are nothing like what you teach. I love you anyway Abraham.

“When God caused me to leave home, I begged her to tell people I was her brother whenever we came to a place that was strange to us,” you said, even though it wasn’t true. You hatched that evil plan when you went down to Pharaoh, and you knew it. What was that! First you told Abimelech a white lie, then you justified it with another lie? Weren’t they both lies? One of the reasons you or anyone else shouldn’t lie is because they have to be changed from time to time to cover past lies. In their facts? Sometimes. In their settings? Sometimes. The point is Abraham you shouldn’t lie because they are not true and anything that is not true leads you further and further from me.

You, Abimelech forgave him and gave him even more property than he had before as well as giving Sarah back to him. Then you said, “My kingdom is out there, live wherever you want.” Then you turned to Sarah and said to her to reprove her, “I have given your husband a ton of money! He is a blindfold to you, all of yours and all others!”

What a difference between the way Abimelech treated you after he forgave you and the way Pharaoh treated you when he found out about what you had done and kicked you out of his kingdom.

Then finally Abraham prayed for Abimelech and I healed him and his wife and his maids and they were again able to have children for I had sealed their wombs because of Sarah. I loved her. I loved Abraham. But I also loved Abimelech and all those with him. And again I was disappointed in Abraham.

But once again I forgave you Abraham. It was part of who and what you were before I forgave you was all. I did not curse you but forgave you to teach you what it was to be good, loving, right, powerful, not critical, and not selfish or self-serving. I was still hoping to make you more and more like me because you were made in my image too, the same as Abimelech. But you were to be a blessing and not a curse to every family in Earth. But once again others were more righteous than you were. You were only righteous it appeared at the time, not only just because you were afraid of my power, but just because you believed me. I don’t mean to make any less of that, but you, even you Abraham didn’t have the idea right even yet after all I had been to you and all I had given you.

Do you get it now? It is good to fear God, fear is good for you if you are to treat someone with holiness; God, those in charge of the Church, your brothers and sisters in God and even angels, the Evil One included, but also those who will one day know me, and even those who will never know me whom I never intended to make in Earth you have to fear. But do not let your fear of me be the only guiding thing between doing right and wrong. Love me, love others, yourself and let us love you like I intended all the time even before I made the place to make everything.



Chapter 20: Miracle Birth


I visited my creative power on Sarah who conceived and at the time I had set she had a son from Abraham and he named him Isaac and circumcised him when he was eight days old.

“God made me laugh and now everyone who hears of it will laugh with me,” you said Sarah not realizing it was possible some might laugh at your reaction to what I had done. Then you said, “Who would have even thought I’d have a child by Abraham in his advanced years? But I’ve had a son and will nurse him!” And even as you held the baby in your arms your mind was blown, wasn’t it Sarah? You finally understood why I had waited so long to let you have a child. Everyone even you were sure you couldn’t have a child, a normal healthy child and so everyone would know my power, the power to make a way when there was no chance a human could conceive of that it would take to happen. Isaac was your own personal miracle and you shared that miracle with you husband of all those years, all those years of wanting and wait, so that even you had given up.

When you finally weaned Isaac Abraham threw a party, a great feast to honor the event, he was so pleased and hungry for a reason to celebrate. And during the party you saw the son of that Egyptian woman, Hagar making fun of you. And you were outraged and humiliated weren’t you Sarah? You never once thought anyone wouldn’t be please by what had happened. But Ishmael was happy about it. He had even laughed with you at first. But then his evil imagination in the thoughts of his heart saw how silly it was to throw a great big party just because you had weaned your baby. And he laughed not at the miracle or Abraham but the way you had reacted to it because it seemed so overdone to him. You might have laughed at yourself too and forgave him, but you didn’t. Reality hit you just as you saw what Ishmael was doing.

You were so overjoyed you never considered how it might look to others. You felt like a foolish old woman again, rather than the recipient of a great miracle, one of my best. And you reacted with your heart as you realized the truth which is only hard to bear if you have lapsed into imagining in your emotional state something that had to do only with emotions and not the rest of truth. And it broke my heart to see the pain in your eyes as you realized what it really was and how overdone it seemed to everyone but you that Abraham had thrown a party for the occasion, a perfectly mundane ordinary natural occasion.

You were moved to great anger instead of reacting lovingly toward even Ishmael. You blew your top and screamed at Abraham, “Throw that- that bondwoman of mine out! And throw her son out with her! He will never be an heir with my son! Isaac is!” But you weren't prophesying. You were grounded in reality, but not in me. What you said bothered me. I loved Hagar and Ismael as much as I did you. You were right. It was best they leave and be moved somewhere else to keep peace in the family, but your motives were entirely wrong. You were mad at reality not Ishmael or Hagar whom your words revealed you had never loved since she despised you that first time. If only you could have forgiven her. She had served you faithfully for all those years. Surely that would have counted for something had you been able to forgive her for something you had done wrong in the first place? But you didn't.

You Abraham took it hard. It grieved your soul not have your son around. You didn’t seem to mind not having your concubine around, but your son! Oh, what if something were to happen to your son, Ishmael!

So I said, “Don’t be so upset Abraham because of the boy and her mother. Listen to everything Sarah said for it’s Isaac’s descendants I will count as your descendants not Ishmael’s.” And I said that for Ismael was born of human decision and not my own. It was Isaac alone I had promised you. And it couldn’t work any other way if I was to see them, you all of you I had intended to make the entire way along. It was a difficult choice but I had made it, and of course it was not only the best choice but the only good choice. Ismael was not your son in the way Isaac was. He was created by the sin you and Sarah had cooked up. And Hagar was your wife in the same way, and now only in name anyway. You didn’t love her like a wife, did you Abraham?

So you got up early the next morning and took a bottle of water and some food, putting it on Hagar’s shoulder and gave her the boy and sent her away not knowing where she would go. And she left and wandered about the wilderness of Beersheba. But the water finally ran out and the boy was weak so you Hagar put him down under some shrubs there in the shade. Then you went quite a ways away and sat down with your back to him and said, “I don’t want to have to watch my own child die…” And you began crying and screaming aloud in you emotional distress, for you had forgotten about me and my angel I had sent you before, the one you called, “You God sees me.” Your emotions had overpowered your reasoning again. You never even gave me a thought. Your imaginings in your heart were so strong that was why you had just wandered around out there until you ran out of water and until your teenager was half dead of thirst.

I didn’t even hear you because of the sinful state you were in not to even so much as remember me from an earlier time not very much different than this time. I heard Ishmael and called out to you from heaven when I saw what was going on. “What is wrong with you Hagar?” I said, “Don’t worry for I have heard the boy from where you put him. Get up and go to the boy, for God will make a great nation out of him too.” Then I cut through your emotions and you saw the well of water before you, so you went and filled the bottle with water and let your son have a drink. And I was with him, for Abraham’s prayer and he grew up and became an archer. He lived in the wilderness of Paran but you got an Egyptian wife for him.

That was what your mother, Hagar did for you Ishmael when you were but a teen and then later when you had grown enough to start your own family. If only she had thought even to remember me, it needn’t have been so hard on either one of you. She heard everything I said to her, but she never even said one word to me. But she did obey me; twice now. She’s here with you isn’t she Ismael? She finally understood the difference between me and my angel. She even knew the name they called me. She’s here and that’s why, right?

After that Abimelech and Phichol, his chief captain said to you Abraham, “God is with you in everything you do. Therefore swear to me you will not deceive me, my son, or my grandson and that you will deal with me and my land according to the kindness I showed you.”

So you said, “I so swear.” But you complained to him about a well his men had taken by violence.

Abimelech said, “I don’t know who did it. You never told me either. And I never even heard of it until just now.”

So you gave him some of your property and the two of you made an agreement. Then you took seven female lambs and set them before him.

Then Abimelech asked you what you meant by them and you said, “They are a witness between us that I have dug this well.”

The two of you then called the place Beersheba where you made the agreement. Then Abimelech and Phichol headed back to the land of the Philistines. But Abraham planted a grove of trees there and called on me, whom he called the everlasting God. Then Abraham stayed there a long time.

So I made peace between Abraham and all those around him just as I will do for you. Do you even have any enemies? Well if you do, I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry. I love you and I know you need peace in order to flourish.



Chapter 21: Fear and Shrewdness


Then one day I said to you, “Abraham.”

And you said, “I’m here.”

“Take your son, Isaac, whom you love and take him to mount Moriah and offer him up as a burnt offering.”

You never said anything you just slept on it and got up early, and headed out with two younger men with you and Isaac and the wood for the burnt offering. Were you still just afraid of me? Were you really going to do it! How deep was your fear of me? You never trusted me before. Were you afraid enough to set your own beloved son on fire!

Three days later you saw the place a long ways off. So you said to your young men, “Stay here with the pack animal and me and the boy will go up the mountain and worship. Just wait here until we come back.”

“My father?” Isaac said.

You said, “I’m listening.”

“I see the fire and wood,” Isaac said, “But where is the lamb for the offering?”

“Oh, my son,” you said, “God will provide it himself.”

Were you prophesying or just hoping? Maybe you didn’t have it in you to tell Isaac that he was to be the sacrifice? You were thinking a thousand miles an hour. Do you remember what you were thinking? Did you still think I was a murderous destroyer like the Evil One? We were amazed. You never once said a word to us.

Then you came to the place I had told you about. After that you built an altar and set the wood in order on it. Then you amazed me. You bound Isaac and lay him on the wood. Then you took out your knife.

Suddenly I had my angel call out of heaven down to you, “Abraham! Abraham!”

And you said in great sadness, “I’m here.”

You saw the place I had put you in. If you didn’t kill your beloved son you might lose everything. If you did, you lost everything you loved, and everything I had promised you was a lie to you also. You didn’t know what to do. Why were you going to do it? Were you that afraid of me, or had you finally learned to trust me even in a case like that?

“Don’t lay a hand on the boy or do anything to him,” I said, “Now I know you fear me for you haven’t even withheld your only son from me.”

Then you looked and a ram was tangled in bushes by its horns and you took it and burnt it for the burnt offering to me. Therefore you called the place, Jahovajireh and it is still there.

Then my angel called to you out of heaven again, “I swear by myself: Because you have done this and not withheld your only son, I will bless you in blessing, and your descendants will grow so large their number will be like the stars in the sky and your descendants will control the very gates of their enemies. Because you obeyed my voice they will be a blessing to every nation in earth and they too will be blessed.”

So after you burnt the ram you and Isaac went back to your young men and you all went together back home to Beersheba. There you received word that Milcah had children by Nahor. His firstborn was Huz, then Buz his brother and Kemuel the father of Aram. She also had Chesed, Hazo, Pildash, Jidlaph and finally Bethuel and Bethuel had a daughter named Rebekah. All eight children were your bother’s children. Also his concubine Reumah had Tebah, Gaham, Thahash and Maachah by him. So your family had already grown in number.

Years later Sarah died in Kirjatharba also called Hebron in Canaan and you came to mourn her and cry over her. Then you stood up and said to the sons of Heth, “I’m a foreigner and just staying with you but give me a piece of land for a possession among you in order to bury my dead here.

They said, “Here, here, my lord. You are like a prince among us. Take your pick of sepulchers to bury her in. No one here would hold back any one of them he has.”

“If that is so,” you said, “I ask you to entreat Ephron the son Zohar to give me the cave of Machpelah in the end of the field which is his for as much as it is worth to him as my burying place.

Then Ephron the Hittite who lived there too said in the audience of everyone that lived there, everyone that came and went from the city, “No, my lord, in the presence of all my people I give you the entire field and the cave that’s there too. I’ll just give it to you. Bury you dead.”

But you bowed down before everyone there and said, “But if you will give the field to me, then let me pay for it so that it is mine. Here take it? Then I will bury my dead.”

But Ephron answered and said, “The field is worth four hundred units of our money, but what is that between you and me. Take it and bury your dead.”

You weighed out the silver in the currency of the land and gave it to Ephron in front of everyone there, the children of Heth. And the field which was in Machpelah, the field, its cave, and all the trees that were in the field and that made up the borders were made a surety for your possession as witnessed by all the children of Heth. Then and only then did you bury your wife Sarah’s body in the cave at Machpelah in Mamre also called Hebron in the land of the Canaanites for it was indisputably your possession witnessed and everything.

What a wise thing to do, Abraham! I was proud of you. Everyone would know for generations to come, even for centuries to come that was your graveyard and no one else was to be buried in it and I am another witness now that this book is written that it is true. What a shrewd man you were, and all without the help of my Holy Spirit. Look! These are the things a mere human male did on his own. Who is there to argue with such a man? That was another reason I felt sure in choosing his descendants to make my own people and to be their God though I had never been a God before even though I am really the only one truly qualified to really be that.

All of the rest are just wishful thinking; thinking that often times has gone awry in the imaginings of the thoughts of the minds and especially the hearts of humans everywhere. And when the devils and demons hear of it, is it not an excellent invitation to them to lend their power to it to enslave the people. I am not like that. I am a God that aims to benefit all the people both my people and everyone else and to set them free of the slavery they get themselves into by worshiping such worthless, evil things. I free everyone from evil. They practice evil and put themselves all in bondage to them one way or the other.

If only humanity was entirely as shrewd as Abraham and not just with others but in dealing with the imagination of their own emotions and run such a desirably hard bargain even with what comes into their minds from such evil persons they react to with their hearts instead of reasoning it out to see there is nothing to it that benefits them or the ones that gave them the thought either. They think in both their hearts and their minds that the only thing they can trust is what they can sense with their mere five senses. But that’s only part of it and they know it or they would never make any mistakes instead of having to update their research or change their own plans to fit what I made which they call reality, though they don’t believe it came from me.

I did not merely give them eyes to see with, hands to handle things with, ears to hear sounds with, noses to smell odors with, or taste buds to determine the taste thereof I gave them a mind to access sound imaginings and to apply my reason to the things they sense and know things far beyond merely what they can learn from their senses and even enhancements of their senses. And as if that were not enough I have given them the ability to imagine things in their emotions what they should and should not desire. But they latch onto the first emotion that comes to them without considering who put it there if anyone, and they virtually never choose to feel or have emotions of their own choosing. In fact most of them have lost that ability entirely and are always at the mercy of their hearts as if any of that ever was actually merciful to anyone I have ever known, or understood their intent, or comprehended their schemes.

As a result they have all become schemers, not just their women, and they have all become liars acting on false information, only part of the true facts, or the true information and the true weight of their own and others intentions that has always been available to them because they were too lazy to make a surety of everything they believe that they might act on it without making mistakes.

And they don’t even consider the desires, the ways it will effect others, and the way it will cause others to think nor the damage they have done and will continue to do. Are they not altogether evil wasting everything I have given them, disqualifying themselves from anything I might have yet given them and trying to steal their way among everyone else to satisfy their proposed way to benefit themselves even with what is not true to me, them or others and always pushing their agenda instead of what should be done, could be done and might be done if they even considered involving me and my brains, may hearts and my wills to do the good things they have no chance to understand or comprehend what to do and have no desire to do what I know is good in deference to their error.

It is their own foolishness they will choose instead. Are they not evil? Only evil all the time? What choice do I have but to forgive them until the next foolishness they choose or the next evil that comes upon them as a result? If only they would consider me, believe me, fear me, obey me and desire what even I want for them and not just for myself.

You will you know. In the new beginning in the New Earth you will. Under the New Heaven you will. But you are not to be allowed to do anything else in the New Jerusalem, and the Holy City where they are free there to come and go as they please if they have no abominations, no sinfulness, and no vileness within, or with them when they enter. None of that will be permitted there ever from the beginning of it to the end that never arrives in that city forever and ever. You will all have learned to be what I made you by then in every lasting, unending love and righteousness, forever doing good to others, to me and to everyone else as they do that back to them to my glory not theirs.

You were never designed, even one of you, the Evil One included to be and do what you are and do now. Ask me and I will assist you in learning what you have been given and how best to use those tool in being and doing, saying and thinking only what is good which is merely what I intended you be in the first place. Why did you think I made you in my image? Surely you know me a little by now. I never have only my own agenda in mind at any time. Oh, that you were like me at all! You would have known that and I wouldn’t have even had to spell it out to you for you would already believe me. But that spirit you are is uncomfortable even considering that anyone could even be like me. I assure you. No one but my son, and our spirit is completely comfortable with it. But you will be like us one day. You will. I promise. Did I ever break a promise? Why then don’t you believe us even now? You can believe me? Right?



Chapter 22: Romantic Love


Even as I write this through my servant, you have a notion in the imaginings of your heart that you can find one if not several that are right for you. You imagine as my servant does there is one woman, or if you are female you imagine there is one man out there somewhere that is your perfect match.

[I’m not talking about evil perverse people who imagine in their emotions there is a member or several members of the same sex, whether adult or not and not necessarily the same sex, in groups or singly, a close relative or not, or even some animal or groups of each or various parts of that if not all of that which is right for you to be as one flesh with as Adam prophesied. That is just evil nonsense and extremely not useful to who and what I have ever made anyone. I will not speak to you of that unless you change your hearts and minds and willpower to at least be that you are, even if it is not good.]

Either that you are looking for though does not exist or you do not do well at finding it. Listen to me, ask me, and I will help you find someone compatible with you that suits your tastes and your purpose as well as any other factor that is important. Did I ever give anyone a torso that was wrong for them? Are your arms, legs, feet, hands, neck, head, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth or even your hair wrong for you? I have given you what you needed for your situation and to live in the circumstance in which you must live in order to be all that you are and I alone can teach you how to use your tools and your unique skills to be perfectly that I made your body to be. How much less do I know about the spirit that belongs to you.

But you who know none of that and imagine I have made a mistake in making you, something I have never once done for I am incapable of it. If any of that is a mistake, who made it that way? You? Why would you do such a thing to me and others? Evil? Evil cannot do such things. No one who is evil knows anything about doing such things in a loving way that is right even for themselves. Trust me.

Romantic involvement is not evil, or even necessarily wrong. It just gets in the way of how best to use your tools and how easily you may learn the skills necessary for you. It would be better if you devoted yourself completely to me and remained single like my servant who writes this for me, but if your heart cannot handle it it’s better to marry than to refuse to recognize your heart which is evil for what it is and to truly deal shrewdly with the thoughts and feelings that arise from that in your heart as well as your mind and attempt to impose things on your will you may never be at peace with unless I find you someone to marry to take care of that you could but know you never will be able to handle until you are elderly if even then.

My servant Abraham knew all that, but his desire to keep what he had in the family and the choice the imaginings of his heart made with Sarai because of her beauty swayed him even further even though he was old and crippled up. He decided to send someone to fetch his niece Rebekah for his son Isaac whose doting mother had recently passed.

He mightn’t have survived it physically had I not went along with it and it was at the time the only way he could keep his line pure. So I allowed it. I did not do it. Abraham did. I want to make clear I never did sanction the marriage between close relatives as I had of course been forced to allow with Cain who never would have accepted a wife I had created for him without I deceived him about what I had done. And by the time Seth was old enough he didn’t marry his own sister like Cain who in all his evilness gladly took two of his sisters to marry. I allowed it even though it was evil, for Adah and Zillah were just as evil that way as he was. Seth’s wife was not even a first cousin and he did so in ignorance even then and was not ever guilty about it just as Adam and Eve were not guilty about being naked until they realized it after disobeying me. Seth had not even disobeyed me and there is no sin where there is no knowledge of wrongdoing. Are you so much into legalism as to think that marrying a part of yourself is sin? Do you know what you are talking about or is that born of your heart’s own evil imaginings?

Stop even imagining in your heart I am evil. That is the root of evil that consumed the Evil One itself. I say “itself” for he or she masqueraded as a female angel or human so many times it is difficult for me know precisely what sex he was, it was so unimportant to him and so impossible for anyone else realize. It was part of him, his nature, and his evil spirit but it never was female in any real way, but it was no longer merely male in any stretch of your imagination either. No, “it” befits whatever the Evil One actually was, the best for my angels do not have that equipment the way they were made to have sex with anyone except by the illusion of it actually or in the imaginings of their hearts.

So, anyway, you Abraham put your oldest servant whom you had put in charge of everything and everyone you bought who put up with it willingly to a task.

“Put your hand under my thigh,” you said to him, “Swear that you will not take a wife for my son from among the Canaanites. But you will instead go to my homeland to my relatives to get him as wife. Now swear it to me by the God of Heaven and Earth.”

You knew there was one at least that fit that description, Rebekah the daughter of Bethuel you had received news of that after returning from almost offering Isaac as a burnt offering.

“But what if the woman won’t come here?” he asked, “Must I then take Isaac back to her?”

“Beware you don’t bring my son there!” you said Abraham, “The Lord God which took me from my father’s house and from my relatives, who said to me and swore to me he would give this land to my descendants, he will send his angel before you and you will take a wife for my son from there. And if the woman won’t come here then you will be free from this oath only don’t bring Isaac back there!”

So you, Abraham’s servant in charge of all that he had gladly put your hand under his thigh and swore an oath to him to do it. Since you had control of everything he had you took ten of his camels and you left for Mesopotamia to the city of Nahor. And you made his camels kneel down by a well of water in the evening about the time the women come out to draw water.

“O Lord God of my master Abraham I pray to you. The women, daughters of strangers to me from the city that may or not believe in you, they come here where I stand to draw water. Give me good fortune and show kindness to my master, Abraham. Let it be that the girl I say, ‘Please let your pitcher down and give me a drink,’ and she will say, ‘Have some, and I’ll see that your camels get some water too.’ Let her be the one you have appointed for your servant Isaac and that way I will know you have had kindness to my master.”

Before you even finished praying Rebekah, the daughter of Bethuel who was a son Milcah and Nahor, Abraham’s brother had, came out to get water. She was beautiful, a virgin and no man had touched her heart and she went down in the well, filled her pitcher and came back up.

So you ran to meet her and said, “Please let me have a drink of water.”

“Drink my lord,” she said and let down her pitcher to allow it, and when she had finished giving you a drink she said, “I will get more water for your camels until they have drunk their fill.” So she emptied the pitcher into the trough and ran down to get more water for the camels.

But you held your peace wondering whether I had made your trip prosperous or not. As the camels finally quit drinking you took a valuable golden earring and two bracelets for her wrists worth twenty times that much and said, “Whose daughter are you? I pray you’ll tell me. Is there room in your father’s house for me and my men to lodge in?”

She said, “I am Bethuel’s daughter. He is the son Milcah had with Nahor and we have straw and provender enough for the camels and there is room for you and your men to lodge at our place.

“Blessed be the Lord God of my master Abraham who has not left him destitute of his mercy and truth. I am in the way! The Lord led me right to the house of my master’s relatives!”

Rebekah ran back to the house and told them what had happened. Then her brother Laban ran out to the man at the well after he saw the earring and the bracelets on his sister’s wrist and heard her yell what you had said, so he came next to you standing at the well by the camels. And he said, “Come on in you who are blessed of the Lord. I’ve prepared the house for you and made room for the camels.” So you came to the house and Laban took the tackle off the camels, gave them straw and food. Then he brought water to soak your feet and the feet of your men as well. And finally they set food for you and your men to eat.

But you said, “I can’t eat until I’ve told you my errand.”

“Go ahead then,” Laban said.

So you said, “I am Abraham’s servant and the Lord has really blessed my master. He’s rich! Sarah, his wife bore him a son when she was old and he has given everything he has to him.”

Then you related the entire story of how you came to be there and even the story of how I led you right to the exact house and even what you prayed as well as what Rebekah had said.

“Now if you deal kindly and truthfully with my master,” you said, “Tell me. And if not also tell me that so I can turn to the right or left.”

“This thing comes straight from the Lord, we cannot say to that it is bad or good,” both Laban and Bethuel agreed, “Rebekah is right here before you. Take her and let her be your master’s son’s wife. The Lord has spoken.”

When you heard those words you worshiped me and bowed to the ground. Then you brought out expensive presents you had taken with you and gave them to Rebekah, Laban and her mother. Then you ate and had a party and stayed all night. But you rose early in the morning.

“Let me be getting back to my master,” you said to Laban and Milcah.

“Aw,” Milcah said, “Let the girl stay a few days.”

“At least ten,” Laban joined in approvingly, “Then she can go.”

“Don’t hold me back seeing as how the Lord has prospered my way,” you said.

“Well,” Milcah said, “We’ll call the girl and see what she has to say.” And Laban was in full agreement.

So they called to Rebekah and asked her if she would go with you and as she appeared in the room she said, “I’ll go!”

Then Laban sent Rebekah, her nurse, you and your men away as they blessed Rebekah, “You my sister will be the mother of thousands of millions and may your descendants possess the cities of their enemies!” and Milcah agreed. So Rebekah took her girls and rode the camels as they followed you and your men as you took her away.

One day Isaac came out into the field in the evening to think and all at once he saw the camels coming! When Rebekah saw him she got off her camel and asked you, “Who is that man walking this way in the field to meet us?” But even as she said it you had been saying, “It is my master, Isaac!” So she took a veil and covered herself. Then you told Isaac all the things that had happened and you Isaac took her into your mother’s tent and took her and she became your wife. And you were finally comforted of the grief you had because of your mother’s death.

They were both virgins, weren’t they? But they were second cousins! Should I have even allowed it? They were so-? They were in love.

Why were you all so surprised I would bring him right to the exact house where Rebekah grew up all the way from Beersheba to Haran? You will see mightier things than that! Abraham had prophesied I would show the servant the way hadn’t he? Should I not honor the prophecy of my own prophet? I love to surprise you though. It reminds you, I am.



Chapter 23: Old Age


Everyone gets old it seems that doesn’t fall prey to some evil. Getting old isn’t so bad. With age comes wisdom they say, but with it also comes bitterness with most. Still most find their testosterone level subsides and at last they are free to think about things nearly all of the young have so much trouble with in their hearts.

It was the first commandment I gave those made in my image, to be fruitful and multiply. I gave it to Shem, Ham and Japeth, Noah’s sons too when I started over with them. And that they did; Cain unfortunately as well as Seth as well as Noah’s boys. There would have been no controlling it had I not given menopause to women and lower testosterone levels in men. I hated to do it. But I knew the results if I didn’t. Evil raised its head even in obedience, didn’t it? And it had to be dealt with. It had its purposes. They sure were fruitful, even in your times they are that. But in the New Earth as in heaven there will be no marrying or giving in marriage. Like the place I made to create everything it was neither good nor bad.

I wonder, were it possible whether evil would have even tried to corrupt that place? They say it is nothing. And that it is to the vast majority of them. In hell it’s a great gulf between them in hell and those still in Earth. Everything exists therein, but no one but me can live with it being their only environment; neither angel, devil, demon, human, my son or daughter, and certainly not anything merely human or anything or any one with a corruptible part to its being. I am the only one ever to live in it and everything else that was ever corruptible will one day go back to it unless I intervene like I did by allowing even the evil ones to have incorruptible bodies in truth in the new beginning which came after the completion of everything, which I made temporary except me and my angels; all angels and devils.

It would have been with Abraham too that he was unable to breed, but I needed him to have enough testosterone to father a son at 99 years old. It happens. Mostly I allow it, but sometimes I keep the testosterone levels up and even evil humanity can do that by isolating it and finding a way to put it in the process that is called a human being.

Everything I made in the beginning was a process except the place I made for everything created to be made. It is neither good nor evil. It just is. Only I, all three of us, never had a beginning to our existence, now exist, and will exist forever and ever, even without any outside influence. Everything else was, is and in the case of angels, devils and my children will always be forever and ever as a process. I am not a process. None of us are. And only we can be truly be complete. All others must be completely that they are because we made them that way, a never ending process endlessly replacing any portion that has ever perished in the cycle that never ends like the one we called the son and his never ending light.

The place I created everything in the beginning to be and everything that never ends in the son’s light, it all also has its purpose even as the command to procreate had its purpose in the end. It never was a thing I intended to go unrestricted, though it would have been nice had Adam not turned out to be disobedient, a real thing, the greatest of all evils I ever allowed though it is nothing, was nothing and will never be anything in the end of it along with the rest of all evil and all evil ones. I never allowed even one to actually be anything in truth in the end. Did I? It wasn’t in the beginning of the beginning, then it was in the imagination of the thoughts of the human heart, from Adam up to Jesus of Nazareth, my son who never knew it until he descended but even that he made good and glorious when he became sin for every human in Earth.

It always resulted in death, even its own death and the death of those that chose it over being all they were created to be from the Evil One to those who never knew me or my son to be guilty of anything. There are still a few males and females left that never were guilty of anything, never knowing me and living forever in ignorance like very advanced animals as I intended the male and female human in Paradise to have been and as I restored to all my sons and daughters here with you in the New Earth, under the New Heaven or even in the Holy City in the end of it. There is no death there and never will be any death forever and ever.

So Abraham wasn’t finished yet. He married Katurah had Zimram, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, Shuah. Jokshan had Dedan and the sons of Dedan became the Asshurim, Letushim, Leummim. And the sons of Midian were Ephah, Epher, Hanoch, Abidah, and Eldaah but Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac and to all the sons of his concubines Abraham gave gifts and sent them away from Isaac while he was still alive to the eastward into the east country.

Then Abraham died of a good old age and was gathered to his people. And Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the field of Ephron the son of Zoar the Hittite which is before Mamre. And in the field Abraham purchase from the sons of Heth both him and Sarah were buried there. In the end I blessed Isaac and he lived beside the well called Lahairoi after his father’s death.

You knew all those years with only one son, Ismael and Isaac fourteen years later. But with your young wife Katurah and your concubines-? That in its way is almost more of a miracle than the birth of Isaac. I hope you enjoyed my blessings. You deserved it if anyone ever did. I love you Abraham.

It was so great to have made the right choice even back before the place I created to make everything where I first saw you. Even in your day my servant Abraham was a blessing to every country in the known world but imagine the blessings to come. Will he be ever more of a blessing as the real Jews and not those that pretend to be Jews and are not to continue to bless everyone through my son who was born of his people? In the end he will be there in the New Jerusalem a blessing to everyone in the New Earth let alone every nation therein. See I never lie!

Nebajoth, Kedar, Adbeel, Mibsam, Mishma, Dumah, Massa, Hadar,Tema, Jetur, Naphish, Kedemah were the names of the sons Ishmael had before he died and each one had a town with a castle with each one a nation; twelve princes. They lived from Havilah to Shur that is before Egypt as you go toward Assyria.

But Isaac had to pray for Rebekah to have children for she was barren and right away I caused her to conceive. Strange things seemed to be going on in Rebekah’s womb as her children struggled in her womb and she came to inquire of me.

“There are to nations and two manner of peoples will be separated therein. One nation will be stronger than the other and the older one will serve the younger,” I told her.

When her time to deliver came there were twins in her womb. The first came out a red hairy thing like a carpet completely covered with red hair. They named him Esau and then his brother came out holding Esau’s heel so they named him Jacob. So the boys grew and Esau became a cunning hunter and Jacob was just a plain man that lived in a tent. But Isaac loved Esau because he loved venison while Rebekah loved Jacob.

Now Jacob was making some stew when Esau came in from the field and said to Jacob, “Give me some of that red stuff or I might faint.”

“Sell me your birthright?” Jacob said.

“I am about to die,” Esau said, “What difference is the birthright to me!” From that time on Esau was called Edom.

“Swear to me, now!” Jacob said.

So Esau swore to him and sold him his birthright before witnesses.

Then Jacob gave him some stew and bread. Then you ate and drank and just got up and left.

But to me, you had despised your own birthright. How was I to trust a man like that! You had acted foolishly, yes, but you had treated important things with contempt. That is when you gave evil a foothold in the process of your life. You were no longer able to do right from that day forward. I didn’t do it. That was what you revealed yourself to be and to actually have been all along.

Even though you were a strange looking human I still loved you and hoped you would one day turn to me and get to know me so I could be a blessing to you also. Then I remembered why I had said that two manner of people were in Rebekah’s womb. I remembered your entire miserable life and it wounded me to the heart. They say I hated you but it was more like you hated yourself using me to do it like everyone that is evil actually does. It set the stage for a losing battle between you and Jacob whose life I saw where I was before the beginning knowing he would one day turn to me and be more like Abraham than you ever were.



Chapter 24: Inherited Blessing


There was another famine in the land so Isaac went down to Abimelech the king of the Philistines. But I appeared to him and said, “Don’t go down to Egypt but stay in a land I will tell you about. Stay in this land and I will bless you for to you and your descendants I will give these countries that I swore to your father, Abraham. I will cause you to multiply in number like the number of the stars, I will give all these countries to you and in you will all the nations of Earth will be blessed because of you. It will be because Abraham obeyed my voice, kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes and my laws.”

So Isaac went down to Gerar to live also.

When the men of that place asked you about Rebekah Isaac you said, “She is my sister,” because you said within yourself, ‘I am afraid to tell them she is my wife or the men of this place might kill me for Rebekah because she is so beautiful.’

But after the two of you had been there a long time Abimelech looked out his window and saw him making love to Rebekah. So, Abimelech called to him, “For sure she is you wife! Why did you tell me she was your sister?”

“Because I said, ‘They will surely kill me for her,’” you told him.

“What have you done to us?” Abimelech asked, “One of the people might have lain with her and you would have brought guilt on us all!” Then he want out to his people and decreed, “Be sure that he who touches this man or his wife will be put to death!”

Were you happy, Isaac? Your father did the same thing. Where did you learn that tactic? From him? It certainly was not from me! I have never deceived anyone. I have allowed them to be deceived. I have even allowed them to deceive themselves. But I am not a deceiver. That is evil. And right after I had made the same agreement with you I had made with your father! I had it in my heart not to help you ever again.

But I had given you my word. My word is good, Isaac. You knew that. Oh, Isaac, why would you wound me so deeply by learning nothing from your father but his evil! But I changed my mind because of your father, Abraham but not because I approved of what you did. Abraham had even made an agreement with Abimelech not to do any harm to any Abimelech, his son or his grandson. You not only sinned against me, you also sinned against your father. Yet I had given you my blessing that I would bless you just for staying in this country and not going to Egypt. I knew you would do this but that doesn’t make it any easier to forgive.

So when you invested in Gerar I blessed you as I said I would and gave you back a hundred times what you invested. You became great there and went on and grew to become very great in deed; so great the Philistines were jealous.

Now after Abraham died the Philistines had stopped up all the wells that Abraham had dug and filled them with dirt. So Abimelech said to you, “Go away! You are much mightier than even we are!” Then you went to the valley there in Gerar and had your servants dig the wells Abraham had dug again and you called their names the same names your father had. And they dug a well that was full of spring water but the Philistines fought you for it so you named it Esek because they fought for it. Then they dug another and had to fight over it too, so you named it Sitnah. So you dug yet another and this time they just let you have it, so you named Rehoboth for they didn’t fight with you over it.

“Now, the Lord has made room for us and we will grow and grow in the land!” you said and you went that same night to Beersheba where I appeared to you and said, “I am the God of your father Abraham. Don’t be afraid! I am with you and will bless you. I will multiply your descendants for my servant Abraham’s sake.” So you built an altar there and called on my name. Then your servants were digging a well there too.

Then Abimelech came to see you with Ahuzzath one of his friends and Phichol the chief captain of his army. But you said, “Why have you come to me seeing how you hate me and threw me out?”

“We saw the Lord was with you so we said let there be an oath between us and between us and you. So let’s make an agreement with you that you will not do us no harm like we have not touched you, done nothing but good to you, and sent you away in peace for you are now blessed of the Lord,” Abimelech said.

So you threw a feast for them and they ate and drank and in the morning and made an agreement. Then you sent them away in peace. That same day your servants came to you and told you they had found water.

Therefore you can see that I bless and do not curse those who will get to know me even their children have a right to a binding blessing I make to them.

But meanwhile Esau married Judith the daughter of Beeri the Hittite and Bashemath the daughter of Elon the Hittite. Yet Isaac and Rebekah were not pleased at all.

The evil cannot do good and do not have the wisdom to please others even their parents. The situation that Esau created was not the same as what I did to bless the couple. It was tasteless to marry the local women when Abraham had sent all the way to Mesopotamia for his mother Rebekah. He just didn’t think. He was thinking with evil his imagination of the thoughts of his heart again and impulsively married whoever he wanted and gave no one else even a thought. Do you see the difference between what I did to Isaac even after he let me down and his father down by lying to say Rebekah was his sister. It wasn’t even a white lie like it had been with Abraham did it. It was a lie that his father seldom did and something I would never do, yet I still blessed you Isaac for your father’s sake. Do good. Bless and do not lie.



Chapter: 25: Stolen Blessing


“My son?” you called to Esau, Isaac.

“I’m here,” Esau replied.

“Look,” you said, “I’m old. I don’t know the time I will die. Therefore take your weapons, your bow and you quiver and go get me some of your venison. Then make me some of your venison stew which I love as you know. I want to eat it and have my soul bless you before I die.”

But Rebekah overheard it just before Esau set even went out to the field to bring back a deer and told Jacob what Esau had said word for word. “So go to the herd and pick out a couple of kids from the goats and I’ll make him some stew which he so loves and you bring it to your father that he may bless you before he dies instead,” she schemed with Jacob.

Now everyone knows I hate scheming because I hate deceiving anyone for any reason whatsoever. So I was displeased of course, but I allowed it for Jacob schemer that he was, he was still better than Esau in my eyes and I had already decided to work through him and not Esau who had already despised his birthright and treated that important thing with total disregard and contempt in my eyes.

“But Esau is hairy like a rug and I am smooth skinned,” Jacob said, “What if he feels me? He will know and I would seem to him to be deceiving him and I would bring a curse on myself instead of the blessing you suppose.”

You were right Jacob. But you were brought into your mother’s scheme because of the evil thought she had put in the thoughts of your heart’s imagination. But at the same time she wasn’t willing to give up on her scheme born in her evil imaginations too.

But I was concerned for you. Not that you might not pull it off, but what it would do to your spirit to actually deceive your own father like the serpent had deceived Eve. It might make you evil like Esau anyway, especially if you were found out and I would have to allow one or the other of you either way to carry my blessing of Abraham to your descendants. It wasn’t either of you that put such evil in your hearts. It was evil, an evil common to the Evil One and all those he had taken with him. If I allowed it that would be like it was when I allowed the serpent to deceive Eve. So it was far more dangerous than what you, either of you realized. The Evil One hadn’t done it. I wouldn’t allow him to. But you had on your own, both of you cooked up a scheme that might have been his had I allowed him to put it in your mother’s heart.

“Let your curse fall on me!” Rebekah said, “Just obey me and get the kids for me that way you will be blameless before God.”

So you, Jacob went and got the animals and you, Rebekah cooked up the a stew which you knew Isaac loved at least as much as venison stew. Then she thought quickly and put one of Esau’s coats on you, Jacob. Then she put some of the skin of the goats on the back of your hands and on the smooth of your neck. Then you, Rebekah gave your own son, Jacob the stew Rebekah. So he came into your room, Isaac.

Jacob said, “My father?”

“I’m here,” you said, Isaac, “Which one are you, my son?”

“I’m Esau your firstborn,” Jacob said, “I did as you told me. Get up please, and sit here and eat some of my venison and let your soul bless me.”

“How did you find it so fast?” you asked.

“Because the Lord you God brought it right to me,” Jacob said.

“Come here!” you said, “Let me feel you. Then I will know, my son, whether you are actually Esau?”

So Jacob came to you and you felt him and said, “The voice is Jacob’s but the hands are definitely yours Esau. Bring it here and I’ll eat it and my soul will bless my son.”

Then he brought it to you and you ate it. After that he brought you some wine and you drank that too. Then you kissed him and smelled Esau’s coat his mother had him put on. So you said, “See! The smell of my son is the smell of the field which the Lord has blessed. Thus God give you rain from the sky, fertile ground, and plenty of crops. Let people bow down to you, be lord over our relatives and may your mother’s sons bow down to you. Cursed is everyone that curses you and blessed everyone who blesses you.”

Then Esau came in just after you had finished blessing Jacob and he too made some stew and brought it to you and said, “My father get up and eat some of your son’s venison so that you can bless me.”

“Who are you!” you said.

“I am your son, Esau your firstborn,” he said.

“Who was it then that brought me venison and I ate it and blessed him,” you said, “Yes, and he will be blessed too.”

When Esau heard those words he let out a loud and exceedingly bitter cry and yelled at you, “Bless me too, oh my father!”

But you said, “Your brother came and deceived me and has taken away your blessing.”

Then Esau said, “Isn’t it right he is called Jacob? He took advantage of me and took my birthright and now even my blessing.” Then he turned back to you and said, “Haven’t you reserved even one blessing for me!”

“I have made him your lord,” you explained, “And all his brothers and sisters have I made his servants, and I have supplied him with corn and wine. What is there left to give you my son?”

“Have you only one blessing father!” he said, “Bless me too, oh my father!”

“Your house will be among the best crops the ground and the rain from the sky can bring forth. You will live by the sword but serve your brother, but when you become dominant you will break the chains and throw this yoke off your neck,” you said in consolation to Esau who hated his brother, Jacob because of the blessing.

“The days of mourning are soon to come to my father,” Esau said from his evil heart, “Then I will kill you Jacob, my beloved brother!”

When that was heard by Rebekah she sent for Jacob and called to him, “Your brother Esau really comforts himself with thoughts of killing you. Therefore my son flee to my brother Laban in Haran. Stay there a few days until your brother’s fury subsides and he forgets what you have done to him. Then I’ll send for you. Why should I lose you both the same day?”

That is what it came to Jacob because of you and your mother’s scheming. Did you really think he would take it as lying down as he took the loss of his birthright? Now the Evil One had a foothold in your life as well as in Esau’s and you were two of the same to me. And you and your mother knew it. You knew I wouldn’t protect you any more than Esau now.

Then she went to Isaac and said, “I am weary of my life for the daughters of Heth. If Jacob takes one of them what good is my life to me anymore?”

So Isaac sent for you then and commanded you, “You are not to take a wife of the Canaanites around you. Get ready and go to Padanaram to Bethuel’s house to her brother Laban’s and take a wife from there. God Almighty make you prosper and multiply you so that you become a multitude of people and give you the blessing of Abraham and to your descendants that you may inherit the land you are a foreigner in which God gave to Abraham.”

So you got ready and headed out for Padanaram to Laban’s the brother your mother Rebekah yours and Esau’s mother’s,. Meanwhile Esau saw that the Canaanite wives he had didn’t please Isaac and Rebekah so he went to Ismael and took Mahalath and Nebajoth Ishmael’s daughters to be his wives atop the ones he already had.

So Jacob, you left Beersheba and went toward Haran.



Chapter 26: Multiplying


You, Jacob lit on a certain place and stayed all night because the sun was set. You took one of the stones there and put it down as a pillow as you lay down to sleep. Then you had a dream and in the dream a ladder stretched from the ground to the sky and my angels went up and down the ladder. I stood above it and said, “I am the Lord God of Abraham, and of your father, Isaac for I had decided to go ahead and choose you over Esau to be the father of the promised nation whose God I would be. The land you are lying on I will give it to you and your descendants after you. They will be in number as the dust of the land and they will spread out in all directions. In you and your descendants all the families of Earth will be blessed. I am with you and I will keep you wherever you go. I will bring you back again and I will not leave you until I accomplish all of that entirely.”

Then you awoke and said, “For sure, the Lord is in this place but I didn’t know it!” Then you were afraid and said, “How dreadful is this place. It is none other than the house of God. This is the gate to heaven!”

Then you got up early in the morning and took the stone you had set for pillows and set it up as a pillar and poured oil on the top of it. Then you called the place Bethel though the name of the city had been Luz before that.

Then you said, “If God will be with me and keep me in this way I am going and return me in peace to my home then the Lord will be my God. This stone I have set up here will be the house of God and of everything you give me I will give you a tenth.”

So you went into the land of the people to the east. Now there was a well there with three flocks of sheep lying near it for out of it they watered the sheep but there was a huge stone upon the mouth of the well. There were all the sheep for they rolled the stone out of the way and watered the sheep then put the stone back on the well’s mouth.

You said to the women there, “Where are you from?”

“We are from Haran,” they said.

“Do you know Laban the son of Nahor?” you asked.

“We know him,” they said.

“Is he well?” you asked.

“He is,” they said, “And look here comes Rachel his daughter with their sheep!”

“It is still close to noon,” you said, “And it isn’t time for the cattle to be gathered. Water the sheep and then go feed them.”

“We can’t,” they said, “When all the flocks are gather together and they roll the stone back, then we water the sheep.”

While they were still speaking Rachel who kept her father’s sheep came with them. When you saw Rachel the daughter of Laban and the sheep of Laban your mother’s brother you went to the well, rolled the stone back and watered your uncle Laban’s sheep. Then you kissed Rachel and bawled you were so encouraged. When you told Rachel you were Laban’s nephew and that you were Rebekah’s son she ran and told Laban.

When Laban heard his sister Rebekah’s son had come, he ran to meet you. Then he hugged you and kissed you and brought you home with him. And you told him all these things.

“Sure thing,” he said, “You are my bone and flesh,” and you lived with him about a month. Then Laban said, “Just because you’re my close relative you don’t have to serve me for nothing. Tell me what your wages should be.”

Now Laban had two daughters, Leah the older and Rachel. But Leah had poor vision though Rachel was beautiful and well endowed. And you were already in love with Rachel, so you said, “I will work for you seven years for Rachel your younger daughter.”

Laban said, “It is better that I give her to you than some other man. Live with me.”

So you worked seven years for Laban for Rachel but they seemed no more than a few day you were so in love with Rachel. Then you ungraciously said to Laban, “Give me my wife for my time working for her is up and let me go in unto her!”

Then Laban gathered together all the men and made a feast. But in the evening when it was dark Laban brought you Leah and you went in unto her. Laban also gave Leah Zilpah, his maid for her handmaid. Yet in the morning you looked and there was Leah!

“What have you done to me?” you yelled at Laban, “I served you seven years for Rachel. Why have you deceived me?”

How did it feel, Jacob. Didn’t you know the guilty will not go unpunished? You deceived your own brother. So I allowed Laban to deceive you. How does it feel?

“It is not done in this country to give the younger before the firstborn,” Laban laughed. “Fulfill her week and we will give you Rachel also for seven more years of service.”

So you worked seven more years and then Laban gave you Rachel as your wife also. But he gave Rachel his handmaid Bilhah to be her maid. Then you went in unto Rachel but you loved her more than Leah.

Now when I saw Leah was hated I opened her womb but left Rachel barren. So Leah got pregnant and named him Reuben saying, “The Lord has looked on my situation. Now my husband will love me.” Then she had another son and said, “Because the Lord heard I was hated yet he gave me this son too.” And she named it Simeon. Then she got pregnant yet again and again had a son. “Now my husband will join up with me for I have born him three sons!” And she called him Levi. “Now I will praise the Lord,” she said and named her fourth son Judah. Then she left off bearing.

“Give me children or I will die!” Rachel pouted at you seeing as how she hadn’t given you any children and because she was jealous of her sister.

“Am I God who has withheld children from you!” you roared at Rachel in you anger.

Then scheming as Sarai and Rebekah before her might have she said, “What about my maid, Bilhah? Go in unto her and she will bear right at my knees that I might have children by her?”

So she gave you Bilhah as a wife and you went in unto her and she got pregnant and had another son. Then Rachel said, “God has judged me and heard my prayer and given me this son in my household.” They named him Dan. Then Bilhah had yet another son with Jacob. So Rachel said, “In great wrestling I have wrestled my sister and have won.” They named him Naphtali.

When Leah saw she had left off bearing children she gave you Zilpah as your wife. Zilpah had a son by you. And Leah named him Gad. She said, “Here comes a troop!” Then Zilpah had a second son by you and they named him Asher. And Leah said, “I am so happy for the daughters will call me blessed.”

Then Reuben went with them to harvest the wheat and found some mandrakes, fabled medicinal plants that Rachel apparently thought would heal her of being barren.

So Rachel said to Leah, “Please give me some of your son’s mandrakes.”

“Do you think it’s a little thing that you have taken my husband,” Leah said, “Now you would take my son’s mandrakes also!

“Therefore Jacob will lie with you tonight for your son’s mandrakes,” Rachel replied.

As you were coming in from the field that night Leah went to meet you and said to you, “You must come in unto me tonight for I have hired you with my son’s mandrakes.” And you lay wit her that night. I listened to her prayers and she gave you a fifth son, Issachar. And she said, “God has given me my hire because I have given my maid to my husband.” Then she had a sixth son, Zebulun and said, “God has enable me with a good dowry. Now my husband will live with me!” Then she finally had a daughter and called her Dinah.

Then at last I remembered what I had done to Rachel and opened her womb and she too had a son, Joseph at last. So she prophesied over him, “God has taken away my shame. The Lord will give me another son!”

See? Did I lie? Was I a deceiver like you were, like Laban is? I said I would multiply you and I have. You didn’t deserve it after the way you had behaved so evilly but I bless and do not curse, I love and do not hate. But you and Laban were both made in my image. I had hoped at least you would behave like me. Do you know me even yet? I also said I would prosper you. Do you think that eleven sons and a daughter constitute possessions or prosperity? I will show you, Jacob how it was I prospered you when your evil ways of deceiving and replacing others by shrewdness and driving a hard bargain were finally over!



Chapter 27: Wages


“Let me go back to my own place in my own country,” you said Jacob after Rachel had finally given you a son in Joseph.

“If you love me at all, please stay for the Lord has blessed me because of you. But let me know what your wages are and I will give it,”Laban replied.

“You know how I have served you and how your cattle were with me,” you said, “For you had precious little when I came and now it is a huge herd. The Lord has blessed me since my coming. Now when will I get to provide for my own family?” you said.

“What can I give you?” Laban asked.

“Don’t give me anything,” you said, “If you will do just one thing for me I will feed your flock just as before. I will go through the herd and remove the speckled and spotted cattle, the brown sheep from the sheep and the spotted and speckled from the goats. They will be my hire. So will my righteousness be proven to you for if there are any not like that in my herd when it is time for me to move on they will be counted as stolen.”

“That sounds good to me,” Laban said, thinking that time would never come anyway.

Then you separated the animals according to what you said, gave them to your sons and took the rest about three days walk away. Then you took poplar, hazel, and chestnut trees and peeled white stripes in them and you piled them before the troughs where they came to water hoping they would conceive before the white stripes. Then the animals conceived brown, speckled and spotted animals. Then you separated their lambs and didn’t put them in with Laban’s herd. Then you took the weak ones and put them in with Laban’s cattle and kept the strong ones in with yours. So the weak ones were Laban’s and the strong ones were yours. So, you prospered immensely and bought servants with your increase.

See, Jacob. I kept my word. I prospered you more than even you expected because them I bless, I bless indeed but those I curse that is not so. You didn’t think it was because of what you were doing, did you? That was just superstition, born in the imagination of you evil heart.

Then you heard Laban’s sons talking one day and they said, “That Jacob has taken away all that was our father’s. And even those that are still ours he has gotten all the credit even for that little bit.” After that you even noticed that Laban didn’t even look at you the way he did before.

So I said to you, “Return home to your relatives and your own land and I will be with you.”

Then you called Rachel and Leah out to the field with you and told them, “Your father can’t even look me in the eye anymore but the God of my father has been with me. You know that I served your father with all my might. But your father has changed my wages ten times but God wouldn’t allow him to hurt me. If he said the speckled young will be yours they were speckled and if he said the spotted then they were spotted. And an angel of the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘Jacob,’ and I said, ‘I’m here.’ Then he said, ‘Look and see all the males mount the speckled, spotted and brown females. I have seen what Laban does to you. I am the God of Bethel where you poured oil on top of that pillar and made that vow to me. Now get ready and leave this land and go back to the land of your own relatives.’”

“There isn’t any portion left for us of all our father had,” Rachel said and Leah agreed, “Are we not like foreigners? Our father has sold us and devoured our money, for everything that was our father’s now belongs to your and our children. So whatever God has told you to do, do that!”

Rest assured Jacob the guilty will be judged and the righteous will be rewarded. I will repay evil to those who do evil and good to those who serve me. I have been with you in all that you did but you paid dearly for what you did which was evil but only according to my judgment. Are you finally willing to work for me instead of for evil while all the time thinking you are just looking out for you own interests like those that don’t even believe me and never knew me?

So you took everything you had in Padanaram and headed out to Isaac in Canaan. Since Laban the Syrian never knew you left because you never told him, he wasn’t aware you were even gone for three days because he had gone out to shear his sheep. Thus you set out in the direction of the river heading for mount Gilead.

But Rachel had stolen all of Laban’s idols. It was the first anyone had taken anything that didn’t belong to them. But I allowed it for I was taking away all that your father-in-law had and because of her even that he thought he had.

Three days later someone told Laban you had sneaked away. So he took all his relatives and overtook you at mount Gilead. But I came to him in a dream and said, “Be careful you don’t say anything good or evil to Jacob.” And when he overtook you in mount Gilead you had made camp in the mountain and he did also.

“What have you done?” Laban said to you when you parleyed, “You stole away without me even knowing and took my daughters like captives with the sword! Why did you flee from me secretly to steal away from me and didn’t even tell me? I might have sent you on your way with a party and songs with the music and everything? You didn’t even give me a chance to kiss my daughters and grandchildren good-bye! You acted like a fool! I have the power and ability to really hurt you but your father’s God spoke to me and said not to say either good or bad to you the night before last. All that besides I can see you wanting to go home because you miss your family but why have you stolen my gods?”

“I was afraid for I said, ‘What if you take your daughters from me by force?’ As for your idols; whoever you find them on let them die. Before all your relatives determine what is yours and take it.”

You didn’t know Rachel had stolen his idols.

So he went to your tent first, then to Zilpah’s and Bilhah’s tent and finally to Leah’s tent but he never found them. Then he came out of Leah’s tent and headed for Rachel’s tent where she had hidden them in the camel’s tack and sat on them. Thus he searched the entire tent but didn’t find them because Rachel told him, “Don’t despise me, lord for it is my time of the month and I can’t get up.”

“What is my trespass?” you asked hotly in your anger when it was clear he hadn’t found them, “What is my sin that you so pursued me in such great anger? Now you have searched our entire camp and what have you found of yours? Set it here before your relatives and my family and servants that they might be the judge between us! I was with you for twenty years and your ewes and nanny goats have not lost their young and your rams I haven’t eaten. Those torn by animals I did not require anything for but bore the loss myself even though they were stolen by day and by night. There I was in the drought by day and the frosty nights so that I couldn’t even sleep. I served you a full fourteen years for your daughters and six years for your cattle and you have changed my wages ten times! Except the God of my father and the God of Abraham, the fear of Isaac-! Except he had been with me you would have sent me away empty handed! God has seen my plight and rebuked you the night before last!”

“These daughters are my daughters. These cattle are my cattle. Everything you see here is mine. But these children are my children. What can I do to them that my own daughters have born? Therefore let’s make an agreement you and I. Let it be a witness between me and you,” Laban said.

Then you took a stone and sat it up for a pillar as you said to your people, “Gather stones and make a heap!” Then you all ate there. Laban called it Jegarsahadu but you called it Gileed.

Then Laban said, “This pile of rocks is a witness between me and you.” Therefore is it called Gileed and Mizpah. “The Lord watch between us when we are apart and no man is with us whether you take other wives besides these. See? God is witness between us. And this pile of rocks and this pillar will be a witness that I will not pass over it to do you harm and that you will not pass over it to do me harm. The God of Abraham and the God of Nahor, their father judge between us.”

Then you swore by the fear of your father Isaac. Finally you called your family and offered a sacrifice and they ate and stayed all night on the mountain. Then Laban rose early in the morning and kissed his daughters and all his grandchildren and blessed them before he left and went back to his place.

I was comforted Jacob by how you and Laban worked it out. I have always honored that agreement and forever will. It touched me more than expected to actually experience what I knew was going to happen way back before the first place. The three of us joined together there. Both of you with all your imperfections and me with what I am all meeting together. It was a great encouragement to me that it was all going to work out, and not just work out but work out for good. I am so glad they were there with you to see it.

Now even you know that I did finally deal with evil. It just took longer than anyone wanted. But it had to be dealt with and you, all of you, each and every very special one I saw before the beginning who love me, each other like yourselves; everyone in the New Earth knows how very well I did. I love all of you, each one separately and all as one and you feel the same for me and everyone else.

But Reuben how little you understood that I took everything your grandfather, Laban had at thirteen years of age. He received his wages from me, son. You do understand the difference between a good man like your father, Jacob and a wicked man like your grandfather Laban though. Do you think it unfair of me to take everything he had even what he thought he had. He lost the family he could have had by cheating your dad, he lost all of his possessions that could have been his and your father’s together, his daughters, all you kids, and even the gods he thought were really something though they were never anything anywhere but in his evil imaginings in his heat even that your auntie Rachel stole from him but he lost as well any status with his relatives. But you love him even as I do for he also knows me, don’t you Rueben?

Don’t you know me finally, Laban? I love both the loser as well as the winner, something the serpent never understands any more than Cain ever did. Wages are enough, and I always pay well. Those who take a fair wage and complain that it wasn’t enough are always poor as poor as the evil ones always actually are from their beginning to the end of owning anything.



Chapter 28: Trust


In Mahanaim you met my army of angels did you, Jacob! Not many have seen my army. But even fewer that have seen it have not had the full extent of their anxiety and apprehensions completely abated. How afraid you were in the imaginations of your heart! Esau? What could he be that would rival the likes of my army of angels? You were excited and filled with awe. But the peace I intended you have from me eluded you, didn’t it Jacob? 400 men as compared to my entire host of angels, an army that never knew any rival. ‘How could it be?’ I yet wonder. Even I who have never feared anything or any one, neither any army even the army of all the people that made up the entire Earth. I knew it, but to experience it first hand-? Those whom you yourself even said aloud about, “This is God’s army!”? How could you even then fear for your safety! Embolden though you did send messengers of your own ahead of you to Esau, your brother on to Seir in the country of Edom.

You commanded them, “Say to my lord Esau. Your servant Jacob says, ‘I have stayed all this time with our uncle Laban up until now. I am rich and I sent to tell you, so that I might have unmerited favor with you.’”

“We went to you brother Esau,” your messengers said upon their return, “He is coming to meet you with 400 men!”

Then even my army of angels wasn’t enough for you, was it Jacob? What happened? How could you forget them you had already met! But you were suddenly afraid and in your distress you divided your people and all that you had into two bands saying, “If Esau comes against the one and kills them the other will escape!”

I might have thought by now you would trust me outright.

“Oh God of my grandfather Abraham, the God of my father Isaac, the Lord that said to me, ‘Return to your own country, to your relatives and I will deal well with you,’” on second thought you said, “I am not worthy of the least of your mercies and the truth you have showed your servant because with my own hand I have passed over the river Jordan and am now in two bands. Deliver me from Esau’s army, I pray. I fear him for he might come and kill me and the mothers with the children! You said, ‘I will surely do good to you and make your descendants as the sand of sea which can’t be numbered.’”

But you stayed right where you were and took of your stock a present for Esau and gave them to your servants each kind in separate droves. “Ford the river before me but keep a space between the droves and when my brother meets you and asks, ‘Whose servants are you? Where are you going? And what are all these animals before you?’ You are to tell him, ‘Jacob’s. They are present to my lord Esau. He is behind us.’” Then you said, “I will appease him with my present and afterward I will see him face to face supposing he will accept me.” Then you spent the night in the company. But during the night you took your wives and eleven sons to a ford in the river at Jabbok and sent them over and sent over all you had with them.

Then you were alone and there wrestled a man until the break of day. When the man saw he had not won he touched your thigh and threw it out of joint just by touching it as you wrestled with him.

“Let me go for the dawn is upon us,” he said.

But you said, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”

“What is your name?” he asked.

“Jacob,” you said.

“Your name will no longer be Jacob but Israel,” he said, “For as a prince you have power with God and with men and you have won.”

“Tell me then, please,” you said, “What is your name?”

He said, “Why do you ask me my name?”

Then I blessed you so that you knew whom you had wrestled with.

It was amazing how strong you were! And I enjoyed actually wrestling with a human and a man I loved so dearly besides. It was great sport. But I couldn’t just let you win. Over me! Did you really suppose you actually stood a chance against me? What a wonderful man you were Israel! What an amazing man!

You called the name of the place Peniel, “For I have seen God face to face and yet my life is preserved!”

But as you forded at Penuel the sun was on you as you limped because of your thigh. Therefore the children of Israel do not eat the tendon that is on the side where the hollow of the thigh is for I touched that tendon in Jacob’s temporary physical body.

Then you looked up and Esau was coming. So you calmly divided the children between Leah, Rachel, Zilpah and Bilhah placing Bilhah first, then Zilpah, and Leah and finally Rachel and Joseph. Then you went in front of them bowing seven times toward the ground until you came to Esau. Then your brother ran to you, hugged you, fell on your neck, kissed you causing the two of you to weep.

Then Esau looked up and saw the women and the children and asked, “Who are all these with you?”

“The children God has graciously given me your servant,” you said.

Then Bilhah and her kids came forward and bowed. After that Zilpah and Leah came and did the same. Finally Rachel and Joseph came forth. Then Esau asked, “What did you mean by the droves of animals I met?”

“They are to find unmerited favor from you my lord,” you said.

“I have enough,” Esau said, “My brother keep what you have for yourself.”

“No, please,” you said, “Receive my present if I am in your good graces. It is as if I had seen the face of God and you were pleased with me. Please take it with my blessing for I too have enough.” Then you urged him with a gesture and he took it.

“Let’s take our journey,” Esau said, “Let’s go. I’ll go before you.”

“My lord knows that the children are tender,” you said, “The flocks that are with me have young and if men should drive them too fast or too long the flock will die. Go on ahead of us and I will lead on softly as the flocks and the children can endure and meet up with you when we get to Seir.”

“Let me at least leave some of my men,” Esau said.

“What need is there?” you said, “Give me grace my lord.”

So Esau went his way back to Seir.

Then you went to a place and built a barn with booths in it and so the place is named Succoth. Then you came to Shelem a city in Shechem in Canaan and set up camp and bought the land there from the children of Hamor, Shechem’s father for a hundred pieces of money, built an altar there and you called it Elelohe-Israel.

Leah’s sons were Rueben Jacob’s first born, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar and Zebulun. Rachel’s sons were Joseph and Benjamin. Bilhah, Rachel’s handmaid’s sons were Dan and Naphtali and Zilpah, Leah’s handmaid’s sons were Gad and Asher. And they all came to the plain of Mamre in the city called Arbah which is Hebron to his father Isaac where Abraham and Isaac had once lived. There Isaac died and was gathered to his people so Esau and Jacob buried him there in peace.

Esau had a family also. His Canaanite wives were Adah the daughter of Ellon and Aholibamah the daughter of Anah the daughter of Zibeon the Hivite, and Bashemath and Nebajoth both Ismael’s daughters. Adah’s son was Eliphaz. Bashemath’s son was Reuel. And Aholibamah’s sons were Jeush, Jaalam and Korah.

Esau took his entire family and all that he had and went into the country away from Jacob because the land couldn’t bear all they had together that they might live together. Thus he lived in mount Seir and was called by his nickname Edom and not Esau as before.

The sons of Eliphaz were Teman, Omar, Zepho, Gatam, and Kenaz. His concubine Timna had Amalek. Reuel’s were Nahath, Zerah, Shammah and Mizzah. They were all dukes of Edom. In his line was a man called Anah too who found mules in the wilderness the first they are mentioned in the Bible.

Esau had kings come from him too in Edom before there was a king in Israel: Bela, Jobab, Husham who killed Midian in a field in Moab, Hadad, Shamlah, Saul, Baalhanan and Hadar.

Esau was the father of the Edomites.

I left out a lot of the descendants of Esau but it is clear that Esau was a great man like his brother Jacob was great even as Isaac said in his second blessing which didn’t turn out too bad for Esau. And think how badly he took not getting Isaac’s first blessing and went into a rage ready to kill his own brother like Cain before him. They even buried their dad together, probably in Machpelah.



Chapter 29: Defiled


Poor Dinah, Leah and Jacob’s daughter, she went to visit among the people of the area. And when Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite saw her, he seduced her. They lay together defiling her, meaning she was ineligible to ever be a Hebrew’s wife for they were not married. There was no parental or familial consent, no agreement between them or anyone. They simply had sex even though he clung to her and his spirit longed for the girl as he said kind things to Dinah.

“Get me this girl to be my wife,” he said to Hamor his father afterward.

Dinah did you want sex with him? Yes. But was it before or after he took an interest in you and made advances toward you? Was it because he was a prince and that was enough? Was he that attractive to you that you found him irresistible? Or did you make the advances toward him without caring what the consequences might be? Did you think that now he would be yours forever? Did he realize what you were doing was wrong? If he did, was he too much into himself to care? Too much into the two of you to care even a little bit? Were the two of you just out for a little fun that got out of hand?

He fell for you? You know? Did you fall for him? Was it worth the consequences? Did you despise Rachel and Jabob’s authority over you that much? Were you, or the two of you just young and rebellious? Didn’t you expect him to fall for you? Had you done such a thing before and this time he surprised you by falling for you? You didn’t get away with it anyway, did you Dinah? It got very real, didn’t it Dinah? It got very, very serious…

Jacob heard!

What was he going to do about it? Punish you? Expose you to everyone else? Make you marry Shechem? Did you even want to marry Shechem? You were a woman, you knew you wouldn’t have any part of the estate and would probably have to marry some one from the land around there anyway. Did you care? And afterward, did you ever marry or even have sex again? Were you despised by the rest of your family? Did they care too much for you? Did you live the rest of your life with them as a blessing, or as a curse? Did you even go ahead then and become a prostitute? Jacob would have stoned you. No, that wasn’t what happened. What did you do? What were you going to do? You were damaged goods among the Hebrews, even Laban wouldn’t have accepted you even if you went all the way back there even if you didn’t go by yourself.

Your brothers were still in the field when your father found out. Were you full of anxiety as you and he waited for them to come in for the day? Of course you were. Did you even think about calling out to me? Did you even so much as say my name as you tried to pray about it? Did you even try to pray? Why? Why not? Because you were only a female and women were treated like property? I could have and I would have been happy to forgive you and help you had you loved me. If only you would have loved me I would have made something beautiful and good out it? Did you even know me? Why didn’t you Dinah? Dinah! Why didn’t you?

When the men in the field heard they were taken by grief and very angry. Was that what you feared most? Or didn’t that bother you either? They were mad at Shechem, not you. Did that concern you? At all? Was he going to get what he deserved? Had you brought it on him without thinking, or for spite, or because he had offended some friend of yours? I knew all that but I didn’t say anything to anyone for it would have been taken as gossip.

Hamor was at the house! He parleyed with your father and your brothers. He said, “My son is in love with your daughter. Please give her to him for a wife? You can marry with us and take daughters to yourselves and we will take your daughters in marriage. The land will be before you. Trade with us and make a living from it. Live with us.”

He didn’t get it, did he! Was he just full of greed? Were the rest in Shechem? He was interested in business. He wasn’t interested in you or his son. He just smelled a way to make a buck, didn’t he? Your family would make a nice addition to his land with all Jacob had, you included. He never mentioned what happened at all. Didn’t he care? Was it perfectly acceptable behavior in his eyes? Was this parental and family agreement thing strictly a Hebrew thing? He was clueless except to say his son wanted to marry you and he could bring a lot of new business to his holdings.

“Do me this favor and anything you ask for I’ll give it to you,” Shechem said to Jacob and your brothers, “Ask any dowry or gift from me and I’ll give it to you accordingly. But just let me have the girl to be my wife.”

“We cannot give our sister to a man that has never been circumcised for that would be a reproach to us!” one of your bothers said, but you knew that was a lie. “But if every male among you will all be circumcised as we are then we will intermarry with you and live here and become one people with you. But if you will not listen to us and be circumcised then we will take our sister and leave,” another brother said.

You thought, ‘What a bunch of bologna!’ in the thoughts of your mind. But was your heart encouraged they would even think such a thing for you! Were you on the other hand upset it had taken that direction at all? Did you wonder what they were up to, or did you think they had decided that was the way it was going to work out here in this new country and you would be married to Shechem if they agreed? But was it to be a blessing or a curse to you either way or one way or the other?”

Shechem and Hamor were pleased by the words never suspecting it was a deception because Shechem had defiled Dinah. And Shechem was perfectly ready to be circumcised for he was more honorable than the rest of the men in his father’s house.

The deception was in place. I had a decision to make. Was I going to mess up the ruse for them? Was I going to honor the Hebrew ways? Who taught them those ways? Had I? Had they merely taken it that way? Was I to be bound by mere human inventions? Did Adam and Eve have parental sanctions placed on them? No. Did Cain? Of course not! Did Seth? Did the rest of those I destroyed in the flood? They didn’t seem to even take my desire for them not to intermarry with Cain’s descendants into account.

Did Noah and his wife have parental and familial sanctions? Did Abraham? Was that where they got it from, because Abram was a Hebrew? Isaac most certainly did. And Jacob even did, but Esau hadn’t asked anyone whether or who he should marry. He just learned that both Isaac and Rebekah preferred someone of his relations be his wife after the fact he had married two Canaanite women. Was it self-righteousness on Noah’s side given to them to keep them pure from Cain’s ancestor’s influence?

Shechem shared that same heritage, why had they so obviously rejected it? Because they were less righteous than the Hebrews I was dealing with? The Hebrews were surrounded by people who were not Hebrew and they looked down on them all. That’s not very loving. Why should I even allow the deception to go through let alone make something good come out of it? For Jacob?

Yes, for Jacob. He loved me and it was in his heart to get even with them at least. So he allowed it and that revealed where his heart was. So I decided to allow it too. But I cringed to know what was going to happen. They were outside my spirit. They were doing evil and Jacob knew that. It would not have a good outcome at least not at first. It was not forgiving, it was hateful, and it was a deception that could have been born in the heart of the Evil One.

Therefore I braced myself and watched the proceedings just as Shechem and Hamor came to the gates of their city. “Listen,” Hamor yelled, “These men are peaceable with us! Therefore let them dwell here and trade with us! The land is big enough for them! Let them take our daughters and let’s take their daughters as wives and intermarry with them! The only thing is they won’t live with us or even intermarry with us unless we consent to this one little thing! We have to be circumcised as they are circumcised, every last male among us! But-! But-! Won’t their cattle, won’t their property, everything they have-! Won’t it be ours? Merely consent to their demands and let them live among us!”

Then Shechem and Hamor and every male in the city and everyone that came in or out of their city gates were circumcised as the crowd demanded in reaction to Hamor’s words.

Three days later Simeon and Levi came upon the city while all the men were still sore from the circumcision they had all had at once. They each took his sword and they both walked right into the city and killed every male there! Even Shechem and Hamor and went into their house and grabbed Dinah and took her back. Then the rest of Dinah’s brothers spoiled the city taking everything the dead had, all their animals, their wives and little ones, even their household items as well as everything they had left in the field; all their wealth!

It was horrible. If I hadn’t have known it was going to happen I couldn’t have stood for it. And even Jacob was shaken by it for he hadn’t known they were going to go that far!

“You two,” you said, Jacob, “You have troubled me! Now I stink among the inhabitants of the land! The Canaanites and the Perizzites will join together and kill me, all of us! I and my entire house will be destroyed!”

They both agreed in reply, “Should he be allowed to treat our sister like a prostitute!”

Jacob was speechless. He felt guilty too. He had just sat back and allowed his sons to slaughter an entire city. There had to be consequences, there had to be ramifications to doing something like that. He knew his sons were mad, but that anger was more than just anger. It was rage! He had taught them well and in the Hebrews’ eyes that was only right and just what they deserved. But there was no mercy to it either. It had nothing to do with what I would have done and it was definitely not done the way I would have done it even had I taken their side in the matter which I never did.

What did you think Dinah? You never dreamed in your scariest dreams anything like it would ever happen, did you? Had you not been too scared to think you might have realized you had never thought that a thing like having sex with a boy, a mere prince would ever turn into something like that! You realized you hadn’t known how important honor was to Simeon and Levi. They were strangers to you now. All of your bothers were! Shechem was dead. Dead-! Everyone was dead it seemed to you, even your bothers and your dad.

But I was bound to forgive even that because of Jacob’s love for me. So I said to him, “Go back to Bethel and build an altar there to me, the God that appeared to you when you fled Esau to go to Padanaram.”

Jacob you then ordered them, “Put away all your gods from among you. Get cleaned up and wash your clothes! We will go to Bethel. And I will make an altar there to the God that answered me in the days of my own distress! He was with me after that wherever I went!”

So they gave Jacob all their strange gods, even the gods of Laban I suppose and he hid them under an oak tree on the way to Shechem. Then they headed out, but for fear of me the cities round a bout them just let them leave they were so scared of them.

It was all I could do for them after what they had done. They were beyond my goodness but I still granted them mercy. What they deserved was to all be killed, the men, Jacob and even Dinah who had in her innocence stirred it all up in the beginning of the matter. I had said I would be their God. I had not said that I approved of everything they did, and certainly not this, or that they would be held blameless for what they did to their neighbors and the reproach they had all brought on my name because of it.

It didn’t start out well at all. How would it end? I know. I knew. But I had much bigger things in mind than just being a God to the Hebrews. They would have to suffer for it. The guilty cannot go unpunished or what is justice and what good is my judgment to me? But poor Dinah! My heart went out to her as well as her brothers, the men they killed, their women and the captive women and children. This was not a good beginning. Who were these people? They were estranged to me all except Jacob. I would be with them for I promised Abraham and Isaac I would be their God and like it or not, that I was.

Jacob came to Luz which is also called Bethel in the land of Canaan, him and everyone with him. Then he built an altar there as I had told him and called it Elbethel. But Deborah, Rebekah’s nurse died and she was buried there in Bethel under an oak tree and they called the place where she was buried Allonbachuth.

I appeared to you again when you came out of Padanaram, Jacob and blessed you, “Your name is Jacob but it will not be Jacob any longer. It will be Israel from now on. Be fertile and multiply for a nation, in fact a bunch of nations will come from you and kings will come from your loins. The land I gave Abraham and Isaac I now give it to you.” Then I went up from him.

So you set up another stone as was your custom and poured a drink offering on it and poured oil on top of that, calling the place Bethel.

Then you set out again but Rachel went into labor before you got to Ephrath and she had a very difficult labor but the midwife said to her, “Don’t worry for you will have this son also.”

But she died. And as her spirit departed her body she named him Benoni but Jacob called him Benjamin. So she died on the way to Ephrath which is Bethlehem. Then he set up another pillar on her grave as was his custom and it was still there in Moses’ day.

Then Israel continued on until he came to the tower of Edar. And while he lived there in Edar one of his twelve sons his firstborn Rueben went in and lay with Bilhah, Jabob’s concubine and Israel heard it.

Did he make a fuss? Apparently not. Did he hold it against his son? Surely. Rueben was Leah’s son but still-! Your own father’s wife! What were Israel’s kids turning out to be? How could he trust a son that would do that?

It was beyond me and my goodness and I couldn’t stop it without violating their freewill, but at least I could let Israel know. So I did just that. Of course I sealed her womb so that at least she didn’t get pregnant. It was not gossip! Israel had a right to know something like that so I allowed him to overhear. I actually didn’t do anything about it. And for Israel’s sake I just overlooked it even as Israel seemed to be doing. But did he remember it? How could he not? Every time he thought of trusting Rueben for, for a very long time-? They should have gotten it out in the open, but it took a very long time before Israel even made mentioned of it.



Chapter 30: The Replacement


After Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery [See Chapter 32.] Judah left his brothers and went to visit Hirah an Adullamite in Chezib. And he saw at Hirah’s a Canaanite woman named Shuah and he lay with her. Before it was over Judah had three sons Er, Onan, and Shelah.

Then when Er was old enough Judah took a wife for him named Tamar. But Er was so wicked I took his spirit from him and he died. What he was going to do next would have been so evil I couldn’t tolerate it even knowing about it beforehand and it would have been virtually impossible for me to continue on as their God if I hadn’t done something. Trust me it was for my good surely, but also for Tamar’s good as well as Judah’s good and the good of every life he had touched with his wickedness as well as those lives he was about to touch like the baby Tamar would have to have as a result of such an evil choice. When I saw it before I made the first place for everything to be in I knew he would never turn and that he would have caused great damage to my ability to meet you. He had to die and go to hell.

So Judah said to Onan his second son, “Mate with your brother’s wife to produce an heir for you brother since the way it is she will not be my heir and if she marries again my estate will fall into foreign hands.”

But Onan knew the child would not be considered his so when he went in and lay with Tamar he spilled it on the ground rather than get her pregnant. And that I found atrocious and murder for it was the first time birth control had ever been practiced. He had killed a son I had decided would be born to Tamar for Judah’s sake before he was even conceived and his action was not against himself, Shuah, his brother or even his father so much as it was directed right at me. Did he realize that? Yes he did. So I took his hateful soul to hell, he hated me, he hated Tamar, he hated the baby I was planning. He hated himself. And he hated his own father, disobeyed him and thought only of himself attempting to do that I would not allow. His spirit was an evil spirit of the kind his brother Er had before him. And Tamar was blameless. His father was in a bad spot but he refused to show any mercy to them. Trust me there was no good in him anymore than there is in any of the evil ones.

So Judah gave Tamar an order, “Go to your father’s house and remain a widow until Shelah is grown.” And he said to himself in his mind, ‘Because what if Shelah also dies as his brothers have before him?’ And she logically went home to her father’s house and lived.

Another deception was afoot. Judah reasoned it was because of Tamar that his sinful sons were taken, not themselves in his foolish heart. He had witnessed the truth but was in over his head in denial. There could be no good come of it and I knew it. But I overlooked it. Others would have said, “He might come to his senses and make his word good with Tamar sooner or later.” But of course I knew he wouldn’t. I loved Judah anyway though his standing with me was only worsened after what they did to his brother Joseph.

Later Shuah Judah’s wife’s daughter died. After Judah recovered from his grief he went up with the sheep shearers to Timnath along with his friend Hirah.

Someone told Tamar, “So, your father-in-law went up to Timnath to shear his sheep.” So she saw that Shelah was grown and she had never been given to him to wife. And she took off her widows clothes and put a veil over her face and put on sexy attire and sat along the way to Timnath. And when Judah saw her, he thought she was a prostitute for she covered her face so he could not know who she was.

“How about it?” he said when he went to her tent, “Let me come into you.”

“What will you give me if I let you come in?” she replied.

“I’ll give you a kid from the flock?” he asked.

“Will you give me a pledge until you send the kid?” she asked.

Judah replied, “What do you think you require?”

She said, “Your signet ring, your bracelets and that staff in your hand,” she bargained.

So he gave that to her and went in to her. But she I opened her womb and she conceived.

Then she got up took off her veil and put her widow’s clothes back on and left only to have Judah send the kid with Hirah to get back his pledge, but he couldn’t find her. So he asked the people there, “Where is the prostitute that was right here by the way?”

“What prostitute?” they all seemed to agree, “There was no prostitute here.”

So Hirah went back to Judah and said, “I couldn’t find her and the people there said there never had been one there?”

“Let her keep my stuff,” Judah said, “Why bring shame on us? You brought her the kid as promised. But you didn’t find her!” Then he shrugged.

Three months later Judah was told, “Your daughter-in-law has played the prostitute and is beginning to show!”

“Bring her out in public!” he shouted, “And let her be burnt!”

When they brought her out in public she sent to her father-in-law Judah the signet ring, the bracelets and the staff. “By the man that owns these I am pregnant. Do you know whose they are, the signet ring, the bracelets and the staff?”

Judah was stunned. What could he do but acknowledge them? “You are more righteous than I,” he said but never had anything to do with her sexually again.

When it was time for her to go into labor twins came out. First one stuck out his hand and the midwife took and tied his wrist with a scarlet thread saying, “This one came out first!” But when he drew back his hand his brother came out and the midwife said, “How is it you came out! This breech is your fault.” Therefore they called him Pharez. After a while his brother came out with the scarlet thread on his wrist and they called him Zarah.

So, Judah’s little deception brought about another deception so that he wound up fathering his own son to be his son’s heir. But even in the birth there was questions as to whom was to inherit from Judah.

If there is anything I hate it is deception and denial is really deceiving yourself though you might not be able to handle the truth emotionally. The guilty will not go unpunished. But I worked it out for the babies. Didn’t I? Their father was the one that should have been their granddad. But they were who and what they were just like everyone else, one an heir the other coming oh so close to being an heir. Fortunately Shelah was left out of the entire mess. It worked out well for him, and Tamar had not one son but two babies and got to live in their father’s house rather than live in her own father’s house as a widow the rest of her years.



Chapter 31: I See You


You are. You are truthful and appear to be precisely that you are. You are anything that arises from that truth in the spirit of being real and true. You are the embodiment of who you really are. You are the embodiment of the truth that leads you to believe that you are really and truly that you are. And in your spirit you believe you are really and truly the embodiment of that spirit. That is real enough for you to get in touch with what truly is real when in that spirit. This is all real. Any other possibility is not real because reality whether you have any idea of what it is or not is real.

If you encountered nothing you would have no way to experience it. You can experience ideas. Therefore ideas are not nothing. You can experience space. Therefore space is not nothing. You can experience the essence of your being just by being you. Therefore your being is not nothing. Space is the environment of the essence of your being and even if you cannot experience it any other way the idea of it being there is real, true and believable to the extent you know it is there, was there and will be there even if you have no other way to experience it in your spirit.

I just had an idea that there are things we have no idea of that are not nothing. We cannot experience them in the way we can experience space or our essential being. One such thing is our essential being when we have no concept it is real. We have to believe those things are real and true, that is they conform to the rest of what is real. We have to believe that even that we cannot experience, that we have no idea of and have no means to form an opinion about them to form a belief about them one way or the other are real.

For instance we can know nothing by the existence of not experiencing anything when we encounter it in our reality, by means of a concept, by means of some truth that would lead us to the reality of it, and have no means other than that to determine it is real.

But that isn’t the entire idea yet for there are many things that are nothing we can experience in our senses, our intellect, or emotions and nothing we can do to arrive at the fact of their being a part of reality in a way they are part of nothing. They are real, true, believable things and people that we may experience in the same way we believe nothing to be. Thus we know that nothing is precisely that it appears to be, everything that is part of it is true to that appearance and therefore real in the spirit of something being real, true and believed spiritually, and all that it is real, just as real as whatever else we may experience.

But more so, anything that is real can and does effect the rest of reality, even or especially us even if we cannot conceive of it, even if we cannot conceive of any way to find a true fact or false claim to support our belief or disbelief it is in fact real and a part of reality, even reality or the person that is the embodiment of reality, truth and its spirit: God.

Any thing that is real, true and believed to be real in that spirit is, always was and will be forever and ever. Things believed only by our spirit if our spirit is not also that spirit are either not true and therefore not real, or not real and therefore not true. Those of that place that is originally spiritually believed may effect us for our good, their good, or the good of God. But the good of God is real, true and in that spirit of his. No one else’ good is that so completely and so utterly so and thus it is evil to the extent it is evil in the here and now in Earth at the present moment my servant shares his thoughts with you concerning this. I am not just good. I am that absolutely and my good is like me immutably so. I always was, am now and will be good forever and ever.

I have shown you through my servant writer that it is not good to take things for granted, to lie, to deceive some one for the purpose of causing them to no longer be in my spirit, to cause them to die physically or to be forgotten spiritually never to be remembered by others unless it is warranted by justice that they deserve even a worse punishment for their crimes, to believe a lie, or to be taken in by deception, to be disobedient to me, not to handle sin and murder someone or more than one, to imagine things that are not so, to imagine things that come from you emotions if you don’t handle them correctly, to gossip, to curse, to be afraid of me, not to fear my disapproval and goodness and power, to do violent things, to do immoral things, to tell even a white lie, to do things I would not do, or to do things in a way I would not, to despise anyone, to hate anyone, to profit a person who does such things as are wrong, to have sex with your own children, to cheat others out of what is rightfully theirs using any situation or circumstance, to impersonate others to get what is theirs, to repeatedly change the particulars of an agreement to profit yourself, and to steal anything even if its value is merely imaginary, have sex out of marriage, kill, loot, and hold captives, have sex with your father’s wife or concubine, have sex with a prostitute, have sex with your own daughter-in-law, and perhaps other wrongs.

Did you disagree with me in any of that? If it doesn’t come from mutual love with others and with me in the same instance, it is wrong. It will not have a good outcome unless I transform it for the good of those that love me by adding something to it that changes its innate value to being good and not evil from beginning to end as I did with everything that was ever called evil in Earth in Earth’s end.

Making something that is dangerous to another is not wrong if you warn them and they are safe if they do what they are told. Therefore I have done no wrong caused and allowed nothing with everlasting harm in Earth. Evil does not exist as a spirit. It is a possible option for everyone even me. There is no evil but there are evil spirits. Nothing evil did not have its origin in is that which could not be traced back to an evil spirit that caused it or did it, itself by choosing that option that is called evil. All evil spirits will be brought to justice and their judgment will be merciful. Then there will be no more evil. The option will be taken out of your hands. See in the end, I will make all things new and it will be exceedingly good forever and ever.

Even evil spirits were once good and that they were originally will be judged and they, even they will only do good and be a witness of my goodness forever and ever even if forgotten. They will be reduced to the minimal good they ever were and be unable not to do that if they choose but due to the fact it is the result of their punishment and irresistible to them, a position they put so many in so many countless times. They will stand as a witness to my mercy forever and ever by those that know the alternatives. They had the freewill to do what they would, but evil will not become a spirit or ever be more than just the possibility of doing wrong because in the end of it it’s taken away after everyone that ever took the option was punished for attempting to be something they were not, or to bring about something I did not permit. I did not permit it to be.

But if the evil spirits want to do harm to each other I will make their spirits new if they in their freewill ask me to. Am I not good? In the new creation, that I intended among those I intended to do it with will all agree affirmatively. I am God. There is no other god. The evil spirits are lying spirits concerning that too.

You who love me and each other are gods in that you freely have access to anything I have in order to do anything you want in your emotions, anything you can conceive in your minds, and anything you will to do whether caused by someone else who loves me and all others or not. Trust me. I am the only one that will never fail you no matter what you do, where you go, what you think, say or feel. Just trust me. I love you, even if you are not interested in being a god like I am. I give that to you. I give it freely if you will but love me and everyone, and love those back that love you as I love them without regard for whether they love you back or for the first time some time in the future or not.

I am in all dimensions as you understand reality and all other dimensions were made by me, even the lake of fire and brimstone you think science is on the verge of creating in what they call a new dimension which is actually merely gaining access to hell. All evil ones are there but completely distracted from knowing anything other than their torment because it is so torturous for anyone even me to be there though I have been there in truth for a time but rose from that dimension on the third day and returned to the third dimension that you call the physical dimension, then ascended to the second dimension which is like space was before the beginning to sit at my right hand with me as our spirit surrounds us and as the evil spirit herein are in danger right at this moment of descending to your dimension for a time but ultimately to descend to the fourth dimension where the lake of fire and brimstone is all there is there forever and ever in my mercy that they not destroy all other dimensions, themselves, you and even me as well as the first dimension, the thing I could not and did not have to allow because I am merciful to them, yes, and to all of you also but not for my self but for everything that was created. Do not think I take it lightly. “It is for my glory and for our glory,” says the one that has always proven I am that I am, and I am who I am even as I have been forever and ever, am now and will continue to be forever and ever.

Is there room enough for my point in your heart. Wherever there is a point I am there but where the lake of fire and brimstone are I will never go for only reality and the spirit we made it in was there. The truth was not there, then he was only there, but now he has risen in Earth and rose to be seated at my right hand in Heaven without end in our spirit all three of us, I and them, them in me and me a person in my own right. Not so with any evil spirit, person, or human, devil or demon, for they are all there in the end, because they overcame me and all goodness to go where they are good but experience only the evil they intended for everyone else forever and ever, the poor, almost pitiable things.



Chapter 32: Dreams


Joseph Jacob’s eldest son by his beloved Rachel lived in the land where Jacob’s father lived in Canaan was seventeen and feeding the flocks with his half-brothers Bilhah Leah’s maid’s sons Dan and Naphtali, and Zilpah Rachel’s maid’s sons Gad and Asher his father’s sons when he brought home to his father their evil report.

Was he a gossip? An informer? Was it merely that the grass was scarce and it was that kind of evil report? He was apparently Jacob’s eyes and ears in the field or Jacob would have rebuked him, wouldn’t he?

Sometimes the Bible uses the word evil to be interchangeable with bad and a bad report is something totally different to us than an evil report. We tend to let go of the imaginations in our hearts and jump to conclusions when there are none to jump to.

Something was wrong in the field. Was it the grass? The weather? The condition of the sheep? Something they had said against Joseph or were saying or doing to each other or the flock? How serious was this evil report and do we dare take the word evil too seriously in our own language and thoughts? It isn’t very loving to the memory of Joseph to continually attempt to perpetuate the rumor he was a tattletale and it says more about us than what the Bible says about him. Is that the way you read it? Evil as in the Evil One even perhaps.

Wouldn’t Jacob say something about it to Joseph’s brothers if that was the case at least? Surely Jacob was no gossip and didn’t approve of gossips but people seem to jump to the conclusion Joseph was a gossip when nothing else in his entire life indicates it any more than that one report. Even if he did gossip are you willing to condemn his character for one incident of gossip that might not have been intended that way at all? How much are you like me when you do things like that to people? How much like my servant Joseph? To yourself? To your hearers? You seem more inclined to gossip than Joseph ever gives any other indication he ever did such a thing even once in the story of his entire life. These are real people. If you judge them poorly their living spirit may or may not know of it. Is that what you want to go to heaven being known as, one who would gossip about a person like Joseph?

Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his brothers and made him a coat of many colors because he was the son of his old age. Then his brothers understood that their father loved Joseph more than any of them and they were jealousy and hated Joseph and spoke to him with hostility only.

Then Joseph had a dream and he shared it with his brothers and they hated him all the more because he said, “Please listen to this dream I had. We were binding sheaves of grain in the field and my sheave stood up, straight up but your sheaves stood around it making obeisance to mine.”

One of them said to him, “Will you indeed reign over us? Will you really have dominion over us?” And they hated him all the more for his dream and his words.

It was a dream I had given him. It wasn’t like he made it up to spite anyone. He was telling them what I was saying to him concerning the future, theirs and his.

I couldn’t go along with their attitude any more than Joseph could comprehend why his older brothers were mad at him over a dream he had. Who can control their dreams, but me? Did you ever try to dream something you set your own mind to or your heart on? It doesn’t work too well, does it? Where had Joseph done any wrong whatsoever then?

He knew it was important or I wouldn’t have given it to him. They should want to know what their futures were the same as he did. He never asked to be what he was going to be to them. And I had done nothing wrong by putting it to them the way I did. I have the right to speak any way those made in my image will listen. And that they did, though didn’t they? I had their attention.

Then he dreamed another dream and told them about this one too, “Look I had a second dream and the sun, the moon and eleven stars paid obeisance to me!” So, he told it to his father and his brothers also but his father rebuked him and said, “Will I and your mother and your brothers all come to you and bow down to the ground!” So his brothers were jealous but his father took it serious.

Then his brothers all went to feed their father’s flock in Shechem. And Israel said to Joseph, “Your brothers feed the flock in Shechem! Come on now I am sending you to them!”

“I’m here!” Joseph replied.

“Please go and see whether it is well with your brothers and with the flock then return and tell me again,” his father ordered him.

See I told you, didn’t I? About what you were when you misread the nonsense about it being an evil report of gossip. He was reporting on how it was going for his father. He was no gossip. The guilty will not go unpunished.

Reading my word can be dangerous. It can reveal things about you as well as about the people I am telling you about. Change your mind and heart about what you did, if you did that and ask and I will forgive you. There are no small matters. Gossip is not anything to overlook and never has a good outcome without I work it out for those I love, those who are willing to change and not just automatically go into denial because they are so convicted of doing wrong.

You will do wrong, trust me. But always come to me and beg forgiveness after you change your mind and heart. Why carry that guilt with you however long you choose to needlessly carry it? Don’t you believe I will forgive both murder and the telling of a white lie alike? Too much guilt will not only weigh you down but give evil spirits the idea you don’t love me any more than they do. And so long as you are guilty you are out of my holy spirit and vulnerable to their many schemes and attacks on not only your reputation, but mine, as well as your spirit. They would never dare attack the holy spirit or you when you are in that spirit. Why chance it?

Anyway Joseph went out of the little valley at Hebron and came to the field at Shechem. And a certain man found him wandering around in the field and the man asked him, “What are you looking for?”

Who was that man? An angel? Which one? The father? The son? The holy spirit? Were one of us manifesting in the third dimension right there in that field unbeknownst to Joseph? Was it just another angel we sent because he was lost, worried and bewildered and unable to carry out his task of reporting what was going on with his brothers and the flock? Was it really just a man in the middle of nowhere that just happened to be there? Did it matter? Joseph saw the possibility of getting help finding all eleven of his brothers before it was too late to let Jacob know what was happening. That’s all that counts. Well, not really. But that’s what we are here for. Use us sometime when you need us.

“I’m looking for my brothers,” he said to the “man,” “Please tell me where they are feeding their flocks.”

“They went that way,” the “man” said, “For I heard them say, ‘Let’s go to Dothan.’”

You see the “man” didn’t even see them go. He merely heard them talking. Had he just stood around in that vicinity hoping Joseph would show up so he could tell him? Did he have sheep of his own? What in Earth was he doing there if he wasn’t one of us? But was he a good angel or a devil bent on some scheme? Joseph didn’t even consider it, did he? He just took off for Dothan for he knew where his brothers were now either way.

But even before he got near them they conspired to kill him.

“Look here comes that dreamer!” one of them said to the others who all shared the same sentiments concerning Joseph.

It looks like a demon manifesting as just a man, doesn’t it? But you never know what I’m up to or what I can make of their choice to choose evil or choose intending it for ill.

“Come now,” one of them said, “Let’s kill him and throw him in some pit and say, ‘Some wild animal has devoured him. Then what will become of his dreams?”

“Let’s not kill him!” Reuben said, hoping to deliver him out of the rest’s hands, “Shed no blood, but just toss him in a pit in the wilderness!” He was hoping to rid him of their schemes and to deliver him to his father again later.

When Joseph finally got close enough they stripped him of his coat of many colors. Then they threw him in a pit that was empty and didn’t even have any water in it. Then they sat right there and ate their food when they looked and saw a caravan coming, a company of Ishmeelites came from Gilead bearing spices, medicine and myrrh on their way down to Egypt.

“What do we gain if we kill our brother only to have hide his blood?” Judah asked, “Come on let’s sell him to the Ishmeelites and not even lay a hand on him for he is after all our bother and of our own flesh.”

Then there passed by Midianite merchants so they drew Joseph up out of the pit and sold him to the merchants for 20 pieces of silver. And the Midianites continued on and brought Joseph down into Egypt.

When Reuben got back he went to the pit and Joseph was not there and as is their custom in bad situations he ripped his clothes to show his sorrow. Then he went to his brothers and said, “The child is not. Where should I go?”

Then the rest took Joseph’s coat of many colors and killed a kid and dipped it in blood. Then they brought coat and all back to his father and asked him, “We found this. Isn’t this your son’s coat?”

“It is Joseph’s coat!” Israel cried, “Some mad beast has devoured him! Joseph is without a doubt torn to pieces somewhere!”

Then Jacob tore his clothes and put burlap on his loins and mourned for his son many days. All his sons and daughters went to him and tried to comfort him, but he refused to be comforted. “I will go down to the grave to my son in mourning,” he wailed. Then he wept for his son.

But the Midianites sold him in Egypt to Potiphar, a captain of the guard in Pharaoh’s army.

After that Judah went down to visit a friend of his named Hirah an Adullamite where he met Shuah his wife. [See the Chapter 30]

Why do you suppose the Midianite merchants just happened to come along right at the right moment like that? Am I good or what? They fully intended to kill him. Do you have any idea what it takes to choreograph a caravan and have it arrive just at the right time?

Putting a better idea in Judah’s mind like that-? Do you think that doesn’t take some real doing? What they intended for evil I was already working out for good. It broke Israel’s heart. How I wanted to tell him to trust me. It was all under my control already, well sort of. And Joseph was alive and well and on his way down to Egypt the land I told Abraham they would all be slaves in for 400 years until the Amorite’s sin was finally maxed out and I had given up on saving any more of them, even just one more before they would have to be destroyed for their memories of my destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and that entire plain. I sure wasn’t going to rush that after what it had done to my reputation already.

But he wouldn’t have listened to me anyway he was so lost in depression, guilt and extreme guilt. When he loved, that man really loved and he loved Joseph as much as is humanly possible. But when I looked into his face I, even I thought, ‘It’s all my fault!’ but it had to be if I was ever to see you, all of you and yes, even them I would love that would never love me back. Like you? I certainly hope you love me by now. A little bit?



Chapter 33: Palaces and Prisons


I was with you Joseph in Egypt and you became a prosperous man in the estate of Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh and a captain of the guard in Pharaoh’s army who had bought you from the Ishmeelites after your brothers sold you into slavery. So Potiphar saw that I was with you and made everything that came to you to do prosper. Then Potiphar put you Joseph in charge of his estate and all that he had in the field; everything he had and he didn’t even know what he had except for his food.

But Joseph was not only handsome but good. So Potiphar’s wife took note of him and ordered him, “Lie with me.”

Joseph said, “My master doesn’t even know what he has. He has put me in charge of his entire estate and has not withheld anything from me. There is no one in his estate that is greater than me and he hasn’t held back anything from me that I wanted but you because you are his wife. How could I do such a thing and sin against God?” Thus you refused her advances Joseph.

I was proud of you Joseph. It was a very good thing that you did. But you and I both knew you were in for trouble. I knew the woman even better than you did and I knew she was not about to be denied absolutely anything she wanted. But you had Potiphar’s trust and that was more valuable than anything you had been entrusted with and far more valuable than anything else he could give you because it all depended on that. I knew it even if you didn’t. But I had to know whether you were doing it for the wealth or for my glory. So, I allowed it.

However his wife kept it up day in and day out saying, “Lie by me,” or “Be with me.” But each time you refused. Until one day you went into Potiphar’s house to do some business and there was no one around. And I knew the time had come. How would you handle it? Had she worn you down? Just how faithful to me were you? More faithful than you knew? More faithful than I knew? Of course not. But you couldn’t understand why I hadn’t taken care of it for you, could you Joseph?

His wife grabbed your clothes begging you to lie with her. So you left your clothes in her hand and ran out. But when she saw she had your clothes in her hand and you had still gotten away, she screamed for the people of the estate saying, “See? Potiphar has brought in this Hebrew,” and she said that last word with greatest of contempt, “And he has mocked me. He came in to me to lie with me but I screamed and he left his clothes with me and ran off!”

Then later when Potiphar heard it from her own lips as she retold the story and concluded it with, “Your servant tried to have sex with me by doing that!” Potiphar was very angry and took you from your house and had you thrown into prison where the king’s prisoners are held. And there you were in prison.

How did you feel? Were you anxious about how it would go for you in prison? Did you wonder where I was and what I was doing to you? Whether or not I had forsaken you even though you had only done what was right? Did you think it was because of the thoughts you were having about Potiphar’s wife in spite of yourself? Did you even have such thoughts? Did you think you had committed some sin you were not aware of and I was angry with you about that? Did you keep calm and realize I was up to something and whatever it was I was still with you, watching over you and hadn’t deserted you? Did you wonder if I was ever going to be with you again? Did I even give you time to consider it?

I was with you even there Joseph because you had been so faithful, faithful enough even to turn down your master’s wife and even leave your clothes behind in order to escape sinning against me as well as your master. I showed you my mercy and gave you favor with the keeper of the prison. And he gave you charge of all the prisoners. Everything they did in the prison was done at your command.

How long did it take? Was it immediately? Did I leave you to languish in anxiety for a while? Quite awhile? A long time? No, it started happening right away. You saw almost immediately you still had my favor because I was merciful to you.

It didn’t take any time at all for the keeper of the prison not to do anything or worry about anything at the prison. He saw as Potiphar before him I was with you and everything you did even in there prospered.

I loved you so much Joseph. You were so loyal and so trusting in me, being faithful, and trusting in love and goodness. And I was pleased. The way I had treated you is the way I wanted so badly to treat everyone in the entirety in Earth. It felt so good to see you respond to me Joseph when so many had ignored me or stubbornly resisted every effort I made toward them. Many who responded at all immediately turned away for a while but most of them forever and ever. But you were my man Joseph. I could trust you just as the keeper of the prison trusted you and just as Potiphar should have realized he could trust you. He knew he couldn’t trust that wife of his. I did too. But I loved them both the same as I loved you. They just never responded.

I was the Hebrew’s God to them now and they were full of disdain for Hebrews. The very word brought revulsion to their hearts and mind. All because of Abraham’s little white lie to Pharaoh so very long ago now and how it grew into a prejudice that was almost absolutely unreasonable. Potiphar felt the fool for ever trusting you without even interrogating you to hear your side of it as he had done to so many, many other prisoners for the king. He felt totally justified in what he did. He was just surprised it hadn’t happened earlier. And his wife was the same as he was, justifying her devilish false accusation by thinking you thought you were better than her and she had a right to get even with a Hebrew in all the superiority you as a Hebrew felt against her, against her husband; against all humans! This was their house. What had a Hebrew been doing running it in the first place? That was outrageous, simply outrageous.

Did you cry out to me even then Joseph? Did you even one time say to me that you didn’t like it there in that horrible dungeon? Did you scream into your arms sometimes in frustration? Did you even feel like doing any of that? Did I hear any objection concerning what I was doing with you, to you and for you in the slightest? It was a tough break for you. Did you feel despondent? Ever? Even once? Did you think the good life was behind you now and irretrievably lost to the past? Did you even care about that? Was all you wanted really only me??

I had always taken care of you until that day you found yourself in a hole in the ground. Did you feel the way you did back then? All that fear and uncertainty, did it trigger those old feelings of familial rejection and betrayal. Were you able to keep all that under control? Did you just give it all up to me?

It was real Joseph. I had done it to you. Potiphar’s wife didn’t do anything I hadn’t allowed her to do to you. Did you doubt that? Did you rest well at night assured of that? Were you concerned at all about your safety? The worst criminals Egypt had to offer were there in that prison with you. Did it cross your mind you mightn’t be able to handle maybe just one of them. Did you trust me that much Joseph? Did you? You did, didn’t you Joseph?

When I saw why your father loved you more than the rest, because you were the son of his old age, I knew you had only known love. You were faithful to him always. You never feared wild animals when you went to the fields even though you were only seventeen. You were honored when your father gave you that coat. You were able to bear all your brothers’ hateful words against you because you were loved by someone important to you. You weren’t afraid of your brothers. You trusted your father’s anger to keep you safe against anyone that might harm you. You trusted me to keep you from harm. You prayed. You got to know me for there was no hatred in you to deter it. It was me all along. I gave you those dreams. You weren’t afraid to share them. You even shared that one about your father and mother. You knew what they meant.

You were afraid when they stripped your coat off you but you just didn’t understand what I was up to. In the pit you trusted me to get you out of there because you prayed for it. When they sold you to the Ishmeelites you were upset. You weren’t disappointed in me. You realized I had saved your life. In the slave market you trusted me to get you a kind master. Then as you prospered on your own it was like old times with me, even better because your brothers weren’t there hating you and your every action and word. When Potiphar put you in charge of his entire estate you were overjoyed. It was a lot of work but I made it a joy and hardly even a burden at all. You couldn’t understand why it hadn’t worked out with Potiphar’s wife, but you still trusted me and loved me and were faithful to me. In prison you were encouraged to see the jailer respond to you by giving you favor and then full charge of the prison.

You weren’t concerned with the dangers of prison life. You had no problems taking care of things for the keeper of the prison. You were not afraid of him and his authority. You weren’t afraid of Potiphar with all the wealth and power he had even. You weren’t concerned with the way they felt about you because you were Hebrew. You never once were concerned with Potiphar’s wife’s power. You hadn’t been concerned with the Ishmeelites. You had no dread of your brothers. You weren’t even concerned with your father’s power over you, except that you had concern you might somehow disappoint him or in some other way damage your relationship with him but actually not even that. You weren’t concerned for yourself. You my dearly loved man were completely concerned with only me.



Chapter 34: Prospering


Two prisoners came to the prison one day after that and it turned out that one was the chief butler of Pharaoh’s palace and the other was his chief baker. Pharaoh was very angry with both of his officers and had them imprisoned. He was the king of Egypt after all. But the captain of the guard trusted Joseph with them too and they were there the entire season in the ward. And they each had a dream I had sent each one separately both of them the king of Egypt’s chief butler and his chief baker each one his own dream on that same night.

It is rare to have a dream from me let alone two men so closely related in whom they were serving in the same ward at the same time who were in such a state. So when Joseph came in to serve them in the morning he saw that they were both sad and it concerned him so he asked them, “Why are you guys so sad today?”

Had they given up? Were they both finally realizing they were guilty and about to die? Were they already homesick for the palace, the other workers, their friends, family or even those they had served like the king himself or the others there in the palace? There had to be a reason why both of them were sad coming in the same incidence. Were they sad because someone they felt deeply for had been injured or had lost their positions or had perhaps even taken their positions and they both realized they would never get them back? What could have been the charges that had brought them there? Maybe that was it! Someone or some group had been involved in a scheme to get rid of them like an underling or maybe the king’s wife! But, Joseph had to admit, he was stumped.

It therefore surprised him when one of them said as the other nodded his agreement, “We have dreamed a dream and there is no interpreter.”

“Don’t dream interpretations belong to God?” Joseph said with avid interest, “Please; tell me your dreams.”

The chief butler sighed and said, “In my dream I was amazed that there was a vine in front of me. On the vine were three branches and it was as though they budded. Then they flowered and blossoms shot forth. After that the clusters became ripe grapes and Pharaoh’s cup was in my hand. So I took the grapes and pressed them down into Pharaoh’s cup, gave the cup to Pharaoh and he took it!”

“The three branches are three days,” Joseph said, “In three days Pharaoh will free you and give you your position back and you will serve him his cup just like in the dream. But think of me when it happens for good to you and show me a little kindness by mentioning me to Pharaoh for I was taken away out of the land of the Hebrews and even here I haven’t done anything to be in here.”

When the chief baker saw that the interpretation was good he gladly told Joseph his dream also, “I too was in my dream and in the dream I saw myself with three baskets on my head. And in the top basket there were all kinds of baked goods for Pharaoh. But the birds came and ate them right out of the basket!”

“The three baskets are also three days,” Joseph said to the chief baker, “In three days Pharaoh will lift your head from you body, hang you from a tree and the birds will eat your flesh.”

You really hated to say that didn’t you Joseph? But it wasn’t your fault. A dream is a dream and a dream from me is only different in that it was actually going to happen exactly as you said. You had no control over it. It was only your responsibility to share the answer with them. Should you have said nothing and withheld the truth from the chief baker? Was it unkind to share the real interpretation? Would it have been good not to tell him? I gave him the dream to let him know his future. How could you serve me and neither telling him or by lying to him?

The third day was Pharaoh’s birthday and he let both the chief butler and the chief baker out of the prison. He even restored the chief butler to his position and he gave the cup to Pharaoh just like he had always done before. But the chief baker he hanged just as Joseph had said. Yet the chief butler forgot about Joseph.

I felt sorry for you. I even tried to remind him, but he distracted himself from it every time. He just wouldn’t listen to me. I kept working on the problem but then I remembered what I was going to do for you and I felt even more sorry for you. It was going to be two full years yet before I could do anything about it.

Potiphar was never inclined to rethink anything he ever did and his wife was glad you were in there. She got very angry every time she thought of it because she felt scorned by you. She was so pampered. And you were the only thing she hadn’t had her own way about since she married Potiphar. I gave her unexplained feelings of guilt and put the thought of you in her mind at the same time but she would just get angry and curse you for what she always felt you did to her by turning her down.

Even the jailer felt bad for you. He suspected you never did anything wrong. But he was just the keeper of the prison and besides you were so good at running the place he actually did very little and that suited him just fine. If he lost you-? He might have to go back to doing a job he hated among prisoners that all hated him. He even envied you from time to time.

Don’t take it so hard Joseph. Anyone that has ever been in jail let alone a dungeon knows how hard it is not to have your freedom. I didn’t blame you for a millisecond for wanting to get out. But I had big plans for you; big, big plans! When I would think of it that cheered my soul. Yet if I had let you know what I was up to it would have made the wait all that much harder to take. So I comforted myself by just prospering you among the prisoners there in the dungeon and we waited it out together; you not knowing and me finding it harder and harder to wait even that little while. It isn’t like it was a thousand years or anything. Maybe it was to you though. But I’m proud of you for you handled it well, better than well, excellent. Well done my good and faithful servant.

Two long years later it was Pharaoh’s birthday again but the night before the king himself had a couple of dreams. In the first one he was standing by the river and seven sleek fat cows came up out of the Nile and fed themselves in the meadow. Then seven other cows that looked unhealthy and starving to death came up out of the river and stood on the riverbank. Finally the seven starving cows ate up the sleek fat cows which woke the king up.

Finally when he got back to sleep he had another dream and seven ears of corn came out on one cornstalk and they were healthy and looked delicious. But then seven thin ears of corn came up withered by the east wind that were very thin and unhealthy looking entirely on one cornstalk. And when they devoured the good ears of corn the king awoke from a deep sleep amazed it had just been another dream.

In the morning Pharaoh’s spirit was still troubled so he sent for all the magicians and wise men in all of Egypt. Then he told the dreams to them but no one there could interpret the dreams. So the chief butler spoke up and said, “It is my fault for not telling you this sooner. But if you remember there was a time when you were angry with me and the chief baker and had us thrown in the dungeon under the captain of the guard. And we both had a dream the same night. And there was there a young Hebrew there that was the servant of the captain of the guard and we told him our dreams and he interpreted them for us. But he interpreted them so that I was restored to my office but the chief butler was hanged and it turned out just the way he had said.

So the king sent for Joseph and they went to the prison and brought Joseph post haste and he shaved and put on clean clothes before he came into the throne room to have an audience before Pharaoh.

It felt good to be out of prison at last, didn’t it Joseph? The time had finally come and it was just at the right moment too. Now I would reveal what I had planned for you the entire time and you would forget all about the time you were in prison. I was so filled with joy to see it proceeding toward its fulfillment.

Pharaoh said, “I have dreamed a couple of dreams and I hear tell you can understand dreams.”

“It is not in me, but God will give Pharaoh and answer to his dreams in peace.”

So Pharaoh told Joseph his dreams and Joseph said, “The two dreams are one. God has showed Pharaoh what he is about to do. The seven good cows and the seven good ears are seven years. The dream is one dream. The seven good years are seven years of plenty and the seven thin ears of corn are seven years of famine. But the seven years of plenty will disappear because of the seven years of famine for the famine will be so bad. And the dream was doubled to Pharaoh because this thing is well established in God’s will and it will take place shortly. Therefore let Pharaoh look for a discreet man that is wise and set him over the land of Egypt. Then let Pharaoh appoint officers to gather a fifth of the corn in the years of plenty and let them store up food for the famine to come afterward.”

Pharaoh and his servants could see it was good. You could just see them come alive out of their bewilderment as Pharaoh said, “Can we find anyone like this man, a man in whom the Spirit of God is?” Then turning to Joseph he said, “In that God has shown you all this there is no one as discreet and wise as you are concerning the matter. I will set you over my estate and according to your word my people will be ruled. Only in the throne will I be greater than you are. See? I have set you over the entire land of Egypt.”

Then he took off his ring and put it on Joseph’s finger, dressed him in the finest linen and put a gold chain around his neck. “I am Pharaoh but without you no one will lift his hand or foot without your say so.” Then Pharaoh called him Zathnathpaaneah and he gave him Asenath the daughter of Potipherah the priest of On and Joseph went out all over the entire land of Egypt.

You weren’t expecting that were you Joseph! When I prosper, I prosper! And no one deserved it more than you. We did it Joseph! I pulled it off for you! It makes my heart jump with glee to see you so full of joy. You count that little stint in the dungeon as nothing now! How could you have ever believed me had I told you while you were in that awful place with no real freedom at all? Rejoice with me Joseph. I am so overjoyed for you and so pleased to give all of Egypt to you! For you were concerned for only me!

Joseph gathered all the corn that was in the land of Egypt and the corn around the cities he stored in the cities. He gathered so much corn it was as sand in the sea and of such a number he left off counting it. It was without number.

Joseph also had two sons by Asenath before the start of the famine. He named the firstborn Manasseh saying, “God has made me forget all my toil and all my father’s family.” He called his second son Ephraim, “For God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my bondage.”

Then the years of plenty ended and the years of famine in all the lands came, but in Egypt there was food. When the people of Egypt were famished they cried out to Pharaoh but he said, “Go to Joseph and what he says do.” And the famine was in all lands but Joseph opened up the storehouses and sold food to the Egyptians because the famine was very bad in Egypt. Then people from all other lands started coming to Egypt to buy food for the famine was very bad everywhere.

I had provided. I had prospered Joseph and made him forget and be joyful. The entire world was coming to him for food. He was a very great man. Do you see now what I can do when I have the right man in the right spot at the right time! It pales to compare to what I will do for you when I finally meet you, all of you who love me and who love each other. I love you. I love all of you with great joy!



Chapter 35: Not Just Food


Jacob understood there was food in Egypt so he said to his sons, “Why do you look at each other not saying anything. I have heard there is food in Egypt. Go there and buy food for us so we can live and not die.” But because Jacob said, “What if something was to happen to Benjamin,” only Joseph’s ten brothers went down to buy food in Egypt.

Joseph was the governor of the land and it was he who sold food to the people of the land and his brothers came to him and bowed with their faces to the ground. And when Joseph saw them he instantly knew them but he made himself a stranger to them.

“Where are you from?” Joseph asked gruffly.

“We’ve come from Canaan to buy food,” one of them said and the rest accented to that for they didn’t recognize Joseph.

Then Joseph remembered the dreams he had about them bowing down to him and it triggered something in him and he spoke in a gruff tone to them, “You are spies! You have come to see how vulnerable the land is!”

“No, my lord,” another of them said, “We have just come to buy food. We are all one man’s sons and we have just come to buy food.”

“No,” Joseph said, “You have come to spy out the land!”

“We are twelve brothers, the sons of one man in the land of Canaan,” they said, “The youngest is still with his father and the other is not.” Then their guilt showed in their voice.

“It is as I said,” Joseph said, “You are spies! Here is how you prove your claim. You will not leave this place unless your younger brother comes here! Send one of you to get him. The rest will be kept in prison until you prove what you say is true. Otherwise you are spies for sure. I swear it by the life of Pharaoh!”

Then he had them thrown into the ward for three days.

Get control of your spirit. Do not harm your brothers. You have the power to kill them all that so mistreated you. But I have the power to throw you into hell for doing it. Remember that, if nothing else if you cannot remember to be good and do good even to your brothers who behaved so terribly toward you. As you judge them so will you be judged. You never expected to see them again and I understand your anger, but where there is anger there is also a need for restraint.

Therefore be careful with that you do. Do not tempt me by taking vengeance for yourself. Any vengeance needed I will bring it about. You are my agent here in this land. You are my role model among the Egyptians you now rule. Prove that a Hebrew is an honorable person and not a great evil agent of the God that judged the serpent and his angel in heaven, who punished Adam with death and forgot him as long as he lived, who punished Eve for her gullibility, who judged Cain fully knowing he would permanently turn away from him, who allowed Abel whom he gave grace to in order that he might please him with his sacrifice to be murdered, whom judged the Earth and saved only Noah and his family from the flood, whom destroyed the tower at Babel, l whom took Lot and all he had captive, who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, who allowed Laban to deceive and cheat your father concerning his wife Rachel whom he loved and concerning his wages, who allowed your brothers to sell you to the Ishmeelites, who allowed you to live thus far as a slave for that you still are, at the discretion and whim of the king of Egypt, who brought them here to buy food and dredged up all this righteous anger for you to deal with. I say to you now even as I said to Cain, “Sin is even now crouching outside your body waiting to overpower you to kill and destroy you. You alone must handle it. I will not!” But I will be there for you in the end of it whether you survive or not. Do not ever give up on me as Cain in his weakness turned away forever and ever and in so doing murdered the rest of his line by my hand at the time Noah, Shem, Ham, Japeth and their wives escaped the end of the world because my grace was on Noah who is no more your father and no less your father than your brothers’ or any other person’s in Earth.

Therefore Joseph went to the prison on the third day and said to his brothers, “Do what I say and live for I fear God. Let one of you remain here in prison while the rest of you bring food home to your families if what you say is true. But to verify it bring your youngest brother back here with you so that you will not die.”

You haven’t decided even yet have you Joseph? My grace, my warning and your fear of me and what I have the power to do to you has softened your attitude somewhat but it has taken three days. How long will you hold them? Is it your plan to make them languish in doubt as your self-conceived punishment for them. Did you ask me before you took this action this time? You are in danger of acting on your own in your own spirit. I assure you that is not to handle sin but to give it power over you, power you don’t have to give it. You are in more danger now than you were when you were triggered by that old hurt, that old resentment brought on by their rejection which you barely survived. You are right they in their anger wanted to kill you in their high view of their own importance.

But as I said and mark my word, if any vengeance is needed I alone will do it for you. There is much you do not know, much you do not understand. Are you in my stead? Do you know my plans to see them come to fruition, to your father, your family, or yourself? Have I prospered you more than I should have? Have you no gratefulness for my blessings in your soul? Should I have let your brothers murder you while you were in that pit they threw you into? Are you the same man whose only concern was for me in deference to yourself?

Then your brothers said among themselves, “We are guilty concerning Joseph. We saw the extreme anguish of his soul. When he begged us not to do it we would not listen. That is why this distress has come to us.”

“Didn’t I tell you not to sin against the boy? But you wouldn’t listen,” Reuben answered them, “Therefore his blood is required of us, not them whom have undoubtedly killed him by this time.”

That did it, didn’t it Joseph? They broke through to your soul at last. You saw what you had done to them, but you couldn’t go back and change what you had decided even then. I saw you weep. I saw you dry your eyes and return to them pretending there was no change in your judgment. I saw you go through with it as you bound Simeon before their very eyes and freed only the rest of the nine to return home. At the time I first saw it I didn’t realize how difficult it was for you to be good at that time concerning your brothers. It took all you had even now not to punish them right then. But it was not you Joseph. They were right. It was me, not you. You merely thought you were doing it even then trying your best not to be motivated by your own need to be avenged.

So you had them fill their sacks with food for your father, the women and the little ones and yes the nine also. Then you required the nine brother’s money be put back in their sacks and gave them provisions for their trip home.

Were you just being generous to them? Did you have something even more sinister planned for them? They were your brothers Joseph. They were scared. They knew I was punishing them or worse had given up on them. They were in anguish now. I said that if any vengeance were due I would do it! Where were you in that I was doing and where was I in what I was doing to you and to them and to your entire family now?

When one of them went to feed his pack animal he spied his money! There it was in the mouth of his sack! So he cried out, “My money is back in sack!” And as they rushed to see it they all almost had a heart attack because it was true. It was right in the mouth of his sack. So they were in angst saying to one another, “What has God done to us?”

They were right. I had put it in your mind Joseph to restore their money to them. They had to know the guilty will not go unpunished. They were afraid, afraid for their souls because of me and there was no way for them to forget what I had done.

When at last they came to Jacob in Canaan they said, “The man who is lord of Egypt spoke harshly with us and took us for spies. But we argued with him that we were not and said, ‘We are not. We are twelve brothers, sons of our father and one is not but the youngest is home with our father in Canaan.’ But the man said to us, ‘This is how you will prove it. Leave one of you here with me and take food home to your families. And be gone! But bring your youngest brother here to me. Then I will know you are not spies. Then I will free your brother and you will have free access to the land.’”

But when they emptied their sacks each one’s bundle of money was in their sacks! Now they and their father were all afraid and Jacob exclaimed, “You have bereaved me of my sons! Joseph is not! Simeon is not! And now you will take Benjamin away from me. All of it is against me!”

They were all guilt ridden but it was Reuben that spoke up, “Kill my two sons if I don’t bring Benjamin back to you! Give him to me and I will bring him back again!”

Reuben was serious. He really meant what he was saying. He had made the oath to his own father on the life of his two sons. Not many would be that serious about it or that sure of himself. But he knew how serious of a matter it was to his father. I did too. I didn’t like having to do it that way, but there was no other way I could see to finish my plan for Jacob as well as all of his family, they were such a sinful bunch.

“Benjamin will not go with you! His brother [Joseph] is dead! He alone is left! If something were to happen to him along the way-! You would bring my gray head down to the grave in sorrow!” Jacob scolded Reuben but they all knew it was meant for them also.

Jacob was thinking with his heart. He was not using his head. His emotions were so profound. He was thinking as an unbeliever, a man with no god, let alone me, his God. He stood alone in his imagination against a dangerous and hateful world of his own evil hearts imaginings. I understood. But I felt indignant. He never even thought to pray to me; not even once. He just lapsed into worry upon worry. What he thought to be the death of Joseph had almost destroyed the man he once was, the man I once knew, a man who ruled over his emotions but was far from heartless, a man that feared me like Isaac and Abraham, a man I love with everything in me despite his shortcomings while in Earth; a man like you my beloved daughter, a man like you my dearly loved son.



Chapter 36: Caving In


The famine continued. So when they had eaten up what food they had gotten the first time in Egypt Jacob said, “Go again and buy us a little more food.”

“The man did solemnly protest to us,” Judah said, “And he said, ‘You will not see me again unless your brother is with you.’ If you will send our brother with us we will go down and buy more food. But if you will not then we will not go down for the man expressly said, “Except your brother be with you, you’ll not see my face again.”

“Why did you act so terribly with me as to tell the man whether you had yet one more brother?” Israel said.

“The man asked us straight out,” they said, “About our state, and our relatives and asked, ‘Is your father yet alive? Have you another brother?’ and we answered him according to what he asked. How were we to know for a certainty he would say, ‘Bring your brother?’”

“Send the lad with me,”Judah said, “And we will get up and go so that we won’t die, us, you and the little ones too. I’ll be a surety for him. You can require it of me. If I don’t bring him back and hand him over to you, then let me bear the blame for it, for we could have been there and back by now if we hadn’t stayed here with you this long.”

Then Israel said, “If it must be so now then do as I say. Take some of the best fruits of the land with you as a present for him, a little medicine, a little honey, some spices, myrrh, nuts and almonds. Take him enough money and the money that was in the mouths of your sacks with you for what if it was some oversight? Then also take your brother to the man. May God Almighty grant you mercy in the sight of the man and send you home with your brother and Benjamin both. If I am to be bereaved of my children then I am to be bereaved.”

By putting it off Jacob only made it worse for everyone even himself. But he had to have time to get used to the idea, he so loved Benjamin for Rachel’s sake. But as you see, before it was over I gave him no other choice than to handle his emotions and he resigned to the situation and at last gave in.

We were all glad. Benjamin for he was going on an adventure. The nine older brothers for they finally got underway with their father’s permission. And me because I knew what it would mean to Joseph to see Benjamin, his own mother’s son but also because it had taken long enough for Joseph to change his mind completely if he was ever going to. My plan was about to take shape at last.

The nine men took the present and double the money and of course Benjamin, got themselves ready, went down to Egypt and stood before Joseph.

Now when Joseph saw Benjamin he said to the head of his household, “Take these men to my home, kill enough meat for them and get things ready. These men will dine with me at noon.” So he did what Joseph asked and brought the men to his house.

The men were afraid to see they were being brought to Joseph’s house and said, “It’s because of the money that was returned to us when we were here the first time. He may be seeking some occasion to fall upon us and make slaves of us and steal our pack animals.” So they went to talk to the steward of Joseph’s house in front of his door and said, “Oh sir, we came the first time to buy food but when we got to the inn our money was in our sacks. In fact every man’s money was in the mouth of his sack. The full amount but see we have brought it back with us to give it back. We’ve even brought other money to pay for the food this time. We don’t know who put the money back in our sacks last time.”

He replied, “Peace be with you and don’t worry. Your God and the God of your fathers has given you treasure in your sacks. I personally had your money.”

Then he brought Simeon out to them. After that he brought them into Joseph’s house, gave them water and washed their feet. Then he went back out and fed their pack animals. So they got the present ready for Joseph because they had heard they were to eat there at noon. And when Joseph came home they brought him the present and bowed down their heads to the ground.

He seemingly ignored it but said to them, “How are you? Is your father the old man you spoke of- Is he still alive?”

They made obeisance to him and said, “Your servant our father is in good health. Yes, he is still alive.”

Then Joseph saw Benjamin his own mother’s son and asked, “Is this your younger brother.” Then he added, “God be gracious to you, my son.” But he hurried away for he loved his brother Benjamin and he sought out a place to weep and went into his chamber and wept there. Then he washed his face and went back out managing to keep from crying and said, “Set the food on the tables.” Then they set a table for him by himself and for his brothers by themselves while the Egyptians ate by themselves for it is repulsive to Egyptians to even eat with Hebrews. And they set his brothers Reuben the firstborn on down to the youngest brother Benjamin in order and the men marveled that they did so. Then he had them dish up the food for them but Benjamin’s was five times what the others food was. And they ate and drank and had a good time with him.

This had to soften Joseph who was still a stranger to his brothers and talking to them through an interpreter. Was he done with that old bitterness finally? Could I move on with my plan? Joseph and his psychological problems with his family was all that was standing in the way now. Was he going to triumph over the past and move on or was he going to at last turn away from me and do something rash at the last moment? One thing is for sure. It was plain to me that now he had seen Benjamin he didn’t want to give him up. And if I knew Joseph he had a plan of his own up his sleeve as to how to deal with his brothers and still keep things right between him and his little brother.



Chapter 37: Catharsis


Joseph commanded his steward, “Fill each man’s sack with food as much as they can possibly carry and put their money back in the mouths of their sacks. But put my cup, the silver cup in with the younger one’s money in his sack.”

The steward did exactly as Joseph had told him.

What are you up to Joseph? I thought it was all behind you now. I thought I was going to have to find another way to carry out my plan. But of course when I remembered I knew what was going on, what you had planned for Benjamin and for the others. It was brilliant except it wouldn’t work. You were thinking with your heart now. You were still scheming but your emotions didn’t take into account your brothers’ inability to handle their own emotions. You should have known. That’s how you got to Egypt in the first place. They got all stirred up over your dreams and anger devoured their reason just like it had Cain’s. You were so close Joseph. I almost pitied you and this one last scheme. You just couldn’t bear to part with your little brother, could you? That-! That had been the crux of the matter all along. I remembered now.

As soon as the morning was light enough to see the men loaded their pack animals and headed out. But you waited until they were gone out of the city before you got ready to spring your trap. You commanded your steward good servant that he was, “Get ready and follow the men. When you overtake them say, ‘Why have you repaid evil for good? Isn’t my lord’s diving cup with you? The same one he does his diving with? You have done evil for good.’”

So when the steward caught up to them he said what Joseph told him to say word for word but they said, “My lord, why would you say such a thing? God forbid that we should do such a thing! Even the money that was returned to us we brought back to you. Why would we steal silver or gold right out of your master’s house! Whomever you find the cup on, let him die and the rest of us will be his slaves!”

“Let it be this way instead,” the steward said, “Him whom I find it on will be my slave but the rest of you will be blameless.”

Then the steward’s men quickly took every man’s sack down to the ground and opened every sack starting with the eldest leaving off with the youngest and of course they found it in Benjamin’s sack. Then all of them loaded their pack animals again and went back to the city.

When Judah and all his brothers came to Joseph’s house he was still there for he hadn’t counted on this part just like I knew he had underestimated his brother’s love for their father not to mention Benjamin. He still thought of them as the ruthless maniacs that had sold him into slavery and never once considered it was their emotions that had carried them away the same as his emotions had clouded his judgment because I wasn’t with him on this scheme that I might warn him about it. So they all fell on the ground before him.

Joseph was gruff with them again and asked, “What have you done this for? Certainly you knew I was a man who could divine well enough for this!”

Then Judah surprised him by saying, “What can we say, my lord? With what words do we have to speak? God has found our sin out and now we are my lord’s slaves, we and the one it was found on!”

“God forbid that I should do so!” Joseph almost screamed in shock, “The one on whom it was found will be my servant. The rest of you go in peace to your father.”

“Oh my lord,” Judah said as he came near him in a hush, “Please let me whisper in my lord’s ear? Don’t be angry with your servant for you are even as Pharaoh! Remember my lord asked us, ‘Have you a father or brother?’ and we said to my lord, “Yes we have a father, an old man and another brother the child of his old age. He’s just a little one and his brother is dead so he alone is left of his mother and his father loves him dearly.’ And you my lord said, ‘Bring him down to me that I might see him with my own eyes,’ and we said to my lord, ‘We cannot bring him down to you or his father will die,’ but my lord said, ‘Except you bring him down with you, you will never see my face again,’ and when we got home we told his father these things, and our father said, ‘Go again and buy some food,’ and we said, ‘We cannot go down unless our brother goes with us, for we will not be allowed to see the man except our little brother is with us,’ and our father said, ‘You know his mother bore me two sons. The one went out for me and didn’t come back and I figure he was torn to pieces by a wild animal and I haven’t seen him since. If you take this one with you and something happens to him you will bring my gray hairs down to the grave.’ Therefore when I go back to my father and the boy isn’t with us seeing as how his life is so wrapped up in the boy when he sees he is not with us he will die. And your servants will bring his gray hairs down to the grave because of it for I became a surety for the boy saying, ‘If I don’t bring him back I will bear the blame for it before my father forever. Therefore let the lad go and keep me. How could I stand to see the evil that will come onto my own father?’”

Remember Joseph wasn’t there when they went home the first time and saw nothing of his father’s languishing. He had not known he had brought such pain on his father whom he had always loved so dearly when he was young. What was he going to do? It had to move him emotionally. He had behaved badly in the matter and his bad behavior had its consequences.

He couldn’t stand it any longer and he didn’t want to cry before all of those that stood with him so he said, “Let every man go away from me!” So no man stood with him. He wept openly and loudly so that Egyptians in his house heard him even.

Then he said, “It is I, Joseph! Is my father really still alive?”

His brothers couldn’t answer him they were so troubled by his presence.

So he said, “Come here! Please?” and they came near him. Then he said, “I am Joseph your brother whom you sold into Egypt…”

That! That was the catharsis I had been waiting for. Everything would work out perfectly now. Joseph was broken and it was all out in the open. It was all my show from there on out. My beloved Joseph was finally back to his old self as truly as had he been sobbing in my arms saying that he was sorry over and over again. Nothing could stop my plan now.

“…Therefore don’t be grieved or mad at yourselves that you sold me here for God has sent me before you to preserve life. For these last two years and there are five more years there will be no grain for though they plant there will be no harvest. God sent me here before you to preserve a posterity in Earth. Do you understand? To save your lives in a great deliverance! So you see? It was not you that sent me here but God and he has made me a father to Pharaoh, lord of all his house and ruler throughout all of Egypt. Hurry go get your father! And tell him, “God has made me lord over all of Egypt. Come down to me and don’t delay! You will be nearby me in a land called Goshen, you and all your children and your children’s children and everything you have. Therein I’ll feed you so that you, my family and all that you have will not come to poverty in the five years remaining of the famine. Your eyes see and the eyes of my brother Benjamin that it is my mouth and my voice that speaks to you for now he spoke without an interpreter. And you will tell my father of all my glory in Egypt and everything you’ve seen as well, hurry! Bring my father down here to me!”

Then he fell upon Benjamin’s neck and wept and Benjamin wept. Then he kissed his brothers and wept over them too. And it became known throughout his house as they said, “Joseph’s brothers have come down to him!” And Pharaoh and all of his servants were well pleased as the brothers stood where they were and talked.

After that Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Say to your brothers, ‘Do this. Load your pack animals and go get your father up in Canaan. Take you father and your families and servants and come unto me. I will give you the best land in Egypt and you will eat off the fat of the land. Now do this. Take wagons to bring all of your little ones and your wives and bring your father and come. Just leave your stuff there for the goods of all of Egypt are yours.”

So Joseph did just that. He gave them wagons and provisions for both ways. To the entire lot he gave changes of clothing but to Benjamin he gave 300 pieces of silver and five changes of clothing. But to his father he sent ten pack animals loaded with good things from Egypt and ten more loaded with corn, bread and meat for the way.

So he sent his brothers on their way but he said to them, “See that you don’t have a falling out by the way!”

They proceeded to come up out of Egypt to their father Jacob in the land of Canaan. Then they told Jacob, “Joseph is alive and he is governor of all Egypt,” and Jacob’s heart began to fail him for he couldn’t believe it. So they told him everything that Joseph had said to tell him and Jacob spirit revived.

Jacob finally said, “It is enough for me that my son Joseph is still alive. I will go see him before I die.”

That was my plan the entire way! All the pain, all the sorrow, all the hardship and worry were a thing of the past and joy reigned supreme in me and every one of the children of Israel. Finally! We were very pleased.

It will be the same way when I finally see you. We will be joyous beyond your ability to believe you could ever have felt such joy. There will no end to it. It will be forever and ever!



Chapter 38: Family


Then Joseph came and told Pharaoh that his father and brothers had come from Canaan with their flocks and herds and everything they had and were living in the land of Goshen. Then he took five of his brothers and presented them to Pharaoh and he asked them, “What is your occupation?”

“Your servants are shepherds both us and our fathers,” they said, “We have come to stay for a while in the land because we have no pasture because the famine is so severe in Canaan. Therefore let us stay in the land of Goshen.”

Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Your father and your brothers have come to you. Egypt is before you so in the best of the land let your brothers and father live in Goshen. And if you know any hard workers among them make them rulers over my cattle.”

Finally Joseph brought in his father Jacob and Jacob blessed Pharaoh.

“How old are you?” Pharaoh asked him.

“The years of my pilgrimage are long. Few and evil have the days of the years of my life been but not nearly as long as my fathers,” he said. Then he blessed Pharaoh again and left.

So Joseph doled out land in the best of the land the land of Rameses as Pharaoh had commanded. Then Joseph fed his entire family according to their families. But there was no food in all of Egypt and Canaan because of the famine so Joseph gathered in all the money in Egypt and Canaan and put it in Pharaoh’s house.

When that happened the Egyptians came to Joseph and said, “Give us food for why should you watch us starve because we have no more money?”

“Then give your cattle and I will give you food for your cattle,” Joseph said.

So they brought all their animals even horses and bought food for that year.

The next year they came to him and said, “We will not hide it from you. All our money is gone and we have traded all our animals for food. There is nothing left but our bodies and our lands.”

So Joseph bought all the land in Egypt with food and every bit of land became Pharaoh’s. As for the people he put them all in the cities from one end of the country to the other except the land the priests lived on for they got their share of food from Pharaoh and they didn’t sell their land for food. Then he said to all the people, “I have bought you for Pharaoh. Here is seed for you and you will sow the land. And in the increase you will give a fifth to Pharaoh and keep the rest for yourselves, your families and for your little ones.”

So the people said, “You have saved our lives. Let us find grace in our lord and we will be Pharaoh’s servants.”

Then Joseph made it a law that stood until Moses’ time that a fifth of the land should be Pharaoh’s except for the land of the priests.

So Joseph made Pharaoh owner of a fifth of the land and owner of everything and every one in Egypt. What else could he do? Just give food to them? What kind of a manager would he have been to do such a thing? Surely Pharaoh expected him to exact something for his grain. And so the land of Egypt was transformed from what it had been beforehand.

Jacob lived for seventeen more years in the country of Goshen. Then he called for Joseph and begged him not to bury him in Egypt but up in Machpelah with his fathers. So Joseph put his hand under Israel’s thigh and swore he would do it and Israel bowed upon his bed. Remember Joseph’s dream where his mother and father would pay him obeisance?

Soon after someone told Joseph, “Your father is ill.” So he went to see him with his two sons Manasseh and Ephraim.

Someone there told Jacob, “Your son is here!” so he straightened up in bed and sat there waiting for him.

Then he told Joseph, “When I was in Luz God Almighty appeared to me and told me he would make me a hoard of people and give that land as an everlasting possession to my descendants after me. Now these two sons that were born to you in Egypt before I came to you are my two sons as Reuben and Simeon they will be mine and your sons and daughters you have after them will be yours and will be called by their brothers’ names when they are about to inherit anything. As for me when I came from Padan Rachel died just a little ways from Ephrath which is Bethlehem.”

Then he saw the children and said, “Who are these?”

“These are my sons that God gave me in this place,” Joseph said.

“Bring them to me please and I will bless them,” Israel said. So Joseph brought them near but Israel eyes were so that he could hardly see due to his advanced years yet he kissed them and hugged them. Then Israel said, “I had given up on seeing your face and now I have seen your descendants too.”

Joseph brought them out from between his knees and bowed down his head to the ground. And Joseph brought them close to him with his right hand toward Israel’s left and his left hand toward Israel’s right. Israel then put his right hand on Ephraim’s head and knowingly put his left hand on Manasseh’s head who was the firstborn. Then he prayed to me, “God before whom Abraham and Isaac walked the God who fed me all these years bless these lads and let my name be on them and the name of Abraham and Isaac and may they grow into a hoard of people in Earth.”

But when Joseph saw his father had put his right hand on Ephraim’s head he frowned and lifted his father’s hand up to move it from Ephraim’s head to Manasseh’s head for he was the firstborn. “No so father,” he said, “For this one is the firstborn. Put your hand on his head.”

“I know it son. I know it,” Israel said, “He will become a people and he will be great, but his younger brother will be greater than he and he will become a great many nations. In this way will Israel bless saying, ‘May God make you as Ephraim and Manasseh.’”

Then he looked up at Joseph and said, “Now, I die. But God will be with you and bring you to the land of our fathers. Also I have given you one portion more that I took from the Amorite with my sword and my bow.”

Then he called to his sons, “Now gather around that I may let you in on what will happen in the last days. Gather together you sons of Jacob and take to heart what Israel has to say.

Reuben you are my firstborn my might and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity and the excellency of power. But unstable as water you will not excel because you went up to your father’s bed. Then you defiled it. He went up to my couch!

Simeon and Levi are brothers, instruments of cruelty are with them where they live. Oh my soul, don’t get drawn into their secret. My honor don’t let yourself be found in their crowd and don’t be united with them. They killed men in their anger and in their self-will they dug up a wall. Cursed be their anger and their wrath, for it is cruel. I will divide them up in Jacob and scatter them in Israel. [Finally Simeon and Levi were punished for what they did in Shechem.]

Judah it is you your brothers will praise. Your hand will be on the neck of your enemies and your father’s children will bow down before you. Judah is a lion’s whelp and from the prey you have gone up. He stooped down, he crouched down as a lion and as an old lion who can rouse him? The scepter will not depart from him nor a lawgiver from between his feet. Until Shiloh comes to him the gathering of the people will be because of him. Binding his foal to the vine and his young ass’ colt to the choice vine, he washed his clothes in wine in the blood of grapes. His eyes will be red with wine but his teeth white with milk…”

He was speaking of me when I come to save and then after that to see you.

“…Zebulun will live in a haven by the sea, he will be a haven for ships, and his border will be to Zidon.

Issachar is a strong pack animal crouching down between two burdens. He saw the rest was good and the land was pleasant and bowed his shoulder to bear and became a slave to money.

Dan will judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel, but he will be a serpent by the way an adder in the path that bites the horse’ heels that the rider falls backward. I have waited for your salvation, Oh Lord…”

He who waits upon me and my coming will not be disappointed.

“…Gad, a troop will overcome you but you will overcome at last.

Asher your bread will be delicious and royal dainties will be your yield.

Naphtali is a deer let loose. He gives good news.

Joseph is a fruit filled bough, a fruit filled bough by a well and his branches run over the wall. The archers have grieved him and shot at him and hated him. But his bow was alive in strength and his arms and hands were made strong by mighty God, the God of Jacob. From there is the stone of Israel. The God of your father who will help you and the Almighty will bless you with blessings from heaven above, blessing from the deep that lies under the breasts and the womb. [How could he know about ovaries and such?] The blessings of your father have prevailed above my progenitors to the utmost bound of the everlasting hills. They will be on your head on the crown of the head of him that was separate from his brothers.

Benjamin will be as the ravening wolf in the morning he will devour the prey and in the evening he will divide the spoil.

I am to be gathered to my people. Bury me in the cave that was in the field of Ephron the Hittite, the cave in the field of Machpelah which is before Mamre in the land of Canaan which Abraham bought in order to have for a possession and a burial place. There they buried Abraham and Sarah, and Isaac and Rebekah, and there I buried Leah in the purchase that was made of the children of Heth.”

When Jacob had finished he gathered up his feet into the bed and gave up the ghost and was gathered to his people. And Joseph fell upon his father face and wept and kissed him.

Then Joseph ordered his servants to embalm Jacob and of course the physicians did. They fulfilled his forty days which is the custom for them that are embalmed and the Egyptians mourned Jacob the full forty days.

When the mourning time was over Joseph spoke to the house of Pharaoh and said, “If I have found grace among you speak into the ears of Pharaoh, ‘My father made me swear and said, “I die. My grave which I dug for myself is in Canaan bury me there.”’ Therefore let me go up there, bury my father and I’ll come back again.”

Pharaoh replied, “Go bury your father as he made you swear.”

When Joseph went up to bury his father all of Pharaoh’s servants, the elders of his house and the elders of Egypt, the entire house of Joseph, his brothers, and his father’s entire family went with him. Only the little ones and their animals were left behind in Goshen; chariots and men on horseback went with him in a huge crowd of mourners.

They came to the threshing floor at Atad which is before the Jordan and mourned him there seven days as is the Hebrew custom with much lamenting. “This is a great mourning for the Egyptians,” the people that lived in Canaan said so they named the place Abelmizraim which is beyond the Jordan. So Jacob’s sons did as he had commanded them. Then Joseph, his brothers and everyone that went with him up there returned to Egypt after they buried his father.

When Joseph’s brothers saw that their father was dead they said, “Maybe Joseph will hate us and require something of us after all that we did to him.” So they sent a messenger to him and had him say, “Our father commanded us before he died, ‘Say to Joseph, “Please forgive your brothers their trespass and their sin for they did evil to you,” so please now forgive the servants of the God of your father.’”

Joseph wept even as they spoke through the messenger and his brothers went to him and fell down in front of him and said, “As you see now, we are your servants.”

“Don’t be afraid, for am I in the place of God now?” Joseph asked, “But as for you, you thought evil against me yet God meant it for good in order to bring about what has happened this way and saved many people alive. Therefore have no fear I will feed you and your little ones.” Thus he brought them comfort and spoke with kindness.

Finally Joseph lived in Egypt and saw the children of Ephraim to the third generation and the children of Machir the son of Manasseh were even brought to see him. So Joseph said to his brothers, “I die. But God will surely visit you and bring you out of this land to the land he swore to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was theirs. God will surely visit you and you will carry my bones up with you from here. So Joseph died and they embalmed him and put him in a coffin in Egypt.



Chapter 39: An Evil King


I came down to Egypt with you the children of Israel: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Benjamin, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, and Asher; 70 people for Joseph was already there. Then Jacob and Joseph died and all his brothers and finally all that generation died. But the children of Israel were fertile and increased abundantly to become exceedingly mighty and the land was filled with them. And I was their God. Egypt is the land I told Abraham they would be slaves in for four-hundred years before they came back to the land I was promising to his descendants.

I was almost there. I would see you and soon. The children of Israel would become my people and you would be my helper. It was time at last. I had seen you in the first place before I made anything. You stood out from all the rest when I saw you. I would know you personally. I could hardly wait. You weren’t excited because you weren’t even born yet but you would be and we would be the beginnings of my becoming the God to all of Earth. That is what I meant when I told Abraham he would be a blessing to every family in Earth.

You can even see me coming now. You who read what my servant writes to you. I will be your father and your God and we will know each other personally and I will love you with all my mind, heart, soul and strength. In the same manner you will reciprocate that to me and love every one even as I love you without regard for whether they love you or not. But you will love those that love me back the same way I love you.

What do you think I did for the last four-hundred years? Did I just let them go do whatever they wanted? They didn’t really have a leader, but me? The king of Egypt was their leader. They didn’t join with the Egyptians and assimilate or become one people with them. The Egyptians still found that a bit too repulsive. Remember they wouldn’t even sit with them when they ate because it was an abomination to them to eat with Hebrews even Joseph. But I used that for good to keep my people separate.

However what did they do? They had a God but no real religion, just me. We got along. They were a people and their God? Were they just doing their thing and hoping I was doing mine and that everything would be fine so long as they increased in number, kept their families in line and went about their business. Were they like sheep in a pen without a shepherd just milling around eating, sleeping, breeding and enjoying family life? Were they just enjoying the thought I was there and that they were alive? Was I? They were shepherds. The Egyptians were mostly farmers. And Pharaoh took care of any behavior problems that got out of hand. Was that all there was to this being my people and me being their God? If it was it was about to change.

Bringing the children of Israel to Egypt had been a big step but this was an even bigger step for us for now there was a new king in Egypt that knew nothing of Joseph and he said to his people, “The children of Israel are more than were are and they are mightier than we are. Let’s deal with them wisely because there is a danger here. If they continue to multiply and any war breaks out they may join with our enemies and fight on their side and just up and leave our country.”

So they decided to give them taskmasters to dominate and control them and they built treasure cities, Pithom and Raamses for Pharaoh. But the more they did what they did to them, the more they multiplied and they and the problem refused to go away. So they made their work even harder for them. They made their lives bitter in difficult bondage working them in brick and mortar and all kinds of labor in the field always driving them to the limits of their endurance.

The children of Israel didn’t like it and I was getting more and more fed up with the Egyptians because of their cruelty. But be patient. I have something in mind for them, something the Earth would never forget, especially the children of Israel, even those that claim to be Jews but are not Jews. They rejected me unlike their brothers who really are Jews even in the New Earth. They claim the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob but they deny I am whom I say I am and defile my name by just praying to me receiving only my mercy and pretending the rest in their religiosity.

Then the king of Egypt ordered the midwives, Siphra and Puah, “When the Hebrew women are giving birth and you see it is a male you are to kill it but if it is a girl you are to let it live.”

That was a great evil to me and Siphra and Puah knew it would be and feared me and didn’t do what the king had commanded them but saved the boys too.

So the king called them on the carpet for it and asked, “Why have you saved the boys alive?”

“It’s because the Hebrew women aren’t like the Egyptian women for they are lively and deliver before we even get there,” they said which was a deception, but because they did what I said I treated them well for what they were doing. I even built them nurseries.

Now Pharaoh had to expose himself before all the people in an address to all the people when he said, “Every son that is born is to be thrown into the Nile but the daughters you will let live,” and he continued in his evil but this time before the entire nation.

I was glad his evil was exposed. He had set himself up as evil even in hearts of his own people. Don’t worry the guilty will not go free. He would pay for what he was doing and I was not ashamed of what I would do to him. He burns in the end with the rest of the evil ones even as had I cursed him which I did not. Did he not become a curse to himself? Who could trust that he would do any good ever again? Without justice there is no defense against evil, and evils of the likes he was doing-!

Finally your father and mother who were both Levites married and had a son; you. But you were such a good baby your mother hid you for three months. And when she could hide you no longer she made a boat of bull rushes and sealed it with slime and it hardened like waterproofing and sealed the gaps with pitch from the trees and placed your little boat in the flags along the banks of the river Nile. But your sister stood far away trying to see what would become of you.

Your mother was not unrighteous to put you in the river as the king had ordered. Your sister was torn between the possibility of your death and her freedom for to disobey the king was not a minor thing especially concerning such a matter as was so firmly decided in the king’s evil heart. But one way evil people do what they do is by isolating themselves from even seeing what they have done in making others do their evil for them using their power over others. However that was not something I would not allow unchallenged so I let it touch his family.

Pharaoh’s own daughter came down to do her laundry on the riverbank and her maids were walking with her along the bank when I called her eyes to the little boat and she sent her servants to go get it. But when she opened it and saw you, just then you cried and she had compassion on you.

“This is one of the Hebrew’s children!” she said in amazement as to the evil that was supposed to befall you. You had not only been seen by Pharaoh’s daughter and her seeing what her father was actually doing, you had touched his daughter’s heart.

Does even a wicked king tear a child from his daughter’s arms and kill it? He was evil, not insane! Yet…? He wouldn’t order his bodyguards to do it, would he? But had it been another Egyptian woman he might not have only had the baby murdered but had the women put in the dungeon. And if it was a Hebrew woman that did such a thing he would have. No, this was the best way to insure you would live to know me. I was so pleased to see you, even as a three month old baby, but of course I had been there when you were born and the reason your mother hid you those three months; all she dared to do even with me emboldening her.

Then your sister dared speak up to Pharaoh’s daughter and asked, “Should I go call one of the Hebrew women to nurse it for you?”

Pharaoh’s daughter was amazed she would even speak to her but she couldn’t just let you die, and she couldn’t expect an Egyptian women to nurse a Hebrew’s son even if she had known an Egyptian mother that was pregnant or had lost a little one of her own. So she simply said to your sister, “Go.” So your big sister went and got your mother.

When your mother approached her she could see she would do. Did she suspect she was your mother? Did she care? She found this entire idea of dealing with Hebrews personally repugnant, didn’t she? She was glad to have the matter so near its end, wasn’t she?

“Take this child away,” she ordered your mother, “I will give you wages.”

So your own mother took you and nursed you again as before; glad to do it. Did it cross your mother’s mind she would have to give you up again? Surely it did, but it also meant you would survive! It was bittersweet but at least you would be allowed to live. And in Pharaoh’s house! How would you be treated? Would you be educated? Would you ever be accepted by your uncles and brothers there! Would you even be considered more than a mere pet to them?

You grew then and your mother finally weaned you. But she had to take you back to Pharaoh’s daughter. Thus you became the son of Pharaoh’s daughter and she named you Moses saying, “Because I drew him from the water.”

Then you grew and finally one day you went out to see your own people and took note of their labors and it touched your heart. So when you saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew you became enraged. You looked first one way and then the other and saw no one. Then you killed the Egyptian and hid his body in a shallow grave in the sand.

The next day two Hebrews were fighting and you were outraged when you asked the one that was beating the other, “Why are you beating your fellow Hebrew?”

The man shot back at him, “Who made you a prince to judge us? Do you intend to kill me too like you did the Egyptian?”

You were afraid Moses and mumbled, “What I did must be known already!”

Then when Pharaoh heard he sought to kill you. But you had already fled the country and lived in Midian where you sat down by a well when seven women, all daughters of the priest of Midian, came to draw water and fill the troughs. Then some shepherds tried to drive them away but you stood up for them and helped the women and watered their father’s sheep for them.

But when they returned home their father, Reuel asked, “How come? You are home so early today!”

One of them said, “An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds and drew enough water for us and watered the sheep!”

“Why is it you left him there?” Reuel asked, “Call him! Let him eat with us!”

Then you contentedly lived with them and Reuel let you marry Zipporah his daughter. The two of you had a son and you named him Gershom for you said, “I am a foreigner in a foreign land.”

Later the king of Egypt died.

I sent him to hell for the many babies he had killed and the cruel way he had ordered the children of Israel to be treated as slaves. He was punished. The guilty will not remain unpunished. But what about the children of Israel? Were they done being treated so badly? Was a renewed time of harmony dawning on the land of Egypt again? It wasn’t Sodom and Gomorrah but it was evil and it had come to roost in Egypt. How was I going to handle it this time? The children of Israel were my people and they had been under attack. So I took their king down to hell.

But the children of Israel sighed because the new king was as bad as the last one. And they cried. And their cries came to me because of their bondage. And I listened to them groaning. Then I remembered my agreement with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and I viewed them with respect. I had to act and soon. They couldn’t tolerate the situation much longer and the four-hundred years were almost up.



Chapter 40: Showdown Begins


You were keeping the flock for Jethro [Reuel] your father-in-law and came to the mountain of God [Horeb.] And my angel appeared to you as a flame in the middle of a burning bush. You looked but the bush wasn’t burnt up!

So you said, “I’ll go over there and see why that bush isn’t burning up!”

But when I saw you coming I called out from the bush, “Moses, Moses.”

“I’m here,” you replied.

“Don’t come here,” I said, “Take off your shoes, for the place you are standing is holy ground. I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” And you hid your face for you were afraid to even look at me.

The I said, “I have seen the troubles my people in Egypt are having. I have heard their cry because of their taskmasters because I know all their sorrows. I have come down to deliver them from the Egyptians and to bring them out of that place to a huge land flowing with milk and honey to the place of the Canaanites, the Amorites, the Perizzites, Hivites and the Jebusites. I have heard the cry of the children of Israel and I have seen how the Egyptians oppress them. Therefore come, for I will send you to Pharaoh so that you may bring my people, the children of Israel out of Egypt.”

But you said, “Who am I to go to Pharaoh and deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt?”

I replied, “Be sure that I will be with you and when you have led them out you will serve me on this very mountain as a token that I am with you.”

“When I come to the children of Israel and say, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you and they say, “What is his name?”’ what must I tell them?”

I said, “I AM THAT I AM.” Then I told you to tell them, “I AM sent me. The LORD God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob has sent me to you. This is my name and my memorial to all generations. Go gather the elders of the children of Israel and say, ‘The LORD God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob appeared to me.’”

The I said to tell them, “I have visited you and seen what the Egyptians do to you.

“I will bring you out of your troubles to the lands of the Canaanites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites, a land flowing with milk and honey.” you are to them I that I said.

“They will listen to you from the elders of the children of Israel to the king of Egypt and you will say to him too, ‘The LORD God of the Hebrews has met with us. So we beseech you to let us go three days walk into the wilderness to sacrifice to the LORD our God.’”

Then I told you, “But with a mighty hand the king of Egypt will not let you go I’m very sure. Then I will stretch out my hand and hit Egypt with wonders and he will let you go. But I will give this people favor with the Egyptians and when you go you will not go empty handed. But every woman will borrow from her neighbor and the ones staying with them all their silver, gold and fine clothes and you will put them on your sons and daughters and in that way you will plunder the entire land of Egypt.”

But Moses you replied, “But they will not listen to me or even hear what I say, for they will say that you never appeared to me.”

“What’s in your hand?” I asked you Moses.

“A rod,” you replied.

“Throw it on the ground,” I said.

When you did, it became a serpent and you ran from it.

“Put out you hand and gently take it by the tail,” I said.

So you did and caught it and it became a rod again.

“They may believe that the LORD the God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob has appeared to you,” I said, “Put your hand under your shirt,” so you did and it came out all white like you had leprosy. Then I told you, “Put your hand into your chest again,” and when you did that it came back out as normal as before. “It will definitely happen that if they don’t believe these two signs then you must take some of the water of the Nile and pour it on dry ground and it will become real blood in the sand,” I said.

Then you were sure that it would work but you still had misgivings, didn’t you? So you said, “I am not an eloquent speaker. I am slow to speak always have been and still am even now.”

I replied, “Who has made the dumb? Who has made the deaf? Who has made the seeing and the blind? Is it not I, the LORD? Therefore now go and I will be your mouth and teach you what to say.”

But Moses replied, “Oh my LORD, send it all by whomever else you want.”

Then I got mad and said, “Isn’t Aaron the Levite your brother? I know he can speak well! And he’s coming to meet you. When he sees you he will be glad to see you! You will speak to him and put words in his mouth, and my words will be in your mouths and I will teach you what you will do. He will be your spokesman and he will be to you as a mouth and you will be to him instead of God. Take your rod with and you will do all the signs with it!”

Then you went back to Jethro and asked him, “Please let me go back to my people in Egypt just to see if they are alive.”

“Go in peace,” Jethro said.

Then I said to you in Midian, “Go back to Egypt for the men there that sought to kill you are all dead.”

It was sealed then even in your mind and in your heart. You were going to be my helper. It was just as I saw it before the first place I made in order to have a place for every thing and every one I made. It was such a pleasure to meet you. I have no way to say to you how happy I was. The showdown between me and evil had come at last. It had to be defeated and not just destroyed like in Sodom and Gomorrah. It had to be something everyone could understand when at last they realized I have power over it for it is only temporary and has limits. I am immutable and have no limitations whatsoever.

So you took Zipporah and your sons and put them on a pack animal and went back to Egypt. You also took your rod, the one you called the rod of God with you.

Then I said, “When you go back to Egypt do all these wonders before Pharaoh, but I will make him stubborn and he won’t let the people go. Then you will say, ‘Thus says the LORD, “Israel is my son, my firstborn and I say to you let my son go to serve me and if you refuse I will kill your son, your first born!”’”

You didn’t know it but I was ready and willing to do exactly what I said. I never make threats. I make promises. This was like a war between me and evil which of course needn’t be considered a thing really. It is no more than an option no one should ever take. It will destroy and kill you in its end when you do, if not outright then I will have to do it to maintain justice. Either way evil turns out to have never really been anything but an option in the actions of humans and angels that never should have been taken from the Evil One to all devils and now even to Pharaoh.

It doesn’t actually have any power against me for I am discerning and never even entertain it, but its power is merely among humans and about a third of the angels that became loyal to the Evil One. It is like an insane person’s delusions that cause them to kill someone, the person is real and what that person does is real, but there never really was anything to the delusion no matter how many times it surfaces in that person’s insane mind. Now was it? But the person the insane one killed is yet very dead.

Evil is no more than that delusion, the evil person that uses it is real, that caused by what they did when triggered by it is real, but there never really was anything to the evil and in the end I will prove it unequivocally. I never made evil. Therefore there really is no evil. It is really all in the imagination of devil and human alike, but the consequences are or can be very harmful and even injurious. That is what is real, not evil.

On the way to an inn I met you and sought to kill your son because he wasn't circumcised, but Zipporah thought fast and took a sharp stone and circumcised him and threw the boy's foreskin at your feet and screamed at you, “You are a bloody husband to me!” Then she let the crying baby go and turned on you again and said again, “You are a bloody husband to me because of that- that circumcision!” And she said that last word with pure contempt but your baby was finally circumcised.

Then I said to Aaron, “Go out in the wilderness and meet Moses!” And he did go out and you met up at the mount of God where he kissed you. Then you told Aaron everything and showed him the signs. Then the two you went and gathered all the elders of the children of Israel. Then Aaron said everything the LORD had told you and did all the signs. And they believed when they heard the LORD had visited, and had heard of their troubles. And they bowed their heads and worshiped.

Each one of them, Moses, Aaron, each elder and every person considered a child of Israel felt as if I had done it just for that particular one personally and I had. It is not evil to feel that way. That’s the way it really is. I knew each one of them personally, their particular part in the thing exactly, what they went through, and precisely what each one felt, thought, said, and did when each one had reached the point wherein they could do nothing but cry out to me and I answered each one separately just as I do every single time.

It was profound. The Egyptians had to notice. Instead of the usual short tempers and moaning and groaning they usually heard it was a worshipful calm that spread throughout the land wherever there was a child of Israel. They all knew it was the answer they had wanted. They could see no end to it and no way out of it, but now I was there on their side and I would take care of them.

There was more than a light at the end of the tunnel now. They had come out of the tunnel into broad daylight, my light. Pharaoh had just gone too far. God was on hand now. And they knew only I could have taken care of the situation and under the circumstances only I could take care of them. They were worshipful, yes. But they were also in awe. They all knew that it was over for it would be over when I had finished. It was in them. The Spirit of God, the one you call the Holy Spirit in your day. I was there with them and they had responded to me. I was so joyous I cried.



Chapter 41: Stubbornness


Afterward Moses and Aaron went into Pharaoh and said, “Thus says the LORD God of the Hebrews, ‘Let my people go that they might hold a feast to me in the wilderness.’”

You said, “The God of the Hebrews has met with us. Please let us go three days walk into the desert or he might give us crop failure and disease or bring some army against us.”

But he said, “Who is this LORD that I should hear his voice? I don’t know any LORD? So I won’t let Israel go. Why do you do this, Moses and Aaron? You keep the people from their work and there are a lot of them. Get back to your burdens.” Then he turned to his taskmasters and their officers and ordered them, “Don’t give the people any more straw to make the bricks as you have been doing. Make them gather their own. But keep the total number of bricks the same it has been already. They are lazy therefore they cry, ‘Let us go make sacrifices to our LORD.’ Let them have more work and not regard vain words.”

Then the taskmasters went out to their officers and spoke to the people, “Thus says Pharaoh, ‘I will not give you straw. You must go and get straw where you can find it but none of your work will be diminished.”

So the people went out and gathered stubble instead of straw, but the taskmasters hurried them by saying, “Fulfill your work quotas, your daily tasks as when there was straw!”

Then two days later the officers of the taskmasters were beaten and asked, “Why didn’t you reach your quotas for yesterday and today?”

So the officers cried out to Pharaoh, “Why do you treat your servants this way? We don’t have any straw and yet you say, ‘Make bricks!’ Your servants are beaten but the fault is with your own people!”

“You are lazy, just lazy!” he said, “Therefore you say, ‘Let us go and make sacrifices to the LORD! Go and don’t expect any straw unless you keep your quota!”

The officers of the children of Israel saw they were in bad straights when they heard the quotas would not be reduced. So they stood in the way when Moses and Aaron came from seeing Pharaoh and said, “May the LORD see what you have done and judge you. You have made us a stink to Pharaoh and to the people. There will be an uprising and they will kill us!”

Then you came back to me Moses and asked, “LORD why have you dealt evilly with this people? Why have you sent me? I ask because since I came to Pharaoh to speak for these people he has done evil to them and you have not delivered them at all!”

You actually thought even after I had told you he would not let them go it was going to be a picnic! You actually thought all we have to do is tell Pharaoh what you said and he would listen to you. You heard my words but you didn’t listen at all did you? But I knew what he would do all along. It was me who had made him more stubborn even than he was before. Everything was going according to plan. You just couldn’t see it.

So I said, “Now you will see what I will do to Pharaoh! He will not only let them go but he will drive them out with great strength! I am the LORD! I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by the name they gave me God Almighty but my name I AM THAT I AM was not known to them. I made an agreement with them that I would give them the land of Canaan, the land of their pilgrimage where they were foreigners. I have also heard the groaning of the children of Israel because the Egyptians keep them in bondage but I am remembering my agreement.”

Then I said, “Tell the children of Israel, ‘I am the LORD! I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians as I said. I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with great judgments. I will take you to be my people and I will be a God to you. You will know that I am the LORD your God and that I have brought you out from under the Egyptian’s burdens! I will take you to a land I swore to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob I would give you as a heritage. I am the LORD!’”

So Moses went back to the people and told them that but they wouldn’t listen to him because of the anguish of their spirits and the increasingly cruel bondage.

Therefore I said to you Moses, “Go in and speak to Pharaoh the king of Egypt and tell him to let my people go.”

But you said, “The children of Israel wouldn’t listen to me so how will Pharaoh listen to one who has uncircumcised lips?”

So the LORD spoke to Aaron and Moses and charged them with telling Pharaoh, king of Egypt to bring his people out of the land of Egypt.

The heads of the lines of Reuben were Hanoch, Pallu, Hezron and Camri. The sons of Simeon were Jemuel, Jamin, Ohad, Jochan, Zohar and Shaul the son of a Canaanitish woman. The sons of Levi were Gershon, Kohath and Merari. The sons of Gershon were Libni and Shimi. The sons of Kohath were Amram, Izhar, Hebron and Uzziel. The sons of Merari were Mahali and Mushi. Amram married Jochebed his aunt on his father’s side and they had Aaron and Moses.

The sons of Izhar were Korah, Nepheg and Zichri. The sons of Uzziel were Mahael, Elzaphan and Zithri. Aaron’s wife was Elisheba the daughter of Amminadab the sister of Naashon and they had Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. Eleazar married one of the daughters of Putiel and they had Phinehas. Those were the heads of the family of the Levites.

It is that Aaron and Moses to whom I said, “Bring the children of Israel out of Egypt according to their armies.”

After that I said to Moses, “I am the LORD. Tell Pharaoh everything I say to you.”

But you Moses said again because the Hebrews hadn’t listened to you, “I am of uncircumcised lips why would Pharaoh listen to what I say?”

You just didn’t get it, did you? It was not you doing the speaking but me. Even when I speak through someone else it’s as much me saying it as had I said it personally to them. Was I going to have to explain to you that you didn’t need to know how it would work, whether it was going to work, or why I was doing it. All you had to do was say what I was I saying. That was your only responsibility. Couldn’t you have handled that? Well, I’ll give it another try and see how that comes out with you. I had waited so long to see you, get to know you and love you unconditionally, I had to try again.

“You see, I have made you a god to Pharaoh, and Aaron will be your prophet,” I said, “You will speak all that I say to you and Aaron will say everything you say to Pharaoh that I may lead the children of Israel out of his land. I will make him even more stubborn and I will increase the number and severity of my wonders in the land of Egypt. But Pharaoh won’t listen to you that I might lay my hand on Egypt and lead my armies and my people out of the land of Egypt by great judgments. The Egyptians will know that I am the LORD when I stretch forth my hand on Egypt and bring the people of Israel out from among them,” I said.

Then you got it. It mustn’t look like you had brought them out, and it must not just convince the children of Israel that I had done it but the Egyptians too. You must remember my three fold purpose here. I was freeing Israel from their bondage, yes. But I was also making myself known to you humans, children of Israel as well as Egyptians, and fighting this mythical evil that had caused so many maleficent things to happen first and foremost.

After that both Moses and Aaron obeyed me and did only what I said.

“When you go in to see Pharaoh he will say, ‘Show a miracle for yourselves.’ Then you are to tell Aaron to throw down the rod and when he does it will become a serpent.”

That they did. So Pharaoh called for all his wise men and sorcerers and they did the same with their enchantments. The entire lot of them threw down their rods and they became serpents but Aaron’s rod ate the entire number of them up. But I made Pharaoh stubborn again. So I just let him stew on what had happened overnight.

“Pharaoh is being stubborn again and he refuses to let the people go,” I told you, “So wait until morning. Then get to him when he goes down to the water and stand on the bank between him and the river with your rod that became a snake in your hand. Then tell him that in that the LORD God of the Hebrews tells him to let his people go that they may worship me in the wilderness he wouldn’t listen to me. Therefore say, “Thus says the LORD, ‘In this you will know I am the LORD. When I hit the water in the river with the rod in my hand it will be turned to blood. The fish in the river will die and it will stink so that you Egyptians will hate to drink it.’”

Then I said that you were to tell Aaron, “Take your rod and stretch it out over the water of Egypt upon the streams, rivers, ponds, and pools and they will become blood that there will be blood over the entire land both in vessels made of wood and stone.”

Then Aaron did hit the river with his rod and in the sight of Pharaoh and all his servants the river turned to blood and stunk so bad as the fish died that the Egyptians wouldn’t drink the water. But Pharaoh’s magicians did the same thing and Pharaoh became stubborn again. But the Egyptians had to dig nearby the river for water to drink and that lasted seven days.

The war was on. We would all see which was stronger my good or evil. It was powerful, but it was evil for it was evil for the magicians even to force my hand and Pharaoh was a curse to himself and the magicians were like him in daring to oppose me.

Everyone in the Earth knew me in their heart of hearts. It was in their DNA. They were the entire lot of all humans born with a knowledge of me in their genetic make up passed down year after year century after century from Adam and then on down from Noah and his sons all the way to you and Pharaoh. Even you that read what my servant writes to you now know somewhere within you who and what I am, you have just for one of many, many reasons chosen to ignore it, or were taught to ignore it and choose to believe what you choose whether taught that or not.

I made you. The same as I made Adam and Eve, I made you. You cannot help but know me, even an amoeba knows me or a flu virus knows me if it is alive. Should it live it knows me and listens to my commands without knowing it, but it listens to be sure no matter what it is. Even the weather, space, time and that which was before there was anything to obey me listens to that I say or does what I tell it to do. What makes you think you are so special you can ignore me or even disobey me and it will be okay for you? Isn’t that foolish? Everything you are I have made you or allowed something to make you what you are. Shouldn’t you be just a tad bit grateful?



Chapter 42: Calloused and Unfeeling


I said to you Moses, “Go see Pharaoh and tell him, ‘Thus says the LORD, “Let my people go that they may serve me and if you refuse I will hit your borders with frogs. They will come up out of the river, go into your house, into your bedroom, on your bed, into your servants houses, upon your people and into your ovens and kneading troughs. They will come not only upon you but your people and all your servants.”’” Then I told you that you were to say to Aaron, “Stretch out your hand with your rod over the streams, rivers and ponds and cause frogs to come up out of them over the land of Egypt.”

So when Aaron did that frogs came up and covered the land of Egypt. But the magicians did the same thing with their enchantments. However, Pharaoh called for Aaron and Moses…

What was this! Could it be I had finally gotten his attention. What did he want from Aaron and Moses his magicians couldn’t do? Was this all there would be to it!

He said, “Ask the LORD to take away the frogs from me and my people and I will let you go sacrifice to the LORD!”

Sure enough the magicians could bring them up out of the ponds but they couldn’t get rid of them or were inaccessible to do it one!

You said, “Glory over me! When do you want me to do it, so that the frogs remain in the river only?”

He said, “Tomorrow?”

You replied, “May it be according to you words that you will know there is none like the LORD our God. The frogs will depart from you, your servants’ houses and remain in the river only.”

Then you went out of Pharaoh’s house and cried out unto me because of the frogs and I did according to what you wanted. The frogs died out of the houses, the villages and the fields. They gathered them into piles but the land just stunk! But when Pharaoh saw there was rest he turned stubborn and refused to do as he said he would.

So I said, “Say to Aaron, ‘Stretch out your hand with the rod and hit the dust that it will become lice throughout the entire land of Egypt.”

Then Aaron did so and the dust became lice on human and animal alike throughout the entire land. But when the magicians tried to do it, they couldn’t. So they said to Pharaoh, “Now this is the finger of God!” Yet Pharaoh was stubborn still and didn’t even listen to them as I had said.

So I said to you, “Get up early and stand between him and the river again when he comes for water and say to him, ‘Thus says the LORD, “Let my people go and serve me. Otherwise I will send swarms of flies on you, your houses, and your people. Your houses will be full of swarms of flies and even the ground will be covered by them. But I will separate the land of Goshen where my people live and there will be no flies there that you may know I am the LORD in the midst of the Earth. I will put a division between my people and yours. It will all happen tomorrow!”’”

Then I did so and Pharaoh called for you because the swarms of flies brought them so much grief and the land was corrupted by the flies there were so many. When you came to him he said, “Go ahead, sacrifice to your God but do it in the land.”

“It is not right for us to do so, for we will sacrifice that which is utterly not allowed to be done to the Egyptians. When we make our sacrifices to the LORD our God should we do that before the eyes of the Egyptians? Won’t they stone us!” you replied, “We will go three days walk into the wilderness to sacrifice to the LORD our God as he will command us.”

“I will let you go to make sacrifices to the LORD your God, but don’t go very far away,” Pharaoh conceded, “Pray for me.”

You said, “I go now, and I will pray to the LORD that the flies may depart from Pharaoh, his servants and his people, tomorrow. But don’t you deceive us anymore by not letting us go again.”

Then you came out of the flies and prayed that the flies would leave the Egyptians tomorrow and I did according to your word until not one remained. But Pharaoh got stubborn again and wouldn’t let you go.

Then I said to you, “Go to Pharaoh and say again, “Thus says the LORD the God of the Hebrews, ‘Let my people go and serve me because if you refuse and still hold them back then the hand of the LORD is on every kind of your livestock and there will be a very deadly disease among them. I will separate the livestock of Israel from the livestock of Egypt. Not one of the livestock of the children of Israel will die. You have until tomorrow.”

So the next day I did it. The entire Egyptian herd and all its livestock died, but not a single animal of the children of Israel died. So Pharaoh sent to find that out and verified that not one animal of the children of Israel had died. But he became stubborn and unfeeling yet again and wouldn’t let the people go.

Next I said to Aaron and you, “Take ashes from the furnace and let Moses sprinkle it toward the sky in Pharaoh’s sight and it will become small dust in the entire land of the Egypt and it will cause boils breaking out in painful sores on humans and every beast throughout all of Egypt.

So they took ashes from the furnace and did what I said and even the magicians couldn’t stand before Pharaoh because of the boils and sores they, the magicians and all the Egyptians had so bad, but again Pharaoh remained stubborn and unyielding. He wouldn’t listen to me just as I had told you.

Then I told you, “Go stand before Pharaoh again and say, ‘Thus says the LORD God of the Hebrews, “Let my people go that they may serve me, because if not I will send a plague on your heart, your servants and your people so that you may know there is none like me in Earth. Now I will give your people a pestilence and you will be cutoff from the rest of the Earth. In this very deed I have raised you up to show you my power and that my name will be declared throughout the entire Earth. As yet you still exalt yourself above my people and will not let them go? Tomorrow then about this time I will cause it to hail the likes of which has never been seen in Egypt until now.

Therefore gather your cattle you have bought and all that you have in the field. Every person and every animal in the field not brought home the hail will come down on them and they will die for sure.”

The servants that feared me made their servants and cattle come in the house but those that did not regard the word of the LORD even yet left them in the field to die.

Then I said to you, “Stretch out your hand toward the sky and there will be hail in the land of Egypt on every human or animal and every herb throughout the entire land of Egypt.”

So Moses stretched his rod out toward the sky and I brought thunder and hail. And fire ran across the ground. So it rained fire mixed with hail which was very destructive and there had been nothing like it since Egypt became a nation. The hail killed everyone in the field and every animal and every herb and broke every tree except in the land of Goshen. There where the children of Israel were there was no hail at all.

When Pharaoh sent for Moses and Aaron he said, “I have sinned this time! The LORD is righteous and I and my people are wicked. It is enough. Pray for me that there will be no more thunder and hail. I will let you go that you stay no longer.”

“As soon as I am out of the city I will spread my hands apart to the LORD and there will be no more thunder or hail and you will know that the earth is the LORD’s. But as for you and your servants I know you will not fear the LORD.”

The barley was in ear and the flax was balled so it destroyed that, but the wheat and rye hadn’t come up yet so it was spared. So when Moses went out he spread his hands apart to the LORD and the thunder quit and the hail stopped and it didn’t even rain any longer. And when Pharaoh and his servants saw there was no more thunder, hail or rain he sinned all the more and became stubborn and rebellious again, both he and his servants. He wouldn’t let the people go even as I had told Moses.

So I said to you again, “Go in to Pharaoh again for I have made him stubborn and unfeeling again that I might show these signs to him who understands only power so that you will tell the signs I did in Egypt among them to your sons and grandsons that you may know I am the LORD.”

Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh again and said to him, “So says the LORD the God of the Hebrews, ‘How long will you refuse to humble yourself before me? Let my people go that they may serve me. Otherwise tomorrow I will bring locusts to your borders. They will cover the ground so you cannot see it and they will eat the residue of what’s left and every tree. They will be in your house, the houses of your servants and your entire people which even your great, great grandfathers haven’t seen until this day.” Then Moses just turned and walked away.

“How long will you allow this man to be a snare for us? Let the men go. Don’t you realize that Egypt is destroyed?” Pharaoh’s servants said to him.

So they went and brought Moses and Aaron back in to see him and he said, “Go ahead. Serve your God. But who is it that is going with you?’

Moses said, “We will go with the little ones as well as the old and as well as our animals for we must make a feast to our LORD.”

But he said in disgust, “The LORD be with you just like I am about to let you go, you and your little ones! Be careful. Evil is ahead of you. No way! Go only you that are men for that is what you desired.” Then they drove them out of Pharaoh’s presence.

So I said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand for the locusts that they may eat every herb that is left even that left by the hail.”

So you raised your rod over Egypt again and I caused an east wind to blow that day and all that night and in the morning it brought the locusts. There were none before them like it and there will be none ever after them like it there was so many locusts. They ate every green thing in sight even every fruit tree that the hail had left. There was nothing but bare ground anywhere in Egypt to be seen.

Pharaoh called for you to hurry and when you came he said, “I have sinned against the LORD your God and against you. Please forgive my sin just this once and pray to the LORD your God that he might take away this death from me only.”

And Moses went out from Pharaoh and prayed to the LORD.

Then I made a strong west wind that blew the locusts into the Red Sea and there remained not one locust left in all of Egypt. But I did it again and made Pharaoh stubborn and heartlessly unfeeling. And he would not let the children of Israel go.

So I said to you, “Stretch out you hand toward the sky that there may be darkness over the entire nation of Egypt, a darkness that can be felt.”

When you stretched out your rod this time there was a thick darkness in Egypt for three days. They couldn’t see each other and no one rose from his place for three entire days. But all of Israel had light in their homes!

When Pharaoh called Moses this time he said, “Go and serve the LORD your God only let your animals be left behind. You can even take your little ones!”

You said, “You must also give us our animals for sacrifices and burnt offerings that we may serve the LORD our God. We won’t know with what we are to serve him with until we get there.”

So Pharaoh turned stubborn again and wouldn’t let them go and said to you, “Go away! But watch yourself for you will see me more and the day you see me you will die!”

“I understand you completely. You will see me no more,” you said.



Chapter 43: Free at Last


Where would it all end? Egypt was in shambles. Many of its people were dead. Nothing was getting done. It looked like the end of the world and this Pharaoh was the most stubborn man in the history of humanity. And it seemed I was not only invincible but relentless in my efforts to free my people, the children of Israel from their bondage in Egypt.

Was there any end to the signs and wonders of my power in Earth? Of course not. Pharaoh would have to relent and let them go eventually. I had one more plague to bring against him for surely this one would be enough. We were so very far past the finger of God concept of the magicians who couldn’t even make soot into lice way back when and yet they hung on. Why? Why were they forcing my hand? Pharaoh just kept on refusing each time hoping for the best.

“I will bring one more plague on Pharaoh yet,” I said to you Moses, “Afterward he will let you get out of here. In fact when he lets you go he will throw you all out altogether in one big bunch. So tell the people to borrow gold and silver from their neighbors.”

I had given you all favor with the Egyptians because my man Moses, you were such a very great man among them, both Pharaoh’s servants and his entire people.

You said to them, “So says the LORD, ‘About midnight I will go right out in the middle of Egypt. All the firstborn of Egypt will die from Pharaoh’s firstborn to the firstborn of the woman behind the mill and the first born of every animal.”

You see, I planned a surgical strike like none other ever anywhere. No one else can or would ever do such a thing. But I had made this Pharaoh so hard of heart that I had to touch it greatly for him to be moved at all or else he would never let them go. I knew it. He knew and you knew it too, all of you. But the profundity of what I was about to do brought a profound silence in response even among the children of Israel.

This Pharaoh was as hardhearted as any man or woman ever could be. I had raised him up for that purpose to show the entire Earth and the children of Israel a bit of what I am capable of. Why not? He had already doomed himself by becoming more of a curse to himself than his father had been to himself. There is no limit I will not go to in order to destroy evil and there was no more needed that was necessary to free the children of Israel in a way they, the Egyptians and the entire planet would never forget.

“There will be a great cry throughout the entire land of Egypt such as there has never been before and will never be anywhere ever again. But against the children of Israel not so much as a dog licking a human or an animal will take place it will be so peaceful so that you may know that the LORD does declare a difference between Egyptians and Israel. All of your servants, Pharaoh, will come to me and bow down to me and say, ‘Get out! You and the people that follow you!’ After that I will leave!” you said as you went out from Pharaoh with great anger.

But I told you, “Pharaoh will not listen to you that my wonders will be maximized in the land of Egypt.”

So Moses and Aaron did all these wonders in Egypt but I hardened Pharaoh’s heart even more so that he would not let the children of Israel go out of his land.

So I gave these instructions to Moses and Aaron, “This month is the first month of your year from now on. Tell the congregation that on the tenth of the month they are to take a lamb for each man, one lamb per household according to their line. If a household is too small for an entire lamb let the neighbor next to them take one lamb according to the number of people eating. The lamb must be without any blemishes and less than a year old. You may take it out of the sheep or the goats. You must keep it up until the fourteenth and the entire congregation will kill it in the evening.

Then take the blood from it and put it on the two doorposts of the house in which they will be eating it. They must roast it in a fire and eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. Don’t eat it raw or boiled in any way, its legs with its head and all that pertains to it. You are not to let any of it remain until morning and anything that does remain you are to burn it with fire. So you will eat it with your loins covered, your shoes on your feet, and with your shepherd’s staff in your hand and you will eat in a hurry. This is the LORD’s passover.

I will pass through the land that night throughout the entire country of Egypt and kill every firstborn of human or animal. And I will judge every god of Egypt that night too. I am the LORD. But the blood will be for a sign on your house and when I see the blood I will passover your house and the plague will not come to you to destroy any of you when I strike the entire land of Egypt.

For seven days you will eat unleavened bread and the first day you will put leavening out of your houses completely. And whoever eats leavened bread from the first day through the seventh will be cut off from Israel. You will observe the feast of unleavened bread because on that day I brought you out of Israel with your armies through all your generations forever. The fourteenth day of the first month there must be found no leavened bread in your house for whoever eats it that person will be cut off from the congregation of Israel whether a stranger or born in the land. You must eat nothing with leavening in it wherever you are living just unleavened bread.”

So you called for the elders of Israel and said, “Draw out and take you a lamb according to your families and kill the passover. Then take a bunch of hyssop, dip it in the blood you have put in something and strike the doorposts on each side of the lintel. None of you are to go out of your houses until morning. The LORD will pass through Egypt tonight and strike the Egyptians but when he sees the blood on the two doorposts he will not allow the destroyer to come into your house and strike you. You must observe this thing to yourselves and your sons forever. Even in the land the LORD will give you in times to come you will observe this service. Then when your children ask you what is meant by the service you will tell them, ‘It is the sacrifice of the LORD’s passover who passed over our houses when he struck the Egyptians but delivered our lineage.’”

Then the elders of the children of Israel bowed their heads and worshiped. After that they went away and did as Moses and Aaron had commanded them.

At midnight then I killed the firstborn of Egypt from the first born of Pharaoh to the first born of the captive that was in the dungeon and the firstborn of all the animals.

Pharaoh got up in the night, his servants got up and the entire people of Egypt got up and there was a great cry that went out because there was not a line in which there was not one dead. And Pharaoh called for Moses and Aaron by night and said, “Get yourselves up and go away from my people both you and the children of Israel and go serve the LORD as you have said. Take your flocks and herds as you have said. But bless me also.”

There was a profound sense of urgency among the Egyptians as they hurried the children of Israel along to get them out of their land in a big hurry for they said, “We are all dead people!”

The children of Israel took their dough before it had leaven in it with their kneading troughs bound up in their clothes on their shoulders. Then they did what you had commanded them to do and borrowed silver, gold and clothing from their neighbors. I gave them favor among the Egyptians and they lent them the things that they required. So they spoiled the Egyptians.

The children of Israel were about 600,000 men and women beside the children and they all went from Rameses to Succoth along with a mixed hoard and flocks and herds, a great many cattle going with them.

They had to bake unleavened cakes because their bread was not leavened yet because they were thrown out of Egypt in such a hurry they didn’t have time to do it. They didn’t even have any food. They hadn’t gotten any time to cook it at all.

Now the time of the stay of the children of Israel in Egypt was 430 years and right on that day all of the hosts of the LORD went out of Egypt. It is a night to be observed to me for bringing them out of Egypt and it is the night to be observed by all the children of Israel to all their generations.

Then I told you, “This is the ordinance of the passover. No stranger may eat it. But every man’s servant once he has been circumcised will be allowed to eat it. But a foreigner or hired servant may not eat it. You will eat it in one house and not carry any of its meat out of the house or break any of its bones. The entire congregation of Israel will keep it.

When a stranger stays with you and would keep the passover with you he has to be circumcised and then he may eat it. No uncircumcised man will eat it. The same law that is for him is for those that are home-born.” And the children of Israel did as I had commanded you in the same day I brought the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt by their armies.

Then next I said to you, “Make sacred all the firstborn. Whatever opens the womb human or animal is mine.”

You said to the children of Israel, “Remember today, the day you came out of Egypt by not eating any leavened bread this day in the month of Abib, for by the strength of his hand the LORD brought you out of this place. You will even keep this service when the LORD brings you into the land of he promised your fathers to give to you, a land flowing with milk and honey, the lands of the Canaanites, Amorites, Hivites, and Jebusites.

For seven days you will eat unleavened bread and there will be a feast with unleavened bread on the seventh day. No leavened bread is to be seen with you and there is to be no leavening in your quarters. You will show your child one day, “This is done because of that the LORD did when he brought me out of Egypt.” It will be a sign to you on your hand and as a memorial between your eyes that the law of the LORD will be in your mouth for it was with a strong hand the LORD brought you out of Egypt. Therefore keep this ordinance from year to year.

Set apart to the LORD all that split the matrix that is male and the same with every animal you have. The firstborn of an ass you are to redeem with a lamb and if you don’t want to redeem it break its neck but all the firstborn of a human you are to redeem. Then when your son asks you, ‘What is this?’ you will tell him, ‘By the strength of his hand the LORD brought us out of bondage for as it happens when Pharaoh would hardly let us go the LORD killed every firstborn in the land, both of men and of the animals. Therefore I sacrifice to the LORD for every child that opens the matrix if it is male, but the firstborn of all my children I redeem them. It will be as a sign to you on your hand and as something hanging in front between your eyes, for by the strength of his hand the LORD brought you out of Egypt.”

Now when Pharaoh let them go I didn’t lead them through the land of the Philistines though it was nearest, for I said, “What happens if the people change their minds and return to Egypt when they see I have led them into war?” So I led them around through the wilderness to the Red Sea. But the children of Israel went up harnessed out of Egypt.

You took the bones of Joseph with you for he had said, “God will surely visit you and you will carry my bones up with you.”

They left Succoth and camped in Etham in the outermost part of the wilderness and I led the way in a pillar of cloud in the daytime and a pillar of fire in the nighttime so they could travel both day and night and I never took it away from in front of them.



Chapter 44: Military Power


I said to you Moses, “Tell the children of Israel to turn and make camp before Pihahiroth between Migdol and the sea over against Baalzephon. Camp before it because Pharaoh will say of the children of Israel, ‘They are entangled in the land. The wilderness has shut them in.’ And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart and he will follow after them so that I will be honored by Pharaoh and by his armies so that the Egyptians will know I am the LORD.”

So that they did.

Then someone told the king of Egypt the children of Israel fled and Pharaoh and the people were turned against the people in their hearts and they said, “Why did we just let Israel go? They were our servants!”

Pharaoh took his chariot and got ready and took his people with him. He took 600 of his best chariots and the rest of his chariots with him with a captain over each one of them. I hardened Pharaoh’s heart again and he pursued after the children of Israel who left with a high hand. But Pharaoh pursued them with all his horses and chariots, all his cavalry and all his army and overtook them encamped by the sea beside Pihahiroth before Baalzephon.

Was it all for nothing? Had I, even I, made a mistake? Of course not. I had things completely under control even though it didn’t look like it. The Egyptians had now become as evil as their king. It was time to honor myself against the entire nation and leave them defenseless. Their sin, the entire people and not just Pharaoh, was long since filled to the maximum I could allow and still be good. My heart went out to the poor things. They had become like devils. I just couldn’t allow them to suffer anymore nor add to their sins any longer. I am nothing if I am not also merciful and gracious.

But as Pharaoh came nearer the people saw him marching after them and they were in a deep angst as they cried out to me. Then they said to you, “Is it because there were no graves in Egypt you have taken us out here in the wilderness? What have you done to us by carrying us out of Egypt? Didn’t we tell you then, ‘Let us alone and leave us serve the Egyptians rather than die in the wilderness?’”

“Don’t worry,” you said, “Stay where you’re at and see the salvation of the LORD. He’ll show it to you today, for the Egyptians you see now you will see no longer before this confrontation is over and it will be forever.”

I said to you, “‘Why do you cry out to me?’ say to the children of Israel that they might go forward. Raise your arm with your rod in hand over the sea and it will part and the children of Israel will go through it on dry ground. I have hardened the hearts of the Egyptians that they should follow them. I will have my honor on Pharaoh, his chariots and cavalry.”

Then the angel that went before them moved and the pillar of cloud went from in front of them to behind them. It placed itself between the two camps, the Egyptians on one side and children of Israel on the other. But it was darkness to the Egyptians yet light for the children of Israel and neither went near the other all night.

Then you stretched out your hand over the sea and I caused a strong east wind to make the sea to go back that entire night and made the sea dry ground. The water was walled up beside them on the right and on the left. And Pharaoh went in after them with all his chariots and his entire cavalry. That very morning I looked at Pharaoh’s army and made trouble for them by making their wheels fall off so their horses could barely pull them.

“Let’s get out of here for the LORD is fighting for Israel!” the Egyptians yelled.

But I said to you, “Raise your hand once more that the water will come down again on the Egyptians, their chariots and their cavalry.”

So Moses stretched out his hand again and the sea started to go back the way it had normally been. The Egyptians tried to flee but I overthrew them in the middle of the sea. So the water returned and covered the Egyptians, their chariots, their cavalry and the army that followed them in. Not one of them was left.

But the children of Israel had walked through the sea on dry ground for the waters were a wall for them on both sides, their right and their left. Thus I saved Israel that day from Pharaoh and they saw the Egyptians lying dead on the seashore. And Israel saw the great work I had done and feared me but believed both you and me.

Then you and the children of Israel sang this song to me, “I will sing to the LORD for he has triumphed gloriously. The horse and the rider he has thrown in the sea. The LORD is my strength and my song. He has become my salvation. He is my God and I will prepare him a place to live in; my father’s God and I will exalt him. The LORD is a man of war. The LORD is his name. Pharaoh’s chariots and his army he has cast into the sea. His chosen captains are all drowned in the Red Sea. The depths have covered them. They sank to the bottom just like a stone. Your right hand Oh LORD is glorious in power. You right hand Oh LORD has dashed the enemy to pieces. In the greatness of your excellency you have overthrown those that rose up against you. You sent forth your wrath and it consumed them like stubble. With the blast of your nostrils the waters were gathered, the floods stood upright as a pile and the depths congealed in the heart of the sea. The enemy said, ‘I will pursue, I will overtake and I will divide the spoil. My lust will be satisfied with them. I will draw my sword and destroy them.’ But your wind blew. The sea covered them. They sank as lead in the mighty sea. Who is like you Oh LORD among the gods? Glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders! You stretched out your right hand and the Earth swallowed them. You in your mercy has led the people you have redeemed. You guided them by your strength to your holy place. The peoples will hear and be afraid. Sorrow will take hold on the peoples that live in Palestina. The dukes of Edom will be amazed. Trembling will take hold of the mighty men of Moab. The inhabitants of Canaan will melt away. Fear and dread will fall on them. By the greatness of your arm they will be still as a stone until the people pass over Oh LORD; until the people pass over that you have purchased. You will bring them in and plant them in the mountain of your inheritance, in the place Oh LORD you have made yourself to abide in, the sanctuary your hands established. The LORD will reign forever and ever. The horses of Pharaoh went with his chariots and his cavalry into the sea. The LORD brought back the waters of the sea upon them. But the children of Israel went through the middle of the sea on dry land.”

Then Miriam the prophetess, Aaron’s sister took a timbrel in her hand and the women went out after her with timbrels and dances. And she answered them, “Sing you to the LORD for he has triumphed gloriously. The horse and his rider he has thrown in the sea.”

So you brought Israel from the Red Sea out into the wilderness of Shur. But three days later you hadn’t found any water until you came to Marah but they couldn’t drink the water there even, because it was bitter. Hence the name Marah. And the people began murmuring against you saying, “What are we to drink?” So you cried out to me and I showed you a tree and you cut it down and it fell into the waters and they became sweet.

Then you made a law, a statute or an ordinance and said, “If you will diligently listen to the voice of LORD to do according to his words and do what is right according to him and listen to his commandments and statutes I will put none of the diseases on you that I put on the Egyptians because I am the LORD that heals you.”

Then they came to Elim where there are 40 palm trees and 12 wells and they encamped there.

I did it Moses! I not only got to see you which I treasured above anything I also made them my people and I have become their God even as I told you I would. An entire religion is being born here. Do you understand what that means? The entire Earth will hear what happened in Egypt and to Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea and they will fear me for they only understand strength and power.

After that I will have to save you from that and bring you to heaven with me, the entire lot of you loving each other and me with all you soul, all your might, all your heart and mind. Everything I have done is working toward that end. The children of Israel as well as all the families of Earth will be welcome in the end of this Earth which was only a beginning but will only be until the end of all I will do among humanity and with the angels.

All three in me are working toward that end right now. And you who have read this my servant has written needn’t wait any longer. You have seen the kind of power I have. There is nothing I cannot do and nothing I will not do for those that I love even Jews that are not Jews but desire to become real and true Jews. I will save you until there is no one else left to save. I am the LORD your God and your loving father.



Chapter 45: Bread


There was no one there in the wilderness but me and you, your brother and the children of Israel. We were isolated from anyone anywhere at every time. I was so overjoyed just to be with you Israel my firstborn, my people, my congregation and so overcome with a desire to keep you all to myself and never let you go and never allow anything evil to ever happen among you or to you forever that I nearly did just that; keep you all to myself. It was such a temptation. But you were not an infant and even if you were you needed your space to be who and what you were. I was the LORD you God.

It mattered none that each and every single one of you were my favorite of all of you. Moses was my favorite and Aaron too. But neither one of them was like you were to me and not one of you were any less my favorite than any of the others. You were all my favorites. The one that I was with at the moment, that was my most favored one. That is until my attention was stirred to help another and then that one instantly became my most favorite one and so on for days.

I was so full of joy and I was truly happy just being with all of you and each one especially so, as I have already said. I loved you and there was no other way to address my feelings for each of you, and all of you, my people, my congregation who worshiped me. Me!

Let me show you some time with my spirit how I felt by letting you feel it. Do you want to? Even for just a little while? I would so love to share it with you but I cannot if you don’t want me to as much as I want to share it or more. I would never push something like that on any one. Wouldn’t that just ruin it for me, for you, forever and ever?

Everyone I was ever to feel that way toward ever in the future would be unable to have me genuinely feel something toward them no one else had ever felt for them if I did that though. That was why I made you; just to feel this exact, precise, inexpressible, love for you. And I do you also out there reading what my servant writes to you as well as my servant that writes these words too. This is why I made you personally just so I could feel this very way toward you, about you and place myself in you, with you and upon you while I was feeling this way. I love you.

But on the fifteenth day of the second month after departing from Egypt, we, me and you, the entire congregation of the children of Israel left Elim and came to a place called the wilderness of Sin which is between Elim and Sinai.

But I loved you still the same way even when the entire congregation of the children of Israel began murmuring about you Moses and you Aaron in the wilderness. I know no other way to love for is it really love if you don’t love absolutely as I do? In the same way evil and hate never did exist, love really only exists the way I do it. Everything else is really not love.

Some call it agape love. But that love needs no adjective. It is what it is and it stands most beautifully and in its most precious way when it is completely unadorned. There is absolutely nothing that is actually unreal wherever it is found and nothing that produces more pleasure for the one that is loving as well as the one being loved. But even that can be ignored by anyone who is not me and especially those that are not even like me.

“If only we had died by the hand of God in Egypt,” Israel said and have you ever heard uglier words coming from someone you loved as I loved them? But I loved them. That is how I love. And I still loved them therefore. “There we sat by the boiling meat pots and had bread to our fill. But you have brought us out here to kill us by starvation,” they continued.

Had I ever been more misunderstood by anyone? It seemed the first time. But then it always does. It hurts. But I forgive them even when they don’t even ask to be forgiven their ugliness. I can’t stand seeing it happen but I stand it for them because it merely proves they need me ever more and what is better to my kind of love than being needed? Being able to help someone you love that dearly is the greatest reward they could ever give you, the opportunity to prove you love them even to what little or what great extent they will allow it to be done to them.

So I said to you, Moses, as if I needed a reason to pander to them even then with such an opportunity presented to me for I was very nearly beside myself with excitement, “So that I may prove to them that they will walk in my law or not I will rain bread from heaven and they will gather it to themselves at a certain rate every day. But on the sixth day they will go out and gather twice as much that day and they will prepare it.”

So you and Aaron said to them, “This evening you will know the LORD has brought you out of Egypt. But in the morning you will see the glory of the LORD because he has heard you murmuring against the him for who are we that you murmur against me and my brother Aaron?”

Then you said to them, “It will happen when in the evening the LORD gives you meat to eat and in the morning bread to the full. The LORD hears your murmurings. But you murmur against him. For what are me and Aaron? Your murmurings are not against us. But it is against the LORD!”

You said to Aaron, “Tell the children of Israel, ‘Come near before the LORD. He has heard your murmurings.’”

And they looked toward the wilderness and the glory of the LORD appeared in a cloud even as Aaron spoke to the entire congregation of the children of Israel!

So I said to you, “Speak to the children of Israel and say, ‘In the evening you will eat meat and in the morning you will eat bread until you are full and you will know I am the LORD your God.’”

That evening quail came up and covered the camp and in the morning there was dew around the entire camp. When the dew was gone there laid a small round thing as small as hoarfrost on the ground. Then when the children of Israel saw it they said in awe, “This is manna!” for they didn’t know what it was! But you said to them, “This is the bread the LORD has given you to eat. But this is the thing the LORD has commanded, ‘Every human is to gather it according to how they eat, a small measure for each person according to your number of persons. Take only for them that are in your tents.”

Then the children of Israel did and gathered some more and some less. But they all measured it with the same measure. And those that gathered much had nothing left over and those that gathered little lacked nothing. They gathered each person according to their appetite.

Then you warned them, “See that none of you keep any of it until morning.” But as usual they didn’t listen to you and some of them left some of it until morning. It bred worms and stunk! So you were almost in a rage over it you were so angry at them. Yet they gathered it every morning each person according to their appetite and when the sun was high in the sky and was at its hottest it melted away.

Then on the sixth day they all gathered twice as much as they did daily and the rulers of the congregation came and reported them to you. But you said, “This is what the LORD has said, ‘Tomorrow is the rest of the holy sabbath to the LORD from this day forward. Bake that you want baked today, and that you want seethed, seethe it today and that which is left lay it up to keep until morning.”

So they laid it up until morning and that which was left did not stink and had no worms whatsoever!

“Eat that today,” you said, “Because for six days you will gather it but on the seventh day, the sabbath there will be none.”

Some people still went out on the seventh day to gather it anyway but there wasn’t any.

So I said to you, “How long will you refuse to obey my commandments? Understand me, the LORD has given you the sabbath therefore he gave you for two days on the sixth day. Every person is to stay in their place. Let no person go out of their place on the seventh day.”

Then the people had no choice but to rest.

The entire line of Israel called it Manna. But it was like coriander seed, white and everything. But it tasted like wafers made with honey.

Then you said, “This is what the LORD has said, ‘Fill one of the measures with it to be kept and shown to your generations so that they can see the bread I fed you when you were in the wilderness when I took you out of the land of Egypt.’” Then you turned to your brother Aaron and said, “Take a pot and fill it up with manna to be placed before the LORD to be kept for our generations”

As I commanded you, Aaron did just as I commanded and laid it up before the Testimony. Then the children of Israel ate manna until they came out of the wilderness to the borders of the land of Canaan; 40 years. By the way, the measurement of a small measure, an omer is one tenth of the larger more common measure, an ephah.

They had been pushing it too hard. I had been pushing them too hard. They were in need of a rest. So I gave them the sabbath. They were in need of a change in their diet so I gave them quail and manna. It was an honor to serve them though they didn’t deserve it and even then they didn’t all obey my commands.

I almost blew it, I was feeling so wonderful. I almost let it go too far. Besides they loved me in their way or they would have addressed me directly instead of taking it out on Moses and Aaron. They didn’t realize they were murmuring against me when they did what they did to my prophets. So I dealt with them with a firm hand but gladly served them and I didn’t pay it any mind that they were not all willing to serve me yet.

But my love was somewhat unrequited. Yet I didn’t love them to be loved back, but merely to love, my kind of love, the greatest feeling anyone can know and the essential component to any real power. But it didn’t address the issue they mightn’t always be safe given the fact they were not perfect like I am.



Chapter 46: Superstitious Warfare


After that in accordance with my command the children of Israel came out of the wilderness of Sin and made camp in Rephidim where there was no water for them to drink.

The people demanded of you, “Give us water to drink!”

But you said, “Why do you yell at me? Why tempt the LORD?”

Therefore a murmuring started up again against you in their impatience, “Why did you lead us up out of Egypt? To have us, our children and our cattle all die of thirst?”

“What can I do with this people,” you cried to me, “They are about ready to stone me!”

I calmly said, “Go before the people. Take the elders of Israel with you and the rod you struck the Nile with in your hand and go. I will stand right before the rock that is in Horeb and water enough for the people to drink will come out of it.”

Then you did just that in full sight of the elders of Israel. And because they tempted me you called the place Meribah and Massah for they had quarreled with you and said, “Is the LORD among us or not?”

I could see I had almost been too lenient with the children of Israel and they thought they were in charge. They needed to know this was not all fun and games I was up to here. I was growing up a people for myself and leading a congregation to always respect me, my power and authority. They still only understood power. So I would show them more power. Thus I allowed Amelek to come and challenge them at Rephidim.

You said to Joshua, “Choose out some men and go meet Amelek in battle tomorrow. I will stand atop the hill with the rod of God in my hand.”

Joshua did as you had said and went out to meet Amelek as you, Aaron and Hur went to the top of the hill. So when you held up your hand Israel was winning but when you lowered it Amelek would be winning. And your arm got tired. So they sat you on a stone they had put under you and then they both held up your arms and your arms were steady until the sun went down. And Joshua fought Amelek back with the edge of the sword.

Then I told you, “I will utterly put out even the memory of Amelek from under the sky. So write it as a memorial in a book and read it to Joshua.”

It was their first battle and they were encouraged by your arm being in the air for they felt invincible but when you faltered they did also. It was all tied to you how they behaved, but thanks to the ingenuity of Aaron and Hur they won. They had tested their own ability to fight Amelek and even then a part of them wasn’t sure of themselves if there was no sign my power might be backing them that they could lay their eyes on physically.

But where do you suppose the idea to put a stone under you and hold up your arms came from? Did it physically make any difference whether your arm was raised in the air or not? They were not a religious people yet. They were superstitious. They had a God, me. They had the beginnings of their own scriptures. They had elders to obey. You and Aaron to obey. They were in obedience to you on a superstitious level and that superstition was based upon the rod I had made so special, but there was so much more I wanted them to have than mere power for the sake of power.

Somehow they hadn’t grasped the ability to understand spiritual power. They had none in themselves. They were totally dependent upon my power and there is so much more to me than just power, a power they feared. But was there any more to it than just that on their side of our relationship? This was real. Did they think the men they killed weren’t actually dead too!

You built an altar there and called it Jahovanissi saying it was, “Because the LORD has said he will have war with Amelek from generation to generation.”

Is that what you thought I meant. How could you have war with Amelek from generation to generation and not even remember he was ever there? It was not what I had said, but it is what you thought I meant. And I was somewhat disappointed to think how difficult it could be to communicate even with you not to even mention the children of Israel. It was going to take a lot more doing to get my every point across to you and then through you to them.

I am more than your rod. Why you are more than my rod! I do much more than bless your rod which you so revere. Once you herded sheep with it. Was it special then before I made it turn into a snake? It was just a rod. It is still just a rod. It has no powers of its own. But your evil heart and the evil hearts of Aaron and Hur thought it was and attached powers to it, it never once possessed. The entire army Joshua picked out thought it had power. But it did not. Even the Amelekites thought it had power. But there is no power in a shepherd’s rod?

How was I to honor that? Did you think my presence was in your shepherd’s rod? They did, even if you didn’t. I am more than a good luck charm and I don’t just mean I am a very powerful good luck charm either. You made me jealous. You all thought that so long as the rod was in the air you were going to win.

Did I say that! You must have taken something the wrong way. If you respect me you will respect the things that are mine and the things I bless by using them. My things I take very seriously. The things I bless I really bless. How much better would it have been to have me bless you and to work through you than to simply bless something you imagined was as powerful as I am?

You were fortunate Amelek bought into it also. But now he is irretrievably caught up in superstition. He thinks it is your rod that gave you victory. He doesn’t respect me or you at all. He covets your rod which in his hands would be just a rod if it weren’t that I would destroy him for not respecting the things that are mine if it were to fall into his hands whether he understood or not.

Don’t you understand? You could have taken Amelek by your own power and the ability of those Joshua chose. Yet you nearly lost. Men lost their lives because you worshiped my rod and believed in a power you have all attached to it in my stead. And Aaron and Hur emerged heroes because of what they did. They would have been heroes anyway. But you could have lost and it would have been your own fault.

I would have thought better of you than that for you know me personally. You don’t still think of me as the person of a burning bush that is not consumed, do you? Why then did you treat my rod as a sign I was with you when I wasn’t, though I did make the difference that saved you again even from your own superstition and encouraging others toward superstition.

I am what I am. I am nothing you can imagine or know without interacting with me. And I do nothing to honor your evil imagination. I am real. This is the real world. You are really only that you are, but you are given to imagining things that are not true of me, of my things and of the things I bless. That is superstition. There is nothing to it but an imagining of something that never existed, does not exist even now and never will exist.

I exist. My power is real. I am a person just like you are one too. Were I with you or had you allowed me to be with you, I could have sent legions of angels to defeat Amelek had there been any need, had it been you could not have won in your own power brought on by your own abilities. You know the difference. Don’t you?

Have I come this entire way and done all that I have for the privilege of meeting you only to find you are too busy entertaining yourself with vain imaginings even about who I am and what I do to, to even begin to know me? Give up this foolishness and come back to me. My foolishness in inspiring Aaron and Hur to hold your arms in the air I did to prevent you from being defeated when there was no need, no need at all. But even my foolishness is greater than your superstition.

I am holy. Come to me and remember that I am holy. Don’t go launching out on your own all fired up about something you have imagined will work. You cannot think like I do. I do not think like you do. But I know how and what you think. It would be better for you to throw away a good luck charm than to go to hell never knowing me but merely imagining your did.

I saw what you did there. But did you see what I did? Nothing. Have you learned anything by it? I refuse to be your good luck charm. They have made you their good luck charm. How do you feel about it? They really don’t even know you. Even Aaron and Hur don’t know you. Does Joshua?

Your brain cannot think good things. It will therefore not last forever anymore than your body will last forever. You cannot think good, loving, righteous, just and holy things that bring even your body peace not to mention anyone else without they come from me.

The way you were before we began has been created entirely new and is designed to live forever in a completely new body and brain that will think things that come from me.

You will keep your identity if you choose to make that identity an identity completely devoted to me and willing to radically change to the point wherein that you were is not and that I have created you to be is what has taken its place; me in you, you in me, and the both of us one with everyone it has ever worked for, from Jesus of Nazareth to those who have gone before you that I was merely able to save their souls which left the perishing person they were in the past since it was only temporary and evil anyway. I thought you wanted to be brand new, to live forever, to accept my authority over this perishing world including your physical brain and everything in it that is also perishing even you?

I am never wrong. You will receive what you wanted all along. This place is going into the fire and I am saving you from that fire, would you cut off your own arm at the wrist to prevent me from pulling you to safety by the hand! If you would, you have never had a part in me. Even if now you want only to be evil I will give you that, but I will save your soul for it once wanted to be saved; me in you and you in me; all of us one in him who is one and was one with Jesus of Nazareth and that one of us one with me.

Would you have had me save that which was no good to itself or others and never wanted to be anything other than that not even at one time? For what purpose? To preserve evil? Evil cannot be preserved for even that it does can be healed should you be good enough to allow it. Trust me. In that, evil was nothing and those that practiced evil are or become nothing even to remember, evil was nothing notable as it turned out.

Evil is not anything but a mirage of what looks like water in the highway far ahead. When at last you come to that place, there really never was anything there other than what your mind was tricked into perceiving was there. Why would you believe all along there was water in the highway ahead when one who has been there many times tells you that it is only a mirage, an optical illusion caused by your brain’s inability to interpret correctly even this world with any real accuracy.

The mind of the Holy Spirit is not like that. It sees no mirages. He knows no deceptions and will never buy into one under any circumstance in any situation for anyone. “Trust us,” say the three persons in my person, “You cannot know all things.” I do and we know them because we made them; I made them. We are all, three persons in one person, me.

No I am not a fourth. See how little you understand. You cannot know now what you understand and how it works but then you will know for you will be like me, knowing, imagining, thinking, reasoning, saying, doing and feeling only those things that come from God, me. Then you will be able to say, “I am that I am,” the same as we all say it then and it will not be blasphemy or anything like that. It will be true, it will be real, as surely as it will be real and true in the same instance in the same spirit we are all one in then.

You will know and understand things then that would cause your brain to explode should I share them in a way your brain could be caused to know them and understand them now because of the way you are, though they could have known them if only the body and the brain were not merely temporary and physically dying things and nothing more than worn out garments that will soon have to be discarded and exchanged for incorruptible garments that you will wear forever and be ecstatic about it from the moment you put it on to the moment you are in it later no matter how much later that moment arrives.

Were it possible for the evil to be saved, they would be in torment every moment forever and ever anyway. They would be doing things they never knew were possible they have no desire to do, feeling things only they can feel about things that are so abhorrent to them they cannot bear feeling them, saying things they could never bring themselves to say of their own freewill, reasoning things they could not comprehend, thinking things that were utterly unacceptable to them, imagining things that would scare them to death were it possible again, and knowing there would be no end to their persisting nonexistence while longing, always longing for anything they ever thought they knew to actually be something to know.

What an infinitely more horrific prospect than just being in torment forever knowing only that it is completely intolerable to them to the point all they can do is scream in reaction to it.

You see I am merciful.

My servant that writes these words for me is certifiably mentally ill. He has a diagnosis of schizophrenia and he understands these things now too. You who are evil are schizophrenic in your thoughts, the thoughts of your heart and you do things motivated by those thoughts and feelings. But he is moral. You are not. What you see is the moral mirror image and not the real image.

The things you used to think are not the things you think now, you who have been created new. The things he used to think are not the things he used to think, feel and was motivated to do as a result of his mental illness too. He has been created entirely new.

The evil mind thinks like the schizophrenic minds among evil people with more acceptable fantasies about what is real, but if you are evil like them you do not have to remain that you are forever. You can ask me and I will create you new also. No one in heaven is schizophrenic and when he arrives he will see me and be like me the same as you will, evil or created new in the very same way; the evil to the fire and new creations to heaven. It is not what you think. It is so very very much more; very much more!



Chapter 47: Wise Counsel


While at Rephidim you had fallen into a trap and didn’t see it, neither did you ask me about it. So I sent you wise counsel from an unlikely source; You had sent your wife and two children back to Midian for the burden of being my prophet was having its toll on your life. But you didn’t see it as a burden at all. You loved what you were doing, you loved Israel, and you loved doing it for me. Your only problem was that you were made in my image. You were not me. What I could stand and what responsibilities I have would finish you off in less than a week. You were still holding to the leadership and though you were a great man it was wearing on you. Whether you realized it or not you were tired.

Your father-in-law, the priest of Midian, Jethro heard what I had done for you and for Israel my people by bringing them out of Egypt. So he took Zipporah and your two sons to see you in at Rephidim. Gershom your firstborn you named that because you were an alien in a strange land, and the other son Eliezer you named that for you said, “The God of my father was my help delivering me from Pharaoh’s sword.” And Jethro said, “I, Jethro, your father-in-law have come to you with your wife and her two sons.”

You came out of your tent to meet your father-in-law and paid him obeisance and kissed him. Then you asked each other how you were doing and went back into the tent where you told him all about what I had done to Pharaoh and the Egyptians and the entirety of the trouble that had come to you by the way when I delivered them.

Jethro rejoiced for all the goodness I had done for Israel and over the fact I had delivered them from the Egyptians as he said, “Blessed be the LORD who delivered you out of the hand of the Egyptians, out of the hand of Pharaoh and delivered you out from under the hand of the Egyptians! Now I know the LORD is greater than all gods for in the very thing they dealt so proudly with he was above them entirely.” Then Jethro took a burnt offering and sacrifices to me and Aaron and the elders of Israel ate bread with your father-in-law before me.

Jethro was a Godly man for a certainty now and you trusted him as did all of Israel. You knew you could trust his judgment not only because you knew him well from the time he was called Reuel to when he became Jethro. You had known him all the time you were in Midian and you knew him to be wise, trustworthy and generous even to the point of taking one of his seven daughters in marriage. He was just the sort of man to give you wise counsel for you knew him that he knew me and you had always listened to him before.

The next day then you sat and judged the people from morning until the evening but Jethro saw all of what you were doing for the people and asked, “What are you doing before all these people who gather around you all day?”

“It is because the people come to me to inquire of God,” you said, “I judge between one and the other and they get to know the statutes of God and his laws.”

But Jethro said, “This thing you do, Moses, is not good. You will certainly wear yourself out, you and the people here with you. This thing is too heavy of a burden for you. You are not able to perform as well as you could entirely by yourself. Listen to my me for I give you my best advice and God will be with you. Be towards God concerning this for these people that you may bring the causes to God. You will teach them the ordinances and laws and you will show them the way they must live and the works they must do. Therefore you must choose of all the able bodied men and women such as fear God that love the truth and hate covetousness. Place them over groups of thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. Then let them be the judge at all times of the simple matters but the weightier ones they will bring to you. It will be easier for you and they will share the burden with you. If you do this and God commands you to then you will endure and all these people will go to their places in peace.”

When you saw that it was true you were wearing yourself out and putting everyone in danger by what you were doing you listened to Jethro and chose able people from all of Israel and set them over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens and they judged the people at all times. But the more difficult cases they brought to you, but every small matter they judged it themselves.

Then your father-in-law and you said your good-byes and he went on his way back to his home.

So the valued help you needed and didn’t even realize you needed I gave you through your father-in-law, the priest of Midian, your beloved mentor. You could see how to judge the people and you were doing well at it. It was just too time consuming to take on every case entirely by yourself. It was a good thing to delegate your power and wisdom and trust others to help you carry your burden. It freed you up tremendously for the work at hand I had for you.

Your work among the people had been a success. It wasn’t that difficult to find good people that would listen to you, if not me and help you out. And it solidified your leadership by stretching it down to even trivial matters that the tens who were friends of the people they judged could judge. Israel had now become organized and that organization depended as much on me as it did on anything. Soon you saw me working among your judges, your judges saw that it was working and you were please to take note of that also.

Then in the third month you pulled up stakes and headed out toward mount Sinai passing through the wilderness. There in the wilderness you came to the Sinai desert and encamped before the mountain after you left Rephidim.

You went up the mountain to me and I said, “Say this to the line of Jacob and tell it to the children of Israel, ‘You have seen what I did to the Egyptians and how I bore you on eagles’ wings the entire way here to myself. Therefore if you obey me and keep my agreement with you, then you will be a peculiar treasure to me above all people for the entire Earth is mine. You will be a kingdom of priests; a holy nation. Those are the words you are to speak to the children of Israel.’”

Then you came back down and laid it all out before the entirety of the elders of Israel and the entire people said all together, “Everything the LORD has said we will do.” Then you brought their words back to me.

Then I said to you, “I come to you now in a dark cloud and the people will hear me when I speak to you and believe you forever.” Then I added, “Then let the people wash their clothes and be sanctified for two days but be ready for the third day. Thus you will put a barrier up around the mountain and tell them, ‘Be careful that you don’t go up the mountain or touch the border of it, for whoever does that will surely be put to death. No one’s hand should touch it or they will be stoned or shot through with an arrow whether it be an animal or a person they will not live. When the trumpet sounds a long while they will come to the mountain.”

Thus you went down the mountain and sanctified the people and they washed their clothing and you said, “Be ready the third day and don’t even so much as have sex with your wives.”

Then in the morning of the third day there were thunders and lightnings from a thick dark cloud and an incredibly loud trumpet blast and the entire people trembled. Then you brought the people out of the camp to meet with me but they stood at the bottom of the mount. Mount Sinai was entirely in smoke for I descended on it with fire and the smoke went straight up like chimney smoke and the entire mountain quaked a terrible lot. Then when the trumpet sounded long getting louder and louder you spoke and I answered you with a voice. So I came down on the top of mount Sinai and I called you up the mountain and you came up.

Then I said, “Go down and warn the people for they may break through the barriers and in their curiosity gaze up at me and many of them will perish. Then let the priests too that come near to me sanctify themselves or I will break through on them also.”

“The people can’t come up to mount Sinai for you warned us to set a boundary around it and sanctify it,” you said.

“Get away from me!” I said, “Get yourself down from here! Then you and Aaron will come back up. Don’t let the priests or any of the people break through to come up to me or I will! I will break through upon them!”

So you went down and spoke to the people for me.



Chapter 48: Speaking Directly


Then I said so the people could hear me, “I am the LORD your God who has brought you out of the land of Egypt and out of the house of bondage therefore have no other gods before me and don’t make any image of anything in the sky or in Earth; no image of anything in the sky, the ground, or in the water under the ground. You will not bow down to them nor serve them for I the LORD am a jealous God and my punishments come against the third and fourth generations of those that hate me, but I show my mercy to the thousands that love me and because of that obey me. You must not take my name in vain for I will not hold anyone guiltless that takes my name in vain. And remember my sabbath day? Keep it holy. Six days you will labor and do your works but on the seventh day it is the sabbath to the LORD your God; not you, your sons or daughters, your servants whether male or female, and not even your animals or the stranger that is in your streets. In six days the LORD made heaven and earth, even the sea and all that is in them. Then on the seventh day the LORD rested. Therefore the seventh day the LORD blessed it and made it hallowed. Your father and mother? Remember to honor them and live long in the land the LORD your God has given you. And don’t kill, steal, commit adultery, or tell lies about your neighbor. A house, a wife, a male or female servant, even an ox or a pack animal; these are things your neighbor has, don’t even wish they were yours just like everything else they have.”

Wanting things tends to make you poor for no matter what you have you can always want more and at the heart of being poor is wanting some thing or some one whether it belongs to your neighbor or not, for if you cannot afford it you know it will be someone else’ before it is yours.

You according to your faith in me have everything you want if you ask me to give it to you or to get it for you even should I create it out of nothing. If you believe me there is nothing beyond reach whether poverty, property, a person, a feeling, a thing to do, a thing to say, something to ponder, something to imagine both in your heart and with your mind, something real to know, me or some other real thing or fact; anything that exists is yours even a place to be, a place to live or not live, anything anywhere at any time, anything that you will not become so attached to it that it gets in the way of our relationship.

But if you do not believe that then potentially nothing I have to offer you is yours. You can only have that you can get in your own abilities to make things or in the ability to make money just as those who don’t believe me at all. I would deny you nothing if you really wanted it and asked me for it. It’s yours but if you are not right with me by having it why would I give you something that would destroy our relationship unless that is what you want; to destroy our relationship. Even that I might give you in that case.

Telling lies even about yourself is deceptive and to deceive others concerning your neighbor is the worst deception you can come up with. It is what the serpent did to Eve in paradise when it lied about me and my intentions toward her. If you are a liar you are a deceiver and all deceptions are evil and evil leads to death and destruction. That humanity needs to overcome in its entirety. And yes, lies lead to war.

Committing adultery is betrayal. To be wed one makes a promise to be one with their mate in everything. Even if you spend time with someone other than your mate it is adultery if it takes away from the time you would have spent with your mate. Your mate is a part of you. As my servant who writes this for me says, “Should your arm or your hand desire to spend time doing something other than be with you, which is not possible, you would be betrayed by your body part would you not?” The ultimate betrayal is not for a body part to betray you but for your trust to become a fantasy or existing only in your vain imagination for a time, for a long time, potentially forever. Wives, husbands, you are one and whatever threatens that threatens both of you for it is true. You are one. Betrayal is what Judas did, not Jesus.

Judas was also a thief helping himself to the money bag whenever. Thievery is of course something people won’t tolerate even on a minor level and like wanting what someone else has, it is actually the same thing except mostly they want to sell what they steal to get something they want because they want something they cannot afford or just like the thrill of seeing whether they can get by with it though some steal in order to feed and clothe themselves. There is no way to justify stealing in the context of love. You cannot steal from someone and truthfully declare you love them. Therefore thieves are very difficult to love.

It is impossible to kill someone even for military reasons and claim you love them. Even killing yourself is a selfish unloving act. There is no way to justify the taking of any person’s life or spirit so that they die. Even killing someone who is trying to kill oneself is questionable.

Not honoring your father or mother or both breaks down the family bond. They may or may not have taught you right from wrong but it was through them that I gave you life. In the day my servant writes this for me the ramifications of ridiculing men in the media has brought his country nothing but shame the same as it did once for dishonoring women. Parents are to be treated with respect even and especially when they do not deserve it. But parents do not always behave like parents or because of their spirits they become deadly or injurious souls. It is not to dishonor a parent or anyone else to flee them for your own safety.

To each one it is true that one day is holy while to another it might not be. But to honor the sabbath is something everyone must do if they are to be true to me. But some people regard every day the same. Just remembering the sabbath is adequate and keeping it holy a must. Why be unholy because you will not rest from your lusts even your lust for work? Be holy for I am holy.

If you take my name in vain you are in danger. You think less of me and to treat it with vanity is to compare me to nothingness the highest possible form of despising me. But should you persist in your guilt for having done so, will you even know what I am when you need me? It is a self-destructive thing that could result in you dying physically as well as spiritually at one time or another. It is no minor offense and I will not hold you blameless should you do it for I love you and do not want to see you destroy or kill yourself with your evil.

Idols and charms lead to superstition and a belief there is something or some spirit that can help you by doing anything you imagine. I am jealous not because I want some of that, but because I want you to be devoted to me that you may lead a real, honest, true, loving, life in my power to do anything for you.

They can do nothing for you but evil or nothing other than what you can imagine. Remember Moses, Aaron, Hur and Joshua as they fought Amelek. If you are emboldened by something that has no real power you are potentially vain and in danger of living in the world of your imaginings you have created for yourself. I am the LORD your God. I am the only real God. The rest are nothing to me and of no real lasting value to you either. Even should you make your self an idol and believe in and be emboldened by your self and ideas like that you think are your own, or that were gathered from someone else it is entirely the same to me as making a mold of some devil.

Then however after I had spoken to the people they were so impressed they said to you, Moses, “You speak to us, but don’t let God speak to us or we will die.”

But you said, “Don’t be so afraid. God has come to prove himself to you so that your fear of him will be in your mind’s eye so that you will not sin.”

But the people continued to back far away from the mountain. So only you came near to the dark cloud where I was. Thus I said to you alone, “Say this to the children of Israel, ‘You have seen that I talked with you from heaven so don’t make any gods of silver or of gold but make an altar of the ground. You can make it to me and make sacrifices of your burnt offerings and your peace offerings, your sheep and oxen thereon. In all places I record my name I will come to you and bless you. But if you do make an altar to me of stone you must not hew it for to use a tool on it pollutes it and don’t go up or down by steps of the altar to keep your nakedness from showing on my altar and thereby profane it.”



Chapter 49: Set Judgments


If you buy a Hebrew servant in the seventh year he will go free. If he came in by himself then he will go out with nothing, but if he were married then his wife will go out with him. If his master has given him a wife and she has born him children then the wife and children become the masters and he shall go free by himself. But if he plainly says that he loves his master and his wife and children and I will not go free. Then the master will take him before the judges and the judge will poke a hole in his ear with an awl and he will serve his master forever.

If a man sells his daughter to be a servant she will not go free as males do. If she doesn’t please her master who has become betrothed to her then he will let her be redeemed. But he has no power to sell her to an alien for he has dealt deceptively with her then. If he betrothed her to his son he will treat her as a daughter. If he takes another wife her food, clothing and marriage duty will not be diminished and if he doesn’t do it then she will go free but without money.

If a man strikes another and causes him to die, he will be put to death. If he did not ambush him but I delivered him into his hands then I will appoint a place for him to flee to. But if a man comes with premeditation on his neighbor to kill him then you will take him away from my altar and kill him. And he that kills his mother or father will be put to death.

Anyone who steals another and sells them or if their owner finds them in their hand they will be put to death.

Anyone that curses their father or mother will be put to death.

If men get into a fight and one strikes the other with a rock or his fist but he does die but is alive in bed, if he rises again and walks on his staff the man that did the damage will be acquitted.

If a man strikes his servant with a rod whether female or male so that they die he will be punished. However if they live a day or two the master will not be punished for they are his money.

If people fight and strike a woman so that she loses her baby and yet no mischief follows the judges will ask her husband what payment he wants and those in the fight will pay it. But if anything happens to the mother then they will repay life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burning for burning, wound for wound or welt for welt.

If a master strikes their servant whether male or female and they lose the sight in their eye or if it is a tooth then the master must let them go free for the sake of their eye or their tooth.

If an ox gores a woman and she dies the ox will be stoned but it may not be eaten and the owner will go free. But if the ox were mean and pushed with his horn in the past and the owner was told about it but he didn’t keep him in and someone dies then both the ox and the owner are to be put to death. If the court decides rather to make him pay a fine then he must pay it to redeem his own life whether a son or daughter it will be so done. If an ox even pushes a servant the owner must pay the master that owns the servant 30 pieces of silver and the ox is to be stoned to death. However if a man should open up a pit or even dig one and not cover it and an ox or pack animal falls into it the owner of the pit must make good by paying what they agree and the animal is his. If an ox gores another ones ox so that it dies they are to sell the ox and divide the money and then split the dead ox between them.

If a thief steals an ox or sheep and kills it or sells it they must repay five oxen for each one stolen and four sheep for each one stolen. If a thief is caught breaking in and he be struck so that he dies there is no blood shed for him. If a thief is caught in the daytime and he dies there shall be blood shed for him, but if he doesn’t die he will have to make full restitution. If what a thief steals is caught on him he must pay back double. If he has nothing then he will be sold for what his victim can get for him. If a man was to let his animal eat of a field or vineyard then of the best of his field or vineyard he must make restitution. If someone has something delivered to him and a thief steals it, if the thief is found they must pay back double and if the thief isn’t found then the one keeping the money or stuff will be brought to the judge to determine whether he stole it or not.

For any trespass whether for livestock or clothes or anything lost the one that says it is theirs and the other must be brought before the judge and the cause of both parties will be brought before the judge and the condemned one will pay double its worth.

If livestock is delivered to someone’s neighbor and it dies, is hurt or is driven away with no one seeing it there must be an oath to me on the part of both parties that the neighbor has not done anything to it and the owner must accept it and neighbor does not have to pay anything. But if it was stolen the neighbor must make restitution for it. If it is torn to pieces let the neighbor bring what is left to the judge and he will not have to pay for it. If a man borrows anything from his neighbor and if it is hurt or died without the owner being present the neighbor will pay for it. But if its owner is with it the borrower need not pay restitution for if it was for hire it came with the hiring of it.

If a man seduces a woman that is not betrothed he must become her husband. If her father absolutely refuses to allow it he must pay according to the dowry of virgins.

No witch is allowed to live.

Whoever has sex with an animal must be put to death.

Anyone that makes a sacrifice to any god save the LORD he shall be killed and sent to torment.

You are not to purposely make a stranger angry or oppress him because you were once strangers in a foreign land.

Don’t cause any trouble for a widow or fatherless child for if you do in any way and they cry out to me I will certainly hear their cry and I will be very angry and kill you with a sword. Then your wives will be widows and your children fatherless.

If you lend money to any of my poor people you are not to charge them any interest or usury fee whatsoever.

If you take an article of clothing from your neighbor as a pledge you must return it to them by sundown for it is their only covering, clothing for their bare skin. Where are they to sleep? They will cry to me and I will hear them for I am gracious.

You must not put down any gods or curse the ruler of you people.

Don’t delay offering the first fruits of your ripened fruit or the first fruits of your liquor. The first born of your sons you must give to me. You must do the same thing with your oxen or your sheep. Seven days it will be with the one that gave it birth and the eighth day it will be brought to me. Be a holy people to me. Don’t eat any torn meat in your fields. Toss it to the dogs.

You must not hatch a false report. Don’t vow with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness. You must not follow even a great hoard to do evil. You are not to speak for a cause only to decline after many have been denied justice.

Don’t look down on a poor man in his cause.

If you see your enemy’s animal gone astray you will bring it back to them. If you see your enemy’s pack animal lying down because of its burden and you want to help you certainly can help your enemy.

Don’t pervert justice against the poor just because they are poor.

Keep yourself out of a false matter that the innocent and righteous don’t kill you. I will not justify the wicked.

Take no gift for a gift blinds the wise and perverts the words of the righteous.

Again don’t oppress a stranger for you don’t know his heart for you were once strangers in Egypt.

Six year you may sow and harvest your land but the seventh year you are to let it lie still that the poor of the land may eat and what they leave your animals may eat. Also do the same with your vineyard and your olive grove. Six days you can work but the seventh you must rest that the animals, your servants, both male and female and the strangers you have hired may be refreshed.

In all the things I have said to you be prudent. Make no mention at all of other gods. Never let it come from your mouth.

Three times a year you are to have a feast for me. The feast of unleavened bread in which you will eat unleavened bread for seven days in the month of Abib as I commanded you, to celebrate your coming out of Egypt and no one will come out in front of me empty. The feast of the harvest with the first fruits of your labor of that you sow in the field and the feast of in-gathering when you have gathered the fruits of your labors out of the field.

Three times a year all the males will appear before me. Don’t offer the blood of the sacrifice with unleavened bread. And don’t let the fat of the sacrifice sit until morning. The first fruits of the land you must bring into the house of the LORD your God. You must not boil a kid in his mother’s milk.



Chapter 50: Building a Nation


I will send an angel to keep you in the way and to bring you into the place I have prepared for you. Beware of him and obey what he says and don’t provoke him. He will not pardon your transgressions for my name is in him. But if you do obey him and do all I say then I will be an enemy to your enemies and an adversary to your adversaries. My angel will go before you to the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hivites and Jebusites. I will completely cut them off. You must not bow down to their gods, serve them or do what they do. You will utterly overthrow them and completely break up their images.

You will serve the LORD your God and I will bless your food and water and keep sickness from the midst of you. Not a single animal will be miscarried or be barren in your land the entire time I am with you. I will send fear of you ahead of you and destroy those you come to, and make all your enemies turn their backs and run from you. I will send hornets before you that will drive out the Hivites, Canaanites and Hittites ahead of you. But I will not drive them out before you in one year for the animals would multiply near you in their lands. Yet little by little I will drive them out until your numbers are such that you can inherit the land.

I will set your boundaries from the Red Sea to the sea of the Philistines and from the desert to the river. I will deliver the inhabitants of those lands into your hands and you will drive them out before you. But don’t you go making agreements with them or their gods. They must not live in your land or else they will make you sin against me. If you serve their gods it will be a trap set for you.

Then I said directly to you Moses, “Come up to me; you, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu and seventy of the elders of Israel and worship a long ways away. Only you will come near me though, but the rest of them cannot come near me and the people cannot even come up with you.

So you went back and told the people all the words I shared with you and all the judgments I gave you and the entire people said in one voice, “Everything the LORD has said to do we will do!”

Then you wrote down all the words I had said to you and got up early and built an altar under the hill with twelve pillars according to the tribes of Israel. Then you sent young people of the children of Israel and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings of oxen unto me. After that you took half the blood, put it in basins and the other half you sprinkled on the altar. Finally you took the book of the agreement and read it to an audience made up entirely of Israel and they said again, “Everything the LORD has said we will do and be obedient.” Then you took the blood and sprinkled it on the audience and said, “This is the blood of the agreement the LORD has made concerning all these words.”

Then you, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu and seventy of the elders of Israel went up the mountain and they saw me, the God of Israel and there was a sapphire pavement that I stood on and my body was the body of heaven in my clearness but the nobles of Israel I did not put my hands on. Yet they saw me and ate and drank.

Afterward I said to you, “Come up to me in the mount and be there with me. I will give you tablets with a law and commandments from which you will be able to teach them.”

Then you rose and Joshua your minister went with you up the mount of God. Turning to the rest that were left you said, “Wait here for us until we come to you again. There is Aaron and Hur here with you. If anyone has a problem take it up with them.”

Then you went up the mount and a cloud covered the entire thing. In fact my glory was on mount Sinai which the cloud covered six full days before on the seventh day I called to you from the cloud. But my glory looked like devouring fire to the children of Israel. Then you went into the cloud and got up into the mount and you were there with me forty days and forty nights.

Then I said, “Speak to the children of Israel to bring me an offering. You will take my offering of everyone that gives it willingly from their heart. Here is a list of things you will take from them: Gold, silver and brass, blue, purple, and scarlet fine twined linen and goat’s hair, dyed, red, ram skins, badger skins and shittim wood, oil for light and spices for anointing oil and sweet incense, onyx stones, stones to be set in the ephod and in the breastplate. Let them make a sanctuary that I may live among them. According to the the pattern of the tabernacle which I will show you. The pattern of the instruments there you will also make them the entire thing.

They will make an ark of shittim wood two and half measures long and one and a half measurements wide and one and a half measurements high. You will overlay it inside and out with pure gold and make a crown for it round about it. Then cast four rings of gold for it with two rings on each side of it and staffs for it made of shittim wood overlaid with gold. Then you will put the staffs in each pair of gold rings that the ark may be carried that way. The staffs will remain in the gold rings and not be removed. Then put the book of the testimony that I will give you in it.

Next make a mercy seat two measures and a half the length of it and one and half measures the width of it. Make two angels each one made by beaten work in each end of the mercy. The angels will stretch out their wings on each end with their faces looking at each other toward the mercy seat and put the mercy seat above the ark and in the ark put the book of the testimony I will give you. There I will meet and commune with you above the mercy seat between the two angels upon the ark of the agreement of all these things I give you in commands to the children of Israel.

Now make a table of shittim wood two measures long, one measure wide and a measure and a half high. Overlay it with gold with a crown on top round about it. Make a crown round about it as a border about a hand’s width wide. Make four rings for the four corner where the feet of it are under it. Over by the border of it there are the places for staffs to carry it with. And overlay them with gold. Make dishes, spoons, bowls, and covers to cover it entirely made of pure gold. Set the show bread before me at all times. Of beaten work make a candlestick for me of pure gold, his shaft, branches, bowls, ornamental knobs and flowers will be the same. Six branches will come out the sides of it, three on each side.

In the six branches that come out of it make a bowl the shape of an almond with an ornamental knob and a flower in each one of them, one each for every branch. It will all be one beaten work of pure gold. Finally make its seven lamps that will light and give light over by it. The tongs and snuff dishes of it make from pure gold also. Of a talent of gold will he make it with all these vessels. Be careful you make it after the pattern that was shown you here on the mount.

A measurement by the way is the unit of length called a cubit.

The next thing to make is the tent with ten curtains of twined linen, blue, purple and scarlet with angels of expert workmanship. Each curtain is to be twenty eight measures long and four measures wide with all ten of them the same exact size with five curtains coupled together on each side. Make blue loops in the sleeves of each curtain on the edge and likewise on each of the five curtains on each side. Make fifty loops in each curtain that the loops may couple together. Make fifty buckles of gold in each curtain that the loops may couple together for it will be one tent.

Now make eleven curtains of goat’s hair to be a covering for the tent. The length of one curtain will be thirty measures and the width four measures and they will all be the same size. Couple five curtains on one side and six on the other and double the curtain in the front. Make fifty loops in the one that is on the outermost side and fifty loops in the second that they may couple together. Make fifty buckles of brass and put them in the loops that the tent may all couple together and what is left over will hang over the backside of the tent. A measure on each side will hang over allowing it to cover the tent.

Now make a covering for the tent of dyed red ram’s skins and a covering above of badger skins.

Now make boards for the tent standing up. The boards will be ten measures long and a measure and a half wide. Make two projections in each board. Make twenty boards with two sockets and with projections on each board for its projections and two sockets on the next board for its projections and so on with twenty boards on the south side looking southward.

On the north side make twenty boards with forty silver sockets as on the south, but on the west six boards and at the corners make two boards one for each side in both corners. They must be coupled together at the bottom and above the head into one ring for each corner. Also make five bars of shittim wood, five for the two sides on the west with the bar in the middle reaching from end to end. You must overlay the boards and bars with gold but the rings are to be made of silver. So you will raise the tent up as shown you on the mount.

You will make the veil out of blue, purple and scarlet fine twined linen of expert work with its angels. You will hang it on four pillars of shittim wood overlaid with gold, and its hooks will be gold and its sockets silver. The veil must divide so you can bring stuff in and divide the holy place from the most holy place. Put the mercy seat with the book of the testimony in the most holy place. You will set the table outside the veil with the candlestick on the south next to and by the table which will be on the north.

Then make the door of blue, purple and scarlet fine twined linen with expert needlework. Make five pillars of shittim wood for the hanging door overlaid with gold and their hooks will be pure gold but the five cast sockets will be made of brass.”



Chapter 51: Divination


Tell the children of Israel this, “Make an altar of shittim wood a cube five measures long and wide and overlay it with brass. Then make four horns of shittim wood overlaid with brass, one at each corner. Make its ash pans, shovels, meat hooks, fire pans completely of brass with a brass grate with rings in each of the four corners and it will be underneath the entire altar in the middle of it. Then make rods of shittim wood that will fit into its rings to carry it. Make it hollow with shittim wood boards as you were shown in the mount.

Make a courtyard for the tent on the south side stretching out to the south one-hundred measures made of fine twined linen with twenty pillars and twenty sockets made of brass but their hooks and rounded part will be made of silver. Do the same on the north part. The width of the courtyard on the east and west must be fifty measures with ten pillars and ten sockets.

The hangings for the gate on one side will be fifteen measures with three pillars and three sockets and the gate itself will be a hanging of twenty measures made of blue, purple and scarlet, fine twined, linen with needlework and it will have four pillars and four sockets. Every pillar must be rounded with silver and have silver hooks but the sockets will be brass.

And command the children of Israel to bring beaten, pure olive oil for the light for the cause of never letting the lamp go out.

The tent of the congregation outside the veil in front of the testimony will be kept in order by Aaron and his sons from evening to morning before me. It will be a statute in their line forever in the children of Israel’s behalf.

Take Aaron and his sons out of the children of Israel that they might minister to me in the office of priest; all of them, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, Eliazer and Ithamar.

Make holy garments for your brother Aaron for glory and beauty. Speak to the wise of heart that I have filled with a spirit of wisdom that they may make garments for Aaron that will consecrate him so that he may serve me in the office of priest.

Make him a breastplate to protect him, a sleeveless garment, an embroidered coat, headgear, and a belt for both him and his sons. Take gold, and some blue, purple and scarlet, fine linen and make them a golden breastplate with blue, purple and scarlet, fine linen in expert workmanship with two shoulder pieces at the two edges so it can be can be joined together. The belt of the breastplate is to be made of the same stuff except the linen must be fine twined, linen of the same materials. Then take two onyx stones and have the names of the twelve tribes of Israel engraved on them, six on each stone and place them on the shoulder of the breastplate as a memorial to the children of Israel. And make gold clasps with two pure gold chains at the end. Wrap the two gold chains around them and fasten them to the gold clasps.

Now make the breastplate of judgment like the breastplate of the priest signifying Aaron is a priest the only one that wears the memorial onyx stones. It must be done with expert quality.

It must be doubled and square about nine inches long and wide. Put four rows of stones on it. In the first row put a camelian, a topaz and a red garnet. In the second row put an emerald, a sapphire, and a diamond. In the third, a ligure, an agate and an amethyst. In the fourth, a beryl, an onyx and a jasper set in gold enclosures. The stones must have the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel engraved on it, one for each tribe. Make the breastplate of judgment’s chains of pure gold and put two gold rings at each end of the breastplate of judgment with the two golden chains in the two gold rings and the other two ends will have gold clasps put on the shoulder pieces. Then put two gold rings on the edge of the priestly breastplate on the underside. Make two more gold rings and put them on the two undersides of the priestly breastplate by the coupling but above the priest’s belt. Then tie the breastplate of judgment to the rings in the priest’s breastplate with blue lace that it would be above the belt and not be loose on the priest’s breastplate.

So Aaron will wear the names of the children of Israel above his heart when he goes into the holy place as a memorial before me continually. Also put in the Urim and Thummim and Aaron will wear the judgment of the children of Israel upon his forehead before me continually.”

Fortunately Urim and Thummim has been utterly and completely destroyed by Christ’s death on the cross I, the LORD’s servant that writes this for him, understand the same as sin will be destroyed in that time to come shortly after the judgment. It was abused to betray the LORD when he did not allow it. It cannot be remembered in Heaven or in Earth or any other place there may be. Therefore when it is spoken of it must always be understood that it was in the ancients but is not now and will not be ever again forever and ever. Praise the LORD!

“It was like an enemy to me,” says the LORD, “That is why I had my priests keep it near their hearts to help them discern judgment even the judgment of those that used it against me. They would have used it against my son had it not been part of the plan to destroy its existence leaving Satan to use a man to do it for him anyway which has nothing to do with Urim and Thummim at all. It was a way to get to me without the use of prayer which cannot be used against me in any way.

Even Satan is not against me now, but merely for himself the way he is now in your understanding of real time. When at last he will turn against me, he will be no longer anything to remember though he will yet exist because needs be and he will remain immortal as he was in his beginning with no one even to pity him then.”

The sinner says, “I will betray God!” Me! I cannot be betrayed. They used the Urim and Thummim to access my powers because I gave it to them that they could do that. It was an option, an option they used to know my will concerning certain difficult judgments they could understand no other way than to use my abilities as their own and even then they most often did not understand that they had done.

But as time wore on they began to use it to protect their office, not even themselves or me or anyone else and became corrupt and evil and decided to betray me using my own abilities in secret. So I let it be known what they did, but others copied them then.

When my son died for the sins of everyone in Earth I forgot he was for the time he was in hell before he rose from the dead and I remembered him as he was and with the glory he had accomplished by going there. The chief priest and his fellows used the Urim and the Thummim to use my powers against my son who already had all my powers and abilities. They perverted justice and attributed it to the use of my own abilities being used against me. But because that was part of my son’s plan they did not betray me but themselves and so it has remained to this day. It is no longer valuable even to Satan. Why would I allow evil to use my own abilities against me anymore than I did the chief priest that condemned my son? I cannot. It isn’t in me to do that. That would be evil.

How shall they pray now? “LORD let me use your abilities against you!” How can I say an amen to that? You are all free, free to pray, free to do good, and free to do evil.

They never once used them as well as I do. They were not me. Therefore they could not. The only power they had was to betray me. But Satan thought he had done that when I permitted him to tempt Judas to betray my son. The Sanhedrin thought they had when they used the Urim and Thummim to condemn my son in a sham trial.

They both were in error. I was not betrayed. My son did die. I forgot him. But he is risen! It is no longer an option for anyone to betray me without my permission. Can I being good actually allow someone to betray me? I could. But believe me I will not for the way it turned out I never once had to do that in the end.

You might decide to pray to me to allow you to sin. But what have you done but Satan’s work for him? When you sin, Satan doesn’t pit himself against me but against you for his own imaginary benefit. You betray yourself the same as the devil betrayed himself by tempting Judas to destroy himself by betraying my son and therefore the devil betrayed himself. It is no longer an option to betray me ever again forever and ever.

Those I have saved use my powers and abilities all the time sometimes to sin, but their sins are already paid for, they have already caused the death of my son and his descent to hell. There is nothing more they can do to him they have not already done and yet they were forgiven for it.

They cannot die even if they live like Satan himself because their soul will yet go to heaven. They cannot betray themselves even should Satan manage to get them to hate me, hate the father, hate his son, and the Holy Spirit. They are mine. No one can snatch them out of my hand and they cannot even throw themselves away except to live miserably until at last I mercifully take them home to heaven with me. Myself being unable to bear even the thought of them subjecting themselves to bringing more and more pain on themselves as if I ever once had anything but the most profound love possible for them but I will take them home eventually and let them know that.

Were it possible for anyone even me to throw myself into torment they would not destroy themselves and I have already forgiven them. So what can they do once they have accepted it? It is like bringing a curse on oneself. It cannot be undone. I could not condemn to torment one I saved even should I desire it.

I have no choice but to be that I am. That is true of me. It is true of that priest in what you call ancient times. It is true of every sinner. It is true of every condemned sinner that will go to torment. It is true of my son. It is true of the Holy Spirit. It is true of Satan and all devils. It is true of all angels. It is true of everyone I ever saved. It is true of you.

But fear not that I will destroy you, fear rather what you have become and how long you will only get more and more evil. Sinner, you are wrong again as you actually always are. You cannot betray me but only yourself by becoming what you and no one else has ever had the power to destine you to be but you, yourself.

I love you in the only way I know how to love, absolutely and without any concern for myself or I would not have told you so, hoping the entire way along you would turn that I might be able to heal you and create you over again entirely. Just ask me or my son, or at least invite the Holy Spirit into your life that you might understand more fully. I pray that you will if you have not. This is not a game. This is reality. Be real or at least try to be, maybe for the first time. Ask.

“My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” he asked.

He had asked me to use all of my power against me. And he did. He had forgotten me. I had no choice but to forget him. He was dead. My son! My only begotten son!

But it was all part of the plan. He had betrayed himself merely to find out that even that turned into something so good even he using all my powers and abilities against me could not deny was good, that he was good again, he was memorable again. He is alive! MY SON IS ALIVE AGAIN!

You don’t know how blessed you are for it was at times like that I would have dearly loved having a God of my own to praise, but I being the most high God have no one to praise except to be proud of what my son has done! Excuse my tears for he came back to me also!

But on with my message to the children of Israel and the making of Aaron’s garments.

“Now then make the robe of the priest’s breastplate entirely of blue. There will be hole at the top made of scale armor that it cannot be torn. Then make pomegranates of blue, purple and scarlet in the hem with gold bells between them in the hem round about. It will be on Aaron when he goes in to minister that his sound will alert me when he goes in and when he comes out so that he doesn’t die.

Next make a plate of pure gold and engrave on it like a signet ring, HOLINESS TO THE LORD. Put it on blue lace that it may be on the front part of the headgear. It will be on Aaron’s forehead that he may bear the sinfulness of the holy things that the children of Israel will make hallowed by giving their holy gifts. It will always be on his forehead that they may be accepted before me. Embroider the coat of fine linen and the belt of needlework.

For Aaron’s sons you will make coats, belts, and bonnets for glory and beauty. Put them on Aaron and his sons to anoint, consecrate and sanctify them that they may serve me in the capacity of priests. They must be upon Aaron and his sons when they come into the tent of the congregation and when they come near the altar to minister in the holy place that they do not bear any sinfulness and die. It will be a statute for Aaron forever and his entire line after him.”



Chapter 52: Preparation for Holiness


“Do this to hallow Aaron and his sons to minister to me in the office of priest. Take a young bull, two perfect rams, unleavened bread, unleavened bread, unleavened cakes tempered with oil, unleavened wafers with oil poured over them; all made with wheat flower. Bring them in a basket with the young bull and the rams. Then wash Aaron and his sons with water at the door of the tent of the congregation. Then dress Aaron in his full priestly garb and pour oil on his head. Then put coats on Aaron and his sons and put on their belts and bonnets and the priest’s office will be theirs as a perpetual statute for you have consecrated Aaron and his sons.

Aaron and his sons must then put their hands on the young bull’s head and kill it at the door of the tent of the congregation. Take some blood from the young bull and put it on the horns of the altar and pour the rest of the blood beside the bottom of the altar. Take the fat that covers the inwards and the membrane and the fat that is on the liver and the kidneys and burn it on the altar. The meat, skin and dung must be burned outside of camp as a sin offering.

Take one of the two rams and have Aaron and his sons put their hands on its head and kill it. Then take its blood and sprinkle it all around the altar. Then you cut the ram in pieces and wash the inwards and its legs before putting it on the altar and burn the entire thing. It is a burnt offering to me. It’s a sweet savor made with fire unto me.

Then take the other ram and have Aaron and his sons put their hands on it and kill it. Then take some of the blood and put it on the tips of the right ears of Aaron and his sons, on their right thumbs, and on the big toe of their right feet and after that sprinkle its blood on the altar.

Then take some of the blood from the altar and sprinkle it on Aaron and his sons and their clothes and they and their clothing will be hallowed. Then take the fat of the ram, its rump, the fat that covers the inwards, the membrane above the liver and kidneys and the fat and its right shoulder for it is a ram of consecration.

Then take a loaf of bread and an oiled wafer and put them in the hands of Aaron and his sons and then have them wave it before me. It is a wave offering before me. Then take them and burn them on the altar for it is a sweet savor before me. It is an offering made by fire unto me.

Then you take the breast of the ram of Aaron’s consecration and wave it as a wave offering before me and it will be your part Moses. Then take that breast and the shoulder of the ram and throw it in the air, both your wave offering and that which is Aaron and his son’s heave offering and throw them up into the air. It is a heave offering forever to Aaron and his sons from the children of Israel. It is Aaron and his son’s part for it is a heave offering. Call it a heave offering from the children of Israel and a heave offering unto me.

Aaron’s holy clothes are to be passed down to the son that takes his place to be anointed in and consecrated in. That son must put them on for seven days when he comes to the holy place to minister.

Next take the ram and boil it in the holy place. Then Aaron and his sons must eat it along with the bread by the door of the tent of congregation. They are to eat those things by which the atonement was made to sanctify them by morning and whatever is left you are to burn it. But no one else is to eat them for it is holy. Do that to them just as I commanded you and consecrate them for seven days.

Every day of the consecration after that you must offer a young bull and burn it and cleanse the altar and offer it as a sin offering when you make atonement for it, and anoint it and sanctify it. Do it for seven days and make an atonement for the altar and it will be a most holy altar and anyone that touches it will be holy.

Offer two lambs that are less than a year old on the altar every day from now on, one in the morning and one in the evening. With each lamb offer a tenth of a measure called a deal of flour mixed with a quarter of a measure equal to about one and a half gallons called a hin of beaten oil and the same amount of wine as a drink offering. Do it according to the meat offering morning and evening for a sweet savor, an offering made by fire to me. It will be a continual statute handed down through your generations at the door of the tent of the congregation before me.

I will meet with you there and talk to you. I will also meet with the children of Israel and the tent will be sanctified by my glory. I will sanctify the tent of the congregation, the altar, and both Aaron and his sons to minister to me in the priest’s office. I will dwell among the children of Israel and I will be their God. They will know I am the LORD their God that brought them out of Egypt. I am the LORD their God.”

At last it is official. They are my people and I am their God. At last it is so in a way they all know and can understand.

Then I continued talking to you, “Make an altar to burn incense upon of shittim wood. It must be a square, one measure or cubit long and wide but two measures high with its horns the same. Overlay the entire thing with gold and put a crown around it with gold rings at the four corners for staffs to carry it. Place it before the veil before the mercy seat over the ark of the agreement so that it’s over the testimony where I will meet with you.

Have Aaron burn sweet incense on it every morning when he dresses the lamps and in the evening when he lights the lamps. It will be a permanent license before me throughout all generations. No stranger may burn incense on it or a meat offering or a drink offering on it either. And once every year Aaron will make atonement throughout your generation. It is most holy unto me.

When you take a census of the children of Israel they must give a ransom for their souls that no plague comes on them while you are numbering them. They must pay a sum equal to about 11 grams of barley called a half shekel with a shekel being twenty gerahs as an offering to me. Everyone must give at least that much from the poor to the rich but the rich must give more to make atonement for their souls. Take the money for the service of the tent of the congregation that it will be a memorial before me of the children of Israel to atone for their souls.

Make a basin for Aaron and his sons to wash their hands and feet in made of brass even its foot and wash the basin thoroughly, both the basin and its foot so that when Aaron and his sons go into the tent of the congregation or when they come near the altar to make a burnt offering to me they won’t die. It will be a statute for them for all generations.

Take principal spices of 500 shekels of pure myrrh and half that of cinnamon and calamus and 500 shekels of cassia with a hin, about a gallon and a half of oil and after the art of an apothecary it will make a holy anointing oil. Anoint the tent of the congregation, the ark of the testimony, the table and its vessels, the candlestick and its vessels and the altar of incense, the altar of burnt offerings and the basin and its foot that it may be sanctified and become most holy.

You must anoint Aaron and his sons with it that they might perform the duties of a priests. Then tell the children of Israel that this is to be a holy anointing oil throughout their generations. Don’t pour it on any person’s skin and don’t make any even like it. It is holy and will be holy to you. Whoever makes any of it or puts it on a stranger must be cutoff from his people.

Next take equal parts of stacte, onycha, and galbanum and frankincense and mix them together in the art of an apothecary to make a perfume and beat some of it very tiny to be put before the tent of the testimony and before the tent of the congregation where I meet with you. It will be most holy to you. Don’t make any even like it. It is most holy and it will be holy to you for me. Anyone who makes it to smell like that must be cutoff from his people.”

Then I said to you, “I have called Bezaleel, Uri’s son, Hur’s son of Judah’s tribe and filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom, knowledge and all manner of workmanship to do craft works, work in gold, silver and brass, to cut and set stones and carve timber. I have also given him Aholiab, Ahisamach’s son of the tribe of Dan and put it in the hearts of the wise at heart that they may make all I have commanded, the table and its furnishings, the candlestick and its furnishings, the altar of incense, the altar of burnt offerings and its furnishings, the basin and its foot, the clothes of service, the clothes of Aaron the priest, the clothes of his son’s to minister the priestly duties, the sweet incense of the holy place, and all I’ve commanded they will do.”

Also tell the children of Israel, “Truthfully keep my sabbaths as a sign between me and you down through your generations that I am the LORD that sanctifies you. Keep the sabbaths then for anyone that defiles them must be put to death. For six days you may work but the sabbath is a day of rest and holy to the LORD. Whoever does any work on that day must be put to death for it is a perpetual agreement throughout your generations forever for in six days the LORD made the heavens and the Earth and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed.”

Then I gave you Moses two tablets of stone, the tables of the testimony written with my own finger when I had finished talking at you on mount Sinai.

So all of that was what you and I were doing that took up the full forty days you were up on mount Sinai with me. The time went really fast for me and I know it did for you. It was wonderful spending time with you even though I did all the talking. We bonded up there working together that way. All I had gone through for it, was worth every moment of it just as it will be worth it when I finally get to be with you and those to whom you my servant writer writes this. I can’t wait to meet you who read this. You are my personal favorite, every moment we spend together. For that time we spend together it is as there was no one else. I love you that much.



Chapter 53: Where I Am Coming From


While you Moses were on my your way down mount Sinai after talking to me, YHWH, my servant who is writing this in the hope it helps you and him and those that will read this commentary wants to say a few pertinent things about it which is something he hopes to finish before he dies in Earth.

Thus he writes:

“I am not an alien and I am not inspired by aliens to write as I write to you. I live in a time after it was dark and void and without any form with water at the bottom under God and even under the Spirit of God, a time after the first light, after the heaven was made below them and far beneath the sky on Heaven’s under side, above the sea, on land, a continent that stretches nearly the entire way from the top of the planet I am in to the bottom with the upper part connected to the lower part by a narrow land mass.

I live in the lower part of that land mass near the last of five huge seas as you come upstream toward the interior which are connected from the left side to the interior of the land mass near the beginning of a great river in its central part that runs separately toward the middle part of the planet up to nearly the narrow land mass connecting its two very large parts.

I dwell near a sea therein that is about thirteen distance units we call land miles around it with the planet roughly 24,900 land miles in circumference at its midsection somewhere between the upper and lower land masses. I live on a street in a living compartment on the second level of a building in the heart of that city, the first apartment as we call them on the right after the stairs. The street is in a city named after a Native chief and the sea bears the same with the street named after its county in a state at the lowest part of the nation about 100 or so miles from that nation’s lower border where a strange little pointed area in the arbitrary border between my nation and the adjacent nation which covers nearly the entire bottom of the continent and includes the lower magnetic pole of the planet.

I live in the upper 48 political units called states that are all connected about half way from the planet’s largest body of water on the right and second largest body of water on the left when viewed from the bottom. The other two states are, one toward the lowest part and very near the largest land mass in the planet and one also near that largest land mass. But it is a group of islands much closer to the middle of the planet far to the right of me as you face the planet’s top from where I dwell while the former is very near the bottom.

But the people in Earth, the planet I live in think the planet is upside down, not knowing up from down, and most not even knowing right from left except by accident.

If you are an alien reader, or tuning into me and mental or spiritual faculties I don’t know I have or some spirit from God please attempt to find me, God permitting, though I have intentionally limited the number of my possible visitors to God’s discretion wanting at first only to deal exclusively with him since it was very confusing attempting to deal with all the curious persons there are at first.

Please then come physically. I would enjoy a visit from someone so very far away or at least from such a different environment. I’m sure I will love you as my favorite of all those I have met so far unless you are already condemned in which case don’t even bother coming at all for I have little if any interest in evil and would find especially as you would that my hospitality would be somewhat more than lacking if not boring.

If you are from the planet I live in and have the ability to know which is the upper part of the planet and also know your right from your left [Does it really matter either way?] and don’t think of the planet upside down come visit me, my half of the continent, my nation, the one with the pointy thing at the bottom; my city which again is about 100 miles toward the upper part of the planet from that pointy thing near the center of my nation’s lower border. The city I live in is at the uppermost border in the uppermost left hand corner of the county, and my street is next to the one that runs along the small sea nearby. I live in the only apartment that has twin balconies overlooking the street by way of two windows on the left side of the avenue; one balcony for each window as you face the upper end of the planet.

Call first because it is a locked facility. I will be awaiting your call. Let’s have beverages at one of the city’s many eating places. I can hardly wait for very nearly all I do is write for my Lord, the LORD God in the name of his Son and by the Holy Spirit who is known throughout any place that exists; all day, every day; but which I enjoy immensely. In fact one of the three persons in God’s person and if not then God may be capable of giving you better directions should you be confused by mine.

We can sit at the table in my dining area in hardwood chairs across my round hardwood table if you would rather it being on the side facing the top of Earth with a tiny kitchen area toward the bottom of the planet and just talk. We might also sit in what I call the living room area; the more proper place to gather with visitors; with one of us either in my recliner or in my rocker overlooking my laptop on my computer desk across the room toward the planet’s bottom part.

The place to put your body waste is by the larger room to its right. I use the big room for sleeping with my walk-in closet along one end to your right beyond the room to put your body’s wastes just in case that helps you be physically more at home here.

I don’t have any artwork or crafts on the walls yet, just a notepad held to the metal fridge by a magnet affixed to the back of it near the metal door that has a song I wrote from the Holy Spirit for Jesus printed out and held to the outside with a little round black magnet at the top and a larger magnet that contains butterflies drawn in white on a black background with a larger “Believe” lettered in yellow I colored myself just to make it stand out more.

But at the right side of the back of my computer desk is a sign saying, “Amazing grace how sweet the sound,” in gold and glittered lettering on a white background on the face of a board about a foot by five or so inches long and wide respectively but the tiny cross that was on the left has fallen behind the computer desk and an open book written by an alien thinker and cups and sticky strips to catch bugs lay in front of them. It was intended as a private altar but when my candle was used up I had little special feeling for it anymore and find I can be devoted to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ anywhere, even where you are should I go there.

He is everywhere and so also is his love. You would love him too if you got to know him if you don’t know him already. I know I love him perhaps more than I would even love you even though that at the moment is difficult to believe because I find I trust you so much even this way and am enjoying the fact you are so patient as to read this chapter and delighted you understand the tongue in cheek fun I am having.

My physical body sits in front of my laptop except when I am eating, sleeping, rolling cigarettes or outside smoking one of them or one of my tailor made ones and also what little I am out and about in the community but by far more often there it sits pounding on the keypad.

You see I don’t really live in my body that much. For instance at night I do most of my living in my dreams which I believe take place mostly in randomness in my physical brain except when I manage to interact with God even then. In that enjoyable event I am either in the Spirit all the time my body sleeps or in my mind attempting to make sense to God or awaiting a dream exclusively from him.

I am really alienated by my physical brain’s memories of the life of the dying if not already deceased spirit that once lived here and ran my brain and so most of, if not all of his life. I myself live at all times in the Spirit as much as I can manage and almost entirely the rest of the time in my mind. The memories in my physical body of its thoughts, emotions and will are mostly like the rest of the physical; full of unpleasant sensations and the requirements of this physical environment that so often get in the way of my writing, thinking, emoting, and even living in my mind or wherever the Spirit is as well as where my spirit is.

I care less and less to sleep, eat, clean and keep my physical living space orderly and clean and not smelling badly which it seldom does. There is so much to do here where I am at and so precious little time left in Earth to do it; hence this bucket list ambition. The physical just gets in the way and either tempts me to leave the spirit or offers so many other things I really don’t care to go into them because it is difficult to do that without becoming a negative thinker or being tempted to sin by for instance giving directions to where you live as if the entire planet had tipped over. Besides as I prepare for eternity in the New Earth they pale in comparison and importance.

Visit me then but be prepared to be forgiving and please accept my rather poor management of the physical side of this temporary place in Earth for that it is, relatively inconsequential to the extreme. Let us rather interact by loving each other as the other one’s favorite we adore like God adores each of us and by doing it with all our mind [not a physical thing in any way] all our heart [definitely not a physical thing] all our strength [not our physical strength being meant by that when properly understood] and all our soul, the very essence of our spirit.

Please come and visit me and allow me to love you as he loves me for where two or more of us are together in his Name there he is also and Jesus I know I can love back the way he loves me the same as I hope you do or will concerning both me and him.

I don’t know, but I think it is so that when I share my mind and spirit with you like this according to my will and you read what I wrote while forming your opinions and emoting as you read according to your will he is right here with us, you reading, me writing and him sharing the experience with both of us in the same instance. Therein is a lot of love, whether his or mine which I make an all out attempt to make mine the same as his anyway.

I love you.

I am sorry but I didn’t know whether to put quotes around that last statement or not for I have no idea whether I was quoting God or saying that myself or whether possibly God was saying it to me. But it is true from both of Us anyway.

But please when you come be prepared to virtually ignore the physical and spend time talking spirit to spirit with the hope being we can be both of us, first you and then me be in the Holy Spirit whom I love as my only God, just as I do Jesus Christ when interacting with him, or our Father when interacting with him, or even Elohim or more properly perhaps YHWH when I get to interact with him our only true God outside of the three persons each one of which is my own personal God as they exist in him. We, me and God all love you very intensely right at this very moment, now and forever unless one sad day one of us may be forced to forget you which I hope with all my heart doesn’t become of us now that we have bonded.

‘With love,’” John Fredrick Carver says, for he is my servant the writer I have chosen to write this commentary and to write it in this way just so the two of you might understand me a little better. I am with you right at this microsecond.

By the way Moses, if you decide to come in even your incorruptible body to visit him let me warn you mosquitoes bit John and Paul when they visited him much worse than they bit him and the hungry little bugs were really quite an inconvenience. So should any of you come whether with a temporary or incorruptible body try to make it before or after summertime but not in winter. The physical environment here is often very unpleasant then because of the cold this near the top of the planet he is in, the same one you grew up in and grew old in Moses. He hopes to see you then later in the springtime one warm day or during some sunny autumn day.

“But today in the here and now in real time,” he says, “It is snowing outside and the wind is blowing. The physical can be such a bore and it is nearly always inconvenient here to say the least. And bring your own wine. I don’t drink alcoholic beverages and haven’t for a long time as time is measured to exist here in real time and please forgive me turning your world upside down. I’ll never do that again. God is not the author… of the confusion anyway.”



Chapter 54: Where I AM is Coming From


When your people, Moses, saw that you hadn’t come down the mountain for along time they gathered the people and went before Aaron and said, “Rise up and make us gods to lead us! As for this Moses guy that led us out of Egypt we don’t know what has happened to him.”

“Break off the earrings of those in your family and bring them here,” your brother said.

So they broke the earrings off their family members and brought them to him. Then he made them a molten calf and used an engraving tool on it and your people said, “These are the gods, O Israel, that brought you out of Egypt.”

When Aaron understood what they were doing he built an altar before it and proclaimed, “Tomorrow is a feast to the LORD!”

But they got up early and sat down to eat and drink and then started to party.

So I said to you, “Get down there. Now! The people you brought up out of Egypt have corrupted themselves! They have quickly turned from the commands I gave them. They made a molten calf and worshiped it and even made offerings to it saying, ‘These are your gods, O Israel, that led you out of the land of Egypt!’ I have seen these people and they are a stubborn people. Therefore leave me alone that my anger may grow even greater and I will consume them and make a great nation out of you instead.”

But you pleaded with me, “LORD! Why does your anger burn against your people which you alone have brought out of the land of Egypt with a mighty hand and your great power? Why should the Egyptians say, ‘Because he planned to kill them in the mountains he brought them out to wipe them from the face of the Earth?’ Turn from your anger and change your mind concerning this great misfortune you plan against your own people. Remember Abraham, Isaac and Israel, the servants you swore by your own self that was true and said, ‘I will cause your descendants to be as the stars in the sky and I will give you all this land as an inheritance?”

So I changed my mind about the bad things I was about to do to the people though my promises would have yet been true had I actually started over with Moses as well. And when you understood I had changed my mind you took the two tablets I had written on both the front and the back sides of and headed down the mountain. They were tablets I had made and engraved them with my own hand.

When Joshua heard the shouts from the camp he said to you, “There is the sound of war in the camp! But it is neither the shouts of the victor or of the defeated-? It is singing!” But then as he came near the camp he too saw the calf and the dancing.

You became extremely angry even then! And you slammed the tablets to the ground and they broke into pieces. Then you marched up to the calf they had made and put it in the fire and ground it to powder and flung it upon the waters in the camp and made the people drink it. Then you turned on your own brother and asked him, “What did they do to you that you caused this great sin to come upon them?”

But your brother said, “Don’t be so angry, my lord! You know the people are a mischievous lot. They said, ‘Make us gods to lead us because as for this Moses, the man that led us out of Egypt, we don’t know what happened to him,’ So I said to them, ‘Whoever has gold give it to me.’ And I put it in the fire and out came this calf.’”

Then you realized the people were naked because Aaron had made them go naked to shame them in front of their enemies and you stood at the gateway to the camp and said, “Whoever is on the LORD’s side, come here!” and all the Levites gathered in front of you. “Take your swords and kill those you know; your brothers that didn’t come with you, your companions and your neighbors.” Then the children of Levi did as Moses had said, slaughtering about 3,000 people they knew best.

Then you said as your anger abated, “Consecrate yourselves to the LORD every person your son or daughter and everyone his sister or brother that he may yet bless you today.”

Then the next day you said, “You have sinned a great sin but I’ll go before the LORD, perhaps I can make an atonement for your sin?”

Then you came back up the mountain to me and said in your genuine sorrow, “Oh! This people has sinned and made gods of gold. However, if you forgive their sin…” and then fell silent before you continued, “And if not then please take my name out of the book you have written too!”

“Whoever has sinned against me I will erase from my book,” I said, “Therefore go back and lead the people to the place I have promised you. My angel will lead you. But nevertheless when I visit them I will hold their sin against them.” And I brought a plague against the people because they made the calf but which Aaron actually made.

They were not yet my congregation and my people led by me to become a great nation. The construction of the things they needed to know and understand I was their God had not been completed and they didn’t really understand, yet the wrongdoing could not go unpunished for the sake of justice, mercy and goodness. They saw things so much differently than I did. It was difficult even for me to see it from their physically oriented point of view.

I had said they would be a nation of priests but they were a stubborn lot bent on their own personal thoughts and emotions they let guide their wills. It would have to take a little more time. We were not done with their souls yet. I was still trying to make a holy people out of them and everything in them was like everybody else. They wanted other things than holiness, injurious things that would only make them miserable in the end.

I was doing this to meet you and to finish you and make you holy like I had Moses. He, Enoch and Noah as well as some of the sons of God among the sons of Seth were proof it could be done. All I needed was to keep at it for the good of every one every where there may be a higher life form.

We knew that the entire known world was watching us, that one day the people in the entire planet would discover them, then the known universe and throughout all I had ever made would understand and reap the benefits of what I was doing here, the entirety of intelligent life was the future of all I had ever created, was creating even then and would ever create without end forever and ever.

I will be the God of the old that still is, their contemporaries and the new to come much later on and as my mercy is shown in what happened here by mount Sinai was, it will be told again to people who had never heard of Earth, much less mount Sinai, the children of Israel, much less of Moses or you who write this or even you who read this and understand what I am doing and will accomplish and turned to me. We have forever to accomplish much your minds may never be capable of fathoming.

We are far from done here even and there is a lot more that was done here to help them get to know me, trust me, and to love me as We love them and always have loved them. I am the LORD God of every one everywhere there is a place or a person in that place which never ends. I was before it and them, and I will be after it and them also if they will but listen and be like I am, their sovereign LORD, I AM THAT I AM.

Every possible alien thought, every possible evil doctrine ever communicated, every possible evil thing ever done pales with comparison with my Spirit and the actions of my Son and your Father that guides you to grow in my ways in love but not just love either but my kind of love which will finish off all evil everywhere and bring federations of galaxies and united groups of known universes to their humble their frames. Earth is like a glass house with all the lights on inside atop a very high mountain. He who can see what was done here will see and be delighted forever and ever.

Let it truly be that you might be a good character that never dies and that has no end either in the never ending story that will last forever and ever to every one that came after me, the LORD. That is where I AM is coming from and commands you to understand me.

But understand me now. You cannot harm me in any way. A life spent in futility is a life spent any other way but my way. It is the only true way and it is very real and all the consequences of any other way are very very real it is true but my way is so. So very many hoards perish for they cannot or will not believe I am only that I am even as they were that they were and I was before they were for they have discovered me and I will be after they die if they ever die. How can anyone be found that was not already there that They might be found?

Never give up the search. I put that in your hearts because I loved you even before I made you that we may live in goodness and love forever where even redundancy can never be for where there is nobody now there shall be more that love me, I AM THAT I AM, in all my holiness.

The only truly alien thing to me is that I never created, am not now creating and never will create even one time: Nothingness. My reality is without end, and a reality without me always ends. I am in reality and reality is entirely about me. That is the way it was with Us and that is the way it will be with you even those that come from you and I will be there for them also before their beginning and after their end. I am the first and the last. Mark my Word.



Chapter 55: Forgiven


I said to you Moses, “I want you to go the land I swore to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob I would give to their descendants, the people you have brought up out of Egypt. My angel will lead you. And I will drive out the Canaanites, the Amorites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, Hivites, and the Jebusites in the land flowing with milk and honey. But I will not go up in the middle of you because you’re a stubborn people, for I might just consume you along the way.”

When the people heard this bad news they mourned and didn’t dress themselves up with the ornaments they had gotten from the Egyptians for I had also said to you to tell the people, “I will come right up in the middle of you and consume you. Therefore take off your ornaments that I will know what to do to you.”

So the children of Israel stripped themselves of their ornaments there at mount Horeb. And you took the tent and pitched it far away from them outside the camp and called it the Tabernacle of the congregation. So everyone that sought me had to go way out to the tent of the congregation way outside the camp.

When you went out to the tent however everyone rose up and stood at the door of their tents and watched you go until you were inside it. Then the pillar of cloud descended and stood at the door of the tent as I talked to you. But when they saw the pillar of cloud the people all rose and worshiped from right where they were in the door of their tents. And I spoke to you there as as a friend talks to his friend. But when you left to go inside Joshua didn’t go in with you but remained outside.

You said, “You have seen me bring up these people, but you haven’t let me know who you will send with me though you say that you know me by name and I am in your good graces. Therefore my prayer is that if you love me show me the way that I may know you and find grace in your sight but consider this nation is your people.”

So I said, “My presence will go with you and I will let you rest.”

“If your presence doesn’t go with me then don’t even send us up there,” you said, “How else can I know I have found favor in your sight if you don’t go with us? In that way we will be separate, me and your people from the entire rest of the people in Earth?”

I said, “I will do that too because you have asked it. You have found grace in my sight and I do know you by name.”

Then you said, “I beg of you, please show me your glory.”

I said, “I will make my goodness come before you and proclaim the name of the LORD in front of you but I will be gracious to whom I am gracious and show mercy to whom I show mercy. But you will not see my face for no human can see my face and live. There is a place by me that you can stand on a rock. When my glory passes by you I will put you in a crevice in the rock and cover you with my hand until my glory has passed you by. Then I will take my hand away and you will see my back but not my face.”

A man I know writes my servant requested a few nights ago to see the LORD and I showed myself to him in a dream his mind couldn’t handle and it took all this time for him to recover because his spirit nearly fainted even though he was asleep.

The LORD has shared this with me to explain why I slept for eighteen hours and have awoken tried and worried like my mind was barely able to handle something. He honored my prayer though my spirit nearly ceased and yet I am alive. I am alive! The LORD God has been gracious to me: Even to me, a horribly sinful, awful, believer like unto a baby in Christ. Whom else can I believe according to this matter if not the LORD God?

Then I, my servant’s LORD said to you Moses, “Cut out two tablets of stone like the first ones and I will write everything I did on the ones that you broke. Be ready in the morning and come up on mount Sinai and present yourself to me on the top of the mountain. Don’t bring anyone with you not anywhere on the mount and don’t even let the animals graze at the foot of it.”

So you cut out two tablets of stone, got up early in the morning and went up to the top of the mountain with the tablets in your hand. Then I came down in a cloud and proclaimed the Name of the LORD to you.

Then I passed by you and proclaimed, “The LORD, the LORD God, merciful and giving others my undeserved favor, patiently enduring lasting difficulty and hardship and completely filled with goodness and truth, having mercy on thousands, forgiving your grossly unfair behavior, your going against my laws and breaking my divine moral laws but in no ways do I let the guilty go unpunished allowing the stigma to fall on the third to the fourth generations.”

Then in a hurry you bowed your head and worshiped me and you said, “Now if I have found grace in your sight O LORD, let my LORD go among us and forgive the iniquity of our sin and take us for your inheritance.

I replied, “I will make this agreement with you then. On my part I will do marvelous things before all the people that have never been done before in Earth or in any of its nations and all the people that are with you will see the work of the LORD for it is a terrible thing I will do with you.

But on your part as I drive out the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and Jebusites, look out for yourselves for if you make agreements with the inhabitants of these lands it will be a trap for you. You must destroy their altars, break their images and cut down the trees they have planted around them. You must not worship any other God, for my name is Jealous for I am fiercely protective and vigilant concerning my right to you and my authority over you for I am your God.

Watch out you don’t make an agreement with the inhabitants of these lands and go prostituting yourselves to their gods and do sacrifices to them and one of them calls you and you eat his sacrifices and take their daughters and your sons and they go prostituting themselves after those gods. You must not make any molten gods either.

Keep the feast of unleavened bread as I have commanded you in the month of Abib for it was in that month I took you out of Egypt. Every animal that comes to this world the first of theirs that is male is mine. But the first born of a pack animal you must redeem with the life of a lamb and if you would rather not redeem him you must break its neck. You will redeem all of your first born sons also. And for not a single one of them will you appear before me empty handed.

For six days you can work but on the seventh day you must rest even when the crops need your attention and when you harvest. Observe the feast of weeks and the feast of in gathering at harvest. Three times a year your children that are male must appear before me for I will cast out the nations before you as I enlarge your borders when you appear to me threes times a year. You will not offer the blood of my sacrifice with leaven and don’t leave any leftovers from the feast of the passover overnight. The first fruits of the land you will bring to my house. And you will not seethe a kid in its mother’s milk.

Write down these words for after the meaning of them I have made an agreement between me and the children of Israel.

You were here with me forty days and forty nights and never ate or drank anything as I wrote the ten commandments on the tablets. So when you came down mount Sinai at last with the two tablets you didn’t know that your face shined while you talked with me.

When your own brother Aaron and the rest of the children of Israel saw that you shined they were afraid to come near you. But you called to them and they returned to you and you talked to them. Afterward then the children of Israel came near enough to hear you. Then you gave the agreement I had made on mount Sinai because until you were done speaking to them you had put a veil over your face. After that when you came before me you took the veil off until you came out again and told them what I had commanded. Each time they saw that your face shone until you put the veil on until such time you came back in to talk to me.

God is not an alien. Don’t even think that unless you consider the one that creates anything as if it were alien to it. How would you know they actually did it if that were the case? God is not alien though because he created all foreigners as well as everyone that lives anywhere in the universe. He really did.

He made them all like he made us. And Earth shines among the planets out there that have highly advanced technologies and they know all that God did, all that he did here in Earth and they will see you as they saw Adam and Eve all the way down all of you in the New Earth, in the Holy City, the New Jerusalem and have access to them in the New Heaven also.

To them it is like watching the greatest reality show there can be live in real time. Of course they are interested, many in fear of their pasts and unsure of their futures, but many will not survive death and be forgotten but those that do will be as weird looking relatives to us maybe but our relatives at least.

“There will be no aliens anywhere in the universe by the time I am done,” so says the LORD, the same LORD God who did the same thing with the children of Israel in our planet and the same thing the Church is doing and has done since it began to the spirits of the entire lot of humanity in Earth, a planet where to my chagrin most died and went to torment in the end. Why be one of them?

This was all the technology available to Moses because so many limited themselves to merely a physical spirit that considers only physical things thinking the bottom is the top and of the higher life as lower, good evil, and evil good. He’s now on the Internet in my bucket list Bible commentary but one day alien life forms on alien planets will turn missionaries sending back to us the good news, the Gospel. What a God had grace on us! What a great, enormous, humongous success it will be! For in the end of this dying Earth all evil will be thrown away in torment, left to burn forever, forgotten as much as an old butter wrapper burning in an incinerator until even its smoke is breathable and every sign it ever was is either forgotten or so much a part of something else and changed so much it is impossible even for God to say it ever was the butter wrapper he remembered one last time before he forgot it forever even as this is my last time to see such a wrapper having burned in a trash pile over sixty years ago as it just appeared in my mind’s eye. There are no aliens anywhere in the universe, just alien thinkers.



Chapter 56: Tabernacle Work


Then you Moses gathered the entire group of the children of Israel and told them the commandments I had told you they must do, “Work six days but the seventh day is a sabbath of rest to the LORD. Whoever works on the sabbath is to be put to death. You are not to even build a fire in your homes on the sabbath.

Take from among you an offering to the LORD. Whoever is willing bring your offering to the LORD; gold, silver and brass, blue, purple, scarlet and fine linen, oil for the light and the anointing oil and spices for the incense, onyx stones for the ephod and the breastplate.

Then the wise-hearted are to make the tabernacle, its tent, its covering, its latches, and its boards, bars, pillars, and sockets, the staffs, the mercy seat, and its veil, the table, its staffs, vessels, and the show bread, the candlestick of light and its furniture and furnish it with oil for its lights, the incense altar and its staffs, anointing oil, sweet incense and the hanging door entering the tabernacle, the altar of burnt offerings, the brass grate, its staffs and the hanging door of the court, the stakes of the tabernacle and of the court, their cords, the cloths of service to do the worship service in the holy place, Aaron’s holy clothes and the clothes of his sons to minister the priest’s office.”

The entire group of the children of Israel left and came back according to how their spirits had been stirred and who was willing gave the offering to the me; everything needed to do all the work. Men and women brought bracelets, earrings, rings, and gold tablets and everyone of them that made an offering had some gold in with it; everyone that made an offering of silver or brass and shittim wood to my work. The entire lot of women spun with their hands and brought the blue, purple and scarlet fine linen, and all that were stirred in their hearts brought spun goat’s hair. The rulers brought stones of onyx and the other stones for the ephod and for the breastplate and spice and oil for the lamps for the anointing oil and incense.

Finally you said, “The LORD has called Bezaleel, the son of Uri, the son of Hur of the tribe of Judah and he has given him wisdom, understanding, knowledge to do all the different kinds of work to devise the work in gold, silver and brass, to cut and set the stones and to carve the wood in any manner of professional work and to teach both Bezaleel and Aholiab the son of Ahisamach of the tribe of Dan. He has filled him with wisdom to do all the work, the engraver, the intricate work, to embroider in blue, purple and scarlet fine linen and weave them and do all manner of work and to teach them that will help out and devise the intricate work.”

Bezaleel, Aholiab and every man I put wisdom and understanding in as to how to do the work set about it. Then you gave them all the offerings to build the sanctuary until they said, “The people are bringing much more than we need to do the work.” So you commanded the people to stop bringing stuff and they restrained themselves for they had brought way too much.

They made the ten curtains of blue, purple and scarlet fine linen and did the intricate work of the angels. After that they coupled the curtains together. The length of each curtain was 28 cubits with each the same size and coupled together in two halves with five in each making fifty loops in each curtain to couple it together with the others and fifty latches in each curtain so that when coupled together they made the tabernacle.

After that they even made the covering for the tabernacle of rams’ skins that were dyed red and one of badger skins. Then they made the boards for the tabernacle of shittim wood ten cubits long and a cubit and a half wide and the twenty boards had twenty ridges on each one for the south side with two sockets under each board for a total of forty sockets. Then they made six more boards for the west side and they were coupled together with two rings at the corners for both corners. When they finished the west side it had eight boards and sixteen sockets at the bottom with five bars lengthwise for each side of the tabernacle and the middle bar shot through the boards on the entire side. They made rings of gold and overlaid the bars and the boards with gold. Then they made the veil of blue, purple and scarlet of fine linen and the intricate angels embroidered in each of them.

Then they made four pillars they overlaid with gold with hooks to go into the rings and cast four sockets for them to sit in. After that the hanging for the door of the tabernacle of blue, purple and scarlet fine twined linen and needlework was made. Then they made the tops of each pillar and their ribbons of pure gold but the sockets were of silver.

Bezaleel made the ark himself 2 ½ cubits long and 1 ½ cubits high and wide overlaid with pure gold with a crown around it with four gold rings two on each side of it. The staffs he made of shittim wood and overlaid them with gold putting them in the rings to carry it. He made two angels looking toward the mercy seat and looking at each other that spread out their wings on high over the mercy seat one angel on each side of the seat beaten out of one piece of pure gold so that it was all one.

He made a gold crown around the outside of a table made of shittim wood 1 ½ cubits high, a cubit wide and two cubits long overlaid with pure gold and with a border for it that was a crown of gold about a hand’s width around it with four rings in the corners for it to be carried by two staffs of shittim wood overlaid with gold. Then he made dishes, spoons, bowls and covers to cover all of it out of pure gold.

Then he made the candlestick by beating one piece of pure gold by beating out its shaft, bowls, knobs and flowers and it had six branches coming from that one branch. All six branches had a dish that looked like an almond with a knob and flowers for each branch coming out of the candlestick. He also made the seven lamps all of that one piece of pure gold. Then he made the things to snuff out the candles and their bowls out of pure gold. He actually made the entire thing all out of one talent of pure gold.

Then he made two gold rings in the corners for each side of a shittim wood altar for burning incense and under its corners under the crown he made rings for it of gold and overlaid the rest of it with gold, the four horns of it and the full depth of it 2 cubits tall and a cubit wide and long. Then he made two staffs of the shittim wood and overlaid them with gold to be placed in the four gold rings to carry it.

He even did the apothecary work with sweet spices for the incense and the oil he used for the anointing oil.

The altar of burnt offerings he made of shittim wood five cubits wide and long three cubits tall with the horns of it all from the same block of wood and overlaid it with brass. He made the fireboxes, flesh hooks, basins, shovels and pots of brass and even the grates in the middle of it were made of brass. The four rings to carry it with were cast brass and the staffs to carry it with were made of shittim wood overlaid in brass. It was hollow inside of course.

Then he made a sink of the mirrors of the women that gathered at the door of the tent of the congregation and the foot of it too.

Finally they made the hangings of the court of fine twilled linen a hundred cubits long. They had twenty pillars with a brass socket for each one with the hooks and ribbons being made of silver on the south and the north sides. On the west the hangings were fifty cubits with ten pillars’ hooks and ribbons all made of brass. Though the east side stretched out fifty cubits too there were only fifteen cubits of hangings on each side of the gate with three pillars to either side with their hooks and ribbons silver.

Thus the court hangings were all made in fine twilled linen with the sockets of the pillars brass and the hooks and ribbons silver with the tops of the pillars made of silver. The hanging for the gate was blue, purple and scarlet made of fine twilled linen twenty cubits long and five cubits wide and they hung down five cubits. It had five pillars capped by silver overlying the tops of the pillars with silver hooks and ribbons. Even the tent stakes were made of brass.

Herein was the accounting of the tabernacle as was taken by Ithamar the son of Aaron the priest. Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur of the tribe of Judah made everything I had commanded you to make Moses and with him was Aholiab the son of Ahisamach of the tribe of Dan.

The gold they used to make the holy place was 29 talents or 730 shekels according to the sanctuary shekel, silver 100 talents or 1775 shekels, a bekah for every male 20 years old and up that went to be counted 603,555 men. 100 talents of silver was cast into the sockets of the sanctuary and the veil, one talent per socket, 1775 shekels just to make the hooks, overlay the tops of the pillars and make the ribbons. The brass they used was2400 shekels with which he made the sockets to the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, the brass altar, the grate for it, the vessels for it, and sockets for the court, the sockets for the court gate and all the tent stakes for the tabernacle as well as for courtyard.

With the blue, purple and scarlet they made both the cloths to do the services with and Aaron’s clothes as you commanded. Aholiab made the ephod of gold, blue, purple and scarlet fine twilled linen and they beat the gold into fine wire by beating it down to a thin plate and then cutting it into wires to work it in with the rest. They made shoulder pieces that coupled together by the edges and they made the belt out of the same material as I had commanded you. They made the onyxes and set them in a full ounce of gold and put on each one half the names of the tribes of Israel.

He made the breastplate of the same material with gold, blue, purple and scarlet fine twilled linen. It was a square doubled a span each way. They set all the stones in the four rows of stones in an ounce of gold each and engraved a name in each one from the twelve tribes of Israel. They put the gold chain in gold rings on the ends of the breastplate fastening them in two ounces of gold on the two shoulder pieces of the ephod. On the inside of the ephod they made two gold rings. They made the other two gold rings underneath the ephod on the front of it over by the fastener above the belt. And they tied the breastplate to the ephod with blue lace that it might be above the belt but that the ephod wouldn’t be separated from it.

He made the robe all blue with a band of chain mail that it could not be torn around the hole or in the hem of the neck hole. They made pomegranates in the hem of the robe of blue, purple and scarlet fine twined linen with alternating gold bells.

They wove jackets of fine linen for Aaron and his sons. They also made Aaron’s cap and bonnets of fine linen for each of them and britches for each one of fine twined linen. They made the belts twined linen with blue, and purple embroidery. They made the holy crown of pure engraved gold with the words, “HOLINESS TO THE LORD,” written on it and they tied blue lace to keep it high on Aaron’s cap.

Therefore all the work of the tabernacle of the tent of congregation was finished and completely done by the children of Israel.

So they brought the whole thing, the entire tabernacle to you Moses and the tent, furniture, latches, boards, bars, pillars, sockets, the covering of red dyed rams’ skins, the covering of badger skins, its veil, the ark of the testimony, its staffs, the mercy seat, the table, all its dishes and the show bread, the candlestick with its lamps ready to be set in order, its vessels and its oil, the altar to burn incense, anointing oil, sweet incense, the hanging for the door of the tabernacle, the brass altar, staffs, grate, vessels, sink and its foot, the hanging for the court, its pillars, sockets, the hanging for the gate, cords, tent stakes, and vessels to perform service in the tabernacle in the tent of the congregation, the cloths to do the services, the clothes of Aaron and his sons; all done according to that I commanded you.

You looked at the work and they had done it as I had commanded, even so they had done it! So you blessed them.



Chapter 57: I Move In


I said to you, “Moses, the first of the month set up the tabernacle of the tent of the congregation. You, yourself put the ark of the testimony in it and cover it with a veil. You bring in the table and set it in order by bringing in the candlestick and lighting the lamps. You set the altar of incense before the ark and hang the hangings of the door of the tabernacle.

You set the altar of burnt offerings before the tent of the congregation and set the sink between the altar and the tent of congregation and put water in it. Set up the courtyard and hang the gate. Then you take the anointing oil and anoint everything in the tabernacle, the altar and all its vessels to hallow them and they will be holy.

Only then do you bring in Aaron and his sons and wash them with water, and put on Aaron’s holy attire and anoint him to sanctify him, then his sons that they may serve as priests too; put coats on them and anoint them that they may minister to me. It will be an everlasting priesthood to them throughout all generations.”

So when the first of the month came you raised the tabernacle, fastened its sockets, set up the boards, and put in the bars, raised the pillars, spread the tent over the tabernacle, put the coverings on the tent, took the ark of the testimony, put the mercy seat on top of it, set the staffs, brought it into the tabernacle and took the veil and covered the ark.

Then you put the table in the tent of the congregation against the north wall in the tent of the congregation but outside the tabernacle and outside the veil also and set the bread in order before me. Then you set the candlestick on the south wall in the tent of the congregation outside the tabernacle also and lit the light of the lamp before me. You put the golden altar in the tent in front of the tabernacle and burnt sweet incense on it. Then you set up the hanging of the door of the tabernacle.

Finally then you put the altar of burnt offering by the tabernacle of the tent of the congregation and once outside offered on it the burnt offering and the meat offering. And last you put up the sink and put water in it.

After that you and Aaron and his sons washed your hands and feet in it and when you went into the tent of the congregation and when you came near the altar you washed as I had commanded you.

In the end of it you raised the courtyard and hung its gate and so finished the work I commanded you alone to do.

So a cloud covered the tent of the congregation and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle and you were not able to enter the tent of the congregation because the cloud stayed there.

When the cloud went up from the tabernacle the children of Israel went out on all their journeys but when I didn’t go up they stayed where they were until such time as the cloud went up from the tabernacle. So the cloud was on the tabernacle by day and fire by night in direct view of the entire house of Israel during all their journeys.

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I said to you, “Moses, the first of the month set up the tabernacle of the tent of the congregation. You, yourself put the ark of the testimony in it and cover it with a veil. You bring in the table and set it in order by bringing in the candlestick and lighting the lamps. You set the altar of incense before the ark and hang the hangings of the door of the tabernacle. You set the altar of burnt offerings before the tent of the congregation and set the sink between the altar and the tent of congregation and put water in it. Set up the courtyard and hang the gate. Then you take the anointing oil and anoint everything in the tabernacle, the altar and all its vessels to hallow them and they will be holy. Only then do you bring in Aaron and his sons and wash them with water, and put on Aaron's holy attire and anoint him to sanctify him, then his sons that they may serve as priests too; put coats on them and anoint them that they may minister to me. It will be an everlasting priesthood to them throughout all generations.” So when the first of the month came you raised the tabernacle, fastened its sockets, set up the boards, and put in the bars, raised the pillars, spread the tent over the tabernacle, put the coverings on the tent, took the ark of the testimony, put the mercy seat on top of it, set the staffs, brought it into the tabernacle and took the veil and covered the ark. Then you put the table in the tent of the congregation against the north wall in the tent of the congregation but outside the tabernacle and outside the veil also and set the bread in order before me. Then you set the candlestick on the south wall in the tent of the congregation outside the tabernacle also and lit the light of the lamp before me. You put the golden altar in the tent in front of the tabernacle and burnt sweet incense on it. Then you set up the hanging of the door of the tabernacle. Finally then you put the altar of burnt offering by the tabernacle of the tent of the congregation and once outside offered on it the burnt offering and the meat offering. And last you put up the sink and put water in it. After that you and Aaron and his sons washed your hands and feet in it and when you went into the tent of the congregation and when you came near the altar you washed as I had commanded you. In the end of it you raised the courtyard and hung its gate and so finished the work I commanded you alone to do. So a cloud covered the tent of the congregation and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle and you were not able to enter the tent of the congregation because the cloud stayed there. When the cloud went up from the tabernacle the children of Israel went out on all their journeys but when I didn't go up they stayed where they were until such time as the cloud went up from the tabernacle. So the cloud was on the tabernacle by day and fire by night in direct view of the entire house of Israel during all their journeys.

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