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I Stir The Sea With Mighty Imagery


I Stir The Sea With Mighty Imagery


By Barbara M Schwarz


A simple allegory : the sea swept over me in forms of ecstasy – the elemental thrill: negative ions my heart beat still.


For those who live by the sea – theirs the joy of memory of sweeping each day new – what the clouds bring to you. Fevered sense now few: the sun that opens to the odd storm or two.


We never can predict which way our lives will flick and bend but in the sea that never end, the current of our lives always hypnotise and open up anew, the surge of freshness coming through.


The vastness of the sail – the simple wind that all impale – a heave and hearty hale to dive just like the whale. We conjugate our lives with what we energise and always love to see the rolling waves of energy: a surge and yet a purge that go beyond the verge of what we saw before when the sea becomes our shore, and I stir with the sea a mighty destiny of image fast and free reaching just to be a further wave of energy, a further crave of memory, but in the dissolution, all waves an absolution of what came before (that doesn’t matter anymore).


Tales of the past, that’s how you stir your craft; tales of the present – a pure horizon crescent; tales of derring-do, the future opened wide and new, to see it as I do: and let the waves crash over you.


On the front upturned: “Breezy fun day – the wake of the surge (all memory purge)” 2017.



I Stir The Sea With Mighty Imagery

I wanted you to know

How I had gathered deeper flow

I wanted you to see

what had mattered much to me

I wanted now to show

the deeper depths of deep, deep flow


and as the rhythm bow

the sea reduced to know

how I could see

such depths of energy


but in the surge

that mighty purge

of waves crashing free

it made my singular destiny


to ever ride out there

with the wind that swept my hair


and jolted every ounce

with which my knowledge flounce


and pout

and wish the moment now to shout


“Exhilaration free

all manner of imagery!”


and so I took to heavy task

the body sea,

the open cask

and threw the key away

on what had mattered yesterday


for there remains for me

a remnant that I can see

wrapped in tides so grey

when the wind refused to stay

and be still


and cause such giant overspill:


the sea, the sea

the great wash all over me


the giant sense that urge

a final sense of purge


and I stirred the sea with mighty imagery

by harnessing my mind to the wind so blind


as to (never) care whatever I should see (just) there


the presumption quaintly done

the wind shook harder and for fun


and all the waves that run and play

wash each tide away

where every memory stay


thrown to bits and pieces

thrown beyond the creases


I define for now the even sign

the shoreline lets you see

the dashed out pieces of debris


and lets you know

the mightiness of greater flow

in hidden depths below

the tidal current strong and slow


throw away that thing

I once called wondering.


And yet I stir the sea with mighty imagery


it laughs at me and lets me be

hidden in its entirety


The surge, the purge

the endless verge


of always coming through


when negative ions hit you.



Purple Eyes Publishing


We anticipate, take each moment to cogitate and yet the sea will be a feathered platform industry.



I Stir The Sea With Mighty Imagery

I stirred the sea in its constancy to always ever reveal each last ditch appeal as a free spinning wheel. Negative ions fly high into the sky, so whatever depths of flow, such sparks will greatness show - an inkling of below: beyond the ken of what we know. The mystic sense appeal beyond the double deal to always ever see waves mightier than me.

  • ISBN: 9781370556625
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-04-24 15:50:09
  • Words: 624
I Stir The Sea With Mighty Imagery I Stir The Sea With Mighty Imagery