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I Love You

One day our labours shall be turned to dust

Our history will be forgotten

Humans will be ashes

Time will seem to have seize

Then oblivion is inevitable



But I tell you

Even on that day of ash and dust

That day of oblivion

The day that history holds no mark

The day our labours are in vain

Even on such day I will still love you



Love has no bound

It is limitless as it is powerful

So less is yesterday’s love to today’s

And more will it be tomorrow

All am trying to say is









Let no joyful sound be heard

Let no one look up to the sky with hope

Let the river turn red

By us who are willing to unleash hell

The wailing of men will be heard

The crying of the children

The weeping of women

Some look to the gods for help

Some relied on their mere wits

Some stood in amazement

As fire rained from the sky

For it is WAR



On my bed I kept rolling

Hearing her voice I was hoping

She’s the light in my dark

She’s the reason Noah built the ark


I may not hear her voice today, oh that melody

It gives my heart so much agony

She’s colourful flower and weather in harmony

Without her am so melancholy


You flew into my life

Just as a bee flies into a hive

You honey it to sweetness

I just can’t see the limit of your greatness


Just like your name

You are just a marvellous dame

That gives cheers to my life

Believe me my feeling is as long as the nile





As a young student

We were asked a question

A question some took a joke

While some saw the seriousness


A question with an answer

An answer that is beyond right or wrong

A question we answered with feelings

A question answered with desire

A question that made me think

Think the deepest


A question which made me envy my friend

For his answer was so magnificent

A question which if the answer

Become reality, things would be easier


I respect teacher for the question

I asked my peers same question

A question that made me think

When will I call myself grownup?


Is it when I have achieved my answer?

Or when I start working on it?

Cause the answer was my dream


I wondered if other students think

This much about this very question of…

“What are you going to be when you grow up?”


















My friendship is till the end

Am so glad to call you a dear friend

Even when am in the dark and no light

Once you come everything seems bright


People ask why we are so glue

That’s because you are so hue

Your beauty is like no mortal woman

You are the dream of every man


Our friendship is strong to break bars

So let it shine like the stars

Our friendship glitters like gold

Cause care and trust is what we hold


I will run across a thousand mile

Just to gaze upon thy lovely smile

I love you so wonderfully

Cause you love me so beautifully





For all was nothing

But dust and sand

Every wake is just a void slumber in the abyss

Every call to me is a shout into a void

I gaze as a moron

Tried star gazing yet no emotion


My shadow seem weak

Even when the sun shines bright

For I am a man with nothing

The world revolve but not i

For I stand steady


How melancholy I seem

Like an immortal with no love

Oh! Even blood sucking demons drives pleasure

Pleasure immeasurable (blood sucking)

But not I for I see no pleasure


Sudden, a million star burst

Now I star gaze with pleasure

I now have lots of pleasure

More than those vampires


My story a new one

For I have seen light

Who I miss even when the skies are dark


Happy moment lingers now have the word

Word that have no synonym

Word that make the world

The word that gives life











It's a poem that is about love and friendship it's really and interesting poem that tells a lot about the poet feelings. I wrote it genuinely out of my heart. I even wrote how I feel when I've no love the abyss, the void the emptiness it's really an interesting piece. It's a simple poem really so you won't have to think much in other to get the plot or the tone and mood it's amazing it's a poem about love.

  • ISBN: 9781370676583
  • Author: Okoh Udoka
  • Published: 2017-07-28 08:50:09
  • Words: 704