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I Hate Fat!

















New Motivation




[][] New Motivation



In a small town called ‘Joraa’. There, only have 290 peoples live in it. In ‘Joraa’, there’s only 2 seasons. That is, sunny and rainy. There’s a fat boy named Ryan Gerrard in ‘Joraa’. He is 14 years old kid that likes to sleep, playing video games with his friend and eats… a lot! His weight is 120 KG! Almost all students in his school know about him because of his really naughty attitude and his fully blonde hair. He have a friend that been his friend from his age is 5 years old. His friend name is Roslan Potter. Their school only have 100 students overall, 6 teachers, 7 office staff, 4 cleaners, 3 people working on canteen and 1 headmaster. The students will be 101 in just 2 days.

Ryan’s father has divorced from his mother because his mother caught his father dating her younger sister. When Ryan’s father left Ryan, Ryan is still 2 years old so he doesn’t really remember when his father left him. Because of that, Ryan’s mother is overprotective Ryan until Ryan doesn’t even know how to tie his shoelace even after he enter his 14th birthday. After 3 weeks, they move to ‘Joraa’ from their old town because his mother wants to forget about the entire divorce thing and want to get a new happy life. Ryan’s mother wants to get a job there because before her husband left her, she is a housewife and just do cloth online business but not really profitable for her and her families.

Ryan’s mother and he go to ‘Joraa’ with their really old sedan type of car. Ryan’s mother was crying from her old house to the new house because of her ex-husband. After Ryan and his mother reached their new house, their new neighbour greets them with friendly greeting. They don’t know that the neighbour will be the most hated person in their life. The neighbour’s name is Jahat. After all unpacking is completed, Ryan’s mother goes to find a job. After 3 days on searching, finally Ryan’s mother got a job. Until now Ryan’s mother is working in a small grocery store.

After 3 years of normal life, Ryan goes to his first kindergarten that just 100 Meter from his house. Surprisingly, Ryan was not crying at all on first day on the kindergarten. He just sits on the floor like a dead tree. After finish the opening ceremony that is just a ‘What is your name?’ thing, there’s somebody who try to talk with Ryan. Yes, his best friend until now, Roslan Potter. After a while, they finally talk like normal friends.

Time flies and now they both is 14 years old. Their grade is ok, not really good and not really bad. Ryan’s weights were from 20 KG to 120 KG in just 8 years. The doctor always telling Ryan to diet a bit but he doesn’t want to diet. Back to the time being, in 2 days, there will be a new student coming to Ryan’s new school. In that school, new student will be treated like a VIP coming to that school so all students know about the new upcoming students and all students were really excited to see if it’s a girl or not. There’s also rumourer student group or R.S.G for short that like to investigate who will be the new student. That group is really famous because the school rarely get new students every year but just a week or two because after that, it just goes to its normal everyday life.

After waiting excitedly, the day has come. The new student will come any minutes and the teachers too are waiting in the hall to calm the students down because the students are really lousy. The headmaster give a short talk and then the vice headmaster give another short talk. After a really boring talk by vice headmaster and the headmaster, they finally see the black expensive car. The car stops and then a girl came out from the car. All the boys were cheering really loud because the girl is really pretty. Her eyes are sparkling blue, her hair is dark brown, her skin is really soft looking and really white. The way she walks is like a professional model and even the headmaster cannot look other things beside the new girl. The girls were just talking to their friends about the new student.

After some event like dancing and singing, everyone goes back to their class. The new girl is in same class with Ryan. Ryan’s class have 6 boys and 20 girls including the new ones so it’s not really crazy going in Ryan’s class. When the homeroom teacher shows-up, the new girl is at outside the class. Then, the homeroom teachers tell the new girl to enter the class and tell her name to the whole class. All boys were watching at the new girl before the new girl go inside her class. Then she nod and go enter the class. “Morning, my name is Lynda.

And… yeah… that’s it…” and she asked the teacher where she would sit. The teacher says to sit beside Venice, just a normal girl.

“Ryan… Ryan… hello… oh my god! This is the third time! Even the teacher said you changed today!” said by Ryan’s friend, Roslan. Ryan are spacing out when the new girl came to the school this morning, when at the canteen and when he go to toilet. Roslan is really annoyed because when he talking to Ryan, he’s ignored him completely, like talking to a ghost. A ghost that doesn’t know how talk. School finished and when Ryan and Roslan packing their things, suddenly Ryan says with his spaced out face “OH… MY… GOD!” really loud that he shocked Roslan.

Roslan asked him “What? You saw cockroach again?” Then, Ryan says “No… no…” and then Roslan once again, asked him. “Then what? You saw something? Mr Siye? What is it?” and Ryan with his excited face, tell to Roslan “HOW TO GET RID OFF OF THIS THING?!” While holding and showing his fat to Roslan. Roslan suddenly knows what is Ryan is thinking and he tell to Ryan “Oh… I get it, I get it. Now, I will write you this list. Well, it’s not really hard because this is for starter, just like you. If you succeed, I will make you do more. Ok?”. Roslan quickly take a piece of paper and a pen. He then write something on that paper. While Roslan still writing, Ryan ask him “You know what I’m thinking right now? If you do, is it will work?” with confused face. “Is it will work? It’s your determination that will shows to you if it’s work or not. Understand?” said by Roslan. “Yeah…” said by Ryan with a grin on his face.


[][] Weight



“Today’s weather is perfect! So… what did Roslan wrote yesterday hmm?” said by Ryan at his room. He then looks at the piece of paper that Roslan gave to him yesterday. After reading a while, with a shocked face, Ryan says “What the!? Jogging 1KM every weekend, breakfast is just a bowl of cereal and don’t put extra things while eating dinner!? This is not for beginner! This is for expert!” After that, he heard somebody jog outside his house. He takes a look because its rare people jog in front his house. Once again, with a shocked face and while screaming, he says “What!? That is…” Suddenly he goes downstairs and eats as fast as he can and he tells his mom “BYE! I’M GOING TO PARK!”. Then, he wears his shoes and goes outside. He then goes running as fast as he can to the people he saw just now and while he’s running, he accidentally steps on the some random rock. He lost his balance and fall on the ground. “Oww… its hurt! My knee!” said by Ryan with his bleeding knee. He then goes back to his home and told his mom what happen. “What!? Are you ok honey? Here, let me take a look. Is it really hurt? Do you want to go to the doctor? Ok, let’s go to the doctor. Eat this muffin first.”. Ryan’s mother then goes to the table and takes a chocolate muffin on the table and give to Ryan to eat the muffin.

Ryan and his mother then go into the car and go straight to the clinic. After take a number for their turn and wait for 10 minutes, it’s finally their turn to enter the doctor’s room. After a while, they finish and go to take the medicine at the ‘Medicine Counter’. Then they both goes back home and Ryan’s mother says to Ryan “You just sit on the bed and I will make you some chocolate milk. Ok honey?” and Ryan reply “Ok, mom.” He then goes to his room and sit on his bed while waiting his mother to make the chocolate milk for him.




“So, did you do what I wrote on the paper?” asked by Roslan to Ryan. “No because my knee is bleeding when I running.” Said by Ryan to answer Roslan’s question. “Running? Why you run? I wrote jogging didn’t I?”. Ryan then just silent for a while. “Why did you run?” asked by Roslan again. “It’s because… I s-s-saw…” Ryan then stops say anything after he saw the new girl walking to the canteen. “Roslan, you go eat by yourself. Just for today, ok? Bye!” and then Ryan running towards the new girl. “Wait! Why did you run and where you want to go!? And what did you saw? Huhh!” said by Roslan with furious face. Ryan running really fast that he again, lost his balance and fall towards the new girl. The new girl is bringing her plate full of food to the table. Ryan is screaming and same with the new girl. Then they…



To Be Continue


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I know that this story is really short. I actually never write anything in my life. Never ask anyone for teach me how to write or something. I just do and this story is my first story. I hope you enjoy and stay tune for more chapters!


I Hate Fat!

Ryan is really fat and he likes to play video games with his friend, sleeping all the time and eat...a lot! One day, there's a new girl came to Ryan's school. The girl is really beautiful and after that, Ryan is in love with her but he hate his body because it's too fat. He then try to exercise, eat less and much more to dating with the new girl. His friend is supporting him and make him a note how to loss fat. *WARNING* This book is not completely finished. There's only 2 chapters and more will be added. I will

  • ISBN: 9781370466740
  • Author: Syazanie Amirin
  • Published: 2016-10-22 20:05:09
  • Words: 1796
I Hate Fat! I Hate Fat!