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“Thank you, my friend. I shall not forget your act of kindness,” said Cale joyfully.

The moment he has heard that it was the time to choose a place of eternal peace or eternal torment for a peculiar soul, he rushed to the messenger, to ask for a favor. Although, not sure if his wish will be granted, he had to try. He waited and prepared for this moment since he arrived himself. That poor soul was Daan – Cales’ one and only love, since his days in the world of the living. He knew very well that Daan merited at least his own circle in Hell for his misdeeds. But being the one who thinks everyone deserves a chance for remorse, he refused to believe there’s no cure for Daan. He knew him well. It wasn’t the sinner’s fault. You cannot blame ones who are not fully aware of their actions. Daan did sin, indeed, he has felt it on his own skin. But it could happen to anyone, the cruel joke of the shadows, they lured those who couldn’t fight back on their own. They carefully pick their targets, their pawns of havoc. Cale felt a pang at the very thought about it. At this moment, Cales’ only aim was to save Daans’ soul from ending up tormented in endless void, forever lost.

“Don’t thank me. The God is loving and forgiving, and so are we, it’s our duty to try to help. We’re willing to give him one more chance, but only if he sincerely shows guilt, and admits what he has done years ago,” another angel interrupted Cales’ thoughts, “The word will be sent to an Archangel.”

I smell fear

The moment he has stepped into the court, all Cales’ ideas and plans evaporated. Everything he wanted to say was stuck in his throat the when his eyes found Daan, after such a long time. Tall and handsome. Elegant, yet strong stance, he looked nearly the same as before. But his aura had different glow. So dark and ominous, it emitted danger, contrasting the shine of the heavenly court. Cales’ blonde lashes fluttered like wings at the sight of his loved one. The feeling of fear was strong, but his wish to get closer was far more powerful.

As he attempted to make a step forward, a hand on his shoulder held him back. “Not just yet. I understand your feelings Cale, but we cannot trust him, you have to be patient,” the angel behind him said. Cale looked back at Daan, and understood what the angel meant without any further explanation. Sinister smirk that crept on tall mans face kept him quiet before he could revolt.

Don’t scare him too much, I’m in the mood to play

Cale, not used to that, retreated. They stood far from each other, yet that was the closest they got in the past decade. Cale felt the storm in his heart. Why would Daan look at him like that? It was frightening, but he would be ready to overcome the fear just to hug his sinner again.

The judge broke the silence:“Bring the sinner.” Two guardian angels in heavy plate armor stood at each of Daans’ sides, and got him in front of the judge. The tall man was not very pleased. He was never fond of those who order him around.

Behave. For now…

While they moved, Daan never broke the eye contact with Cale. The angel was scared, his wings hid his body, but had no intentions of giving up. Accused man couldn’t do anything here even if he wanted, considering the fact that he was surrounded by army equipped with swords and hammers.

Judge’s firm voice recited: “Daan, you violated God’s commandments. Several of the said, if I may add… You disrespected Him, and mortals around you, you brought them pain and suffering. Although you should be sent straight to the Hell for such actions, we received a request from one of our angels, in whom we trust, to try and talk some sense into you.”

I’m proud of you

As the Archangel spoke, Daans’ smirk grew into a wide grin, and slowly answered:“I deny everything.” The angels looked at each other, as judge straightened his back, and continued, deciding to let ignore Daan for now:“Cale, please step up.” He obeyed. With slow and nervous steps, he ended up right besides Daan. “Your holiness,” he began,“I am well aware of Daans’ sins. He has countless flaws, and undoings. But like he has wronged, he has also done good and right. I truly believe that I can cure him, and turn him to the right path-”

I smell weakness

Daans’ baleful laugh cut his speech:“And who do you think you are? I’ve got nothing to feel regret for, I am satisfied!”

Cale stood frozen by Daans’ cold voice, unable to utter a word. With wide eyes, he watched Daan, who was scarily calm. “I see. In that case, Daan, I’ve got nothing left but to send you where you belonged from the start.” But before he could sign the final resolution, Cales’ weeps got his attention again:“Archangel, please… I beg you, give me a chance to talk to him, alone-” “I am sorry Cale, but that’s far too dangerous, you cannot ask me to allow that.” “I promise nothing will happen!”

What a weird mixture of disgust and pleasure

Cale was unsure of his own words, but tried to stay composed. The judge let out a silent sigh, before signaling the guardians to let the man go with Cale. “You are too good Cale, so pure, it’s almost frightening. Please take care.”

They found themselves on the high balcony outside the court, surrounded by pale clouds and glowing stars which made Daan wrinkle his nose in distaste, worsening his already dim attitude.

“What do you want with me?” he asked Cale, who looked at him in disbelief.

“Daan, what are you saying? It’s me, Cale-”

The shadows were not very fond of truth. Daan flinched. “I know very well who Cale is, and you are not him. What is this place?” Cale tried to keep calm, and resist the tears that built up in his eyes:“We are currently near the gates of Heaven, Daan. I took you here to talk with you, I want to help-”

Daan tried really hard to control himself, and resist the temptation to just end it all immediately. “And I don’t believe you.”

The angel felt rooted, while Daan paced around the balcony, observing his surroundings. Cale couldn’t believe his own ears, and didn’t know what to think of the loyalty of his eyes either. “So it’s true. You do not believe in God. In fact, you hate the idea. You hate it so much that you won’t accept the fact that you are here, with me standing right in front of you.” “I was always a patient man. I’ll simply wait to wake up from this nightmare.” “Yeah, to wake up in Hell.” “I guess that there would be much more fun than with spoilt, pompous children here, who have never heard of hedonism.” He still resisted, but Cale wouldn’t just let it slip. “What happend to you, for the love of God?”

He sure is provoking you

“What God? The one that took everything I ever had? The one that took my health, my family, my love? I do not believe in your God, nor Heaven, nor Hell!”

“You did it yourself Daan! You ruined yourself the moment you started questioning your own faith, that was the exact moment everything started to collide. You killed your own family, you killed me! And now, you’ve taken your own life!”

There was silence.

Are you letting him insult us just like that?

But he fought it. Daan stood stoned, solid like a mountain. “I deny all of it,” was a simple, cold reply Cale got. “You cannot simply deny Daan… You know it’s true. Everyone knows. But I am not angry at you,” said Cale softly, as he got closer to Dean, who took a step back. “I do not judge you. It’s not my place to do so. I know you, I know how you felt. You were lost… Your mind was poisoned by those creatures… Now, I am here to take you back to the right path, to guide you again. You’re safe here Daan. But I can help only of you let me,” he continued. He felt the sinners’ aura soften, and took it as an invite to get closer and try to take him back from the darkness he was stuck in. The sinner pushed his thoughts in the corner in an attempt to gain control of himself again.


“Yes, Daan?”

“Give me something real, that I can truly feel,” he demands. The angel was confused. What could he ask for as a proof? He stared at his stiff figure for a moment, before he decided to inch closer, slow and shy, as if asking for approval. When Daan did not try to back off again, he stepped in front of him, and looked up. What he saw ware beautiful eyes, that seemed so lost in time and space. They looked just like those eyes from a decade ago, who had shown nothing but caring. Cales’ hands found their way to Daans’ chest. He felt the sinner’s heart beat again.

Do it

Daan stood still, but Cale had no intention of stopping now. He got on his toes, and planted a light kiss on the taller man’s lips. When he finally felt Daans’ lips move slightly in reply, he couldn’t stop his heart and wings from dancing. Cale couldn’t help but smile and hug tighly his love again. After all, he wished to do so from the moment he spotted him in the court. Nothing could make him as happy as the idea of him reuniting with his lover in Heaven. Nothing calmed him so good like the presence of his lover in his arms again.

“Daan… You have to confess… And you will be let in. Don’t you wish for us to be together again? But this time, it will be for eternity!”

Daan listened to his angel in silence, as he played with the silky hair that fell around his heck.

Do it

Cale was happy, the whole universe could feel his joy. His figure looked so fragile, as if a simple whistle could break him down. Such a being is a work of art, it almost felt surreal. He almost sang as he talked hastly, planning out their future from now on, when Daan makes a confession. “I’ll be your testimony, it’s not too late for redemption…” But the enterance to Daans’ heart was forbidden for Cale’s sweet voice, it was well guarded. He felt grim desire in his chest again. His face lit with a slight smirk, shadow falling over his eyes once more.

Do it

“Daan, are you listening? You will be cure-” Cale was interrupted by Daans’ firm hand around his thin neck. “What kind of childish games do yo u think you’re playing here, angel? Who are you to tell me what I will do and say? I have no time for fairy tales!” Daan hissed at Cale as his clench grew stronger, restricting any air from getting to his poor lungs. “You did this to me… Again…” Was everything tear-stained Cale could utter with his last breath, before he fell to the ground.

You did good, friend. such creatures are no match for us!

Daan watched feathers fall off his wings. The angel reminded him of porcelain, so pale, and broken. “Farewell, weaklings,” he whispered, as horrid, shadowy wings grew on his back.With one heavy step he was gone, off the balcony, to Hell, and Cale was left lifeless, for others to find him. That night, no laughter or songs could be heard. The nebula filled with sounds of cries and requiem.

I’ll see the end of all of you


  • Author: Vaerot H.
  • Published: 2017-09-25 16:35:09
  • Words: 2011