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I, Creator Of The Universe

I, Creator Of The Universe


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2017 Mario V. Farina

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I noticed that something unusual must have happened when I found the putty around the glass on the bookcase had been removed without a hint of how it had happened, and that the glass had fallen to the floor, and broken into a million minuscule pieces. Two books, Freshman Chemistry, which I had authored, and A Comprehensive Details Of Buddhism lay on the floor.

Sitting in the heavy leather chair in my office, I gazed at the books and fragments of glass trying to make sense of what I was observing. In all my years as professor of science courses at RPI, I had not encountered a problem more profound, especially since there was no trace of what had happened to the putty. It was almost as if it had been consumed by microbes.

I leaned back, put my feet on the desk still pondering what had happened, and fell asleep. Something woke me and the sight that met my eyes paralyzed every fiber of my body. The chemistry book was open. On the two exposed pages were a horde of several thousand fiery ants. They were scurrying about on the pages with great agitation. Then the pages cleared. As I watched, a file of ants, several thousand abreast, approached the book, seemingly from nowhere, and slipped under the page on the right. More and more ants, seeming millions, crept under it. Soon, there were so many ants under the page that and undulating bulge formed lifting it. In a few seconds, the swelling became so large, and the undulations so violent, that the page moved. It fell to the left. That page and its companion at the right were immediately covered with the red Devils who immediately resumed their strange, delirious dance on the surface. I watched as the next page was turned in the same manner as the last, then the next, and the next.

I realized that the pages were being turned by myriads of worker ants so that a relatively few of them were was on the surface of each page. In my mind, it became obvious that these creatures were an intelligent throng intent on reading and understanding the contents of the book.

The thought entered my mind to attack the ants with insect poison, books, magazines, fire extinguisher chemicals, anything to annihilate them, demolish them, destroy them, anything to get them out of my office, to put an end to the bizarre activity that I was witnessing. But a lack of the necessary death dealing implements, and a fear of reprisal, kept me from acting. I decided to leave the room and, in the morning, engage an exterminator to fumigate the room with a deadly gas.

An hour later, consumed with curiosity, I opened the door to the office and looked in. The pulsating mass of ants was still flipping the pages of a book. But no, it wasn’t the chemistry book this time. The ants were reading the book about Buddhism. As I watched, I saw the swellings form under the pages, the pages turn, and a select group of ants poor over them. My amazement turned to alarm as I realized that waiting until tomorrow to rid my office of these unwelcome creatures might be too late.

I needed to take action myself to end this terrifying nightmare. I sprinted to the school’s motor pool, which was located nearby, and asked the mechanic on duty, whom I knew, for some gasoline. Without question, he complied, filling a five gallon can with the fluid. I ran to my office and slowly opened the door. My plan was to destroy the insects with a blazing inferno, even if it meant torching the building.

All thoughts of a ravishing holocaust ended when I glanced into the room and viewed an astonishing scene. The books were back in the bookcase. The bits of glass which had covered the floor, were gone as if they had been swept by a vacuum cleaner. There was a single sheet of paper on my desk. On the surface, inscribed in letters made of tiny specks of ink were these words:

“Professor Jacobson, Creator of the universe, and all that is within it, the visible and the invisible, the known and the unknown, we worship and glorify Thee. Thy will be done. Shield us from harm we implore Thee! Guide us from all that is evil. Help us to be ever worthy of your love and protection. Amen.”

I decided to have mercy and not annihilate those blessed creatures!

I, Creator Of The Universe

  • ISBN: 9781370940370
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2017-01-29 01:35:08
  • Words: 834
I, Creator Of The Universe I, Creator Of The Universe