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I am a Servant

I am a servant

Edenia Series

By Beth Hoyer

Copyright Shakespir 2017


I woke up feeling a hand shaking my shoulder which I jerked open my eyes with a start. I found myself lying on a bed that was smoother and not lumpy, of the normalized beds I’ve been sleeping on. I looked to find a Human male, leaning over me with creepy black, Human like eyes and black, short hair while wearing shiny silver and black metallic clothing.

I eyed the male warily who spoke “About time you got up.”

I grimaced from the hypnotic tone from the male’s voice making me feel pleasant, from hearing it. I felt too tired to get up, gave the male a glare and rolled over onto my side, back to him and shut my eyes. I felt the familiar hand on my shoulder shaking me, ignored it.

I heard from the male again “The High Council wants you up and awake. What they order, you obey so do it now, Trian as you’re called.”

I spoke loudly in response “Leave me alone to sleep, creepy eyes.”

I heard from the male “What did you call me, Trian?!”

I felt my mood become bad within me, killing off my sleeping mood. I woke up and sat up, with a fast move to glare at the male who gave me, a glare in response.

I spoke “I called you, creepy eyes, for your eyes are creepy-”

I got a roar, sounding of nonsense, from the male who flared an inhuman golden eyed look, while having fanged teeth and an extended jaw, having two sharp points, jutting from it. I saw clawed hands, looking bony, clawed and sharp enough, to scratch as the male’s eyes narrowed, glaring at me.

I spoke “Damn, you’re creepy, you proved that.”

I laid down shutting my eyes only to feel myself lifted up, with such force and thrown to hit the wall. I felt myself pinned to the area, unable to move as the male advanced towards me, with clawed hands flexing.

I felt my mind scanned, unexpectedly via senses activating, which I mentally yelled “Get out of my mind, you, stinker now!”

I got another roar from the male sounding loud to me as I felt the mind scanning quit.

I stiffened as I thought “Ooh, can mind scan like a Highlander. Who the depths, is this creepy guy, anyway?”

I eyed the male warily, to find a light show, followed by a male with short blonde hair and wearing clothes that reminded me of something, I couldn’t place, while holding a cane in his right hand, appearing into sight.

I frowned as the appearing male grabbed creepy eyes I figured I’ll call him, by the neck and heard the blonde speaking “Will that status away now, Mindbender.”

I found creepy eyes obeyed, to find me, no longer pinned to the wall as I landed onto the floor onto my feet, with a thump.

I glared at creepy eyes as I spoke “Creepy eyes, is your name, I’ll call you from now on.”

I got another roar from creepy eyes who struggled to free himself from the blonde male’s hold around his neck meeting failure to do it. I smirked to eye the blonde male as if drawn, to find the male’s brown eyes had turned golden, with a glaring stare aimed at me.

The glaring stare reminded me of a parent’s look of “Confess your crime.”

The glaring stare made me, uncomfortable which I spoke “His eyes are creepy, anyway. So is that creepy look, he displayed you had him, will aside. Besides he can mind scan. I felt him mind scanning me and kicked him out.”

I clamped my mouth shut, as the blonde spoke “The name is Barry. I’m a part of a Humanoid species, dubbed Builder, which is speaking for compelling ordering people to do things, via voice tones, spoken in a language. I already tried out my voice talent onto you. You’re not immune to it, anyway judging by Mindbender, you call creepy eyes, having an immature fit, on your nasty attitude towards him.”

I inhaled a breath groaning softly as Barry released creepy eyes, I figured I’ll refer as Mindbender. I saw Mindbender tower over Barry with a height that reminded me of something, but unsure what. I eyed Mindbender warily to find Barry thrusting the side end of his cane onto Mindbender’s head, via the back who groaned loudly. I eyed Barry who formed a glare and then disappeared in a light show after speaking gibberish, I finding myself not understanding the words, unexpectedly.

I spoke firmly “Mindbender is that your actual name or a name the High Council named you?”

I frowned to get Mindbender, giving me a glare, before hearing from the male “Mindbender isn’t my actual name. And no, I’m not going to tell you what my actual name is. Figure it out yourself, Trian. You should be figuring out how to function around here without my help anyway.”

I spoke “Mindbender, well that name is better than blind man.”

I heard a growl from Mindbender to get, from the male jabbing a finger in a direction “Get your seat out of this room now. I’ll show you where you’re to get nourishment, since you’re still clueless of anything around here.”

I kept my mouth shut in response, walked up towards Mindbender to halt once the top of my head reached the male’s chin, making me look up. I was not afraid as Mindbender’s growl was heard softly, rumbling.

I spoke firmly “I’m not afraid of you, Mindbender, no matter how creepy you are to me.”

I got from Mindbender “That’s it, Trian! Get your seat out of this room now!”

I obeyed to find the room’s entrance, to walk out finding the door opening for me, showing a white hallway with multiple doors in both sides of the wall. I didn’t protest, as Mindbender grabbed my arm and pulled me, to a set of double swinging doors, I finding some lounge room, from the looks of it. I spotted Listeners, a bunch of Humans with spider like eyes onto their faces, gathered in a group, at one end of the bar. I saw a pair of Highlanders, or that insult name of Elf, of male and female, seated together on stools that looked in my direction, before staring at each other while cocking their heads.

I figured “Damn, the Highlanders are still mentally chatting with each other. Wonder when they’ll admit that ability anyway?”

I heard nothing in response to that question, as Mindbender pulled me, further into the room to spot a Shadonian, a black elf, a male standing next to blinking screens showing images while holding a golden cup in hand. I frowned as Mindbender pulled me, to a stool and thrust me, to sit onto it.

I heard “Bartender, this is Trian who’s newly into the service of the High Council-”

I interrupted “I resent that.”

Mindbender, I eyed, continued talking ignoring me “Just give Trian something to drink and give me, Dula, while you’re at it.”

I looked away, to stare at the Listener bartender, who formed a narrowed eyed glare, with his all black eyes and refused to budge from staring at Mindbender, I saw.

Mindbender spoke “Spill it, Bartender, on what orders the High Council said I’m taking, as nourishment this time, now!”

I shifted to glare at the Listener who spoke, I understanding “You’re sounding like you’re upset again, Mindbender.”

I rolled my eyes and adjusted my position, to turn my back towards the Bartender, as I heard another of Mindbender’s rumbling growls, sounding again. I eyed the blinking screens to see scenes of night skies to me that were all over the place. I heard Mindbender and the Bartender, get into an argument on Mindbender, himself being upset who was denying it, despite the Listener kept saying, he sounded like it. I heard the argument become more heated, twisted my form to face the Bartender and gave out a loud roaring nonsense noise. I got Mindbender and the Bartender glaring at me

I spoke with sarcasm “Cut the ridiculousness, and give me something to drink, now. I’m thirsty, from listening to your frivolous argument.”

I glared at Mindbender as I heard another rumbling, low growling noise from the male whose hands fisted, while giving me, a glare.

I spoke loudly, sounding firm “I’m not afraid of you, Mindbender. So take your best shot. Believe me you’ll be kissing the floor if you laid a hand onto me.”

I got up from the stool as Mindbender, raised a hand fisted and stepped back before twisting to throw the fist, aimed at my face. I felt my alien, Hyperon side activated within me, giving me strong strength. I caught Mindbender’s fisted hand with a grab. I held onto the fist with me hand, tightening over it in a tight crunching move. I saw Mindbender, grimace by the mouth that swung another fist, aimed at me. I, again caught his fist, and with great strength from my Hyperon side, activating tossed Mindbender, aside who landed onto a soft chair on his back.

I resumed sitting down as Mindbender got up and snarled loudly “Trian, who the depths is you and your abilities really?”

I spoke loudly “I know that Mindbender isn’t your actual name, so spill it now. I’ll tell you what you want to know in return.”

I glared at Mindbender who gave up Humph sound, before going to the stool next to me, to sit.

Mindbender snarled again “Bartender, just give me anything to drink. I don’t give a damn, what it is as long as I get something to drink. Don’t scold me on being upset again. I’m sick of arguing with you on that.”

I gave up a Humph in response, as I felt a hand gag me, onto the throat, yanking me, off the stool. I found Barry was the hand’s owner despite my Hyperon side, refusing to take control from the gagging.

I gagged “Bar…ry…wh…at…dee…duh…I…duh…ooh…th…is…tie…me?”

I got from Barry speaking Basic the international language, saying “Meritanians, dump Trian, involving dumping this idiot, into the ocean.”

I felt freed, to find myself, floating in the air with moonlight vision in my eyesight. I looked around as I fell to see the ocean, down below me, which I blared the Hyperon’s death call to my shock. I stiffened as I shut my eyes fell onto a hard floor with thump to roll onto my back, opening my eyes. I wound up finding, a foot pressing onto my front onto my chest. I found the foot’s owner was Mindbender who smirked, making me annoyed.

I spoke as Mindbender, bent down “What trick did you do onto me, Mindbender aka Creepy Eyes I should really call you that?”

I felt Mindbender’s foot pressing down onto my chest, harder making me add “Your so creepy, Mindbender.”

I glared at Mindbender who spoke, still smirking “I see you’re in no position to bargain, Trian. Considering I got you trapped by my foot onto you. You haven’t done anything to free yourself yet.”

I glared and without a word punched Mindbender’s foot, ignoring his ankle and leg as I kept on pounding it.

I found my punching refused to get Mindbender, to remove his foot who added “Pathetic, Trian. I ought to call you, hmm, something else than Trian since you keep on insulting me with that creepy eyed remark.”

I folded my arms right over Mindbender’s foot and glared at Mindbender who straightened up his form, folding his arms and looked away, to form a grimace on his face.

Mindbender was seen removing his foot and heard “Go jump into a lake, Barry!”

I ignored that insulting wordings term Mindbender used, sat up in a fast move to find Barry in the vicinity, giving a golden eyed glare aimed at the male. I got up in a fast move, awkwardly, despite unable to acrobatic get up.

I glared at Mindbender who I heard from Barry “You didn’t tell, Trian that no one sits in that stool but me.”

I eyed Mindbender with a glare to see the male look in my direction, with a grimace, before hearing Mindbender’s rumbling growl sounded again. I saw Mindbender look at me, with a glaring stare of accusation in his eyes and eyes, narrowed aimed at me.

I spoke firmly while noticing Barry giving me a glare with eyes, golden “Alright! Creepy Eyes woke me up from a sleeping status! I saw his eyes were creepy hence I dubbing him that awful name, he hates hearing!”

I glared at Barry who spoke, I hearing “Trian will speak what insult name he was insulted with, the reason for it now.”

I found blurting to my shock “Tree head, I was insulted by that word whenever I went around as a blind man. It was appearing to refer to my hair I wasn’t taking a good care of it. I was just pulling my hair back into a messy tail. I kept that up till someone threw me into a school for blind Humans and taught me how to do it. I do know how to function blindly around here but seeing via my eyesight? I need work on that.”

I clamped my mouth shut in response, feeling annoyed with what I said as I glared at Barry.

I heard “Tree head? What kind of insulting word is that anyway? I don’t see anything treed about you.”

I glared at Mindbender the speaker, who added noticing my glare “Tom was my original name. I only let a female I valued, call me by that name and no one else. She’s disappeared as the High Council say for the dead, at the moment. I’m still hurting from her passing away, despite thinking she would live forever with me.”

I spoke “Well fine I’ll call you Mindbender as you like, Tom.”

I got a roar from Mindbender I assumed I’ll refer him, as Tom to spite him and his rudeness.

Mindbender snarled “The name is Mindbender and don’t forget it, Tree head!”

I glared at Mindbender and spoke sarcasm “Whatever, Tom.”

I looked away to stare at Barry to hear Mindbender’s rumbling growl become louder.

I heard from Mindbender “Barry, you’re going to let this fool call me by this inappropriate name of Tom? Ugh!”

I eyed Barry to find the male was smirking, making my senses involving jokes, blare warning unexpectedly. I shifted to eye Mindbender who had a hand covering his mouth with eyes glaring at the Builder. I eyed Mindbender who flared his creepy jaw and clawed hand look with golden eyes and saw the male raised a clawed hand towards Barry.

I heard from Barry speaking in a fast rush in Builder’s compelling voiced tone in Basic “Tom, you will, will aside that Berserker look you’re displaying now!”

Mindbender obeyed to find the male giving off another growling noise while rubbing his short hair running fingers through it miserably.

I shifted to stare at Barry who kept that smirk to find the Builder speaking “Talk Tom, on why you’re more interested in the name of Mindbender, despite its not your original’s name.”

I exhaled a breath to frown while staring at Mindbender, who I heard “I’m still hurting from the fact that my only purpose to live is destroyed. I was told repeatedly via sources that she wasn’t going to live very long. It’s despite I keep on saying, she’ll live forever like I would, only to have that trashed repeatedly. Don’t scold me on that use of Mindbender name. I only got the High Council to look forwards to having a purpose to live.”

I gave up a Humph sound getting Mindbender looking at me with a glare. I willed forwards my Hyperon side via my mind of opening a sliding brown door, mentally. My Hyperon side involved retractable fangs, red eyes, and reed clawed hands, including some strong strength to withstand fisting onto me.

I wound up to get from Barry “Interesting.”

I ignored Barry to wave my reed clawed hand towards Mindbender before willing asides the ability and spoke “I’m part Hyperon, hence my hands’ appendages.”

I shifted to look at Barry who gave me, a glare with eyes golden making me gulp, followed by speaking “My mother is a Skyan named Tia. My father is a part of some off planet species named Surrai. My father took my mother, appearing to be insane off Shadan, this world, to some other planetary world where he’s from. I highly doubt it that I would be hearing any communications from them. Besides the Skyans when my father expressed wishes to take my mother told him that they wanted me to stay with them. Some deal it turned out to be, because I’m back serving the High Council, something I whined to the Skyans about, in the first place. I didn’t intend to serve the High Council at all.”

I gulped again to hear Mindbender’s rumbling like growl sounded again to eye Mindbender, in response. Mindbender had arms folded with his eyes narrowed in a glare aimed at me like accusation judging by the look.

I spoke “Spill it, Tom, on what you’re implying now!”

I got from Tom “Go jump into a lake Tree Head, on not knowing how good it is to serve the High Council-”

I interrupted “Good?! You got to be kidding me, Tom-”

I was interrupted by Mindbender snarling “Serving the High Council is the best thing you’ll find in your life-”

I, again interrupted “You don’t get it how manipulative the High Council is, regarding you, suffering bad things in your life, just to serve that group in question-”

Mindbender, I glared at interrupted “Bad things?! What bad things are you talking about?! It’s just for your own good to know what it like is to suffer-”

I wound up interrupted “Your own good?! Are you out of your freaking mind?!”

I found myself into a verbal argument with Mindbender, arguing on who the High Council were. I finding myself getting angrier hearing Mindbender make, the High Council seem good people who helped people rebuttal my argument on seeing them as bad people.

I found myself shouting “The High Council, don’t care about you but themselves!”

I found myself restrained by Anubis the jackal head guard with a Human like male body having clawed hands onto my arms cutting the argument. I found myself in the High Council’s throne room, Meritanians’ transportation abilities used onto both of us not knowing. I found myself in the room as the group was seated in chairs. I glared at the High Council with a look of accusation in my eyes, despite clamping my mouth into a thin line. I saw a masked Highlander standing in front of the group at the top of steps wearing clothes twin to Mindbender’s and had a male form with long black hair.

I kept the glare as the masked Highlander raised his head and spoke “Says what do you have to say about your insulting remark, Trian, about we not caring about anything but ourselves, you insulted us with?”

I found the Highlander lowered his head in response to saying his words.

I spoke while eyeing a white masked of death’s hooded High Council member in the facial area “Why do I have a memory of you ordering me to play a blind man?”

I glared at the High Council member in response to hear “Says that doesn’t answer our question. Answer it now, or we’ll have the Meritanians toss you into the ocean which we know can kill you.”

I formed a thin line with my mouth and shook my head in a Human no gesture keeping my mouth shut refusing to answer that question. I heard a familiar growling noise in response, to find Mindbender, standing next to me after a white light show of the Meritanians’ transportation done onto the male. I glared at Mindbender, in response to find the male form some pleading expression on his face, before looking at the High Council ignoring me staring.

I glared at a High Council member in response to speak “You manipulated me too much to suffer pain hence I speaking my insulting words.”

I clamped my mouth shut in response to hear from the Highlander “Says see about contacting a Highlander based group on the State Territory Mainland and have Mindbender dumped onto them-”

I stiffened as the speaker was interrupted “I will serve you with undivided loyalties.”

I exhaled a breath hearing Mindbender’s voice speaking the words and sounding of pleading to me. The pleading made me, disgusted to form that expression on my face, while giving the High Council a narrowed eyed glare.

I heard mentally blaring in my mind unexpectedly “Your job, Trian, is to get Mindbender to trash us, anyway you can. You heard and saw Mindbender. He’s fueled by desperation towards us, to do anything we say, including desperate to remain serving us. That’s something we’re not expecting from servants. We’re expecting servants to have your attitude actually.”

I kept my mind blank in response, not thinking anything, hearing a voice spoken into my mind. I felt my mind scanning sense quit to my relief despite the voice spoken into my mind was twin to the High Council’s speaker’s voice. I figured the speaker told me orders related to the High Council.

I eyed the High Council to get from the Highlander speaker loudly “Says we rescind order regarding Mindbender.”

I kept the glare as the speaker spoke “Says anyhow, Mindbender you’re to show Trian where he’s to go around here. He needs to see where he’s to go despite going around as some blind fool.”

I kept my mouth shut in response to the insulting remark of fool as the speaker continued speaking “Ramses, transport, Mindbender and Trian to the drinking room now.”

I felt myself freed from Anubis’s hold, to find myself into the drinking room, or bar room, as it’s called to hear Listener roaring noises of nonsense sounds.

I heard from Mindbender “Cut the screaming fit, Listeners! The High Council ordered us both to here via Meritanians’ transportation!”

I kept my mouth shut in response to lean against the bar ignoring Barry’s stool, I recalled from memory was seated next to the Highlander pair. I gave the Bartender a glare to find Mindbender copying me, with the leaning and glare. The Bartender ignored my glare prepared drinks from machines into golden cups. I got handed a cup as Mindbender was copied. I sipped the drink finding it from the taste was milk and tasted good.

I recalled the bar room’s policy involving drinks to think to myself “I was told to sip my drinks. No gulping no matter how thirsty I was.”

I wound up to take my time sipping the drink, finding the Bartender giving me a narrowed all black eyed glare with some Listener look of disgust.

I spoke firmly knowing what the Listener was indicating, after pausing from sipping “I went around as a blind man with some gonoid acting as my eyes while serving the High Council.”

I gave the Listener a glare that shrugged a Human gesture and walked towards his companions at the end of the bar. I ignored their chatter to tune it out while again sipping my drink seemingly lengthy.

I thought as I eyed Mindbender out of the corners’ of my eyes pausing from sipping “This is going to take awhile for getting Tom to change his attitude. Humph! I’ll follow that order anyway. I don’t have anything to do, except simply follow that stinking order by the High Council. Anyway I’ll do what it takes to get Tom to trash the High Council period. It’s an oath I aim to keep.”

I looked away and held up the cup in a salute gesture and then continued on sipping the drink hearing nothing in response to my thoughts.



I am a Servant

This story is Trian's story of meeting Tom Mindbender, dedicated servant of the High Council told in first person view of Trian's. This story is told in first person point of view of Trian's told in I point of view instead of third person that is already published online Smashwords. This story was sent to magazines' for consideration of publication but wound up rejected as a result. Please let the author know what the reader thinks of the story. The magazines didn't give very clear detailed information to why's they rejected this story for their publications.

  • ISBN: 9781370489060
  • Author: Beth Hoyer
  • Published: 2017-02-19 20:05:08
  • Words: 4036
I am a Servant I am a Servant