How to Liberate and Love Your Authentic Self



How to

Liberate and Love

  • Your Authentic Self*


By Andrea Pennington, MD, C.Ac



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Dear beautiful, precious, you,


Thank you for downloading this e-book. My intention is to provide you with my sincere and honest belief in you as a spiritual being worthy of joy, vitality and love. It all begins with self-love.


And my deepest desire is that you are full to overflowing with love for your [_*authentic self* _]so that you boldly share your gifts, your very presence, with the world!


Enjoy this book, it was written with you in mind and with love. Be sure to listen to the free audio-book version anytime you need to hear just how awesome you are. Get it free here:


Now I have a few questions to help you unlock your mind and heart to true self-love and confidence. Be honest as you think about these!


Can you imagine how good it would feel to wake up every morning with enthusiasm about your day, optimism about your future and a sense of joy for just being alive?


How wonderful would it feel to have a sense of peace and true happiness no matter what is going on in the world outside of you?


Would you like to have more confidence that you can achieve success at work and in your personal relationships?


Can you imagine going to bed at night saying, “I love my life!” even when circumstances seem less than perfect?


This kind of life IS possible.


Total wellness and authentic happiness are your natural birthrights and they are yours to reclaim – now! Believe it!


Drowning in self-doubt


Many people do not feel happy or optimistic of their chance of success in life because they do not like themselves, they do not accept their right to happiness and they reject the very idea that they are worthy of success. For many years, that was me!


It’s true! A few short years ago I was a certifiable hot mess! I was overwhelmed with anxiety and a dark depressive mood. These internal gloomy assumptions and attitudes of unworthiness and shame, while mostly unconscious, impacted every aspect of my life.

Like so many others, I mistakenly thought that the solutions to my angst existed outside of myself. I had denied and distrusted my own intuition for so long that I had to look to others for guidance. The choice I made was to follow in the footsteps of the majority of folks I saw around me – like a little child (or a sheep!)


What are the consequences of blindly following the masses?


I learned firsthand that when we deny who we are and follow the dictates of others we get knocked off course from our destiny and we suppress our inner desires and innate guidance. Bit by bit, this suppression weakens the influence of the true self.

Lost or wounded parts of the self cause a type of soul-ache, a pain which gets transmitted to our bodies. We experience illness, sadness and overall dissatisfaction with life which then seeps into everything and everyone in the world around us. I was searching for relief and ultimately I had to learn to look to myself.

When I had my daughter I realized that it was not only worthwhile to my personal wellbeing for me to be happy and whole, it was imperative that I model and transmit that state of wellness to my daughter and the world at large – starting at home.


Embracing my true nature allowed me to gain freedom to express my unique talents, skills and strengths in concert with others to confidently help the whole world experience wellness, too.


This is a photo of me living one of my dreams – singing and entertaining on the French Riviera!



Now is YOUR Time to Wake up to a Transformed Life!



Today I hear so many people complain that the world is a mess, it’s unsafe, lost, adrift from good moral values, filled with greed and selfishness and devoid of opportunity for advancement. Many feel helpless and hopeless, believing that the world will need a good 50-100 years to return to a better state.

But some earth scientists and quantum physics experts say that we only have 50 years left. They proclaim that if we don’t make significant progress in our way of life the earth will not support life in the way we know it.


The Source of Healing and Evolution Lies in LOVE


Many wisdom traditions say that the transformative solutions to critical problems lie in love. Even the Beatles said that all we need is love. Einstein said that to find the answer one must go outside of the thinking that defines the problem itself. Gandhi told us to be the change we want to see in the world.

After waking up to my own love epiphany I am convinced that the change this world needs is more people enjoying self-love and expressing themselves authentically in a holistic way.

This natural expression of our soul’s deepest desire will allow for the natural healing of the world’s ills – starting with our own.



The world needs you to


who you really are!

_ Learn who you are,_

[_ Love who you are & _]

Live who you are.


In over fifteen years of practicing holistic integrative medicine I have discovered that it doesn’t matter how many acupuncture needles, pills, surgeries, procedures or hours of psychotherapy a client undergoes, if they lack a fundamental base of true self-love their health may improve temporarily, but ultimately they often return to some level of dis-ease.

“Love is the fertilizer that keeps us growing even when weeds, stones and intruders disturb our otherwise peaceful garden.” – Dr. Andrea


You know that feeling when you love someone and your principal goal and deep desire is for your beloved to be happy and free of suffering?

Well, when we love ourselves, just as when we truly love another, we want the best outcomes, the best health, the best food, and the best state of being for ourselves.

When you are brimming and overflowing with unconditional love for yourself you can give yourself permission to live an incredibly powerful and purposeful life in optimal health and wellbeing. Nothing will stop you from achieving your highest goals and ideals, realizing your greatest potential and living with authentic happiness and integrity.

Love truly conquers all. Not through destructive force, however. Love brings light, harmony and grace. In the presence of love, all negativity, chaos and sickness melt away. All things are returned to their original state of perfection and order when love is present. Once that loving light infuses all of your being and you are returned to what I like to call the “original source code program” for your life you will see all areas of your life align themselves in miraculous ways to support the highest expression of you.





Living Your True Purpose


So often we are conditioned to live inside of a predefined set of rules and expectations. We are forced to live inside a box.

We are told what to think, what to like, who to marry, what to study, what career to choose and where to live. At some point our lives do not feel like our own. Living some inauthentic version of ‘normal’ leaves us depressed, stressed and even suicidal. We either conform or shrivel up and wither away becoming sick.

In my case, I lived with depression for many years. I hid it, like so many people do, until I couldn’t take it – or fake it – anymore.

I know now why we so easily give up on ourselves and our dreams. It’s easier to go along with the crowd, aim to please our parents and avoid standing out. And for those who do rebel and break free, marching to the beat of our own drum comes with a high cost. Feeling unfulfilled, or like an outcast, alienated from family and friends, the emotional cost of rebellion can be devastating.


So, where do you begin to live an awakened, empowered life?


Become who you really are!



What if you could take steps today to

remember who you really are &

who you were meant to be

before the programming and socialization process took hold?

What if by living from your [strengths and talents *]and *authentic character traits society, friends and family could acknowledge that you were right all along so that everyone could benefit as

you live who you truly are?

What if you came to love who you are right now thus shining a light of self-acceptance

that sets others free to do the same?



When you read these questions, do you get a little jolt or tingle of energy running through you? As you read these words of possibility do you sense something coming alive within you? I certainly hope so! What I’ve learned from hitting rock bottom and bouncing back is that we have incredible, infinite and amazing power to transform our lives – from the inside-out.



*It is time to look in the mirror. *


Every relationship you have is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. Your relationships with food, money, romantic partners, family, kids and life itself all start with you. If you want to love your life and the people in it, you must know and love yourself first.

We must know who we truly are first – inside and out – before we can become the person we most desire to be. To begin to transform our lives, we must also love ourselves no matter what our supposed ‘faults’ or ‘defects’ are.

I became familiar with this process of creating such a life over the last 15 years in my medical practice and later with my coaching practice. But this process is much more personal than that.



“Physician heal thyself”


As a ‘wounded healer,’ I personally experienced multiple business disappointments, an abusive relationship and abandonment, the pain of which led me searching for relief and answers.

After attending personal development workshops, psychotherapy, shamanistic healing retreats and almost giving up on life, a near death-like out-of-body experience in 2005 rocked my world!

After connecting to the Oneness on “the other side” I finally arrived at a place of peace, acceptance, love and joy in my life. From that experience I got the answers to key existential questions: “Who Am I?” and “What should I be doing with my life?”


My spiritual awakening taught me that total wellness, authentic happiness and true self-love are our birthrights. Before the outer world began programming your subconscious mind through the socialization process, many wisdom traditions say there is an original program or blueprint for your vitality, success and happiness in life.

Many healers believe that at birth -- before you started taking on the judgements, beliefs, biases and other ‘junk’ of the world -- you existed in a state of pure potential, abundant self-worth and true self-love.

My aim is to help you remember your original greatness.



Are you ready to




Natural steps toward awakening


Psychology tells us that in order to make lasting improvements in life we need self-awareness. Spiritual teachers say the same. This can be an instantaneous process for some -- usually those who hit ‘rock bottom’ due to some life tragedy, illness or setback. Others ‘awaken’ to who they really are during meditation, religious experience or other forms of deep contemplation. For others, it happens little by little, a slow awakening from the hazy dream of a conditioned life of misery. No matter what triggers it, know this:



Your awakening is a completely natural, inevitable process.


In fact, more and more we hear people saying that there is an awakening spreading across this planet. Men, women and even young people are waking up to the realization that we are more than what we see in the mirror, more than our resumes, more than our religion, more than our national affiliation and certainly more than our skin color or race. We are waking up to a truth beyond what the 5 senses can recognize.



The Truth is:

We are divine beings

with extraordinary power

to create, innovate and

transform our world.


What do you believe?


I’ve been going on and on about what I believe is possible for you. Now it’s your turn to speak up.

What do you believe is possible for you, for your life, for your overall wellbeing?


Your beliefs dictate your reality.


While some of the beliefs that prevent you from feeling vibrant, whole and joyful may be hidden, most people have a few beliefs that quickly come to mind when we ask them about their potential for happiness, health and success.

Make a list of the beliefs that you inherited from your family or adopted as a result of life experience.















Once awakened, we notice that the predominant social, financial, political and religious structures around us are neither adequate to bring out our greatest potential nor sufficient to deliver us our greatest joy and fulfillment. Our education systems, social structures, food production and business organizations are dysfunctional, each operating within paradigms that are neither productive nor sustainable. In fact, they keep us locked into a life of mediocrity.

We know that we are clever enough to do better, to be better. We are becoming conscious of a power beyond the current players, dictators and controllers in place.

But after such an ‘Aha!’ moment, we are left asking, “Now what?”

We want large scale sweeping social and political change. And we are inspired by the words of Gandhi which invite us to “Be the change we want to see in the world.”

So we realize that “It starts with me.”


But how do we adopt a holistic lifestyle, embrace an emotional and psychological perspective and global livelihood to create more peace, greater vitality and increased purpose for all beings on Earth?

We cannot expect the status quo to deliver new solutions.

*We must become the solutions. *


I believe each of us has the power to create extraordinary change in this world. It all starts with becoming who we really are. First we must learn who we we born to be -- not who our parents, society, religion or culture suggested -- but the true YOU that your soul yearns to express through your life. Once you discover who you really are, you then embrace your uniqueness and love who you really are - flaws and all.

By letting go of the unattainable, impossible ideals force fed to us and instead embrace our innate wisdom and creativity we will find intuitive solutions to our personal problems. We then find peace within ourselves and joy in our everyday lives.


Sadly, this unconventional thinking goes against popular wisdom. Which explains why, over the centuries, so many inventors, mathematicians and astronomers were socially isolated and shunned. But great poetry, literature, art and cultural observations have come from men and women who got a hold of these essential concepts. They already knew that they had to be true to their beliefs and internal guidance.

Though shunned by society – and often killed! – they came up with answers beyond what the ordinary senses could tell them. You can do that, too. It just takes a little training and some practice.



What if through a process of

[*self-acceptance, forgiveness *]

[*and self-affirmation *]

you realize that

*you are perfect *

exactly as you are?

What if by sharing your unique presence with the world -- the gift of you -- you could inspire a global shift that brings about more self-acceptance, self-expression and harmony?

What if by becoming who you really are, you could enjoy greater health, increased productivity and prosperity, and most importantly a *deeper connection *

with ALL of Life?




Seeing beyond the veil of ego personality


Many of us think that who we are is a reflection of what we see in the mirror, the entries on our resume, what we try to portray to others or what we aspire to be based on the hopes and dreams of our parents.

But have you ever sensed that there is more to you than what you see in the mirror? This is the self-awareness that I’m referring to. It is a deeper knowing that you are more than what you see in your reflection. There is more to you than your list of accomplishments – or failures.

There is a core part of you that is connected to every other being on earth. There is a part of you that is more pure, perfect, strong, and whole than the little human mind can conceive. There is actually a part of you that is superhuman, Divine and complete. This is the real YOU, your True Self.



What if your beliefs about your potential in life were based on

false information?

What if who you thought you were

is wrong?


In order to live a life that is filled with happiness and satisfaction we must come to know the presence of and recognize the value of our True Self. The first step is to recognize that you are beyond what you see in the mirror. There is an essence, soul, or True Self that lies hidden beneath the surface of the social mask we wear.

Before the outer world began programming your subconscious mind through the socialization process, there was an original ‘soul’ program that held the information or blueprint of your perfect potential for vitality, success and happiness. I call it your Soulprint.

Before you started taking on the judgements, beliefs, biases and other ‘junk’ of the world, you existed in a state of full self-worth and true self-love.

When you were born, you fully deserved the best life possible. You had the right to express yourself fully and the right to grow and evolve into a fully functional human. This is still true for your today! You are entitled to enjoy love for yourself NOW!

The real you is still totally in love with your soul’s essence. You just have to recognize it.


“While I advocate that you become who you really are, the truth is, you are already on a path to reconnect with and remember who you really are.”

➽ Make a list of the times in life you’ve felt a deep knowing, intuition or strong feeling

that you were more than just a

skin-encapsulated personality.

Was it seeing a newborn baby,

being a witness of the beauty in nature,

in sports or in love?

Take a moment to write down

any observations you’ve had in life

that have led you to question

whether your physical presence is

all that there is.

This will put you in touch with

memories of who you really are.


For some, the biggest challenge is to recognize the ‘hidden’ self behind the veil of the ego. The ego is an illusion created through the complex socialization process. By mistaking our identity with the cloudy entity known as ego, we may get stuck in undesirable life situations and emotional states. The good news is that once you recognize that your ego is not YOU, you are one step closer to freedom.

So take the time to be silent, engage in periods of quiet contemplation and you may once again contact the energetic presence, the still consciousness that transcends time and space that is the real You.



After the epiphany, what comes next?


After your personal ‘aha moment’, how do you move from painfully suffering through tragedy to joyfully living your destiny?

If you’ve already had this type of personal ‘awakening’ you were probably left asking, “Now what?” I believe that after becoming aware of who you really are – which is formless, timeless, eternal and NOT the ego – you can embark on your evolutionary journey to healing and ultimately to self-love.

How do you transform your perception of painful life lessons into the joy of life’s blessings?

Through a holistic process of self-discovery you can heal your body and mind of past trauma and integrate a mental or spiritual awakening into your daily life that will lead to the continued unfolding of love, joy and peace. The core principles of this self-discovery+self-healing process, which I refer to as The Cornerstone Process serve as a helpful framework for what may be a lifelong journey of transformation much like what Abraham Maslow suggested in his famous pyramid toward self-actualization.


Beyond self-awareness and self-actualization, you can also step onto a path toward self-transcendence. By transcendence I mean going beyond the mundane pursuits of food, shelter, acceptance, fame and material success to connect with a greater purpose beyond yourself. In fact you have an innate drive to experience a sense of connectedness with all people, and all life. You can awaken and attune to this internal drive toward creating a life of meaning, sharing and loving that ultimately makes the world a better place and life worth living.

I believe that taking the next steps of identifying and embracing your unique strengths and talents and embodying them – in every aspect of your life – your life will transform into a celebration of life.

Learn what your key character strengths are by taking the Values In Action Survey. By aligning your work, play and relationships around your strengths, you will create more joy and flow.

To identify which of the 5 Chinese elements is your dominant influence, take The Vitality Test.

You can use what you learn from these two FREE tests to ensure that your body, mind, relationships and environment are aligned with the real YOU and reduce stress.


I am committed to assisting you on your path toward self-love and self-acceptance. My mission is to provide you with insights and inspiration for living an awakened life of total wellness and authentic happiness. Ultimately my deepest desire is to help you translate your passion into a powerful legacy.

There is so much more I want to say, this introduction is just a preview! So please feel free to email me your questions, feedback and comments. Visit my website to subscribe to the FREE newsletter for more tips and insights on living the awakened life.

You may also enjoy listening to my Podcast or my [*Guided Meditations *]to help you stay calm and connected on your journey to unconditional self-love and optimal wellbeing.

And stay tuned for my upcoming online course where this material will be further explored in great detail!


To your vitality,




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How to Liberate and Love Your Authentic Self

With all of the struggles and challenges our world faces today we ALL must become more confident in the gifts and talents we possess. We must embrace our true nature and find our way back to living our truth. When we do this, we will align with the incredible force for transformation that lies at the heart of who we really are. We are infinite beings full of potential to have an extraordinary impact in the world. This book is one helpful step on your journey to recognizing your own brilliance and beauty. As a popular medical journalist and TEDx speaker, Dr. Andrea vulnerably shares the truth of how she silently suffered with depression and anxiety while battling an overwhelming sense of self-loathing. Recognizing her childhood influences led her to overcompensate by becoming an overachiever and hiding the parts of herself that she felt would never be acceptable. While sharing this message on stage and TV around the world it became clear that her story is hardly unique. Dr. Andrea found that many of her clients suffering with eating disorders, addiction and depression had similar challenges in the area of self-acceptance. She saw how many of us silently agree to hide our personal desires and passions for safer, more “appropriate” pursuits. Though we desperately want to be accepted for who we really are, we fervently seek the comfort of community and so prevent our true nature to be seen and deny our real self its full expression. Until we can’t do it anymore. After a near death-like out of body experience that rocked her world, she was led me to travel the world looking for answers to the age-old question, “Who am I — really?” This book is part of the answer to the question that each of us asks. One answer that came from her experience is this: You are a gift to the world. Your very presence can be a healing balm to others. By accepting yourself for the fun, quirky perfectly-imperfect being that you are can set you free to transform your health, business and relationships for the better. You can listen to the audio version of this e-book for free, just visit http://www.andreapennington.com/authentic-self/ for the free download.

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How to Liberate and Love Your Authentic Self How to Liberate and Love Your Authentic Self