How to grow your Instagram page successfully using my methods


How to Grow your Instagram Page Successfully Using My Methods

Bilal Abdullah


1. Introduction

2. Make consistent posting a habit

3. Promote your page on other platforms

4. Make wise use of Instagam hashtags

5. Upload videos

6. Use piqora

7. Follow other people

8. Use clear and bright images

9. Allow guest posters

10. Leverage your Facebook Friends’ list

11. Post at the best time

12. Organize Concert

13. Use paid promotion

14. Take advantage of built-in functionality

15. Use multiple images

16. Like other people’s posts

17. Let your selfies be bright and clear

18. Write catchy captions

19. Make your profile easy to follow

20. Conclusion



There is no denying the fact that Instagram is the world’s leading photo sharing site. With over 500 million users daily, it is a king in its own right.

However, what can you say about your personal Instagram account? How large is it? Is it worth anything you can boast of?

While many people have turned their Instagram account into another money-making venture, can you do the same with yours?

The objective of this book is not to deride you, but rather to give you an eye-opener that will be incredibly useful in turning your page into another money-making venture.

Recently, the company revealed its intention to add some sets of tools that are business-oriented to the app as well as the option of creating ads with a view to helping users grow their accounts.

How can you take advantage of this new functionality?

What can you do to take advantage of the massive users of this platform?

Do you have the dream of monetizing your Instagram page but can’t because of the size of your page?

Don’t worry. This book will touch all the useful and proven tips that will turn your Instagram page from a midget to a giant. It is a key that will open the door of greatness for you and your page if carefully used. I’ll unravel the mystery behind the greatness of influential Instagram users so you can join that league too.

There are many useful tips that will get the desired result for you. Each tip is well-explained without any ambiguity to make things easier for you to implement and get your desired result quickly.

Join me as I take you by the hand to build and grow your Instagram account.


Make consistent posting a habit

Consistent posting has been instrumental to the growth of most accounts on social media pages. Instagam is not an exception to this general rule. If it has been useful for others, it will be work for you too.

As a rule, make it a point of duty to consistently post between two or three posts daily. Make your posts catchy, informative, and user-oriented to increase your fan base.

According to Quintly, a social media analytics tool, accounts with very huge fans are found to post between 2 to 3 photos daily. This implies that those account owners who cultivated the habit of posting consistently enjoy higher number of followers than others who posted randomly.

If the news filtering in is anything to go by, Instagram is contemplating implementing the same algorithm with the most popular social networking site, Facebook. If that happens, the number of photos that you post daily will determine your ranking on Instagram. The higher you are, the larger the number of fans you will have. That will automatically translate to growth in your Instagram page.


Promote your page on other platforms

This is called cross-promotion. You can boost your page by sharing your Instagram photos on other platforms like Facebook, Foursquare, Flickr, Tumblr, and Twitter. This could increase your exposure and the result will be increase in fans over time as more people will be inclined to crave for your other pictures on your page.

If you are a blogger or have a blog, this is another avenue that you can leverage to increase your fan base. Embed some of your Instagram photos on your blog posts. The more traffic you enjoy on your blog the more the exposure that’ll bring to your page.

Besides all these suggestions, you can turn your Facebook page into an extension of your Instagram page by adding a feed from your Instagram to your page on Facebook.

How effective can cross-promoting your Instagram page turn out to be? Consider the result of a study carried out a few years ago by Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo studies more than a billion posts on Facebook from over 3 million different pages. They came out with the result that images posted to Facebook via Instagram enjoyed more engagement than images posted directly to Facebook.

If nothing else, this statistics should be enough to convince you that you need to cross-promote to boost your Instagram page. Is that not a brilliant idea?


Make wise use of Instagam hashtags

Using hashtags has gained increased popularity among social network sites’ users. It is widely used on Twitter and has gradually found its way to Instagram. If you put your power of imagination to use and use hashtags wisely, you will give your page so much exposure than you ever dreamed of. Your images will get to a larger audience of like-minded people.

On Instgram, you have the liberty to use 30 hashtags in each post. If you can be creative, you will get the best out of these hashtags.

According to a study by TrackMaven, Instagram posts where more than 11 hashtags are used enjoy more interactions than other posts with fewer numbers of hashtags.

If you are confused about the right hashtags to use for your post, carry out a research of hashtags that will correspond with your post, same way bloggers search for keywords for their blog posts.

Another wonderful tool you can use to get the right hashtags for you is Websta. This tool will give you the opportunity to search and discover the best 100 hashtags that you can deploy on your post.

Let me give you a list of the top trending 10 hashtags:












&After laying& your hands on the best hashtags that are available for you niche, make use of them judiciously. This will lead to more engagement, and more importantly, the growth of your page.


Upload videos

Instagram recently introduced the idea of uploading videos as part of the new development of the platform. When this was made public, over 5 million videos were uploaded within 24 hours.

According to a recent study by Locowise, just 10 percent of the posts on Instagram are videos. The good news is the videos enjoy 18 percent of all the comments on the platform. This shows that uploading videos on your Instagram page has the potential to increase your engagement by almost 100%.

If you bear in mind that YouTube is exclusively designed for uploading videos and is highly successful, you will realize the importance of video in this regard.

Importantly, please note that Instagram only allows videos between 30 to 60 seconds. Don’t forget the need for your video to be informative and bright.


Use piqora

This is a very important tool that you need to use if increasing your Instagram means a lot to you. By using this tool, you will be able to know the pictures that give you the highest engagement and make it a matter of necessity to post such pictures more than any other pictures.

For instance, if your post about nature receives the highest number of engagement, it will be unwise to post pictures of skyscrapers. Such an action will be counterproductive in the long run. Update your page with pictures and images that will align with the result of your Piqora test.

If you post more of such pictures, more people will be interested in engaging your pictures and your page will experience gradual but consistent increase.


Follow other people

Another technique for growing your page is to follow others. Look for people with pages that catch your fancy and follow them. As a reciprocal gesture, they will follow back. There is usually an unwritten but mutual agreement among social networkers to reciprocate this gesture including visiting each other’s pages and passing meaningful comments.

If you can find about 50 or more people to follow, there is the tendency that a good number of them will follow you back. Imagine the effect that the contributions of such people can have on the growth of your page.

If a large number of people follow you back, you’ll need to get active to sustain their interest. How? By registering your presence on their pages and meaningfully engaging their contents. Visit their pages regularly, like their photos and leave meaningful comments. The result will be incredible as they will pay you back in kind.


Use clear and bright images

Instagram is basically designed for posting photos. Whoever wants to visit your page should be treated like a highly-esteemed customer in a restaurant. Remember that the first impression that you create will define you and your page.

Therefore, one of the most important tips is the use of images that are clear and bright. They will be attractive, catchy, and delightful to see. A blurry picture will portray you in a bad light. People will run away from your page if you page is not saturated with first-class photographs.

If you don’t know how to get inspiring images, there are tons of online tutorials that will turn your skills around. Otherwise, if you have friends who are good photographers or good at editing, you can learn one or two tricks from them to use before you post your images on your account.

The result on your page will be dramatic. With quality pictures and images, your page will become the envy of all and sundry. This will bring more traffic to your page and subsequently more followers.


Allow guest posters

Some Instagram users are highly influential with tens of thousands, some hundreds, some millions of followers. If you can get connected to some of these account owners, ask them to guest post on your page.

When they guest post, they are inviting their fans to interact with your page.

Besides, they will give your page a new outlook as people will consider you to be a big fish for such influential individuals to accept your request.

Don’t forget to learn a trick or two from these experts. You can always incorporate their tips whenever you want to make a post.


Leverage your Facebook Friends’ list

Has it ever crossed your mind that you can convert the friends on your Facebook Friends’ list to potential followers? What am I suggesting to you?

Instead of restricting your Facebook friends to your Facebook page, you can convert them to followers on your Instagram page. How?

Click the love (Popular) symbol on the upper right side of your page. There will be a pull down list of your Facebook friends and their corresponding Instagram names.

Click on each one of them to follow. Following them will start a chain reaction of following you back.

In another vein, you can announce the creation or existence of your Instagram page on your other platforms like Twitter, pinterest or Facebook. This will expose your page to thousands of your friends on these platforms. If you are very active on these platforms, there is the assurance that your announcement will bring you more followers on your Instagram account.

And as previously mentioned, you should be highly engaging to get the best result out of this. If you don’t, it will be a sheer waste of time and resources.


Post at the best time

If you want a good engagement for your posts, don’t post just whenever pleases you. Timing is very important factor in creating engagement for your Instagram posts. You can carry out some simple tests to determine the best time for you to post.

First, consider your targeted audience. Are they full-time workers or stay-at-home mums?

What is the time zone of your desired audience?

These are important questions you must find answers to, to help you know the most appropriate time for you to update your page.

If a higher percentage of your targeted audience are full-time workers, updating your page around between 8am and 2pm may not be ideal for you. At this time, people will either be preparing for work or very busy that they can’t afford the luxury of checking any social page.

However, if you target stay-at-home mums, the right time may be around 9am when they will be a bit less busy. At that time, they will have enough time to go social on the internet.

Considering the time zone is equally important. If the convenient time for you to update your page coincides with when your audience are already asleep, of what benefit is it? You have to know when you will be able to effortlessly gain the attention of your followers to make maximum use of your posts.

How can you do this successfully, especially if your followers are drawn from different time zones? Very simple!

Monitor people’s response to your posts for some period of time. If you do this, you will be able to know when their reaction is high and when it is not. If there is a common trend over a week or two, then you will know the right time to post and get good response from your followers.

For instance, if your posts generate higher engagement at night or in the morning, it is the best time for you to update your page so as to reach your audience when they are active and online.


Organize Concert

If you can organize and run a successful contest on your Instagram page, it will boost your page rank and increase your traffic. You may deploy this growth to give your business a boost. How can you organize contests?

When you organize a contest, ask people to enter the contest in a number of ways which include:

•Following you

•Liking your pictures

•Commenting on your photos

•Reposting your photos

•Using a special hashtag that is designed for that purpose.

Let your contest tend towards user-generated as this will expand your horizon. The input of the users will contribute significantly to the growth of your followers. Those who are not currently following you may get wind of the contest through their friends or fans who share your images as a prerequisite for qualification for the contest.

Do whatever you can to make the contest attractive and highly engaging to leave a long lasting effect on the minds of your followers and others who want to partake in the contest.


Use paid promotion

As part of an-ongoing efforts to transform Instagram, a provision has been made for users to place Ads on their pages. You can do this within the platform using special tools designed for the purpose. Through the official partners of Instagram, you can create Ads and place them on your page through this third party.

If you can afford to use paid promotion or find it to be a necessity, using a paid promotion will prove to be a very efficient tool in realizing your dream of an Instagram page with massive followers.

In an effort to study the effect of paid promotion on Instagram pages, Nielsen Brand Effect conducted a study of over 400 different campaigns for Instagram. According to the report of the study, the ads led to increment of about 3 times more than any other online ad campaign.

In that case, spending some bucks to make a fortune is not a bad business idea.


Take advantage of built-in functionality

As earlier discussed, Instagram now has tagging functionality. Make the best use of this functionality by tagging others who appear in your photos or captions.

A report in Simply Measured shows that users who tag others in their captions will experience higher engagement in the region of 37%. This reveals an important fact: tagging is a gold mine in as much as increased engagement is the goal.

You can equally encourage your followers to tag others that they know will be interested in a particular post. For instance, if your post is about adventure, your followers may take someone who likes adventure or vacations. This will give your page a wide coverage and increase your followers.

When you are tagging others, make sure that you use relevant and catchy tags. This will result in more comments and likes from people that you tagged.


Use multiple images

It has been found that people appreciate the combination of multiple images as one in a post. If you can take multiple images and combine them as one, the response from fans and others will be fantastic.

Sharing his ideas on how to increase the followers on an Instagram page, he said: “Images like the one above (combined images) are multiple images combined into one. You can create them through apps like [*Diptic *] My business partner Hiten Shah posted the image … and quickly got 75 likes and 5 comments. Images like those tend to get 19.41% more likes and 22.4% more comments than images that aren’t collage-like images”.

So, if you want to maximize this knowledge, take multiple pictures and combine them with Diptic before you post the image. You will have taken a good leap in the right direction towards achieving your goal of owing a page that is huge enough to your satisfaction.


Like other people’s posts

Besides those that you follow, a good idea is to like other people’s posts and comment on them. If you like people’s posts at random, it will generate more likes and comments for you. According to Neil Patel, if he likes one hundred photos, he generates approximately 22 likes and 6 followers. In this case, following people back is an option.

The analysis that he carried out on statigr.am, the idea of liking posts at random gives the assurance of getting others outside his fans who comment on these posts.

When concluding this information he said: “Because I was liking (sic) hundreds of photos a day from random accounts that I didn’t follow, 43.26% of all my likes and 31% of all comments on my photos came from people who weren’t my followers”

This statistics has really shown how effective liking others’ posts can lead to improved engagement on one’s posts.


Let your selfies be bright and clear

Taking good selfies with the best backgrounds may make your post go viral on Instagram. While conducting a study on why selfies go viral, the social media scientist for Hubspot, Dan Zarella, came upon some important facts. These facts will give you insight into what you need to do to make your selfie gain wide acceptance on Instagram. He gave the following tips:

When choosing background, use backgrounds that are cool, such as green, blue, and other cool colors. Flashy colors like red, pink and yellow are found to be less engaging like the former colours.

It is advisable to use filter sparingly if you must use it. People whose photos are tagged with #nofilter are found to be more accepted than others who use filter.


Write catchy captions

While Instagram is reputed to be a photo-posting platform, writing some catchy captions for your pictures and images will catch the attention of others who may want to take look at the pictures.

Although videos and good pictures are viable ways to get good exposure, captions may turn out to be part of a very effective triumvirate if you can bring your emotions and imagination together to craft a powerful caption for your image.

If you always use attractive and powerful captions, more followers will like to be part of the fun by either commenting or liking the picture. Even people who are not your followers may feel some attraction to the picture. This may lead to more people sharing the picture, thereby giving you more exposure.

You can even make the caption a sort of call-to-action. Imagine if you post a picture of your vacation with a caption like “Got the fun of my life. Share your experience in the comment box”, how do you think people will react?

As a matter of fact, you may get more than what you bargain for when people troop in to share their thrilling experiences during vacations in different parts of the world. Such images are usually indelibly etched on the mind of people.

If you’re your images are supported by attention-catching captions, your fans will increase gradually.


Make your profile easy to follow

Your Instagram page should be very easy to follow. If you can add a follow button to some strategic places on your website, it will be easy for people to follow you without any hitch. Besides that, you may have it on your complimentary card or have your page displayed in your office to create the awareness about the existence of your page.

The presence of those buttons will serve as reminder for others to follow you on your page, with the effect of more people following you.



There you have it, the top tips to build and grow an Instagram account with massive followers. You have laid your hands on the keys that will unlock the potential of your Instagram page. If you can make the best use of these tested and proven tips, your followership will take a giant leap in the right direction.

By then, you can decide to monetize your account and get financially rewarded for all your efforts towards growing the account.

The ball is now in your court. The way you play it will determine how successful you’ll become.

How to grow your Instagram page successfully using my methods

This ebook will help anyone looking to grow and manage a large Instagram page. Did you know that there are people you are making a living of Instagram alone? that is because they have managed to grow over 100,000 followers by using the methods that i am about to reveal in this E book. Please remember that this will not guarantee your success on Instagram and only when you add commitment and hard work using these methods will they start to go to your favour. Grab your free copy today and enjoy!

  • ISBN: 9781370030347
  • Author: Bilal Abdullahi
  • Published: 2016-09-09 20:20:14
  • Words: 3891
How to grow your Instagram page successfully using my methods How to grow your Instagram page successfully using my methods