How to Get Accepted into an American University Now!


How to Get Accepted into an American University Now!


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American International Pan Pacific University offers students from all over the world the huge opportunity to get an American college education. A US college degree is the most elite degree in the world. Our goal is to make that powerful education available to students all over the world. Imagine what a US college degree can do for you!

By harnessing the power of new technology we are able to allow students around the globe to experience the same amazing level of education that they would get coming to America in their own home. We are also able to do this at a bargain price allowing students that would not otherwise have the ability to attend college this huge opportunity. Open the doors to wealth and success with a US degree.

At American International Pan Pacific University our goal is to provide quality education to the world. Feel free to e-mail one of our school counselors to find out more at [email protected] or feel out our form below.


Low Cost- Often cheaper then local colleges.

No Test Scores needed- No SAT, IELTS, etc.


All professors and graders hold advanced degrees in their field. At this time we only use professors with a minimum of a masters from a US school but we try to get only PhDs. We even have professors working for us that are leaders in their respective fields.


The following are just the current offering of degrees we offer at the bachelors and associate level. If there is a degree you are interested in that does not appear on the list we allow students to petition for a new degree to be offered. We make it easy for you to work with a counselor and find a way to make a degree program for the degree sought.

Art & Design
Art History
Communication studies
Computer Science
Creative writing
Early Childhood Education
Fashion Design
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Liberal Arts
Political Science
Religious Studies
Video Game Design
Web Design
Women’s Studies

Degree Requirements

A total of 128 credits must be earned for a bachelors and half that for a Associates. All degrees must take general education followed by specific credit in the field of study. Below is an example of the necessary credits needed to earn a bachelors. For specifics about any major please contact a counselor who will be happy to give you information about specific degree requirements.

Bachelor Degrees
General Education
Basic Skills: 12 credits which will include
College English: 8
Critical Thinking: 4
Math & Science: 16 credits which will include
College Level Math: 8
Physical Science: 4
Life Science: 4
Arts & Humanities: 12 credits which will include
Arts Appreciation: 4
Humanities: 4
College Success: 4
Social Sciences: 12 credits which will include
Humanities: 4
History: 4
Social Science: 4
Electives: 12
Major Courses: 64
Total= 128 Credits


Certificates may or may not be college credit granting. That depends on the certificate you choose. If there is a program you are interested in that is not listed contact one of our counselors and we will see if we can create a program for you. Prices of certificates vary depending on the certificate and if college credit is granted or not. Some certificates may be free for doing an internship if the company you are interning for pays your fees in exchange for your work.

3D animation
Ad operations
Arduino Programming
Commercial Photography
Computer Animation
Computer & Network Security
C Programming
Java Developer
Social Media
TEFL (English teaching)
UX/UI Designer
Web Design
Web Programming



Our main goal is to help educate foreign students who do not have the chance to study in the US. The following questions are common questions we get.

What is correspondence?:
Correspondence is learning from a distant location. This is a very common method used in America.

How do I take classes?:
All material will be sent to you through e-mail or mail. Video or audio lectures, books, and other material will be sent from the US in CD, usb, SD, or through e-mail.

How do I take tests?:
Test must be proctored and tests will be sent to a proctor and must be sent back by a proctor.

How do I get papers graded? :
Papers will be sent to the school through e-mail who then will send the papers onto the necessary professor for grading.

Why so cheap?:
The lack of a physical presence saves the cost of an expensive campus. We leverage technology to lower costs.

Can I come to America?:
As we have no physical presence or facilities you can not come the the school on a student visa. However you can save lots of money by not needing to get the visa or a flight but stay home and even work part time if you wish.

Are you legal?:
Yes. Before starting the school we sought legal counsel to review the various national and states laws to verify that we were in compliance with all necessary laws governing the school. Many international students are used to corrupt institutions but the US there are laws that must be followed even as international students you have legal options available to you and the legal system works fairly for all concerned.

How do I make payment?:
Payment varies by country. Bank transfer, paypal, cash to a local representative, and alipay are popular options. You can ask out counselor for options for your country.

What if I change my mind?:
Students may receive a full refund minus money transfer fees in 14 days of enrolling. A student may receive half their money returned within 30 days. If a student takes any tests or turns in any papers the cost associated with those classes will not be returned and only a portion of the classes that the student has not turned in assignments will be returned.

What if I fail a class?:
All failed classes will have to be retaken if they are required, or an additional class will have to be taken in place if it is an elective. All classes are the same amount of credit requiring 4 classes each semester and 2 semesters a year for a total of 8 classes per year. You can make up classes at the cost of an 1/8 of the yearly tuition charge of the year you are taking the made up class. 

How fast can I take classes?:
You may finish classes at the pace at which you can finish them. If you wish to graduate in less then 4 years it is possible. It is advised to not attempt to go through classes to fast particularly the first year until you know you are able to meet the academic standards.

Will you accept me?:
The only requirements we have is that you are a high school graduate or that you are at least 18 years of age. We suggest you have an understanding of written and spoken English as well as being able to write English properly.

What are certificates?:
Certificates are awarded for work done in a particular field or subject. Certificates can be used to show employers that you know a specific skill. Examples include Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Wordpress, and many other computer related certificates.

What language test score is required?:
We require no language test score. The major language tests for admittance to schools focus on spoken English there is no need for that with correspondence and little need in traditional brick and mortar schools. We recommend you have the ability to read, understand oral English, and be able to write in English.

Will my credit transfer?:
That will depend on the institution you are transferring to. We can not guarantee credit will transfer. You should contact any school you wish to transfer your credit to to find out if they will accept the credit for transfer or not.

Are you accredited?:
At this time we are not currently accredited, however it is not legally necessary to be accredited in the US. We also are not old enough to become accredited. The process of being able to start accreditation takes many years. At this time we are focused on providing an education that will allow us to become accredited when we are eligible to seek accreditation.

How much will books costs?
We try to provide books and other study aids for free. Some classes we may not be able to provide all material free but we will make sure all material can be obtained online to save prohibitive shipping costs. It is possible that yearly textbooks from other schools alone could cost more then the yearly tuition we charge.

Can I just pay for a degree?:
No. Many countries we have students from there are schools that may offer a degree for money with no actual work but that is not legal in the US.

Will previous college credit count?
We usually accept credit earned from colleges overseas but will need copies of transcripts with translations of classes and grades.

Our school face some unique problems because we are focused on the international community. Some of these include a lack of understanding of the US system and distance education. To help students understand the US system better we are providing information about our competitors here. You will see that online is normal in the US, most schools cost much more then us but we are also close in price to some of the cheapest options, other schools in the US exist with lax entry requirements such as no SAT etc. Please note these rates reflect US students but international students costs can be much higher. Unless specifically mentioned none of the schools require SAT or ACT scores.

Allen Community College
Only a 2 year school

$490-533 per credit hour

Baker College:
Undergraduate cost $8100USD
TOEFL required

Bryant & Strantton

Columbia College

Columbia University
Just showing even Ivy League schools offer fully online programs.

Edmonds Community College
Only a 2 year school
No language tests required

Northwestern California University School of Law
all online
No language tests required

San Juan College

Thomas Edison State University
Has no physical classes

From the schools listed you should see that many schools do not require SAT or ACT scores. There are other schools with no language score needed such as TOEFL or IELTS. Our tuition is lower then most but still close to some of the lowest. Online school is common and accepted in the US and it is even possible to earn a graduate degree from an IVY league school through online education. These were just a few schools if you look into it more you will see most US schools at least offer online classes and many offer entire degrees online.

How to apply

We make it easy for you to get a premium education. Contact one of our counselors at the e-mail below. They will discuss with you the program and make sure you qualify and are ready to stat. When you are ready to pay the tuition they will send you the information about payment and once it is made they will send you all the initial necessary materials to start class. You will be in regular contact with a counselor to get the right classes you need.

Counselor e-mail:[email protected]

No English tests required

We make it easy to enroll. We do not require any language test to become a student. The popular language tests are often failed because of an inability to speak English. As long as a student can read, write, and understand spoken English they should be able to fulfill all class requirements.


Acceptance is based on completion of high school or equivalent and being 18 or older. High school diplomas from overseas are acceptable but we will need to have a copy of the diploma and any transcripts provided for verification. We also need proof of citizenship and age. This is all that is required of most community or junior colleges in the US. The only difference is that we are a full 4 year school. This automatic acceptance is only good for undergraduate students. For graduate courses there are different requirements determined by the discipline.


Tuition is a bargain! Prices may vary by location but are at or below local rates.

We offer students the ability to pay one semester at a time or month to month.

Full or partial refunds will be provided by bank transfer, western union, paypal, or other method depending on your home country. A counselor will discuss this with you before making the refund.

Certificate programs range in price. Some programs may even be free. Certificate prices vary depending if you want college credit or only a certificate with no credit being awarded. Payment methods will be the same as for college credit based classes.



You can earn your degree from the US. But you have to act now! Contact a counselor for more information today and get started on the path to success. Contact a us at [email protected]

How to Get Accepted into an American University Now!

How to Get Accepted into an American University Now! This book tells you what school you can go to if you want to attend an American University! Going to an American University is easier then you thought! Book for international students!

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How to Get Accepted into an American University Now! How to Get Accepted into an American University Now!